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And then there were boats... 10 days later

The images we have of May 4 2007 have now provided us with so much new information which is not only important but also essential and vital to out the truth that we believe that it can keep the blog going for a long time.

In fact, it presents us with a huge problem and that is how we feel it best to present it to our readers.

It’s full of surprises and is very compromising to all those who have been engaged for all these years in blocking the truth from our eyes.

That’s why the Maddie case internet has deflated completely. Now we can only see half a dozen foot-soldiers who are either so shameless or so desperate – most likely both – that they continue regardless how of ridiculous they know they are being.

Of that pathetic remaining activity the main tactic has been to divert the attention so all will only look at the T9 and, in some cases, not even at the T9, just at the McCanns.

For example, when we published the “4th very important picture” we pointed a finger at 2 of the T9, Russell O’Brien and Matthew Oldfield and how did the internet react? Silence or coming to the defense of these 2 T9s.

We would think that showing some of the T9 were not telling the truth about what they were doing on the afternoon of May 3 should be used by all looking for the truth about Maddie, independent of the theory each one defends, but it seems we are clearly in the minority in this.

One such person who rushed to defend Russell and Matt was Jules with this tweet:

Why would a self-claimed anti go out of her way to mislead and defend some of the T9? Aren’t all the T9 supposedly in on it?

Why attempt to discredit the importance of the beach photo tweeted by the Frog, above, which we have called the 4th Very Important photo?

But then all is to be expected from Jules, the 3-photographer talker, top-secret BRT knower and absolutely fluent in Portuguese who, together with Mr Thompson, has elevated the debate about the death of Maddie McCann into this:

We replied to Jules’ boat tweet with this comment, in our post:

Textusa 4 Jan 2019, 12:49:00

And Jules has replied to this post with this tweet:
00The Jules... ๐Ÿ•ต️‍♀️ ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒธ‏ @jules1602x
Replying to @TheBunnyReturns @barragirl49 and
Is that boats I see on the 4th May.. ? #McCann
11:48 PM - 3 Jan 2019


Firstly, because it’s much more important than Russ and Matt’s water antics, as we have said REPEATEDLY, do note that how when Jules has SOMETHING she quickly rushes and publishes it.

She has a profusio alvi publicatรณria syndrome for anything that may in her imagination contradict us… with one exception: the BRT. That secret she obtained after speaking with no less than 3 photographers that will PROVE without doubt and beyond question that the BRT did exist. THAT, she won’t publish. Why?

But to answer to what she has posted, no they are not boats, they are paddle-boats, also called pedal boats because they have pedals like bikes. In Portugal they are called gaivotas.

The fact they are on the beach does not mean they are in use for the public. No safety cordon in place so recreational embarkations brought in for the upcoming summer activities. Certainly, more recreational embarkations, including boats, were brought in later because if what is pictured is all that Luz’s Beach Hut Watersports would have to offer tourists for the entire Summer, then we doubt it would be a profitable business.

In terms of there not being a safety-corridor in place, we simply ask what if the Matt & Russ sailing trip had happened indeed, which evidently it didn’t, and Russ had drowned?

Can readers imagine what kind of civil and criminal responsibility that whoever hired them the alleged boat would incur? Sheer madness to risk losing their concession face years of legal battles and expenses just because of a couple of tourists. Note, in case there were boats there, and there weren’t any.

Jules’ screengrab comes from this video:

We strongly recommend that readers watch it.

The sea looks too rough for paddle boats, even if the safety cordon was in place. And certainly not for toddlers on dinghies.

But what we can finally see is the hundreds, no, dare we say thousands of people scouring the landscape searching for Maddie! Hundreds or thousands of invisible people, that is.

It shows families on beach with children playing. A couple walking along, not searching, men fishing… all unaware of a missing girl. If it wasn’t for the media, would Praia da Luz have realised a girl had disappeared the night before?

Thank you Jules for a very useful video. Stupidity is indeed limitless.”

But it’s not only the May 4 images that are useful. Others are too. For example, some images from May 13 prove without any doubt what we have said in the current post: there was no watersports on May 3 by Russ and Matt as alleged by them.

There are 2 videos of Gerry and Kate walking on the beach:

The first piece of information that they give us is to show that the beach, the only attraction Praia da Luz has, continues to have an insignificant number of people even though 10 days have passed after Maddie disappeared:

That is not surprising as it’s mid-May. But it confirms the hoax of those telling us that Praia da Luz had hundreds of tourists there just for the beach, the only thing Luz has to offer just 10 days before.

On May 13, if anything, there should be more people than usual as Praia da Luz was literally on the news all over the world.

Those who had planned being in Luz on May 13, wouldn’t have cancelled..

No one would have cancelled their vacation, in fact they would be eager to visit the place the world was focusing on.

But the beach is practically deserted, taking into account the number of tourists said to be in Luz in the week Maddie disappeared. Note, we are not saying that there weren’t hundreds of tourists in Praia da Luz, we are simply saying that it is a hoax saying that they were there to enjoy the beach. The May 4 images show clearly that was not the case, as was not still the case 10 days later, on May 13.

