Friday, 18 March 2016

Maddie & Swinging

1. Introduction

This week we’re going to surprise readers with our answer to the following question:

Question A: What does the collective swinging that we think was going on in Praia da Luz and outskirts have to do with Maddie’s death?

Answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Yes, that’s exactly what the blog thinks. We can only imagine the surprised faces of our readers.

However we are certain that by now our readers know that when we surprise them like this it’s because there’s a catch.

And the catch is that the question stops in the word “death”. The fact that it stops there makes us answer it the way we did.

If one inserts at the end of the question the hyphenated “cover-up”, then the answer changes completely, in fact it changes to its exact opposite:

Question B: What does the collective swinging that we think was going on in Praia da Luz and outskirts have to do with the cover-up of Maddie’s death?

Answer: All. Totally all.

2. Convention v snack

The reader may then ask if we’re not contradicting ourselves. After all isn’t the blog’s position the defense that Maddie died in an unfortunate accident inside apartment 5A in the early evening of May 3, when David Payne went there to have some adult fun with Kate McCann? And doesn’t that make them swingers? If it does, as it seems it does, isn’t then swinging involved in Maddie’s death?

The answer to the first question, yes it is.

To the second question, which is the key one, is no, it doesn’t make them swingers in the context in which swinging is involved in the Maddie case (note word case and not death).

Answer to the third, no, as we have said, it doesn’t. Let us try to explain why.

Please imagine that one is a chef in a cooking convention. One is just one among many chefs there, all with a common reason and purpose to be where one is: the convention. A collective event about cooking food.

Please imagine that during one of the many breaks of that convention, 2 chefs decide to go to a local esplanade to get a snack.

One of them gets food-poisoning from what they ate there, at the esplanade.

Is this food-poisoning in anything related with the cooking convention? No, it is not.

Does this food-poisoning in a local esplanade cause any sanitary implications for the cooking convention? No, it doesn’t.

Note, both events, convention and poisoning, are food related but the only overlap they have is that one happened to attendants of the other.

In much the same way, when Kate McCann and David Payne were, as we think they were, involved (attempting to get involved is to be involved) in what we think was some sort of adult activity when the accident that would cause Maddie’s death happened, it was outside the context of the collective swinging event we believe was being organised in the Praia da Luz area at the time.

Maddie’s death was the food-poisoning, the organised swinging the cooking convention. Overlapping both only Kate McCann and David Payne, nothing else.

The organised collective swinging event had nothing to do with what happened to Maddie.

3. Worsening a stigma

We have read, written by our detractors, our always passionate detractors of the swinging theory that one reason, if not for them the main one, is that there could not possibly be any swinging going on because they cannot understand for the life of them – almost to the point of crossing their hearts and hoping to die – why hasn’t any Ocean Club staff member gone to the authorities by now telling them about the swinging.

And not only Ocean Club staff but also, as Insane has said on the site we referred to last week but thought best not to acknowledge and in which where he tried, unsuccessfully, to gain a wider audience for himself, “management, locals, other guests, condom salesman, lube suppliers, Ann Summers or basically any human being on the surface of the earth who was in PdL that week saying to the PJ "Oh incidentally chaps, I'm not sure if you know this, but they were all shagging each other sideways last week''”.

One obvious lapse on Insane’s part was to forget Mark Warner’s staff and management but we’re certain he just forgot to include them, so we’ll consider he meant them as well.

In fact, the detractors even go as far as saying that if there was this sort of frolicking in Praia da Luz then that could only mean that Mr Amaral was either stupid, incompetent or both.

Comments we received in our “Doomed Pieces, Emerging Heroes post from an Anonymous AKA Insane:

“Mr Amaral was not removed from the case until October, so what you are claiming is that he and every officer he coordinated completely missed this massive conspiracy of swingers you claim went on right under his nose, for five months, and has continued to miss it ever since. He was there, with access to the witnesses, you weren't. Police officers on the ground always know what is going on in their patch, so you are dissing every other officer who, according to you missed the fact that the entire resort was a big knocking shop. And as for your idea that some guests volunteered to take part in a cover up, well that's just completely ridiculous.” (Anonymous 30 Aug 2014 20:29:00)

“Stop attempting to twist what I said, I said you were suggesting Mr Amaral was stupid or incompetent because he does not agree with any of this swingers nonsense you have made up, and I can only assume that you are doing it precisely to discredit him - why you are doing it is a matter for your own conscience, but you seem determined to create this impression that he didn't know what he was doing.” (Anonymous 31 Aug 2014 00:40:00)

Insane above is very clear, he says that if there ever was any swinging going on in Praia da Luz then only the stupid and incompetent would have missed the connection between this swinging and Maddie’s death, and as Mr Amaral apparently didn’t see that, then if there was swinging he was indeed stupid and incompetent.

To sum up, to the detractors of the swinging theory (Insane but not only him as others have used the exact same reasoning) say that if there was swinging then there was an obvious and evident connection between it and Maddie’s death/disappearance.

A connection between swinging and Maddie’s death/disappearance that is so obvious and evident that someone would have to have gone by now to the authorities. Would have to, not should. And as no one has done that to date, then there was no swinging.

Also a connection so obvious and evident that would be impossible for the PJ to have missed it. If it did indeed miss it can only mean the PJ was either stupid or incompetent.

We think the above just about sums up this argument used by our detractors against us.

However, what is said only helps us prove our point.

What Insane and all others are failing to see is that what they are saying is that it’s obvious and evident that swingers are murderers at worst and abductors at best.

Plus, whoever can’t see that is stupid and incompetent.

If swingers aren’t murderers/abductors then what other connection is there to be made between swinging and Maddie’s death/disappearance?

And they do imply the connection is very obvious and evident, so that can only be because the general population perceives swingers as murderers/abductors.

And so all “staff, management, locals, other guests, condom salesman, lube suppliers, Ann Summers or basically any human being on the surface of the earth who was in PdL that week” aware of swinging would have to have gone straight to the PJ. They would know, as everyone does, that swingers are murderers and/or abductors so it it would be obvious to anyone that the swingers were the ones responsible for Maddie’s death/disappearance.

Not only is it absurdly ridiculous as it makes even worse the social stigma already carried by those who opt to engage in this absolutely legal adult lifestyle.

Swingers who were already sick and depraved perverts to those who think that sinning is done only with what one has between one’s legs instead of with what one has between one’s ears are now also, apparently, murderous scum.

On a serious note, please be aware that from now on, when one reads again someone asking why hasn’t anyone up to now come forward to denounce the swinging in the Maddie case, please note to that person that s/he is basically accusing swingers, any and all swingers, of being murderers and/or abductors.

And if that whoever has used words like evident and obvious, then that person is only making the false accusation with greater conviction.

4. PJ and swinging

But the thing is, someone did tell PJ that swinging was going on the area.

And in a property, Quinta do Stº Phunurius, linked in some way to Robert Murat.

Up front and before what we have said above is used and twisted to fit fact by those obsessed with pinning the most fantastical things on Robert Murat, the PJ is very clear in saying about this particular diligence that “However, it wasn’t possible to determine if Robert Murat currently frequents the referred Quinta.”

All that can be linked between Stº Phunurius and Robert Murat is that it was one of “various residences used and/or property of Robert Murat or of one of his family members”.

PJ doesn’t say in what way Stº Phunurius is linked to Murat, as it doesn’t say about any of the other 3 properties visited on this day in this external diligence.

Anything said relating Murat to this property besides this is pure speculation or based on documentation other than the PJ Files.

