Monday, 7 May 2012

Feeling Like a Tanner

Who can forget "the crying Tanner" from the Mockumentary?.

It was the purest, most formidable expression of betrayal sufferance that we’ve ever had the opportunity of setting our eyes on.

It was clear and precise. At once we all understood that we were before someone who has just been told mercilessly that “You’ve outlasted your use so you’re totally dispensable”.

It takes a total lack of conscience and of principles to tell that to someone who has significantly, under relevant risk, gone way out of his/her way to help you out of an enormously problematic situation that his/her, altruism and friendship are no longer of use in your favour but s/he should NEVER forget that their altruism has now become very useful to be used against them.

That is called to be made “feel like a Tanner”. Please, not to be confused with “doing a Tanner”.

To be made to "feel like a Tanner" is to have your friendship and trust bent by your trusted friends in such a way that it becomes a dagger pointed right at your heart.

We’ve lately been “blessed” with some “feeling like a Tanner” situations.

As you know, we’re not in the habit of running after each stick that is thrown out there for us to catch, nor do we intend of ever having it.

This is the reason why we basically stayed quiet during the “2012 McCann Silly Season”, which apparently diminishes in time as time passes by.

For example, last year it lasted for a little over six months, if memory doesn’t fail me. We started to hear about it from January onwards about Kate’s book. The show went on up until its publication, having quickly smothered down and away around a fortnight after, when McCann’s friends and “friends” read what the silly woman had indeed written.

This year, it started in April, I think, with the interview to a Swedish TV, and basically, lasted as much as a autumn leaf takes to be taken on a dry windy day. On May 4th, exactly 5 years to the day when the world was literally flooded with the news about Maddie’s disappearance, what did the  The Sun, have to say about it?

“THIRTY children have gone missing in Portugal since Madeleine McCann disappeared five years ago, official figures reveal.”

And that “And yesterday the Portuguese Attorney General Pinto Monteiro said British and Portuguese police weren’t even speaking.

He insisted there had been no formal request for Madeleine’s case to be reopened. When asked if he was having any talks with Brit cops he replied: “No.”

That’s basically it. Such a disappointing little. 

Or maybe not, as you’ll see. Of the little, the sub-title is non-news because I don't think that only 5 children a year have gone missing in Portugal since 2007, and what matters in the rest of the piece is to confirm that someone, somewhere, in Portugal or/and UK, as usual, is lying

It’s clearly sad for the McCanns' objective of staying the longest possible in center stage that their "2012 Silly Season" only is to last a little over a month, as it's unlikely it will go much further. The May 4th when the interview with the disappointing Sandra Felgueiras was probably its final event. Now the issue will likely trickle back to its normal silence until next year.

There’s talk of an update of Kate’s book but we haven’t had much feedback on the issue. If there's one thing she should have learned from her first experience in writing is that she should never have picked up a pen again. But she did, didn’t she? Being her first experience the "diary", the disastrous book was a natural consequence and the proof that sometimes blondes are what blondes are said to be.

If was to advise this woman about this update I would tell her to not even think about it. She does have this amazing tendency of sticking her foot in her mouth faster than fast, so is unlikely to miss yet another opportunity to repeat the feat with her feet.

But, although short, the "2012 Silly Season", was full of surprises. So much so that it baffled me, which isn’t an easy thing to happen on this case as I think it and have said so many times, to be pretty simple and straightforward

It's complexity resides solely on the diversity, both in quality and quantity, of the people involved in the cover-up. Both the involved initially and those who were "sucked" into it afterwards.

But one thing we don’t do, ever, is to underestimate our opponents. In any situation, much less in this particular case, in which we're perfectly aware that we're up against the best of the best, and are now finding out just how ruthless and unprincipled they also are.

Bring expertise and intelligence together with lack of principles and conscience, and there isn’t a mightier foe. And that is exactly what we’re up against.

So baffled as I am, let me first state the facts, and only then try to reach some tentative conclusions about them.

First we have SY calling the PJ an incompetent lot of idiots, because having read about a quarter of what they still have to read they've apparently found nothing less than 195 reasons for the case not to have been archived. Only pure malignant negligence can justify for the PJ having "overlooked" so many precious and valid leads... By the way, this says little about Leics Police who having cooperated (and we know how much...) closely with the PJ, also didn't see them or have remained strangely silent all this time.