If people cancelled their holidays that fortnight it was not because they changed their opinion about going to the beach, their change of heart lay somewhere else.

And to the hoax of the hundreds of beach-going tourists before Maddie disappeared, one has to add the hoax of the hundreds of tourists said to be searching for Maddie after she disappeared.

As we said, we do believe that there were hundreds of tourists in Praia da Luz. We have even determined that the booking sheets say there was an average of 350 daily at the Ocean Club alone, as we showed in our post “Missing people”:

However, Robin Crosland disagrees with us and says there were 600 guests there:

As we have shown that the booking sheets have been doctored, we have no reason not to believe in Mr Crosland.

The guests weren’t at the beach... they weren’t at the Tapas pool... and they weren’t searching for Maddie... so where were these 600 guests on May 4?

But the importance of these videos, more specifically the second one, is that they prove what we have been saying for years: there had been no watersports on May 3.

It starts by showing that on May 13, the recreational embarkations shown by Jules on her tweets are in the exact same location and same disposition as they were on May 4. Meaning they weren’t being used. Most likely spent all winter there:

But it’s when the McCanns pass by the Sky News camera that the image becomes relevant: the sailing boats appear:

These boats were not there on May 4:

So not there on May 3. Meaning there were no watersports on May 3 like we said there wasn’t.

Maybe they were pruned out of the beach as some say happened with the bougainvilleas in Tapas. On May 3, they are supposedly in full flower but on May 4 the flowers are gone…

If the flowering happened after May 4, as it seems to be the case, then this proves that part of the Last Photo was taken after that day, as we have defended to have been the case.

By the way, above is what a media storm looks like, not what the images of May 4 show was happening outside Block 5. Please note that this is Sky News filming, so we don’t know if there is any other media behind, we can only see what the cameraman filmed, so there may have been many more reporters on that beach that day.

This post is clearly against the T9 as it proves Russell and Matt were not truthful about their whereabouts on the afternoon of May 3.

One would think that if any of the T9 was caught fibbing it would be worthy of discussion on the internet but we all know that will not be the case.

We sit back and watch the puppet show the Lick-Spittle Gang are putting on the internet.

The puppet show will continue to try to show that what only matters is to discover how the McCanns lied, how neglectful they confessed to be (this one may go back and forth depending on whether the tide is going in or out) and how they sedated the kids (even though the only clues to that effect is Kate checking the twins breathing and their unusually heavy sleep after Maddie disappeared and both are perfectly possible to have happened after Maddie disappeared).

It’s like the case on the internet is stuck in a subject-loop. Fortunately, the number of puppeteers has dwindled to an insignificant few, and less and less arms means less and less puppets.

And it is indeed a puppet show because the characters are basically the same people with their hands up both the good and the villain puppets, and all they need to do is to change the voice accordingly to what that character is expected to say in the subject-contained script the puppeteers follow to a tee.

Unfortunately for them, only the very, very young and gullible children believe that puppets aren’t… The fact that the majority of the reasonable spectators are silent – having been bullied into that for years – doesn’t mean they cannot fully understand what they are watching.

A clue? The applause from the pretendy audience has become so cringeworthy that even they hesitate to clap themselves, so self-conscious they have become.

NT's blog is a eerie as an abandoned mine shaft. He says he started a new blog and is it even deader than the original:

And his fan-base does not seem to have adhered: 

Post Scriptum:

It’s with pleasure that we see this account finally deciding to come out of the closet, assume that it does read our blog and publicly assume, trying to compete with Hall’s graphics, to be against us:

Now, we’ll just observe and see if those who profess disgust for this individual will side with him.

By the way, the above is the best explanation we’ve seen - even if idiotic - to explain where were all the guests said to be in Praia da Luz (and we believe that there were indeed hundreds of guests there) because they certainly are nowhere to be seen in the images we have seen of May 4.



    At 21 seconds it looks as though K smiles after saying something to G the at 22/23 seconds she puts CC in front of her mouth as though to hide the smile.
    I remember mcs admitting these walks were planned for publicity purposes.

  2. Thanks Textusa for this post. All makes sense. I always took Matt Oldfield's and R O'Brien's tale of the 'boat trip' with a pinch of salt (they over embellished their story as a child might) but now I am certain it never took place. Furthermore, from your previous posts I can understand why they made it up.. to cover the sighting of ROB. Everything is making sense. Of course they never imagined that all their statements and tales would end up in the public domain. They thought they were safe to lie through their teeth.