But what matters is what PJ writes about this diligence: “in conversation with various locals [populares] residing in the same area it was possible to determine that is it is a Quinta property of English citizens and that would have management by an individual of American nationality with residence in (…), having the locals [populares] further referred that the Quinta is used for “PARTIES” of sexual nature.”

Caps are from PJ, not ours.

“Populares” is best translated into locals. Local people.

Quinta de Stº Phunurius is certainly not a small place.

And it has a very discreet entrance.

It is used for tourism, so in and out goings shouldn’t have raised any local eyebrows.

For locals to have noticed that parties were happening there can only mean they saw the entrance and exit of a significant and unusual number of guests on the same evening/night.

That is the characteristic of any party. It starts at a certain time and ends sometime during the night or even at dawn. People with the purpose of being lodged there would stay for the night.

It’s evident that locals saw a significant number of people entering the property in the evening or night and noticed that they departed during the night, otherwise how they be able to say there were such parties? And why invent such a thing?

Note it is plural locals. It was not just one person saying this.

How did they know these parties were of a sexual nature? Because people working there do talk and word does get around and the ins and outs of that place would be in accordance with what would have been said.

One curious thing we found in the pictures we saw of Stº Phunurius was a… Big Round Table:

Not the infamous Tapa’s Big Round Table of course, that one has still to be seen.

The Tapas BRT is supposedly bigger than this one as this one only sits 8 people and not 9/10 people as the Tapas one supposedly did.

Look how it dominates the room, how it occupies a very significant space in it.

Even though it’s smaller than the one supposed to have existed in Tapas, or even if both would be of the same size, one has to agree that it is quite a visible object.

To this day we have yet to see a similar object in any of pictures of the Tapas esplanade. In fact, the furniture of Tapas is so frail that in a recent video production to illustrate the Tapas esplanade area, images of the Millenium were used repeatedly even though pictures from Tapas are available in Mr Amaral’s book.

It is a fact that locals gave information on May 15 to PJ about swinging going on in the area when they were specifically investigating Robert Murat and it was probably because of this piece of information that the word “swing” was searched for in all 9 seized computers.

So, to say no one has come forward to date to denounce swinging to the PJ is false. Someone did and did it right away.

5. The swinging lead

Why didn’t then PJ pursue this “swinging” lead?

If one joins up what we have said today with what we said in our post “TRUTH” the reader can easily join up the pieces as to the wall that was put in place to stop the PJ following anything related with swinging in connection with the Maddie case.

Note, we have said Maddie case and not Maddie’s death.

Because as we said in the beginning, when it comes to Maddie’s death’s cover-up swinging is definitely involved.

Swinging has nothing to do with Maddie’s death but it has all to do with the obstructions placed in the PJ’s investigation of that same death.

One big detractor of the swinging theory, JJ, who has said “I would expect the locals to be aware of this swingers convention and not one person has ever spoken out” (as shown, JJ is absolutely wrong), replied to the following question:

Anonymous 25 February 2016 at 20:07

JJ, do you agree that the "men on the field" did not have a grasp of the entire situation and that there were things kept away from their eyes?

JJ 25 February 2016 at 22:43

If you mean were things kept away from the PJ then, yes.

It is a matter of public record the Leics police were operating in PDL on Saturday 5th May without the knowledge or permission of the PJ.

It is a matter of public record that the Leics police met the Macs at a private meeting without a PJ liaison officer present, this breaks every police convention.

The Macs gave them instructions on how to deal with the PJ.

The Leics police did not inform GA or the PJ of this meeting.

So whoever authorised these actions and why, would go a long way to resolve the mystery of Madeleine McCann.

JJ tries to deflect the question towards Leics police in Luz.

We do wonder based on what does JJ adamantly say “The Macs gave them instructions on how to deal with the PJ”. If it’s his/her opinion, we respect that but if it’s a statement then we would like to see something that would back it up.

What matters is that this detractor of the swinging theory says very clearly that “things were kept away from the PJ”.

We in the blog agree with him and say that one of those things (in our opinion the main thing) kept away from the PJ was the swinging event that was going on. And it was a successful blockade as outside the locals on that day who didn’t know they weren’t supposed to speak about it, it has been hushed.

To ask PJ to have grasped who they were really up against is to be extremely unfair to this police force.

We think that for the PJ the sex-parties happening in places like Stº Phunurius was just Brit hanky-panky not related with what they were investigating, Maddie’s disappearance.

Speculating, as we have said before in this post, we even think that the search for the word “swing” in the computers was not about the activity itself but to establish if there were any contacts between that world and Robert Murat.

To say that PJ found nothing in that search is to lie:

Not Textusa 14 February 2016 at 00:22

The PJ did not ''know'' there was swinging.

They searched one computer and found nothing.

Of course, if you can point to anywhere in the entirety of the PJ files where there is any evidence that swinging took place then please do share it.”

PJ searched for the word “swing” in all 9 seized computers and not as Insane states, one computer and nothing.

And yes, they did find something. the word “swing” was returned on 2 computers: “814” and “904”.

On computer “814” there were 908 registries linked to the keyword “swing” . 883 of which in 2 occasions: 807 on 05Feb07 and 76 on 16May07, the day after Murat is named arguido.

On computer “904” in there were found 4 files containing “swinging”.

All shown in our post “Why swing?”.

To say PJ “searched one computer and found nothing” is to lie as is to say “PJ did not ''know'' there was swinging”. Insane states he’s read the files in their entirety, and parts more than one time. So why lie about this?

PJ went to Stº Phunurius because of Robert Murat (we’re not told in what way that property is linked to him but PJ goes there because of him) and they were informed that sex parties took place there, so it’s quite understandable PJ would try to see if and in what way Robert Murat contacted this world.

What PJ didn’t realise was that this hanky-panky that they thought completely unrelated with their case was exactly what impeded them from investigating the accident that had happened to Maddie.

6. Telling PJ

It’s easy to tell people what to do when one is not in their predicament.

Telling someone in depression to snap out of it is to be insensitive.

To tell a bullied teen to stand up and face the bully is cruel.

If they could they would. If they could they wouldn’t be in the situation they are.

Either advice only aggravates the situation as it further highlights their impotence.

Impotence and anger are the 2 sentiments felt by the general public about the Maddie case.

There are various truths – even if not true – that the general public believes about this case, and we list the top 3 as the following:

1. The McCanns were negligent.

2. Maddie is dead and the parents are directly involved in her death and hiding of her body.

3. The McCann are protected at a governmental level in the UK and this protection is accepted by Portugal at government level as well.

If the protection is at state level then what’s the use for one to go to authorities?

To hold information, however relevant it may be, is completely useless if one cannot use it.

To hold information one feels goes against a farce the established powers have shown very clearly they favour by spending millions of their tax-payers money and humiliating their police forces then the best one can do is pretend not to have it and pray no one notices one has it.

To ask someone to go to the authorities with any relevant information about Maddie under such circumstances is like asking someone to go to the Klu Klux Klan and register a complaint about a racism abuse. Not only useless but looking needlessly for serious trouble.

And when one does asks that, as Insane does, one is just being a coward hiding behind the skirts of the established powers any normal person feels incapable and dares not confront:

Anonymous 14 February 2016 at 16:41

Portugal, in general, is not bothered if you swing or not.Its very liberal about that kind of thing. It doesn't print it in the papers etc. It is quite likely the group of guests were there as part of a VIP swinging group. They certainly were NOT playing tennis - that I know for sure. My niece is local to PdL. They were NOT playing tennis all day - they WERE dining in the town of PdL AS OPPOSED TO the TAPAS bar. That I know for sure. The ex pat community were also out wit them in the bars of PdL - THAT i KNOW FOR SURE. Unfortunately, apart form that info I dont have a clue! Please dont run under the illusion of them having a nice family holiday playing tennis. Not true.

