Friday, 14 November 2014

SY - The Movie

It has been said that Euclides Monteiro was the reason for the PJ to have reopened the Maddie process that was archived in 2008.

It was also said that PJ have abandoned the Euclides-lead and are now focusing on a foreigner who never lived in Portugal. Euclides and a foreigner. That’s how many suspects we have been told exist on the Portuguese investigation. Not saying they were the only ones but that they’re the only ones the press has reported since PJ reopened the case in 2013.

The British have been much, much more imaginative. This post will try to show you just how much.

SY start by reopening the case with no less than 38 persons of interest.

"We have identified 38 persons of interest from a number of European countries. Twelve of those people are UK nationals who we believe were in Portugal at the time Madeleine disappeared," Insp Redwood said”  and “of the 38 suspects, 12 are British and were all in Portugal at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance.” 

BBC confirms this. 

On its online article of the same day, 04JUL2013, Madeleine McCann: New leads spark Met formal inquiry

“Scotland Yard says it has "new evidence and new witnesses" in the Madeleine McCann case and has opened a formal investigation into her disappearance.”

The 38 persons of interest are mentioned, 12 of whom are UK nationals believed to have been in Portugal on May 3rd:

“The Met said the 38 "persons of interest," who include 12 British nationals, are from five European countries - Portugal, the UK and three unnamed others.

Detectives say they need to find out more information and collect evidence on them and are not anticipating any immediate arrests.

The 12 UK nationals, who are not all currently in the UK, are believed to have been in Portugal at the time of Madeleine's disappearance.” 

Then this number ’persons of interest’ goes up from 38 to 41 just three months later.

In BBC’s online article of 04OCT2013, Madeleine McCann: Phone records may hold key, UK police say it’s said:

“At that time, detectives said there were 38 "persons of interest" from five different countries - Portugal, the UK and three others that were not named.

Police said the number had now gone up to 41, of whom 15 were UK nationals.”

The 3 new persons of interest are UK nationals – in July they were 12. Who could they be?

In this article the phone calls made in Luz on that night are brought into the plot:

“Police are trying to identify the owner of each phone to build up a picture of exactly who was in the area. More than 3,000 people live in Praia de Luz, while holidaymakers and seasonal workers visit from countries across the world” as “according to Scotland Yard, the phone records had been "looked at" during the initial Portuguese police investigation but not in detail.”

We could not help but note that on this article there’s this very interesting paragraph: “Jim Gamble, the former head of the UK's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre told the BBC's Today programme he had recommended the "cell dump" was looked at again in his 2010 review of the case.”

Now we know what his “2010 review of the case” is. And we get to know that Jim Gamble tried to infiltrate Operation Grange right from the start of the formal inquiry.

Something interesting happens on the next day: the failed burglary theory sees the light of day for the first time.

The Daily Mail’s article of 05OCT2013, Was Maddie abducted by burglars she disturbed at holiday flat? Scotland Yard probes new theory as McCanns prepare to make 'significant' TV appeal brings up for the first time the theory of a burglary gone wrong:

“Madeleine McCann may have been abducted after disturbing burglars in her family’s holiday apartment, Scotland Yard believes.

Detectives think her disappearance could be linked to a series of break-ins at the Portuguese resort from which she vanished, the Daily Mail can reveal.

The burglaries – thought to be the work of a ‘team’ of thieves – happened in the months leading up to Madeleine’s disappearance from the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz in May 2007.

One theory – now being taken seriously by British police – is that burglars panicked after Madeleine awoke from her sleep.

Sources in the Algarve – where the authorities are working closely with Scotland Yard – confirmed yesterday that detectives are investigating a series of thefts from the Ocean Club and elsewhere in Praia da Luz.” 

The day before UK Crimewatch aired, 13OCT2013, the Express in its article Men seen lurking near flat ‘may have planned Madeleine McCann's kidnap’ the burglary story gains an interesting new twist, the charity collectors:

“The abduction of Madeleine McCann could have been a pre-planned operation, the head of the Scotland Yard inquiry said yesterday.

Elements of the mystery suggest there may have been surveillance or reconnaissance of families with young children at the holiday resort on the Algarve.


A charity collector who called at 5A on April 25 or 26 before the McCanns arrived. He was described as Portuguese-looking, aged 40 to 45, with short, dark hair, slightly greying at the sides.

The man was carrying a clipboard or pad, receipt book and an ID card with his photo on it. But in the photo he had a goatee beard.

Police say there were other charity collectors in the area claiming they were raising money for orphans. In reality, they may have been thieves looking for holiday apartments to burgle.” 

Charity collectors are then clearly linked to Maddie burglars. And all was, apparently, pre-planned. The burglary, at least.

This shows us that even before the airing of UK Crimewatch, the burglary plot was already in place: phone calls, burglars and charity collectors. All put together make a failed burglary, one of the many “series of thefts from the Ocean Club and elsewhere in Praia da Luz”, pre-planned by bogus charity collectors who chose this disguise to choose their victims. Their downfall? Their excessive use of mobiles that night.

Oddly enough, 1 day later, on 14OCT2013, UK Crimewatch says nothing about this failed burglary, charity workers or phone calls.

It limits itself to discarding Bundleman as a suspect by bringing Créche Dad into the picture and highlights Smithman by giving him 2 faces.

Smithman is not a new suspect, he’s known to authorities since Martin Smith spoke of him in May 2007. Mr Amaral, for one, has made him a well known suspect in the case.

As said, about a possible burglary, on UK Crimewatch not a word. There’s a door is left open for it by Redwood saying that Bundleman is no one but innocent Crèche Dad, Maddie could have been taken anytime between 21:15 and 22:00.

