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Chasing Cars & Doctors

1. Chasing Cars...

When the PJ checked previous renters of the Renault Scenic 59-DA-27, they were asked a number of questions, including whether they knew the McCann family. The driver but one before the McCanns was Kenneth Walkden, who was interviewed on April 29th 2008. He hired the car between March 25th and April 1st 2007 for a golfing holiday with some friends. The distance travelled in the car was 945km. 

He doesn’t say which golf course they were playing on, but the Boavista or Parque da Floresta may have been amongst the possible destinations. The trip was organised by his friend P S and Mr Walkden said that they all went on holiday together every year.  Maybe to the same venue? The Scenic was also used by a number of golfers other than the Walkden party.

Mr Walkden  told the PJ:

“I am not familiar with any member of the McCann family. Neither do I know any of them.”

I’m sure by this time he knew exactly who the McCann family were and where they lived. Hardly a soul in the UK or Portugal didn’t know who they were by 2008. But he didn’t know them personally it seems.

Mr Walkden happened to be a member of the exclusive and prestigious Rothley Park Golf Club, as did at least four members of his party. The same golf club where Gerry McCann played golf every Monday, according to an article by Anna Pukas in The Mail on January 5th 2008.

Kate’s book
is very helpful, as she confirms Gerry joined the Rothley Park Golf Club before she started her IVF treatment, which means Gerry had been a member for at least 5 years when Mr Walkden made his statement.  She also states that Gerry had been to play golf in Portugal a couple of times, dates unspecified, in her book.  Gerry, in contrast, claims to have played golf in Albufeira only once in 1994, according to his PJ statement. Why golf-mad Gerry didn’t even mention the word when describing their holiday activities is a continuing puzzle.

 Returning to Mr Walkden, would a more accurate answer  have been along the lines of ..?

“I don’t know Mr McCann personally, but I now know he’s a member of my golf club.”

 Not necessarily something the club wanted to advertise perhaps, but true.

Or maybe the first time they met was the Summer Event in July 2011, as part of the club’s Centenary celebrations. Gerry was there and so was Mr Walkden. Another one of those “fancy that” moments when they discovered they had both used the same hire car in 2007?

2. Chasing Doctors...

The “flurry of phone calls” that we are now hearing so much about, in relation to the night of May 3rd caused us to revisit the topic of the phones obtained for the T9. In Dianne Webster’s rogatory interview in April 2008, she is asked if she knew a Dave Middleton, the answer being “No.” The question is about phones and who they were obtained from, but Dianne’s answer suggests it is not Dave M who supplied the phone. She mentions her son-in-law, Simon Aldridge (sic) who is, in fact. Oldridge. She says her middle daughter Louise is married to Simon, whose company, Sandtoft Tiling is based in Doncaster. It’s probable that Dave M is also an employee of the company, but as he doesn’t figure in this saga. We won’t include any further details about him.

Police officer 4078 asks Dianne an interesting question. We say interesting, as it seems clear from the interview in total, that the police seemed to know many of the answers before they asked the questions.

4078 “You’ve got two doctor daughters have you?”

Reply “Yeah, well the one in New Zealand’s a doctor as well, but she’s a PhD doctor, she’s a scientist. Yeah that’s er Louisa Nates, yeah, my middle daughter.”

We were curious why her daughter was called Nates, if married to Simon Oldridge, who we could see from records, had lived with a Louise K Webster/Oldridge in a northern town and later, in the West Country. Was it possible to have two daughters, Louise and Louisa, living in different places? Had the rogatory interview been mistranscribed or mistranslated? The question about two doctor daughters intrigued us.

There was no Louise K Oldridge registered as a medical doctor, but as doctors often practise under maiden names, we checked, only to find there was a Louise K Webster registered, but no longer practising, as an anaesthetist. Qualified in Leicester.  And a Dr Louise K  Oldridge who had a business with Simon Oldridge.

Assuming that Dianne’s daughter Louise, married to Simon Oldridge, once practised as a medical doctor, why would Dianne say Louise was a doctorate doctor? Maybe she also had a science doctorate and was staying in New Zealand at this time. Then why not clarify?