Not Textusa 14 February 2016 at 19:18

Really? Well, your niece needs to get herself down to the PJ right now and give a statement. Any idea why she hasn't done so?

We have just explained why. But Insane knew that perfectly well before he asked, reason why he arrogantly asks.

7. The cover-up

The last element needed to understand the humungous hoax which the PJ faced is to understand why so many people embarked on this negative experience.

We could explain but we think best to let our detractors do that for us:

Anonymous 11 February 2016 at 12:05

Also swingers don't usually swing with friends. That could cause so many problems in case of things becoming emotional, or one partner ends up with the least fanciable one. Swingers usually go to clubs/parties or meet strangers through (online) adverts, chat groups etc. All part of the thrill of the chase. Some of these casual meetings turn out into something more long-term, where couples meet more regularly. It is however unlikely that friends/colleagues start swinging with each other. Very unlikely. I mean how would this even come up in conversation? Fancy swinging with us? What if the answer is no (which it most likely is): friendship over or never the same again. Why take that risk when there is plenty of opportunity to swing elsewhere with consenting strangers and no comeback.

Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton 11 February 2016 at 17:14

Actually, thank you for pointing that out too 12:05, as you say, it would be excruciatingly embarrassing if friends and work colleagues were involved. People who know all the people you know, it doesn't bear thinking about!

Anonymous11 February 2016 at 17:21

Why "it would be excruciatingly embarrassing if friends and work colleagues were involved"? Isn't it accepted and completely legal?

Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton 11 February 2016 at 18:12

Seriously 17:21? Can you imagine the discussion around the water cooler - who shagged who's husband/ wife the night before?

Having an affair is not against the law 17:21 (in this century, just to clarify). That however, doesn't mean it is socially acceptable. Society is ruled by a set of codes and conventions that are mutually agreed, but not necessarily carved in stone.

In addition of course, most of us have morals and principals, we understand that our actions can hurt others. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Online stalkers should pay particular attention to that last line.

Not Textusa 11 February 2016 at 18:26

''Why "it would be excruciatingly embarrassing if friends and work colleagues were involved"? Isn't it accepted and completely legal?''

Lots of things are legal. But that doesn't mean you would want to do them with your workmates
Anonymous 11 February 2016 at 18:41 


You are the one saying as swinging is legal no would cover it up. 

Not Textusa 11 February 2016 at 18:56

No, I'm saying no-one would agree to be part of a criminal conspiracy to cover up the disappearance of a child in order to hide the fact that they had been shagging the away team, 

Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton 11 February 2016 at 18:56

Okily dokily 18:41. Go into work tomorrow and tell everyone you are a swinger. Do come back and tell us how you got on :)

We couldn’t have explained it better.

Even Insane acknowledges that even though swinging is legal (which is the most used argument to say there’s absolute no need to hide being a swinger) says clearly it is something one certainly doesn’t want to involve workmates in.

Why? Supposedly there’s nothing to be ashamed of, is there?

And sex between co-workers is very common. A great deal of infidelity in this world starts in the work place so it’s not exactly a reason to not involve workmates if said workmates are willing and do share the same desire.

Same with friends.

The problem swinging has with involving friends and workmates is not with those one has sex with but with those one doesn’t.

Those are the ones who gather “around the water cooler” and discuss “who shagged who's husband/ wife the night before”. It is those discussions between people who judge others that make it all “excruciatingly embarrassing” to be known. And because it is excruciatingly embarrassing to be labelled a pervert which makes swinging to not be “socially acceptable” because “society is ruled by a set of codes and conventions that are mutually agreed, but not necessarily carved in stone”.

All words from our detractors, none from us.

It seems that we agree with our detractors and our detractors agree with us. Why they are our detractors does escape us and Insane’s late backpedalling in the discussion after allowing his mouth fall for the truth doesn’t change that.

And to the workmates and friends please do add family members near and afar, neighbours, schoolteachers and headmasters/headmistresses of one’s children, priests and church congregations, grocers, butchers and whoever else one has frequent contact with.

All of the above would make it “excruciatingly embarrassing” for one to be outed a swinger in one’s community.

This presents a very significant number of valid reasons for one to hide to one’s best capabilities the fact that one is a swinger.

About letting oneself be involved in a criminal act to protect oneself, let us put foward the following example:

Imagine one is under significant financial duress. Suddenly one finds oneself in a situation where one either pays taxes or one collapses financially, a really desperate situation. But in that direness one is told by the director general of the Personal Tax group of the HM Revenue and Customs that the Chancellor of the Exchequer says that it’s best for one not to pay said taxes. Would one pay them?

No, one would not pay those taxes. Even though one knew one was doing something illegal. But if one would be doing it with the protection of the government itself, then why not?

And that’s what happened in Praia da Luz. People desperate to salvage their reputation on realising the likelihood of it being publicly shamed and subsequent social ruining.

On being assured that it was advisable and for their own good to embark on a cover-up because they would have government backing, they didn’t hesitate to do so. Those saying they wouldn’t do the same are simply not being honest.

Plus, the parents of the deceased child were also going along with it, so really why not?

And once caught in a lie… the snowball starts, and a snowball engulfs those who never dreamt of partaking and who are now finding themselves in it neck deep. Some even just because they trusted in who told them that it was fine to help in the hoax because their back was covered. These people, we are sure, are not pleased and will not be happy if truth comes out.

8. Conclusion

In our last post, we quoted from what seems to be a very well researched TV Series about the OJ Simpson trial, in which Alan Dershowitz’s character says this about the DNA evidence:

“We will attack every assumption, question every single molecule of evidence, every aspect of how that molecule was gathered, handled and analysed! We will disrupt their presentation of physical evidence at every turn! We will hack at them! Make every piece of evidence presented either thrown out, untrustworthy or confusing! No quarter!”

And why is that done? Because lawyers are paid to win and not to see that justice is served. The application of justice is the role of the judges.

The only way to defend from truth when truth is compromising is to make the effort of making it seem untrue.

Thus all the arguments to make it untrustworthy or confusing.

Same as with the swinging theory. The fact that it gets attacked in the fiercest manner like no other only shows that we are on the right path. It’s a compromising truth, it must be fought.

It shows how desperate our detractors are to make it untrustworthy and confusing.

And when solid truth is shown and it is impossible to make it untrustworthy or confusing – like when we showed the booking sheets were tampered with by the Ocean Club – then the tactic used is to best pretend it wasn’t shown at all and this looking away conveniently feigns that the inconvenient truth doesn’t exist when it does.

Rather discuss pyjamas to the point of exhaustion than why the booking sheets were tampered with. 

The problem for our detractors is their arguments are easily debunked as we have been showing through the years.

But sometimes in their despair to make us unconvincing they are simply comical.

Like saying that they didn’t know swinging was called swinging in Portuguese. Or, like in this instance, in a rebuttal about the possibility of there being swinging in Stobo castle, property of Stephen Winyard – which we never said there was – Tigger had this to say:

“As for those swings at the Spa, completely misunderstood, part of the exercise regime you'd expect to use in any Health Farm of note.”

If any of our readers see a picture of a swing in a Spa as part of its exercise regime, we would be glad to see it.

