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Chasing Staff

Recent churnalism about Scotland Yard interest in Ocean Club related suspects led us to revisit the Devil’s Finger post and Robert Murat’s statement that Madeleine’s disappearance had to be an inside job. His words: “If you want my opinion, it had to involve someone on the inside who works at the Ocean Club.”

The alleged note in the receptionist’s book, stating that the group were leaving children unattended whilst they dined, has never been found in the PJ files. So where did Kate find it, as she claimed?

Luisa Ana de Noronha de Azevedo Coutinho was the receptionist who allegedly wrote this note, so we looked at her statement again, to see if there were any indications of where else it might be found.

Whilst doing so, we discovered she was the daughter of another witness, Joan Brenda Smith de Azevedo Coutinho, who was secretary to the director of the Ocean Club (OC).  Joan’s husband was Pedro Miguel de Almeida e Noronha de Azevedo Coutinho.

Just checking this surname revealed something surprising. Luisa is a relative of the Garveigh family, joint owners of the OC.  John Garveigh B 1928 was one of 3 joint owners of the OC, with George Robin Crosland (another witness) and David Symington.

Monica Azevedo Coutinho Marques, yet another witness who was also a receptionist, is Joan’s granddaughter.

In 2009, the press in the UK and Portugal reported on an incident in the USA, relating to Michael Garveigh, son of John Garveigh (one of the owners of Ocean Club, in Algarve, where in May 2007 Maddie McCann disappeared) and of Maria Eugénia de Azevedo Coutinho, making his link to the Ocean Club quite clear.

Until today, no one seems to have made the connection with Luisa. If anyone has, we have never seen a reference to it.

The role of receptionist in the family business is certainly hands-on. Even the family of Portuguese nobility may have to work for a living. We find it very strange as the Ocean Club didn't seem to have any sort of problem in hiring people as the many nannies and other supporting staff.

Surely being able to run a resort with 2 kids clubs (1 with a night crèche), 3 swiming pools & respective bars (4 counting the in-door one), at least 2 restaurants with independent kitchens, Millenium and Tapas (did Adult pool also have a restaurant with an independent kitchen?) and all the staff we know supported watersports, it would be expected that it would be able to also hire receptionists and secretaries outside the family.

Quite a coincidence to find the very person who was said to have arranged for the Tapas 9 to dine at the Tapas Bar every night, and therefore indirectly held to be responsible for alerting the alleged abductor, was one of the Garveigh family.

Silvia Batista, maintenance services director, was called to the Ocean Club that night by George Crosland. Although she had worked for the company since 1986 and knew the Murat family, she says she didn’t know they had any children.

She couldn’t recall what time she saw the person she now knew to be Robert Murat, but she does remember about 60 people were searching.

She suggests that Paul and June from the Duke of Holland bar or Mr Byron of JNB property management should be able to confirm if Robert Murat was there when Madeleine disappeared.

Later, she recalls more details, including Kate’s request for a priest at 3am, which amazed Silvia, as priests are normally requested when a person has died.

We believe that a priest did attend in the early hours; not the following evening, as described in Kate’s book. She doesn’t name him, but the priest who attended was David Heal, the locum priest, accompanied by his wife Pam.

Were David and Pam the “soothing couple” who came not to soothe Madeleine, but Kate?

Silvia should know.

Next week: Chasing Cars & Doctors


  1. Bingo!!!
    The most plausible of the reasons to request a priest at such an inappropriate time of dawn.
    Brilliant as always. Fantastic deduction!!!
    Tocou na mouche!
    I have missed your absence along those last days.


    Business as usual in Praia da Luz

    Robin Crosland has been in the Algarve for more than twenty six years. During that time, he has seen Praia da Luz grow exponentially. The Ocean Club, of which he was architect and co-founder, has played a major role in the development of the once quintessential fishermen’s village and remains in the heart of Luz in more ways than one. In his first press interview since May 3rd, 2007 - the day toddler Madeleine McCann disappeared from Ocean Club apartment 5A, Robin, in a world exclusive, takes The Portugal News through the resort’s history, and how they dealt with one of the most widely publicised incidents in recent memory.