Point is, on 14OCT2013, SY has 41 persons of interest (of which 15 UK nationals) plus 1 unknown individual, Smithman and his 2 faces. Subtly in the background the UK press had put in the back of our minds the failed burglary with its phone calls and charity collectors.

On 23OCT2013, CMTV announces that PJ may reopen the Maddie case.

On the next day, 24OCT2013, BBC’s online article Madeleine McCann inquiry timeline confirms this reopening “on 24 October 2013 it was announced that the Portuguese police had reopened their inquiry into the disappearance, citing "new lines of inquiry". The Scotland Yard inquiry will run alongside the Portuguese investigation.”

The same article makes quite a detailed timeline of events up until then:


17 May: UK detectives reviewing the case say they have identified "a number of persons of interest".

4 July: The Metropolitan Police says it has new evidence and has opened a formal investigation. It says it is investigating 38 "persons of interest".

12 September: A £1m libel case against former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral begins in Lisbon.

4 October: Scotland Yard detectives say mobile phone records may hold the key to solving the case. There are 41 potential suspects, they say.

14 October: A BBC Crimewatch appeal features e-fit images of a man seen carrying a blond-haired child of three or four, possibly wearing pyjamas, in Praia da Luz at about the time Madeleine went missing. It also shows a detailed reconstruction of events on the night she disappeared.

24 October: Portuguese police reopen their inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance, citing "new lines of inquiry". The Scotland Yard inquiry will run alongside the Portuguese investigation” 

On the next day 26OCT2013, Correio da Manhã, reports PJ’s interest in the phone use in Luz in the article PJ analyses phone signals on Maddie’s case:

“The PJ has already been on the ground to understand where mobile telephone antennae are located near the Ocean Club, in Portimão, the resort from where Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007. The objective of the inspectors is to do the triangulation of mobile phones of crucial witnesses and possible suspects that may be identified in the process, which has now been reopened. Signals of mobile phone antennae allow to establish in what area which each person was on the night of the disappearance.”

The same article also speaks of the interest of doing a reconstruction, yet to be done.

On 29OCT2013, Correio da Manhã reports that “PJ looks again for Maddie’s body”. For the first time, explicitly since 2008, Maddie is referred as dead: “hypothesis of homicide is investigated by authorities”

On the next day, 30OCT2013, the Euclides saga begins. A person who seems to be of interest to the PJ but of no interest at all for SY.

Euclides centres the attention on what concerns suspects for the next 2 months.

But in January 2014, SY rehashes the failed burglary, bringing it back to life.

The Mirror article of 05JAN2014, Madeleine McCann: Three burglars are prime suspects in hunt for missing girl as police trawl phone records says that “Scotland Yard believes Maddie was snatched by a panicked gang who ­accidentally woke her in the family’s apartment and took her with them”

The burglars as a trio make their appearance on stage, the infamous 3 Burglars:

“Three burglars have been ­identified as prime suspects in the hunt for Madeleine McCann after detectives trawled through thousands of phone records.

Scotland Yard believes Madeleine was snatched by a panicked gang who ­accidentally woke her in the family’s holiday apartment and decided to take her with them.

Mobile phone analysis shows the men made an unusually high number of calls to each other in the hours after she disappeared aged three in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

British officers now want to arrest the men but need the Portuguese to agree to a formal joint investigation as UK detectives cannot swoop on foreign suspects.”

And we also witness the beginning of the sex-assault spree, for now, just a disturbance:

“Officers believe the burglars had carried out a raid in the resort days before Madeleine vanished in May 2007, disturbing another child. That youngster’s parents were outside and rushed in to find the intruders had fled.

During their bungled probe Portuguese police attached no ­significance to the ­break-in. But the Met is thought to have made checks into the men’s criminal history, their friends and any vehicles they have used.

Scotland Yard, which refused to comment, also ruled out Portuguese officers’ prime suspect – a man who had worked at the resort where the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, stayed.”

Could this child who was disturbed be the one Summers and Swan refer to in the “Mommyman” episode in their worstselling book?

It can’t be because friend of Mummy said Mummy was inside and Mummy came down the stairs and saw Mummyman’s legs. And in this article we have plural both on parents and intruders, not a parent and an intruder.

Could it be that in their meticulous journalistic research Summers and Swan let this episode slip by?

The seed for the sex-assault spree in the Algarve has been planted.

A week later, on 12JAN2014, the Mirror, publish an article which title speaks for itself: Madeleine McCann cops to make first arrests: Three burglars who 'made many phone calls' after her disappearance wanted”.

SY says they are set to make imminent arrests. On 12JAN2014. Imminent as in likely to occur at any moment. The world braced itself.

“The Crown Prosecution Service has sent an International Letter of Request to ­Portuguese police seeking permission to arrest the trio”

It looked like a “slam dunk” case. No need for socks or toothbrush in the luggage. Just handcuffs. 3 pairs.

“British police are poised to make the first arrests in the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann.

The Met want to quiz three burglars who carried out raids in the Portuguese resort when the three-year-old vanished.

Officers were last night preparing to fly to the Algarve to make their first arrests since the force set up Operation Grange in 2011 to review the ­kidnapping.

They hope to speak to the thieves after mobile phone records showed the men made numerous calls to each other in the hours after she disappeared.”

Just fly in, cuff them and fly out, it seemed.

But even the article recognises it wasn’t exactly so. It later clarifies that it was only to see if the 3 Burglars were really people of interest: “Police want to be given a chance to arrest key suspects. It doesn’t prove they have Madeleine but it will rule them in or out of the investigation and that is important.”

