Friday, 12 April 2013

The Club of 4

“There are basically four kinds of Enablers in the Maddie Affair: Diplomatic, Judicial, Police and Media ones.

Some would say that a fifth group should be considered.”

“Which is?”

“The Disrupters. They’re paid hands and couldn’t care less if the tide is ebbing or flowing as long as the checks keep coming.

That differentiates them from all the other 4 groups who, although just being indirect stakeholders, they are still stakeholders and that makes them very interested in the out come of things even if they have little or no say about it.

Disrupters are only worried who will be the next to pay for their talent for gratuitous violence.

So we don’t see Disrupters as Enablers. Much too much detachment and cold-heartedness, the pure Disrupters that is.”


“Yes, we believe that many do have their hearts set on this as they have to protect those who protect them and their dark little secrets but that’s us reading between the lines while reading between the lines…”

Things best left unsaid?”

“Exactly. Let’s now detail each of the other groups of Enablers.

About the Diplomatic Enablers little can be said. Their presence is compromising enough, both to their Country as well as to themselves. That’s why we’ve never heard of them again after the disastrous intervention by the British Ambassador at the time.

They continue to cooperate in the process, as Wikileaks showed, guaranteeing that the official version is the only one and ensuring that everywhere in the world everyone sings from the same official hymn sheet.

Their safeguard clause is to keep the issue in lowest possible profile and whenever it’s mentioned, it’s to keep their role to the lowest possible profile.

They hope and pray that when the dam breaks no one will remember them and not get any mention in the press, which is what is most likely to happen.

The very few mentioned will use the “I was just following orders.” the oldest excuse for a criminal act.

“Which isn’t devoid of reason or truth…”

“No, in fact it isn’t.

The Judicial Enablers have the most difficult life of all. You see, their participation is not only in written form as it has to be precise, thus not minimally ambiguous in any manner, but has to produce the desired effect.

For example, whoever determined that the McCanns could fly home because there was no more interest being interrogated in Portugal just a couple of days after they were officially declared arguidos or persons of interest to the case, cannot “unsay” it now.

Nor can the person who wrote in the archiving dispatch that there was no evidence to prosecute the McCanns can “unwrite” it now.

Nor can the person who determined Maddie a Ward-of-Court, “undetermine” it now.

Their safeguard clause is only the hope that when the flood comes they’ll remain dry or only get their clothes wet from spraying droplets.

The Police Enablers, I’m sure are the angriest ones. Their job has been totally ridiculed, their personal and professional pride simply stripped away. And I’m not just referring to both Leicester Constabulary and Scotland Yard but also to the PJ. I’m sure that many in this Portuguese police force cooperated actively in the farce.

One cannot inflict such humiliation on others and remain unscathed. And you can’t promote all those involved. There will always be those left behind and there will always be those who will have some dignity and leave, taking the secrets with them.

Their safety clause is the fact that they were the baking staff when the dough was being made. They’re the ones who know all the facts. Both about what happened on May 3rd as well as what happened afterwards.

The honest ones are just waiting for the right opportunity to spill the beans. They know they did their job well and its not their fault that others kept sticking rods in cogs to stop them from working.

Another important aspect is that to disregard camaraderie between operatives of the same business is being dangerously naïve and that is certainly not a characteristic one could use to describe those involved. That’s why Mr Amaral may never see his day in Court.

The last but not least, the Media Enablers. Let me divide them into two kinds.

The first, the “Ferrari” or “Porsche” kind, are those who work for the “serious” Media like, in terms of TV, BBC and SKY in the UK and RTP, SIC and TVI in Portugal and the equivalent in newspapers in both Countries.

These people are masters in “herd control”. Their techniques rely basically on two very simple principles: shamelessness and short memory.

Shamelessness in the sense that what has been said today can be contradicted with the same conviction tomorrow. All that is required is to say, if even anything is required to be said, that their sources fooled them.

To change opinion they only have to disregard, shamelessly, what was their previous absolute certainty. They will say one thing today independently if it’s the exact opposite of what was stated yesterday. The excuse? They were fooled. Poor, poor souls.

Short memory of masses. Daily problems afflict everyone, so who is going to remember what worried one last week? Especially when those responsible to “reveal” the new problems society has to worry about are the journalists themselves?

The principle is that what is said today will be forgotten by tomorrow. Bury the old information with new one.

Take the blog for example. How many posts with compromising evidence has the blog posted and how many are remembered today? The human mind tends to simplify information and Textusa has become known to support that there was swinging during that fateful week.

The facts that Mrs Fenn lied, that Mr Brunt altered the image of the Tapas dinner tables, that there were no Tapas dinners, that the Tapas sheets are proof of the active participation of both the Guests and the Ocean Club staff in the cover-up, that Derek Flack, JW and TS lied (we don't believe TS decided to do that by herself and we believe that she had no idea why she was asked to do it or the possible consequences), that the UK Police withheld statements in Britain, that the Stroller was no other than Gerry, that the whole body disposal at the beach/church was nothing but clutter may be vaguely remembered but that’s just about it.

