Friday, 8 March 2013

Truth as Clue

“Are we going to speak about the Black Hat Gangs?”

“To understand the idiosyncrasies of the various BH Gangs you must first understand the mechanics and complexities of Factual Truth.”

“Is that a trick question?”

“No, and soon I hope you’ll be chewing on those very words...”

“Knowing you, I should go get a napkin...”

“Imagine truth as a block. A solid stone block. Like this:

Now don’t confuse this block with Maddie’s Cube. That Cube is much, much more complex. The truth block is but a part of it.

The Factual Truth which is immutable. It’s a series of objective events and circumstances that did happen and produced an outcome. Nothing can change that.

What is mutable are the various interpretations one can make out of Factual Truth

If one is not with ill-intent, these interpretations are based on logic, coherence and feasibility

If one intends to mislead then one can say that rock is made out of water. But by claiming that, however repeatedly, it doesn’t change the rock from being a rock nor does it change water into being rock, does it?”


“And no matter how much they claim that water is rock, water will never be rock.

There’s only one reason, and one reason alone, for one to manipulate truth and that is because there’s a reason that makes one do that

To those who have no said reason then truth is the most exquisite object to contemplate as it’s the only fountain able to genuinely quench curiosity’s thirst.

Basically there are two forms to manipulate truth and that is either by distortion or by omission.

One can distort either by addition or by replacement.

Distorting by addition is to add events to the truth that have nothing to do with it. That way the observer loses sight of the dimensions and contours of truth and so make the wrong assumptions when drawing conclusions from it.

Freemasonry and paedophilia are the two most common distortion themes by addition.”

“Right. And by replacement?”

“Distorting by replacement would be for one to chip off one of the corners and replace that part of the block with some sort of “replica”.

For example, in Maddie's case, we believe that dinners took place downtown at Chaplin’s. That reality has been replaced with the fictitious Tapas dinners.

Why? Because dinners at Chaplin’s would mean that the children were being taken care of by OC Staff which would make abduction impossible.

When one resorts to distortion, one wants to divert the attention away from something as one not only doesn’t want that specific part of the block to be seen but also intends to deceive by showing a “complete” block when in fact a part of it has nothing to do with the original.

It has the inconvenience of being able to be spotted and seen for the lie it really is. And once the suspicion of falsehood sets in it will forever hover over the block even if the fake corner is removed and the rightful one returned.

To manipulate truth by omission is just to chip away that corner and present the block without it. This achieves a very interesting effect and that is to lie by saying only the truth.


“Look at the block with the chopped off corner. All that one sees is true. There’s not a shred of lie about it.

It only isn’t the whole block, the whole truth but, by omission, one can speak about the subject with full conscience that one isn’t lying about it!

One is just not basing the argument on the whole truth, that's it. The part left out is what is not to be known.

That missing bit may, or may not, be relevant but will always alter the dimensions of the block which basically means that one is looking at a part of it thinking that one is looking at the whole thing.

That’s the difference between omission and distortion. In distortion one introduces falsehood while in omission one simply prays that whatever one is hiding is not found.

Knowing this, we can now define what is a Black Hat.”

“And what is then a Black Hat?”

A Black Hat is someone who has consciously manipulated truth, by distortion or omission, with the intent of having Factual Truth remain unknown.”

“Shouldn’t you have the word “voluntarily” in that definition?”

“No, many BHs were dragged into the mess and had no say about it. Either by the events or for having to follow orders. But once in the mess, they had no choice but to go with the flow to save their reputation.”

“That then makes it to be a lot of people, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, unfortunately you’re right. If it’s hard to have a kid confess to stealing a cookie imagine how difficult it will be to have hundreds of them to do that about a much worse crime.

Because we’re no longer talking about just the T9, Ocean Club, Guests and their friends and relatives. We’re also talking about diplomatic personnel, police and justice personnel, media personnel, church personnel and government personnel of two countries.”

“That is one big crowd!”

“But let’s get back to the truth block. It’s important with what set of eyes one is looking at it.”

“How is that?”

“It changes with the objectives in mind when looking at it. Whether one is looking at it as the police or if as the public.”

Public? I thought, after you said the police, that you were going to say the criminals.”

“Oh no, the criminals are the only ones who know exactly what the truth block looks like, after all they’re the ones that “built” it.

All others, police and public, have their views of the block in some way or another blocked. If by nothing else, it’s blocked by their own ignorance of the general facts or of just certain parts of them.

It’s the job of the police to do away with their ignorance and that’s why they do their investigative work. They work to replace their ignorance with knowledge about Factual Truth.

So little by little they “peel” away all obstacles that prevent them to see the whole truth with the objective of having, at the end of the process, the whole Factual Truth uncovered so that the rightful judicial entities that will follow them on the subject are able to make the right decisions based on the right facts.

It’s the job of the police to discover the truth, to clean and polish that block the best way possible.”

“And the general public?”

“The public can only see what is shown, and it assumes that the police is doing its job.

But each individual by absorbing the information available formulates his/hers opinion on the subject. 

Both about of the truth block as well as the work being done by the whole judicial system.

And when one realizes that the judicial system isn’t exactly doing the job it’s supposed to be doing, as the citizen that one is, one is compelled to do something about it.

Imagine that one day you head for the bank and when you get to the teller, instead of being asked “Good morning, do you wish to make a deposit?” the teller reaches for a gun and says “Hands up, this is a robbery! Hand over all your the money!” and after taking it sends you on your way with a “Thank you, goodbye. Next!”.”


“Was the bank doing its job? No. And wouldn’t be a fact that it was your duty to alert others that the bank not only wasn’t doing its job as it was taking advantage of being a bank to attract other naive victims?”

It certainly would!”

“And that’s the role of the true WH blogs. To alert others that those supposed to manage justice within society are far from doing their job when it comes to Maddie's case.

But as we don’t have authority or legitimacy to manage justice in any way, what we can do is provide our opinion and by doing so, show how some who have been entrusted with responsibility, misuse it and even abuse it.

