Monday, 4 May 2009

Oprah Got Had, Seriously Had

Ms Winfrey,

First of all let me express my sincere admiration for you. I lived for a while in your country, which I grew to love and respect, and you’re one of its most relevant icons.

For professional reasons, I never got to watch any of your shows. I paid little attention to TV, but on my daily commute your name came up frequently. I used to listen to 2 radio stations, one nationwide and the other local.

On the national TJMS, the reverence and caring way with which Tom and Sybil spoke about you and your work indicated quite clearly that you are a valued reference to every American.

This was reinforced, locally, by the way the people at the local station described in passionate detail every one of your shows. Whatever you said, ruled. So although I never watched you, many a show I did follow attentively.

You have built a career and a sound reputation on hard, honest work. You have my respect and recognition People look up to you for guidance, and seek you in their hour of need.

They’ve learned that the trust that they’ve put on you has been many times rewarded. You’re the average American’s trendsetter, if I may say so. So, your show is unquestionably a privileged way in which one may convey one’s message across the whole of America.

And many do try using it with ill intent. Of the messages that come out of your show, the majority as is supposed is of an honest nature. But some, and you better than anybody else know this, have mischievous intent. I do believe that you and staff work very hard to filter these, the best you can, thus eradicating opportunistic people who deserve no respect.

Unfortunately, it’s a human impossibility to spot and stop them all. Some do get by albeit all your best efforts. And that is what unfortunately has happened. Ms Winfrey, you have unwittingly and unwillingly become an accomplice of a couple who are suspect of having committed very serious crimes, both in Portugal and in the UK, and now, through your show, in the US. I’m afraid, as you Americans say, you got had, Ms Winfrey.

Seriously, seriously had.

I’m obviously talking about Kate and Gerry McCann. A show that will air today, May 4th, 2009.

You clearly aren’t responsible for any criminal activities that any of your guests may be involved or may be responsible for, nor am I saying or suggesting that you are. But, if criminals do use your show to contribute significantly to their illegal intentions, then yes, you’re involved.

By their exclusive initiative and responsibility, but you’re definitely involved nonetheless. If by ignorance, you’re blameless.

The problem is if that ignorance is the result of poor homework, as it seems to be in the case of this British couple, as I’ll try to explain and hope you’ll perceive.

In either case, once alerted, all that is required and expected from you is timely action as ignorance is involved.

I’ll avoid getting into too much detail on why I think that Kate and Gerry McCann have committed the crimes of obstruction of justice, concealment of the body of their daughter and fraud, or on why I think they’re directly involved in her death, or even on why I’m absolutely convinced that Madeleine Beth McCann, known as Maddie, is dead as of May 3rd, 2007.

All you have to do is to “google” this subject, and read with your own eyes the amount of evidence that point, without any shadow of a doubt, to the guilt of the McCann couple and their friends.

You may even throw in 2nd degree murder to the before mentioned. It’s most probable that the couple is involved in that serious of a crime, but in this case, proof is not as irrefutable.

On your search, you’ll find a book called “A Verdade da Mentira”, written by a Mr. Gonçalo Amaral. This book, unbelievably in this XXI Century is “banned” from publication in the UK. Not officially, but as this affair is of such a magnitude and involves directly the highest hierarchical British governmental and media institutions, no publisher is willing to risk it’s publication. If this isn’t unacceptable censorship, then I honestly don’t know what it is. Sad, but true.

The book was published in July 2008 in Portugal.

In spite of many threats, no legal action, by the McCanns or anybody else, has been taken against the author. Even having the couple hired two of the most prestigious Portuguese lawyers, one of which was, until recently, the Head of the Portuguese Lawyer’s Order, the highest national representation of that particular profession in the country.

Please do have the book locally translated. You’ll find that the content is in accordance with the title which basically translates to “The Truth of the Lie”. Being the lie the whole story concocted up by the couple.

Mr. Amaral was the Portuguese Police’s detective in charge of the case, and was suddenly and inexplicably pulled off the case shortly after the McCann couple was constituted as “Arguidos”.

