Friday, 29 April 2016

The Last Chance Saloon

1. Introduction

As expected, things are really stirring up after Mr Amaral’s court decision.

Literally for years now we have been saying the final decision on the Maddie case was held up by UK involvement to the point of exasperation of all of us.

Now on April 19 this decision has finally been seen to come out, everyone involved in the case is having the last opportunity to place their chips on the roulette table.

It’s now or never.

The tailors are pressuring the Emperor so he continues to walk around with no clothes whatsoever when it comes to Maddie, and he’s trying his best to get some real clothes back on.

The days we are living through now are a tug-o-war with an unknown victor. Chaos rules. And while it rules it would be unwise to draw any conclusion. All one can and should do is to try to understand how each play is being played.

We have noticed these:

- On April 23, Mr Amaral went on CMTV (transcript on Joana Morais).

- On April 24 and 25 the Sun, the Mail and the Mirror ran the story of how £50,000 had been raised to help Mr Amaral fight his suit against the McCanns. This issue has developed to having donors being doorstepped, directly and indirectly, by the Mail, as we will speak about further down the post;

- On April 26, Sir Bernard Hogan Howe said that Operation Grange would be closing in the next few months when it closes its last line of inquiry in the Maddie case;

- On April 28, the Star published the article “Maddie McCann 'snatched in botched break-in' Cops sure they know what happened to girl” which made us travel back in time to July 2014;

- On April 28, the Mirror published the article “Kate McCann wants new artist's impression as nobody would recognise teen Madeleine” and its title sums up what it’s about.

2. Mr Amaral on CMTV

In our opinion, it was basically a rerun of what had been aired in 2013. The videos used were the same ones.

But this time, Mr Amaral had one different and very important message to put out: his  book “A Verdade da Mentira” is to be published in English.

He did not clarify if it will be published by a Portuguese or an English publisher. He said he was talking to his publisher, which we are supposing is Guerra & Paz, but these could be talking to a British publisher. We don’t know. All we know is that Mr Amaral intends to have his words printed in English so that English speakers can read an officially translated version of his book.

Years ago we suggested to Mr Amaral that he get a Portuguese publisher to publish it in English and the internet would take care of the dissemination.

The book being available, no longer in its “black-market” version, will put enormous pressure on UK.

Mr Amaral’s book is easy to read, unlike the PJ Files, and unlike the multitude of the internet sites on the case, for us included, it puts all in one place.

People are curious about why this book caused such a fuss. They want to make up their own minds about it. They will look for it when it’s published.

The excuse of errors in translation will no longer serve any use as people will be able to read what has been approved by Mr Amaral.

The publicity given to the court decision was free publicity for the book. And a good opportunity. We are certain that when, not if, the book goes on sale online and in bookstores, it will be news in the UK.

It has guaranteed being sold to the many who have downloaded the online version and who have vowed they would buy the book when it finally came out. And it’s coming out.

The only way to stop the public from reading it would be for the McCanns to threaten to sue anyone who gave news, good or bad, about the book being published.

That, we would love to see. And would love even more to see if the media rolled on their backs if faced with that threat.

No one should set aside the possibility of the book being published in the UK.

Everyone knows that when the lion is weak even the hyena comes for a bite and even if the case is to be archived, the McCann lion is moribund. Anyone can see that for them to fight successfully the McCanns will have to contradict what has been extensively and well explained in the sentence of April 19. The proven facts in that sentence are absolutely damning for the McCanns.

Would any British court refuse to take it into account? We think not, it would be an insult to the Portuguese.

With that in mind, it’s perfectly possible that some British publisher, faced with possibility of profit but most importantly with the prospect of making history as the “bravest of the brave”, will publish the book in the UK.

But irrelevant of in what country the English version of the book will be published what needs to be pointed out is the resolution with which GA is determined to do so. For example, judging by his words, suing the McCanns comes in second to having the book published in English.

And this book is certainly no friend of archival.

3. The £50,000 support

This shows us quite clearly how things are confusing.

Chronologically we had the Sun, the Mail and the Mirror running the same topic and putting out, apparently, different messages

And chronologically we had the same people being called, “sick trolls”, then “British trolls” and ending up as “Brits”.

The Sun: “Sick Brit trolls pay £50k to Portuguese cop who accused Madeleine McCann's parents of lying about daughter’s abduction”.

The Mail: “British trolls paid £50,000 to help Portuguese policeman fight his libel suit against Madeleine McCann's parents”.

The Mirror: “Brits raise £50,000 for Portuguese cop who accused Madeleine McCann's parents of 'lying' after daughter's mystery abduction”.

It must be said that our much well known Antonella Lazzeri tones down inside her article the “sick trolls” of the title to a much more healthy and nationalistic “British trolls”, although saying that only Brits donated selflessly to the GoFund is incorrect as many other well meaning people from many other nationalities also did.

We also noted that Lazzeri doesn’t say Maddie was abducted but instead says that Maddie vanished from the Algarve. If even Lazzeri cannot bring herself to say the A word, then who else can?

By the way, we hope the reader has noticed that the A word has disappeared completely from the Maddie case vocabulary. Vanished, missing and disappeared are the words currently in use.

Everyone, and we mean really everyone, knows they are being ridiculous in associating Maddie with abduction.

The only really negative thing we read in these articles was Lazzeri calling (and the Mail quoting her) the PJGA (Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral (Gonçalo Amaral Justice Project)) an “anti-McCann 'fan club'”, when it is, as we all know, a pro-Amaral 'fan club'.

A fan club that mobilised enough funds to kick that bit of anatomy that exists below the lower back of the mighty McCann legal machine. That is indeed one good and commendable fan club.

On the contrary, we read very positive words in the Mirror’s article:

“And Brits who support Amaral have raised up to £50,000 to support him in the long-running legal dispute.

One wrote on a Facebook page entitled Justice for Madeleine Mccann and Goncalo Amaral: "I donated too and I will keep donating - this man deserves to have his say".

"I also donated and every penny was worth it," another said.

Those supportive of Amaral have been labelled "trolls".

Another wrote: "So proud [to be] one of them 'trolls' who donated money to a good man who was simply doing his job."”

Supporters who have been labelled trolls.

What is not positive about the above?

But let’s stop for a minute and analyse the timing and content of these articles as we think people are really missing their point.

On first glance one would think it was the other side reacting to the sentence, but is it really that?

What are they all really saying? That GA has had enough financial support to take on the McCanns and which he will continue to have to face their appeal to the Supreme Justice Court.

Note that nowhere in these articles is it said that GA is lying.

Not even in Lazzeri’s masterpiece: “Goncalo Amaral, 57, was ordered to pay Kate, 47, and Gerry, 48, half a million euros after accusing them of lying about Maddie’s abduction” and “the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, who deny his claims, planned to use the payout to help find Madeleine”.

Not Mr Amaral wrongly accusing them but simply accusing them. The McCanns are not denying his lies but simply denying his claims. And nowhere is it said his claims are lies. On the contrary, it says he won the legal battle to claim what he claims.

So the message is that the McCanns can bring it on as much they want as GA has the financial means to accompany the McCanns to the end of this legal battle.

And no supporting words to cheer them on, quite the contrary. It’s basically demystifying the libel threat that the couple has represented all these years. Completely emptying out their threat.