Perhaps Dianne just wanted to keep her daughter at arm’s length from everything, but she could have had no idea that her rogatory statement would be released into the public domain, so why prevaricate? A full and frank statement to a police officer from a witness was more important than protecting her daughter, for whatever reason.

If officer 4078 knew the answer to this particular question before she asked, was this discrepancy noted by Leicester Police and was the information ever conveyed to the PJ?

Note: Details of addresses not already in the public domain are known to us, but will not be published here. It is possible to use publicly available sources for those who want to make their own check.


  1. That is quite a coincidence about the car-hire. So 2 members of the same exclusive Golf Club hired the very same car within approximately 2 months of each other.I wonder if there any other exclusive links between them. I also wonder if there were any other exclusive events held at OC. For instance, were swinging events held there on a regular basis during low season? I am a member of my town's golf club and most people know each other, especially the male members. Also, how exclusive is Rothley Park Golf Club? The more exclusive it is, the more important and likely it is that individual members will know each other. My uncle lives in Rothley. I will try and investigate.

  2. Just looking at the Golf Club, it doesn't appear to be exclusive in terms of Membership. Just a pretty normal golf club, with the usual social events - including mixed golf and ladies golf. No problems joining it, if you wish. Still, from my experience of golf clubs, I actually do not believe that GM and KW did not know each other if they belonged to the same club. A\t the very least, they will have known of each other. So yes, very much a fancy that occaision.

    1. Lorus Golf Day 2013
      Sponsored by LCM Wealth Management
      "21 teams participated in a shotgun start at the highly prestigious Rothley Park Golf Club."
      I don't know who designates a club as prestigious, but that description is frequently applied to RPGC

    2. It's Loros
      Got spelling wrong

  3. On the 4th July 2011, GM and KW played in the same golfing event at RPGC, in part to mark the clubs 100th birthday and to raise funds for Find Madeleine ! I have just seen a photo of GM in the club's 2011 newsletter. So lets now assume that KW and GM now definitely know each other.

  4. Who in the world didn't know who Gerry McCann was in 2008?!?
    If Brad Pitt or George Clooney were members of my golf club, they wouldn't know who I was and I would know who they were.
    Plus having rented the exact same car where Maddie's DNA was said to be found I would be following the case very closely!

  5. Kenneth Walden and his wife were both directors of a bouncy inflatables company- they are now in their 70's and both members of the club . It looks as if KW is a Mason but I cant be sure it is the same KW. GM's connections have created support for him.


    Check page 5.

  7. This post has many implications IMO. I would like to point out 2.
    One is that it is evident the effort made by people (KW and DW) to avoid being part of events. In 2008 everyone knew the Mcs guilty so the further away they were from them, the best.
    Second is G and golf. I don’t believe for a single minute that G didn’t try to play golf that week with a golf course just outside town. He didn’t need to rent a car. I’m sure OC would arrange a taxi and he could hire a set of clubs on site. In Portugal, golf’s high season is the tourist low-season. Algarve is a very well a known golf destination especially in winter. To have membership at RPGC means to be a golf enthusiast. Golf enthusiast don't play just tennis. For example, didn't Matt go sailing, a sport he's known to practice?

  8. Pais de Maddie contra duas investigações
    por Luis FontesHoje51 comentários

    "Kate e Gerry McCann estão descontentes com a cooperação entre as autoridades policiais britânicas e portuguesas.
    A própria polícia inglesa também não estará satisfeita com o nível de ajuda prestada pela Polícia Judiciária e Ministério Público.
    Este mal-estar, noticiado ontem na imprensa britânica, está ligado com os diferentes alvos escolhidos por cada polícia. "Não estamos a fazer um investigação conjunta. Estamos a fazer investigações diferentes e isto não é um jogo. Pode estar em causa a vida de uma criança", disse uma fonte policial inglesa ao Daily Star.
    O casal McCann também é crítico em relação à dualidade das investigações. Segundo fonte próxima da família, "a cooperação entre as duas polícias não está a acontecer como deveria". "Estão a ser feitos dois inquéritos em dois países diferentes com vista a esclarecer o que aconteceu a Madeleine McCann." in DN

    Estão desesperados. Está dificil convencer a PJ a usar o Skyp.