Then we have The Sun, a 1st Division player in the “Brit Tabloid League” unlike the "the-rag-within-rags which is the Daily Star, taking the McCanns' side again after having, practically for one year, dropped the couple and literally kicked them out of their pages. If you recall, between Kate’s book and up to quite recently, the McCanns were simply non-existing in this Tabloid's pages.

Lastly we have the McCanns coming out, full of confidence, saying that they now want to re-open the process and they want to cooperate in the reconstruction. Two things we know would put them away behind bars for a long time if they were ever to happen.

Three amazing facts in such short time.

And it has put many a head swirling around without knowing what to make head or tail out of it, hasn’t it?

Yes, I did say that I was baffled, but in the astounded sense of the word and not as in being confused.

Let me say what I think is happening.

I think the UK Government is making Murdoch “feel like a Tanner”.

I think Murdoch is making the UK Government “feel like a Tanner”.

I think the UK, namely through the SY, is making Portugal, namely the PGR, “feel like a Tanner”.

Three “feelings like a Tanner”.

The most important one for us is the third one.

For the world the most important are the first two but those are above not only my comprehension as well as above my want to comprehend.

Through the Leveson Inquiry, the UK Government basically told News International that their use was outlasted, thus the UK Government making Murdoch “feel like a Tanner”.

But Murdoch is not a Jane Tanner when it comes to comparisons. Tanner had, and has, nothing to throw back at those who stabbed her back to the point of public tears, but Murdoch does.

So by picking up the McCanns from their anguished ashes, and going to the extent of  using both an former SY (not just any former SY) and an ex-Home Secretary in the process (not just any former Home Secretary), Murdoch has clearly reacted.  

Labour's Alan Johnson's intervention at the end of the article in The Sun appears to be clearly a "return" of favours:

By ALAN JOHNSON, Former Home Secretary

I AM not surprised there is some resentment in Portugal. But we have to use all diplomatic channels now — including the Home Secretary ringing her opposite number.
The Portuguese police must put all that behind them and concentrate on one thing, and that is a little English girl who went missing.
I’m sure the Portuguese have the compassion and understanding to put away their enmities so we can pursue these leads together." 

This coming from someone who, within the UK, was supposed to be the one responsible to have done something on the issue when something should have had been done and wasn't but instead concentrated all his efforts in assuring that nothing got really done.  His words are very clear about that, otherwise why speak of "resentment" and "enmities"?

To say he's being shameless, hardly qualifies the gesture. 

News International is making it perfectly clear to the UK Government that their toes are not ones to be stepped on. The line was drawn at the NOTW closure and is not to go an inch further.

Now, why do I say that I think that Murdoch is making the UK Government “feel like a Tanner”?

From what I could understand, as of June/July last year, it seemed that the initial plan for the Maddie Review was to contain the damages within the T9 (thus the worrisome faces of both Kate and Gerry during the past year), to have News International (NI) take the blame for an exaggerated but comprehensible hype around this case, and all would go home, happy and smiling.

And so did the Leveson Inquiry come to life. To take care of the NI part of the question. A gentle slap on the wrist was the expected.

The McCann part, was to be taken care of by the SY.

But the McCanns, as we’ve said, hold, at least an ace up their sleeve. One impossible to go round, it seems.

So if the McCanns' heads can't be had, as apparently it can't, what is the Leveson Inquiry then to conclude? Oh, you’ve already forgotten its existence, its purpose and that it was supposed to reach a conclusion? So did we, don’t worry...

News International has clearly shown that it's not available to occupy the "vacant" scapegoat position left open by the McCanns. By not taking it lying down, NI is making the UK Government “feel like a Tanner”, because it has left on their lap the now cumbersome Leveson Inquiry, which most likely will come to an embarrassing non-conclusion and reveal to be yet another load of tax-payers' money thrown out with the window with the bath water...

But whatever is happening between NI and the UK is much too “conspirational” for us and it involves power struggles at a level which we don’t wish to be acquainted with. They are like cats fighting in a bag. A grim business for democracy and the rule of law.