Vaguely is the key.

But on the other hand, the blog proves the opposite. People may remember vaguely the details of the facts I just listed, but they are in the blog be seen when researched.

That’s why it is very strange that some people who’ve dedicated some time and work to research the issue, suddenly delete it all just because they lost interest in the case. But that is something we will speak of when we speak about the Riff-Raff.

The second class of Journalists Enablers is the “Trabant” or “Lazzeri” kind, or those who work for tabloids with the job of exploiting to the maximum the most basic human emotions in defense of what is to be protected.

I will not waste any more words on waste. They may influence many Brits but the world is not exactly made up only of Britain no matter how the BHs are trying to convince people otherwise.

The safeguard clause of these Enablers is their work. Note that in the vast majority of the reports it’s emphatically highlighted that the McCanns abandoned their children in an apartment.

An article may be convincingly supportive of the couple but there is that damning paragraph “Maddie who disappeared from Praia da Luz in the Algarve after being left alone with her twin siblings in an apartment not very far away from where the parents were having dinner. It may not be these words but this is the idea.

Notice that they fall back on the negligence theory. What they haven’t safeguarded is the case that the dam breaks completely and it’s not only the parents who will be locked away in the Tower of London.

It’s a risk they’ve taken and that might well come back to haunt them in the future, or near future.

They completely trust the Deciders not to allow things to go that way. However the word trust is only to be used, as they’ve seen, either in private jokes or to write fictional work…

I left these Enablers, the journalists, for last because they have proved to be quintessential to provide us with solid evidence.

Mr Brunt and his team did it with his Tapas dinner table video. Channel 4 did it with their documentary “The Cutting Edge”, commonly and widely known as the Mockumentary.

But the most precious piece of hard evidence is a book. Written by a Journalist, or so he says he is. So it’s not Mr Amaral's book nor Mrs McCann’s.

I’m obviously talking about “Vanished” written by Danny Collins, an investigative journalist.

A treasure that many have overlooked over the years.

If I had to define it in one word, you know what it would be?”


Insightful. Very insightful.”

“Must read it then.”


  1. Another excellent article - thanks Textusa

  2. Reviews on the book (not good...):

    One of those reviews (from someone by the name of Afsana):

    I wonder what was the purpose of this book...and where it came from!


    It's seems many have the same opinion, this book is trash and Danny Collins is a fake! Who "comissioned" him this book...?


  5. No problem. They work to maintain the couple away from Trials.

    A "hard work " to ProMcs are playing defense. It is part of a campaign to get away the Mcs of Justice.
    Only do this, no more.
    Who vanished was not Her but her corpse, no?

  6. Gostei!

    Quanto ao "escritor a metro" não faço tenções de gastar dinheiro com este D.C.

    Nightmare é a palavra adequada . Então é perito no sub mundo?

    E, no fundo da página mais informações sobre o C.

  7. Danny is real? Or is a football player only born 1980?

    Or ex pats in Spain choose football players´s names?

  8. Com todo o respeito :

  9. Ei-lo aqui (passe a publicidade a esta horrível edit.)

  10. Já agora......
    Where was Charlotte Pennington?, 30 June 2008
    por Nigel Moore..................

  11. To our readers,

    We've never said that "Vanished" was a literary masterpiece. I think it would be intellectually dishonest to make such a statement.

    The reviews reflect exactly that.

    What we've said and maintain is that it's an "overlooked treasure" that provides us with much hard, or physical, evidence about the case.

  12. Well, because i will not buy the book, i must wait for the " overlooked treasure"!

    His profil seems very strange to me (Amaz.) is most like an expert on underworld.

  13. *abuse in children's homes or accusing all gypsies

    *it supports the less sensational theory that Madeleine wandered off from an unlocked and unsupervised villa

    frases retiradas das revisões ( aliás uma delas está na Amaz e numa ligação aqui indicada) .

    Quanto à 1ª só darei importância se ele se quer referir a Elm H. ou H de La G.

    Quanto à 2ª : numa rubrica de Análise C. numa das estações de TV a 20 de Março , o vídeo desse dia nunca saiu. Penso que TAMBÉM !!! foi dito nesse dia, por HC , que ele era do tempo em que o OC tinha um portão a fechar a rua de acesso ao complexo turístico.

    Como abordou os assuntos proibidos, o vídeo nunca veio à luz do dia. No entanto, eu ouvi e vi a Análise C. do dia 20.03.2013.