    1. Bem vista a ironia do Skype! Gostei muito!

      Parece que PT poderá estar a fazer algo de positivo.......não se submetendo às " exigências" dos viajantes de UK.

  9. Neste caso, já não acredito em inocentes coincidências. E o certo é que volta e meia o blog tem um ataque " Insano" de alguém que não está interessado em que alguns dados sejam revelados. Continue Textusa, a tentar encontrar o resto das peças do puzzle.
    É minha convicção que o maior veiculo de publicidade ao resort e suas actividades, foi a boca. A palavra de boca em boca foi de certeza o que levou vários clientes ao OC, portanto é enorme a possibilidade de se conhecerem ou terem amigos comuns. Daí o enorme cover up e as dificuldades desta investigação.

  10. The correct name for the car is a Renault Megane Scenic? It gets confusing when some refer to it as a Scenic and others a Megane.
    It may not be relevant, but Simon Halder has the car between March 9th and 17th, but only does 11km in 9 days. Hardly worth the hire cost.

    1. Anonymous 21 Feb 2014 17:23:00

      Wikipedia is very clear.:

      “The Renault Mégane is a small family car (C-segment in Europe) produced by the French automaker Renault since 1995. It is offered in 3- and 5-door hatchback, saloon, coupé, convertible and estate bodystyles. The Renault Scénic (launched in 1996) is the first modern compact MPV to be built in Europe, and is based on the Mégane floorpan.”

      “The Renault Scénic is a compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) produced by French automaker Renault, the first to be labelled as such in Europe. It is based on the chassis of the Mégane small family car.”

      The correct designation is Renault Mégane Scénic.

      The one in question is a Renault Mégane Scénic II. It was a facelift between 2004-2009.

      About the 11 km. A very odd distance indeed. Taking into account that distance is from and to rent-a-car, it seems really tight for 1 trip to the Golf Boavista. Not sufficient to drive from PdL to Lagos and back.

      It could have been rented to go downtown PdL during the stay.

      About larger distances also registered, it can easily be explained by exploring golf courses in the Algarve (some of worldwide reputation, such as Quinta do Lago) and in Southern Spain.


    Raptor de Daniel deixa rasto no local do crime

    Por:Ana Isabel Fonseca/Tânia Laranjo

    O raptor de Daniel, o menino que a 19 de janeiro desapareceu na Calheta, Madeira, deixou vários indícios no local do crime que podem agora levar à sua detenção. O Laboratório de Polícia Científica da Judiciária analisou já impressões digitais e outro tipo de vestígios encontrados na levada onde o bebé, de 18 meses, foi abandonado três dias depois. Não restam dúvidas de que pertencem ao raptor.

    Os vestígios serão depois comparados com o suspeito – identificado já pela Polícia Judiciária do Funchal – e podem assim vir a comprovar que aquele foi realmente o autor do crime. Tal deverá acontecer nas próximas semanas. Caso o resultado seja afirmativo, o responsável pelo rapto de Daniel pode ser finalmente detido.

    A família do menino não tem recebido novidades sobre a investigação. Mas esperam que o raptor seja preso, que pague pelo que fez. "Está tudo na mesma, não temos novidades sobre a investigação. Só quero que se faça justiça", disse ao CM Lídia Freitas, mãe de Daniel.

    A mulher garantiu que, mais de um mês depois do rapto, as ajudas continuam a chegar. "Continuamos a receber apoios. As pessoas todas querem ajudar o Daniel com roupa e comida", conta. O Governo Regional prometeu entregar 15 mil euros para realizar obras no telheiro onde a família vive. "Ainda não sabemos quando vamos conseguir começar as obras. Estamos à espera", explicou a mãe do bebé.

  12. There's one thing common between golf and swinging: both involve the upper-middle and upper class sort.

  13. A bag of clothing was found by a Nancy Burridge. It would be one of those coincidences if this was the same person who is involved with the Parque da Floresta golf course.

  14. Unpublished Anon at 22 Feb 2014 09:43:00

    The person in the PJ files may be the  doctor you refer to, but as we can't establish that as a fact, we won't publish, but thank you for the useful information.