By the way, we’re off to our Easter Break.


  1. Hi Textusa, another in depth posting,but the conclusions are that, the Tapas7/9 special group of friends colluded to accept a now"predetermined event" that has happened and have "Conspired to Pervert the course of Justice" in abdicating an "Abduction" as to how a young child(Madeleine McCann) seemingly disappeared from her Holiday apartment 5a Ocean Club,on the reported date of 3 May 2007?

  2. Anonymous 18 Mar 2016, 10:04:00,

    Where did you get the idea it was a "predetermined event"? Accidents, by definition, are never predetermined.

    1. Hi Textusa,I used the word "predetermined" as an after event of what may have taken place, as "someone must have dreamt up a scenario"(thesis) of the need to conclude how a young child could quickly have disappeared from her holiday abode,with no traces left of a perpetrator to that event,Abduction,"They have taken her"!?
      So was there more than one Abductor,as DCI Andy Redwood,"Operation Grange Re-mit"Crime Watch October 2013 and the interest in people from Portugal,young drug taker,Pig keeper?

  3. Comment posted on FB:
    I don't buy the swinging theory at all. Not AT ALL. Mind you, it might be the thought of anyone other than Scrawny McScam getting aroused at the sight of a naked, turgid, demanding little Scotsman. In fact just the thought of the two of them is grotesque. I have a very vivid imagination but when it comes to the Tapas 9 in a state of collective disrobed delirium, my mind's eye wants to seal itself shut forever.

    Who does this person think she is? She's not against swinging, she's just against them even having sex!!

    1. Yes, saw that. It's the kind of speech that gives us reason.

      It's quite obvious to anyone that any swinger would prefer to be seen dead, figuratively speaking of course, than to seem themselves publicly judged by someone who gives an opinion like that.

      But we prefer to call the attention to another comment on that thread:

      "Lily Wells I've just been to look at the ocean club complex in PDL last week, IMO it looked scruffy and unkept, what stood out to me was what a boring place to spend your week, a couple of tennis courts and swimming pool, and not forgetting the crèche.
      Don't get me wrong the beech was lovely, restaurant and the lovely people I spoke to.....
      But what on earth brought 8 doctors with their kids (which they stuck in the creche every day) to this place, unless they're was something else on offer????????"

      Isn't that just a summary of what we said in our post "Praia da Luz"?

      It's nice to see someone who like us was there sharing our opinion about the beach village.

  4. Hi I have just looked on Google Maps and you would need a car to get to Quinta from Ocean Club. I have been more inclined to think that the 2 storey penthouse at Ocean Club would be an ideal place to host a smaller party ;) A witness statement from someone who stayed there the week before describes it as quite a large apartment. Although the booking sheets are available for the week of 28th without knowing the apartment number of the penthouse would it be possible to find out if anyone 'involved' in this case was staying there that week ?

    1. Benevolent,

      We are by now way implying that Stº Phunurius is where "PDL swinging" was the only place used, or if even if it was used. Nor are we saying it wasn't.

      We are sticking to facts:

      1. PJ went there because of Robert Murat, why we don't know and probably there is a very simple and reasonable explanation;

      2. There, they were informed by locals that the place hosted parties of sexual nature, commonly known as swinging parties.

      3. PJ searched forensically in the computers seized from Robert Murat and Sergey Malinka for the word "swing".

      Those are the facts. It's factually correct to say PJ was aware of swinging and did take it into account in their investigation concerning Maddie's death.

      Now, swinging events may have taken place in the apartment you suggest, in Stº Phunurius or elsewhere in the area.

      Hired vehicles seem to be the most logical solution to solve the logistical problem of people getting there. Who hired the vehicles? We don't know. Were they hired with or without drivers? We don't know.

      Only the vehicles directly related with the case were investigated, namely the one hired by Wojciech Krokowski and the Scenic the McCanns hired. This one only investigated after the dogs.

      So what vehicles were or were not hired in the area during that week was never investigated and it would be interesting to know.

  5. Great post Textusa.
    Despite its vast unpopularity as witnessed on the various forums, something you readily admit to yourself, Swinging is here to stay and is, in my opinion, the most plausible of all the so called theories doing the rounds.
    A huge number of people descending on a small, Portuguese coastal village that offers little or nothing after the beach, cannot possibly be paedophiles or pimpers.
    It doesn't make sense.
    Whilst it may be disconcerting, unpalatable, unthinkable, it just doesn't make sense.
    Yes, Swinging is the more plausible.
    Textusa has provided plenty of evidence of swinging in past blogs, as indeed in this one.
    The McCanns are truly highly unlikable people.
    Happy and accommodating.
    Willing to take the flak for this massive cover up/hoax.
    Well rewarded, (in their eyes), by the fraudulent fund.
    The Fund that keeps on giving.
    The extent of the cover up stretches to the Ocean Club employees, some of whom were promptly shipped out by Mark Warner, to other destinations far away.
    Out of sight, out of mind, out of trouble, away from blame or any incrimination.
    Yes, Swinging is legal.
    Adult fun with happily consenting adults is not a crime.
    However, it's not something that one would happily own up to doing either.
    That's for sure.
    The dreaded leakage !
    Gossip can get out of hand, as its passed on from mouth to mouth, ear to ear, the more salacious pieces can become embellished, a bit like Chinese Whispers. Facts become embellished stories, even lies, stories grow legs, gossip becomes more and more tittilating and salacious.
    It's clear to me why no Swinger would want to be part of that!
    I'm liking the clearly debunked, "No one told the PJ about Swinging " when Textusa clearly points out that they did.
    Why else would the PJ search the word 'Swing' on the seized computers?
    Interesting to note that one of the properties linked with such an activity was to Murat. He keeps cropping up time and time again !
    Finally, a forum contributor, who is currently on holiday in PDL sums it up excellently.
    Indeed, what else brought a group of professional people together in a place which out of season, had so very little to offer a group, of whom you would think were intelligent, highly motivated, energetic people?
    Brilliant post Textusa.
    It's all coming together very nicely.

  6. I agree that hiding the swinging was the motive for the cover up of Madeleine's death. However, I have always thought it was assumed by those there, that any investigation by the PJ into the of death of Madeleine, would lead to exposure of the swinging events (even if it perhaps would not have done so). Therefore I have assumed that there must have been a suspicious mark / bruise/ etc on Madeleine's body which is why they could not declare the death, as there would have had to have been an autopsy which would have led to an investigation. But if the body had simply shown signs of 'falling of a sofa' then they could have declared the death. So for me, I have thought up until now that there must have been a mark or sign on the body that would have led to an investigation. Yes I have thought death accidental, but possibly caused by a slap / hard push etc etc.

    In other words, if the death could have been from falling off a sofa / down steps - do you think they would have still gone to these lengths to cover it up? If when the body arrived at the hospital / mortuary and was examined - it looked like death was simply from the girl tragically falling.. Or do you, like me, feel there may have been a mark or sign of a 'slap / hit / blow' that made it likely there would have been an investigation leading ultimately to exposure of swinging.

    1. Anonymous 18 Mar 2016, 15:14:00,

      Apologise for the late reply.

      You are talking about a sensitive area. We would say there were 3 reasons for embarking on the hoax:

      1. Body

      We think the body presented lesions which could not be explained by a simple unfortunate and tragic fall from the sofa.

      If she was either pushed or fell because of a slap while standing on the sofa, there’s the element of projection which does not exist in a natural fall.