As we said above this issue has had, it seems, quite an interesting development. It seems that the Mail is doorstepping, directly or mandating others to do it for them, donors to the GoFund to ask them ask them why they donated.

To the best of our knowledge this has happened to 2 people so far but it seems the intention was to do this to hundreds.

If one really intends to sell the colour blue, then one seeks the weakest link within the sellers of red and then one does the best one can to discredit that colour and those selling it.

If one goes after hundreds of red colour salesmen, then one will know beforehand that what one will get is a bucketful of compliments and reasons to buy red instead of blue.

For someone who sells blue to attack one or 2 people selling red, means that someone really wants to sell the colour blue. But to go after hundreds of them is to really want to sell red even if one says one wants to sell blue.

We don’t know what the intentions of the Mail on this are. But let’s be naïve for a minute and allow the possibility of that paper wanting to do a complimentary piece on the so-labelled trolls, showing what good natured and well-intentioned people they are.

To do that the paper would have to contact people directly and the best way to do that is to look up the names of those who opted not to donate anonymously to the fund.

Anyone who decided to put their name and location knew the risks they ran and we believe are ready to stand behind their donations. Nowhere have they breached any law and did anything they should feel ashamed for, on the contrary, all feel proud to have donated the way they did.

In a decent world, the journo by searching online a name and a location would only run the risk of contacting the wrong John Smith in Leicester when wanting to find a Leicester John Smith.

And in that same decent world, if the right John Smith was the one contacted and he opted to not give his opinion about his donation his wish would be respected and no one else would ever know better about this encounter with the journo just doing his job and his privacy remain intact.

However, we do not live in a decent world and as we said we don’t know the Mail’s intentions.

We know that Brit tabloids will turn a Sunday into a Tuesday if they have to. If they are set on making a person look bad, even if Snow White comes to the door, she will be portrayed as the evil witch.

We would advise people to refrain from having any aggressive reaction in defense of the truth if approached by a Mail journo. We would suggest to rather greet politely and just recommend that the PJ Files, that are easily available online, should be read by anyone really wanting to form an opinion about the subject and if that would prove to be too great of a task, to wait for the publication in English of Mr Amaral’s book, stopping the conversation there with a smile.

4. Hogan Howe and the single line of inquiry

No sooner had Chief Superintendent Mick Duthie fanned the embers of the Scotland Yard investigation than his boss, Hogan Howe was seemingly putting a dampener on the sparks.

On April 18 in the Standard article “Madeleine McCann detective: we still hope to find her alive”, Duthie suggested that the investigation could continue beyond the next 6 months, as well as mentioning the murder word.

On April 26, Hogan Howe was interviewed on LBC radio, saying SY were on their last lead, which would probably lead to the conclusion of the inquiry. His voice was echoed on BBC’s online article “Madeleine McCann case: One line of inquiry remains”.

Duthie speaks of “pursuing “justifiable and reasonable” leads in the investigation into the missing three year-old” but what was plural, as in leads, becomes just 8 days later with Hogan Howe saying only one single lead.

Does Hogan Howe know something more than someone who is in “overall charge of the investigation Operation Grange” in Scotland Yard does? Is Operation Grange wasting precious human and financial resources pursuing useless leads when there’s only one that matters?

But was Hogan Howe really dampening things down?

Hogan Howe didn’t give any indication how long it would take to pursue this last line of inquiry or whether it could extend beyond the next 6 months.

The text of the radio interview, with thanks to Joana Morais, reveals a man who seems deeply uncomfortable with the information he is discussing.

The inarticulate and waffling style is reminiscent of the Tapas 7 rogatory interviews. He never once mentions Madeleine by name. “It’s a child who went missing” and “sadly, if she is dead, we need to give some comfort to the family.”

He’s vague about the number remaining in the team: “I think we’re down to one or two people, at one stage it was about thirty officers.”

It all sounds like a man distancing himself from what others around him are doing, not the man in overall control.

Martin Fricker of The Mirror takes up the story : “Madeleine McCann parents not surprised police probe could end in a few months”.

And how many months is exactly a few?

A close friend: “They’ve been waiting the end for some time.” (make of that what you will)

Hogan Howe: “Unless any new evidence emerges, that will spell the end of the probe” (wasn’t that the only condition – emergence of new evidence – for the Portuguese to reopen the case which they did?).

Fricker: “They are aware police want to pursue the one remaining line of inquiry but have been told not to discuss it publicly” and “Scotland Yard refused to say what the final line of inquiry was.”

The BBC was more successful in their journalism, as they were able to specify what the remaining line of inquiry was centred around. “A letter asking for assistance sent from the UK investigators to the Portuguese Prosecution Service in July 2015.”

This must be a rogatory letter.

The 5th rogatory letter was sent in 2014. This related to the 11 people interviewed by SY in Portugal in October 2014, which included Robert Murat, Silvia Baptista and the Hills. In an article written by Marisa Rodrigues, Jornal de Noticias on November 4 2014, translated by Joana Morais:

“New witnesses of the English investigation to Madeleine McCann’s disappearance are going to be questioned at the request of Scotland Yard. The fifth letter rogatory is already in the hands of the Judiciary Police…. Last time they were in Portugal, on 14th of October, the English police expressed their desire to make a new letter rogatory [the sixth]  requesting the re-analysis of the samples that had been collected in the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared, namely hair samples and the fabric belonging to a curtain.

In a meeting at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine (INML), in Coimbra, which gathered detectives and forensic experts, Andy Redwood’s team also spoke about the possibility that some of the samples could be taken to England and analysed in a private lab. [our response – nooo, you must be kidding, after the FSS debacle] Until the end of the afternoon, yesterday, no request had been made in that sense to the Public Ministry of Portimão, whose role is to assess and decide on the letters rogatory.”

Is the letter of July 2015 the 6th rogatory referred to here?

That would mean a 9 month delay after the stated intention to apply for a further rogatory letter; which would not an unreasonable delay, considering Redwood retired in December 2014.

The curtain was referred to in the UK press at the time as a bedroom curtain, which it could NOT have been, as the bedroom curtains were never tested at the time. To be re-tested, a test must have already been carried out and the only curtains tested were the blue and white curtains from the LIVING room of apartment 5A. The curtains alerted to by Keela, the CSI/blood dog.

IF this is the subject of a 6th rogatory letter, IF the curtain/s has been re-tested and IF the re-testing leads to links with Madeleine, this would not necessarily be the end of the matter in terms of evidence, in our opinion. Keela alerts to blood, but not necessarily that of a dead person.  Although blood could be explained away, however, Eddie’s alerts in the same area point to an ominous scenario.

But it hardly points to a burglary gone wrong. How a burglar could kill a child, clean up, take away the cleaning materials and the child in the given timescale of approximately 40 minutes? We showed how ridiculous it would be in trying to pull that off in our “Third Option” post.

Let’s return to our decent world again. If Scotland Yard was really doing police work wouldn’t the fact that it has reduced lines of inquiry to a single one mean really good news?

Isn’t that the objective of any criminal investigation? To reduce the lines of inquiry to one single and decisive one? That one last and solid line of inquiry that supports the rightful accusation against the evil doers?