  3. Isabelle McFadden corroborating Andy Fish’s accusation that Killa Dog/Walker is Michael Wright:
    michael jakeman‏ @M47Jakeman
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @jules1602x and 34 others
    If you contact @McCannFacts he/she will inform you how Gerry #McCann jemmied without a jemmy and opened shutter
    But forgot to explain how he entered window.
    11:35 am - 17 Jan 2019

    Linda Lee M.A.‏ @lindale70139487
    Replying to @M47Jakeman @FragrantFrog and 34 others
    Its Michael Wright Geralds close frend he was there he knows the score....hes paid well to try and derail...and he needs the money..hes now paying alimony....she had the sense to escape....
    11:42 am - 17 Jan 2019

    Andy Fish‏ @AndyFish19
    Replying to @lindale70139487 @M47Jakeman and 34 others
    'Terence'..that prick? He Knows a lot! Here's a pic with him & Smithman on the 5th of May, 2007! OBVIOUSLY crab fishing & NOT trying to retrieve any disposable evidence & that! #McCann #Wright #MickeyMonitor #Prat
    12:48 pm - 17 Jan 2019

    [Picture attached is a composite of 4 pictures with Michael Wright and Gerry McCann at the bottom of the cliff at Praia da Luz]

    Linda Lee M.A.‏ @lindale70139487
    Replying to @AndyFish19 @M47Jakeman and 34 others
    Yes he was there with them through it all...he did call them murdering bastards one drunken night a few years ago on u tube........his answer when questioned I must hve been drunk....he drove the scenic...he knows the full story...hes paid well to insult on here. and slander.
    2:44 pm - 17 Jan 2019

    Shazzy May‏ @may_shazzy
    Replying to @lindale70139487 @AndyFish19 and 34 others
    Linda, you're kidding surely?!
    2:55 pm - 17 Jan 2019

    Linda Lee M.A.‏ @lindale70139487
    Replying to @may_shazzy @AndyFish19 and 34 others
    the only person around at the time was Isabelle...shes been in this for years too..........he insulted her black and blue...he was slanderous in those days..hes a lot calmer now...u tube was a minefield back then....
    2:59 pm - 17 Jan 2019

    Madeleine CaseTweets ๐ŸŒ‏ @McCannCaseTweet
    Replying to @lindale70139487 @may_shazzy and 34 others
    Yes, “insulting” is putting it mildly It was criminal behavior #mccann
    3:58 pm - 17 Jan 2019

    Linda Lee M.A.‏ @lindale70139487
    Replying to @may_shazzy @AndyFish19 and 34 others
    no Im not it was years ago before both of us moved on to was late one Friday night...when he was asked straight out about his remark......he answered with I mustve been drunk...he told us he was paid as well....that's how I first found out about him....
    2:57 pm - 17 Jan 2019

    [Tweet liked by McFadden]

    Shazzy May‏ @may_shazzy
    FollowFollow @may_shazzy
    Replying to @lindale70139487 @AndyFish19 and 34 others
    Wow he must've been drunk to let that slip ๐Ÿ˜‚ evenvif made in jest, its an odd & nasty thing to say about his friends.
    3:00 pm - 17 Jan 2019

    [tweet liked by Isabelle McFadden]


    As we said in our Post-Scriptum, it’s with a sense of a job well done that we have witnessed lately this Killa Dog/Walker account joining the ranks of those against the swinging theory.
    The Lick-Spittle gang has now to decide whether to support Killa, who they say is Michael Wright, against us. If they do, it looks bad for them to be siding with the anti they all profess to hate.

  4. Jules has reacted (up to now) with these couple of tweets:
    00The Jules... ๐Ÿ•ต️‍♀️ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ‏ @jules1602x
    Textusa hadn't even read the relevant files in 2013.. More to follow.. #McCann …
    3:45 am - 18 Jan 2019

    [The picture attached says the following:

    “This again illustrates that you haven’t read the files properly. Textusa, you should be embarrassed to have such thick readers”]

    00The Jules... ๐Ÿ•ต️‍♀️ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ‏ @jules1602x
    Textusa is a fraud.. More to follow.. #McCann …
    3:47 am - 18 Jan 2019
    [The picture attached is a copy paste of an entire post by NotTextusa on his blog, 6 years ago:

    “Sunday, 9 June 2013
    Oh dear - Textusa hasn't read the files either............
    For you to admit that you haven't read the files, for someone who has been running a blog for years, is absolutely shameful
    Trust me, the information is there in the files.
    But I am going to let you sweat and embarrass yourself some more before I put you out of your misery..........
    Shameful. Absolutely and utterly shameful.”]



    You know what would really, really, really, REALLY embarrass us? If you would publish the proof you say you have and that you say you have obtained from one of the 3 photographers you say you spoke with, that CLEARLY shows the BRT existed and that you have refused to publish up until now.

    Here's your chance, that would really embarrass us.

    1. You may now see the significance of those deleted tweets referring to P on the Wall that I sent.
      The personal details given by the person tweeting this revealed a lot about her, but it wasn’t my intention for these details to be made public.