      To have been pushed or slapped could only have happened by one of the 2 adults as either twin was too young to do such a thing.

      We would say the lesions were compromising because they showed a projection and not for anything else.

      2. David Payne

      We think that only David Payne and Kate McCann know who did it. But one thing is certain and that is David Payne’s presence in that apartment could not be explained.

      One thing is for a moment of rage against a child happening with both parents but happening when an adult foreign to the family being present while father wasn’t with no reason to be there.

      In fact, this is so inexplicable that it hasn’t been explained to date, not even in the McCann version of things.

      In that version, DP goes out of his way (has to go into the Tapas area, walk past Tapas and speak to Gerry – why he knows Gerry is playing tennis is not known – who happens to be behind a net 3 or feet below (tennis courts are not at same level as playground) and says, asks or whatever to go and help Kate. If he didn’t speak from behind the net, then it means that David Payne also went up and down the stairs to get to the tennis court just to ask this question to Gerry.

      Help her doing what? Or with what? Help her bathe the children? Help her bathe? Ask her if she was alright? If so, why? We’re not aware of any situation in which would lead Kate requiring any sort of help from David.

      So, the question “what can we say you were doing in the apartment, David?” gets no answer. Has got no answer to date.

      Now one has just to imagine not having any excuse for being inside that apartment with a dead Maddie lying on the floor.

      3. Perception

      The body may have presented no lesions to explain (we believe it did) and an excuse could have been found for David Payne to have been there (we believe it wasn’t, as hasn’t been), but what really mattered was the perception that whatever was before them could not be explained and any sort of question asked would likely lead to having to own up as to what they were doing in Praia da Luz and expose who else was there as well.

      I have said to people who have asked me that it was all due to the death of a little girl but it could have been over a glass of spilt milk. If that glass of spilt milk was perceived as exposing what couldn’t be exposed then a similar hoax would have been started.

      To say that they should have thought this or done that is ridiculous. Only those present knows why they felt the way they did and decided the way they decided. On hindsight all involved have probably come to the conclusion that things could have been done in a manner that would be peaceful for all. But that was not the case. And once the lie started, there was no way back.

    2. Textusa that is so clear now. If David Payne had a innocent excuse for being in that apartment with kmcc and her 3 children ( all dressed in while) if would have been well documented by team McCann. They can't so the coverup must begin. It's a bit like 2 married people ( not to each other) being caught in a hotel room together something simple like we were working on a peice of research would run innocently of the tongue. A lie to cover a less innocent explanation would result in the type of nonsense that was sprouted about this incident. Thank you Textusa the validity of your theory gets clearer with every blog

    3. Thanks for your response Textusa. Also, even if they finally came up with a great excuse for the presence of David in the apartment at that time (e.g. David had agreed to call in and drop off a spare battery for the camera etc etc ) - it would be impossible and implausible to give this excuse 1 month later or 6 weeks later. So either they came up with a good excuse at the time (which they were obviously unable to) or even if they did come up with one later - it would look mighty suspicious to suddenly remember it days / weeks / months later..

      I tend towards the possibility there was a mark indicating projection..

      thanks again

    4. It's more likely that David Payne never went to 5A on the early evening of the 3rd. If he had have done I'm sure Kate and his story would have more consistent. The only reason surely he said he visited that late afternoon was to pretend he saw all three children alive and kicking.
      If they were going to 'swing' I'm sure they would have indulged whilst all three children were out of the way and safe in the crèche!

    5. Anonymous 20 Mar 2016, 17:43:00,

      The fact that they got the story completely blundered is the fact that tells us that the meeting did exist.

      Two people get together to tell a lie. One very simple story. Man knocks on woman’s door, she comes to door wearing a towel, man enters apartment, man and woman talk for 10 minutes, man leaves. That simple.

      And a planned fib, but one says one time it went on and the other says a completely different one. Really different.

      Why? Did they fight when deciding on the simple lie they would later tell and when having to agree on the time to be said, one said I’ll say 3 minutes and the other argued back and said oh no, I’ll say 30, and because they couldn’t agree on this point of this very simple story, each stubbornly stuck to the time each one said they would say?

      If so, why?

      The fact they get such a simple story wrong is because it did happen, and it shows the meeting was a compromising one because each told the tale in the best manner that would defend themselves. For Kate, the shorter the time he was there, the less she feels compromised with it, while with David the longer the meeting takes the further is justified him being there.

      About sex in front of the children, I’m supposing by your words that in no house with children present, sex between adult happens. Note, we're saying present in the same house, not present in the same room.

      As it was David Payne who went to that apartment, if we’re right then one has to suppose that it was his initiative.

      Did he take into account the children would be present before making such a decision? Maybe he was surprised by their presence there. Maybe because he didn’t count on them being there and because of them Kate’s refused to pursue any further his desires did the heated argument between both erupted?

      An argument right there by the couch where a Maddie was jumping on and making noises in such a manner that one of the adults found intolerable and pushed her into silence?

    6. But why would he imagine that the children wouldn't be there at that time? Where else would they be ? Why not wait until after dinner and stay the night with her or was he so on heat he couldn't wait?
      The stories didn't correlate IMO because they had a job remembering them amongst all the other fairy tales they were telling.

    7. Anonymous 20 Mar 2016, 20:28:00,

      We would ask you to please moderate your language. On heat is applied to animals not to human beings. We ask this not out of any sort of prudishness but because the using of such harsh vocabulary intimidates those who may think differently from you.

      You may think absurd a man to allow his desire to obfuscate his reasoning, and that has to be respected, but please do allow others to think differently. You may be right and them wrong and that is called diversity of opinion.

      Outside this the rest of your comment is perfectly legitimate (as is the fact that you may think absurd what you may think to be absurd)

      Why would he think the children were not there?

      One reason that comes to mind is that his own children were about to be picked up, as far as we know. So he could have thought that he could catch Kate before her going to pick up the children, or that Gerry was doing that (no, we don’t believe Gerry was playing tennis). We don’t know what crossed his mind.

      What makes us think the encounter was sexually motivated is the fact that David Payne needed to be seen to have the authorisation of the husband before going to meet the wife. And going significantly out of his way as we showed in our post post “The Importance of the Inexistent Witness” back in September 2010

      If by the fact that there are blatant discrepancies by the participants it would mean the encounter didn’t exist, then neither did many other encounters exist – for example the one between Jez Wilkins and Gerry McCann – as there are too many discrepancies to list in this affair.

      The fact that a person lies about how a cookie was stolen doesn’t mean in any way that the cookie didn’t exist or that it wasn’t the liar who stole it. It means only the liar is lying.

      We don’t know what happened in that apartment. Only those who were there can say. Only they can say, if they ever will want to, what motivated David Payne to go there, what motivated the tragic accident and how it happened.

      We don’t see the memorisation of the details can account for the discrepancies presented by both about this meeting. Besides themselves, Kate McCann and David Payne, and the apartment 5A, it would seem they were describing different meetings. And as said in the comment above the plot was much too simple to be confusing.

  7. Anonymous posters, great aren't they!

    You'll find that there's a 'yoga swing system' used at some health clubs, I think that will answer your challenge.

    The PJ may have looked for swinging on computers, so? Do you not think that they would have had a bit more to say about it in the archived documents if there was any real evidence.

    1. Anonymous 18 Mar 2016, 15:24:00,

      Yes, anonymity is a great thing these days. It allows the underdogs to hide in a Sherwood Forest and fight evil, evil men like Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisborne.