And isn’t this last line of inquiry related to what most damns the McCanns: forensics? All seems to point that way.

Before one gets one’s spirits high because of Hogan Howe, one should treat good news in the exact way as one does with the bad: with caution.

In this case, how does he know what the conclusion to the rogatory request will be? He doesn’t. So how come is he so certain that what it will say will mean closure of investigation? Can’t it come back with new evidence that will require new lines of inquiry to be pursued and causes the investigation to remain open?

He can only have said what he did if he knows, as we think he does, beforehand all the answers to the questions asked to Portugal. Or that he knows that its conclusions will be tailored to the decision to be taken. If truth, it will be condemning for the McCanns, if archival, nothing new on the Southern front.

That would mean a rigged game, but that, as we have been saying these years, comes as no surprise.

What happened in between Duthie and Hogan Howard speaking? The court sentence, that’s what happened. The long awaited sentence.

To simplify, Duthie, before the sentence says the show goes on until we hear something from the Portuguese court and Hogan Howe after the sentence, says ok the sentence is out, it’s time to think about closing the curtains on this show.

Whatever both have garnished their plates with is just that, garnish. If only Duthie had just waited 24 hours more…

5. The pillow-man

From what we have seen, the other side has up to now reacted twice as much as we could see.

The first was the April 28 article in the Star – the same one that said GA had won the right to accuse the McCanns – “Maddie McCann 'snatched in botched break-in' Cops sure they know what happened to girl

This article’s initial title was “Three 'key' burglar suspects are questioned over Madeleine McCann” but was changed during the day.

It takes us back to July 2014, to the July arguidos, reason why we interrupted our Summer Break of that year to write the post “Outrageous”.

But now Jerry Lawton tells us who pointed the finger to 2 of the 3: “Criminal psychologist Heriberto Janosch González says he tipped off police about da Silva and Rodrigues in 2013.”

It will remain to be explained why “drug addict Paulo Ribeiro, 53” was dragged into this mess if Janosch didn’t do it.

Heriberto Janosh Gonzalez is the author of the “long-armed-snatcher” video:

The pillow abductor. Did the pillow wake up or was it sedated?

Why another letter on July 15 2015 if the 3 have already been interviewed and not re-interviewed in December?

If it wasn’t for the fact the memory of a little girl is being insulted and the naming of the arguidos again after all this time, it would be funny.

By pointing the finger to a homeless and a drug-addict as responsible for the most highly visible case of a missing child in history is like trying to sell chocolate using cow-dung. Who needs friends like these who point to people like this?

This is the McCanns threatening to sue whoever publishes GA’s book in England all over again: much too obnoxious and ridiculous for it not be so on purpose.

Just another little push to help humanity loath the McCanns even more and whoever professes abduction.

6. Pushing the Third Option

This article from the Star has however proven to be useful as it shows how really desperate the other side is and without any minimally credible arguments to present in their defense. To pick up and echo  this piece of trash can only mean they have little or nothing to hold on to.

We’re talking about the articles from the Sun, “Revealed: Brit cops 'know who snatched Maddie' - and think they have questioned him already” and from the Mail “Madeleine McCann 'was kidnapped during a botched burglary by a gang of thieves who British police have already quizzed' but are blocked from questioning again”.

Both articles without Heriberto Janosh Gonzalez but with all the ridiculousness left intact.

The other side is really trying to enforce the Third Option or “Negligence” even knowing how preposterous it would be to even try it.

To confirm this intention, the Star today has come out with the article “Portuguese minister reveals: We didn’t charge Maddie’s parents out of compassion” in which is said:

“The revelations came from Rui Pereira, who was Portugal’s minister of internal affairs – the equivalent of the UK’s Home Secretary.

He told a Portuguese TV show it was an error not to make GP mum Kate, 48, and heart doctor dad Gerry, 47, suspects – or arguidos – for “abandonment””

The fact the Star quotes from a “a Portuguese TV show” means that Jerry Lawton has read a transcript of the April 26 CMTV show so we can soon expect an article about the cremation of Maddie’s body as it was the subject of discussion in the same show.

Please note that we think it would have been much more important to have seen questioned by Mr Amaral and the other Portuguese commentators present, Rui Pereira, Tânia Laranjo and Manuel Rodrigues (not Moita Flores as appears in the Star article) the negligence scenario than the cremation of the body.

This negligence scenario is all that sustains the McCann version of events and against which there is solid evidence and the cremation of the body, which we think is also very important to find out what happened to it, as far as we know is based on 3 shadowy figures and a nameless body that are not part of the PJ Files.

It’s up to CMTV to know best what editorial line it should follow.

On seeing the Third Option being pushed one cannot stop another from being stupid nor from calling others stupid but one can warn them that there’s usually a very high price associated in doing either.

If this is the best the tailors have to publicly pressure the Emperor then they have indeed very little. However, one should never underestimate the capability they have privately to twist arms.  

7. Kate and Portugal

The other reaction was the April 28 the Mirror article “Kate McCann wants new artist's impression as nobody would recognise teen Madeleine

Isn’t Kate saying explicitly in this article that looking for Maddie is absolutely useless as no one would be able to recognise her even if they looked straight into her face?

Note that on realising this damning fact to the search of her daughter, it’s said that the McCanns are only thinking about doing the new artist’s impression. Not set on doing it, just raising that possibility.

What is important in this message is that Kate continues to point her guns to Praia da Luz. Both explicitly – “Kate thinks Madeleine never left Portugal” and “Kate, 48, thinks Madeleine never left Portugal Kate, 48, thinks Madeleine never left Portugal” – and implicitly – “They think her hair, and skin if she has been in a hot country, would be darker”.

Kate insists that the solution to the case lies in Praia da Luz. We agree with her.

8. Conclusion

Things are really happening in Maddie’s Wild, Wild West. The Last Chance Saloon has opened its doors and its customers are now ordering the drinks, eyeballing each other, measuring each other up before walking out into the dusty street for a gunfight similar to the one at the OK Corral.

We know it will be soon. The sun is setting and there are no duels in the dark.

We know that duel in Tombstone went in favour of the Wyatt brothers. Then, they were the ones wearing the Marshall badges. Let’s hope this is repeated in 2016.


  1. After Hillsborough, I don't want to read another word from the Sun. They tell lies very well.

  2. Thank you.

    Don't we just love the English language. Consider all the razzmatazz and emphsis of the spoken word from Hogan Howe, I think he merely meant END & CURTAIL. Too much too frequently is read into A WORD.

    '' conclude
    verb: conclude; 3rd person present: concludes; past tense: concluded; past participle: concluded; gerund or present participle: concluding
    bring or come to an end.
    "they conclude their study with these words"

    synonyms: finish, end, come to an end, draw to a close, wind up, be over, stop, terminate, close, cease; More
    "the meeting concluded at 9 o'clock"
    •bring to an end, bring to a close, finish, close, wind up, terminate, dissolve;
    round off;

    informalwrap up;

    datedput a period to
    "he concluded the press conference with another announcement about welfare reform"

    antonyms: start, begin, commence, open

    •formally and finally settle or arrange (an agreement).
    "an attempt to conclude a ceasefire"

    synonyms: negotiate, reach an agreement on, agree, come to terms on, reach terms on, broker, settle, seal, set the seal on, clinch, finalize, tie up, complete, shake hands on, close, bring about, arrange, effect, engineer, accomplish, establish, resolve, work out, pull off, bring off, thrash out, hammer out; More
    informalsew up, swing, button up

    "an attempt to conclude a ceasefire"
    arrive at a judgement or opinion by reasoning.
    "the doctors concluded that Esther had suffered a stroke"
    synonyms: come to the conclusion, deduce, infer, draw the inference, gather, judge, decide; More
    assume, presume, suppose, conjecture, surmise;




    "from this letter, one can only conclude that he was a rather unpleasant man"
    •say in conclusion.
    "‘It's a wicked old world,’ she concluded"
    •USdated ''

    So I simply think he meant, the investigation will END.