  5. A very thought-provoking tweet exchange between the Frog and Chinadoll:
    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    If there was swinging/ no abduction/death #mccann would:-
    1. Not have made all OC aware Madeleine was missing
    2. Not have called police
    3. Not have called press.
    They would have asked a VIP to sort it out quietly.
    4:41 pm - 6 Jan 2019

    China doll‏ @Chinado59513358
    Replying to @FragrantFrog
    So the McCann’s would’ve gone home with one child less & no one would’ve asked any questions?
    5:35 pm - 6 Jan 2019

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @Chinado59513358
    No-one in Portugal would have been any the wiser, no. The whole family could have been whisked back home privately & quickly with a "very sick" child (but Madeleine wasn't very sick or dead)
    5:40 pm - 6 Jan 2019

    China doll‏ @Chinado59513358
    Replying to @FragrantFrog
    Surely Madeleine would’ve been missed by her family, friends, neighbours, school, doctors etc ...
    5:43 pm - 6 Jan 2019

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @Chinado59513358
    She's missed anyway, isn't she? If McCanns were soooo protected, arranging a death certificate wouldn't be a problem. Far simpler than the 11.7 years which ensued.
    5:50 pm - 6 Jan 2019

    China doll‏ @Chinado59513358
    Replying to @FragrantFrog
    And just how simple would it have been to explain to her family, friends, School etc that she died on holiday? And of course there would’ve been no compensation “Fund” ..
    6:59 pm - 6 Jan 2019


    The points raised by the Frog are indeed interesting. We have said up to now, that panic motivated the decision making and basically agreed with Chinadoll says afterwards:
    China doll‏ @Chinado59513358
    Replying to @FragrantFrog
    I think that if they had their time all over again maybe they would’ve just chosen differently.
    7:12 pm - 6 Jan 2019

    But the images of May 4 have made us change our minds about being the panic that motivated the blunder. That would be so if Praia da Luz had been the chaos we were made to believe. Only it wasn’t and panic works in peaks and not in prolonged periods of time.

    The fact is that they did make all OC aware Madeleine was missing, they did call the police and they did call the press (a confession by the way?) so the important question that remains is why didn’t they ask a VIP to sort it out quietly, and if they did, why wasn’t this sorted out quietly?

  6. thank you and please keep have more ma realize

    Andy Fish‏ @AndyFish19
    #Textusa explain? "The Lick-Spittle gang has now to decide whether to support Killa, who they say is Michael Wright, against us. If they do, it looks bad for them to be siding with the anti they all profess to hate"
    What on earth is that crap? Seriously? #McCann #YourBothIdiots
    2:10 pm - 18 Jan 2019


    Did you just use the word “seriously”? You? Seriously?

      Andy has gone ballistic on you!
      Mong is an extremely offensive word, derived from Mongol, an outdated term for Down’s Syndrome and now used by certain offensive people as a term of abuse, to describe others whose views they object to.
      To refer to people with disabilities and use this as an insult is beyond contempt.

    2. That's all they have. Ad hominem attacks with nothing of substance. They're fooling nobody this little clique of anti-truthers. Could not be more transparent and desperate is the apt description of their behaviour. Quite suprising in some ways, as they have professed on too many occassions to keep count that this blog is an insignificance!

    00The Jules... ๐Ÿ•ต️‍♀️ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ‏ @jules1602x
    Because I can and I will.. Got it.. ?
    Pics already shown, e-mails to follow..
    3:19 am - 19 Jan 2019

    [The picture attached is a screengrab of this tweet:
    Carla Spade‏ @CarlaSpade
    What is this nonsense?
    Dragging up five yr old trash from Walker/NotTextusa. Five YEARS.
    Try dragging up that non-existent photo of the BIG ROUND TABLE instead.
    2:24 pm - 18 Jan 2019”]


    Pictures? What pictures? The Frog posh esplanade picture set up for a single event on May 4? Or the screengrabs from the Chilean video that shows no BRT? BTW, Jules, have you told Silver what this video also says? You should.

    But what is relevant now is that it seems that we’re finally are going soon to see the proof, via “e-mails to follow”.

    Can't wait. Claps hands in excitement.

  9. To the amazing list of people with who Isabelle McFadden says she has been to contact regarding this case, one must also add GC.

    Who is GC? It’s a very complex story.

    It seems that Gerry and GC, a Portuguese jurist/lawyer, who lived north of Lisbon, have a common friend in the UK. On May 4, at noon, Gerry calls this friend and asks him to help him get legal representation in Portugal. This British friend calls GC and asks for his help. Even though he is not practising, he accepts to contact Gerry but to contact Gerry he’s given Payne’s phone number, not Gerry’s.

    So, that evening, GC first texts to Payne and only then calls the number and finally ends talking to Gerry personally to tell him that it’s too premature to be looking for legal representation because all was on the news 24/7 (do remember this is May 4), people at the border, police dogs, people searching for Maddie… etc.

    Do remember that at noon on May 4 2007, when Gerry McCann is calling someone in the UK in the need of legal representation is in the PJ facilities, in Portimรฃo, being heard as a witness, and with him, besides the rest of the group are the PJ Officers, the British ambassador and the British consul.

    It’s all very confusing but we will let the reader hear it from Isabelle McFadden herself, after having had the sheer luck of calling a random number and getting at the other end of the line someone willing to breach client-attorney secrecy to a stranger on the phone, just because she says she’s from Cascais and has family in Portugal.

    As of 22:27.

    “Isabelle McFadden [IM]: Yes well, I will give you… I will tell you a big secret that a lot of people don’t know.