And even if those entrusted with responsibility don’t misuse or abuse it they should always be ready and available to be closely scrutinized by those who entrusted them with said responsibility: the citizens.

It’s like the Portuguese say, "when one owes no one, one isn’t afraid to face anyone", so the judicial system should never be afraid of being questioned

If it is indeed transparent then all questions will have a clear and straightforward answer. If it isn’t, then the “bank” is pointing a “gun” at all of us and should be denounced.

Unlike the police, we don’t possess their resources to access information but we do have the greatest resource of all and that is the human brain. Nothing stops us from thinking with logic.

So it’s not our mission, or quest, to find truth, but to make all efforts to understand what truth is from the available facts. And when we can’t understand something to be true, we have not the right, but the duty to voice it.

What we do is make the truth block more and more clear and that is achieved by making transparent all the obstacles between us and it.

By doing so, we hope to, as an end-result, to show what we understand the truth is. It’s our thought, thus is but supposition. But if our thought process was logic, coherent and above all feasible, then our suppositions will also be logical, coherent and feasible, which makes it very close to the truth.”

“Understand that. But what has this to do with the Black Hat Gangs?”

“Well, it first helps you identify if the person you’re communicating with, directly or indirectly, is a BH.

Normally, the exact size and shape of the truth block is only known by those who intervened directly in the events. This is so because, as I said, although the truth block is immutable, afterwards each one tends to manipulate its events to in accordance with one’s convenience.

But the “Maddie truth block” is different.”

“Well, if everything else has been different about this case, not seeing any reason for this not to be so…”

“You see, not only those present, or the T9, know exactly how Maddie died. Many people know exactly what happened, under which circumstances and in which general and particular surroundings it occurred.

That means that many, maybe too many, people know exactly what “Maddie’s truth block” looks like.”

“And that means?”

“It means that there are too many people with an interest in manipulating truth, and that’s why you have so many, many different “truths” being propagated out there.

Now you know that if anyone tends to “overlook” this or that detail that person is manipulating the truth by distorting it by omission, or if they’re bringing clutter into the picture they’re distorting it by addition.

But what really is important is that they’re distorting the truth, and as we saw, only those with some guilt do that as others accept truth for what it is.”

“That’s true, but in what way is this helpful?”

“Because it’s the only way that you can differentiate the various kinds of BHs

And once you can do that, you can understand the groupings, the gangs, the cliques.”


“You can work from front to back. If one manipulates truth it is because one feels one has to. Understand the manipulation and you’ll understand the reason why it’s being done. Find a group of people with similar manipulations and you’ll see that they have the same reasons for doing it and so you have found yourself a group of BHs. Very simple.

All cliques have their opposition, dissent within their own ranks but we can look back and see how the got their clique story underway and developed. The story that exonerates their clique and puts the guilt on another.

Albeit with their differences, they all share a commonality…”

“Which is?”

“All of them are trying to sell water as rock. The only possible way that you can do that is by freezing the water although ice is far from being as hard as rock.

Ice has one major problem, though…”

“That is?”

Maintenance. Unless you live at one of the poles, to have ice remain as ice you have to maintain it, and maintenance can be costly…”

“Especially if you can’t possibly allow it to melt...”

“Exactly! Very, very costly.”

Post Scriptum:

In this post we make the following statement:

“For example, in Maddie's case, we believe that dinners took place downtown at Chaplin’s. That reality has been replaced with the fictitious Tapas dinners.”

We’ve also said:

“What we do is make the truth block more and more clear and that is achieved by making transparent all the obstacles between us and it.

By doing so, we hope to, as an end-result, to show what we understand the truth is. It’s our thought, thus is but supposition. But if our thought process was logic, coherent and above all feasible, then our suppositions will also be logical, coherent and feasible, which makes it very close to the truth.”

So what makes us believe that the T9 had dinner at Chaplin’s?

It’s a supposition based on 4 things:

First, if they didn’t have dinner at Tapas, they had to have it somewhere else. All the "proof" needed that they didn’t eat at Tapas are in the 12 Tapas Quiz Night posts on the blog’s front page;

Second, we have Ms Najoua, Chaplin’s Quiz Mistress to be, by coincidence, also Tapas' Quiz Mistress. We know that at Tapas there were no Quiz Nights, so from where does Ms Najoua know the T9? We would say that it was from where she indeed worked: Chaplin’s.

Third, Mrs Fenn’s hairdresser. We know that the whole sketch was phony and only done to compromise the McCanns during "The McCann Hunting Party 07". Taking into account the context and intent with which it was made we deduce the “accusation” that they dined at Chaplin’s to be true, as we’re sure, would be easily provable by magically making the T9 credit cards statements see the light of day.

Fourth, the Kelly’s Irish Bar manager. From her words her husband or ex-husband worked at Chaplin’s and she seems to establish close ties between the bar and the restaurant: 

Kelly's Irish Bar, three minutes' walk from the Mark Warner Complex where the McCanns stayed, is -- allegedly -- one of the places visited by Gerry and Kate McCann during their brief stay on the peninsula.

The manager, Mary, is a friendly native of Donegal who has lived in Portugal for the past 20 years. She describes how badly affected the town -- which relies on tourism -- was by Madeleine's disappearance.

"People just packed up and left. They cancelled their holidays and they will never come back. This was always considered to be a very, very safe place for children. I used to let my own boy -- now eight -- walk from here down the road to where his father worked at Chaplin's restaurant. Now, I'm terrified of letting him go anywhere on his own.”

This is all but supposition but hopefully a logical, coherent and feasible one, thus in our opinion very close to the truth.

About the statement "children were being taken care of by OC Staff " we're supposing that the event's organizers guaranteed that the children were adequately taken care of at all times, explaining the unusually high number of nannies present at the resort at the end of April / beginning of May.  