    There are probably very few resort managing directors who know their venue and surrounding areas like Robin knows his. He was responsible for the birth and successful growth of The Ocean Club, and, as a direct result, of Praia da Luz, where he has spent the past 26 years.
    Robin moved to the region in 1982 after having worked as an architect in Nigeria.
    “I came here to help my partners, John Garveigh and David Symington, set up The Ocean Club. I was an architect, not an hotelier, and there was nothing here but fields, orchids, orange groves, olive tress - and a snake and a bull”, he jokes, looking out of his office window that frames the now significantly developed village.
    “We now have 350 developed units and hillside villas. It is a 1,000-bed operation”.
    In recent years Praia da Luz has been branded as one of the Algarve’s few remaining gems; a hotspot for investment, once an ‘up-and-coming’ region, transformed into a cosmopolitan destination.
    Robin’s experience in promoting and selling The Ocean Club’s units – 300 of which are privately owned as holiday homes by Britons, the Portuguese and Dutch – undoubtedly proves that since 1982, property prices have soared tremendously.
    “The first unit we sold, a two-bedroom apartment with sea view, was put on the market for £11,000. That same apartment today is worth around €280,000”, 20 times its original value.
    Back in the early eighties Praia da Luz was just a sleepy fishermen’s village and is still so described in many holiday brochures. But is it actually the case?
    “Sadly all the fishing is gone now”, Robin laments, “but I guess it would have disappeared anyway. There just aren’t many fish left.
    “The fishing industry was forced to move to Lagos when they built the Marina, but Luz is certainly still a very good area to invest in, to buy an apartment or villa. The location and climate are huge selling points, and the beaches are unspoilt. It is still a very pretty, picturesque village”, he says.
    From humble beginnings The Ocean Club has flourished into a multi-million euro set-up.
    As a consequence, its surroundings have flourished too.
    “Many locals found employment through The Ocean Club. Without stating names, I could probably count on two hands the individuals in Praia da Luz who came from simple origins and are now multi-millionaires”.
    Since the management of the resort was taken over by tour operators Mark Warner, Robin has stayed on as managing director, and predicts this is where he will remain “until I retire”.


  3. (cont)

    The Ocean Club resort gained notoriety when it was thrust into the limelight on May 3rd last year, following the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The British toddler’s face was broadcast into homes around the world, as was Praia da Luz, and the Ocean Club became a household name caught amidst an unprecedented media frenzy in Portugal.
    Since last May Ocean Club executives have remained tight-lipped on the incident, and Robin, despite finally opening up, is still reluctant to comment.
    Over the past 16 months reports have sporadically emerged stating that, as a consequence of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, Ocean Club guest figures have plummeted, that people considered Praia da Luz to be an unsafe spot for families and resulted in the temporary tarnishing of the Algarve’s idyllic image.
    Robin is quick to rubbish all of these reports, as have other leading authorities and tourism officials, denying that having the resort’s name associated with one of the biggest child-related mysteries of modern times had a damaging effect.
    “But no one wants that type of publicity, at all”, Robin admits, stating “there were some immediate cancellations, until around October last year, but then things levelled out again”.
    He explains that, after the initial period, these cancellations were not severe and limited mainly to families with pre-school children.
    Forty per cent of the Ocean Club’s visitors are regulars, many of whom return every year.
    “Our regulars know the resort and the area and they know it is not unsafe. They tell their friends and family who tell their friends and family. They have not been put off”.
    Prior to the interview Robin had prepared a written statement to The Portugal News, voicing his view on the world-involving incident.
    “It was of course a terrible tragedy and all our hearts went out to the family, the whole village as well as our staff were deeply upset and the out-pouring of grief was enormous”, he says.
    He carries on explaining how, with much difficulty, he had to continue his role as Managing Director, to ensure The Ocean Club carried out all its responsibilities to their other guests.
    “We still had another 600 guests to look after who had paid to stay with us and who had nothing to do with this event and wanted to enjoy their holiday”.
    A team of psychologists, crisis management experts and senior staff management were sent out by Mark Warner, who Robin guarantees, contrary to reports, are “not pulling out of The Ocean Club”.
    He says that, whilst figures were not as good as in 2006, when the Algarve experienced a mini-boom in tourism, this year “The Ocean Club continued to attract families with children of all ages with the exception of April and early May when there were fewer families with pre-school children. But by June, these had also returned to normal and by July and August things were more or less back to normal occupancy figures”.
    Criticised at the time for its lack of CCTV cameras, as were many resorts last year following the debate for new safety measures, Robin retorts: “Most of the resort is spread throughout the village, the units are accessed via public roads and paths and in Portugal it is illegal to have security video cameras in public places. On private property we don’t need them as we have manned receptions”.