    Roberta Glass [RG]: OK

    IM: Because, just like you watching my video, hum… other people, some of them even friends with the McCanns. I kept contact over the years. One of them a very big owner. The other one… there’s… this gentleman that put together a very detailed list of all the phone calls made by the Tapas, and he asked for my help.
    He said, “You know what, I have these people I would like to make some phone calls and there are some members that I’m very curious about and wondering if you could help me and call them and speak to them in Portuguese”.
    And I thought, yeah, yeah no problem, you know, you know, you don’t want to interfere with you know, the investigation but certain things, you know, and… by… in Portuguese Law, you can’t go… you can’t be if you were like a Detective you cannot be running a separate investigation but as a citizen you have the right to question people, also they have the right to not answer you but it’s really, that’s really their decision, ok?
    So, one of the very interesting calls that I made was this one number. It was sort of up north of Lisbon and, ah, you know I called the first time and this was a correct representative and, I, hum… I called, and this is exactly what it was, erm… just like sort of a rep and I thought why were the McCa… why was David Payne receiving messages and phone calls from this number?
    And so when I called I said well I guess it’s unrelated because it’s, I don’t know maybe, I don’t know maybe it’s somebody they knew and we left it alone.
    Seven months later we decided, I said you know what I’m going to check back on that number ‘cause we thought it was so odd and when I called… I couldn’t believe it. A gentleman answered the phone because it was all a little bit after hours and I spoke to him in Portuguese, I explained to him that I was Portuguese, hum… I told him the town that I’m from and I’m from a very darling town, so everybody in Portugal, it’s kind of like the Beverley Hills of Portugal, the town is called Cascais and so, I told them that my family was from there, you know I had family in the area, blah, blah, blah, and he was very engaging, so I figured you know, you contacted the McCanns the very next day, why, who are you? And he tells me well, I’m a lawyer, I’m a jurist.


  10. (Cont)

    Like, what? I almost fell off my chair, I was like, you’re a lawyer? You were in contact with the McCanns? Why? Why were you in contact with the McCanns? And he said to me, “well, I have a friend and GC”, I’m going to use the initials, “I have a friend in the UK and the McCanns and I happen to have this friend in common.”
    And I’m like, wow! I was, was completely floored and basically this friend earlier in the day, so think about it Madeleine just went missing at 10 and the McCanns, I would say at around noon the next very day, were already looking for legal representation. So they called… so basically this gentleman from the UK contacted him because they were friends, they were old friends, and he said, “hey, we have, you know the little girl that’s missing in Portugal, you know we have a friend in common, I’m friends with the McCanns and, hum…”, he’s just like, wow! “Okay, because you know, they’re wondering, you know, if you could help them, you know, he’s feeling like maybe the Police is not believing them” ...

    RG: Wow…

    IM: And he’s like “oh, you know that’s interesting” so this gentleman, ah, tells him “I’m kind a little busy right now but I will make contact with them” and he’s given a phone number, not the Gerry’s number, but David Payne’s number.

    RG: Whoa…

    IM: So, that evening David Payne receives a couple of texts and then there’s phone calls in between them and that’s when Gerry McCann speaks to this jurist, who I’m not going to mention the name but his number, his phone number is in the Police files, and this is how me and this young man who has researched all the phone calls, that’s how we found them from the files, so this is nothing secret, this is in the public files.
    So, as I’m speaking, the gentleman tells me he spoke to Gerry, Gerry was very concerned, right that day that the police were not believing him and that he needed legal representation, and this jurist, this attorney, explained to him “no, you don’t, why… you know the police, I mean they are looking for your child, no, you, you are misunderstanding, you know I’ve never seen anything in Portugal like this, that they have, you know… I mean they have everybody in Portugal, it’s on our news 24/7, they, you know, they have people at the border, you know, you know, there are, there are police dogs, there are people searching, this is too premature… “, he tells, ok?

    RG: Huh, huh…

    IM: So of course, I was completely shocked that Gerry McCann the next day was already… instead of being out with people searching for his daughter he was actually calling lawyers. So this is nowhere in the press, other than I told a few journalist friends of mine who obviously are going to probably print this at some point, you know, as I have proof… hum… so, very interesting, so while everybody was searching, Gerry McCann was already looking for legal representation, which this gentleman refused, he said, “you know, I’m really… I teach, and really I’m not practising, you know, at the moment, but I will certainly put you in touch with representation”, and he did.
    But like he told me, he goes, you know, “what Gerry said, what Gerry did was not illegal. It’s not illegal to look for representation and he was in a foreign country” …

    RG: Certainly not...

    IM: … so I mean it could be explained away but this is, this is a fact…

    (Transcription done by a very good friend of the blog)

      I remember this subject on twitter and managed to find it.
      It is Ben S she refers to.