Why is “arrest”, imminent or otherwise, even used in this phrase?

CPS allegedly requested permission to arrest people who SY doesn’t know if they really are of interest to the case.

Noted is the evident dissent between the two Police forces: “whether the Portuguese will co-operate remains to be seen. It is a very sensitive issue with differences they have had.”

Also to be noted is the “disturbed” child of 05JAN2014 Mirror article is now said to be 3 yrs old: “Days before Madeleine’s disappearance from Praia da Luz in May 2007 aged three, the gang raided another holiday flat there, disturbing a child. The ­youngster’s parents interrupted the burglars who fled.”

Days before. A toddler Maddie’s age. In the same resort. The seed for the sex-assault spree in the Algarve has been watered.

On February 2014, we have a first indication of who might be part SY’s Burglar trio.

On 03FEB2014, in Diário de Notícias (paper edition), in the article “PJ searches driver from the hotel where Maddie disappeared from” it is said “they are trying to find man responsible for driving tourists to and from Faro airport. He resigned from the resort, worked at a bar and is supposedly unemployed now” and “the man, who is single and may be 40 years old now, worked subsequently at a bar in that area, he is considered as “humble and very polite”, sources guaranteed to DN.”

Only 2 minibus drivers provided statements, Bernadino da Silva and José Silva.

On 13FEB2014, in the article from Jornal de Notícias, “English want to question more people in the Maddie case”, the 3 Burglars are removed by SY from their 41 ‘persons of interest: “Scotland Yard detectives are going to ask for more people to be questioned, out of the approximately forty persons, who they consider “of interest” to the investigation into the disappearance of the English child, in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in 2007.”

On the same day, 13FEB2014, the Evening Standard article 'Tempo of Madeleine McCann inquiry moving forwards,' say police it’s said:

“Recent discussions between the two forces are believed to have centred on a burglary gang who had targeted homes in the resort at the time Madeleine vanished.

Mobile phone records are said to have revealed that three suspected burglars repeatedly called each other in the hours after Madeleine disappeared.”

Oddly, the same article says “Mr Hewitt said so far the Yard had not asked the Portuguese authorities to interview or arrest any suspects” which contradicts what was reported in January.

5 days later, on 18FEB2014, the Daily Star warns of things not going well between PJ and SY as to who should be considered a suspect, in their article “MADDIE: COPS AT WAR“:

“Porto police bungling hunt, say Brit tecs

FRUSTRATED British police fear Portuguese officers are chasing the wrong suspect in the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann.


And they warn that an “us against them” attitude could wreck the search.

A source close to the UK inquiry told the Daily Star: “This is not a game. A little girl’s life may be at stake.” FRUSTRATED British police fear Portuguese officers are chasing the wrong lead in the hunt for Madeleine McCann.


British investigators believe the three-year-old was snatched after disturbing burglars who broke into her parents’ holiday apartment.

And their chief suspects are a three-strong gang who made a high number of mobile calls nearby on the night Maddie vanished. But Portuguese detectives are concentrating their efforts on a theory that a now-dead heroin addict abducted Madeleine.”

Apparently, for SY it had to be failed burglary. Any other was simply counter-productive.

Then the sex-assault spree began.

Crimewatch, on 19MAR2014 we had the introduction of this rampage: 12 offenses but only 1 attacker.

“…and the intruder appeared in the early hours of the morning between 02.00hrs and 05.00hrs.

The suspect may have been in the villa or looking round the villa for some time before committing the offences or being disturbed either by a parent coming in, or the child waking up.

He remained calm, even when disturbed.

On two occasions the noise of a bin collection lorry could be heard nearby.

Of the twelve offences, there were four in Carvoeiro, six in the Vale da Parra , Praia da Gale district and two in Praia da Luz.

Witnesses describe the man as having dark or tanned skin with short dark unkempt hair. He spoke in English with a foreign accent, his voice was described as slow, or possibly slurred.

He was sometimes bare chested, some describe him as having a pot belly, and three victims said that he had a noticeable odour.

On two occasions in Vale de Parra and Praia da Gale he was wearing a distinctive burgundy long sleeve top, on one of those occasions it was described as having a white circle on the back.”

As we all know, as we explained in our “Blackmail” post, the 12 assaults became 18 in little over a month.

On 23APR2014, Correio da Manhã reports that it wasn’t 12 but 18 cases of little British girls being attacked according to this article More six cases of English girls attacked in the Algarve.

It says “three took place in Praia da Luz, between 2005 and 3010, five in Carvoeiro, between 2004 and 2006, nine between Praia da Galé, Vale da Parra and São Rafael, in the Albufeira county, between 2004 and 2008, and one in Vilamoura, in 2005”

By comparison, the six new cases were then one in Praia da Luz, three in Praia da Galé, Vale da Parra and São Rafael, one in Carvoeiro and one in Albufeira.

This is confirmed the next day by the UK Press. The Express on 24APR2014 says:

“He spoke ­English with a foreign accent, was tanned, with short, dark, unkempt hair, and reeked of tobacco, stale aftershave or alcohol.

During two incidents, he wore a ­burgundy long-sleeved top. One ­witness said it had a white circle on the back. Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, head of Operation Grange, said several features of the description, the type of offences and the way they were committed point to a lone offender.”

The 3 Burglars abandoned? Now only a loner?

The novelty? Just like in January again the “Police now ready to make arrests in the Algarve in missing Madeleine McCann case”.