  4. (cont)

    In the meantime, The Ocean Club is planning to make “considerable investments” during this winter, which include upgrading restaurant areas.
    Robin continues, “We pride ourselves on providing good quality accommodation with good friendly service at very competitive rates, all set in the most idyllic scenery. This has always been our policy and it pays off whether there is a recession or a boom period”.
    At present, Robin agrees with the general sentiment that there is a bit of a lull in people’s spending power, and is of the opinion, therefore, that self-catering apartments, such as those of The Ocean Club, are the perfect solution.
    “Twenty five years ago the people who came to Praia da Luz had more money to spend but there were fewer of them. Nowadays there are more people but with less to spend. The advantage of self-catering is it saves money”.
    So after 26 years, having confronted a number of recessions, booms, and a controversy of global significance, what does Robin think of Praia da Luz?
    “Luz is a beautiful, family-friendly, ideal spot for all generations, all seasons of the year.”
    Does he think Praia da Luz is safe?
    “Absolutely”, he replies without hesitation.
    “It is a small, safe community where everybody knows everyone else and their business. This in a way helps to prevent crime. You cannot get away with things like you do in larger resorts”, he argues.
    No further expansion is on the cards for the Ocean Club, but there is always room for improvement.
    “We want to keep doing what we have always done but better. Here in the centre Praia da Luz is now fully developed, so we can’t expand as such, but we can improve our facilities and occupancy”, explains Robin Crosland.
    And what about after retirement, will Robin stay in Luz?
    “We will keep our home here, but we have a lot of travelling to catch up on”.
    Carrie-Marie Bratley

  5. Robin Crosland thinks PdL is a safe place. No mention of burglars or previous attempted break-ins at 5A or elsewhere and 40% of clients come back every year.
    So he is unaware it's the Village of the Damned.

    1. Anonymous 14 Feb 2014 18:01:00

      Maybe the 40% who return are burglars and lurkers, who know the place well! 

  6. I don't know what is hurting Ocean Club more. If one abduction the whole world knew didn't exist or having Scotland Yard saying to the whole world that it was festering with burglars, thieves and generally unpleasant people!!!

  7. "Robin is quick to rubbish all of these reports, as have other leading authorities and tourism officials, denying that having the resort’s name associated with one of the biggest child-related mysteries of modern times had a damaging effect.
    “But no one wants that type of publicity, at all”, Robin admits, stating “there were some immediate cancellations, until around October last year, but then things levelled out again”.
    He explains that, after the initial period, these cancellations were not severe and limited mainly to families with pre-school children."
    No reason for Tapas to stop serving their grilled dinners. And the queues continued, I suppose.

  8. Unpublished anon 15 Feb 2014 08:39:00

    Please resubmit your comment, being clear as to what you mean in the last 2 paras.

    We don't publish cryptic comments.

    Thank you.

  9. Madeleine McCann Cops Hunt Resort Workers
    by Martin Brunt.

    Former Ocean Club Worker Nelson Rodrigues:
    "...waiters, barmans, people from maintenance, the PEOPLE FROM THE RECEPTION, people... the cleaners... it's a lot of staff that time there..."

    Are Luisa and Monica on the "3 suspect" short-list?

    1. Anonymous 15 Feb 2014 09:41:00

      Nelson has forgot to mention nannies and watersports personnel. There were quite a few also.

      On the other hand, we forgot to mention tennis personnel and pool lifeguards.

      After all, as Robin Crosland does say “We now have 350 developed units and hillside villas. It is a 1,000-bed operation”.

      One would think family would have management positions in such a promising large business and certainly not recepcionists/secretaries. But who are we to judge?

  10. I remember reading somewhere that the Murats and Symingtons are related, that David Symington is Robert Murat's cousin, thrice removed. Both the Murat and the Symington families are important "Port wine families", with social and political influence (John Major, ex-british Prime-Minister used to holiday in the Symington's Douro vineyard estate/quinta).




    Look at the chart shown on page 1!
    The connections...

  14. No, you're wrong. No priest visited them that night, the visit occurred the following night after they returned from giving statements. They have just got it wrong in that article - hardly a reliable source

    1. Anonymous 16 Feb 2014 01:07:00,

      Silvia on 2007.07.26 (Pg 1977):

      “A depoente quis também referir que por volta das 03H00 da manhã os pais de Madeleine pediram a presença de um padre no local. Não explicaram a razão porque queriam um padre mas a depoente estranhou tal facto pois não havia indicações de que a menina estivesse morta e é nessas circunstâncias que habitualmente se pede a presença dum padre.”

      This translates to:

      "The deponent also wanted to mention that around 03H00 a.m. Madeleine's parents requested the presence of a priest at the scene. They did not explain why they wanted a priest but the deponent found strange that fact because as there were no indications that the girl was dead and it is in such circumstances that the presence of a priest is usually asked for."

      Please read:

    2. Yes, but they did not find them a priest at that time of night, did they? The locum priest made contact with them the following day and gave his number to Russell O'Brien. The priest and his wife then called on the McCanns the following night.

      You KNOW there was no visit then night of 3rd May, this is confirmed in the statements of the police officers present on the night. That Magazine simply got the detail wrong - the priest did visit, with his wife, they did ''comfort'' Kate McCann, but all this took place on the night of the 4th, after they got back from giving statements.