Please let me explain what this “Arguido” status means. It’s a Portuguese legal status in which a citizen may find himself in when dealing with the Law. In practical terms it’s exactly the same thing that happens when one has one’s rights read to in the US. As of that moment, one knows that the State has reasons to believe that one has committed a felony and one has the opportunity to take all and whichever deemed appropriate action in one’s own defense.

But the “Arguido” status goes a little further, and, unlike in the US, whatever one says can and may NOT be used against oneself. In that particular status it’s not a felony if one doesn’t say the truth or even if one blatantly lies, as one is never sworn in any of one’s statements. I’m incompetent to pass judgment on this legal procedure, and will refrain from doing so.

All I wish to convey is that you have a feel on how hard it is to produce proof in Portugal. All in the principle, correct in my opinion, that it’s better to let a culprit go free than to convict an innocent. Many a guilty “Arguido” has been released, or not even prosecuted.

This, evidently, does not prove their innocence, but only the lack of enough proof to convict them. Not only are the McCann completely wrong in saying to say that they have been cleared and have been declared innocent just because their “Arguido” status was lifted, as it’s abusive.

They’re simply exploiting the natural ignorance the world has about legal details of a country the size of Portugal. They’re intentionally being untruthful, a typical behavior by this particular couple. In their case, the lifting of that status was due only to the archiving, for now, of the process, due to lack of evidence, or so was officially said.

Here, it’s very important who exactly states that there wasn’t enough “evidence”. If Count Dracula ever tells you that there was no blood in the glass he just drank, would you believe him? He’s entitled to say whatever he wishes but can’t determine that what he says is to be taken as truth.

As before said, the policeman in charge of the case was pulled off the case, officially, and with no explanation given. As simple as that.

This couple has friends in very high places in Portugal. And not only in Portugal. There is, according to the couple, and as you are publicizing, a missing British child, publicly known to presumably have been abducted by a paedophile.

And what is the British Police doing about it? Well, let me answer by using Bruce Springsteen: “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!”

Is this logic, or even acceptable? It is if you, the British Police, know that there isn’t anybody to find, because the little girl is, unfortunately, dead.

They know perfectly well that all the talk about Maddie being alive is a pure fictional tale, so they stay quiet. That’s how high a friends the McCanns have.

In your search you’ll also find a very interesting fact about Kate McCann. She refused to answer 48 questions to the police about the disappearance of her daughter. The “Arguido” status allows it. And so does your Fifth Amendment: “No person shall be held to answer (…) in any criminal case to be a witness against himself (…)”. 

I think that says all, don’t you? Can you, Ms Winfrey, see ANY other reason for this refusal, other than knowing full well that the answers would implicate her?

Ms Winfrey, we were all, at one time or another, enticed by the beauty and charm of this couple. We all fell for their story. Like sailors going after the mermaid’s chanting. But remember, Ted Bundy was also a handsome man. And proved to be the monster he was.

In the early days of May, 2007, MILLIONS of people worldwide provided full support to the couple in their plight. Now we know a staged abduction. The people of Praia da Luz, a quaint small village where this tragedy happened, didn’t sleep for days, showing altruism above any expectation.

You can see the footage, you can see the pictures. Only 2 years later, the same people on the exact same place have torn up posters of Maddie. Have they started to hate her? No, Ms Winfrey, the Portuguese do not hate people, quite the contrary. They simply don’t like to be played for fools.

You stated, to the best of my memory of what I saw on the trailer of your show, that the couple has been “vilified”. Ms Winfrey, have you just stopped for a second to ask why this could be? Why would ANYONE vilify a couple whose daughter has been abducted, most likely by a paedophile? Wouldn’t that be simply grotesque, cruel and inhumane?

And, please do tell me, for whatever reason? Public lynching? But why? Are the Portuguese and the British made up of purely evil, petty people? Just to hate for hatred’s sake? One second is all is required to conclude that there are no reasons. None whatsoever. Pure invented victimization.

The victims in this whole affair, Ms Winfrey, are far from being the couple that sat across you. Do you know of any victim, or relative to one, that has ever required a spokesperson to speak on their behalf to the press?