Let’s put our feet back on the ground and focus on what we think is important for us: the UK, namely through the SY, making Portugal, namely the PGR, “feel like a Tanner”.

The reasoning is simple, the logic easy to follow: the PGR, like Tanner with the Black Hats, helped the UK out a very problematic situation. That done and overcome, it outlasted its use to the helped party and, just like Tanner, was quickly transformed from partner into the doormat role, to be trampled upon like the obedient underdog it always was.

Now, to make someone “feel like a Tanner” you have to hold the significant cards in your hand. In Tanner’s case, they’re all in one blue bag.

So there must be some sort of “blue bag” which allows the UK to humiliate the PGR as it's doing.

I imagine that it consists of documentation that would prove the PGR’s involvement and commitment in the cover-up.

Something so compromising that makes it impossible for the process from ever being reopened. Knowing that, isn't so easy, as we've seen to ask for something that you know beforehand it can't be provided and with the added bonus of humiliating the other side?

Remember us saying that we’d given up on the Maddie Affair? We hope you finally understand why we said it.

So what’s new?

Well, basically the utter lack of principles. UK has dropped the mask and has shown its true face, and it's not pretty one.

We’ve become accustomed to UK’s arrogance in relation to Portugal, but to come out publicly demanding that the process be reopened when they well know that it can’t be is like a rerun of  hearing Edgar tell Tanner that the width of a road was just a “natural discrepancy”.

The PGR, like Tanner, did what was told, and now, also like Tanner, is being told what to do again, or else...

Thinking about review, SY have done a more cynical job than we thought they would. We thought they would come up with a more believable scenario, but they know they can get away with anything and this is what they are letting us know. 

With the "195-Episode", the SY did one very important thing and that was to publicly and shamelessly commit itself to the BH side: whitewashing the cover-up

The "establishment" has unquestionably clarified its position

And like the hyenas they are, the McCanns arrive at the party late and laughing. That’s why they now sound again so confident and brag about wanting what they can’t afford to have happen, even going back to the good old days of playing with words "We NEVER wanted the case to JUST be reopened, straight off, we wanted a REVIEW to be conducted, and that's why we campaigned for it for 3 years, because there's no point reopening it if there's nothing to act on."....

I would like to remind the McCanns and the UK that they can't forget one thing: to taunt a chained dog, you must make sure that the chain will hold, otherwise you best leave the animal alone.  

Bullies seldom, if ever, claim victory. They may win skirmishes and even battles, but never the war. The bullied tend to be resilient, and the Portuguese have proved in these last 5 years that they're far from giving up on the issue, independent of what their representatives and institutions may be forced to submit to.

And the PGR's attitude of denying publicly any request from Britain to reopen the process kind of leaves you with a "195-Baby" on your lap and not knowing exactly what to do with it.

And what will happen to British public opinion about the review when M is never found?

What use is democracy without Justice? Both countries are expending young men’s and women's lives in other countries in the name of principles we now see ruthlessly abused and that submissively accepted.

So the blog's main job continues to be continuing heading for the truth. Undaunted and uninterrupted.

We have to make it very difficult for SY to do a cover-up. No matter how many new leads they claim to have found, they will have to be able to account for all the discrepancies we keep throwing up in a constant stream.

True White Hats are already convinced by what they know already and we are past the stage where we need to please the crowd. We have enough readers coming back, so they must either like what we write, be afraid of what we write, or believe themselves to be as crazy as us! If we genuinely get it wrong, we apologise as we always do.

If you think we can be a bit crabby at times, they can attribute it to our hormonal imbalances.

Post Scriptum: 

From Mail Online:

"Critics said the decision to include information from ‘supernatural’ sources was a waste of resources."

Now we have a new synonym for "reasonable": CRITIC.  



    (this case is going to end up in the parliament, against the Mccann's whishes. It is time for the Portuguese to question why the country needs to follow instructions from a manipulated and corrupted British police. Our dignity is not under negotiation on the troika fairy tale. Rogerio Alves, who still their lawyers, is saying now that they are available for the reconstruction but he don't understand what was the use of that, after 5 years. Well, to solve a crime, is never later to do the reconstruction. And if is done 5 years later, is Mccann's fault and even for that they need to be questioned by a court: why they refused the reconstruction in 2007, if that was the step that could eliminate them from the enquiry and definitely put the police on the steps of an abductor?)