Jornal de Notícias, paper edition (page 13), 09MAY2014, in its article PJ about to discard English Police strongest lead, says that SY wishes to question eight “persons of interest”:

“Besides the searches, which were already allowed by the Public Prosecutor of Portimão, the letters rogatory also request for eight people to be questioned. Some used to work at the Ocean Club resort whilst others are not linked in any way. With all these initiatives, it seems likely that Scotland Yard has more than one line of investigation, of which the latest and most visible action yet indicates the hypothesis that the child was murdered and buried in Praia da Luz. When questioned, in Faro, DCI Andy Redwood refused to speak with the journalists.”

The 3 Burglars expanded to 8 people?

On 07JUN2014, the Guardian, in its article Madeleine McCann suspects to be questioned soon, Portuguese police say says that “Portuguese confirm 'several people' identified for questioning by Scotland Yard officers”

It’s no longer specifically 8. Now it’s just several:

“Portuguese police sources have confirmed to the Observer that a number of suspects identified by Scotland Yard detectives will be taken in for questioning "in the very near future" over the disappearance seven years ago of Madeleine McCann.

Police confirmed that "several people" had been identified by the Metropolitan police, who have had officers and two sniffer dogs in the Algarve all week searching a large area of scrubland close to the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz where the McCann family were staying when the three-year-old disappeared in May 2007. The search of that particular area, a Portuguese police source said, would end on 8 June and shift to another area


Police also confirmed all the suspects still live in Portugal and that interviews would take place at either of the two Algarve police stations, Faro or Portimão, conducted by Portuguese detectives with their British counterparts allowed to sit in but not intervene”

On 02JUL2014, we had the “4 July Arguidos” as reported by Correio da Manhã on its article Phone calls and hairs frame 4 suspects

Sergey Malinka, who we’re all familiar with and who the article says he was an arguido in 2007, which is incorrect, he wasn’t.

Jose Carlos Fernandes da Silva, a driver who had worked for the OC since 26MAR2007. In his statement he says he was on his balcony at 23.00 when 2 men passed by and told him what had happened. He didn’t know the family. He worked from 11-4, except on Thursday and Saturday.

Ricardo Rodrigues was 16 at the time and said to be a beggar. He was the person phoned by Da Silva.

Paulo Ribeiro was named as the heroin addict and schizophrenic. Aged 44 in 2007.

The main suspect is José da Silva. Why? Apparently because of 4 phone calls he made to Ricardo Rodrigues on the day of the crime:

Phone call #1 - 17:26 which coincides with the time that Maddie left the crèche;

Phone call #2 - 21:25 a text message at when two members of the McCann's group went to check the children;

Phone call #3 - 21:38, when Jane Tanner left the Tapas bar and the last at

Phone call #4 - 21:51, when Kate, Madeleine's mother goes to the apartment, before alerting the disappearance.

First correction, the list is made up of 3 phone calls and 1 text message. Not 4 phone calls. 3 phone calls and 1 text message during a time of 4 hours and 25 minutes.

Second correction, Phone call #3 - 21:38 is not when Tanner leaves the table. She leaves around 21:10 to cross with Jez and Gerry talking at 21:15. Is this “21:38” the new time Tanner leaves the table so as to fit Gerry’s theory that they didn’t cross with each other that night? If so, where is that written?

At 21.15 Jez Wilkins and Gerry are talking, 21:25 two member are walking towards apartment and then back, 21:38, Jane is walking up the street and 21:51 Kate follows the same path. In less than 45 minutes we have six people walking up that street being MONITORED by mobile and even so, burglars decide to rob.

Please take into account Crèche Dad is walking about too. No longer at 21:15 but now, supposedly, at around 21:40.

Imagining the  last call was to tell Foiling Burglar inside to get out as mum was coming; then the crime MUST have happened between 21:10 – Gerry’s father moment – and 21:51, when Kate went up the street. With Jez, Gerry, Rob, Matt, Jane and Crèche Dad all in the vicinity and no one seeing anything strange. Fascinating.

So why is this said to have been a burglary gone wrong? Who in the right mind would have details of so many movements and still decide to burgle when so many people were around?

And if they had seen Maddie coming out of crèche (phone call #1) why were they surprised in finding the little girl inside? Hadn’t they been observing her and her family?

We must question where Pimpleman fits into this story. The man reported by 3 witnesses, TS, JW and Derek Flack, on 5 different occasions observing the apartment 5A.

Burglars, charity collectors and stalkers. That apartment was indeed a magnet for the weirdo.

Well, at least we finally got to know who the driver was they were looking for in February (Diário de Notícias 03FEB2014). It was Jose da Silva.

This is confirmed 13JUL2014, in the Express’ article Former Ocean Club driver is suspect in McCann case

But this article has another objective: to make the definitive link between the burglars and the charity collectors:

“Jose Carlos da Silva, 28, used to drive guests to their apartments once they had been ferried to the Ocean Club headquarters in Luz from airports, writes James Murray.


We understand that on May 3 2007 there was mobile phone communication between him and a second arguido, Ricardo Rodrigues…


Little is known about Mr Rodrigues but he is part of a group of mostly young people in Luz who contribute to an internet site showing pictures of scenic spots in the area. Fresh faced and youthful he is said to resemble a photofit prepared by an elderly British couple of a man who came to their villa with an older man to collect money for a charity on May 3 2007.

The older man is said to resemble Paulo Ribeiro, 51, another arguido. He lives in Luz and is said to be a schizophrenic.”

Could this article be clearer in stating that Silva, Rodrigues and Ribeiro are the members of the much sought after Charity Collector Burglar Gang most commonly known as the 3 Burglars?

