Wednesday, 27 January 2010

1.001 days


  1. por Antonieta Janeiro o texto em

    Excelente texto de tragédias, o qual complementa muito bem este que TEXT aqui colocou,cheio de força igualmente.

  2. 1001 and counting..

    Tex a question How do you feel about Hewlett being in the frame.?..I saw a clip from GMTV..The PIs claim to have been in PDL last week and that Madeleine is in a rural area outside PDL.

    Now you and I both know that this is a lie. Pis cannot work in Portugal nor in Spain..

    Hewlett is dying of cancer...he has a young wife and small children. Hewlett is also a known paedophile.

    The Mccanns have been mixing with Mafia types since day one. Hewlett was in PDL not the same time as the McCanns we know(but the public will not be reminded of this)
    Do you think that they may have done a deal with Hewlett? Money being no object..The deal being a death bed confession in return Hewletts wife and children will be looked after on a long term basis.

    I have no idea how deep this cover up goes or the reasons behind it..Hewletts wife and children could be given a new identity and moved somewhere else...

    This scenario would solve all the McCanns problems...Imagine the funeral of Madeleine Mccann..a small white coffin with Cuddle Cat taking pride of place...The McCanns who never stopped searching...the peadophile who they always claimed she was with.
    The McCanns whose reputation means more to them than anything, would be restored.
    They would win their case against Amaral.

    There would be a movie ,books, interviews would never end.

    It would tie up so many loose strings. Hewlett has nothing to lose but I believe he loves his family. Would he do it for them?

    Is this why the McCanns are concentrating once again on PDL?

    Thoughts please.


    This is where our Paedophiles are...


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