    2. Anonymous 19 Jan 2019, 22:47:00,

      Thank you! Bringing it over to the blog:
      Madeleine CaseTweets๐ŸŒ‏ @McCannCaseTweet
      Replying to @xxSiLverdoexx @xxMichellesxx and
      Looking through files, Ben dissected phone calls, myself being Portuguese, called the mysterious number made less than 24 hours before disappearance..
      Can you imagine my shock, when I realized I was speaking to a famous Portuguese Jurist?
      "Yes, Gerry #McCann called me"
      12:00 PM - 16 Sep 2018


      Interesting. The man with the protected tweets involved again…

      Now, and it’s in quotes, it’s GC who receives a call from Gerry McCann, not the other way around.

      And, again, would a famous Portuguese jurist simply spill any beans about this over the phone with a stranger?

      By the way, “jurist” although not incorrect is not is used in Portugal when one speaks of issues related to law in abstract terms. Like “I need some juridical help” or “he’s respected in the profession, he’s a brilliant jurist”. This is because the term refers to professions that are law related. A judge is a jurist, a lawyer is jurist, a solicitor is a jurist, a university professor of law is a jurist.

      So, in terms of someone speaking about their own profession, they would refer exactly their profession, judge, lawyer, solicitor or professor of law, never as a jurist.

      For example, the Portuguese President Marceli Rebelo de Sousa is a renowned jurist because he was a very well-known professor of constitutional law. He would say, “I used to be a professor of law” while other people speaking about him could say “he was a brilliant jurist”.

    3. Not related to the transcription but it's quite curious that the tweet above is a reply to this tweet:
      SheLLxx๐Ÿ’ฏ‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
      Replying to @McCannCaseTweet @suehillofficial and
      It's amazing how many more are seeing the truth - The PJ files they show the inconsistencies in the T9's "Versions of events" - I'm so very glad stronger voices are speaking out. We can't all be wrong sadly.
      11:49 AM - 16 Sep 2018


      The current post is clearly about "inconsistencies in the T9's "Versions of events"" but as we predicted, total silence about it.

      Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
      For Textusa....from David P's rogatory.... #McCann
      3:17 pm - 19 Jan 2019

      [Picture attached is a screengrab of part of David Payne’s rogatory. We will transcribe more than the Frog did, although indicating what part of the text was highlighted by her:

      “1485 "In Portugal''
      Reply "The, I mean, the other, there was a, the other person who contacted me which I didn't mention while I was at the Police Station was one of the Portuguese err newspapers and err you know asking, you know for comments and err so that could have been what the, you know, the number. I spoke, I did speak to the other, the friends of Simon ALDRIDGE'S who you know who kindly bought the phones and they actually bought the phones to the Portim' Police Station and I went downstairs and got the phones and then err brought them back upstairs. Err in terms of you know whether I, we spoke to them on the next day sorry, was that the question''
      1485 "Well you spoke to them on the next day, the next day yeah that Madeleine went missing, on the fourth.'
      Reply "Right.'
      1485 "That's when, well, there's text messages but what I'm asking you is, did you speak to them''
      [Highlighted by the Frog]
      00:22:29 Reply "Err I don't remember having any text conversation with any err Portuguese newspapers so I presume that Portuguese number, they, sorry yeah the other, the, the other Portuguese person I spoke with was err there was err a Solicitor in err Lisbon who err the conversation it may well have been with Lisa LACARNIE because that was a friend of their family who they, they've got a business in the UK but they deal with Portugal and Lisa said if you need any err Portuguese advice then there's err Paolo, and again I've got his number in my other phone which might clarify that bit.'
      [End of highlight by the Frog]
      1485 "Yeah.'
      Reply "And err he err and I did speak to him again after that day so it may well have been him just to say oh you know do you want any help, do you want any advice, and err and that you know that's how it was left at that, that stage so that might have been, piecing it together from what you're saying.'”]


      There’s no mention of anyone by the initials GC. Only a reference of a Paolo, which we imagine to be a Paulo.

      There are no famous solicitors in Portugal, with all due respect to solicitors but in a nation that has a significant surplus of lawyers, being a solicitor in Portugal is not exactly the most glamorous profession to have.

      No solicitor would pick up this case, obviously, nor have any contact with the potential client. The reaction of a solicitor in such a circumstance would be to give the British friend a contact to a lawyer of his knowledge in Portugal and nothing more than that.

      There is no mention of Gerry McCann. Not a mention of him asking for legal representation, nor of him talking to this solicitor “Paolo”. Isabelle McFadden is very clear that the interaction is between GC and Gerry McCann, using for whatever reason, Payne’s phone – something that doesn’t make any sense but certainly something that Payne would remember.

    5. Re reading Isabelle
      She mentions the initials, then thinks best not say any more
      ‘I have a friend and GC - I’m going to use the initials... “
      But she doesn’t continue with what she was about to say about GC.
      I suspect it’s GC who knew the lawyer and maybe Lisa L knew him as well?

    6. Agree no lawyer would have this conversation with a stranger who rang up out of the blue. If he’s that famous and that good, there’s no way he would say who he had spoken to or given his advice to, under code of confidentiality.

  11. I don’t think GC is lawyer.
    Why does she mention big owner at the beginning? It’s not relevant to the conversation unless she’s about to mention more about him.
    Her conversations are all over the place and I still think she realised she’d better not go down the road of identifying that owner.
    Could big owner be GC - George Crosland? He was on her mind when she spoke, but then she veered away from that line and went on to talk about the lawyer?

