Friday, 21 November 2014

Haywhimee, Roses and Thorns

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Haywhimee is a little town that doesn’t exist. It’s located in the middle of our imagination.

Yet we think it’s of crucial importance to the Maddie case. We would even say it’s where the solution to the case lies.

Haywhimee is very peculiar. There are many Haywhimeeans but none do in fact live in Haywhimee. The main reason being that Haywhimee doesn’t exist, as we said.

But although Haywhimee is fictional, Haywhimeeans are not. They are very real.

Haywhimeeans live elsewhere, in many different towns. Like in Praia da Luz. And at the moment we are particularly interested in some Haywhimeeans who do live there.

Haywhimeeans are allergic to having attention brought upon them just as vampires allegedly are of being exposed to sunlight, crucifixes and garlic.

Mind you, Haywhimeeans don’t mind bringing attention to themselves.

What makes their skin “burn” is the attention others bring to them. Attention they do not seek, want and in fact will do all in their power to avoid.

What is then a Haywhimeean? Anyone who when in a tight spot picks up a phone and asks someone on the other side “Hey, why ME?!?”

Two important things can be deduced from this definition.

The first is that a Haywhimeean always has someone he can call and the second is that he knows there are others that can be picked on instead of him.

For example, the “July arguidos” know there are others who could have been picked instead of them but they don’t have anyone to call and ask for support, “Hey, why ME?!?”

They meet the second criteria but fail completely on the first. Malinka, Silva, Rodrigues and Ribeiro are NOT Haywhimeeans.

But Robert Murat, for example, we think definitely is.

Malinka, Silva, Rodrigues and Ribeiro had no other choice but to step up to the plate. Murat is in a different ball game altogether. He’s not such an easy catch. He seems like a person to be able to pick up the nearest phone and have someone on the other side listen to him.

Who does a Haywhimeean call? They call other fictional towns like Aisletakecare and Influenceville.

Aisletakecarers and Influencevillans are usually powerful enough to solve the most pertinent and pressing problems.

We sensed last week that things were heading right into Haywhimeee territory

The rapid growth of UK nationals being included within the group of  ‘persons of interest’ (PoI) made us feel that way as there aren’t many ex-Pats in Luz who aren’t Haywhimeeans.

When the number rose to 4 (allegedly 2 suspects and 2 witnesses) then that made us be certain, Haywhimeee territory was really being invaded.

That’s why we wrote last week “we find really strange the lack of hurry in hearing these 11 people. On 04NOV2104, we know questioning was authorised, so why wait until the 24th to start hearing them? No urgency? Have these people such a full agenda that their next opening is only then?”

During this week, we must confess we suffered disappointment. We were almost convinced that our reading of the game had gone slightly wrong. Because of the news that one of the ex-pats named to be interviewed was a gardener.

The gardener, just like Malinka, Silva, Rodrigues and Ribeiro, was definitely NOT a Haywhimeean.

It seemed they continued to pick on people who couldn’t defend themselves.

We picture this sick game as SY being a shark. One that is circling around its victims.

Circling round and round with ever so small decreasing circles.

With the 4 UK nationals to be questioned by the PJ we thought that SY was making a dash right towards the victims.

But then the gardener popped up, and we momentarily thought that the shark had decided to stay at a safe distance, although, we repeat, consistently making each circle tighter than the previous one.

But then we read 2 pieces of news that made us rethink our rethinking and realise that our initial assessment wasn’t wrong after all: the questioning of the 11 PoI being delayed and that among them was Robert Murat and his wife Michaela.

We were right after all. Haywhimee had indeed been awoken and we’re sure jolted into a frenzy of activity.

We assume there have been a lot of phone calls made recently. We do believe some vehement and emphatic “hey, why ME?!?” have pinged off many a mobile mast.

Speaking of which, if authorities are really interested in phone traffic, and we think they are, we bet the current month must have been plentiful with useful information.

Of the 2 relevant pieces of news, delay and Murat, let's focus on the first.

This is what the Mirror, on 18NOV2014, said:

“Detectives put their trip to Portugal on hold after they failed to reached an agreement over the interview status of 11 people they were due to question”


Prosecutor Ines Sequeira is off sick and was unable to clarify the situation, sparking the suspension of the trip by DCI Andy Redwood and his colleagues.

A new date for the interviews has not been set - and they are now unlikely to happen this year.”

A sickness that postpones hearing 11 people for at least a month and a half. Sending the questioning into the next year.

We’re sure that the report is missing a word. It should have been “Prosecutor Inês Sequeira is at home sick”.

The sickness afflicting the Portuguese prosecutor must really be serious. Serious enough to stop her from going to work. And not for just a day or two.

If this is the case, we hereby wish Prosecutor Inês Sequeira a quick recovery from whatever is keeping her sick in bed to allow her to spend Christmas with her family.

We had heard through the grapevine that the case was being pushed into 2015 but then never crossed our minds that it would be because of a personal affliction.

There seems to be a disagreement between UK and Portugal. A disagreement about the “interview status” of the people to be queried.

To put it simply, the prosecutor Inês Sequeira and SY cannot agree, according to the Mirror, whether X, Y or Z should be heard as arguidos or as witnesses.

We do not understand the reasons for this disagreement as, to put it simply, the UK cannot demand that anyone should be heard as an arguido or as a witness – and much less as it seems to be the case, as simply a ‘person of interest’, a status that doesn’t even exist in Portugal.

To put it simply once again, it’s none of the UK’s business under what legal status these 11 people are questioned in Portugal.

Who decides what Portuguese law determines in Portugal are the Portuguese legal subject matter experts of the Portuguese justice system. No help from the UK is required and, as it happens with any sovereign nation, any suggestions from the outside are not welcome.

The rogatory letter from SY requests diligences to be executed by PJ.

It should say who is requested to be questioned – certainly with the appropriate reasons as to why – and the questions to be asked.

The evaluation of what individual rights have to be guaranteed and what legal status under which these persons are to be heard by the Portuguese authorities is of sole responsibility of the Portuguese justice system.

UK has no right imposing any conditions in this process.