  1. I think Black Hats lie repeatedly not convince us but to convince themselves.

  2. Who defends the theories of " freemanson" or " Paedophilia, forgot very basic things:
    - The location- PDL
    - the nationality of the victim- British

    Freemanson's are so powerful, so well connected, so secret and so close on their own group that they will not get involved with a group of guests from the OC. They tend to do political and economical influence and this is not matching with the disapearence of a little girl who was the daughter of two ordinary doctors. Gerry was nothing when he went to PDL. I believe all that aurea of power/ good political connections/ etc, involving him, was created as a myth by his team, to fool the public and the investigation. If the case was involving Freemansons, will be out of the spotlight since minute one. Freemansons don't like publicity and have zero tolerance to people like the Tapas 9 and their helpers.
    Paedophilia, also a ridiculous theory unless the Paedo was somebody knowing well the girl and the attitude of the family. If so, he/she will have been caught long ago, like what happen in similar cases.
    With a lot of poor and unprotected children around the world, easy targets, why a Paedo goes to PDL to snatch a british gilr? Not even the most stupid paedo, will take that decision and choose this two ingredients-Pdl and a british girl.

  3. A Paedo will not choose a small town in a low season like what was PDL in April. In a town like that, he will be easily spotted as an outsider, by residents and tourists. Why did he go to PDL to snatch an hypothetical child who could never arrive?


    Bruno Fernandes, who was the goalkeeper of the Brazilian soccer club Flamengo, was condemned to 22 years in prison for the murder and for body concealment of his girlfriend.

    The body was never found.

  5. We recently had a missive from our fan club, with its call sign swearing, claiming to be amused/disgusted by out attempts to deliberately mislead readers.

    The missive said that if there was a cover up of massive proportions, they ask, why did none of the low paid seasonal workers come forward to claim the £2 million reward?

    Doh! Why didn't we think of that?

    So we did.

    If you are one of the workers who has been paid/ intimidated/ signed a false testimony/withheld vital information from the investigation, why not say "To hell with the consequences, I need the money."

    The possible consequences?

    Public opprobrium, physical threats, plus a jail sentence for perverting the course of justice.

    And who would pay this reward?

    The McCann Fund - for your role in exposing them and their wider entourage and helpers.

    As the reward money is to be paid by Mcs, I doubt they would pay anyone who exposed them!!

    That would really be biting the hand that would be feeding you!

    No witness would expect any reward, but they would fear the consequences of speaking out as a lone voice.

  6. While I am at it, we might as well cover off the nonsensical Chaplins claim too

    Your reasons for claiming they ate at Chaplins.

    1) Because you claim they didn't eat at the tapas.

    No, they did eat at the tapas, a fact which is amply supported by evidence. You claim that they would not have eaten at the tapas because the tapas was not included in their half-board. So why would they instead eat at one that actually wasn't included in their half board? There is no evidence to support your claim.

    2) Because of Ms Najoua.
    So she is now in it too, is she? There were quiz nights at the tapas, this is where she met them. You need to be very very careful about declaring a known, named individual to be a conspirator to the disappearance of a child, Textusa. She is bound to get to hear of it, and facing charges of malicious falsehood wouldn't be good for your nerves.

    3) Mrs Fenn's hairdresser

    Oh please! That one is beneath even you.

    4)Kelly's bar.

    So there is a loose connection between Kelly's bar and Chaplins. So? How is that proof that hundreds of people lied and the tapas group ate there?

    As for your remarks about childcare and Mark Warner - well, as you know, I have a Mark Warner contact. I feel it's only right that they should know about the malicious falsehoods you are spreading.

    So - do you want to have another go?

    Where is your EVIDENCE, Textusa. Not this rattling bunch of old cobblers. Evidence, dear.

    Come on now - I have people waiting on your reply.....

    Incidentally, we both know why you won't publish my posts and debate the points. You are simply too scared. And so you should be.

  7. Anon #6,

    1) Tapas dinners. Please refer to the 12 posts on the blog's front page.

    2) Najoua. If she says, as she does, she sat at a table that didn't exist, obviously "she's in it too". By the way, with her statement the Big Round Table doesn't have to have the dimensions to sit 9 people but 10.

    3) Mrs. Fenn's hairdresser. I'll leave your answer to speak for itself.

    4) Kelly's + Chaplin's. At least you admit there's a connection. Never said hundreds sat there. From the pictures I think it wouldn't have the capacity.

    We're pretty much fed up with your repetitive denial of EVIDENCE:

    By all means continue to comment as much as will because as far as we know Blogger doesn't have a limit to unpublished comments.

  8. About your Mark Warner contact... why didn't you tell them I was spreading "malicious falsehoods" when they went that extra mile for you?

  9. Textusa @5,
    If you participate in a cover up, you wouldn't be entitled to a reward for your behaviour.
    Only an innocent witness whose evidence led to a resolution of a crime could claim a reward.
    Not everyone was a guilty witness. Maybe there were people who signed or said nothing. Their fear would be consequences for outing the guilty.
    And, as you say, not see the colour of the money ever.

  10. 6, maybe the police should go after you. Your post could easily be classified an attempt to persecute and treatned a blogger, who just voices her opinion making absolutely sure that this is her opinion. Your post is a crime because on some way you are trying to act as a police or somebody related with justice, something you are obviously not entitled to do, and something that obviously could not be done trough Internet. You are a naif desperate BH, who even don't measure the consequences of your acts to yourself. Did you think that after so many years, PJ and SY and MW, and the Mccann's, and so on were not aware of all the blogs( including this one) related with Maddie saga? OFF COURSE THEY ARE. and they have opposite opinions about Textusa. For the Mccann's, MW, and BHs she could be a trouble brainblessed. For the police, she is a reference and a blogger they respect and follow not to catch her but to catch people like yoy, who know a lot about Maddie disapearence but still out there, insiting on the same lies, the same nonsense ( which the police proved already to be impossible), trying to fool the public and intimidate who, like the police, don't believe a single word and event delivered ( or deliberately not delivered) by the all involved on the saga.
    Your posts are the one which are being closely watched by the police and, most important, most probably by GA legal team, to be used on the right time and the right place. Cont.