  2. The article in the Sol, which will be online tomorrow will allow me to read in my native language. I've read the English translation.

    I'm sure you will not understand because they do not also forget the interview with GA / JS on TVI and what he said.

    The PGR should be "in the same situation" discounts of 50% in a super market on the international day of holiday. "They never know; to them nobody tell"

  3. Segundo o que percebi dos tabloids ingleses, o novo livro da Kate vai ser o anterior "Madeleine" acrescentado de um capitulo relativo a lavagem que a SY tem em curso.
    Se assim e, nao sei como e que este livro Pode ter autorizacao para ser vendido. Sera nitidamente uma roubalheira. Mais uma vez, o publico esta a ser enganado pela autora porque ela nao explicitou nas entrevistas que vai vender o mesmo livro, so que com Mais umas Paginas.
    Finalmente, alguns dos tabloides dizem claramente qual e o objectivo do livro- arranjar dinheiro e nao alertar o publico para o facto de Madeleine continuar desaparecida ou procura-la.
    Espero que em Portugal, alguem com poder se indigne e trave esta roubalheira. Numa altura em que corre tanta tinta por causa dos 50% de descontos do Pingo Doce, que independentemente de serem legais ou nao, beneficiaram os consumidores, espero que muitos se indignem com produtos como este livro que e um abuso e um roubo aos consumidores.

  4. I think the 2012 farce is not over yet. With all fabricated sights and the drag in of old sights already dismissed by PJ, spannish police, Europol and Interpol, they have fuel until the end of the summer. The Metro has to justify where is going the British taxes wrongly allocated to that " single and shameful case". Today:

    Comments are allowed but the amount shown( few) and the quality of them( pro) says it all- filtered comments. The big majority were not published.

    What a poor exercise if that is part of the 195 Metro clues. A sight reported to happened on 6 May 2007 and reported to the police. As usual, they don't specify which police. I presume the local Spannish, the Pj and our dear friends, THE LEICESTER POLICE. 3 bumbling incompetent forces missed that sight? Really? And the German couple, who were holding the most wanted child at moment( with her face in all papers and TVs) managed to stay 2 weeks in a camping site( open eyes) to be seen by all holiday makers? Best then that, only the idea of the couple paying more to allocate an extra-child, Supported by the registration provided in the Sun. On that registration we just see the check in and the check out. The Sun wants their peculiar readers to see what is not there. And having the complete silence of the Metro, allowing that saga to still on, is bringing the SY to his misery and allowing us to question the way the SY investigate an charge people in other cases.
    A new name is dragged in "Karsten Mayer with a 1970 date of birth." if all the rest is fantasy, unless that is a fake name, that person exists and is real. The Sun and the witness must be called to justice to be charged with a crime of "defamation and perjury" because that person have done nothing wrong to be on the news connected with a so perverted crime. Mr. Cameron, shame on you.

  5. No photos of Madeleine at Malaga airport, the supermercado at Alhaurin, nothing in Torremolinas yesterday.... so draw your own conclusions about how much importance has really been placed on the Spanish sightings,never backed up by a photo.

  6. Textusa wrote:

    "True White Hats are already convinced by what they know already and we are past the stage where we need to please the crowd."

    So true! "They" can do all the whitewashing they want, but they will never be freed of the suspicion. It will be forever a sword hanging over their heads and they won't ever enjoy a night of sound and peaceful sleep for the rest of their lives!