  15. I find it incredible that two teams of police over all these years ignore such blatent coincidences, and go of on some ficticious hunt for burglers and dead men. Mr Smith did not say that the person he saw carrying a child was of dark skin. All these indescrepencies and facts that appear to useless as far as the police are concerned only points to a cover up.Never a mention a mention of the stolen blue sports bag, that GM said didn't exist, but was in his cupboard smiling at the camera in a photograph. What about Mr Smith we hear nothing him, probably one of the most important witnesses. All the police handbooks on murder GM had by the bed and the photo of Madeleine draped with a black ribbon, you only do this when someone has died. There are so many facts that scream out for further investigation, I had great hopes when the PJ reopened the case but they are fading fast, and I never believed Scotland Yard would investigate the facts and descrepencies of the witness statements of tapas7,8,9 10 or however many. As there are too many masons in the force.and too much corruption. This new post highlights even more weird and wonderful coincidences. It is so frustrating, no one seems to think of Maddie. And nw the Mcs are back to slating the PJ again and moaning about police co operation being damaged by the PJ. This case has to be blown open and surprise surprise how the rich and famous will fall. Tex thankyou for this information it gets more interesting by the minute
    I also did read posted on the internet that the online shop page with the wristband etc, at the bottom of the page stated that the company was formed in 2006, Maddie went missing in 2007, I tried the link but the page has been taken down, do you know anything about that..

    1. I believe a big percentage of information is at police hands and not disclosed to the public. PJ may know all that coincidences and established already the important links. The main problem is that a huge part of the investigation, to be accurate, needs to be done in UK and UK is not helping. This colaboration, is a fake colaboration..... Build up for the media to fool some public and try to convince the portuguese to give up and open the door for SY to close the case as they like.
      PJ, seems to be a hard bone.... I hope, they keep their verticality until the british fall on their own mud after years of wasting millions of Pounds on a single investigation, achieving nothing.
      One day, one directly involved will broke the pact and the truth will be revealed. Both polices know, the girl is dead. Then, the time is not anymore an issue, but the prestige of a country, yes it is. Uk wants to save their face and PJ did not have his face in sales. The strategy is just to leave the glass filling by itself until a small drop cause the floading. After that, the ones who are remaining silent and leaving the cover up going on, will jump to the first line to minimize their fault. They will reveal the truth, including the place where the body is.

    2. Wonder if the Mccann's will keep hunting G Amaral after all that useless review by the British police, or if they will drop the case to avoid any kind of investigation may pass to the judge mind to be sure about her decision.
      My feeling- they will drop the case against Amaral and will find a Fox excuse to try to keep their faces- " poor cooperation from PJ", as usual.

    3. The problem is...the PJ can only do what the MP (public ministry) allows it to do...the "owner/boss" of the investigation is the MP, not the PJ, and sadly, over the years, regarding a number of cases, we've had proof that the MP is an institution riddled with politics and hidden agendas...easily controlled and manipulated.
      I trust the PJ's integrity, but not the MP's...

  16. "Caso Maddie: Os McCann dão ordens à Polícia Judiciária
    Pais de Madeleine sugerem que a polícia portuguesa investigue junto com os ingleses.
    Hoje, 09h05Nº de votos (0) Comentários (0)
    Por:Rrui Pando Gomes

    Depois da pressão da polícia inglesa, chegou a vez do casal McCann criticar o trabalho de investigação da Polícia Judiciária (PJ) e ainda a cooperação entre as autoridades britânicas e portuguesas.

    Tal como o CM já tinha noticiado, a relação entre a polícia inglesa e a PJ começou a ficar tensa quando a Scotland Yard enviou uma terceira carta rogatória, numa altura em que ainda não tinham sido cumpridas as diligências que constam do segundo pedido judiciário. O CM sabe que muitas das diligências, entre elas interrogatórios, buscas e análise de contas bancárias, podem não ser autorizadas pelo procurador do Ministério Público.

    A polícia inglesa, que abriu uma investigação financiada pelos pais de Madeleine, que desapareceu em maio de 2007 no Algarve, garante que já tem os nomes de três suspeitos.