As far as I’ve been able to see they do not appear to be in a state of shock or suffer any kind of speech-impediment. You, from what I gather once again from the trailer, didn’t require a third party to interview them.

A strange requirement anyway you look at it. Especially that we know that that particular man left his job in the government to do this full time. Almost as strange as the hiring of the English lawyer that succeeded to avoid the extradition of the Chilean Dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet from England to Spain.

One wonders if they were afraid of being extradited from their own country. Quite strange behavior, more apt of a guilty conscience than that of a one consumed in finding an abducted daughter.

Do you. Ms Winfrey, know of any mother of an abducted child who ever required a piece of paper to read from in order to communicate with the abductors of her offspring? No, it wasn’t live. It was pre-recorded. She could have as many takes as she wished, rehearsed as many times as needed. Or act naturally and beg for the safe return of her daughter.

Lastly, Ms Winfrey, how many parents do you know that upon perceiving that their child had been abducted would contact first the English media, and only afterwards, the local authorities?

Ms Winfrey, they know that Maddie is dead. They have misled the police and have disposed of Maddie’s body. In Portugal they have committed the crimes of obstruction of justice and concealment of a body. Possibly, 2nd degree murder.

But how does all this involve you?

Well, Ms Winfrey, if it’s proved, which I believe it will be very soon, that the McCanns on May 4th, 2007, knew that Madeleine Beth McCann was dead; the constitution of the Madeleine Fund is criminal fraud.

That’s their crime in the UK. A Fund which was, as already admitted by the couple, used to pay mortgages of their house in the UK. Yes, they’ve repented having done so, but that says a lot about what sort of people they are to have even thought about it in the first place.

Many have given to this fraudulent Fund. Many known names. You may even know some. But many, many, anonymous simple people have also put in the Fund some of their hard-earned savings, based in an ignominious lie and benefiting these criminals.

Many have bought wristbands and t-shirts, contributing further to this fraud. And now, Ms Winfrey, many Americans will be, thanks to you, touched by this story, as we all were and will start, as generous as we know Americans to be, to give their hard-earned dollars to this Fund.

Helping these criminals succeed in their fraudulent scheme. But every American who gives money will also, from now on, be able to say that they did it just because they saw your name associated with it. You’ve publicly supported the couple.

And when the Americans realize, like before them the British and the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Australians, the French and the Dutch, the New Zealanders and the Brasilians, they’ve been fooled, they’ll be disappointed.

And after disappointment, anger follows, the one that is only felt by those that, after having given their best with the purest of hearts, feel betrayed.

Then, I do think, your name will most certainly surface.

The couple’s revenue, in terms of the Fund, both from UK and Portugal, was running low. Now, through you, they have reached the pockets of the Americans. So now, through you, this Fraud is on American soil.

Ms Winfrey, the McCanns are profiting from their daughter’s death, and you have associated your name to these people.

Believing what I believe about you, this is completely the opposite of what you’ve fought for your whole life and what you’re known to defend and stand for.

I felt that was my duty to elucidate you, and sincerely hope that you act accordingly with what these people merit. This would mean publicly distancing yourself from these people and persecuting them for wrongfully using your name and of abusing your reputation.

Ms. Winfrey, to finalize this long letter, let me clarify my option for this anonymity.

It’s just a rational conclusion just looking at the power gap between me and the enormity of the adversaries I face. I do not have the material or the influential means they have, so I cannot fight them on their ground. I only have morality, that they should also possess, so here, we're equal.

Some call it cowardice, others just being wise. I say, that at this point in time, it’s how I best serve justice and the truth.

I act solely according to my own conscience,

As a side issue, it might be interesting to think about the reasons that make people like me, on this day and age, to make this option.

 However, in your search you will find quite a lot of people who have given their faces and identities, some even defying the McCanns to proceed legally against them.

It’s not a question of anonymous bloggers, but that of justice.

 Ms Winfrey, I know that the McCanns have friends in the highest of places. But, as far as I can still remember, America was proud of being a place where everyone, big or small, could make a stand and demand that justice be served where and whenever it is due.