    1. Anonymous 20 Jan 2019, 13:11:00,

      What a very interesting take!

  12. Unpublished Anonymous at 20 Jan 2019, 19:36:00

    That is a very, very serious accusation you are making.

    Something called “NAKED FOR MADELEINE… GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF IT” is simply disgusting and revoltingly sick. An abhorrent total disrespect for the little girl.

    If proven true, and we sincerely hope that it is not, we would be absolutely shocked.

    However much one may disagree with a person, there are red lines of decency one should never, ever cross. It has no place in the blog.


  13. The Inconsistencies: (With reference to transcription)
    A) “I will tell you a big secret that a lot of people don’t know”.
    ~ “so this is nothing secret, this is in the public files”.
    B) “I called the first time and this was a correct representative”
    ~ “just like sort of a rep” (So she mentions later he was a Lawyer but for now is “just like sort of a rep”)
    - “Like, what? I almost fell off my chair, I was like, you’re a lawyer”?
    C) “why was David Payne receiving messages and phone calls from this number”?
    ~ “And so when I called I said well I guess it’s unrelated”
    ~ Seven months later we decided, I said you know what I’m going to check back on that number ‘cause we (who is the other) thought it was so odd and when I called
    ~ A gentleman answered the phone
    (So she has called twice now – what conversation took place the first time - what questions did she ask – why did she have the need to call back seven months later ?

    (The other one – who is this person – how did they know Isabelle McFadden and enough to specifically ask for her help?
    e) He said, “You know what, I have these people I would like to make some phone calls and there are some members that I’m very curious about and wondering if you could help me and call them and speak to them in Portuguese”.
    Why was this person curious about some members – which members – and what did he want Isabelle McFadden to talk to them about in Portugese?
    f) Why did the Jurist make texts and phone calls through DP before contacting Gerry ? Did DP maybe suggest the line of representation he should go down before hypothetically representing him – eg abduction as opposed to swinging ?

  14. I've just listened to La McFadden's latest attention seeking podcast. Not much about Maddie but lots and lots about HER. If you haven't heard it yet, I'd say don't bother! It's the usual stuff .. I'm rich, I'm successful, do Carmo rings me at home for info on the case. (LMAO) Having to dredge up Barbara1957 as evidence of McCann shills stalking is a bit desperate. She hasn't been on the tag for years! IIRC McFadden tweeted "Barbara's" place of work & encouraged others to do so, so her own hands aren't exactly clean in this regard.

  15. Having painted herself into a corner…
    Jules ♡‏ @jules999x
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    I posted a pic in September 2018.. We've already established the table wasn't placed there in 2013 because Kate and the OC had read Textusa.. You've had to change your theory now..It's not 'Frogs' pic you stupid person.. Yes I have e-mails to prove the #BRT was in the OC 2007 ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    1:19 am - 22 Jan 2019
    Jules ♡‏ @jules999x
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    Yet you only had the #BRT being there in 2013.. ๐Ÿค” What game...? Any proof of this game..? Is this to do with the code word Marks & Spencers...? How about you stop shouting & produce some proof of your allegations.. ๐Ÿ™„
    1:23 am - 22 Jan 2019
    Jules ♡‏ @jules999x
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    But you had the pic down as 2013.. The pic was taken in 2007 .. Stop twisting.. It's been proven the BRT existed in 2007, which what was stated .. It's not Frogs pic.. Frog isn't a photographer.. Stop being thick..
    1:40 am - 22 Jan 2019
    Jules ♡‏ @jules999x
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    Lets finish the discussion on the pic first... Did you and your #cult have the pic down as 2013 for years...?
    1:46 am - 22 Jan 2019



    Before we disprove your pathetic arguments, and under the penalty of proving yourself, yet again, to be a liar if you don’t, please quote us where we have said the BRT was in the esplanade in 2013. Or where we established that picture down to 2013.

    By the way, if you had already shown all, why use the future tense “going to be owned” instead of “they have been owned”.

    Indeed, stupidity is limitless. Together with despair, it’s really entertaining to watch.

    We’re now on day 4, right?

  16. Seems to me the photograph in question was posted ages ago yet you dismiss it. Could it clearer? Photograph has been posted.

    1. Jules (yes, it’s more than obvious it’s you),

      You do love to dodge questions, don’t you? What was asked of you was to back up the statements you made in FOUR tweets: prove that we have, or had established that the big round table that appears in the Frog photo was there only in 2013.

      An idea you reinforced with this tweet:
      Jules ♡‏ @jules999x
      Replying to @Anvil161Anvil16
      It must hurt that the #BRT went from being in the Tapas in 2013 & only after Kate & the OC read his blog, to really being there in 2007.. #therethere
      11:32 pm - 21 Jan 2019

      So that’s 5 times just today. When, where, how, who published the picture, we will answer but let’s first establish if what you said was established by us, was indeed established or

      As far as we can see you can’t establish that we established the table in the photograph had to be there in 2013.