On 22AUG2014, the Mirror in its article Madeleine McCann: Police to return to Portugal as search reaches 'make or break' moment speaks, without directly mentioning the 5th rogatory letter:

“It is understood they have been granted permission to interview up to seven key suspects identified earlier this year – three of whom will be questioned for a second time.”

Besides the fact that it turned out they had been granted nothing, the number of suspects has now gone up to 7, including 3 of the “July arguidos”. Sergey Malinka, apparently was told “he is no longer under suspicion”

The math adds up. On 09MAY2014 (Jornal de Notícias, paper edition (page 13)) SY wishes to question eight “persons of interest”. They heard 4, 4 were not heard. Take Malinka out of the equation and one has “three of whom will be questioned for a second time” plus 4 that weren’t heard yet.

The beginning of the current 5th rogatory suspects math suspense.

Two days later, on 24AUG2014, Correio da Manhã, paper edition, pg 17, in its article “English ask more diligences” it confirms that this is about the requested in the 5th rog: “SY sent fifth rogatory letter asking to hear more suspect people”

“Within the requests are more interrogations of people the British consider suspects” and “the English want also to interrogate again some of the people who were already heard in June, among which former workers of Ocean Club”

SY wanted to return to Algarve in September. But the new Judiciary Map and the CITIUS glitch made that impossible.

Only in November were the diligences requested in the 5th rogatory letter were authorised.

On 04NOV2014, Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, in its article Maddie Case: 10 witnesses to be questioned within the scope of the English investigation reports that “the new Public Ministry prosecutor, to whom the Maddie process was recently attributed, authorized the questionings and forwarded the letter to the South PJ Directory, in Faro, so they can be carried out.”

Now the math starts to get all muddled up:

“JN was able to establish that there are about ten witnesses and that all of them are going to be questioned for the first time within the scope of the English investigation. Some of them are, however, already known to the Portuguese investigation and they had nothing relevant to say regarding the English child who disappeared seven years ago in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve.

Even though the English police has expressed their interest in questioning again the four men constituted as arguidos, that had been questioned back in July, the English ended up leaving them out of this letter rogatory, which arrived to the Public Ministry in August.”

So no longer 7 but 10.

“July arguidos” no longer in this number.

A whole new bunch of witnesses/arguidos. Or could it be the unheard 4 of July plus 6 new ones ‘persons of interest’?

On the next day, 05NOV2014, Express in its article Madeleine McCann: Some of the 10 will be interviewed as SUSPECTS by police, report claims confirms 10 to be the number of 'persons of interest'.

On the same day 05NOV2014, Correio da Manhã, in its article More questionings with new arguidos also confirms that number but has other interesting details:

“In the list for questioning, as CdM found out, there are about ten people, between Portuguese and British” and “among the new SY suspects, as CdM found out, there are former Ocean Club employees, the place from where the child disappeared in May 2007, and residents of Praia da Luz, Lagos.”

For the first time, British and residents of Praia da Luz are mentioned as ‘persons of interest’.

But the math starts to get even more complex.

On 10NOV2014, ITN Online news, in its article Two Brits among 7 new suspects in Madeleine McCann investigation says “a British man and woman are among seven people to be questioned as suspects”

No longer 10.

Back to 7.

2 UK nationals, a man and a woman, so one assumes the other 5 aren’t UK nationals.

On the same day, 10NOV2014, Express in its article Madeleine McCann missing: Brits among 7 new suspects to be quizzed by cops hunting missing school girl

“The British nationals are among a group of seven people due to be questioned as arguidos - or 'formal suspects' - leading Portuguese daily Jornal de Noticias reported.

Four more will be interviewed as witnesses towards the end of the month at a police station in Faro.


Some are also said to have criminal records and others are ex-workers of the Ocean Club holiday resort where Madeleine, three at the time, was staying with her parents.

It is not known how many of the group of seven, which also includes Portuguese nationals, are British.


At least one of the 11 people set to be quizzed later this month is thought to be a woman.”

So now it’s not 10 but 11.

7 suspects, 4 witnesses. 1 woman.

To note, the following paragraphs in this article:

“Portuguese police believe Madeleine was snatched by a foreigner no longer living in Portugal.

However they have still not formally ruled out the involvement of junkie burglar Euclides Monteiro, whose widow they questioned last year, despite the fact DNA tests have put him in the clear.

Last month it emerged the cost of the British police search for Madeleine will soon top £10 million - double the original amount estimated by the Home Office when the force was called in by David Cameron in 2011.”

Oh, Maddie was not a schoolgirl.

On that same day, 10NOV2014, Mirror, with its article Madeleine McCann: Police will quiz British man and woman among new suspects brings in a lot of new information:

“The pair, who live in Portugal, are among seven new suspects who Met police will order to provide a DNA sample. A source said Scotland Yard investigators believe they have “identified certain people who have vital information”

Seven new suspects have been identified by Scotland Yard officers investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and will be ordered to provide a DNA sample.

Detectives plan to quiz the five men and two women this month. Two of the suspects are British.

The pair – a man and a woman – live on the Algarve in Portugal.

It is believed that the expats may know each other but it has not been revealed if they are a couple.

The DNA of the seven suspects will be matched against evidence taken from the apartment at the Ocean Club resort in the resort town of Praia da Luz where Madeleine was staying with her family when she vanished in 2007 aged three.


“It is likely the British suspects are already known to the investigation.”

Insiders said the seven people will be classed as “persons of interest” – or “arguidos” under Portuguese law.

Four of them are men from Portugal. The other is understood to be a woman of Central or Eastern European origin.


It is understood some of the suspects know each other or worked together at the Ocean Club resort.