      Do note that only those with financial means to drag someone through a misfortune as Mr Amaral has been a subject of for years, call the anonymous on the social media cowards.

      It’s like holding a gun and challenging an unarmed man for a duel to the death and then because he doesn’t accept the challenge, call him a coward.

      About the spa swings, there was no challenge but simply a desire. We simply expressed the desire to see an “exercise regime swing”.

      We noticed that you went from Tigger’s words “you'd expect to use in any Health Farm of note” to a more less expectable "used at some health clubs”.

      One, for example, expects to find a massage table at a Spa. That is an object one expects to find in all Spas and not only at some.

      But, thanks to you, we googled a 'yoga swing system' and this is what came up:

      It’s more of a suspension than a swing.

      But was Exxxxx12 really looking for such equipment when s/he/they posted the following on a swingers' website: “Hi we are staying at stobo castle 19th feb looking for some company. Anyone around or can point us in the right direction? Cheers”?

      We think not. Do you?

      The point made in post is not about whether they found or didn’t find any “real evidence” of swinging. The point is that they went looking for it. The point is they were told there was swinging in the area and acted on this information. Do you deny this?

    2. Yes by being anonymous you can even praise you own blog!

      Anyways, there is no tangible link between the spa you've highlighted and Stobbo. As this particular spa was advertising an excercise regime involving a swing then the yoga system may well be a good fit, however netheir you nor I know the answer. As anonymous at 18:12 points out PJ told about swinging parties so looked for it, didn't make a big deal about it in the files.

    3. Anonymous 18 Mar 2016, 19:16:00,

      No need to go anonymous to praise the blog. We, and so proud we are to have such quality ones, get our praise from our readers.

      That, the quality of our readers, may be just what hurts others so much.

      Just to clarify, we didn't make any link between any spa and Stobo castle.

      The opening picture, is indeed taken from a spa advert, but it refers to no spa and, as you can see, took away its name and its contacts.

      Instead of its contacts we, the blog, inserted the phrase "... and our very unique "exercise regime" swings.

      We are flattered that our paintbrushing capabilities made you think it was an original advert.

      The spa from where the advert came from does not offer such swings. In fact, we still don't know of any spa that offers swings as an exercise regime equipment.

      Of which spa Tigger is referring to, or making the link with Stobo castle, is a question only Tigger can answer.

      "PJ told about swinging parties so looked for it, didn't make a big deal about it in the files" because they had no reason to make a big deal out of it as we have explained in the post.

  8. Not if pressure was put upon them not to do so by the British Government
    Anonymous 15.24.

  9. PJ told about SWINGING PARTIES so searched for it. Not that difficult to understand eh!

  10. A very interesting tweet:

    Michael Walker ‏@walkercan1000 4m4 minutes ago
    @KDMoose Corruption is a personal choice. #mccann
    Yes, we agree it is.

    To go along in a hoax is to be morally corrupt.

  11. Quite a few years back, the village I lived in, was scandalized by rumours that our two, married to each other, doctors were very into swinging. So embarrassed were these two medics, they issued a statement in the local parish magazine, strenuously denying any involvement in swinging. Unfortunately for the two of them, the story was picked up by the national press, which repeated the swinging rumour stories and also named the doctors

  12. Post being discussed on CMOMM, a Q&A from a poster:
    'Do swingers usually take their mother-in-laws along ? Unless she was one too !'
    IMO a correct answer.


    People prefer privacy about their private activities.
    Reputation is important to them

  14. Another nice comment on CMOMM/FB:

    Darren Ware To suggest that 'fear' of being exposed as a swinger would in any way lead to all of the Tapas 9 colluding with each other to cover up the death of one of their children is quite ridiculous. We’re effectively being led to think by TextUSA that the consequences of being potentially exposed as a Swinger carried greater risk to each member of the Tapas9 than being exposed as covering up a child’s death. Anyone can see the consequences do not even remotely equate to each other. Furthermore, as has been said already, ‘swinging’ would in no way warrant the continuing cover-up.

    To suggest that swinging (which is, after all, 100% legal and of no interest to the majority of the UK public) somehow explains what is going on suggests:
    (i) either ignorance of the vast array of facts associated with the case, or
    (ii) it’s an intentional distraction (because it thus keeps casual readers away from the vast array of facts associated with the case).

    Since TextUSA is very aware of the details of the case I therefore consider their repeated presentation of the ‘swinging theory’ to be an intentional distraction.

    Think about it: Every five minutes that someone new to Madeleine’s case spends reading a blog about swinging is five minutes that they’re not spending becoming exposed to the important facts of the case. It’s the age old Magician’s skill of misdirecting people’s attention away from what they don’t want the public to see.

    For years there have been some very believable people masquerading as genuinely seeking truth and justice for Madeleine. A good propagandist and manipulator knows to ingratiate themselves with their intended audience, to repeat already known facts and contribute (often inconsequential) things to discussions... they have to do this so as to be able to be taken seriously when the drop in their 'misdirections' in order to 'nudge' things off at a tangent and away from the target.
    Like · 8 · 25 March at 15:15 · Edited

    1. Such an annoying comment by DW, whoever he is. Completely missing the point. Yes, I believe 'hiding the swinging' was the motivation for the 'cover up' of M's death. But it could have been anything else..just call it X. Surely the important thing is to get the truth out about 'cover up of M's death'. He is obtuse or very bothered about the truth getting out...

    2. Anonymous 29 Mar 2016, 19:45:00,

      We have spoken of Darren Ware's participation in the case in our "Non-Post" post.

      People will have to make their own judgements about the motivation of our blog and theories promoted by others

      If one replaces the words "blog" with "blogs/forums/FB groups" and "swinging" with "misinformation" then we couldn't agree more with Darren Ware:

      "Think about it: Every five minutes that someone new to Madeleine’s case spends reading a blogs/forums/FB groups about misinformation is five minutes that they’re not spending becoming exposed to the important facts of the case. It’s the age old Magician’s skill of misdirecting people’s attention away from what they don’t want the public to see."

    3. This statement could well be construed as ironic!

    4. This reply ref irony was aimed at the DW post. Thanks.

    5. This comment was a reply to anonymous @ 19.45

    6. I agree that there is a lot of blogs/forum so/fb groups out there who provide misinformation with the purpose of intentional distraction but there is a lot of people who provide misinformation simply because they like the sound of their own words and are Buck stupid. I pop over to that particular forum or Fb page from time to time and it sort of reminds me of the days at work when we embraced brainstorming and encouraged contribution from everyone. We could have spend 3 hours in a meeting and only got maybe a tiny bit of proper information mainly because of people who just launched into any topic just to get themselves heard. With the swinging theory Textusa has provided numerous indicators which suggests that's what' was going on. Groups / individuals challenging these indicators are few and far between but empty vessels who bring nothing to the table but a lot of noise are in plentiful supply. Just watch every thread that pops up about this and most other subjects they will start of with a post about 4 A4 pages long and it will be followed by a load of comments which lead no where and get to no conclusions. Textusa will present the indicators and leave it up to the reader to make up their mind.

    This has been on social media for a while, but may hit mainstream soon.

      Chaired by JW. He seems to have a reason for keeping press under control.

      No mention of JW on other blogs and forums yet. Maybe it's too much like swinger scandal for them.

    2. 13.03,
      There is a tight press control around this!
      Last night when I googled his name only, twitters about scandal showed on first page. Then all refs were gone and you had to search.
      Quick response from Twitter control!
      Interesting to watch it happened, in real time. And to see how MSM avoid the story because they aren't sure what to report.
      Just like in 2007, only difference twitter wasn't around then.