  3. Brilliant blog as always and completely on point! I hope that justice is finally on the horizon for Madeleine or at least the truth! Thank you Textusa

  4. It's really a pity that nobody on the CMTV show questions the neglect scenario.
    It seems accepted as a fact by them all, including GA.

  5. As the 3 burglars are still alive, for SY to point the finger at them now would risk a response from their lawyers or families, denying such a hugely controversial slur.
    Does anyone think the press would leave it at that?
    They would have a field day! All options open on every theory.
    I can't see SY announcing this.

  6. Great blog entry as always Textusa. Thank you!

    I would like to add the following:

    There was an important article yesterday by, delightful ever so pleasant and classy, Antonella,
    quoting an unnamed British police source blaming Portuguese police for stalling operation grange and not letting the good English police question the 3 guilty men.

    "But privately British cops remain frustrated with the Portuguese authorities' refusal to let them follow what they see as a crucial line of inquiry.
    One said: "It has dogged the investigation all the way through and it's happening again.
    "If we can't question the three suspects again the trail goes cold and the case will be shelved."
    The three men have already been declared 'arguidos' - suspects - by Portuguese cops who arrested them on the request of their Brit counterparts."

    "But it is believed that Portuguese officials are blocking any new attempt to speak to them saying that no new evidence has been provided by the British authorities."

    Also, the article incorrectly stated that 3 are arguidos and were arrested on request of British police
    All this is false (no information as to were the men arguidos or not) and most certainly not arrested on behalf of the Met or even arrested by Portuguese authorities , or charged for that matter) and one has to analyse as such:

    A- was it a British police source ?

    -if yes why lie and start yet another attack on Portuguese Authorities.

    Is it a prelude to a shelving and trying to shift blame in public opinion to 3 innocent patsies? I say public opinion, because officially NEVER will Portuguese authorities allow the framing of patsies, even if with no legal consequences and only in the collective imaginary of those who support the legendary bad bogey men.

    B) if not, there was no police source, , a statement from the MET clarifying that this is incorrect from the sun must be issued ASAP and Ms Lazerri and her editor sued for printing false information.

    On another note, what in god’s name is wrong with English media? It seems inaccuracies and falsities are allowed and nothing is ever done about it. Some as a result of lazy journalism, some with the intent of selling more papers, some just clearly aiming to distort.

    I am off to re-read Kafka. He was clearly a visionary of the absurdity of human nature. Meanwhile Antonella can stay in the Alice in Wonderland world she has built, she fell down that whole and has been having tea with the Queen of Hearts for a long, long time. But please tell her to release the 101 Dalmatians first!

    1. Isabel,

      Thank you for your comment.

      As you might understand if we were to point out the imprecisions and blatant lies, we would have to write a book instead of a post!

      Agree with you that to say the 3 were arrested is a serious wrongful accusation.

      If they were arrested, so then were Murat, the Hills, Baptista and 7 others arrested as well in December that year!

      The whole article reeks with detachment from reality. Loved in particular the picture with numbers:

      "KEY TO MAP
      1. Where two suspects requested donations for a non-existant orphanage
      2. Apartment 5A, where Madeleine was left asleep with her siblings
      3. Text messages were sent from this spot between José Carlos da Silva and Ricardo Rodrigues
      4. José Carlos “gets some air” on the balcony of the building where he lives
      5. Witness sees two men talking before leaving whispering when they notice they are being observed"

      #4 is delicious!

      And what about #3? Were both next to each other in the exact same spot exchanging messages to each other? Maybe back to back?

      We would love to know what technology has enabled whomever to determine that particular spot with such precision. Not even Ethan Hunter of Mission Impossible.

      The evident stupidity of this latest campaign is staggering. It can only mean one thing: desperation.

  7. The error was not failing to prosecute parents for neglect, but accepting their story of leaving the children alone.
    That would mean questioning any tapas staff member who said they observed parents leaving to check children and had made a note of the timings.

  8. If Kate thinks she never left Portugal wtf were they doing in Heulva? Why were they screaming about closing the borders? Why were they touring the world? Why did Clarence try to nick the Spice Girls? Maybe it was someone from a traveling Circus who took her, she could be anywhere!!! Dear oh Dear what are the Met thinking of? There shouldn't be any games being played, it's really very simple, Portugal have to play hardball with the UK.

  9. I love Friday's not because it's the weekend anymore but because I love to read your brilliant analysis of this sad case
    Brilliant piece again keep up the great work and a huge ty for taking the time love ya Lorraine Holden x

  10. We have been informed that there were more then 2 people contacted by the Mail about the GoFund donation. The number we were told was 4.

    Again, we urge people to NOT react aggressively no matter how provoked. In doubt, smile.

    You can ask journos to leave your premises and not take photos.

    A second try to doorstep could lead to a harassment charge and they know that. Warn them so they know you know but always with a smile.

    If you don't want to speak, ask them to leave and make no comment at all.

  11. If 3 burglars are suspects, the press may want to doorstep Flack and TS, to make sure they saw the same men.
    And the Jensen sisters, even if only to rule out the blond men they saw as 2 of The 3 Burglars. Not an exhaustive list, as there were other people who reported sightings in PDL.
    There's fodder here to keep the rubbish press occupied for months, ripping off information translated by bloggers.
    Any wonder why newspaper sales are dropping like a stone. Even Sun readers I come across are coy about reading it and say they don't believe anything in it- they buy it for sports information.
    I believe they are losing advertising revenue after the recent Hillsborough coverage

    1. For readers who may not know, TS referred to be Anon 15:01 is a little girl who, together with Derek Flack and a woman known to the case only by her initials JW, says she saw Pimpleman, the star of the 2009 Mockumentary put out by the McCanns to show the world their version of the story.

      TS and JW say they saw Pimpleman twice. Flack once. Strange is how this character disappeared completely from the other side's narrative.

      They should have portrayed him with a mobile phone. That way he could have been one of these burglars. Pity the script writer who invented this character didn't foresee this.

    Mcs think it was a burglar!
    Sez who?! Not a source, friend, family member.
    A burglar who took her and looked after her in Portugal? Without leaving a trace of his presence. Has he given up his drug habit and petty thefts?
    This is all beyond sanity.

    1. Anonymous 29 Apr 2016, 17:46:00,

      Had to read twice this: "The youth said he had got involved in crime because he was desperate to have a fast sports car."

      How many thousand of homes would this 16 yr old have to steal before coming up with the money he needed??

      Honestly, one must really wonder if modern day journos read what they write before they publish it.