At least two of them are believed to have criminal records and some made phone calls to each other on the night Madeleine disappeared.

It is believed that the two British suspects were spoken to by Portuguese police after Madeleine vanished.”

Keeping up? Yes, we know it's hard. Now imagine the fun it was in collating all this...

Down to 7 suspects again. 5 men, 2 women.

1 man and 1 woman, ex-Pats. The other woman “Central or Eastern European origin”

On 11NOV2014, Correio da Manhã, in its article Three British suspect in Maddie’s disappearancecomplicates even the maths further:

“Between the suspects there is still another foreign woman and three Portuguese.

Two men and one British woman integrate the new list of suspects of the English authorities investigating the disappearance of Madeleine, in 2007, in the Algarve, and will be questioned by Faro’s PJ”

Correio da Manhã knows that among the suspects is still another foreign woman and three Portuguese. Four witnesses will still be heard by the end of the month”

Total of 11.

4 witnesses, 7 suspects.

Of the 7 suspects, 3 UK nationals (1 more than previously), 3 Portuguese and 1 foreign woman (Central/Eastern Europe?)

Of the 3 UK nationals, 2 men and 1 woman.

Testing our patience, we say.

Today, 13NOV2014, Portugal News Online, in its article Madeleine – Two British expats set to be declared suspects we have, again, the math altered.

“Sources close to the investigation involving the search for missing British toddler Madeleine McCann have this week told The Portugal News two British expats are set to be declared formal suspects or arguidos. Another two Britons will be called in as witnesses”

Dates for questioning have been confirmed as being from November 24 to 28 at the PJ police headquarters in Faro.


The Portugal News revealed last week (6 November) that the Metropolitan Police were keen to speak to a number of British expats in the Algarve.


Sources said there are 11 people of interest, of which seven will be declared arguidos, and four will be heard as witnesses.

There are two Britons in each of these groups.

The two British witnesses are a couple (a man and a woman), but the two British suspects are said to be not related in any way and are both men.

The seven suspects do not include any of the four arguidos, all of whom are Portuguese nationals, questioned over the summer.

The Brits were all resident in Portugal at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance and have remained here since, sources said.

The theory that Madeleine was abducted by someone passing through, remains a scenario which Portuguese police continue to believe to be among the most probable.

Portuguese police had earlier this summer ruled out Cape Verdean national Euclides Monteiro, who died in 2009, of any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.

Police sources confirmed that Monteiro had been the primary reason behind the case’s reopening here in Portugal last October, but subsequent investigations removed any suspicion over Monteiro.”

One UK national added. That makes now 4 UK nationals.

1 UK national taken out of the suspect pot and put into the witness one.

Tally at the moment:

Continues to be a total of 11, with 4 witnesses and 7 suspects.

Of the 7 suspects, 2 UK nationals both male, and assuming 4 Portuguese and 1 foreign woman (Central/Eastern Europe?)

Of the 4 witnesses, 2 UK nationals, a couple – not related with the 2 Brit suspects, and assuming 2 Portuguese.

That's where we stand. At the moment. Might change in the next hours. Or minutes. Who knows?

At least it’s much more fun than just having one suspect, Euclides or two, the “foreigner” like “boring” PJ only has.

Shall we try to summarise all of the above?

Let’s set aside the Burgundyman. His story is to support that break-ins and assaulting little girls was a normal thing to happen British little girls on holiday in Algarve. If one wants to enjoy sleeping at night on holiday in Algarve do bring all your silver and gold and even your little children but only if they’re boys.

Maddie was, according to SY, allegedly taken between 21.00 and 22.00. So not even the timeline of failed burglary fits with Burgundyman.

SY has apparently clearly identified the trio of burglars: Silva, Rodrigues and Ribeiro.

Some, with all this confusion, may think they're no longer 'persons of interest'. Nowhere is that said. What is said is that Inês Sequeira wouldn't allow them to be heard again so SY didn't even try asking.

As far as we know, only Malinka had arguido status lifted - according to the press - not the other 3.

So as far as we know, the trio remain arguidos. One could say Portugal is playing games with the UK and we might even agree. Remember it has been publicly said that all these people heard by request of rogatory letters are of interest to the UK investigation, NOT to the Portuguese one.
Back to SY and their 'persons of interest'.

We seem to have 4 witnesses, 2 of which a Brit couple.

We also seem to have 7 probable arguidos: 2 Brit men, 1 Eastern European woman and 4 Portuguese

If this is true, then there will have been 14 arguidos in this case: Murat, McCanns, Malinka, Silva, Rodrigues, Ribeiro and now these.

We could speculate on who these new 7 people could be but that would be as intelligent as thinking out loud what the other player’s cards may be in a poker game.

Our attitude will be the same as with the Summers & Swan book. Let’s first see who SY wants to hear and only then draw conclusions.

But we must note 2 things.

First is that we find really strange the lack of hurry in hearing these 11 people. On 04NOV2104, we know questioning was authorised, so why wait until the 24th to start hearing them? No urgency? Have these people such a full agenda that their next opening is only then?

The second note, and a very important one, is how much the number of UK nationals, or ex-Pats considered ‘persons of interest’ has been growing lately. Why would ex-Pats help a failing burglar with the body of a British child, one of their own, in his arms?

The list of ‘persons of interest’ is like watching a kid writing the letter to Santa Claus. It keeps changing the presents over and over again until it gets around to the ones the child, or in this case SY, really, really wants.

Much has been written about what being an arguido means and let us add something that we think is important.

It’s a legal condition whereby a citizen is given more protective rights than he would otherwise have. But for this status one condition has to happen: the judicial system must think it is possible that you may be charged with committing a crime.