As we keep repeating, the time for UK to be an Empire has long gone. Whatever happened to Maddie happened in a sovereign Portugal. There’s no way around that.

We know and fully understand that all the problems the truth about the Maddie case may arise are internal to the UK. But sovereignty is sovereignty. PJ doesn’t tell SY how to work in the UK and SY doesn’t go to Portugal and determine, or even propose, how PJ works in Portugal.

SY has absolutely nothing to agree or disagree on this matter.

That said, there shouldn’t be any disagreement. If this was a normal process.

But if this was a normal process, then the rogatory letter would have arrived, the prosecutor would have authorised its diligences, with or without eventual restrictions, and would have dispatched it to PJ for execution. PJ would have convened persons to be questioned, ask them what was required to be asked and send the responses back to UK.

If this was a normal process, it certainly wouldn’t take the 20 days it was planned to take to convene the various PoI for questioning.

That fact alone means that Haywhimee was affected. Phone must have started to make calls. To guarantee that there was enough time to react.

All those precious calls to Aisletakecare and Influenceville. Maybe even some to Unmentionable City, the capital of that very real country called Nepotiland that doesn’t appear on any map.

As we have said, we think Robert Murat is a true Haywhimeean. He does say he hasn’t been notified and we shall trust. A notification is only the official way of informing a person of something.

The readers of the blog know that we believe that Robert Murat played a pivotal part in the events that were happening before whatever happened to Maddie and that had nothing to do with her or her fate as well as a crucial role in what was decided to do right after the little girl died.

But we may be wrong, so let’s stick with what Robert Murat had to say himself, as we pointed out in our “The Devil's Finger is in the Detail” post (11JUN2011):

“To recap, Robert Murat made the following infamous observation to David Jones of The Daily Mail on June 2nd 2007: “ Basically, I'm just an ordinary straightforward guy who's the victim of the biggest f.... up on the planet”, but the rest of the quote is less well remembered “If you want my opinion, it had to involve someone on the inside who works at the Ocean Club.”” 

But now that it seems he’s apparently going to be questioned again, he will have the opportunity to explain why he has this opinion of HAVING to involve someone on the inside who works at the Ocean Club

Also, as we are sure he has by now read the PJ Files, he might use this re-interviewing to give his opinion as to why he, on the night of May 3rd, was seen ONLY by members of the T7 outside his house and in the vicinity of apartment 5A when so many people were walking all over Luz looking for Maddie.

One of the T7 was so sure she saw him that she even pointed him out to the PJ, from inside a van, as Bundleman. As the man with a girl in his arms that SY assures us was Crèche Dad.

Another thing that Murat could possibly clarify, in case computer “814” belonged to him, would be why the 2 surges (05FEB2007 - 807 hits and 16MAY2007 - 76 hits) of interest swinging, like we showed in our  “Why Swing?” post (04APR2014)

And of course, it goes without saying, that we’re all curious – we’re sure authorities are too – as to what exactly he meant about the Maddie case being “the biggest f.... up on the planet

We could not help notice the return on Sky News of Martin Brunt to the Maddie case after Brenda Leyland's death. The irony was him being having to report about Murat, who we know, were on very friendly terms back in May 2007 as per our post “The Murat/Brunt Get-Together” (06JUL2012).

Under the penalty of being repetitive, we think Murat is a Haywhimeean. And the calls we think he's made have produced effects as the delay shows as well as his appearances in the media lately.

There are still 3 UK nationals to be identified (or 2 if one takes the naming of the gardener as truthful) plus the Central/Eastern woman, if she’s not Michaela.

And we still have the other 6 PoIs. One cannot assume they’re all Portuguese as the nationality counting within these 11 people has been very dynamic. Of the 11, we only have the certainty of Murat and Michaela.

Are any of the others Haywhimeeans? A haywhymeean in this case doesn’t necessarily have to be a UK national. They could be Portuguese, for example.

Can they be Aisletakecarers or even Influencevillans?

We’re curious. Some names do come to our minds.

But we could be disappointed and all turn out to be as defenceless as the “July arguidos”. We’ll see in 2015.

But the fact that now having so overtly played the Murat card it means Government BHs really, really mean business.

However, the 20 day questioning session scheduled and its ulterior delay until next year also means very clearly that after 7 and a half years, Government apparently still doesn’t have enough strength to put a clean closure to this issue.

Aisletakecare, Influenceville and Unmentionable City are still not ready to concede anything and all Haywhimeeans are counting on that

The fierce arm-wrestling between the Government BH and the Swinging BH continues.

But the Black Hat edifice is crumbling.

The erosion it’s suffering is happening at a really fast rate and the effects of the damage to the structure is beginning to show.

An example of this was the Channel 5 – Global Obsession, last Tuesday 18NOV2014, unjustly, in our opinion, criticised by many as mere propaganda for the McCanns.

(youtube video here)

Yes, the McCanns appear to have been glorified in this documentary. But if one pays close attention, one can see that’s not exactly the case.

Let’s forget for a moment the many, many mistakes, inaccuracies, imprecision and omissions the documentary contains and just read some of the things that were said in it:

1:01 - media portrayed as McCann's minions:

“It did feel to the world of journalism sometimes as though we were being used.”

1:40 - McCanns the suing money making machines:

“It was a story that would end in High Court costing the British media hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages.”


“But I do think the British media sank below their fairly low usual standards.”


“To begin with there was consensus, every journalist accepted their story.”


“…but of course, everybody, all of us, thought we were looking for a child that had wandered away.”


“It was just 2 days since Madeleine’s disappearance but already the McCann’s relationship with the media was already starting to fracture.”


“Nobody understood pretty well why the prosecutor didn’t want to charge the McCanns for neglect.”


“…and in an unprecedented move the British government flew a media expert to Praia da Luz to advise them.”I can’t remember where the government has acted as PR advisot/minder for a family in a situation like this.”


“The McCanns mission was to keep Madeleine in the papers and on our TVs. At the start we had unparalleled access to the McCanns, however difficult it seemed for them.”


“I was as desperate as anyone to find out what was happening but like many journalists at the time, I was also becoming aware of the McCanns media campaign.”


