Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Tale tells of the cat the lives are times nine

And at nine stops, it's where even tale draws the line

Where fiction ends and nonsense starts to get inflated

New billboards doth not make a new circus be created

The new tent is but only the old that never left town

Just the clown becoming the lion and lion the clown

Pretending not to see the circus is to offend the blind

As offends pretending to look when not wanting to find

A thousand lies however tightly interlinked and interwoven

Cover truth as well as from the heat butter melting in the oven

Tonight, when the hand of the clock says seven it will be nine

When nine and other nines spawned the hoax to undermine

Memory carved in memory is harder than carved in stone

Nine is enough, nine is time for her memory be left alone

To gather all jagged pieces of this broken justice into a sack

We know her dead but nine is time to give her life back


  1. Very beautiful. Very sad.

  2. It is time and long overdue. I am hopeful that the latest coverage, however spurious some of it is, will heap pressure on the heads and hearts of those who really DO know the truth....carrying that particular burden must be extraordinarily onerous. Can they all really face the rest of their lives knowing what really happened and also knowing that the movement for truth is gathering pace??! I hope at least one of them has the courage to do the right thing.

  3. It's her 9th anniversary and funds fading fast
    The Truth is emerging and some say at last
    The Truth of the lie in English will come
    The damage inflicted will be felt by some

    Kate is fuming that man should suffer
    But no one listens to a neglectful mother
    So on their white horses the choir stumbles in
    A charity record only fit for the bin

    The only ones buying this latest scam
    Are people who really don't give a damn
    Don't talk about Madeleine who you haven't researched
    Don't sing silly songs high on your perch

    The child is nothing but money to make
    Please let her rest now for goodness sake.

  4. http://www.loughboroughecho.net/news/local-news/madeleine-mccann-music-stars-launch-11274303

    Can't see many people downloading this. Who will be singing? May lead to a boycott of their future songs.
    It will probably be some sickly sentimental effort.

    1. Have posted the following comment on FB about this "effort" from Missing People:

      "I would like to see a report with 2 columns.

      - On the left, the names of those the Missing People has effectively helped return to their loved ones;

      - On the right, the names of those wannabe famous who think Missing People will help them progress and so are associated with it.

      Looking at both columns side-by-side, one should see easily what is the objective of Missing People."


    2. This has been hijacked by team Mc. It's NOT being launched to mark M going missing..... The song will be released on Friday, May 20 to mark International Missing Children’s Day on May 25.

      When you read the article it has nothing to do with the title.

    3. Remember this McHijack?

  5. There comes a time when even the foolish can smell the coffee ,lets take one step back then nine steps forward and bring this game to its end ,thank you again

  6. When All That Matters.

    A desire for truth when truth seems dead.
    Apartment of lies, Tapas led.
    Justice deserting the stage like mad hatter
    Because hiding the truth is all that matters.

    Conspiracy, conceal, curtail and connive
    A memory vanquished, an innocent life

    When all that matters has faded and gone
    When all that matters is to go along
    With a lie that eats within the heart
    A lie enforced from the start
    When all that matters is truth concealing
    With pain and torment never healing.

    A sudden act that whispers a tale
    Clocks turned back to no avail
    A decisive act beyond reproach
    A myth is born, a clever hoax.
    Tricks and treachery
    Tales of lechery
    Lies and greed
    Pay no heed.
    To she who matters
    A life in tatters.

    When all that matters beats no more
    When Hope and Justice storm out of the door
    When all that matters is a heart once beating
    But memories are fading... now they're fleeting.

    Hope and Justice , once so shining
    Spinning and swirling, mutually entwining
    Sylph like, seamlessly, like long lost phantoms
    Casting their shadows like illuminated lanterns
    Mixing and meddling, aborting the truth
    Protecting the lie and remaining aloof.

    When all that matters is to abandon hope.
    To live a life where you only just cope.
    To choose, to think, encourage the Myth
    To forever regret "If only... What if....?"
    When all that matters is no more
    Gone gone gone from behind a door.

    The hurt continues with no way out
    The stress and the strains, the undignified pout
    To 'know' the truth of so long ago
    Be Pawns in a game , to and fro.

    When all that matters is a soul now lost.
    To greed and corruption, such soul was tossed.
    When all that matters is a heart that felt
    Consigned to despair when the cards were dealt.

    A defining moment, a spurious deed
    The choice is made....a myth to feed.
    For she who was, no longer is
    She who was cannot hear
    She who was cannot feel fear
    She who was has no more light
    She who was has no more fight.

    When all that matters is cast aside
    Plots are planned, perpetrators lied
    When all that matters traverses in pain
    Eternal life with no peaceful gain

    The time is nigh, a truth to unveil
    And put an end to this sorry tale.

    May sweet Madeleine rest in Peace.

    1. Anonymous 3 May 2016, 19:33:00,

      If there's an afterlife and if in that afterlife one can shed tears, we are certain Maddie is crying reading you.

      That's all we can say before what you have submitted. Having readers like you, makes the weight of the responsibility simply enormous.

      Thank you so much.

    2. I would like to thank the lovely person who wrote "When All That Matters!!!" It sums up 100% everything that has,and is still happening since DAY ONE of this cover up! Hopefully the TIME IS NIGH.a TRUTH TO UNVEIL!!!I have copied every word in my diary ,its truly "beautiful" Thank you xxLynn


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