Saturday, 13 March 2010

Lest We Forget, Cows Are Holy Animals For The Hindus, NOT For FAKE Catholics

About Kate going on BBC Radio, as a mother, only one relevant question pops into my mind. Other questions/conclusions are completely irrelevant.

You know, all those about the McCanns cruelty and sanity, about Kate’s motherhood having begun the moment she was, whatever way, inseminated and finished the moment she expelled those strange bodies from her womb without stretch marks, or about Payne and his capacity to hold a country firmly by the b*lls.

My question is as follows: these people that do invite and do interview the McCanns, giving them air time in whichever media, paper, radio or TV, do they fully understand what really is at stake?

Well, they certainly know what questions to ask, and especially those not to. So they know that these are “special” guests, and that there are off-limits topics.

To know that, is to know that something fishy is going on. To go along with it, besides revealing a lack of scruples and personality, is to WILLINGFULLY contribute to a lie that they know it is.

I think that this for them has just become a sort of a game. It’s posh to whitewash the McCanns.

It’s, for them, just like bringing an apple to your teacher every morning, or coffee to the boss. Brown-nosing the system, not because they have anything at stake, but because they think it’s the pinky standing out from the cup.

So when the deed (job) is done, they go home kiss the wife and help put the kids to bed with a story and a smile, thinking, like Bill Clinton, that everything is alright because they haven’t been “unfaithful” as “oral sex, technically, isn’t sex”.

Well, just for clarification chaps and gals, not only are you shagging the most disgusting slut there ever existed, as you’ve become one.

Filled with venereal desease are the lips that are to kiss many a innocent forehead of a child tonight.

May they never forgive for being tainted. No, I’m not talking about the scum McCann.

I’m talking about you. And to you.


  1. I think that just about covers it.
    Silence of the Mccanns from TTW4.


    Once more the McCanns use the innocent in their criminal acts. We have yet to here how much from this run will line their own pockets via the Fund.


    Justice and Truth





    Run Gerry Run


    I shall not blog today I REFUSE to let her taint a day that is marked for all GOOD mothers everywhere.Is she evil or insane? possibly both.


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