“The McCanns were at a crossroads, the police wouldn’t speak to them, the press was starting to report rumours and the little girl was still missing.”


“It was they who decided to take hold of the campaign themselves, the government became concerned with the rumour-mill too and flew in former journalist Clarence Mitchell  from the cabinet office to advise the couple, and the McCanns hired their own PR expert, former parliamentary candidate and friend Justine McGuiness.”


“The price for keeping her in the headlines meant that sightings were reported from all over the world, but they were all red herrings.”


“I think unconsciously people recognised that they were in some way being spoon-fed and they don’t like it, and if poor Mr and Mrs McCann have experienced some hostility from the public, and they have, and it’s been awful and totally underserved, it will be partly because the public have noticed, perhaps unconsciously, that the campaign has been run into a too professional manner.”


“And some sections of the press were beginning to notice a change in the public opinion.”


“And I can’t understand why they’re in the papers every couple of days.”


“Feels like favouritism, because they’re always… they’re always campaigning, they’re getting money there, left right and centre.”


“…and this is my dilemma, the media has the final say on who gets their attention and why and it all comes down to selling papers, getting readership and, for us, connecting with the viewers and winning the ratings war.”


“I think that it’s obvious that the media was far more interested in circulation and viewership than the fate of this poor little girl.”


“By early June and with no answers and no real new news to report, the media started to ask tougher questions, the fragile relationship between Kate and Gerry and the press started to break down.”


“The reason the press worldwide was involved in this story, from all over the world, is because Gerry McCann made it his business, to, as he put it in an interview with me, market his child, he called it the marketing of Madeleine McCann.”


“128 days after Madeleine the media had the massive story they had been waiting for. On September the 8th, the McCanns were hit by a bombshell, after being interviewed separately by Portuguese police, they were made arguidos, suspects.”


“And it felt like a terrible act of betrayal to be leaving Portugal without them being found… without Madeleine being found.”


“Look, they were the ones who hauled in the press in the first place, they were the ones who kept the press going when everything got quiet… so let’s look at it this way, the McCanns were in bed with a very, very difficult ally, and they hated the ally but they needed the ally.”


“…but this move also moved the suspicion. “A lot of people think that Public Relations or having a spokesman is some sort of penicillin… it’s not. Public Relations only works if… if a product is good””


“The McCanns seemed to be losing the campaign, sections of the press were more interested in them as suspects than looking for Madeleine, but despite the negative coverage, the McCanns fought on.”


“On March the 19th, the McCanns accepted half a million pounds of libel damages and front page apologies from the Express group newspapers. “Overall, long term trend, made no difference whatsoever, and later you could say that helped eat into their credibility, so I think it was a bad episode, a huge mistake””


“The things that made them very appealing to the press in the early days, worked against them eventually.”


“People initially said that they seemed to be too good to be true.”

Besides this we had headlines that were harmful for the McCanns:

Also, pictures of the McCanns that didn’t favour them in any way:

It was also, finally, shown the footage of the joy of the couple on Maddie’s 4th birthday, just a week after she had disappeared:

And we even had the title of GA’s book title translated so that public would fully see the words “truth” and “lie”:

On top of all this we had this bit about the dogs.

Notice how the occurrence of death is emphasised. It was as if the blood dog wasn’t even there. Death was what was highlighted:


“In mid-July, 9 weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance, British sniffer-dogs. Trained to smell blood and dead bodies were called in to examine the McCanns’ apartment and hire car. The apartment had been sealed off since Madeleine went missing and corpse odour was apparently discovered in the McCanns bedroom by the wardrobe, in the living room behind the sofa and outside on the veranda and in a flowerbed, and in the car the McCanns had hired to spread the word of the campaign 25 days after Madeleine’s disappearance was also apparently found corpse odour in the boot.”

We have never seen so much information, damaging to the McCanns, put together and shown publicly about the Maddie case as in this documentary.

The 01SEPT Sky News Report assumed UK authorities had bungled up the relationship between the British and Portuguese police and that Mr Amaral had been wrongly sacked. Only when speaking about Mr Amaral’s sacking is there a mention about favouritism given to the McCanns: “that early bad feeling led to the sacking of the original Portuguese Detective-Chief Gonçalo Amaral. He was fired after suggesting in an interview that the British police were not independent and appeared to be working for the McCanns.”

This documentary takes things against the McCanns much, much further.

Maddie’s death abounds throughout it.

Why there were no negligence charges was clearly questioned.

There was a clear emphasis put on the fact the McCanns were suspects.

What was highlighted was the incomprehensible and unprecedented participation in this case of the UK government.

The public was reminded of the suing battles (we wonder why – not – the £50,000 from the libel of McCanns v The Times was left out) and the money the McCanns have made in court.

The couple was portrayed as being obsessed with the media and with marketing their own daughter.

The documentary is filled with words and imagery harmful to the McCanns. To their image and credibility.

It filled the public’s mind with both subliminal and overt messages to increase its hostility against the couple.

A public hostility that the documentary acknowledges and confirms. Reason dictates that no media campaign can account for such a general negative opinion about a couple who has lost a daughter.

It was like watching a documentary about the beauty of roses but with a very clear and objective emphasis on the thorns.

Yes, roses are beautiful but those nasty thorns of theirs simply cling to cloth and they will destroy a silk dress like cat claws on curtains. And let me not talk about damages on velvet covered furniture. A dreadful nightmare. They do smell nice but those pointy things are like blades on skin and I have lost count of how many times I had to go buy more and more disinfectant for the cuts. The flowers are charming but the thorns are brown, ugly and honestly a nuisance. If only roses didn’t have them… mind you, I love roses, but… you know, roses are indeed red also red is the blood that is spilled after the thorns rip the skin.

Did the words above make you love roses more or less? Yet it is said they are beautiful, that they do smell nice and that they are charming.

In our opinion, the C5 documentary was the McCanns being offered a bouquet of roses made up of 3 dozen very prickly stems and only half a dozen of them had flowers.

The media is clearly starting to withdraw its troops from the “McCann camp” and beginning to find excuses to deploy them to the other camp.

