Saturday, 5 May 2012

Faulty Memory Day

Today is Saturday May 5th,

Yesterday, Friday, the world heard the news: Maddie disappeared.
Yesterday, Friday, between journos, GNR and PJ, the whole fishing village was completely turned upside down.
Yesterday, Friday,  peace in PdL had gone with Maddie’s life.
Yesterday, Friday, you certainly asked yourself, what the hell is going on.

Today, you spoke with the PJ. It’s first reported you did that at 15.00 in one external diligence made by that police on that day. The second time was at 16.40.

Today, Saturday May 5th, you weren’t able to remember if it was on THIS past Wednesday or on THIS past Thursday that you saw someone YOU thought SUSPECT, and probably RELATED with Maddie’s abduction.

Today is Saturday May 5th 2012.
Nothing eventful happened to me this week, but I can tell you, if you ask me today, what I did both on  Wednesday and Thursday this week.
If you ask me next Saturday, it's most likely that I won’t remember about most of the details of the week that has just passed, as I don’t about the week before this one.
But as I said, it was an uneventful week.

Today celebrates five years that on Saturday May 5th 2007, you gave a whole new meaning to “faulty memory”.


  1. It's like Leveson, where memory fails unexpectedly!

  2. Memory failed on May 5 2007, but was recovered for Gerry movie, many months after. Shameful people.

  3. O que e absolutamente fantastico neste casal, e que eles tem o apoio publico de gente que aparentemente lhes e completamente estranha( jornalistas, policias, politicos, etc). So nao tem o apoio da familia mais directa. Dizem que Gerry tem outra irma alem de Phill. Por onde tem andado essa senhora, que nunca se viu em campanha nenhuma? Este afastamento da familia e bem revelador. Ja nem eles acreditam neles.

  4. A loira S. F. ao serviço do Andy; dos Mcs e de UK .

    Nitidamente S.F. só fala do que quer.

    E é o sexta às 9 um programa de jornalismo de informação ?

    Talvez mais do género do tipo Antonella que ela, SF, resolveu entrevistar. Informar-se nos tablóides não é informar-se.

    E trabalha num serviço público que pagamos, não é verdade?

    No caso dela não se trata de má memória mas sim de mau carácter e do mau uso de uma TV do Estado, oficial, que usa para multiplicar a versão do casal a todo o custo.

    Ela também não sabe o que é estar informada e pesquisar. Apenas sabe apresentar um lado de qualquer notícia.

    The blonde S. F. at the service of Andy, the Mcs and UK.

    Clearly S.F. only speaks of what she wants.

    It is Sexta às 9 a program of information?

    Perhaps more gender-type Antonella because SF, decided to interview.

    Get information in the tabloids is not informed.

    And working in public service (RTP) and we pay that , is not it?

    In her case it's not a bad memory but of bad character and misuse of a state TV, the official, who use to multiply the couple version at any cost.

    She does not know what is being informed and research. Only knows how to present one side of any news.

    S.F. is one of many who have very bad memory..... (soft to not say more)

  5. Eles todos sabem muito bem o que aconteceu à Miúda.

    Mas ao McMarketing não convém que eles falem; principalmente a dos lapsos linguísticos, a Filomena.

    Não deixo ligação mas tenho 1 artigo apenas com o link e isto:

    "Da maneira como as coisas vão, Madeleine McCann, poderá em breve tornar-se um Franchise em todo o mundo com um volume de negócios que pode rivalizar com a do património de Elvis."

  6. Esta claro que a entrevista da SF foi uma encomenda da equipa McCann para tentarem lavar o cerebro dos portugueses.
    Fraco journalismo. Muito Fraco mesmo. Foi a Londres entrevistar o Casalito e depois a fazer de conta que entrevistava anonnimos na rua, entrevistou a claque Mccanniana. A Antonella L? So falhou o Parsons.
    Que vergonha. E andamos nos a pagar-lhe o salario, aviao e hotel. Ou sera que foi o Fundo que pagou? E que publicidade em hora nobre, na TV , custa muito dinheiro.

  7. Gerry has 3 sisters and one brother:

    -Patricia (Cameron)

    Philomena, Patricia and John are wel known faces, they were in the media frequently.
    Jacqueline is the mistery here...never seen or heard of...I wonder why she chose to stay well away from the whole mediatic circus, I don't think there's even one photo of her in any newspaper or tv channel! I never saw one.
    It has often crossed my mind that maybe she was the relative mentioned in one of the questions the PJ asked Kate, the one that asked if she had ever considered handing over Madeleine's custody to a relative, and also, if she was the relative that related some information to the british police in confidence and declared she/he would not be available to further discuss the matter...
    If we consider the way ALL the family rallied around Kate and Gerry from day 1, Jacqueline's absence is strange. I can only think of one reason, she was not willing to sing to the same tune...