      You are basing this on the fact that they ASKED for a priest - nowhere does it state that a priest attended that night. Quite the opposite.

      Again, you have it wrong. The priest did not attend on the night of the 3rd. He attended on the night of the 4th, with his wife. He and his wife cannot therefore be this mythical figure that supposedly soothed Madeleine, a claim which again only comes from a newspaper.

    3. Anonymous 16 Feb 2014 15:46:00,

      Apologise for responding only now but we had better things to do with our Sunday.

      Yes, in fact Silvia doesn't confirm priest arrived, just a request.

      However, First Magazine places the Heals in apartment 5A : “Priest’s wife, Pam Heal helped Kate and Gerry through the early, terrifying hours of Madeleine’s disappearance”.

      The content of this article, never denied by the Heals, seems to confirm this with very convincing detail: “…“Someone’s taken Madeleine, someone’s taken Madeleine” she wailed over and over again, said Pam. Kate kept playing with the toy. She said Madeleine had definitely been taken from them because she would never go anywhere without her favourite toy. The night Madeleine disappeared, Kate and Gerry telephoned the local Anglican priest, Father David Heal, asking him to visit them at their apartment…..When he arrived with his wife, 38 year old Kate threw herself into the priest’s arms as she broke down. It took him 3 hours to comfort Kate.”.

      Heal was a locum, he was in situ, so likely he would respond to a 3 am call on the MORNING of 4th. Call on the 4th, response on the 4th.

      You say that “this is confirmed in the statements of the police officers present on the night”. Could you please tell on what statement(s) support this? That “there was no visit then night of 3rd May”?

      It’s very important to be clear.

      None of the statements to the PJ confirm that the Heals were not present. They neither confirm it nor deny it.

      Did the police know exactly who was in the apartment that night? All night?
      Were they focused in the apartment or out on the village bogus-looking for Maddie?

      Statements were taken on the 4th and not inside the apartment.

      Very wrongly, in our opinion, the PJ did their “business” and left without sealing the crime scene. It should have been found another apartment for the parents and twins for the rest of the night (according to Kate they didn’t even sleep there) and emptied the apartment under police supervision later.

      But no, it seems that after PJ left, anyone could have come in and out of the apartment.

      For exemple, who was the woman in DP rog statement who said to Kate "There, there you're alright?"

      DP felt she was inappropriate, but she wasn't identified as far as we can see. It seems to contradict your ADAMANT “there was no visit then night of 3rd May”

      You base the denial that the Heals didn’t visit based solely on Kate’s book.

      This book is hardly a reliable source of information.

      Most importantly, it was written AFTER our “Holy Trinity” post. After we revealed here the Heal’s presence in the apartment that night.

      Kate does about the Heals what she did about Mrs Fenn’s niece spotting a blonde man exiting the Oldfield’s apartment. She reacts, tweaking events to her convenience, to what we have written.

      We showed that very clearly in our “The Proof That Kate McCann Reads Textusa”.

      It’s quite strange that the “Heal episode”, like the pool on arrival, is just one of those she decides only to remember, conveniently, 4 years later, when she publishes her book.

      But as we said, Sylvia doesn't confirm priest arrived, just a request.

      Only the Heals can really confirm or deny this.

      We will leave up to our readers in whether they should trust Kate’s words or First Magazine about the Heal episode.

    4. No. In fact if you read it properly, the article does not say they attended that night - it says they were PHONED that night, and it talks about ''helping them through the earliest hours etc. Are you seriously suggesting that the MW staff made up the fact that no priest was available, and then lied in their statements? Are you suggesting that none of the police officers or any other witness to events that night noticed the presence, for hours and hours, of a priest and his wife? It was claimed that she asked for a priest at about 3am - that's in the files, yes? So even if he had attended immediately he could not have been there before this time. He claims in the interview that he comforted her for 3 hours, yes? So he was comforting them after they went to sleep and went out in the morning?
      You are wrong, and I believe you can clearly see you are wrong. What your agenda is to continue with a lie, only you know. But basing this on an obscure magazine article, when that doesn't even place him there that night, and all the evidence says he wasn't there, is pretty deceptive

    5. Anonymous 16 Feb 2014 21:22:00,

      Let's first show readers what you qualify as an “obscure magazine article" says:

      TITLE: “Someone’s taken Madeleine”
      Subtitles: Kate wailed over and over. Kate McCann knew her little girl had been snatched when she found her favourite toy cat left on the bed.

      “With every squeeze of her daughter’s favourite ‘Cuddle Cat’ toy, anguished mother Kate McCann willed her daughter home.

      Priest’s wife Pam Heal helped Kate and Gerry McCann through the early, terrifying hours of Madeleine’s disappearance. She told first how a distraught Kate could barely comprehend what had happened.