  14. Se a memória nåo me trai, este não foi também um livro cujas vendas reverteram em parte para o Fundo dos Mccann? Se foi assim, então o escritor real ou com pseudónimo, é muito mais que um simpatizante dos Mccann, comumente apelidado de "pro". É alguém de dentro, alguém que viveu o 3 de Maio de 2007 e tem medo que a verdade seja revelada. Nenhum simples "pro" dedicaria tempo a escrever o que quer que seja para partilhar as vendas com alguém, ainda que esse alguém fossem os Mccann.
    Não vou comprar o livro, como não comprei o " Madeleine". Espero que alguém post as passagens mais acutilantes, para ver nas entrelinhas o que eles não querem que vejamos. Se calhar o estilo nåo estará muito longe do estilo Kate Mccann. O grupinho reunia para tanta coisa, não ia deixar publicar um livro, cujas receitas também revertiam a seu favor, sem reuniões para balizar o livro. Depois, quem editou o livro? Como é que o autor convenceu a editora a publicar o livro? Ser dedicado a Madeleine não basta.

  15. Extamente, como é que um Danny Collins, ilustre desconhecido, publica este livro num tempo record? É que os autores de outros livros, ou tiveram algo a haver com o caso como Kate e GA, ou são jornalistas ou investigadores que acompanharam e se debruçaram sobre o caso como HC e Pat Brown.
    Se qualquer um de nós quisesse publicar um livro dedicado ao tema tinha de apresentar uma razão convincente à Editora, não bastava dizer que era a nossa opinião sobre o caso. Portanto a razão terá sido convincente e eu só vejo um cenário conjunto para tal acontecer- muito Mitchell nas negociações com a editora e um autor de dentro dos acontecimentos ou pago e muito bem pago para parecer ser um outsider, suportivo e tocado pelo drama.
    Quem é Danny Collins? Acho que também tinha um blog que só funcionou para vender a banha da cobra, depois esfumou-se como os Mccann querem esfumar-se nos últimos tempos.

  16. A search on the Internet shows Danny Collins, a footballplayer.
    The name did not come associated to the book, any book. Ummmh, you failed the details again, team Mccann. Seems that the crime enlarged so much since May 2007 that if you face justice, you have a lot of questions to answer, not only the ones related with 3 of May 2007. What a bucket of evil ideas to cover the disappearence of a little girl.

  17. Não é interessante que o ângulo da fotografia da capa do livro relegue para segundo plano o defeito no olho, que tanto serviu de marketing para os Mccann?

  18. Bom dia .

    DC não é o jogador de futebol. Se procurarem senior investigativ journalist danny collins aparece um senhor de idade madura.

    Leiam as críticas ao livro , cujas ligações se encontram acima em comentários.

    Tudo indica que , para além da teoria de que a culpa foi da Menina, é uma amálgama de cópias e colagens da net.

  19. Aqui está a imagem de Danny Collins


    with photo

    Asking the dogs

    Stumbling in the search for a narrative to illuminate the Madeleine McCann case, with sporadic thoughts on other related or unrelated topics...

    Monday, 22 October 2012

    Danny Collins Radio Interview Apr 2012

    more following

  21. cont.
    Collins is the author of the only book ever successfully published about the case independently in the UK, and therefore both he and the book are clearly very important. Accusations made on blogs and forums are one thing, but those made in print are quite another. His book remains on sale today.

    He was still making his accusations in April of this year in a radio interview, on the Joan Lea Show.
    "... the McCanns had lied about the locked door... until the shutter entry was proved impossible."
    A serious allegation. Serious enough in any case, but in one involving three children left on their own even more serious. But it's one completely ignored since 2007 by the print and broadcasting media. Richard Bilton, in the 2007 Panorama, made no mention of it, but he did mention another allegation:
    One possibility, and it's no more than that, is that police suspect some of the group of friends may have exaggerated the extent of their checks to make them and the McCanns appear more responsible. If true, if could have inadvertently raised suspicions of something much worse.
    Serious enough lies, if true, when three children are involved, but Bilton doesn't mention other lies may have been told to the police about the apartment being locked/unlocked. Collins clearly believes they were.

    His book is still on sale. "They've read the manuscript" Collins told Joan Lea.

  22. #13,

    Eu lembro-me de H. Carvalho ter mencionado num programa de tv(TVI) há muito tempo, creio que logo nos dias a seguir ao desaparecimento,que o Ocean Club tinha tentado obter autorização para fechar as ruas circundantes ao complexo, controlando a entrada de pessoas, mas felizmente a Lagos os tinha mandado "dar uma volta". Não sei se alguma vez nalguma rua existiu o tal portão de acesso, mas se houve foi retirado e muito bem! Não me admira nadinha que os "bifes" pretendessem tornar grande parte da vila da Luz num feudo british...



    NOT since Dr Crippen - long before the blizzard of 24/7
    satellite media - will there have been a case like
    Madeleine McCann's if the now official suspicions of the
    Portuguese police turn out to have been well founded.

    They have turned it into a circus, with daily appearances
    at mass and the flight to the Vatican to kiss the hand of
    the Pope, invoking celebrities, inducing millions of
    people around the world to raise a fortune in a campaign
    fund and turning their child into one of the iconic faces
    of our age.

    So even Dante himself would find it difficult to describe
    any circle of the inferno fit for Kate and Gerry McCann if
    it all turns out to have been a lie.