  11. Cont: ( to 6)
    Something drives you here and forces you to post what you post. Yoy could not be an innocent poster like most of us who just follow Maddie case and post on bloggers because her parents called the attention of the media and have effectively done nothing to help the police locate their girl and solve the case.
    I personally don't need to know if the Tapas dinner happen or not. Become irrelevant and almost ridiculous for who defends it, AFTER WHAT THE CRIME SCENE  HAD SHOWN TO  THE INVESTIGATORS- The window, the shutters, the doors have no evidences of any damage, any interference of an outsider of the group who had easy access to the flat. The window did not allow anyonevto pass trough it alone or holding a 3 years old. Then.... The crime scene contradicts all the first statements delivered by who knows well what happen to Maddie, to the police. Knowing that.... ALL THE REST THAT WAS DELIVERED ON AN ATTEMPT TO BAKE THAT FIRST STATEMENTS, NEEDS TO BE LISTEN AND LOOKED AT WITH A DOUBLE ANGLE VIEW- a lie is baked with another lies, ALWAYS. Was always like that in millions of stories that make the history of the world - who lies, lie million times trying to transform a lie in a truth. But did not work. And the Mccann's and their helpers are one of the latest examples of that. If they  had fade after what happen to Maddie, they had been lucky. They were forced by the circumstances and by who was sharing with them the location, to invent a story that could justify what happen to the little girl. They forgot that the crime scene had a louder and immutable voice. They lie, the crime scene didn't. The police follows the voice of the crime scene. The public and independent bloggers follow the voice of the police. BHs, Mccann's and many others follow the voice of their fears and do everything they can to avoid been under the scurtin of a competent and independent justice.
    You 6, clearly show many fears. 
    I don't know PDL or any place related with Maddie saga, but I know well the Algarve and I can tell you, more then half of the restaurants that are open in the summer, are closed in the low season to control costs. PDL, was not a first destiny for tourism, then more reasons to have restaurants closed in alow season. The first restaurants to close are exactely the ones who are setled inside aparthotels or resorts, because ocasional tourists opt for restaurants in the street. This to say that I believe not only the Tapas was not part of the package, but was closed or just open few hours a day to support the pool with snacks. Contrary to that, if one had to be open in a low season, was the Chaplins. Due to his location could be choosen by all type of tourists and residents, then less exposed to the need of having the costs tightly controlled.
    It is amazing what we can see trough the posts of the Bhs. If it is amazing for the general public, imagine for PJ, GA and the Prosecutors in charged of the case.
    Congratulations Textusa. You become a reference and will made history on that case. 

    It is amazing what we can see trough the posts of the Bhs. If it is amazing for the general public, imagine for PJ, GA and the Prosecutors in charged of the case.
    Congratulations Textusa. You become a reference and will made history on that case. 

  12. Isto está animado.

    Só agora é que quem cá vem está com o medo a aumentar?

    Passando por cima de toda a má educação de alguns anónimos, eu vou directamente para a anedota daquele que tem o contacto de M.W.

    Todos temos pois está na net!

    A não ser que o tal "contacto especial" seja para marcar encontros especiais.

    Já agora, os McsCompanhia desde 2007 que perseguem, atacam, provocam acidentes= tentativas de atropelamento; controlam os e-mails; controlam os telefonemas e, muito mais porque eu não sei.

    Ah, esqueci: os processos contínuos aqueles que ousaram falar deste caso. Processos, uns atrás dos outros a várias pessoas.

    Neste momento, com o pedido do acordo......... pelo casal, o medo sai à rua e, sai com os medos de muitos de poderem ir parar aos tribunais também.

  13. As pessoas que estão tão desesperadas não lêem o LEGAL DISCLAIMER, na coluna ao lado dos posts?

    Desesperadas e sem ocupação.

    Só no dia 14 virá uma notícia a lume ( penso eu)

  14. @ 10 & 11

    Well said.

    Looking at various sites it would appear the BHs and the McCanns are very worried indeed at recent events.


    Hewlett back again, from the grave.

    Something not good for the Mccann's, must be nearly to happen. Maybe, a new step in Portugal regarding GA case, and they need to take attention from that, reviving a old spin already discarded by the official police.
    Amazing the countries where the girl was hypotetical seen: Moroccos, India, Brazil, New Zealand, Cyprus, Ukraine and now Russia. What a poor imagination. Nothing in Europe, nothing in UK, nothing in USA? WHY? One have to ask that pertinent question. Maybe because countries in Europe and the USA have so well settled judicial policies that who his behind that game of the sights don't want to take the risk of having to deal with a team of real polices. Odd countries( not on the bad way), only because they were not known to the general public, and some had a lack of democracy, are the best choice to bake a odd story. Who is behind that, took a map of the world and on top of his desk, choose a country based on the idea that the police of that countries will not spend a minute paying attention to what is being claimed. the strategy still working. At the same time, in UK the Pro Papers will spread the business of an alive child trying to brainwash the public who don't choose Internet as the main vehicle to get accurate news.
    Where is Edgar? Did he travel already to Ukraine or Russia, to rescue the girl? Ah don't tell me, tomorrow the paper will come with usual headline, the sight, the hypothetical deal with Hewlett Happen many months, years ago, that is not possible to track the people involved. One died already.
    What is a shame, is SY letting that charade to go on and on. UK is killing the reputation of their own police.

  16. By DAILY MAIL REPORTER All By This Author - 15/02/2013 18:26:32

    Anon 15: the link is from one month ago. More "news"? Has you no more old news to occupy my time with lies?

    "From Russia with love" , a film, i think . More horse meat and more?????

    So, i offer to you : 2 films and a song

  17. You have them worried Textusa!

  18. Is it me or is someone implicating the Ocean Club in all this and it isn't you Tex?

  19. Bom dia.
    Because of the crisis there is money to see movies cartoon film. So we have had a perfect animation here more recently.

    An anon asks if the OC is involved.

    The statements and contradictions are in the files of Criminal Investigation.

    What was said at that time for ever recorded, and it is causing panic among the OC but those linked to UK, even if they are PT to work here from time to time but to live by B. Islands.

  20. James Murray revisitado hoje...... Não é para admirar tantos ataques de pânico aqui com alguns "panicados" anons.

    Então o ADN existe (embora o G. tenha ido a R. "buscar" uma almofada.