      ““Someone’s taken Madeleine, someone’s taken Madeleine” she wailed over and over again, said Pam. “Kate kept playing with the toy. It was almost the hard she squeezed it, the closer she felt to Madeleine. She said Madeleine had definitely been taken from them because she would never go anywhere without her favourite toy.”

      The night Madeleine disappeared, Kate and Gerry telephoned the local Anglican priest, Father David Heal, asking him to visit them at their apartment. When he arrived with his wife, 38 year old Kate threw herself into the priest’s arms as she broke down.

      It took him 3 hours to comfort Kate, who conceived Maddie through IVF and considered her ‘so special’. The McCanns also have two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie.

      Father David told first:”It was very tough, one of the hardest things I have had to do – comfort a mother who has last a child but doesn’t know whether she’s dead or alive, or in any pain”.

      Kate, a GP, and Gerry, a cardiologist, are devout Catholics. Father Heal says the McCanns asked him to pray for Madeleine’s safe return. “We have been to see them several times, when they are emotional and distraught. One minute they are buoyed with the news of a possible sighting, but the next they are crushed”, said Father David.

      “Whatever happens in the days ahead, life in Praia da Luz will never be the same. It will never be the same again for Kate and Gerry.””

    6. Anonymous 16 Feb 2014 21:22:00,

      Thank you for clarifying that Heals were PHONED on the night Maddie disappeared and weren’t informed by way of registered mail, pigeons or an owl out of Harry Potter.

      According to you, Father Heal received a call that night and apparently answered the phone with something like:

      “An abducted child? Do you know what time it is?!? Well, if she has been abducted then there’s nothing I can do about it right now, is there? I’m in the middle of this very important dream… can’t we leave all this for tomorrow? Say, after supper? Let me check my agenda… no, I don’t have any abducted child for that hour, so I’m free, is it alright with you? It is? Good. Please have a rest of a good night and please don’t worry. You know how it is with children… they’ll do anything to be abducted, won’t they? Goodbye”

      By the way, did they receive this phone call before or after giving Rob their number? If before, where’s the need to give the number, if after, the use of the call?

      Please tell us where we have suggested that “the MW staff” said “that no priest was available”.

      On the contrary, we say that not only was one available as there was, as expected, one present.

      You say “he was comforting them after they went to sleep”? Please quote a credible witness (so please don’t quote Kate in her book) who says they went to sleep, at what time and where.

      We stand corrected but the only reference we recollect about any activity around this time was the “David & Gerry 4 am stroll”.

      We’re waiting for the answers to the questions placed in our last comment:

      1. Which police officers’ statements in the files confirm that there was no visit?

      2. Who is the woman DP is referring to visiting the McCanns that night?

      3. Why isn't she mentioned by anyone but him?

      Plus questions asked in this comment.

      4. Was the phone call in the night Maddie disappeared before or after Father Heal gave his number to Rob?

      5. Where have we said that OC Staff said there was no available priest?

      6. Besides Kate’s book, where is it credibly said at what time and where did Kate go to bed that night?

      Please don’t fall behind.

    7. At this point in time, we woud like to express our gratefulness, once again, to our friend Insane.

      We do strive to never leave a stone unturned and we must say that Insane is one of our best stone-pointers.

    8. To me there are no doubts about it, the article says it was on the night Madeleine disappeared, the 3rd May...but after 12pm it is the 4th May, as our dear BH puts it, "the following day"! Eh, eh, eh, they try everything to pull the wool over our eyes, don't they?!
      The article also makes a direct quote of Mrs.Heal's words, she was interviewed by the reporter, so all information given must be right, if it was wrong about the timings, and that would be a BIG wrong, I'm sure Mrs. Heal or her husband would have complained about it!
      Yet again, the McCanns, self-professed devout catholics, upon asking for the presence of a priest, get ... an anglican vicar!!! For a devout catholic a priest from another faith is just a common man/woman, like any of us, not in the position to give the sort of religious consolation a catholic would seek at such a moment. Only a catholic priest would do, to hear confession, for instance, or pray to the Holy Mary, the Saints, etc. Someone ordained in another faith would be as good a comforter as a psychologist, a social-worker, or you or me!

    9. Anon 16.50
      Exactly!! The article states "said Pam" and "said Father David". Not from an unnamed source, nor from sources close to the couple and not from friends of the couple.

    10. Reading the article, it was sourced and accurate: IVF, cardiologist.

  15. "Ao que o CM apurou, a segunda carta rogatória ainda não chegou formalmente aos inspetores da Polícia Judiciária de Faro.