    I have been in and around the Ocean Club in the sleepy
    Algarve village of Praia da Luz for more than 20 years
    and it has been surreal enough watching its tiny cobbled
    streets bristling with television crews broadcasting
    around the world from a once little-known holiday idyll.

    And now this.

    On my Talk Sport radio shows I have been critical of the
    McCanns from the start. Not least because I knew
    aspects of their story could not be true.

    Their supposed constant vigilance of their three toddlers
    while they ate in a tapas bar and the children slept in an
    unlocked apartment was not possible. The distance
    between the two points was both greater and more
    convoluted than they said.

    In any case, the children's bedroom was on the OTHER
    side of the apartment block and, though both doctors,
    neither parent possessed X-ray vision.

    I said that if a single mother had left her three kids in
    the chalet at Butlins while she supped scampi and chips
    in the boozer, she would have immediately been
    attacked as a feral, feckless, unfit mother by the same
    media which was painting the grieving McCanns as the
    very embodiment of modern middle-class Britain.

    For months I have watched that media poke ridicule at
    the supposed bumbling Inspector Clouseaus of the
    Portuguese police for their apparent leaden-footedness
    in the investigation.

    Of course no Johnny Foreigner could be as good as our
    own police, who brought us the Guildford Four and
    Birmingham Six.

    Now with this new development, the same media seems
    coiled like a spring to turn on the McCanns as they
    previously did on the other "suspect" Robert Murat.

    Sensing they may have been made the biggest fools in
    history, the Press tables can be seen turning, the plates
    beginning to move.

    Of course, the most xenophobic commentators say the
    science which has led to the Mccanns being named as
    suspects is inherently suspect due to the foreign hands
    through which it has passed, oblivious to the fact that it
    came from British laboratories.

    If Madeleine's blood and other DNA evidence really has
    been found in the boot of her parents' hire car, there are
    only a few possible explanations. A previous renter of
    the car - it was 25 days after the child went missing that
    the family took possession of the vehicle - transported
    Madeleine in its boot and she was bleeding at the time.


  24. (cont)
    Or Madeleine's body was transported in the boot at least
    25 days after she disappeared once the McCanns took
    possession of the car.

    In these circumstances the Portuguese police really
    would be clots if they did not consider the girl's parents
    to be suspects.

    Of course there could be other, some would say unlikely,

    The DNA and blood evidence in the boot may not, after
    all, be Madeleine's and the forensic scientists may be

    Theblood in the boot of the McCanns' hire car may be
    somebody else's, in which case Goodfellas comes to the

    Algarve and the family are the victims of the most
    grotesque coincidence.

    The DNA could have been planted in the boot of the
    McCanns' car, presumably by the police.

    The sort of thing which happened to Mr OJ Simpson.

    The McCanns have either been the victims of a
    cataclysmic historic injustice, almost unprecedented, or
    they have been complicit in a scheme so duplicitous, so
    evil, so foul that Shakespeare himself could not have
    written it.

    Either way, the name McCann is now well and truly in
    the history books.

  25. 22

    Parece que existiu mesmo pois HC afirmou que era desse tempo. Como que uma fronteira ! E, sim. Foi rápidamente retirado.

    Se algum dia estas coisas puderem vir a lume e não serem censuradas seria excelente.

    E, desta vez tornou a dizer na Tv do "Tio Balsem." Só que o vídeo sofreu a PT gag ou english gag. (20 Março 2013)

    GA e os Amigos Verdadeiros tiveram de engolir muitas coisas e ,sofreram muitos processos judiciais , perseguições físicas acompanhadas sempre de ameaças e coisas estranhas.

  26. É impressão minha ou ele começa por aliciar e acaba com conclusões McCannianas? Embora coloque o unlikely

  27. #13 e #25,

    Fui ver ao site do programa Querida Júlia, e nos videos aparece repetido o do dia do Pai, 19/03/2013, um com a data do dia 19 e outo com a de 20/03, mas é o mesmo video, o de 19...realmente parece que não convinha a alguém, que viu e não gostou do que ouviu...
    faz-me lembrar as declarações o sr. Barra da Costa sobre o swing...também foi rápidamente silenciado!

  28. Se eu (muitos) não conseguem esquecer este caso negro o qual considero um caso perigoso, o que terão passado os elementos da Equipa de Investigação? Principalmente GA que tem sofrido de tudo! É ver fotos de 2007,2008....... e ver as de 2013.

    Não tenho dúvidas em acreditar que dentro da mesma força policial muitos " trabalharam " para lhe fazer mal e, contribuíram para esta tenebrosa farsa.

    Para além desses, os Superiores que o deixaram cair; o isolaram; além de lhe estragaram a vida em todos os aspectos.

    Depois, aquele grupo profissional que pode usar (abusar) o poder e enviar comunicados para a Agência Oficial das notícias. Foi um campanha cheia de ódio para derrubar um Ser Humano.