    Por outro lado, a PJ do Porto, que lidera a investigação reaberta em Portugal, segue uma linha diferente daquela que os pais da criança inglesa desaparecida mais gostariam.

    Segundo a imprensa inglesa, o casal McCann diz que é "frustrante" ver que a cooperação entre as duas forças policiais "não está a existir como devia". E pressiona para que seja feita uma investigação única."

    Já não surpreendem ninguém. Tal como se esperava, estão desesperados. A caça que moveram a GA, brevemente voltará ao tribunal e as pressoes da SY não surtiram qualquer efeito na PJ. Não conseguiram que a PJ lhes limpasse a cara e enterrasse GA.
    Agora começa outra desinformação para minorar os estragos " a investigaçào da policia inglesa foi financiada pelos pais". Esta é a anedota do seculo. Desde quando, particulares financiam a policia oficial de um país ? E para onde foram os milhões aprehoados por Cameron? Para a conta privada dos Mccann? Só se foi assim, para eles financiarem a policia a partir da sua conta bancária. Este caso, há muito que mete nojo, não só pelos meandros do desaparecimento da criança, como pelas estratégias para transformar manipuladores em heróis e tapar a verdade que está à vista de toda a gente.

    1. In the very specific instance of Maddie's investigation the unhappier the McCanns are the better!
      Agree. Since when do people finance police investigations?!? Through their taxes only.

  17. If Ocean Club source of SY suspects, why was Portugal refused opportunity to show Crimewatch? Some risible statement about not wanting to upset people in Portugal if I recall.

  18. "Burglary files to aid hunt for Madeleine McCann Sunday Express
    A SECRET dossier on burglars on the Algarve in Portugal is being shown to Scotland Yard detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
    By: James Murray and Tracey Kandohia"
    Published: Sun, February 23, 2014
    ( available at Mccannfiles)

    What a piece of rubbish. Gypsies and portuguese breaking in at middle of night and abusing children, and the police keeping it out of public knowledge. That just fits the brain of the " various kandolas" of Maddie manipulated story.
    The public knows( was largely spreaded on all the news) that there were burglars in Algarve ( most foreigners) targeting rich villas, empty or owned by old people, where they enter to steal goodies like gold and big amounts of money and some times they attacked
    the owners if they tried to resist. Twisting that sad stories in to one that fits the Mccann's wishes, is the most hediond behaviour a paper can engage to.
    There is no children abused on any of the attacks, only old people. And there was a huge effort from GNR and the portuguese Media to advise old people who live in insolated
    places or have houses which could be easily targeted to not open the doors to strangers and not show what they have inside the houses. Even GNR was visiting that people frequently and a huge chase was mounted to catch this burglars. Most were caught and
    the problem was solved or decreased.
    A resort like the OC, used by guests that spend only one week on it and had booked their
    holidays based on the low price, is not a target for burglars. Burglars are not stupid and they study their victims many days or weeks before, to be sure that their assault will be successful. Only a very stupid burglar will enter a resort full of clients to steal money and
    gold that probably is not their and while facing the absence of such goodies, decide to change his business and steal a child. And that same stupid burglar was so clever, that he manage to go away without damaging anything, without the passport of the child, which
    was in front of his eyes, without the cuddle cat to calm the child and LEAVING NO TRACES. what a fantastic magician. It is so fantastic as the poor imagination of the "Kandolas and Murrays or Lazzeris" of Maddie story.

    Keep writing and feeding special readers, Mccurnalists. Every new article shows more and more, where PJ should foccus the investigation. The cover up has limits.

    1. Hewitt, the Assistant Deputy Commissioner said recently no arrests or interviews had been requested.
      So the abusive gypsy burglars are free to continue. How come we heard nothing about these episodes in 2007?

    2. Anonymous 23 Feb 2014 06:59:00 and Anonymous 23 Feb 2014 13:11:00,

      In the blog, between ourselves, we have a name for these suspects: BAGS

      Burglars And Gypsies Sex-offenders - BAGS.

      As you know, good, genuine Maddie-BAGS are very hard to find. But knock-offs of these BAGS seem to abound.

      The problem for those who “acquire” knock-off BAGS is that they fall apart very easily.