    "A polícia inglesa pode pedir o que entender. O Ministério Público, perante a lei portuguesa, pode é não autorizar", con- fidenciou ao CM fonte judicial. " em CM

    A PJ já está farta do circo inglês que está montado só para inglês ver. Andam a ver se culpam os "mexilhões" do OC para ver se fecham o caso sem terem de recuperar a criança viva ou morta e sem terem de tocar nos verdadeiros culpados. Uma charada em que nunca se deviam ter metido se não fossem uma policia corrupta ao serviço de um governo que só olha para o seu próprio umbigo.
    Murat, que também há-de ter a sua quota no caso, revelou muito ao dizer que o caso era um " inside job" . "inside" do grupo, nào dos empregados do OC, a não ser que algum estivesse a executar uma ordem do patrão. E se o fez, quanto a mim, já foi depois de Maddie ter sofrido o acidente que a vitimou.
    Qual é o empregado que arrisca raptar uma criança do resort onde trabalha? Para lhe dar que destino, sabendo que estará entre os primeiros suspeitos a serem investigados pela policia? Não tenho a minima duvida que todos os empregados foram escrupulosamente investigados até ao tutano, nos primeiros dias. Sobre esses, a PJ teve livre acesso e circulação sem pressões, por isso só tem de mandar "às malvas" a SY quando vem com a fantasia de revisitar velhas capelas e tentar dar-lhes o protagonismo que nunca tiveram nem poderão ter.
    O mesmo não digo, sobre os multiplos ajudantes da comunidade inglesa que acorreram ao local da tragédia para ajudar os pais, a começar pela figura que lhes forneceu a chave da Igreja( que não foi o padre português) e que quer a PJ, quer a SY sabem bem quem é. Essa pessoa, para mim, é uma chave importante no puzzle.


    Pressão inglesa sobre Judiciária por caso 'Maddie'

    Scotland Yard enviou terceira carta rogatória APESAR DE A SEGUNDA NÃO TER CHEGADO À PJ.
    Apesar de a Polícia Judiciária (PJ) ainda não ter cumprido nenhuma das diligências pedidas na segunda carta rogatória enviada às autoridades portuguesas, no âmbito da investigação ao caso Maddie, a Scotland Yard anunciou agora que vai enviar um terceiro pedido judiciário, com mais inquirições a alegados suspeitos.
    Depois de mais uma visita da polícia inglesa, para uma reunião de rotina, anteontem, tal como o CM noticiou, este novo pedido de ajuda é visto como um sinal de ‘pressão’ sobre a polícia portuguesa.
    Segundo revelou à imprensa inglesa o comissário Martin Hewitt, que está a coordenar a investigação britânica ao desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann – ocorrido a 3 de maio de 2007, na praia da Luz – foi "enviada uma carta com pedidos detalhados", na sexta-feira, um ato judicial que "faz parte de um processo contínuo". Adianta que "são procedimentos para que a investigação prossiga com eficácia".

  17. Luisa says “She has been a receptionist at the Garden for 1 year, but has worked there previously.
    The OC Garden reception has less functions than the main reception and deals with subjects relating to activities (Pool, Tennis) etc and excursions.”
    Worked in what areas? If there’s an OC Garden reception (Tapas area?) then how could a lurker get to the book? Was she the only receptionist? It’s common for any hotel reception to work 24/7 so there would have to be others. Why weren’t they interviewed?
    If not 24/7 then until what time was this reception open? Surely it would have been up till midnight because of Tapas dinners.
    If there’s were recepcionists at Tapas, then wouldn’t these people be the best ones, and not waiters and cooks who would be busy with other clients, to confirm all the checkings made by T9 on the childen?
    She also says “She remembers that on Sunday 29th April one of the elements of the group arrived with the child Madeleine McCann, she does not know his name and can only say that he was male and tall and thin and that he approached her to request a booking for the whole group, for the whole week and always at 20.30.
    When questioned, she confirms that the man was not the father of the girl but one of the members of the group whom was often seen in his company.”
    Four days after all happened and she can’t say who the tall and thin man was out of David, Matt and Rob? All completely different? By then the group was very well known to the resort!! How then can she confirm it wasn’t Gerry? Who does she thinks she’s fooling?

    1. It would be: bald/glasses, blond or grey-haired, wouldn't it?

    2. Well, wasn't it Rachel Oldfield who claimed she managed to get the block booking? Even going into the detail of saying how she begged and pleaded for it?!

      "00.33.51 1578 'Okay
      Reply 'Mmm'.
      1578 'Okay and then in the evenings''
      Reply 'And then the evening yes, so on that, cos the Sunday night had worked well with us sort of eating dinner as adults and you know just going back to check on the children, erm that, but at the Tapas, they said they, you could only book in the morning, you couldn't kind of block book or anything like that, you had to kind of call them at you know, eight or nine o'clock and say that you wanted a table for that night, erm and because we were a big group of nine, erm I begged and pleaded with them to let us book for the whole week, a table at eight thirty every night, erm'.