    "We have the DNA profile of Madeleine ....."

    O James faz-me lembrar i de cá que também costuma estar em vários mesmo tempo, o "mole".

  21. Really........ 2 cases with JM.

    But one of them is "In October last year a British couple……. it appears the family flew to Britain."

    Only bad jokes.

  22. Anon #18,

    It's just a naif attempt to deny reality. But even naif attempts sometimes result in blundering misfires.

  23. James Murray have done a miracle: I was able to read the D."Expesso".

    The man has no ethics: choosing victims unscrupulous and unimaginative. Will he win as the amount of nonsense that puts?

    And that bad taste that makes by joining the same day from MMCC and CL. Yes, he writes today at least 2 articles.

    Or is advertising for tourism in the island, Cyprus. Where ..... are two military air bases from UK.

  24. Anon #23,
    Isn't it interesting that the Daily Express has replaced The Sun for the McC's propaganda?
    Somebody trying to put on Murdoch's former shoes in this? NI's tabloids' almost absolute silence about Maddie since DC ordered the SY Review is very telling.

  25. James Murray does not want to stay with the facial skin treated badly .... Look to her face.

    James Murray no ethics and the only employer on DE?

    This is to anon 24.

    What review????? :-)

  26. O James dos Murros já é bem feio e, ainda por cima eu acho que não tem escrúpulos, como tal, para ele tudo isto é um vale tudo.

    Seja para papaguear o que os McsCompanhia querem ou seja para vender mais papel . Ou então quer ir ao MW da Ilha da qual ele fala no jornaleco.

    Ele já conhece a PdL e, agora quer ir mais longe, onde até há militares da Força Aérea de UK.

  27. Anon @ 16, I disagree with you and agree with 15. On Maddie saga, old posts are never old posts, they keep reviving old stories if they distract the public from the main story, then no surprise if soon that comes again to the day light. After all the case against GA was not working as they want.
    And is very relevant the countries where the sights happen and is very relevant the Papers that replaced the Sun and the absolute silence of the Sun in the most recent events. By the way, the surname of the mccournalist who wrote the article, is also interesting, Pinto. Is she portuguese? Nothing on that case is innocent or a coincidence.

  28. James Murray's article in Sunday Express 10/03/2013 re Cyprus "sighting".
    I understand from the above article that Interpol was alerted to airports and ports in pursuit of a stolen kettle!!
    And that was just the start of another inconsequential piece of drivel, the ins and outs of which are not worth recording here.
    Do newspapers want to be taken seriously by their readership or don't they?
    With the internet providing salient news,comment and information, I should say it was time for many journalists to consider their disconnect from reality and the harm it is doing newspaper readership.

  29. An homage to Filomena Teixeira:

  30. Small thing really but the reward is only payable for the "safe" return of Madeleine.

  31. Anon @30 very good point! If someone wants to speak out there's no reward. Because it would point a finger to who was supposed to pay and because it wouldn't guarantee the safe return of Maddie!

  32. 28, the Mccampaign achieved the ridiculous point since long ago. Now is falling on the bucket of ridiculous jokes as well. Madeleine on the same pile as a missing kettle. Somebody is joking with Mccann's and they have a so tight knot on their necks that they are unnable to react. Who believes that a guy complaint to the police regarding a bill that was not payed or a kettle that went missing? They are joking with you Mccann's. This BHs know well up to where they can go without your reactions. It is becoming clear, there is a war between the Mccann's and the Bhs. That article shows it. The papers are having their revenge.
    Shame, no one of the parts seems to have a little respect to Madeleine.

  33. 32. Yes, the kettle and Interpol.
    Agreed - the article is so ridiculous, it could well qualify as a joke on the McCanns.
    If that is the case, James Murray appears to have changed his long-held tune.

  34. #20,
    That's something that puzzles me to this day, how is it possible there was none of Madeleine's DNA available in the holiday apartment! It's as if she never was there! NO DNA in the bed (pillow, sheets, covers), no DNA in her clothes and shoes, or in the bath towels, no toothbrush, no haircomb or brush, nothing! How is that possible, why has no one in an official capacity questioned that??? Only us, bloggers?! And, to rely on a pillow from Rothley as "the" source for her official DNA sample, goodness, how can anyone be 100% sure that was indeed her pillow?!
    The mind boggles!

  35. The devil is in the detail ' this used to be a very, very safe place' how many children have been abducted or disappeared from pdl since Madeleine Mccann and how many disappeared before Madeleine Mccann - none. Simple as that - none - and Madeleine was not abducted by a stranger as her parents and their friends claim because there is no evidence to substantiate that thesis none whatsoever. Madeleine 'disappeared' from pdl, never to be seen again. Those that know what happened that night. keep their pack of silence
    The Mccanns and their friends rogatory statements are full of inconsistencies and lies they have courted the media, trademarketed their 'missing' daughter only days after she was 'abducted' none of their statements make any sense, in fact every word the Mccanns speak is carefully overseen by Clarence Mitchell once head of media monitoring - The Mccanns have written a book, set up a website full of trashy goods, done plenty of scripted interviews, attached themselves to numerous charities to fool the public into believing their charity for madeleine is actually a charity when it is nothing more than their own private company and yet another 'get rich scheme' for the greedy mccanns.
    they have done very well from their daughter's memory in terms of monetary gain. They are a disgrace to the human race and so are their weak friends. How they all sleep at night I do not know!

  36. I believe Gerry went back to Rothley not for the pillow case but to set in motion others that became involved in the circus meetings with media which stories to print and selling exclusives to the highest bidder Madeleine was 24/7 news + big bucks. Their time in the church at PDL was spent on their laptops and phones discussing deals. They needed to set up a fighting fund for the litigation and libel cases that lie ahead to keep them from prison and for their very costly lawyers Carter Ruck. When the pair left the church laughting just after Maddies birthday that look on their faces was relief that people believed the lies they had presented to the public. When they went jogging they were watching who was where, in the early days Maddies body was still hidden, the jogging gave them the opportunity to see who else was about and they knew they could talk without being overheard. The Mccanns are very devious.