In plain terms, by notifying someone that a person is an arguido the system is clearly telling that person “looking at things there may be reasons for you to be charged, so please be warned and prepare yourself the best you can for that possibility”.

To be an arguido is because the legal system has found reason, to be confirmed and always respecting the presumption of innocence, to accuse the person of a crime.

What's clear is SY have been following the burglary gone wrong scenario for over a year and prior to UK Crimewatch.

A burglary gone wrong means that Maddie was not taken asleep from her bed. She had to be fully awake to make the burglary go wrong. To allow for the burglar(s) to panic.

No one was seen or heard carrying a screaming child. A burglary gone wrong means a Maddie killed inside Apartment 5A.

If so, there would be visible evidence.

No visible evidence logically means parents involved.

SY have been on this same track for over a year.


  1. Excellent summary of a confusing area. One observation - in the (massively unlikely) event that Maddie was killed during a burglary-gone-wrong, then if the burglar strangled her then it would not necessarily leave a trace. Horrible thought but no trace does not have to mean, no murder.

    Of course the residue of cadaver on the floor, cupboard, car, clothes, cuddle-cat and key rather messes up any burglary-gone-wrong / child-strangulation story.

  2. "Why would ex-Pats help a failing burglar with the body of a British child, one of their own, in his arms?" Good question.

    But if all or some of the 7 new (and 3 previous) arguidos are involved - perhaps with the original arguidos - what on earth happened that night? And how could it involve SO many people - from doctors, through ex-pats, locals, employees to drug-addicts. What possible story could bind that disparate multi-national group together?

  3. Unpublished Anonymous 15 Nov 2014 09:40:00,

    We don't want to start speculation on something we have no evidence for. What you refer may or may not be a factor.

    We don't want to be accused of spreading rumours.

    Thank you

  4. This post is a wonderful collation of facts which are easily forgotten and now it's easier to see a developing pattern.
    CdM said they had seen rog letter. They must know all the names.
    But I don't think the UK press have the same info. If they do, they won't print names.

  5. I think it is a wonderful summary of press articles and enabled me to see what was happening - like a bird's eye view.
    It makes a whitewash seem impossible, but SY have to get these minor players to crack. They have to fear the consequences of cracking less than the consequences of staying loyal.

  6. Jim Gamble today on Sky News whilst commenting on those who download indecent images of children and how he thinks the use of 'citizens' as special constables could investigate such cases, publicly stated that he condemns vigilantes. What a hypocrit! He believes that by using his 'Stasi' specials, the Met would capture these depraved individuals and it would only cost a little over £1m/ year. This is an obvious attempt IMO to distance himself from his recent support of the vigilantees who were responsible for the death of Brenda Leyland God rest her soul. He even mentioned in his "speech" how such action could lead to an event such as a person taken their own life. Whatever he says, IMO he along with Brunt, the fat ankled lady et al were all complicit in BL's untimely death.

    1. IMO JG appears to be a thoroughly nasty piece of work. And, I suspect, dangerous too. I wonder if BL's death will ever be properly investigated? If he was involved it's clear he feels not one jot of guilt or sympathy.

    2. I agree, JG is just like GM ,they have many similarties. No wonder their friends.Both arrogant and up their own..................

  7. A whooshed Daily Express article from 2007 makes interesting reading; seems to confirm the pact that Payne spoke of...

    1. A great find from back in the days when the press weren't crap-scared to print what would now be classed as 'hateful anti-McCann material.'

    This visit makes more sense, as we now know suspects are British ex-pats

    1. From Victoria Ward7:33PM BST 21 Jun 2013?

  9. It seems one Brit has been identified. Suspect or witness?

    1. "A British gardener is ­being questioned about his movements over a critical two-and-a-half-hour per­iod on the night Madeleine McCann disappeared.

      The ex-pat, who still lives in Portugal’s Algarve, was working near the apartment where she vanished on May 3, 2007.

      This week he has been quizzed by police over his whereabouts between the critical hours of 7pm to 9.30pm, the Sunday People can reveal."

      Looking at the PJ files this would be George William James I think?

      Nuala x


    3. We have read somewhere that one of the reasons the swinging theory held no water was because the gardener, who would have seen it all going on, would have gone to the cops about it a long time ago.

      Maybe cops coming to him?

    4. A gardener working from 7pm to 9.30 pm? I know that we have looong days (sun light) in the Summer, but this was in early May! What was he doing at those hours? Tucking in the plants, saying nighty night, or maybe cutting down some bushes, at the McCanns request?! (wasn't it Payne who mentioned something about trimming some bushes in the back of the apartment?)

  10. Hi!Thank you again ,Textusa!!!!
    Just a Question about the Mccanns appearance on Crimewatch back in 2013,the way the Mccanns were interviewed seperatley from Redwood,do you think that was done delibaratley??
    As a regular viewer of Crimewatch, i see in major crimes usually the Lead Detective appears with the family member!!!!

    1. I don't watch Crimewatch so didn't know what usually happens as regards family members/detectives appearing together.

      DCI Andy Redwood said two very important things on the programme:

      1) Tannerman is not the abductor, he's been ruled out because DCI AR has met him, seen the child's pyjamas etc etc and had the actual man photographed. Now not only is it extremely unlikely that Tannerman (now CrecheDad) has come forward after six years and has even kept the pyjamas for all those years, having read this blog over the last few weeks I would suggest that it's actually impossible.

      So when DCI AR said what he said, he was being "economical with the truth".

      What that means is this - not only does DCI AR know that it's impossible for him to have met Tannerman/CrecheDad, but he knows the McCanns know it's impossible for him to have met Tannerman/CrecheDad.