  7. I don’t think Portugal is being bullied. I agree that Britain tried to bully Portugal but came out humiliated. They thought that because the mighty “Scotland Yard” said that they had found leads, that the Portuguese would wag their tails say “Yes, Master!”.
    I don’t know what will be the pot at the end of the rainbow for Redwood, but it hurts to see SY being humiliated to the point of calling calls from psychics and dreamers clues.
    For the first three of these brilliant clues, we’ve ended up on a Spanich Camping site where, who else but a Brit saw Maddie 3 days after she was abducted.
    Is this woman a psychic or dreamer? If she isn’t any how did she see Maddie in the camping site? Crystal ball or riding a unicorn? And if she says she saw her in the flesh, 5 years is a long time to come forward... and who and when did she report it to? The SY? But wasn’t SY just doing a review? Accepting new witnesses is not reviewing is it?
    If this psychic/dreamer/shameless woman is not a new witness, then it’s in the process. Where? Not on the unpublished PJ Files because that has been debunked already.
    And where are these 100 calls logged? They’re not in the PJ Files, so what documentation have the SY been reviewing? The process wasn’t supposed to have been run by the PJ only? There are secret documents? What kind of secret documents lead up to a Spanish camping site?
    I’d like to ask two final questions:
    1. Up to what point will SY continue to be ridiculed? They now said they have 195 new leads, so the alleged lack of cooperation from the Portuguese cannot justify that 195 new leads will result in nothing...
    2. Up to what point will the British allow themselves to be called the dumbest people on earth? Brits, you have to answer that yourselves, after all it is your SY, your media and your government that are insulting your intelligence with the whole world watching and reporting it.

    By our Criminal Staff
    There was rejoicing in Fleet Street last night at the news that the Madeleine McCann story might still be alive.
    There have been sightings of the story in the Daily Express and Daily Mail for years, but now the police have confirmed that a mock -up of the missing child could appear in all papers very prominently.Said a senior police chief-We have discovered this thing called Photoshop which PC Laptop has asked his 12 year old son to operate and which has yielded an important lead stroy. We are going to follow this up with new mock-ups at regular intervals. At last we are getting somewhere, ie Portugal, for an agreeable fact- finding trip.

    Private Eye Magazine 4-17 of May 2012.

  9. Desculpem-me se vou ser morbida e sarcastica, mas este grupo ressuscita tudo e todos, so nao ressuscitam a filha. Nem convem... No dia em que a ressuscitarem para a finarem de vez, acaba-se o Fundo e a boa vida.
    Razao, tinha GA ha 5 anos quando disse que a unica razao porque alimentavam a saga de Maddie viva, era porque isso de algum modo lhes legitimava o Fundo. Sem Fundo nao ha dinheiro, sem dinheiro nao ha advogados nem Mitcheis para lhes darem cobertura. E estes, estao longe de trabalharem para aquecer ou de andarem a Chuva para sairem molhados. So com um bom recheio na conta bancaria.

  10. Lidos os comentários com bastante interesse.

    Acrescento que "roubo com roubo se paga".

    Com isto quero dizer que o saco do fundo deles é alimentado pelo que vendem na net; com processos a quem defende outra situação que não a do rapto ; com livro de ficção ao qual se " anexa" mais umas tantas palavras.
    No entanto, vi e penso que já viram, há um site , de onde não sei que promove turismo com a foto da Flor de Maio , a que nasceu em Maio; viveu 3 Maios e finou-se em Maio. As notícias de hoje têm a ver com mais uma fúria dos progenitores , devido ao facto de outros que não eles andarem a comercializar a Flor de Maio.

    A minha primeira reacção é aquela que já escrevi atrás: " roubo com roubo se paga "; " comércio com comércio se paga ".

    Eles provocaram muitos prejuízos na economia turística e na vida pessoal de imensa gente PESSOAS!

    Pobre Flor de Maio......... comercializada pelos progenitores é do pior que há a seguir a tantos " piores" que já cometeram.

  11. Eles vieram numa época barata para um complexo turístico barato (é só ver as fotos do interior).

    A foto usada na tal promoção de férias baratas é a da Menina na piscina " junto ao cotovelo do progenitor "!

    OU, ENTÃO foi uma McManobra propositada para mais prejudicial publicidade para com Portugal e contra a indústria do turismo nacional.

    Podem ter sido os Mcs a criar este remoinho.