      And easily spotted as fakes to the shame of those “holding” knock-off BAGS.


  20. The Lisbon libel trial of Goncalo Amaral has been such a catalyst, and its conclusion this week ?? .
    The mediatisation of Madeleine McCann

    EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga
    It is nearly seven years since a little blonde-haired British girl named Madeleine McCann disappeared from her bedroom in a holiday resort in Portugal. Madeleine, if she is alive, would be ten years old now, having spent the majority of her decade on earth separated from her family, parents Gerry and Kate McCann, and twin siblings Sean and Amelia.
    What happened that night in the Algarve fishing village of Praia de Luz remains a mystery. Was Madeleine abducted while she slept, by a person or persons unknown, as her parents claim? Or, as the former head of the Portuguese investigating team alleges, did she die in apartment 5A of the Ocean Club complex, her body disposed of in an attempt to cover up negligence or worse?
    Ongoing investigations by police teams in the United Kingdom and Portugal have failed to answer those questions, or to find evidence sufficiently compelling as to justify prosecutions in either country.
    The case continues to be a focus of public, police and political attention as the seventh anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance approaches, and the trial of that same former investigator accused of libel by the McCanns comes to its conclusion in Lisbon on Tuesday. Ex-inspector Goncalo Amaral’s book, The Truth Of The Lie, based on police work before the case was ‘archived’ due to lack of evidence, advances the theory of Madeleine’s death – accidental or intentional - and hypothesises a staged abduction by the parents.
    For this he is being sued for over one million euros in damages by the McCanns, who allege that his book derailed the search for their daughter when it was published in 2009. The closing statements and judge’s verdict on the case are due this week in Lisbon.
    My interest in this sad story is both personal and professional. In the northern summer of 2005 I took my holidays at the Ocean Club, staying in the apartment directly above 5A where the McCanns resided in May 2007. A friend of my parents owned the apartment, and my extended family rented it and two other units in the complex for two weeks in July that year: my parents in one, my sister and her family in another, myself, my wife and my brother in the apartment above 5a.
    Two weeks is enough time to get to know the Ocean Club resort, and the surrounding village of Praia de Luz, quite well. I ate in the Tapas restaurant, drank in Kelly’s bar, went inside the beautiful church at the village centre; I walked on the beach, and the streets leading to it from the Ocean Club. So when the news of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance broke on May 4 2007 it resonated and captured my attention like no other crime story I can remember.
    Millions of people all over the world were similarly captivated, but my sense of proximity to the events gave me a specially good reason to follow the case. The fact that Gerry McCann was Glaswegian like me was another point of connection.
    From my professional perspective as a media sociologist, the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was an early example of the dramatic impact of the rise of the internet and 24-hour news channels on how human tragedies of this kind are reported and understood by the public.
    The mediatisation of ‘Maddie’, as she became known to many, was unprecedented. It involved professional public relations practitioners, including former senior UK government specialists, in highly organized media management, or ‘crisis communication’, as one of the agencies involved characterised its services.


  21. … continuing:

    It engaged the British public in discussion like no previous case, not because the crime was unique (though it was rare – the most recent case of suspected abduction by a stranger of a British child while on holiday overseas had been that of Ben Needham in 1991), but because the emergence of social media – Twitter launched in 2007, Facebook in 2004 - provided a new and powerful platform for public sharing of information, opinion and argument about an ongoing criminal investigation.
    From early in the investigation the McCanns proactively used the internet to issue appeals and information about Madeleine to a global online public, as did the police. Scotland yard’s Operation Grange, set up to investigate the crime in 2011, had its own hashtag and website.
    The public used the internet to access, assess and discuss information about the case as it emerged, and to speculate on what had happened to the little girl. Their sources included a mass of official material produced by the police in both Portugal and the UK, digitized and made available online.
    There were thousands of pages of transcripts of interviews and court testimony, detailed forensic reports, summaries of findings by investigating officers, court rulings such as that by the Portuguese Attorney General which formally ‘archived’ the Madeleine McCann investigation in 2009, all neatly categorized and searchable on sites such as
    Never before in the history of the volatile relationship between crime, media and public had so many people had such easy access to so much primary official data relating to an unsolved, still active case.
    By 2007 virtually all of the news media were online, operating around the clock with story updates, live feeds and real time coverage of events, commentary threads and links to research materials. The unfolding narrative of Madeleine McCann was covered as it was happening, which meant with glacial slowness, punctuated by bursts of police activity in the UK or Portugal. Seven years on, that remains the case.
    There have been peaks and troughs in the level of media and public interest, corresponding to newsworthy developments such as the establishment of Operation Grange and the BBC Crimewatch ‘reconstruction’ of October 2013. THE LISBON LIBEL TRIAL OF GONCALO AMARAL HAS BEEN SUCH A CATALYST, AND ITS CONCLUSION THIS WEEK will drive the disappearance of Madeleine McCann back up the UK and Portuguese media and public agendas.
    The tone and content of the coverage, and the public’s response to it on social media, will be determined in large part by the Portuguese judge’s verdict. If Amaral is found guilty, the McCanns account of what happened to their daughter will continue to set the news agenda. If it goes the other way, and Amaral is found not guilty of defaming the McCanns in his book, we can expect the world’s media to report his hypothesis and the supporting evidence more thoroughly than has been the case up until now.

  22. Anonymous 23 Feb 2014 14:44:00

    VERY INTERESTING phrase from the above:

    “My interest in this sad story is both personal and professional. In the northern summer of 2005 I took my holidays at the Ocean Club, staying in the apartment directly above 5A where the McCanns resided in May 2007. A friend of my parents owned the apartment, and my extended family rented it and two other units in the complex for two weeks in July that year: my parents in one, my sister and her family in another, myself, my wife and my brother in the apartment above 5a.”

    Remember our post on 22 March 2011, “Mysteries of a Non-Cryptic Photograph”?

    Then we said:

    “Unless… no, it's silly. You really want to read it? Well, YOU asked for it... what if the apartment above the McCanns, where the picture was taken, ISN'T WHERE Mrs Fenn lives?

    Then, Mr Thompson, who used effectively an unoccupied apartment take the photo, but, after taking it, was reminded when he went back to the office by someone that in that particular apartment was supposed to be living a lovely elderly lady that had even showed the world how mean and negligent the McCanns were.

    That would be a reason to change the caption of the photo to “AS SEEN FROM AN APARTMENT TWO FLOORS ABOVE THE ONE MADELEINE McCANN WENT MISSING”.

    Now, I’m rather being silly, aren’t I?”


    Maybe we weren't being that silly after all....

    Thank you very much!!!

    1. Fenn said she lived there from 2003.
      It must have been crowded in 2005! lol

    2. Some of Gail Cooper's family were staying at the apartment directly above 5a in April 2007. Were they friends of Mrs Fenn or was Mrs F lying when she said she lived there? And what about the burglar she said she disturbed. Was that a lie too?

    3. And what about the crying incident? Was Fenn lying too?

    4. Interesting that known BHs trying to explain the article by Mrs Fenn renting her apartment. Some on JH asking the same question, but Kate didn't like Mrs Fenn as her book shows. So why defend a woman who accused them of leaving Maddie to cry?
      Obvious, even BHs want the crying and neglect story to prosper. It clearly shows Mrs Fenn is an important character in her role as increasing the amount of neglect Maddie alleged to have suffered.

    5. One thing we're certain, Mrs Fenn did not rent her apartment in August 2007.
      August being the peak of high season in Portugal.

    6. No one rents the house they live in for holidays. It's normal among locals to rent rooms, not the whole house.
      Owner bookings are for holiday properties, not for live-in houses. No one wants their privacy invaded by strangers.

  23. According to this cronogram ( ), the drivers who hired the car between Walkden and Gerald McCann were:
    Adrien R. Lowes (25/03 to 1/04), John Brown (8/05 to 15/05 - the one with a Michael Wright as a co-driver, coincidences, coincidences!), Fernado A. Vilela (17/05 to 22/05), and Enawgaw Mengistae (23/05 to 26/05)

    From the 5/05 to 15/05/2007 the car was hired by a John Brown with a Michael Wright was the additional driver?! Just a name coincidence or...?