      Really, one very serious question we must ask: have journalists lost all personal and professional pride?

      From where we stand, that seems to be the case.

    Ball is rolling :)))

  14. How unfortunate Madeleine was to have been abducted by not just one super criminal. Now its three of them who entered unseen and unheard, abducted her, then washed the scene clean. These criminal geniuses then left, leaving not a speck of DNA between them. To finish off, they even had the bottle to walk straight past her father in the street. As my young nephews would say 'Yeah.Right.'

  15. Only consolation as far as I can see is ,due to the outrage ,following the Hillsborough revelations,we all know now that there is corruption in certain police forces,and "cover-ups" to protect the truth coming out,from the top down,also masonic connections within any public sector,is also,at long last,being seen ,in many "criminal" charges,as a "get out of jail card" Why ,in 2016 ,does this ridiculous "organisation"(IMO),still have such a stronghold in public organisations. Anyone know ????

  16. A good point! What a foot in mouth headline!

    Nikki Plummer – ‏@nikki_plummer
    So they "KNOW" but only "THINK" they've Q'd him? Spot the infantile error from supposed Journo from #TheSun #McCann


    "The Portuguese Judiciary Police did not receive from the English authorities, investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, any request concerning the three men linked to thefts in 2007 in the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz, to be questioned again. Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007 from the apartment G5A of the the Ocean Club resort. She was three years old. According to Friday's edition of Telegraph, the British authorities would want to question three men, who had been in the past detained and interrogated (and released)."

  18. Heriberto has let the press down with his story. They should never have trusted a man who pinches linen from a hotel room and posts it on YouTube


    McCanns pull out of Lorraine TV show appearance after devastating libel case defeat

    THE parents of Madeleine McCann will not make a fresh plea to find her next week.

    By Jerry Lawton, EXCLUSIVE / Published 30th April 2016

    Kate and Gerry were expected to talk to ITV’s Lorraine Kelly on Tuesday, the ninth anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance.

    But they have pulled out after suffering a £390,000 setback in their libel battle with ex-Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral.

    They fear the court fight will deflect attention from the search for Maddie, who was three when she disappeared from their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007.

    The country’s appeal court has ruled in favour of the former cop and overturned the libel payout that he was ordered to make to the McCanns.

    He wrote a book in which he accused the couple of covering up Maddie’s accidental death.

    Kate, 48, and Gerry, 47, of Rothley, Leics, were said to be seething over the decision and are now lining up an appeal in Portugal’s Supreme Court.

    They are also said to have turned down huge television and magazine interview offers from around the world.

    Meanwhile, Mr Amaral, 57, has now been allowed to re-publish his book.

    It is back on sale and is set to appear in English for the first time.

    A family friend said: “They would love to make a new appeal, but are aware that any journalist would want to inquire about Mr Amaral’s victory.

    “They’re seething over the ruling. That’s the last thing they want to discuss. ’’

    1. Anonymous 30 Apr 2016, 08:16:00,

      It's indeed a fact that one should never say never. And never in our lives did we EVER expect to say we like reading something from the Star.

      Now, we have to say it for the second time. The first was when we saw that front page headline about Mr Amaral winning the right to accuse the McCanns.

      Now this.

      "Accidental death", is very much descriptive. First time we're seeing it black and white in a UK paper (or whatever one wishes to call the Star).

      It says Mr Amaral did not badmouth them, he did not call them murderers... and, as the responsible detective for the investigation he must have a reason to say why he says it was accidental.

      Then this: "Meanwhile, Mr Amaral, 57, has now been allowed to re-publish his book. It is back on sale and is set to appear in English for the first time."

      Again, first time we are seeing in black and white the possibility of the book being published in the UK. Yes, we know it says only "appear in English", which could mean Australia or the US... but anyone reading those words associates them with UK, its intended target audience.

      To the newer readers of the case, let us inform you that if ANY of the above was said between 2008 to 2011, it would mean immediate burning at the stake without even the right to a rigged inquisitorial trial.

      The libel word is hanging like the proverbial albatross around their necks.

      The court battle is of their own making, so why pursue it, if it detracts from the search? Because the search is far more important to them, as the search is a distraction from the truth.

    2. They wouldn't dare go on TV and say GA lied about them. They have to act as if it was a libel hearing now. They can't say it was only a damages case and that the facts of the PJ investigation were never challenged under oath in a Portuguese criminal court.
      It sounds like they weren't able to control the script of the show, by saying they would only answer certain questions.

  20. How very interesting to see what transpires as the denouement fast approaches.
    How fascinating to see that cheap rag, The 'Daily Star' come out with such subliminal messages!
    How thought provoking to see Antonella's partner in crime, Jerry Lawton write such mind twisting stuff!
    Who has given permission to print such material?
    One wouldnt have thought that 'reading between the lines', was something the average 'Daily Star' reader was accustomed to, yet alone capable of carrying out!
    For the rest of us who study this tragic case, the message is coming over loud and clear.
    It's occurring in other media outlets too, including comments in reply to more hogwash from the McCann's.
    It's becoming increasingly obvious that the media's hands are tied (as they always have been!), but the knot is becoming looser...
    What a sensational story this will be for the media when the expose finally arrives.
    Like vultures they will descend to rip the hearts out of their prey.
    Now they're circling.
    When it happens it will not be pretty!
    Poor Madeleine.
    Millions made on the back of a little girl who deserved so very much more.
    Every single one of the shameful perpertrators who have conspired to cover up the death of this little innocent, should be exposed and villified from the highest echelons!
    Truth or Archive?
    If the Establishment think this will disappear quietly, then, like many other aspects of this case, they have misread and got it badly wrong.
    Thank you Textusa.
    Your blog is essential reading, without sensationalism thoughtful and factual and well researched.
    My thanks to you.


    Revealed: Why the Portuguese police didn't charge McCanns for children's 'abandonment' after Maddie disappeared

    09:18, 29 Apr 2016

    MADELEINE McCann’s parents were not prosecuted for abandoning their daughter while they dined near by because of “compassion”, law chiefs have claimed.

    Portuguese officials thought Brits had “peculiar customs” where it was "natural for them to leave the two-year-old twin siblings and the other three-year-old child alone".

    Former minister of internal affairs Rui Pereira slammed Portuguese cops for not making Kate, 48, and 47-year-old dad Gerry suspects for abandonment.

    Madeleine, who was three at the time, was left sleeping in the family's holiday apartment in the Algarve resort with her younger twin siblings as her parents went for dinner with friends in a nearby restaurant.

    According to the Daily Star, Mr Pereira said: “The error was not constituting the parents as arguidos for the crime of abandonment.

    "At the beginning there was an extraordinary and ridiculous theory that said the English have very peculiar cultural customs.

    “And therefore it was natural for them to leave the two-year-old twin siblings and the other three-year-old child alone in a bedroom for the parents to go out a few hundred metres away to socialise with their friends.’’

    Portuguese authorities believed the English “truly have very specific cultural customs and it was natural to dine and drink”, Mr Pereira added.

    And he said there was “compassion” from the investigators towards the parents.

    But a friend of the McCann's hit back, telling The Daily Star: “They were well aware that they could be charged with child neglect.