  12. Parece que se confirma ter sido os BHs a hackear o site e a promover os Mcs.


  13. In the OC log Kate is signed out as Kate Healy and also Kate Mccann, this suggests that someone else signed Kate out as Kate Mccann not being aware of Kate Healy her GP name, this would be someone not too close to Kate because they would otherwise have known different.
    Also on the time line Gerry is spelt Jerry again someone not close to the Mccann couple mis spelling his name with a J close friends would know it was Gerry with a G not a J. Later it is spelt with a G.
    I do not think the Mccanns were as close to the rest of the Tapas group as they would have us believe, Payne was the link between the Mccanns and the rest of the group.
    The last day the Mccanns were absent from the group, but it was Payne that visited both Kate and Gerry and supposidly the last to see Maddie alive.
    Its not the Tapas group its the Mccanns and the Paynes that are hiding the truth the rest of the group have somehow got dragged into this and are now too afraid to speak out afraid of the PR machine that has become team Mccann.
    Madeleines bed and bedroom look like a storeroom everything is pushed into the corner, no mattresses on the twins beds, did anybody ever sleep in that room?
    SY should have focused on a reconstruction, all their lies would have been so obvious and the abductor theory would have fallen apart.

    'Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.'

    Jane Tanners obvious lies, but why is nothing done about any of these fabricated stories now SY appear to be supporting the Mccanns or is it the Paynes?

    Every time I see a computer generated picture of what Maddie should look like, it makes me feel that newspapers and the media are so corrupt they will print anything if enough pressure is put on them, no longer do they print facts or even the truth, they mislead the public as the Levison inquiry has shown.

    Murdoch and Co have done more damage than they could ever imagine they have stopped justice for Maddie.


    Interesting article by Pat Brown

  15. Anon May 8, 2012 9:51:00 PM

    I’d say you’re assuming a lot from a tampered register, as we know that the crèche records are.

    I associate “Healy” as Kate’s maiden name and not as her GP name, although I think it’s how she used to identify herself, professionally or otherwise, before she became “McCann” after the events.

    Healy/McCann and G/J prove only that the records were tampered with and nothing else.

    No one, that was involved is innocent or is to be considered as such. The crime in question is not Maddie’s demise but the subsequent cover-up. We believe, at this point in time, that the child died in result of an unfortunate accident.

    Whether the McCanns and Paynes were close to whoever is irrelevant. All participated, all should be accountable.
    It is the whole Tapas 9 that is hiding the secrets that are “hidden”, along with the OC, the ex-Pats, and a countless number of people both in the UK and Portugal.

  16. who signed the Creche records was probably a nanny following the instructions of her employer. That is also one of the reasons, the nannies were sent out of the country in a rush. To avoid being tight interrogated by the police and having the calligraphy tested. That nanny, was probably the same the Mccann's use to invite to Rothley when they went back to UK. She, or all of them, is framed by the Mccann's lawyers.
    I re-read the book "A culpa dos McCann" written by a journalist. Is one of the first books. The journalist reports on that book that the employers of the OC told him that Kate normally spends her days alone in the Swimming pool, having sunbaths without the kids. From the book, I deduced that who use to take the kids in and out of the Creche was Gerry. That could explain the mistake done on Kates name. They were used with Gerry Mccann signing but now they need an alibi for Kate and Madeleine. Then, Kate Mccann was born..... In the creche records.

  17. Kate definitely did not sign the creche records the proof is in her name Healy and Mccann, if the Nanny did sign for Kate that could be the reason they invited her to Rothley because if it went to court her evidence would be inadmissable because she had been their guest in Uk at their expense.

    This 'review' could have been a golden opportunity for SY to show their expertise in solving crimes instead Redwood has made a complete fool of SY supporting the abduction scenario and by not requesting a reconstruction.

    Kate in her book is stating she believes the 'abductor' sedated ALL the children the previous day and on the night Maddie 'disappeared' how ridiculous but this does support the theory that ALL the children were sedated by the Mccanns, she is attempting to blame the abductor for what she knows they did. They also gave the twins haircuts they knew drugs could have been detected by testing their hair.
    On a previous thread Maddies bed was pushed against the wall but the headboard was fixed in the room and showed above the dressing table making it appear it was part of the dressing table. OC staff would not have moved the bed, why was it moved against the wall?

    The tide is turning Amaral has had his books returned.