Times are changing and over the horizon can be sensed winds blowing in the opposite direction. Now is the time to lower sails from what is rapidly becoming a mere draft and a pestilent one at that.

In the documentary, the press excuses their horrid behaviour because of profit-seeking – which will always be a permanent truth – and because of that uncontrollable media-crazed Gerry McCann who has, almost single-handedly, been able to run a world-wide media campaign of unseen proportions during the past 7 and a half years.

The reason given for this astounding capability is the fact the McCanns are middle-class people and because of this they have means available to them they wouldn’t have if they belonged to the working-class.

Let that be a lesson to a Mohamed Al-Fayed who has tirelessly made an effort to keep in the UK headlines the motives (the blog is NOT subscribing any of them) he believes are behind the death of a British female citizen in a foreign country, one Diana Spencer.
It seems, at least according to the documentary, that to be able to control the UK media one has to be middle-class.

Any other social status won’t do. It doesn’t matter if you’re scandalously rich. If one is not middle-class and articulate then it’s no use even trying.

But watching the documentary, one has to ask in what Interstellar world was it filmed? It certainly was not on planet Earth.

It must have been from Dr Mann’s planet because saying that 2 days after Maddie disappeared the relationship between the McCanns started to fracture is to be a bigger and more desperate a liar than Dr Mann himself.

As far as we can remember the only time the UK media was hostile to the McCanns was in those months of August and September 2007, when there was a tiny glimmer of hope justice would happen in a timely manner.

Before and after that, UK media has been as tame as a SY Officer on all fours on Praia da Luz soil.

Lately, basically in the last year and a half, things have slowly, slowly been changing. We have been the only ones who have alerted readers from the start of this fact.

We did note that not a word was mentioned about the disgraceful behaviour of the UK media about Mr Amaral, the PJ, Portugal and the Portuguese.

We could not let pass one detail from the documentary. The example of how an image is indeed worth more than a thousand words.

In the “reconstruction”, Kate finds the kid’s bedroom door wide open (door opening in the wrong direction) and this is what she supposedly sees:

The fact that the window is open is perfectly visible.

However, it seems Kate McCann needed to have the door slam shut in front of her and to reopen it to realise this fact.

Finally, please read attentively the last words of the documentary. It says much more than many realised when watching this last Tuesday


“So why is Madeleine McCann on the front pages all these years on? Sure, story sells newspapers, it boosts ratings, but it’s because you, you want to know, whether it’s because of your cynicism of the McCanns and the way they marketed their daughter, because it’s the unsolved mystery, because, perhaps is every parents’ worst nightmare or but there for the grace of God go I, whatever the reason you’d have to be cold-hearted indeed not to wish closure on this for the McCanns, and that story, the eventual discovery of Madeleine, will be the biggest yet”


  1. Textusa, looks like your well wishes to Ines have worked: The postponement is not expected to be too lengthy, with sources saying that once clarity had been received from Portimão Public Prosecutor Inês Sequeira regarding the legalities flagged by Portuguese police, interviews would be re-scheduled “within ten to 15 days”.

    Madeleine - Police could re-interview Robert Murat as a witness
    by Brendan de Beer, in News • 20-11-2014 14:32:00 • 0 Comments
    British expat Robert Murat, the first person to be declared a suspect or arguido in the Madeleine McCann investigation back in 2007, is among the 11 people British police want to talk to in a fresh round of questioning.
    Questioning of seven suspects and the interviewing of four witnesses had been slated to start next Monday, but was postponed on Tuesday evening this week due to what Portuguese authorities termed “legal issues.”

    A source close to the investigation told The Portugal News on Wednesday that Robert Murat has been listed as one of the four witnesses by Scotland Yard. Seven potential suspects have also been identified.

    The postponement is not expected to be too lengthy, with sources saying that once clarity had been received from Portimão Public Prosecutor Inês Sequeira regarding the legalities flagged by Portuguese police, interviews would be re-scheduled “within ten to 15 days”.

    Speaking to The Portugal News on Wednesday, Robert Murat said neither he nor his lawyer had received a formal request to appear before detectives in the Algarve, but said he “would do so freely”.

    “My conscience is clear and I have no problem speaking to police again”.

    Asked whether he was concerned about these latest reports, he replied: “I have more important things to worry about, like running my business and paying my taxes.”

    Robert Murat, who runs an IT business in the Algarve, added that he would be taking some time off as he did not want to be hounded by the world’s media as a result of this latest revelation, even if he has only been identified as a mere witness and not a formal suspect.

    Back in 2008, Robert Murat received 757,000 euros in damages from a number of British newspapers for false allegations they published with regards to disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    He also received an apology from the newspapers over allegations they made regarding his private life since Madeleine went missing from Praia da Luz in May 2007.
    Included in the settlement were Michaela Wulczach and Sergey Malinka, who were similarly victims of the false reports.

    Robert Murat had launched legal action against 11 newspapers and one broadcaster in what was the highest number of claims ever made against different British media in the same case.

    Eight newspapers were specifically targeted, while three others were said to have been “peripheral” to the case.

    Robert Murat said at the time he felt “vindicated” and expressed hope he could “get on with his life” after months in the wilderness and being the victim of numerous attacks on his character in both the British and Portuguese press.

    The out-of-court settlement, was £50,000 higher than that received by Kate and Gerry McCann from the Express Group of Newspapers.

    This ruling was followed last year by a Lisbon Court ordering national daily Correio da Manhã to pay a total of 15,000 euros in damages to Robert Murat for libelous claims it made about his lifestyle.