    E, assim devido a todos estes maus exemplos nada faltou para que espontâneamente aparecesse a escumalha com muitos e muitos problemas de relação com as forças policiais. Viram então um alvo a abater: a vingança, o fel, o ódio atirado apenas a um Indivíduo.

    As características mais baixas destes tornou-se facilitadora de muitos comentários de absoluto mau gosto em alguns Jornais de PT. O XX é o principal onde os comentários são da maior grosseria , contendo ameaças inclusivamente.

  29. 2007 Paulo Reis was PdL to write about the case. He suffered persecutions since this year.

    From 2009 , an article from P.Sargento . Only few words here:

    "In less than two years, these men have had more flat tires, roadkill, unjustified arrests, persecutions, wanton computer, cowardly murders of dogs, telephone threats, computer virus, anonymous letters, translations of documents prohibited, thefts, robberies, dating seers and threats to physical integrity, than had throughout his life. Their ages are between 40 and 50 years."

    Câmara dos Comuns Blog. 2009 page 3

    2013: is not so different.

    If UK is ill, Pt is ill, very ill also.

  30. I am almost certain that the mccann case is highly black and highly dangerous for UK and for all who seek the truth about the real facts of May 2007. And is bad to the Portuguese People; the good one!
    Each day that passes I think the danger is much greater.
    But we're not giving up. We can not get anything now but our descendants will come to know.

  31. R.Murd.´s hand?

    Madeleine McCann was being flashed up on the television every day the year Aiden died.
    “I’m sure that’s played a part in why Corinna is in front of a jury.”

    'But instead of calling a doctor or rushing the infant to hospital he just washed and changed the lad, cleaned up the mess and said nothing about the incident.

  32. I read Danny Collins book,he believes Madeleine is dead,he thinks maybe she woke up,wandered out and fell down some kind of drain/sewer.By the way,Collins donates 15% from each booksale to the search fund.By saying she's dead is he hindering the search?

  33. Bom dia!

    E esta saga não acaba!

    Agora são os Hubbards desde o Canadá a substituir os Mcs na anti propaganda.

    And this saga is not over!

    Now are the Hubbards from Canada to replace the Mcs in anti propaganda.


  35. The picture of the Hubbards in the newspaper (see #34)show how they have aged, Mrs. Hubbard particularly...being connected with the McCanns is a heavy burden, on the soul and on the body!

  36. she is a poor thing. But the poor things are dangerous due to stupidity.

    I'm amazed by the priest allow his wife to tell nonsense to a journalist uninformed from Canada.

    The woman is so ridiculous that even speaks of tourism in Portugal and how it is so important.

    But for me, tourists, yes! But tourism with right people, without violence, without drunkenness and bad behavior.

    With regard to this couple and the other, for me are pests and pests are to keep away from here.


    Hi! This is a youtube address with a broadcasted TV news made a few years ago, where the journalist is interviewing the cook who made the dinner for the McCanns on May 3rd. If we take in account your theory that dinner has never happened in Tapas restaurant, I would like to ask what is the objective of such interview and what might be the consequences for the ex Ocean Club employee if the Maddie files will be re-opened for further investigation or if the case come up to court house? What might happen in your opinion Text?

  38. Anon #32,

    Collins does NOT say she is dead. He says he believes was taken by gypsies and in radio interview is adamant she could be alive.

    So no he isn't hindering the search- precisely the opposite.

  39. Anon #37

    There's no "if" there weren't Tapas Dinners.

    There were NO Tapas dinners with the exception of a "gathering" that took place there on the night of the 3rd but in which only 7 of the T9 participated in.

    The Tapas Quiz posts are on the blog's front page for all to see and refute, which you are welcome to do so as you seem to doubt our reasoning.

    But please do refute with logical facts otherwise we can only assume that your use of the word "if" has only disruptive intentions.

    About the consequences of lying in statements to the PJ, I don't recollect any witness having been sworn in so it's up to each one's moral values.

    This particular person, willfully or not, seems to promote the total neglect scenario. Total allows for an abductor, whereas the checking scenario makes it improbable/impossible.

  40. #37 does the person in the video appear in the PJ Files? I can't seem to find a match between what she's saying and any statement from any OC Staff. If she doesn't, why then?

    Textusa, the comment (#32) about Collins needed the response you gave. How can anyone who read his book claim he says M is dead!! He says the opposite.

  41. Ao voltar a ver e a ouvir o vídeo reparei na presença de GA junto aos elementos da GNR. E, durante um mês montaram ali um espaço, num dos apartamentos, de Investigação e de observação.

    Quanto à funcionária:

    para além da ementa referida , a qual poderia ter sido pedida de propósito em nome , EM NOME, do casal, passo à frente.

    Bate certo o que GA refere no Livro: as Crianças passavam o dia na creche. Não iam passear com a família na Vila.