  18. The arrangement of the room from where they claim Maddie disappeared, was set up before the alarm. just look at the position of the baby cots. They are an obstacle inside the room making the life not easy for a family who has to deal with 3 toddlers. Only a stupid person or somebody in absolute need will set the room like that, when they had a living room available. Or they can split the cots between the 2 rooms.
    The cleaner of the flat, told a Portuguese TV that when she cleaned the flat on the day before, the cots were not on that room. I presume were in a place that makes the life easy and functional to deal with small children that could wake up at night or start crying suddenly. Why, a easy access to the cots, changed for that stupid arrangement on the night their daughter disappeared? To distract the police from the real crime scene, which the dogs pointed to be the living room.
    They were so "focus" in taking away the attention from the living room that they didn't realize that the obstacles they create in Maddies room, were making the actions of any abductor, very difficult. was impossible for a stranger to move inside the room without bumping on all that furnitures with all obvious consequences ( noise, child's crying, scratches on the floor showing the cots sliding from one position to another and physical evidences from the abductor, even if he was wearing gloves and a cap to cover his hair. Fibers from the cloths, footprints, probably hair and even particles from his breath could be recovered. I believe, after PJ got in scene, all high technologies to find evidences were used by experts. Even if trough all that exams, the police could not identify a concrete person, at the least the exams could show the presence of a stranger and eliminate the family and their friends. Could point the way to an abduction.
    What we see on the files is the absence of any evidence showing the presence of a stranger. That reduces the hypothetical criminal to the group who use to easily access the flat - the family, their friends and the workers who could access the flat for maintenance or cleaning. The workers, easily the police could trace down where they were and doing what, since they have to sign ins and outs and request every work trough a inside notice ( the repair of the shutters show that procedures). Who remains without alibis, are the parents and the friends. They were recorded in Cafe Paraiso but we don't know what they have done before and after that.


    (afinal Karsten Mayer e o verdadeiro Pai da crianca que uma inglesa vislumbrada viu no parque de campismo. Foi ontem interrogado.
    A inglesa, mais o The Sun e o team McCann deviam ser punidos por andarem a asociar inocentes a este crime.

    Quantas pistas desmascaradas em uma semana, Redwood? Conto 4 ou 5. Em 2 meses, todo o vosso pauperrimo trabalho de revisao estara desmascarado. Um ano a chularem os impostos dos ingleses, para a policia competente dos outros paises vos desmascarar num abrir e fechar de olhos. Chama-se a isso cooperacao. Uma palavra que nao existe no dicionario da Metro police. Vao acabar tao ridicularizados...)


    "Apanha-se Mais depressa um mentiroso que um coxo"

    Este nao conseguiu montar um Fundo nem arranjar advogados e um porta-voz dos famosos.

    Mas nao me admirava se se descobrisse que os Mccn's foram a sua fonte de inspiracao.

  21. I remember pj stating that Kate and Gerry were on their knees like a ritual in the room this could have been to distract the pj from observing other things in the room, it did seem odd because neither of the parents showed any emotion any other time.
    The blue holdall disappeared after being photographed in the wardrobe.
    If their mobile records could be retrieved that would reveal plenty. I believe they used the church for phoning knowing that nobody could observe or evesdrop on them, the church was their business base in pdl.

  22. Good day to All! Bom dia!

    Quero agradecer ao Anon de May 10, 2012 5:45:00 AM

    porque também eu me preocupo com este caso. Ainda não li o artigo que deixou mas, parece-me um caso semelhante ao das Meninas suíças Alessia e Lívia " desaparecidas " para sempre.

    A Mãe de Ruth e José já começa a acreditar que j.b. os fez " desaparecer".

    GA na apresentação do livro "Vidas sem defesa" também falou deste caso e........... " o mais certo seria estarem definitivamente " desaparecidos".
    Às Sisters peço desculpa , por este comentário, não se relacionar com o papel tanner.

  23. The Sun has the article dismissing the Spain camping sight. Guess which picture they use for Madeleine... Maddie with coloboma, younger then 3.
    That says it all about how relevant is the picture of an hypothetical 9 years old Madeleine, fabricated by the Metro police.

  24. Joana Morais posted on her blog the video and the transcript of GA interview with Judite de Sousa in TVI. Have a look. As usual, GA exposing all the strategies of the gang and giving to the public, the picture of the review.
    Is the top of PJ corrupted again and bending the knees to UK? If so, shame on them. Because this bunch has also the salaries payed by the taxes of all portugugese. 99% of the Portuguese don't agree with that charade and deserve respect.


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