  24. How do you know Kenneth Walkden knew Gerry McCann?

    1. Anonymous 23 Feb 2014 21:27:00

      Post self-explanatory.

      Logic and McCanns' celebrity status in 2008 suggest Walkden was likely to know Gerry was a club member.

    2. He said he didn't know them. Just because someone is well known, it does not mean one ''knows'' them.

      Let me put this another way. You said this

      ''Mr Walkden happened to be a member of the exclusive and prestigious Rothley Park Golf Club, as did at least four members of his party. The same golf club where Gerry McCann played golf every Monday, according to an article by Anna Pukas in The Mail on January 5th 2008.

      How do you know that this is the same person as hired the car in Pt?

    3. Anonymous 23 Feb 2014 23:40:00,

      His address is in PJ files, as you are probably well aware.

      Plus all the other names of his companions are also in the files and are members of this club.

      Thats our last word in reply to you. Obvious BH tactics being applied.

  25. Unpublished Anon (24 Feb 2014 10:27:00 and 24 Feb 2014 10:46:00),

    We will not engage in purposeless discussion about possible tonalities of the colour purple (

    We have addresses and identifying details of people. We don't feel obliged to prove anything to unimportant BHs by publicly revealing these details but anyone bright enough to search available sites can follow the leads we provide, if they want to.

    Police are also able to check these leads quite easily, if they want to.

    We won't ever say when and where we send relevant leads

  26. Another innuendo that raises suspicions regarding the Scenic and the Mccann's: from PJ files, we can see that at certain time, the rental company called the Mccann's to hand back the Scenic because belong to Renault Portugal and was requested for service. They proposed an alternative car for replacement ( I believe with same features) but the Mccann's refused to hand it and extended the rent until Sept 2007. No reason for that was given. Why keeping a rented car if service was due or if was called by the rental car? The dogs answered that question- because was a masterpiece on Maddie evidences, and now, after all that is being disclosed, i believe the car was a problem not only on Maddie evidences but probably also, on the links between the Mccann's and who help them
    covering up the May 3th and discrediting the police. Some, like the cousin Michael was even "forced" to show up at Lisbon court and show once again his support.
    PJ just need to tide knots.

  27. ....""We have sent three letters of request for international assistance to the Portuguese judiciary, because that is the way their system works," he told presenter Nicky Campbell, admitting that the Met has "lines of inquiry which are different to the Portuguese Police's and we are working with them to try and resolve that. We are making some progress."

    Correio da Manhã suggests the progress is tempered. Writing under the headline "McCanns want to give orders to the PJ", the paper claims that it "knows that many of the steps requested" by the Met, "among them interviews, searches and bank account analysis, cannot be authorised by the prosecutor for the Public Ministry".

    It confirms: "The Porto PJ, which leads the investigation reopened in Portugal, is following a different line to that that the parents of the missing child would like" - thus the parents' frustration that the investigation is "not going as it should"....."
    Portugal Resident ( available at Mccannfiles)

    Nervous? Mcc's not happy, BHs too.

  28. Have you seen the Findmadeleine online store? ."Buy a donation"? From £1 to close to £100. Is this another way to attract and fool people giving another oportunnity to transfer money to the fund?
    Since when are donations on sale? The strategies of this guys are shocking, specially because we don't see anything that justifies the money they are stealing from honest people. Were they spend that money?

  29. Censored comment:

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Chasing Cars & Doctors":

    Dianne Webster was a mother of 3, according to David Payne.
    I think I've found the third doctorate daughter in N Zealand, initials GAW
    I don't expect you to publish the following information which supports what I found, but if I'm correct, DW seems to have conflated information about 2 daughters, giving the impression, deliberate or otherwise, that she was talking about Louise in her police statement."

    (censored - details regarding GAW)

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 12 Mar 2014 11:20:00"

  30. Did the Engine Control Unit and all the travel history of the car get downloaded and submitted as part of the evidence collected? Renault should have been able to do that, or projects like Phil Windleys FUSE project on Kickstarter?

    1. Ian W,

      We see no evidence in PJ files that any of the cars were examined in that amount of detail.


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