    O que sempre me choca e chocará é o facto de todos terem andado à procura de uma Criança, supostamente desaparecida, chegando a ficar com as pernas e pés inchados e, os progenitores e respectiva família andarem na piscina e no campo de ténis. Como é isto possível em termos de carácter humano. Já sabiam que a Criança tinha falecido. Como conseguiram ficar tão frios, tão indiferentes?

    Para evitar mostrar a dor, o luto ?

    Mas, as pessoas normais quando lhes desaparece MESMO um filho só têm dor permanente! A Mãe do Rui Pedro, a mais conhecida.

    Quantos de nós não perdemos por minutos os nossos Filhos? Como ficamos?

    Não me venham dizer que é uma cultura diferente. Não! É apenas gente que não presta de todo.

  42. The menu described by the cook makes mouthwatering.

    They made the request on behalf of them, of course. It's all about the premeditation of the timeline that they built.

    The testimony of the employees are in the files. They do not need the video. They know more than the press. And we know that the Press just give what they want and how they want.

    But the PJ course saw all the reports. They do not sleep working on.

  43. It's quite interesting to see how this "Manuela" describes in detail how Maddie was dropped off at the creche... next to the kitchen!!!
    I thought that was the one where the twins went!

  44. All in this case is very "interesting"!

    Or, 43,

    With all the confusion premeditated they managed to put in people's minds what they wanted.

    Or, she was expecting not to finish the work ´s contract. If was this, Manuela, Manuela......... Your´s dreams to stay there, run away .

  45. Parece que os trabalhos na cozinha com as ementas todas do dia completo , mais os pedidos particulares não ocupavam assim tanto tempo aos da cozinha.


  46. The UK media begin the 3 May, oh the 12......

    Only google and you can find the links.

    So, i think she forgives herself and forgive the husband? The priests used to that: sin and are pardoned; sin and pardoned,sin and...

  47. Before Maggie´s funeral the media begin with memorial to Maddie.

  48. My, my...someone's telling a lie!
    The cook says she cooked "robalo"(snook fish?) with cuzcuz and steak au poivre for the McCanns...well, Kate, when asked by the PJ said she ate steak and "maybe" sardines:

    "Dinner began around 9PM, and she thinks the nine adults were at the table. She ate steak and maybe sardines. Drank white wine and water."

    Weird to confuse sardines with "robalo with cuzcuz"...
    And, cuzcuz is NOT a traditional portuguese side-dish, I think it is very weird that a portuguese restaurant would serve fish with cu«zcuz, instead of the usual boiled potatoe and vegies, in my opinion that was very farfetched, a possible indicator of deception...

    I could not find any statement from Gerry of what he ate, it seems the police did not ask him about it...why ask Kate and not Gerry?! Who had the fish and who had the steak? According to the statements Gerry needs an antacid(omeprazole-Losec), possibly for gastro-esophageal reflux, and people who suffer from that condition usually avoid spicy foods (pepper), so maybe he was the one who had the fish, but NO sardines for Kate, not if we are to believe the cook!
    (how can anyone not be sure of having eaten sardines?! those have such a strong fish taste and stink to high heaven! it gets into your skin, hair, clothes, aaargh! particularly when you're sitting next to the grill, again according to the cook, 3 meters away from the table)

    The cook also says they had alredy eaten the main course, because it was around 9.30pm when "she"(Kate) raised the alarm!!! Who's lying here??? The McCanns and Cº(after 10pm) or the cook (9.30pm)?!

    So many inconsistencies, so many outright lying, what to believe and what to question??? Me, myself, moi, I QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!

    Just a small detail, this video gives everyone a chance to view/review Gerry's cheerfulness in public, cracking a joke maybe, just days after the disappearance of his daughter!He sure looks amused and in high spirits!(around 3.38')and the "supporting" relatives enjoying the good weather...

    "We're all going on a summer holiday.
    No more working for a week or two.
    Fun and laughter on a summer holiday.
    No more worries for me and you.
    For a week or two.

    We're going where the sun shines brightly.
    We're going where the sea is blue.
    We've seen it in the movies.
    Now let's see if it's true."

    (thank you, Sir Cliff Richard!)

  49. The Met have at least one copy of the MW holiday brochure 2007

    In this there is NO mention whatsoever that you could take your package meals at any venue other than the Millenium.
    This is a simple provable fact yet every 2-3 weeks there is a concerted effort to make us believe the Tapas was included in the package.

    Why is obvious, if they weren`t in the tapas the story collapses.
    But the brochures were printed long before May 2007 and cannot be doctored.

  50. Textusa, disagree with you @37. I don't think the employee is endorsing the total neglect. I think she is finger pointing the McCann and family by implying that if they didn't worry about going to look for Maddie like many anonymous people did it was because they didn't have a reason to go out to look because they knew she was dead! I think she's trying to tell the world how Maddie's family came to enjoy a holiday instead of acting like a family with one of their own abducted or missing!