    Six months to find Maddie: Scotland Yard set to GIVE UP on hunt for missing girl

    SCOTLAND YARD detectives have been given just six more months to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann.

    By Tracey Kandohia and James Murray, Exclusive
    PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, Apr 3, 2016 | UPDATED: 08:51, Sun, Apr 3, 2016

    The Home Office has set a budget for this year of just under £95,000, which will pay for only half a year of investigations by the team of four working on the case.

    The sum will just about cover their wages and leaves little left for flights to Portugal or paying for expensive forensic work.

    Once the money runs out in the autumn, Scotland Yard will almost certainly shelve Operation Grange, their five-year review and investigation, which has cost close to £12million but has failed to bring anyone to justice or discover what happened to Madeleine.

    Soon the child’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, face the emotionally daunting prospect of paying for a new private investigation with a war chest of some £750,000, raised largely through sales of Kate’s widely praised book on the enduring mystery.

    At the height of the Yard’s inquiries more than 30 detectives and support staff were working on Operation Grange, based at Belgravia police station in central London.

    When the inquiry was in full swing a team of specially trained officers carried out detailed searches of carefully chosen scrubland near where Madeleine was taken at Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3, 2007.

    Now Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Wall, who leads the small team, has the unenviable task of trying to make a breakthrough with limited resources and a ticking clock. Scotland Yard has said there are no “immediate” plans to further cut the team working on the case and insisted “there are still focused lines of investigation to be pursued”.

    However, it remains to be seen whether those inquiries will produce meaningful results. A Home Office spokeswoman said: “Following a request from the Metropolitan Police Service, we have agreed to provide nearly £95,000 of further funding.

    “The funding reflects the reduced scale of the investigation, which was announced by the force last year.”

    The spokeswoman said the £94,592 will cover the first half of the 2016/17 financial year.

    Kate and Gerry, who face the agonising ninth anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance next month, remain convinced their daughter, who would now be aged 12, could still be alive.

    They had invested huge hopes in Operation Grange to end their nightmare and were relieved that the once well-financed formal police probe allowed them to halt their own private investigations.

    After Grange was launched in May 2011 the doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, resumed relatively normal lives with heart expert Gerry working full time at Glenfield Hospital, near their home, and Kate concentrating on bringing up their twins, Sean and Amelie, now aged 11.

    Madeleine, though, is never far from their thoughts. Kate said recently: “The urge to look for Madeleine absolutely hasn’t changed at all. We will never give up. I want an end, an answer. Whatever that it is.”

    Last December the couple said of Operation Grange: “Thankfully, the police investigation has made progress over the year. We are moving in the right direction and that’s the positive.”

    They have employed several private eye agencies over the years but admitted that the hard-working small teams have limitations. Their first investigators, who started work in October 2007, five months after Madeleine went missing, were the Spain-based agency Metodo 3.


  17. cont

    However, they were dropped after the agency’s chief investigator insisted they would have Madeleine home by Christmas, even though they found no evidence to support the claim.

    Then came US-based Oakley International, hired for six months in March 2008, but problems over payments ended the contract. Retired British detectives Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley were next on board but their diligent work was stopped months after Operation Grange got underway.

    A source close to Kate and Gerry said at the time: “It was felt the lead should be taken by Scotland Yard detectives working on the review. Dave and Arthur passed over all their material to officers.”


    Why the inquiry into Madeleine McCann's disappearance has proved so frustrating

    THE cut in funding to £95,000 for Scotland Yard’s Madeleine McCann investigation reflects growing frustration that finding out what happened to her has become a near-impossible task.

    By James Murray, Investigations Editor
    PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, Apr 3, 2016

    Effectively, the investigation is being allowed to wither on the vine because British and Portuguese police officers have been unable to find the vital missing pieces of the jigsaw.

    Although the Yard say they have a “much clearer picture” of the events leading up to Madeleine’s abduction, they still do not know whether she is dead or alive and, if she is alive, where she is now.

    Following on from the collapse of Operation Midland, the failed investigation of child abuse allegedly by establishment figures, the impending winding up of Operation Grange – the Maddie case – exposes worrying fallibility in what was once seen as the world’s best police force.

    When the Home Office announced the review way back in 2011, there was a real sense that at last, after so many false dawns, the true facts about what happened to Madeleine would emerge.

    The funding by Home Secretary Theresa May was rightly generous, more than £2million a year, fuelling expectation of a breakthrough.

    Seasoned murder detective DCI Andy Redwood pulled in all the known information from the McCanns’s failed private investigations, persuaded distrustful Portuguese counterparts to get on board and had some of the best murder detectives in the country on his hand-picked team.

    In October 2013 the mood of the team was positive when it was announced the Yard was receiving “increasing cooperation” from Portuguese judicial authorities and, more crucially, the highly sensitive Policia Judiciaria (PJ), the country’s equivalent of our CID.

    The Portuguese even appointed six officers based in Faro to carry out inquiries on DCI Redwood’s behalf on the Algarve. Then there were 41 persons of interest, including 15 Britons, plenty to go at and plenty of people keen and able to do the digging.

    A BBC TV Crimewatch edition featured a reconstruction and e-fits of men police were keen to speak to, particularly the man seen by an Irish family carrying a child in his arms toward the seafront in the late evening of May 3, 2007, when she vanished nine days before her fourth birthday.

    Sensationally, they announced that the famous sighting by Jane Tanner, a friend of the McCanns, near apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, where she was taken, was probably not significant as they believe he was on holiday and was simply returning to his holiday home with his own child.

    A reward of £20,000 and TV appeals in Germany and Holland produced a good response from the international public, but not a ground-breaking clue.

    In March 2014 Operation Grange announced there were 12 crimes between 2004 and 2010 on the western Algarve in which an intruder had gained entrance to holiday villas and assaulted sleeping girls. The smelly suspect had a pot belly, but despite publicity he was never identified.

    In June of that year the tension was ratcheted up with an intensive search of scrubland in and around Praia da Luz, which, alas, produced no evidence relating to Madeleine. The Portuguese police and the Yard were less forthcoming about four potential suspects they had in for questioning in Faro, firing more than 250 questions at each of them.

    The Sunday Express understands police from both countries were interested in a sofa got rid of by one of the men, which when retrieved and analysed was found to have fibres similar to fibres found in apartment 5A.

    It also emerged that a British woman witness had made a statement saying that she had overheard someone saying near one of the suspects’ homes, “Why did you bring her here? Now we have to dispose of the body.”


  19. cont

    It was widely reported that officers were working on a theory that a team of burglars targeted apartment 5A and Madeleine was abducted during a burglary that went wrong. However, officers have to date been unable to substantiate this line of inquiry with a view to bringing any charges.

    Despite all the millions spent and the many trips to Portugal by the Yard, no one has been brought to book and it would appear the trail has gone stone cold. Exactly what happened during the past five years may never be fully known because Scotland Yard and the Portuguese shared little important information with the public.

    However, details of their correspondence and interviews may emerge if the PJ decides to release its new files publicly. There was a storm when the PJ released thousands of documents after shelving their investigation in 2008.

    Statements from Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry and their friends, the so-called Tapas Seven with whom they were dining when Madeleine went missing, were made available along with thousands of pages of once-secret information.

    Now the impatient Portuguese media will demand that the substance of the new investigation should also be freely available and the judicial authorities are likely to accede to their requests to bring this new material into the public domain.