      And not only that, he knows the McCanns know he knows that. Effectively he was saying "We're onto you".

      2)The Smithman e-fits are so obviously GM and DCI AR knows that and he said on the programme "The e-fits are clear and I've asked the public to look very carefully at them. If they know who this person is, please come forward".

      I don't know how he kept a straight face because I certainly couldn't.

      All in all I think DCI AR sitting with the McCanns would have been akin to a fox perching alongside a couple of hens in the coop, or more precisely one hen and a cockerel.

      If I've got anything wrong I'm sure Textusa will correct me :)

      Nuala x

    2. The expressions caught on the faces of the hen and cock certainly seemed to indicate there thought there was a fox sitting next to them!

  11. Elca,

    Game over.

    Like with Advocatus before you, blame it on the nose.

    You have abused our blog by using your Blogger ID to send readers directly to your blog instead to a profile.

    We have sent literally hundreds, if not over a thousand, comments to our spam box from people trying to advertise their websites and blogs here.

    It’s gratifying to know that others consider us as a credible advertising “hub”.

    However, in your case, we do find it amusing why you would wish to piggy-back, covertly, a blog you consider, explicitly, to be propagating a conspiracy theory.

    Pretending to be with us but slyly making disruptive waves.

    Fires, even small ones, are put out by chucking water over the comments by removing them.

    That’s what we have done.

    1. Well done, Text! So glad you routed out another.


    Madeleine McCann detectives forced to delay interviews of new suspects

    Nov 18, 2014 18:08
    By Gerard Couzens

    Scotland Yard cops have out their trip on hold after failing to reach an agreement on the interview status of 11 people they were due to quiz

    Cops hoping for a breakthrough in the case of missing Madeleine McCann were dealt a blow after they were forced to postpone plans to quiz new suspects.

    Detectives put their trip to Portugal on hold after they failed to reached an agreement over the interview status of 11 people they were due to question.

    They had been given the go-ahead for the new round of interviews next week after a new criminal prosecutor in the case approved a fifth international letter of request.

    A British man and a woman were understood to be among those facing a list of questions over the night Madeleine McCann disappeared from her Algarve holiday resort.

    It is believed Operation Grange detectives cancelled their five-day trip to Faro over confusion about whether some of the people set to be interviewed would be questioned as arguidos - formal suspects in Portugal - or witnesses.

    Prosecutor Ines Sequeira is off sick and was unable to clarify the situation, sparking the suspension of the trip by DCI Andy Redwood and his colleagues.

    A new date for the interviews has not been set - and they are now unlikely to happen this year.

    A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We have never officially confirmed when we are going out and we're not going to give a running commentary on this case."

    1. Anonymous 18 Nov 2014 18:53:00,

      Thank you, for the heads-up!

      What a surprise... not.

      For some reason we said "First is that we find really strange the lack of hurry in hearing these 11 people. On 04NOV2104, we know questioning was authorised, so why wait until the 24th to start hearing them? No urgency? Have these people such a full agenda that their next opening is only then?"

    2. When will this saga ever end? And GA still waiting for his case to be completed.
      I bet Portugal won't allow arguido status unless very clear evidence.
      This case is unique in criminal history.

    3. It's always cart before horse!
      Why not establish the status of suspects or witnesses first, then set a date to interview them?

  13. Robert Murat is one of the people to be questioned:

    Original article with English translation via the link.

    Nuala x


    Ingleses voltam a investigar primeiro arguido do caso Maddie

    A mulher de Robert, Michaela Walczuch, e o ex-marido desta, Luís António, também constam da lista de pessoas identificadas para prestar declarações no âmbito da quinta carta rogatória do processo que está a ser investigado no Reino Unido. Lista que já recebeu luz verde do Ministério Público (MP) e foi remetida à Polícia Judiciária (PJ) do Sul para execução. Os três conhecem Sergey Malinka, um cidadão russo constituído arguido em julho a pedido das autoridades britânicas numa carta rogatória anterior.



    Maddie: Murat sem aviso de interrogatório

    Sete anos depois, Robert Murat é apontado pela policia inglesa como uma das pessoas de interesse na investigação do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann. O britânico, que foi o primeiro suspeito da polícia portuguesa, em 2007, mas entretanto ilibado, integra a lista das pessoas que os britânicos pediram para interrogar.

    Os interrogatórios estavam marcados para a próxima semana, nas instalações da Polícia Judiciária de Faro, mas Robert Murat ainda não tinha sido notificado. "O meu cliente não foi notificado para nada", referiu apenas ao CM Francisco Pagaret, advogado de Robert Murat. A namorada, Michaela Walczuck, e o antigo companheiro desta, Luís António, também integram a lista das pessoas que a polícia inglesa quer voltar a ouvir.

    As diligências foram canceladas, tal como o CM noticiou ontem, devido a um problema jurídico, que está precisamente relacionado com a condição em que Murat será interrogado. A polícia inglesa considera-o "uma pessoa de interesse", mas esse estatuto não existe na legislação portuguesa. Terá de ser ouvido como testemunha ou arguido. A decisão final está dependente da procuradora do Ministério Público de Portimão, que está doente.

  16. I'm not clear when the Jornal de Notícias reports that Robert Murat "..ended up being cleared of all suspicions" is this the same cleared that the british press report when the said the Mcs were cleared of all suspicions or was he cleared.


  18. Good. Is there an update of this post?

    1. Anonymous 24 Mar 2015, 17:47:00
      (the part about SY interrogations)
      (the part about SY interrogations)


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