  51. Front page of Sun
    K can forgive Ms abductor!
    How can you forgive if you don't know what he's done to her, hasn't been caught or sentenced and hasn't expressed remorse. The readers will think she is completely mad!!
    Majority will say they could never forgive on these circumstances. Her attempt at sainthood is ridiculous.

  52. Must correct the comment I've just submitted.
    It's the Star and not The Sun. Not sure about Sun.
    And please don't think my comment implies I believe abduction!

  53. For anyone "out there" that defends and believes the Tapas Cook, Manuela, had no reson to lie or participate in a cover-up:

    "261 to 263 Witness statement of Maria Manuela Antonia Jose 2007.05.06"

    I suppose this is "the" Manuela, Tapas cook...and this is what she told the police, in her OFFICIAL statement:

    "Upon questioning, the witness confirms that on the day of the disappearance, she worked at the restaurant from 10h00 to 18h45, when, having finished her shift, she went home, where she remained with her 13 year old son until approximately 10h00 the following day (4th May)."

    "On 4th May 2007, due to the fact that she had a medical appointment at the Lagos Health Centre followed by an appointment at the Portimao Court at 15h00, she only began work at 18h30 (dinner service, which lasts until 24h00)."

    On the 3rd May she finished her shift at 18:45!!! HOW DID SHE COOK THE McCANNS DINNER AT 20:30/21:00 on the 3rd May, if she was NOT there???
    What she says in that "breaking the silence" interview must hvae happened the following day, the 4th May, and I bet it was the meals ordered by the McCanns to be brought to the apartment they were in at the time( they were moved from 5A to another apartm by M.Warner, weren't they?)
    Why did she make believe she cooked the McCanns meals on the night nof the disappearance, on the 3rd on that interview? Poor memory...? I doubt! And the stupid reporter didn't even bother to check her police statement, either before or after the interview!

    Sorry, an update on my comment:
    I went back to view the interview once again (or the snippet of an interview, it is just some few minutes of Manuela speaking, i get the feeling the interview was severely cut and edited) and I realized the lady does not say on camera that she cooked the meals that night or what was cooked, it is the reporter in the "voice over" introduction that gives all those details:

    "Voice over Introduction: She doesn’t ‘show’ her face but a year later and without working in the Ocean Club, Manuela decided that she wasn’t obliged to the silence anymore. The cook [chef] who prepared a ‘Robalo’ [Snook fish/ Sargeant fish] with cuscus [signature dish of the Arab world] and the pepper steak meal the McCanns had to dinner in the night Maddie disappeared was in the griller area 3 meters away from the table of the couple."

    What Manuela said directly on camera could very well be the description of the events she came to know from her colleagues, learnt the next day (4th May), and not her own experience of the events, it can't be, because...SHE WASN'T THERE! Not according to her police testimony!

  54. #53, thank you! I'm Anon 40 and I saw that Mrs Jose, who is Manuela or Maria Manuela, couldn't be the employee because she retired early and the only woman cook that could have been present was SVETLANA STARIKOVA VITORINO. The woman in the video speaks with no accent so she's Portuguese.

  55. #54, from #53,

    My pleasure to provide the information! It's easy, one just has to check the police files. And yes, she's certainly portuguese, she speaks with the typical Lagos "algarvian" tone/accent.

  56. #51 & 52, I´ve found the article on Daily Mail

    ' I can forgive Maddie's abductor': Six years on Kate McCann says she does not want to be eaten up by 'hatred and bitterness'


  57. #53, you'r right on the money!
    Svetlana Vitorino was an assistant cook and she worked from 14.30 to 24.00. She states that at meal times, she works by the grill in the restaurant, which I suppose means she operates the grill.
    Eh, we say in portuguese "cada cavadela, cada minhoca" (in each dig we find one worm), the more we look into the files the more contradictions and half-truths we find!
    What a case!

  58. In connection with comment #43, and where was the creche attended by Madeleine:

    Just been to Jill Havern's forum and there's a thread discussing the cook, and HiDeHo wrote this:

    "PLEASE NOTE: Manuela claims to have seen Madeleine at the creche next to the Tapas Bar. Madeleine's creche was 5-10 minutes away above the Main Reception. Manuela may have been mistaken about which child she saw." has been said many times that Madeleine was small for her age, Manuela could have confused Amelie for Madeleine...? Or any other child, because as Bridgett O'Donnel(Jez Wilkins partner) put it in her article "My months with Madeleine":

    "Our children made friends in the kiddie club and at the drop-off, we would joke about the fact that there were 10 blonde three-year-old girls in the group."

    "Earlier that day there had been tennis lessons for the children, with some of the parents watching proudly as their girls ran across the court chasing tennis balls. They took photos. Madeleine must have been there, but I couldn't distinguish her from the others. They all looked the same - all blonde, all pink and pretty."

    She assumed Madeleine must have been in the group, but she could NOT distinguish her, they ALL looked the SAME!!!

    The same could have happened with Manuela...