      00.36.51 1578 'When did you do that''
      Reply 'Because otherwise'.
      1578 'No sorry, when''
      Reply 'Oh when, that was on the Monday morning, erm because you know otherwise we, it would have just been really difficult to, well have a, have dinner in peace and erm, er you know we couldn't really have gone anywhere else cos oh yeah, we'd have had, I'd have to take the children or put them, there was a like a creche you could put them in, in the evening when you "...

    3. What is sad is that nothing about their story has ever added up but only last year did the tide start to turn. 6 years to see what was right in front for everyone to see. Humans sell weapons that kill children they can't see so they can tuck in bed their own children. Soulless humanity we have become.

  18. Have you blocked replies to individual comments?

    Assuming that you have, as the reply function to the list of questions you have issued does not work.

    So unblock it and I will respond to you there. In the meantime, you can answer this : How is it that the only indication the priest visited that first night is your (incorrect) interpretation of the magazine article. And it is an obscure magazine, published as a ''supermarket'' magazine for the ex-pat community in Spain and Portugal, and no longer in print. It's one of those scandal mags that sits at the checkout for bored people to buy on impulse. No other source claims he was there that night, and neither does that one, if you read it properly.

    I am putting it down to your poor command of English

    1. Anonymous 17 Feb 2014 11:16:00,

      Publishing your comment answers your first question.

      The rest of your comment we will leave, as always, for the readers to judge.

      We don't know where "there" means. You can always answer here.

  19. Anglican Father David Heal And His Wife Pam Was The First Priest To Be Called

    FIRST MAG 19-05-07

  20. whitewash;
    whooshing the net about the couple and friends;
    hackers disrupting vídeos about the case..........

    1. Anonymous 17 Feb 2014 19:08:00

      We are aware that many videos on this subject have been removed, but could you please give us some examples as to what you mean?"

      Thank you

  21. Não! De momento não consigo. Deveria ter feito uma lista, desde há muito tempo..........
    Se puder, fá-lo-ei.
    Quanto a pesquisa, ela começa a ser escassa.

    Tudo de bom por aí.

    1. mc,

      Thank you for such a quick response!

      All the best to you too!

  22. About the joint police force between UK and Portugal to investigate Maddie, this is what is going on in UK's mind:
    SY: "Hey, PJ, let's join forces, ok? By "join" we mean, you do what we tell you to do, interrogate only who we allow, both in UK and Portugal, ok?"
    PJ: "Yes, boss! Your words will always be mine! Please hit me with a stick!"

    1. Well, here you have it...the "portuguese bungling cops" story again:

      MADDIE: COPS AT WAR - Daily Star 18/2/14


      Portuguese police are bungling the hunt for Madeleine McCann, say Brit detectives

      FRUSTRATED British police fear Portuguese officers are chasing the wrong lead in the hunt for Madeleine McCann.

      Top brass are desperate to liaise with their foreign colleagues after it emerged they are chasing different suspects.

      UK detectives are worried an “us against them” scenario is developing, and it could hinder attempts to find the missing girl.

      British investigators believe the three-year-old was snatched after disturbing burglars who broke into her parents’ holiday apartment.

      And their chief suspects are a three-strong gang who made a high number of mobile calls nearby on the night Maddie vanished.

      But Portuguese detectives are concentrating their efforts on a theory that a now-dead heroin addict abducted Madeleine.

      They believe Euclides Monteiro snatched her in a twisted act of revenge against the Ocean Club holiday resort after he had been sacked from a job there the year before.

      They have questioned his widow Luisa after mobile phone analysis placed his handset near the McCanns’ apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz that night in May, 2007.

      Monteiro, 40, was killed in a tractor accident four years ago.

      Police from both nations launched separate hunts for Madeleine last year after each spent two years reviewing files from the original case, shelved as an unsolved mystery in 2008.

      Though each force claims to have unearthed new leads, their inquiries are heading in different directions.

      A source close to the UK inquiry said: “If we don’t form a joint investigation task force, any advantages in terms of pooling resources and information may be lost.

      “We can’t have an ‘us against them’ scenario developing. This is not a game. A little girl’s life may be at stake.’’
      Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has called on the UK and Portuguese governments to form a joint international task force to conduct a single united inquiry.

      He said the UK and Portuguese probes were “two separate inquiries with a different focus”.

      And he added: “It’s important that we work together on what is clearly a common problem.’’

      Yesterday Luisa Rodrigues, 40, said she was sure her husband did not snatch Madeleine. She said when Portuguese detectives told her he was their No 1 suspect, she was “speechless”.