  37. Thanks Tex another good article well written and thought provoking.

  38. Today justice caught up with Chris Hulme and Viki Pryce eight years after she took his penalty points they were sentenced to imprisonment. After 8 years Chris thought he was home and dry, so this case is a good example that justice does prevail, sometimes it takes longer, as in the Mccann case, but eventually the Mccanns will be found guilty and so will their friends for perverting the course of justice.
    Far too many websites are questioning the Mccanns version of events, this case will never go away until it is finished and justice for Madeleine is found. Support for the Mccanns has deminished from the British Public they cheated us and lied to us they falsely took our money for their fake searching and should now fact the consequences for their actions.
    Soon it will all be over. Sr Amaral has won his latest battle with the Mcscams, justice and truth as Textusa has always stated is like oil it always comes to the surface, thank you Textusa xxx

  39. Anorak site has done a hilarious piece about the Cyprus sighting and the kettle theft,
    Interpol seek Russell Hobbs and Morphy Richards.
    Missing Madeleine site is doing age progressed photos of domestic appliances!
    I think these sightings are a cause of much mirth in the UK.

  40. Re: Chris Huhne and Vicky Price trial:
    Prime Minister David Cameron said of the outcome : "It's a reminder that no one, however high and mighty, is out of the reach of the justice system."
    Let us hope that these are not hollow words from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and that the McCanns and the Tapas 7 will be brought to book for the flagrant lies they have all told in a far more serious scenario than speeding points.

  41. Voila the link on Anorak:

  42. "Um tribunal britânico condenou esta segunda-feira a oito meses de prisão o antigo ministro Chris Huhne, por este ter culpado a ex-mulher pela infração de excesso de velocidade quando era ele quem ia ao volante.
    Segundo a agência noticiosa Efe, a ex-mulher, Vicky Pryce, enfrenta a mesma pena.
    Um juiz do tribunal de Southwark, em Londres, considerou os dois culpados de "obstrução à justiça", por tentarem que Vicky Pryce assumisse a infração cometida pelo marido, e ambos vão passar hoje a sua primeira noite na prisão.
    Durante o processo, a mulher argumentou que Chris Huhne a coagiu a declarar-se culpada pelo excesso de velocidade, para evitar que lhe retirassem a carta de condução.
    O incidente ocorreu em março de 2003, quando o BMW de Huhne, então eurodeputado, foi apanhado a infringir o limite de velocidade numa autoestrada que liga Londres ao aeroporto de Stansted.
    A história só foi tornada pública nove anos depois e obrigou o político liberal-democrata a demitir-se do cargo de ministro da Energia do Governo de David Cameron, em fevereiro de 2012."
    In JN, "Ex-ministro britânico oito meses na prisão por tentar escapar a multa"

    Então e os Mccann, Tapas 7 & Associados, por terem inundado as autoridades e o publico com inconsistências mais que analisadas e provadas impossiveis, contribuindo para uma confusão que garantisse a não localização da filha.... Não obstruiram a justiça? Se apregoam que a filha está viva, com esta atitude não a abandonaram à sua sorte, colocando a sua vida em risco?
    Vá lá Cameron, tenha-os no sitio e chame os burros pelos nomes. A ida deste casal ao Lev enq foi um erro astronómico. Onde eles têm de ser ouvidos é num tribunal judicial com o Gerry a mostrar aos juizes como é que passa pela janela com a cópia de Maddie ao colo e como se sentam 10 a volta de uma mesa redonda no pátio do Tapas. Até as moscas se porão em sentido para não perturbarem tal demonstração.
    O país de Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie e Hitchcock transformou-se num hilariante ninho de anedotas desde que decidiram dar guarida as mentiras Mccannianas.

  43. J ust been reading about ocean club adult pool you have to ring the door bell and hand in your bands they must have a list or rota of some sort that gives the names of the adult around the very secluded pool

  44. #28, #32

    Madeleine's disappearance on the same category of a missing kettle...well, her own father, dear old Gerry, said this in an interview:

    "IW: I think that everyone has just been incredibly impressed with you as a couple and how you've dealt with this. There was a period after a week or so where you looked as if you were almost broken and who could not understand that? And then there seemed to be a sort of a strength come from somewhere. Is that a fair point? Is that what happened and what brought it about?

    KM: I think that's definitely true, isn't it [looks at Gerry and sighs]

    GM: Certainly, you know, at the end of that first week there was so much emotion that we had spent and we actually had a period where we discussed this openly that we felt devoid, completely devoid of emotion. THE ANALOGY I LIKE TO USE IS A BIT LIKE WHEN WE WERE STUDENTS AND YOU'D GOT TO YOUR OVERDRAFT LIMIT AND YOU'D GONE BEYOND IT AND THERE WAS JUST NOTHING LEFT IN THE TANK."

    His emotions regarding his own daughter's absence and her unknown are akin to the feeling of having an empty bank account!!!
    Boy, Gerry must really, really love!

  45. "Quem não quis encontrar o Rui Pedro?"

    "Maria afirma que, na noite de 4 de março de 1998, viu Rui Pedro dentro de um carro Rover Vermelho, com uma mulher, um homem negro, dois guardas-fiscais reformados, e um advogado, em Sobreira, Paredes. Dados de uma carta que dá pormenores de dois automóveis, nomes dos ocupantes, e uma conversa em que se dizia que Rui Pedro foi vendido por 100 mil contos para uma rede de pedofilia."