  59. Anon #58,

    After confusing about serving a dinner at Tapas at a time she has said she was home, confusing about what was served and confusing about creches, we think it's indeed a "possibility" she would confuse Maddie with another little blond girl or confuse her reflection in a mirror with another woman.

    The confusion of little blond girls with Maddie is far, far from being innocent. On the contrary.

    It's a myth we hope to debunk soon, so we will refrain to speak about it for now.

  60. #51 The great British public have, unusually, now been allowed to post comments on this question, on the Facebook page of the "This Morning" TV show. The response is most interesting - almost 2,300 comments, the vast majority of which are very critical, to say the least!

    Scroll down to the item "NEWS REVIEW Kate McCann says that she will somehow try and find it in her heart to forgive the person who snatched her daughter...Could you forgive like Kate McCann? We want to know what you think."

  61. Manuela has so much to say- a pity she didn't manage to speak to the Pj.
    How many cooks did they need for 15 people ,for heavens sake?

  62. I was watching a documentary on TV tues night 'Ross Kemp' talking about how easy it is for drug smugglers to smuggle drugs from Mexico to UK, or America or wherever speaking to the heirarchy of drug smuggling etc, but it reminded me of the Madeleine case because without official help the Mccanns would have been locked up years ago. The drug smugglers had corrupted officials at airports etc enabling them to ply their trade and this is exactly what the mccanns have done, they have paid Carter Ruck and others to ensure that nothing that they consider detrimental to their abductor story is published or they will sue it all comes down to money. The fund was set up to pay to keep them from prison. The tapas friends all lied, their stories contradict each others, their is no proof or evidence of any abductor ever entering their apartment, in fact there is nothing to substantiate the mccanns version of an abductor and if the pj had been allowed to continue with its investigation this case would have been solved years ago. So many suspicions against the parents yet still they continue to solicite funds from the VERY gullible public.
    When the fund money runs out the mccanns will say they want to forget and move on and want the public also to forget how they have scammed us.
    SY are absolutely useless they are more corrupt than corrupt!!

  63. #62 I don't think the public is now as gullible as you believe, any more. Kate has plugged her Justgiving account for the London marathon on Facebook and in several mass circulation newspapers, but has only received 356 donations from the hundreds of thousands (or more) of the people who will have seen all the plugs.

  64. Gerry Mccann tries to silence the media via the Leveson inquiry stating intrusion into privacy but the pair use the media to spread their false stories about abductors and broken shutters that never were and have done since the beginning. Kate now says (via the media) she can forgive the abductor as the 6th anniversary approaches of maddies disappearance and they need more publicity and money. When will this madness end. The public are not allowed to post comments on news stories concerning the mccanns their legacy is 'no comments' usually after some rubbish story fed to the media about fake sightings made up by their PR team. It is a disgrace the amount of tax payers money wasted on this case and the money that has gone to the mccanns private bank account. It is also very suspicious how dubious all their investigators and backers have turned out to be.

  65. @63 - only 356 donations must mean another front page sighting of Madeleine is on the way or perhaps another book to boost the Mccams fund!

  66. I am anon 32,i don't know what book you read but the book Vanished by Danny Collins that i read definately says he believes Madeleine wandered out & fell down a drain/sewer.


    Above link is Saint Kate Mccann on Daybreak telling us about her London Marathon but also having a go at the internet cowards who dare question her fake abductor story - Kate is one crazy woman certainly in denial and she dosen't miss the opportunity to ask for donations either, how many unfortunate people will give to the Madeleine fund and not Missing Persons Charity after this cheap PR stunt.
    The Mccanns belong in prison and throw away the keys for their crimes of the 3rd and the many crimes they committed after the 3rd.

  68. You are correct about the distruptors Tex, they prowl around the internet sites disrupting conversations and they are very abusive and most of them have difficulty in stringing a sentence together - all part of their distruption techiques - you can spot them a mile away they encourage each other to behave in such an ignorant manner. Their time would be better spent having literacy lessons!


    This may be an old article but the Mccanns could not fool everybody !!!

  70. Anon @32/@66,

    You have to take it up with Collins. The book I've read names various possibilities and one of them is in fact Maddie falling in a drain/sewer. A scenario. The scenario he elects as most likely is Maddie wandering into the street and being picked up by Romanian (why this nationality beats me) Gypsies to become part of a beggar's ring. April this year he clearly says he believes that Maddie is still alive and that would unlikely if she fell down a drain/sewer.

  71. #67,

    ITV's videos( in ITV's site) are not available for viewers outside the UK, for those interested in watching it is in Jill Havern's forum.

  72. 'I want to protect my children from cowardly internet trolls': Madeleine McCann's mother Kate on being target of online abuse ahead of London Marathon run

    McCann continued: 'It is internet abuse and we both feel really strongly that more should be done about internet abuse. People wouldn't get away with behaving like that in the street and yet they feel like they can hide behind a computer at home.'

    Pressinto que ela teria alguns grupos/blogues em vista e Textusa estará incluída.
    Discurso com sinais preocupantes.


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