  2. Thanks for this post Textusa. I must say that when I read about Robert Murat being questioned I could almost hear the 'phones' ringing. The more people like me who have learned to 'hear the phones' behind the scenes, the more credit to you. The silence of the lambs and the ringing of the phones

  3. hi Textusa.
    I find it somewhat incredulous the amount of people, at least two Prime ministers 3 home Secretaries, British Consuls and associates,high profile, paid advocates ,mouthpieces and former Police Officers,QC's and CR-ucked have been involved with a little missing girl,"Madeline".
    The spinmeisters and MSM, (sky) ought to be ashamed of themselves about the way that their time served journalists, were undoubtedly pernicious in the treatment of Mrs Brenda Leyland, I can only hope that Mrs Leyland is at rest. I do not know the family, but would like to express my condolences to the relatives, next of kin of Mrs. Brenda Leyland.(RIP)
    I can only hope that coroner is presented with factual dated evidence of the campaign that was directed deliberately and targeting of this Lady,that may have caused her to seek solace and escape the unjust persecution. A quote from a former CEOP director, "we will seek out these bullies and make sure they are named and shamed", well done big Jim, happy now!
    DCI Redwood is looking for a "Patsy?", Kennedy's Death, oh I forgot that wasn't a conspiracy was it? I do not claim to know what has developed in the disappearance of Madeline McCann 3 May 2007, but I would like Mr Redwood and his cohorts to obtain the UK phone records of a special group of friends who were holidaying with Madeline's, Mum,Dad and siblings prior to her "Abduction",Mr Redwood has obtained Portugal telephone records,quid pro quo now Andy?
    I wonder if the British Consul for Foreign Affairs is available to represent one of the first named arquido's in the former investigation this time round, as they had done so assiduously for a person, who chose not to comment as to whether or not, he knew one of the witness/suspect then and is one of the latest 11 suspects,in the review? hey-ho only the rest of the world to interview,eliminate.whyistme?
    SY's remit request is a review of the case, note, not to "re-investigate as to what actually happened". £10,000,000 Ker ching, at least the fund isn't paying for it.
    The UK Police are bound to run out of funds soon what with all of these latest scandals of child abuse to investigate, but as always forty years on since child abuse,possible homicides, at Elm Guest House, SY and the Met had mysteriously no inkling of what was going on in their own backyard, House of Parliament have (114 case files disappear,Dickenson's dossier) FSS destroying DNA from UK database,Why?
    CAT files emptied of their contents under UK control,who used to work at CEOP and a suspect in a case has manuals in their possession that can only be obtained from specialist source's in the UK,July 2007.
    The same person had a lot to say about how the Portugal PJ investigated the case, PJFiles ,former Irish Policeman, Kincora boys home?
    It certainly is a Rats nest, isn't it just.

  4. Thank you Textusa, fascinating as always.

    I must admit, apart from the last words of the CH5 documentary, I didn't notice as much negativity towards the McCanns as you did, but that's me being inattentive and watching it with a preconceived idea that it would be pro-McCann I think.

    I will watch it again with a different mind.

    Those last words did stand out though to me. I'd go as far as saying "that story, the eventual discovery of Madeleine, will be the biggest yet” sounded a bit like a threat?

    Perhaps threat is too strong a word, but this much I do know, the UK media, which has been gagged for so long, will let loose their hounds when they're able, to rip apart the prey.

    (Their cowardice in not doing their job properly up until now is another subject.)

    As regards the police investigation, as well as events in Portugal, something we don't know is what "interviews" might have been going on in the UK. If there is any, or has been any, we won't be told at this stage.

    Another small point, Clarence Mitchell seems to have gone silent?

    Interesting times :)

    Nuala x


    Portuguese ex-PM Socrates held in fraud inquiry

    Portugal's former Socialist prime minister Jose Socrates was arrested as part of an inquiry into tax fraud, corruption and money laundering, the public prosecutor's office announced.

    Socrates is one of four people who have been held in recent days, three of whom appeared before a judge on Friday, the prosecutor said in a statement.

    More than 60 police, customs officers and justice officials carried out raids at several unspecified locations ahead of the arrests.

    Socrates, 57, was arrested in the afternoon as he arrived at Lisbon airport and will appear in court on Saturday, Portuguese media said.

    The investigation centres on bank operations and money transfers from an unknown source, the prosecutor's office said.

    But it made clear that the case under which Socrates was held is not linked to the arrest in July of Ricardo Saldago, former head of stricken Portuguese lender Banco Espirito Santo (BES).

    The news of his arrest comes hard on the heels of another scandal which cost Portugal's Interior Minister Miguel Macedo his job on Sunday.

    Macedo resigned after several senior government officials were arrested as part of a probe into money laundering and influence-peddling around so-called "golden visas".

    Under the "golden visa" scheme, foreign investors buying property worth 500,000 euros ($620,000) or more and keeping it for at least five years receive residency rights in Portugal and, more importantly, visa-free travel throughout the European Union's Schengen zone.

    Portugal rolled out the programme in 2012 while grappling with a debt crisis.

    Macedo, 55, who had been in the job since 2011, said he "had no personal responsibility" in the case but his "political authority" had been weakened by the scandal.

    Deputy Prime Minister Paulo Portas said Thursday it would be a mistake to stop offering wealthy foreign investors the "golden visas".

    Socialist Socrates, who has described himself as a "ferocious animal" when it comes to campaigning, resigned in 2011 after the parliamentary opposition, led by the Social Democrats, rejected his minority government's fourth austerity package in just under a year.

    Two weeks later Portugal was forced to request a bailout package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund because of its inability to meet its refinancing obligations, a move Socrates had resisted for months.

    The arrest of the former Socialist leader comes at a bad time for Lisbon mayor Antonio Costa, set to be named Saturday as the main opposition party's secretary general following a ballot in which he was the only candidate.

    Socrates led the Socialists to their first majority in parliament in 2005 just a year after he was elected leader of the party.

    The former premier faced several other controversies which tarnished his image during his six years in power.

    He has faced repeated questions over clearance he gave for the construction of a shopping mall on protected land near Lisbon when he was environment minister, just days before a 2002 general election in which the Socialists lost power.

    An investigation into the so-called "Freeport" case, named after the shopping mall, was finally shelved in July 2010.

    There have been questions, too, over the authenticity of his university degree.

    After he left office Socrates studied at the institute of policy studies in Paris before returning to Portugal to start a new career as a commentator on RTP public television.

  6. Advogado de Sócrates chega ao tribunal. E demorou cinco minutos
    João Araújo começou por dizer que é estagiário mas acabou por admitir que representa José Sócrates.