    "Quinze anos após o desaparecimento de Rui Pedro, o Noticias sem censura segue as pistas escritas nesta carta que uma reclusa em Tires entregou, há vários anos, à directora da cadeira e que ficou na gaveta. Duas outras cartas com os mesmos dados terão sido também enviadas à PJ. A carta a que o noticias sem censura teve acesso, assinada por aquela mulher, perdeu-se no tempo e não se sabe se alguma vez foi lida. Ou por quem… Contudo, a reclusa de então, deu muitos pormenores sobre o que terá presenciado, pelas 23h30 do dia 4 de março de 1998, poucas horas depois do alerta sobre o desaparecimento do menino, algures pela freguesia de Lustosa, em Lousada. Consta que terá sido levado às prostitutas por Afonso Dias, o único suspeito e arguido no processo. Seguindo os dados da carta, Rui Pedro estava nessa noite dentro do Rover Vermelho, a cerca de 20 quilómetros, em Sobreira, Paredes, concelho vizinho de Lousada. Maria descreve que o carro estava estacionado junto à igreja matriz, ao lado de um outro automóvel branco, que pertencia ao advogado, uma das cinco pessoas referidas nos escritos. A reclusa, que também era prostituta à época, manifesta conhecer bem quatro daquelas pessoas, referindo os nomes do advogado, da mulher e de um guarda-fiscal. Na carta, escreve também que Rui Pedro saiu do carro por momentos para urinar e estava a cambalear. Diz ter ouvido conversas de carácter sexual, que o menor tinha sido vendido por 100 mil contos, que seguiam para Espanha pela fronteira de Segura, na Beira-Baixa e trocavam de carro em Piedras Albas, a cidade espanhola fronteiriça."

    "A reclusa Maria afirma ainda no documento a que o Noticias sem Censura teve acesso, saber que foi enviada para a PJ de Lisboa uma outra carta anónima com os mesmos dados. Refere ainda saber da existência de uma terceira carta semelhante, assinada com o nome de Tibério."

    "São estas pistas, esquecidas na gaveta de uma cadeia que o Noticias sem Censura seguiu e que aparentemente a PJ não valorizou ao longo de quinze anos de investigações Alguns dos dados estão já confirmados. Resta saber se vão levantar uma ponta do mistério que envolve o desaparecimento de Rui Pedro, que, se estiver vivo, fez 26 em finais de Janeiro."

    "Afinal, estes dados e pormenores parecem ser muito mais consistentes do que o que diz Alcina Dias, prostituta em Lustosa à época do desaparecimento do Rui e que afirma ter sido paga por Afonso Dias para fazer sexo com um rapaz que reconheceu mais tarde ser o Rui Pedro."

  46. Anon 40,

    The fact that they can make accountable a Minister or ex-Minister and not a group of doctors just shows that those involved are more important or more influential than a Minister or ex-Minister! Doctors as much respected as they are just aren't!

  47. Anon 43,

    The concept behind a pool for adults is to allow people who enjoy quiet not to have children running around and making noise. For that it would only be required a sign saying "Only people over 18 allowed on these premises". If someone disregarded it it would be enough for who felt bothered by the children to contact management. I imagine that the children wouldn't feel very comfortable to be the only ones and looked upon but you never know. What seems clear is that to safeguard the quiet you don't need to ring a bell and bands to certify that you can enter the premises. If such a system was set in place it can only be because they had to make sure that no prying eyes entered!

  48. ........Ricardo Sá Fernandes acredita que a investigação policial vai ganhar «fôlego». E vai pedir uma reunião com a equipa de investigadores que acompanhou o caso nos últimos anos, coordenada pelo procurador Vítor Magalhães, do Departamento Central de Investigação e Acção_Penal (DCIAP)......


  49. 11 de Março 2013:

    O advogado da família de Rui Pedro, o rapaz desaparecido há 15 anos em Lousada, vai pedir novas buscas ao local onde o jovem foi visto pela última vez e defende que há pistas recentes que devem ser investigadas.
    Depois de na segunda-feira passada o Tribunal da Relação do Porto ter condenado Afonso Dias pelo rapto de Rui Pedro, então com 11 anos – revogando a decisão do Tribunal Judicial de Lousada –, Ricardo Sá Fernandes acredita que a investigação policial vai ganhar «fôlego». E vai pedir uma reunião com a equipa de investigadores que acompanhou o caso nos últimos anos, coordenada pelo procurador Vítor Magalhães, do Departamento Central de Investigação e Acção_Penal (DCIAP).

    «Quero pedir buscas na zona de Lustosa, onde o Afonso Dias levou o Rui Pedro para se encontrar com uma prostituta» – avançou ao SOL o advogado, explicando que aqueles terrenos nunca foram alvo de verdadeiras batidas, mas apenas de buscas superficiais na altura do desaparecimento.

  50. "É uma área enorme, entre Freamunde e Lousada, com ribanceiras e descidas íngremes, que tem de ser alvo de um verdadeiro despiste. A prioridade da família é saber o que aconteceu a Rui Pedro», adianta.

    Por isso, o advogado vai também insistir na investigação das novas pistas sobre o que terá ocorrido depois da tarde de 4 de Março de 1998, em que o rapaz desapareceu.

    Novas informações devem ser investigadas

    Pistas com informações sobre o que terá sucedido continuam a chegar ao advogado da família e à Polícia. «Todas as semanas recebo informações sobre o caso, por telefone ou por carta, que encaminho para a Polícia», explicou ao SOL. «Muitas são falsas ou sem qualquer cabimento, mas há uma ou outra pista que me parece ser consistente para investigação. Temos de continuar a seguir pistas».

    É essa também a esperança da mãe de Rui Pedro, reforçada pela condenação de Afonso Dias. «É uma luzinha de esperança» para perceber o que aconteceu naquele dia, admitiu Filomena Teixeira. «A condenação vai ao encontro do que sempre pensamos: que ele era culpado».

    Relação arrasa absolvição

    A reviravolta no caso foi conhecida esta segunda-feira, precisamente no dia em que se completavam 15 anos sobre o desaparecimento de Rui Pedro. O Tribunal da Relação do Porto anulou o acórdão proferido há pouco mais de um ano pelo Tribunal de Lousada e condenou Afonso Dias (um antigo vizinho e amigo da família, actualmente camionista de profissão) a três anos e meio de prisão efectiva.

    O motorista profissional – na altura com 18 anos – tinha sido absolvido por falta de provas no julgamento no Tribunal de Lousada. Mas a Relação – que analisou os recursos do Ministério Público e da família de Rui Pedro – diz agora que houve «erros ostensivos» na apreciação da prova, arrasando a sentença anterior.