    “They’d have fought tooth and nail. In legal terms Kate and Gerry were doing everything well within the bounds of respectable parenting.

    “A court would have to show they had wilfully neglected their daughter and they did not.’’

    Moita Flores, a former police chief, backed his countryman, Pereira and told the show that if Kate and Gerry had been Portuguese, they would have been arrested for abandonment.

    Speaking on a documentary in 2013, he said: “Have no doubts. If this had involved a Portuguese child our public ministry would have immediately set off measures which are in place to protect children.

    “In our culture this kind of behaviour would have not been tolerated as reasonable. I am not even sure it is tolerated under Anglo-Saxon cultural values.’’

    The McCanns' spokesperson Clarence Mitchell has said they deny neglecting Madeleine.

    In her book Kate wrote that "burglaries were rife on that stretch on the Algarve" and house-breakers were like "mice" in Praia da Luz.

    She was angry that the resort had not warned guests as they checked in about the security fears.

    Scotland Yard refused to discuss the final line of inquiry for operational purposes.

    A spokesman said: "There is no comment while there is an ongoing investigation."

    1. I see 'responsible parenting' has now become 'RESPECTABLE parenting'. Were we supposed to not notice that?

  22. Ironically, when Wyatt Earp finally left Arizona there was still an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

  23. A poster on CMOMM orum posted this quote by Emile Zola. I thought it worthy of being promoted here also. Fantastic words, I think.

    Emile Zola:

    "If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."


    Kate and Gerry McCann did not pull out of new Maddie appeal on Lorraine show

    12:22, 30 Apr 2016
    Updated 12:22, 30 Apr 2016
    By Claire Rutter

    The parents of Madeleine McCann were accused of cancelling an appearance on the ITV morning show

    The parents of Madeleine McCann have been accused of cancelling an appearance on the Lorraine show, where they were allegedly set to launch a fresh appeal on the ninth anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance.

    However, Kate and Gerry McCann were never due to appear on the ITV morning show, it has been confirmed.

    A spokesperson for ITV told Mirror Celebs: "The McCanns have never been booked or confirmed to come and appear on Lorraine next Tuesday."

    It was reported that Kate and Gerry were going to talk on the Lorraine show, nine years after their daughter disappeared from their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal in May 2007, according to the Daily Star.

    It comes after the couple lost a £360,000 libel battle with ex-Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral.

    Maddie was three-years-old when she went missing, and a friend close to the McCanns claim that the family do not want Amaral’s court victory to overshadow the hunt for their daughter.

    “They would love to make a new appeal, but are away that any journalist would want to inquire about Mr Amaral’s victory,” they told the newspaper.

    “They’re seething over the ruling. That’s the last thing they want to discuss.”

    Kate and Gerry McCann already face fresh heartache after the cop who led the bungled hunt for their missing daughter said he plans to sue them.

    Amaral is set to demand compensation from Gerry and Kate McCann after he won a libel court case appeal.

    The 56-year-old claims the couple cost him money and harmed his reputation during the long-running legal battle .

    Portuguese legal sources say the compensation bill could run into the “hundreds of thousands of Euros”.

    Amaral was told pay the McCanns £360,000 after penning a book claiming they were responsible for Madeleine’s death.

    The couple, from Rothley, Leics, vowed to spend “every penny” of the cash on the hunt for their missing daughter.

    But those plans were put on hold last May when Amaral, the officer tasked with finding Madeleine, lodged an appeal.

    They are taking the case to Portugal’s Supreme Court - which will have the final say on whether Amaral should pay damages.

    1. ITV distancing themselves from the McCanns? Lorraine Kelly distancing herself from the McCanns? THE Lorraine Kelly???

      Why on earth would not the McCanns be invited to do what they did for the last 8 years?

      Note, one side says the McCanns cancelled (which means they were invited) and now this side says they "The McCanns have never been booked or confirmed to come and appear on Lorraine next Tuesday".

      No middle ground? Like the McCanns were invited but were too devasted to accept?

      Note on both counts who are the bad guys: the McCanns. In one scenario they snub those wanting to help find their daughter by cancelling their presence, on the other it's seen like they have the plague, best start getting a distance from them.

      A Portuguese proverb says "zangam-se as comadres, descobrem-se as verdades". The spirit being, when best friends fall out, truths are discovered" (comadres has a different meaning than best friend but to explain would distract from what the saying is intended to mean).

      Things are confused on the other side. Plots are starting to diverge.

      The ball is continuing to roll. And from where we stand, it seems to be rolling nicely.

  25. Perhaphs a certain police force had a word with the mccanns not to,how shall we say,"speak publicly",while a live investigation is being held!!

  26. Poor Snr Amaral,getting the blame for everything that doesn't suit Mccanns!

  27. If Lorraine Kelly thinks we are going to forget her pathetic, sycophantic, fawning over the McCann couple over the last nine years she is very much mistaken. She must think we are all as gullible as she evidently is.

  28. Read the Soham detective's Madeleine verdict which was published in the Cambridge News in October 2007. I think it tells you everything you need to know and also names people who might be important. This has certainly been a gross miscarriage of justice for Madeleine McCann but I think it lifts the lid on other miscarriages of justice. Hillsborough was not a one-off unfortunately. There is still a lot of sleaze to be uncovered.

  29. Express tomorrow, front page:
    After court battle, former Portuguese police chief plans a second book on missing Madeleine

  30. Thank you, Joana Morais:

    Joana Morais ‏@JoanaAMorais
    What happened to the story @Daily_Express … ? #McCann

    Joana Morais – ‏@JoanaAMorais
    Just in case is never republished again … #McCann

    1. ‘We must reconstruct Maddie’s fateful night’ says former Portuguese police chief

      RETIRED Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral wants Madeleine McCann’s parents to fly to Portugal and relive the night of her disappearance.

      By James Murray in Lisbon, Exclusive
      PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, May 1, 2016

      Mr Amaral believes that every person who may have been present when the three-year-old disappeared should return to the resort to reconstruct events of the fateful night.

      This would include Madeleine’s parents as well as those they shared a meal with when she disappeared.

      Mr Amaral claimed a full reconstruction could produce a vital breakthrough in the £12million investigation.

      He said: “Reconstructions are very helpful and I believe a full one in this case could be very productive.”

      Scotland Yard officers working on Operation Grange are concentrating on one remaining line of enquiry, which is believed to focus on the theory that Madeleine was taken in a burglary which went wrong.

      As the ninth anniversary of her disappearance looms on Tuesday, Mr Amaral argues that a reconstruction is needed to clarify the timeline of crucial events on the night of May 3, 2007.

      Madeleine was put to bed in the early evening with twins Sean and Amelie, then 18 months old, sleeping in separate cots nearby in a back bedroom of apartment 5a of the Ocean Club at Praia da Luz on the Algarve.

      It is known that Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann, doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, joined seven other British friends at a tapas bar about 60 yards from the apartment for an evening meal.

      At around 9pm Mr McCann went to check on Madeleine and describes her as sleeping normally on the top of the bed. Kate reported her missing from the apartment at 10pm.

      As part of the Yard investigation the mobile phone records of four arguidos, or suspects, have been forensically analysed. They are all locals and have protested their innocence

      All were interviewed by Portuguese officers, with Yard officers present, about their movements on the evening Madeleine disappeared.