    With all that information available, the McCanns would have a considerable dossier at their disposal to present to any new private investigators they may wish to hire. Sadly, the likelihood of discovering the fate of Madeleine before what would have been her 13th birthday next month looks as distant as ever.

  20. So Scotland Yards finest have spent over £12 million pounds of the public's money trying to ascertain what has happened in the sudden disappearance of Madeleine McCann,reported by her parents on 3 May 2007?
    What is the likely hood of Solving / closing this case on a budget of less than £100,000.00,solving case ? shelving /closing case 100%!
    Still prepared to back your friends eh Dave, Rebekah, Rupert ?
    UK Government will drag this out as long as it takes to demolish the "Theories" of the former lead detective Mr Goncalo Amaral and his defamation case, this outcome is linked some how to "Operation Grange" and it's remit, as long as the Portugal PJ still stick to what they had uncovered on this case dating back to the date of the claimed disappearance by the parents and special tapas group 7/9 persons?
    As DCI Andy Redwood confirmed,the couple and their friends are not suspects of involvement in the disappearance?


    Posted by portugalpress on April 03, 2016
    Met ready to throw in the towel as Maddie inquiry “appears to have gone stone cold”

    The Algarve - and particularly the seaside village of Praia da Luz - can stop worrying that Scotland Yard might appear back on the ground just as the season gets going to continue the search for Madeleine McCann.

    After numerous high-profile visits and almost £12 million spent by the Home Office-led Operation Grange investigation over the last five years, funding has reached tipping point.

    Less than £95,000 has been allocated this year - which the Sunday Express explains “will just about cover” wages of the four detectives left on the team for the next six months, and “leaves little left for flights to Portugal or paying for expensive forensic work”.

    “Despite all the millions spent and the many trips to Portugal by the Yard, no one has been brought to book and it would appear the trail has gone stone cold”, adds sister paper the Express - stressing that although it was “widely reported” when Grange was in full swing that officers were working on a theory that Madeleine was “abducted during a burglary that went wrong” officers have been “unable to substantiate this line of inquiry with a view to bringing any charges”.

    Indeed, police are no nearer knowing what happened to Madeleine almost nine years ago, whether she is alive or dead, and if the former, “where she is now” - though the Express story suggests the Yard has a “much clearer picture” of the events leading up to what detectives still refer to as “Madeleine’s abduction”.

    For a holiday resort that lives in dread of the Met returning in force just as the sun comes out, the story could not have been better news.

    “The way the village has been ‘hounded’ over the years - labelled as place full of child molesterers, homosexuals, burglars and Eastern European child-snatchers could not have been further from the truth””, said long-term resident Nana Van der Velden who became something of a celebrity in 2014 when she held up a protest banner in front of television cameras with the words: “Dig up the Lies, not Luz”.

    But the Express article suggests the news “exposes worrying fallibility in what was once seen as the world’s best police force”.

    The “impatient Portuguese media” is almost certain to “demand” that the substance of Grange is now brought into the public domain, adds the paper - and “with all that information available”, Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry will “have a considerable dossier at their disposal to present to any new private investigators they may wish to hire”.

    But the Express concludes: “Sadly, the likelihood of discovering the fate of Madeleine before what would have been her 13th birthday next month, looks as distant as ever”.



      Padre de niña desaparecida enfurece a televidentes con declaraciones
      INFOBAE / Inglaterra.- Los padres de Madeleine Maddie McCann, la pequeña británica desaparecida el 3 de mayo de 2007 en Praia da Luz durante unas vacaciones en Portugal, nunca gozaron de popularidad entre el público inglés, pese a que las muestras de solidaridad fueron inmensas y las colaboraciones, incesantes. Sin embargo, muchos los responsabilizaron por haber dejado sin alguien que cuidara de sus niños mientras ellos salieron a cenar esa fatídica noche.

      Esta mañana, Gerry McCann participó de un reconocido programa matinal de la cadena BBC en el que despertó la furia e indignación de los televidentes por no haberse referido a su pequeña hija desaparecida y abocarse a hablar de una carta abierta al primer ministro David Cameron que firmó. Pero, sobre todo, fue una frase lo que provocó la indignación: en la petición el padre firmó sentirse "abandonado" y "traicionado" por el líder británico.

      La petición hecha a Cameron tenía referencia a la llamada Investigación Levenson, una comisión pública que tiene por objeto fijar pautas de trabajo culturales a los medios de comunicación. El objetivo es fijar nuevos parámetros de cobertura para la prensa luego del escándalo por el hackeo de mensajes telefónicos hechas por el diario News of the World.

      El primer ministro británico aún no firmó el reporte final de la comisión investigadora y McCann formó parte de los firmantes -en su mayoría víctimas del hackeo- que reclaman que la convierta de una vez por todas en ley luego de que el Parlamento la aprobara. Para el padre de Maddie si finalmente Cameron no actúa todo habrá sido una "pérdida de tiempo".

      En momentos en que McCann explicaba su posición y cuestionaba el accionar de algunos medios de comunicación, decenas de usuarios en Twitter comenzaron a criticar con duras consignas su participación y su "olvido": no dijo una palabra sobre su pequeña hija desaparecida en 2007. "Gerry #McCann de ronda por televisión y diferentes medios, llorisqueando y quejándose. Pero ni una mención sobre Maddie", señaló un usuario cuando el nombre del invitado a BBC Breakfast comenzaba a ser tendencia en las redes sociales.

      Sin embargo, lo que más enfureció a los usuarios fueron las palabras de la carta firmada por McCann en la que indicó que se sentía "abandonado" y "traicionado" por Cameron. Fueron esas palabras las que generaron una catarata de tuits en su contra recordándole lo ocurrido la noche del 3 de mayo de 2007 en Praia da Luz.

      Uno de los más contudentes mensajes contra el padre de Maddie fue escrito por un usuario identificado como John Pile: "Gerry McCann se siente 'abandonado' y 'traicionado'. Me pregunto cómo se sentirían sus hijos cuando él los dejó sin supervisión cuando salió".

      Los mensajes se multiplicaron: Holly Johnson Info manifestó en una serie de tuits que el padre de Maddie no era la persona apropiada para ser portavoz de la Investigación Levenson. "Toda causa necesita un buen vocero, Gerry McCann es la persona equivocada". "Mi punto es que los McCann son la gente equivocada para hablar sobre la intrusión de los medios de comunicación. Son vistos con recelo", agregó.

      "¡Oh, dulce Señor! Gerry McCann se siente abandonado y traicionado", señaló el usuario I'm Atticus.

      "Gerry and Kat McCann hacen que mi sangre hierva", indicó otra de las espectadoras indignadas identificada como Callum Murphy en Twitter.

      Otros mensajes lo hacían directamente responsable de la muerte de su pequeña hija. "Vi que Gerry McCann comenzaba a ser tendencia. Creí que había confesado el crimen de su hija".

    2. I wonder if Dodgy Dave will give some fresh impetus to "Operation Grange"after Gerry's comments,Leveson pt 2, after his(DC) set up a review to "Help the McCann family"?
      Is Gerry now biting the hand that was feeding him after Mr Cameron has sanctioned over Twelve Million pounds from the public's purse to try to ascertain as to the whereabouts of missing Madeleine McCann, of which the parents Kate and Gerry say an "Abduction happened"!?

  23. Regarding the link to Gerry McCann posted at 12:18

    Is it normal to blink so much, he literally blinks on every word.
    Blinks more than he breathes.
    He is not a surgeon is he?


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