    Fundamental nesta reviravolta foi o facto de os juízes-desembargadores terem valorizado o depoimento de uma prostituta, Alcina Dias, cuja credibilidade fora posta em causa no julgamento.

    A mulher confirmou que Rui Pedro, que reconheceu em fotografias, lhe fora levado por Afonso Dias, no dia do desaparecimento, para terem relações sexuais. O rapaz estaria apavorado e a mulher contou que se limitou a conversar com ele, tendo-o ‘devolvido’ a Afonso Dias. Rui Pedro nunca mais foi visto.

    A Relação corrigiu também a ordem cronológica dos acontecimentos daquela tarde, em que Rui Pedro largou a bicicleta que levava e se encontrou com Afonso. Para a Relação, na decisão anterior deram-se como provados factos que nunca foram demonstrados.

    Afonso Dias ficou «em choque» com a nova decisão, segundo disse o seu advogado, Paulo Gomes. Actualmente «fora do país, em viagem e a trabalhar», vai recorrer para o Supremo Tribunal de Justiça.

  51. Em relação ao Rui Pedro, é preciso ter muito cuidado com a análise ao que for surgindo. Agora é natural que os defensores do Afonso comecem a libertar histórias que coloquem o Rui Pedro na rota de outros criminosos. Por outro lado, os pais parecem absolutamente determinados em culpar o Afonso. Este reagirá.
    Pessoalmente, ainda não consegui formular uma opinião sobre este caso mas confesso que não gosto de ver o advogado de um pedófilo condenado, a defender os interesses de uma criança vitima de pedofilia. Qualquer coisa não bate certo e se por outra coisa não fosse, por questões éticas, o advogado de um pedófilo nunca deveria ser o advogado da familia de uma vitima de pedofilia. E se o grupo de pedófilos que terá levado o Rui, tiver tido alguma ligação aos pedófilos da Casa Pia? Será que o advogado vai ter a independência e a coragem suficiente para defender a criança e por em xeque os clientes VIPs que já lhe devem ter pago altos honorários? Espero que sim e que me surpreenda.

  52. @ 35

    Well said, I just wish there were more ways of getting the truth out there. So many have still got their heads in the sand.

  53. 'Mãe de Rui Pedro pronta a ajudar em novas buscas'

    Ao contrario da da Maddie que nem quer ouvir falar na reabertura da investigacao ao desaparecimento da filha.

  54. Ministro troca esposa por outra mulher. Esposa denuncia fraude de ministro. São presos os dois'

    Ler mais:

    Eh,Eh, Mccann's e BHs, que tal porem as barbitas de molho? os diabos andam por ai e ja pareceram ser vossos 'grandes amigos'. Books & Brooks. Serializou a comedia. Ha-de serializar coisas serias, nem que seja daqui por uns anos, quando tiver saldado as contas com a justica.

  55. "Filomena quer que PJ volte a procurar filho", em CM.

    Nem consigo imaginar a dor e o vazio desta mãe. Devem ser tremendos. Quer dizer que ela acredita que o filho pode estar morto?
    Qualquer coisa é melhor do que o vazio de não se saber o que aconteceu a um filho.
    Infelizmente não consigo nutrir o mesmo sentimento por Kate Mccann que parece que vai fazer mais um show off dos seus ao correr a Maratona pelos desaparecidos, em Londres. Vamos ver se vai mesmo correr ou se vai fazer só parte da partida e dos Kms iniciais em mais um assalto a uma campanha de caridade. Na sua mensagem ( ver em Mccannfiles) o que mais sobressai é o seu apelo aos donativos. Interessante, o facto da senhora frizar que o dinheiro será mesmo para a instituição de caridade e usado honestamente. Quer dizer que nem sempre é assim? Não é assim no Fundo Madeleine nåo é? E é por isso que jà não têm coragem de pedir mais nada em nome desse Fundo. Agora a estratégia é assaltar os eventos de outras e apelar aos donativos chamando-lhes sponsors. As coisas que esta senhora revela nas entrelinhas, sempre que escreve ou abre a boca. Por dinheiro corre ela, mas não mexe um pé para procurar a filha nos inúmeros sitios onde dizem ter sido avistada. Diz bem sobre a origem e autentiticidade desses avistamentos.
    A Filomena, perante as mesmas pistas, teria movido o mundo, a PJ e ido ela própria verificar cada avistamento.
    Esta é a diferença entre quem sofre por realmente não saber do paradeiro do filho e quem monta um circo, sabendo toda a verdade e não querendo que essa verdade seja algum dia desnudada.

  56. Boa tarde.

    Podiam ter pensado nisso imediatamente. Penso eu.......

    A leitura da sentença passou de hoje para 2 de Abril?

    "De acordo com fonte judicial, o tribunal entendeu que era necessário juntar a este processo elementos documentais do processo anterior."


    Ah,ah,ah, the article is so ridiculous that become hilarious. The positive point... The hunt is turning to the english people.... Well, go to Rothley and their surrounds, SY, and you got it.

    Various best parts but I highlight that: "The owner added: “The apartments where the McCanns were staying have their own cleaners provided by the Ocean Club. But some don’t want to pay their prices and get others to come in.

    “Any British cleaners would not be on contract, they’d be brought in. They have adverts in the supermarkets and some of the private apartments use them because they’re cheaper.

    “Where the McCanns were — or near where they were — may well have had someone who used them. I think people should be aware cops want to speak to these people. Me speaking out might help others that know them to come forward.”

    The british cleaners cheaper then the portuguese? Hilarious.... You The Sun, published an article to mock yourself. Since when british cleaners could get a job when people from Ukraine and Roménia on top of the portuguese, were available with high skills and low price? The Sun fooling again a certain type of british public with poor literacy.... The one who waste money and trees while buying that piece of sh... Unless the white van was used by the Tapas 9 to travel around the Algarve. The Mccann's went to Sagres. Which car they used?
    The Tapas 9 have done many things together on that holidays. The main words must be " together", " sharing" and " cheap". Then a white van would be perfect for the group... Cheap.


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