    Rui Gustavo |
    11:08 Sábado, 22 de novembro de 2014

    Nuno BotelhoEntrou, demorou cinco minutos e saiu. Não quis dizer se Sócrates será ouvido hoje. 'Não é certo'. João Araújo já foi advogado da mãe do ex-primeiro-ministro.


    22.11.2014 10:10
    José Sócrates já está no Tribunal
    Antigo primeiro-ministro dormiu na sede da PSP.

    11h00 - João Araújo, que em 2013 era advogado da mãe de Sócrates, apresentou-se no Tribunal como defensor do agora detido. Interpelado pelos jornalistas à saída do edifício, foi evasivo nas respostas, ficando por esclarecer quando será ouvido o seu constituinte.

    10h40 - Chegou um advogado ao Campus da Justiça, que também se escusou a falar.

    10h15 - José Sócrates chegou ao Campus de Justiça, em Lisboa, onde deverá ser ser ouvido pelo juiz Carlos Alexandre no Tribunal Central de Instrução Criminal (TCIC).

    11h00 - João Araújo, que em 2013 era advogado da mãe de Sócrates, apresentou-se no Tribunal como defensor do agora detido. Interpelado pelos jornalistas à saída do edifício, foi evasivo nas respostas, ficando por esclarecer quando será ouvido o seu constituinte.

    10h40 - Chegou um advogado ao Campus da Justiça, que também se escusou a falar.

    10h15 - José Sócrates chegou ao Campus de Justiça, em Lisboa, onde deverá ser ser ouvido pelo juiz Carlos Alexandre no Tribunal Central de Instrução Criminal (TCIC).

    08h50 - Chegaram ao Campus da Justiça, em Lisboa, três carros descaracterizados, em marcha de emergência, que se dirigiram para as garagens. Vinte minutos depois dava entrada no Departamento Central de Investigação e Ação Penal Paula Lourenço, advogada de, pelo menos, dois dos arguidos, que não quis prestar declarações aos jornalistas.

    Noite passada no Cometlis

    O antigo primeiro-ministro passou a noite no Cometlis - Comando Metropolitano de Lisboa da PSP, em Moscavide.

    Nas instalações do tribunal estão já Carlos Manuel dos Santos Silva (na foto em baixo) empresário da Covilhã, amigo de longa data de Sócrates, ex-administrador do grupo Lena.

    O advogado Gonçalo Ferreira e Joaquim Lalanda de Castro, representante da multinacional farmacêutica Octapharma, são os outros detidos no âmbito da investigação que envolve o ex-primeiro-ministro José Sócrates.

    O CM sabe que Carlos Santos Silva comprou três apartamentos a Maria Adelaide Carvalho Monteiro, mãe do ex-primeiro-ministro, por 775 mil euros – só o quarto andar da rua Castilho, em Lisboa, rendeu 600 mil euros. Neste negócio, realizado em 2012, o advogado Gonçalo Ferreira foi procurador de Maria Adelaide. Em agosto de 2013, a mãe de José Sócrates tinha uma dívida fiscal de 47 mil euros por conta da venda destes imóveis.

    "Três dos detidos foram presentes ao juiz de instrução criminal durante o dia de sexta-feira, sendo que os interrogatórios serão retomados este sábado. Também este sábado, o quarto arguido será presente ao juiz de instrução. Foram ainda realizadas buscas em vários locais, tendo estado envolvidos nas diligências quatro magistrados do Ministério Público, e sessenta elementos da Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira e da Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP), entidades que coadjuvam o Ministério Público nesta investigação", acrescenta um comunicado emitido sexta-feira à noite pela Procuradoria Geral da República.

    Este é um caso que promete agitar não só o meio judicial, mas igualmente a política portuguesa, numa altura em que António Costa vai ser eleito secretário-geral do Partido Socialista, depois de ter vencido as eleições primárias para candidato a primeiro-ministro.

  8. DO NOT PUBLISH at 22 Nov 2014 11:44:00,

    We don't believe in unattended children or tapas dining that night. Tapas was a gathering, under enormous stress, not a dining venue that night.

    And it's possible that they did eat there on another occasion, maybe daytime, but not round a BRT

  9. I would like to ref Freeport scandal. The shopping mall and corruption allegations. It was said Gordon Brown would drop this inquiry if Socrates dropped the Maddie case.

  10. Sol reports

    courtesy of the

    By Felicia Cabrita and Margarida Davim
    04 August 2007

    "Looking for Madeleines' body"

    final para....

    Sol knows that Gerry McCann has regular contact with Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister. Clarence Mitchell – who was the first spokesman for the McCanns and is now in the press cabinet at Nr. 10, Downing Street – confirms those contacts. "I know there is a communication line between Gerry and Gordon Brown. I know they talk. But I don't know what they talk about, because those are informal conversations", he clarified, further adding: "The Madeleine case is treated whenever there are bilateral meetings between Portugal and the United Kingdom. Gordon Brown is sensitive to the case and wants it solved quickly".

  11. from Hideho

    KazLux posted this on Sun Feb 17, 2008 7:34 am and I think it has relevance here. I thought I had already translated it myself but could not find it on this thread so here it is. 16.02.2008 Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread


    "It will not be an easy task as they have had the time and the advice to help them prepare themselves for the interrogations” stated a British police officer, explaining that the McCann couple and their friends have had recourse to lawyers and other experts to help them prepare and organise themselves.

    The investigators, in the United Kingdom as well as in Portugal, have been surprised by a report, made by a group of specialists related to intelligence services, that detailed and revealed the quality of the organisation that has created itself around the parents of Madeleine and the group of friends that accompanied them during their stay in Portugal.

    "This is not the work of parents. It's too professional for it to be the work of a couple of doctors, however intelligent they are" our source affirms.

    The report, effected in the margin of the investigations by the Police Judiciaire, reveals that the McCann machine has left nothing to coincidence and that each movement on the terrain, each information voluntarily divulged to certain media has been studied before and prepared with well defined objectives.