      Mr Amaral said it was unlikely the suspects would agree to a reconstruction but their parts could be played by police officers.

      However, he said it was important the McCanns and their friends, Russell O’Brien and his partner Jane Tanner, Rachael Oldfield and her husband Matthew, David and Fiona Payne and Mrs Payne’s mother Dianne Webster take part.

      Other witnesses for the reconstruction would be British holidaymaker Jeremy Wilkins and Irishman Martin Smith and his family.

      Mr Wilkins stood outside apartment 5a chatting to Mr McCann when Ms Tanner walked past.

      Ms Tanner said she saw a man carrying a child in his arms cross a road by apartment 5a.

      Scotland Yard officers have identified an innocent holidaymaker carrying a child there at the time as being the person Ms Tanner saw.

      Mr Amaral said: “This is a crucial area for the reconstruction. We now know Scotland Yard have eliminated the man Jane Tanner saw carrying a child.

      “It would be important for the person Scotland Yard has identified to take part in the reconstruction as this period of time is absolutely crucial.”

      At about 10pm, Mr Smith and his family returned to their apartment after a meal out, and saw a man carrying a child on a road heading towards the seafront, about 1,000 yards from apartment 5a.

      Mr Amaral said: “I think Mr Smith and members of the family would be happy to assist with a reconstruction as it may bring back useful memories.


    2. (cont.)

      “We seem to be getting towards the end of the Operation Grange investigation, the last roll of the dice, so what is there to lose?”

      Scotland Yard officers sent legal letters to Portuguese police stating the lines of inquiry they wished to pursue.

      A Portuguese prosecutor will decide if its officers can carry them out.

      In Algarve’s capital, Faro, inquiries by the Sunday Express last week indicated there was cooperation between the police forces.

      A source said: “If detectives are asked to help with a reconstruction I’m sure they will.”

      The McCanns declined to respond to Mr Amaral’s comments.

      However, it is understood they were advised a reconstruction after so many years would be “pointless”.

      A source close to the family said: “Kate and Gerry do not wish to engage with anything Amaral says.”

    3. The last part of this post says it all,"Kate and Gerry do not wish to engage with anything Amaral says"?

    4. I'll bet they don't want to engage with anything Amaral says!
      We could have easily predicted that!
      Unless they can have complete control to doctor circumstances and make themselves look favourable , they are not interested.
      Why on earth would they be?
      The Portuguese Police have spoken and said they haven't received any requests from SY to re-interview former suspects!
      So, is Sir Bernard Hogan Howe lying?
      He's already told us on a UK radio broadcast that this is a murder investigation !
      His credibility sinks deeper into the abyss every time he opens his mouth!
      The UK Establishment is powerful and corrupt.
      For the Public, trust has gone and no one believes anything they say any more.
      A source said this...a source said that...a source said the other...
      Name the sources then !
      Allow us to verify what they say.
      But no, the preferred option is to feed the gutter press so that in turn they can feed it to what the Establishment sees as the gullible public.
      Oh how cruel of Gonçalo to heap fresh agony on the McCanns by publishing a second book!
      How could he be so blatantly cruel to a suffering couple whose little girl has been so cruelly taken from them?
      Yet, no referral to what the McCanns have done to the Detective whose only 'crime' was to endeavour to solve the mystery of the 'faked abduction'.
      Strange that the media fails to refer to the seething hatred of Kate McCann who professed to wish, with all her heart that Gonçalo feels fear!.
      Oh, how they have tried to manipulate public opinion and yet the public now feels little and sees them for what they are, as a cunning, manipulative, greedy duo whose only thoughts are for filling the coffers and spreading the lie.
      Not a single shred of evidence to show an abduction.
      The dogs don't lie.
      The dogs can't lie.
      Unlike the McCanns who have lying down to a fine art.
      It's farcical.
      It's criminal.
      It's wicked
      It's avarice at its worst.
      It should be stopped and the perpetrators of this hoax brought to justice.
      It can't come soon enough.

    5. GA calling SY bluff about creche dad!!!! Producing him would be interesting! Now a reconstruction will never be done as SY would show their hand in this farce.

    6. "Establishment, yada, yada, yada, Establishment. I read Owen Jones and he mentioned the Establishment... and well, that must explain everything: the Establishment. I don't know what it is, and I can't define it, but it must be the Establishment. It's because they are Established, I think, but I'm not sure... but I do know Owen Jones mentioned them... and then there is Hillsborough... and the Establishment... Sorry, I forgot to mention MI5... and did you see how those buildings collapsed during 9/11. It must have been Establishment-oriented. And I went for a job at Greggs, to make the pastries, but someone in the Establishment contacted them to tell them not to give it to me. The Establishment. Sorry - did I mentioned the CIA yet?" -- Copyright 25% of the people who follow the McCann case.

      Grow up. And actually attempt to define the term Establishment in adult terms.

    7. Anonymous 1 May 2016, 19:16:00,

      Hillsborough and the Establishment.

      The entity you question and ask us to define.

      We believe the life-span of a gadfly is one day.

    8. First of all, there is no 'we' -- so cut that out.

      Second, you still haven't defined the 'Establishment.' And not many can -- because it does not exist in the way that your readers believe it does. Citing a Guardian article is not enough (most of their articles lack academic precision when it comes to discussing some vague ideas of an Establishment). Public institutions do not work together to protect an Establishment. Individuals inside institutions often work to protect their own interests, and are almost always (in British public life) exposed by members of other public institutions -- who in your broad definition -- constitute the 'Establishment.'

      For example, in the instance you cite -- it was the 'Establishment' (as you put it) that started the process of exposing the 'truth' (Home Office, the Oxbridge educated Andy Burnham), and at the same time, the Establishment that 'covered it up.' (South Yorkshire Police) . The truth in these matters is often more complex than you, or your readers, can articulate.

      I assume that you, and your readers, want there to be a mythical Establishment so you can apply your Manichean world-view to this case to explain a rather simple tale in more thrilling terms.

      Thanks for the witty repartee JR. Gadfly.

      *Bet this ain't published, as I know you like to create a false conversation below your articles to dupe your readers further.

    9. Anonymous 1 May 2016, 20:06:00,

      Apologise for being we. Next time we will try not to be we, as it irritates you so much.


    1. Anonymous 1 May 2016, 16:18:00,

      The latest story about K is a re-hash of this. It carefully avoids saying when she revisited.

      Standard journalism these days.