      Not being able to establish that, it’s has then been established this far that you are a liar. Agree?

  17. Frog,

    See what you did? You made Jules look like a fool. Again.

    You tweeted this question:
    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @Anvil161Anvil16 @CarlaSpade
    So where did they eat all week, iyo? #mccann
    4:07 pm - 20 Jan 2019

    Must say it was rather disappointing coming from you. One would expect a question like that from Jules or Silver but not from you. And of course Jules could not help herself but parrot it thinking she was asking something brilliant:
    Jules ♡‏ @jules999x
    Replying to @Anvil161Anvil16 @CarlaSpade
    So, in your opinion where did they eat all week...? Where did the rest of the OC/MW guests eat..? Also, are you saying, up until recently that there was never a BRT in the Tapas at all..?
    7:46 am - 22 Jan 2019


    If, and that’s according to Robin Crosland, the Ocean Club had 600 guests and the Tapas had only 20 covers (guests had to queue up every single day because of that, remember) then the obvious answer to your question is that they ate wherever the other 580 Ocean Club guests ate, doh!

    For example, they ate where those who were refused and told to go away by Tapas every morning found a restaurant to eat.

    There are plenty of places to dine in and around Lagos. And in Praia da Luz, there was always Chaplin’s. Hum, Jules, have you told Silver what the Chilean video says about that?

    Naughty, naughty Frog.

  18. Jules wants it to stop at the BRT knowing that it is ‘just’ a door into the hoax. Why doesn’t she engage with the desolation of PDL in those photos? Why does she automatically scurry to find alternative photos to try and contradict you?
    She says she’s there for truth yet is just an instrument for NT and his small mob.
    Not one of them got into the photographs of PDL as a ghost town.
    Or Balu and friends pretending to search.

    1. Subtle they most definitely are not! Embarrassing.

  19. The more I study this affair, it becomes apparent that one very large cover-up took place, so much so, that it's doubtful there ever were any independent witnesses. Sad, yet disturbing.

    00The Jules... ๐Ÿ•ต️‍♀️ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ‏ @jules1602x
    For anyone interested I've found 80 Mark Warner guests, 68 Thomas Cook guests, 8 The Travel Club guests, 25 guests in Donos apartments, 2 from Style Holidays & 2 from J.M.Vactions on the Tapas sheets.. We can only see the MW guests who ate at the Tapas between 7-9.. #McCann
    5:18 am - 23 Jan 2019


    1. From what day(s) are those numbers from? The number of guests varied from day to day.

    2. Is Jules calling Robin Crosland a liar?

    3. Is Jules just counting names, or numbers? Because, for example the name McCann represents 5 people.

    4. Taking stupidity to a whole new level, now going further than the already absurd stupid idea of Tapas having separate reservation booking books for each tourist operator (Mark Warner, Thomas Cook, etc), Jules suggests it would also have different books for different periods for each day!
    00The Jules... ๐Ÿ•ต️‍♀️ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ‏ @jules1602x
    Replying to @xxSiLverdoexx
    I would imagine so Shell.. However, we only have MW guests showing between 7_9.. The reason for that is not known.. Plus the same week there were people who own apartments on the sheets too.. Yes, some other guests would defo be down for the Mill & some self-catering.. #McCann
    5:39 am - 23 Jan 2019

    So, the morning queues were not at Tapas at all but at the door of some mysterious Tapas National Reservation Library, so many reservation books some are stupidly suggesting there were.

    Oh, and the PJ knew exactly how many guests there were but only put in the files the “relevant info” about that:
    00The Jules... ๐Ÿ•ต️‍♀️ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒธ‏ @jules1602x
    Replying to @xxSiLverdoexx
    Yes, I've seen inside the Mill, it's more spacious.. People staying nearer the Mill would have probably chose to ate there.. I would imagine the P.J. knew who and how many O.C guests there were that week.. I'm guessing only the relevant info is contained in the #McCann files..
    5:48 am - 23 Jan 2019

    So based on reasons we don’t know, they considered all other non-Mark Warner guests could not the relevant to Maddie’s disappearance. And of the Mark Warner guests, only those who booked from 7 to 9 every single day!

    Stupidity is limitless. It really is.

  21. Popularity of the beach in May depends a lot on bank holidays in various European countries. Easter was very early in March before the beach season in Portugal. The 1st was both May Day and Ascension Thursday. The 5th was a UK May Day holiday. The 8th was VE day. 12th was Pentecost (Whit)Monday. There were no holidays in the second half of May in most countries.

  22. Do Not Publish identified reader at 23 Jan 2019, 23:12:00.

    We already know the name and have checked much of this ourselves, so it’s not news to us.

    We do not wish for further contact from someone who hunts with the hounds and runs with the hare

    And one who was prepared to support someone who was prepared to malign a good man and his family, showing no respect for a dead child.

    1. Do Not Publish at 24 Jan 2019, 10:50:00

      You seem not to comprehend the phrase "We do not wish for further contact".

      Go play your games somewhere else.

    2. We don’t publish all our research on the blog, but it would be made available, if required, to relevant entities. That does not include you.


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