      She added: “They said they suspected him because he used to work at the Ocean Club complex and because they had tracked the signal from his mobile.

      “But I’m sure he would have been at home watching TV. That’s what he always did after work.’’

    2. Anonymous 19 Feb 2014 08:45:00,

      For various reasons, we would call the attention of our readers to this phrase:

      “We can’t have an ‘us against them’ scenario developing. This is not a game. A little girl’s life may be at stake.’’

  23. Unpublished Anonymous at 18 Feb 2014 10:50:00, 18 Feb 2014 10:52:00 and 18 Feb 2014 10:53:00,

    Thank you for the info. It will be looked into. As you know we're not keen to publish anything until facts, opinion and speculation separated.

  24. No didnt expect you to post it but thought it maybe useful i was surprised when i read it

  25. Tony Blair advised Rebekah Brooks 6 days before her arrest. Gordon Brown's wife had a sleep- over at Rebekah's, Cameron attends her parties, rides her horse. Blair meets Wendy Deng behind Rupert's back.
    Any wonder why so many of us are cynical about politicians?
     Fiddling expenses, going to prison for perverting the course of justice....
    Integrity- the quality many value- sadly absent.

    1. Latest scandal about Blair on Guardian front page. This should make people aware that even powerful politicians behind you can fall from grace. Protectors won't always be in powerful positions, whoever they might be.

  26. Calls for a joint investigation.
    Let's remind SY about the last joint working with the PJ.
    WITHHELD - statements, credit card and medical records, e-fits, Crechedad questionnaire (by Leicester Police)...

    1. European police joint investigations are done by Interpol. A police may help another and that's the role of LOR. In the field, rules of a country must be followed so foreign agents may assist but that's it. Jurisdiction is exclusive responsibility.
      I'm sure HH knows this better than anyone.
      Maddie disappearance - Portugal
      Fraud fund - Britain
      For example, in the cases you say, statements, credit card, etc, it was the duty of Britain to handover info to Portugal Portugal was responsible for the investigation and Britain assisting.


    This is the Metropolitan Police commissioner 'the most senior policeman in UK' being interviewed on radio and he at first is not aware of operation grange when a member of the public phones in with a question asking how things are progressing, note how the interviewer states that the portugues police 'really messed up' . Interview at 51.46 minutes.

    1. HH mentioned the word murder.
      " they have lost a child by being murdered or sadly they have lost a child by someone else stealing them."
      (Them - not her!) 
      Then " let's see how it comes over the next few months"
      Why a few months?

  28. Textusa has been spot on with her analysis of this case, and has many followers, there has been a grave injustice to Madeleine McCann not only highlighted by this blog but also by many others. Justice will come and the truth will be revealed eventually and those guilty will be punished in the meantime we can wait and thank Textusa for her work.

  29. What I find so strange is that both forces UK and Portugual have completely excluded the McCanns and their friends as suspects since the latest review. As soon as the UK investigation was opened a statement was quickly released that the parents and their friends were not being investigated. How did they know the parents were not involved at such an early stage in the investigation? They have extended the time line to include more suspects, we have been reading for the past months that 'arrests are imminent' but never materialise how stupid these officials all look. The obvious answer is get the Tapas friends and the McCanns back to Portugal make them sit at the Tapas bar and explain how it was possible for them to have dinner whilst checking on their children every 30 mins or so. Why did the rest of the Tapas group have to check on Madeleine when the McCanns never checked on the tapas children? Why did the McCanns lie about shutters, patio doors locked, mysterious abductors hiding in stair wells, feeding the media stories of abduction. There have been so many untruths spread about this by the McCanns. In interviews if questions became difficult they would appear uncomfortable not wanting to answer or avoiding answering, not exactly the behaviour of innocent parents. Criminologists now use the McCanns are examples of people telling lies. The McCanns have amassed a fortune from the public through their fund raising and it has paid for lawyers, litigation cases, travel and 5* hotels. It is disgraceful that something like a childs disappearance can be covered up by those in authority who stand by and do nothing the whole sorry saga now looks even more ridiculous, more high profile careers are being trashed as the McCann team become more desperate to reinforce their silly abductor story. Perhaps they believe that if they say something enough times people will eventually believe it, no matter how impossible or ridiculous it is. What the McCanns are saying happened that evening could not have possibly happened, this is their version of events without one independent piece of evidence to back it up in other words it is pure fabrication. SY, Cameron et al, stop wasting tax payers money, stop trying to find scape goats - the culprits that need investigating are the only ever suspects Kate, Gerry and Murat. These people and their expensive PR teams have made fools of the justice system and until somebody decides to do the correct thing they will continue to do so.


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