  32. Katie Hopkins on LBC radio:
    The prog was only to discuss the MET budget.
    KH confirmed mc stories suppressed in papers so she couldn’t write what she wanted to about the case but now she can.
    She calls the investigation farcical
    Asking callers if mcs should be called back to Portugal
    Caller believes OC in house burglars as suspected by SY, KH sent him off to eat his porridge LOL!
    She interrupts neglect/mc believer and animated about never leaving her kids alone. Caller says folly not deliberate neglect and thinks it’s mc social status yet again.
    One caller thought only 2 kids in room so obviously knows nothing about the case apart from recent news on £12M spent.
    So far no rabid supporters only innocent believers.
    Caller says he would never have left his kids alone or left Portugal and just searched so another believer.
    Caller questioning asking why they refused a lie detector and KH steering the conversation off investigation facts back onto the £12M.
    KH saying mismatch with K mc being the face of missing people in media.
    KH asks if any sympathy left in search because of money spent.
    KH saying SY intervention was resisted by Portugal.
    KH saying parents behaviour odd, e.g. demeanour and refusing to answer questions. Other people ‘in on the act’ eg crimewatch photofit new but mcs had sat on them for 5 years implying because one looked like G mc.
    She thinks M was left to be found in the room.
    Yet another neglect caller and resents money spent
    Caller wants government inquiry why so much has been spent on 1 case
    Neglect only mitigating factor so another believer in adduction. KH disputes room visible from tapas.
    Yet another neglect believer! Blames parents, resents money spent and says parents status contributed but thinks he is hard hearted.

    KH finished by saying no doubt she will come back to this case as she is now able to speak out but added “if she’s not locked up first”.

    Mcs neglect claim certainly worked, not one caller questioned it happened but it could be callers were selected by finding out their question before putting them on air! None seemed not to know any facts apart from the one person saying K mc refused to answer questions.


    Look at the time it's taken

  35. Unsure whether or not Gadfly is referring to me when he/she says "Grow up,".
    I did mention the word 'Establishment'
    If referring to my good self, I'm perfectly grown up thank you and not about to engage in a slanging match with such an aggressive, opinionated person, whose views I do not respect in any shape or form.
    If there is one thing I detest it's a,patronising person.
    This is Textusa's page, someone whose views I do respect, part of a team who I respect.
    Textusa team does not engage in aggressive confrontation.
    The team, of which there are three, research their material, present a theory based on facts found in the Portuguese Judiciary Files.
    One can then accept or dismiss, as is one's want.
    Aggressive responding is not required, nor is presumptive, patronising verbal bullying.
    Textusa is more than a match for Gadfly.

  36. How interesting that Gadfly chooses to use Cristobel's Blog to abuse Textusa.
    What a cowardly way to proceed.

    1. From the horse's mouth on Cristobel's:
      Anonymous1 May 2016 at 20:13

      The best thing about Ros' blog is that she doesn't shy away from what she said.

      Neither does she create fake conversations with herself like Textusa, who pretends there is a team of them all working on the latest scoop -- when its just her and a laptop after searching Google!

      Neither does she chase out dissent like Bennett on that forum.

      And she never blocks dissenting views.

      Whoever the Anon is who is taking regular digs at Ros -- I can only say, she must have got to you.


    2. Exactly what I read too.
      How cowardly, how weak.
      Nothing like getting the daggers out to attack a Blogger who is obviously 'hitting the spot'
      What are you fearing Gadfly?

      An expert in how the establishment operates and still fighting for justice for Daniel, his brother.

      In UK - top schools and Universities can be start of "old boy network"

    5. Gadfly shows himself not to be on the side of justice: probably part of establishment himself.
      To quote Andy Burnham MP as an example of establishment figure helping justice in Hillsborough, because he went to Cambridge is ridiculous. He went to a state comprehensive school prior to Uni, not Eton like DC and others.
      Establishment - links of power, wealth, privilege and control, often links between business, politics and law and media, wanting to maintain status quo when it favours them.
      Under enormous and sustained pressure, the Establishment doesn't always prevail.
      The media should function to hold it to account, but seems some of media have become part of it. Owners of media can also be part of Establishment.

    6. It doesn’t take much of an enlightened mind to see who Gadfly is, and he’s not Insane.

      He’s far from being illiterate, so knows exactly what “Establishment” means. His act fools only those who wish to be fooled by him, which in practical terms is no one.

      What happens on other blogs, concern only their owners. Not our place to say they should do this or do that. If we consider we should react to an attack we react accordingly, as we have done in the past.

      Gadfly is free to think we are only one person googling about. It matters nothing to us what Gadfly thinks of us, and for quite a long time now It matters nothing to us what he has to say about the Maddie case, whether signing as Gadfly or not.

      We know who we are and what motivates us, and that is all and only what matters.

  37. Lorraine Kelly was presenting 'The Secret Lives of Puppies' on Channel 5 Last night. According to her, when you heat a bowl of soup in the microwave a puppy can smell not only the soup but also detect every single ingredient in the soup. Not even trained sniffer dogs. But puppies. Awkward.

  38. Fine reply Textusa.
    No other words needed.


    Maddie cop reveals he is writing second book as ninth anniversary brings rush of new stories

    As the seemingly eternal mystery of what happened to Madeleine McCann exactly nine years ago fills yet more space in newspapers and on television, there has been a rush of ‘new stories’ - centering on anything from the Met’s unerring theory of a botched burglary, to a “secret visit” by Kate McCann last week to “walk the streets of Praia da Luz” and “hammer blow” revelations that controversial former investigator Gonçalo Amaral is writing a second no doubt controversial book.

    Through the habitual noise of ‘anniversary stories’, we have been told by UK tabloids that the Metropolitan Police is gunning for three Portuguese men - among them a drifter and a drug addict - but that PJ detectives have been loath to sanction further requests for interviews, as they say there is no evidence.

    What has changed - markedly in Portugal - is public discussion suggesting Madeleine’s disappearance may not have been an abduction at all but that, for ‘political reasons’, Metropolitan police orchestrating Operation Grange are simply not at liberty to think outside the box.

    Over the weekend, former PJ detective Moita Flores explained it was possibly for “compassionate reasons” that the McCanns were not prosecuted for leaving their sleeping children alone in the first place - stressing that in Portuguese culture “that kind of behaviour would not be tolerated as reasonable”.

    And in UK stories centred on the McCanns having pulled out of anniversary radio and talk show appearances, citing Amaral’s recent libel win as the reason.

    But perhaps the ‘bombshell’ story - certainly the one that UK tabloids seemed to think piles “fresh agony” on Madeleine’s parents - is the fact that Amaral is planning a new book on the three-year-old’s disappearance: one in which he “revisits the timeline”, says the Express.

    It is a book that he has been writing since 2009, and which he now says “with the probable departure of Scotland Yard from the investigations” is coming to an end.

    Amaral told the Express over the weekend that he firmly believes a proper reconstruction of the night Madeleine went missing “could produce a vital breakthrough in the £12 million investigation”.

    Crucial would be the engagement of the man seen carrying a child in his arms, Amaral told the Express.

    But as the tabloid explains, according to Scotland Yard, this man has been eliminated as an “innocent holidaymaker”.

    Adding to obstacles is the information given to the paper that Madeleine’s parents “do not wish to engage with anything Amaral says”. Thus it is another year with no answers - only different from all the others because Gonçalo Amaral’s book that the McCanns so object to is once more on sale in bookstores - and because Scotland Yard has revealed its investigations are close to an inconclusive end.

  40. This quote applies to so many cases.....

    Alastair Morgan ‏@AlastairMorgan
    Most public discourse on crucial issues has been reduced to mudslinging, smearing and agenda-driven scaremongering #MSM

  41. Re: Gadfly. This says it all. Oh dear.
    noun - a fly that bites livestock, especially a horsefly, warble fly, or botfly.
    a person who annoys or criticizes others in order to provoke them into action.
    "always a gadfly, he attacked intellectual orthodoxies"


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