    Lawyers, consultants in communication and image, former soldiers of fortune, detectives, police officers, journalists, doplomats, politicians, IT-specialists amongst others, are part of a kind of well oiled machine where the goal of finding Madeleine seems to have been replaced with another (goal): to direct, and to discredit, the inquiry. A long term work that represents a financial cost that surpasses the amounts donated to the Find Madeleine Fund.

    In a practical sense all has started in the same night of the disappearance of the little British (girl): the listing of calls from the Ocean Club and those of the cell phones used by Gerry and Kate have revealed some very strange receivers (of calls), surpassing by far the simple appeal to the family or to the police."

  12. Seems like Nepotiland does exist.

  13. from Sky News 22.11.14
    By Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent

    Gordon Brown is poised to announce that he is to quit as an MP at the next election after 32 years in the Commons, Sky sources have revealed.

    One close colleague predicted he may write to Labour Party members in his Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency as early as the next few days and make a formal announcement before Christmas.

    "Gordon always holds a function for his party members at Christmas and if I were a betting man, I would bet that he will make an announcement then," the source told Sky News.

    Mr Brown is holding a Christmas party for local councillors and party officials in Kirkcaldy on Monday, 1 December, and he is tipped to reveal the news then.

    Another senior source told Sky News: "I'm reliably informed he will make an announcement in the coming weeks."

  14. There is a direct link between MSM, Sky and their media coverage,deliberate misinformation?,Big Jim, former CEOP has stated to public" peadophiles do not have to be given custodial sentences for viewing indecent images", Some say that, Jim could be the new chairman on the current child abuse investigation team(Operation Ore credit card evidence, 33 sucide deaths?) Martin Blunt, Lori Campbell, Ian Woods and last but not least Clarence Mitchell.
    Clarence, was involved with the investigation of the death of crime watch presenter Jill Dando. "Jill, was about to uncover a large group of "peadophiles, some from within BBC," Saville, " Before she met with her "untimely Death on her front door step" Actual killer has not been caught, SY investigation.
    One of the leading officers on the Jill Dando case, deliberately falsified the ballistic gun evidence against his suspect, the suspect was Barry George, who had by now served eight years of imprisonment before being released on an appeal that his Lawyers proved doubt about him being found "Guilty", the former Police Officer in that case is an "assistant to DCI Redwood" in the review of Madeline MCCanns Abduction/missing person case!?
    I wonder if Lori is related to him?
    Clarence also closely investigated the "Soham Murders" where bye Lori,and Clarence both made statements with assimilations comparing a certain arquido, as the suspect in the Madeline McCann case! more misinformation, Not forgetting the unbiased Tapas crew ID of Mr. Murat? Retracted by the creche Dad witness/ sighting to Leicstershire Police Force statement of witness, 2008?
    A certain Mr. Kennedy flew to Ireland and had a "private conversation with the Smith familiy and then met with Lawyers present at the first named arquido and his Mother's place of residence in Portugal"?
    A family member of the McCann/Healy, John Conor made a documentary of the family life, of how they coped with their loss of Madeline, whilst they were in Portugal. In the documentary Mr. Gerry Mc Cann is shown wearing a surgeon's glove on his right hand inside the family rented Renualt Scenic,who wears surgeons gloves to put shopping into a car? Perhaps DCI Redwood would care to review who actually rented the Renault Scenic, paying attention to the "Mr. John Brown" and good friends who were there during that period, him being a top quality Policeman with his years of detection!
    Do not hold your breath too long though.

  15. where can i find the clip showing GM wearing surgeons gloves whilst loading shopping into the hire car. That seems to incredible does he think he was HH.

    1. Anonymous 23 Nov 2014 21:06:00,

      This one at 4:57?

  16. I remember there as some discussion about this in another forum, some people swore they could see gloves, other couldn't. I, personaly, think it is just a light reflex, enhanced by the yellow "good quality wrist band" he's wearing, which looks like the cuff of a latex glove.
    But I can be completely wrong...

    1. I had a look and in my opinion Gerry is definitely wearing gloves as he leans out of the car - you can clearly see a yellow glove on one hand. What's odd about is, he only seems to be packing boxes. Earlier you can see gloves lying on top of a box in the back of the car. It could have been edited out of sequence - car booth first, then the shot of Gerry leaning/ducking out of the back of the car. But most clearly - gloves.

  17. Hi Textusa,just a quick question.
    When Jan Tanner's partner was re-interviewed by Leicester Constabulary in UK 2008 over the disappearance of Madeline 3 May 2007.
    I have read that they apparently read JT's, PJ statement back to him before questioning him as to what he could verify / disclose to Leicester Police to assist them this investigation? Is it possible that you can verify if this actually happened as I find this extremely worrying odd behaviour prior to any possible charges being commissioned by a Police force working in a Joint investigation! on the abduction / missing person case?
    Where Police Officers present from PJ when JT's partner was re-interviewed in the UK 2008?

    1. Anonymous 24 Nov 2014 14:27:00,

      As always, any clarification from those qualified to state the legal position is welcome.


      an opinion on rogs


    Balu is the "barrister"
    His first statement is referred to but not in PJ files.
    Jensen statement isn't in files.
    C Pennington accuses RM, she should know as he translated her statement!


    Handyman found note in apartment in 2008 which police ignored!!!
    The most raked over apartment in PDL and everyone missed the note?!!
    Sounds like Hewlett's son's burned letter story.
    And he only thought to raise this story after 7 years?

  20. “I spoke to the other staff about it and they said to hand it in to the Portuguese police. I gave it to them, but I have no idea what they did about it."

    Other staff know about this letter and no one speaks of it for 7 years?

    1. He didnt tell Mcs, in spite of reward offered? Will they fund search of the lake? I doubt it.


    Bravura dam was searched:

    "45. Given the number of days that had passed since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann it was considered appropriate to request help from the Lagos Voluntary Firemen who took part in the operations, and on this day carried out searches as the Bravura dam, situated to the north of Odeaxere, using their aquatic equipment, considering that a body that has fallen or been thrown into water tends to surface after 72 hours, this team searched all the branches of the dam using an outboard motor and found nothing suspicious."