Oh, say! Does that star-spangled banner yet wave, over the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Yours Respectfully



Updated, just after the show, a sign of times to come?: Someone, before the airing, at 3Arguidos forum:

Why send a letter before you have seen the show? It is just about to go on here in 15 minutes and I believe this is the first showing.

One and a half hour later:

OMG Sorry for my last post, just watched the show and it was pure theater. Oprah had a script written by Kate and Gerry and she asked all the right leading questions. Kate and Gerry answered on cue and if Kate forgot the script Oprah gave her hints about what the right answer was. Maybe Oprah didn't pay them money to be on her show but she paid a price with her integrity


  1. Way too long.

    I almost fell asleep by the time I got half way through it!

  2. Great Text!Great Textusa!

    Obrigada pelo que aqui escreveu.Muito obrigada,( náo sou a Mrs.Winfrey).

    nota:"I’m obviously talking about Kate and Gerry McCann. A show that will air

    today, May 4th, 2007. 2009 certo?

  3. Thank you, Textusa! Excellent, as always!

    Usually the one in our house who shouts and engages in one-sided discussions with people on tv( political debates or football commentators), is my husband. He foams and moans, and I try to calm him down and tell him how silly he looks shouting at the tv! Well, last night, it was me doing the shouting, and my husband trying to shush me down (what were the neighbours going to think?)
    He had no idea I was so emotionally involved with this case and that I had such a deep knowledge of so many details (thanks to the "blogosphere"-Joana Morais, Paulo Reis, Duarte Levy,3Arguidos, etc.), so, at a point, he suggested I should e-mail Oprah and tell her what I knew and how I felt about the whole thing. I immediately told him that there was no need for me to do it, there were others much more capable and knowledgeble than me, who had alredy done it and would certainly continue to do it! Oprah was flooded with comments in her site before the show and comments will keep on coming, I'm sure!
    Oprah will bitterly regret the day she gave those two child neglectors the priveledge to be on her show!

    I'm going to show your message to Oprah to my husband, so he can see for himself what I was talking about.

    Once again, a BIG thank you!

    Rosie, from Portugal

  4. Textusa, it just crossed my mind that it would be interesting to also point out to Ms. Winfrey the work of Eddie and Keela and the saga of the FSS forensics.If she has not yet watched the footage of those woderful canines at work, she sure must do it!



  5. Anon@ 8:34pm

    If you need some reading that trully puts you asleep try the Tapas7 rogatory interviews with the Leicester Constabulary! After the first few lines you'll surelly be exhausted and wanting to lye down. (oh, but be warned, it can also have the opposite efect, trying to make any sense through the ramblings and mumblings of
    that inarticulate lot can leave you with a splitting headache!)

  6. Não vi nem o Dr.House,nem o episódio de Anatomia de Grey,nem as Mentes Criminosas,nem o CSI.Portanto também não vi o show pré-programado.

    Vi 1 pouco do Jornal da 1h na Sic propositadamnte.São muito bonzinhos.
    Só passaram 1 excerto onde aparece o santo gerry,a olhar convenientemente de frente para a câmara=acreditem,estou a ser "verdadeiro"- dizendo que nada tem contra Portugal,contra os Portugueses,contra os habitantes da Praia da Luz,nem contra,nem contra.....o Pinto B. foi mesmo amiguinho do g.

    Grandes tristes.

  7. Typical pitchforker drivel.
    Come up with some real evidence.
    Oh that's right!
    You can't!
    Because there isn't any.
    Does it not worry you that your hero, Goncalo Amaral still does not understand the DNA results?
    But what does he care he's made a mint out of this tragedy.
    And if you think Oprah Winfrey will pay any attention to your pitchforker ramblings then you really are delusional.
    Why don't you do something useful like stick your fingers in an electrical socket?
    Who knows, it might get something moving up there.

    Although I doubt it.

  8. Anon May 6, 2009 4:48:00 AM

    Drivel. nice word. Right at the beginning of your comment, setting the tone.

    Well done, keeping it up like this, one day you'll make it as a writer. Don't lose hope.


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