  22. Years ago, I was a regular reader of the Mirror. It spoke for decent working people. Today, it's just another worthless rag. But it has stooped to it's lowest point with this rubbish. Badly researched, anti Portuguese propaganda. It's finished. It's heading the same way as News of the World
    "Mirror Mirror on the wall
    Who is the fairest of them all?"
    Said the wicked Queen in Snow White

  23. Hi Textusa, I have just been watching news night on BBC 2 Big Jim former Ceop director speaking about paedoplilia and a Paediatrician Doctor who is to be sentenced shortly for his abuse of patients(children) whilst working as a Doctor for the public.
    Jim go's on to say this happened when he wasn't employed by Ceop,(Phew!) but stated that it is of utmost importance to protect children from abuse, "especially person's who have access to children, personal information about them and their work place to safeguard people." Nothing wrong with that last statement if that is true.
    But who had access for some one, to help have their CAT files 2002 sanitised from the Police National Data Base? Same person so called had Credit Cards Stolen, but no credit cards whilst in Portugal but Renault Scenic was on a credit card? (Operation Ore, credit cards detected, Mr.Peter Mandalson, oh, Dunblane, D-notice for 100yrs? National Security!
    how many deaths or wrongful, unsafe conclusions on Operation Ore, big Jim,Wriggle?
    Jim stated to Emily Mateliss that paedoplie from Channel 4 Doc wanted treatment for his affinity to children, Jim stated, "Get him to take a Polygraph test and analyse the questions /answers as he did not believe the guy was safe, would you let him mind your children?" Wonder if Jim will offer this to Two special chums?
    Later on we have Sir Malcom Rifkind, speaking about the Internet companies were at fault for not notifying Government Officials to correspondence posted about one of the suspects five accounts, one alluding to the killing of a soldier five months before the dastardly innocent murder of Mr Lee Rigby, May he rest in peace and sincere condolences to Mr. Rigby's widow and family in regard to this subject.
    The company had managed to close down four of his accounts but failed to have closed the fifth one down.
    MI5, MI6 and GHCHQ had tracked the two culprits for years with connections to terrorism,drugs, one of them forced to return back to the UK from Kenya during that conflict? I just went for some sun, Man.
    Guess what, MI6, MI5 failed to keep close enough tabs on the two suspects for eighteen months,they missed at least seven opportunities to apprehend the suspects!
    In the last month Apr/May, they had closed down most their surveillance operations on one of the suspects,the second suspect had a "Delayed directive to be issued against him the day before the slaying of Mr. Lee Rigby!?
    The Audacity of this person ,who is sitting on a Government Investigation of National Security shifting the blame of how these two murderer's carried out their deeds blaming the internet companies for not allowing the transcript?
    Do not forget who has recently tried to dumb down the press/suppression on the releasing of information to the public about the child abuse scandals from Elm Guest House where MI5, MI6 MP's and special friends had "Private Parties" children dressed as fairy's,wonder if they had their eyes looking in the right places on both of these tragic events Forty years apart!?
    I think I will write to to the main leaders of the Parties in the House of Commons, go to see the Queen and have Parliament closed.
    Declare all MP's currently elected cannot stand for a new parliament until a Public inquiry absolves the innocent of wrong doing in the child abuse scandal.
    All MP's who Voted for the second war in Irag should be brought to account for their Actions.

    1. Anonymous 26 Nov 2014 01:07:00,

      We have said before that there's no evidence CATS files for both K and G were emptied.

      It's a theory that's been around for some time, but nothing to support it, other than file numbers exist but no content in the filies.

      Paedophiles are found in all classes and professions, including doctors and recent reports of failed investigations in the UK are depressing and alarming.

      However, we do not believe paedophilia is involved in the case of Maddie.

    2. But why have CATS files open for those two people, if there was no need to (meaning no information whatsoever to put in the files)? Is it standard procedure to open those kind of files for everyone? Does every UK national have a CATS file, "just in case"...?

    3. Anonymous 26 Nov 2014 16:49:00,

      We don't know but imagine that with all the press attention the case got right away that authorities would set-up files ready for an expected influx of information.

      We think one should rather ask why weren't those files filled than why they were opened.

      If they were filled and then emptied, then your question is pertinent. But there's no proof they were ever filled. The only proof there is, is that they're empty.

      There is a very good thread on the CATs files on JH and we suggest the debate on this subject on that forum. There are also threads on the subject on the various FB groups dedicated to Maddie.

      We are not a debating forum in the sense members can join and put forward very different theories. The best place to do that are forums/FB pages where you can join as a member.

      Thank you.

  24. Hi Textusa.
    Thank you for your reply to my last post and the answer given.
    I was not trying to allude that Paedophilia was the reason for the disappearance of Madeline,
    I was trying to state that when CEOP was set up and CAT files introduced into the Police National Database system,early Criminal Record Base checks were not introduced at the start of the process to the people it was meant to check on, I admit I may be wrong on this point.
    Didn't Mr. Cameron in his early days as Prime Minister, allude to how good Twitter and other internet forums were a wonderful way of exchanging,engaging into dialogue with numerous amounts of people. I believe he also appointed the former face book boss to a position in the House of Lords and who is the boss of Face book, Rupert Murdoch MSM proprietor!
    How much Tax has Facebook paid in the UK since it was set up, moved to new Tax havens?

  25. Brilliant analysis of ongoing events Textusa, I'm not surprised a lot of people didn't see that program for the attack on the BH's that it was, not many of us have the analytical intelligence that you and your team have. Thank god you’re on our side to interpret these for us. So true when you view the final part of the program, the reason they have given for the public still being interested after all these years (unsolved mystery, every parent’s worst nightmare, grace of god go I) were all debunked in the documentary by introducing the Dad of the young boy who disappeared. Even the theory that it remains in the public eye because they were middle class doctors has been debunked by introducing Al fayed who was unable to keep his “quest for the truth” in the limelight despite his millions. Even referring to the Maddie story’s only equal; media wise, the Death of Princess Diana shows that Diana who was a media icon for nearly 20 years, by the time of 1st Anniversary had largely been demoted to the uninteresting section of the media. Yes that’s why it’s had staying power ....they know that we know


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