  8. Sandra Felgueiras...humm, I might be wrong, of course, but since she had her change of heart and attitude towards the McCanns and the case, since she seems to have moved to the "dark side", she has moved up some steps in the journalistic career ladder...from just another street-reporter girl to a "seasoned" journalist with her own weekly show! I wouldn't be surprised if she will soon become another Fatima Campos Ferreira...if she keeps walking the McCann line, of course...

  9. If anyone still had doubts about the credibility and independance of the MET review,ckindit learsom DCI Redwood has cleared them once and for all in Sandra Felgueiras interview:

    "A strange man has taken Madeleine from her holiday apartment"

    You shall say ABDUCTION and nothing but ABDUCTION, so help you Saint Kate and Saint Gerry!

    There's only one truth: ABDUCTION is thy God and Kate and Gerry are its prophets!

  10. The Super BHs in their best

    Why are they quiet and writing........ not searching in Rothley the ....?

  11. Afinal ao contrario do que dizem, eles abriam e fechavam as persianas do apartamento. Senao como e que davam conta que a persiana estava estragada para ser requisitado o seu arranjo ao mesmo tempo que pediram ajuda para ligar a maquina de lavar. Sera que e a persiana do quarto de Maddie? Estavam a contar com impressoes digitais dos empregados ja que sabiam que tinham estado la?

    Aqui esta a requisicao do servico, nas files da PJ:

  12. To all the mothers reading this blog I wish you a very happy Mothers Day!

    (it's Mothers Day, here in Portugal)

  13. Anon. May 6, 9:38:00 AM,

    No, I think it was in the master bedroom, the parents room. According to Kate, the children's bedroom window was never touched by them, it remained closed during the whole holiday. Of course, yet another falacy, because the only fingerprints found on the window were preciselly from Kate's left hand, in aposition that indicated an opening motion. Who can believe that they never opend the window or the shutters of the children's bedroom?! They dressed the kids in the dark? Or put the lights on even during day time, with plenty of natural light outside? And they never aired the room???

  14. Sorry to all, in my comment @ May 6, 2012 12:15:00 AM, some strnage words appear: "ckindit learsom" (?!)
    I have no idea where that came from! I surelly don't remember writting those!
    Gremlins at work...?

  15. To anon from May 6, 2012 2:02:00 PM

    I will thank You but........ to My Son and to me all days are Mother´s day.

    Thank You anyway.

  16. I find that on your blog MC and didn't resist to share it with Textusa readers.
    Is a post from the portuguese Ambassador in France, today.
    That is the feeling of many portuguese regarding the british Media and the Mccann's case.
    Read also the comments. Are very interesting.


    A good post. Something new for me- The cadaver dog was trainned to find post-mortum human oil. That meant, Kate and Gerry have no 'innocent excuse to explain what was found in the flat and the car'. Post-mortum oil could not come from diapers or be confused with Kate or Gerry DNA.


    (What means that Holiday promotion side by side with Madeleine face?)

  19. On the last post of Pat Brown, see the comments from Steel Magnolia.

    That explains the protection the Mccann's have. Wonder what was so attractive in PDL that makes all that VIP guys to head there.

  20. Maddie face being used in the advertisement package of a low cost holiday.
    What is the connection between the face and the holiday? A code to advertise a certain type of holidays?

  21. From Spanish correspondent.
    Redwood may persuade the world and his wife that it was an abduction, but British taxpayers will ask, in time,what did the review team discover? Madeleine is dead so they cannot find her. If they say she was abducted but they can't tell us anything else,how can they justify the money spent? Redwood talks of closure, which suggests acceptance of a death? Will they find her remains? And conclude that she was abducted by a stranger? Clutching at straws?
    If they have nothing to report in another year's time, we can draw our own conclusions.

  22. "...Over in Portugal, perhaps, but not in Britain. Pressure from the McCanns and News International, which is said to have donated £1m to the Find Madeleine fund in return for exclusive access to Mrs McCann's book, has led to a fresh inquiry by the Metropolitan Police. Authorised personally by the prime minister, Operation Grange has so far consumed £2m and the services of 29 detectives and seven civilians. Abduction is the favoured theory and a new portrait of the missing girl as she would now appear has been circulated. And still the sightings come in.."
    Irish Independent
    Who is driving the review? - Murdoch, who payed millions to the Fund to serialize few pages from the book Madeleine.
    Who is ruling UK? - Murdoch. Maddie case speaks by itself.

    Is that where the British are using their taxes? Somebody with b***** in UK, to revert that shame?

    Murdoch involved in the cover up of a crime against a little defenseless child. And you still buying his papers, his spin... You still feeding the crime.
    From my side, not a single coin to Murdochs empyre, unless he and his son clearly jump out of that story and expose the perpetrators.

  23. ...."An Irish family, Martin and Mary Smith, who live in Drogheda, Co Louth, were holidaying in Praia da Luz with their children on the night Maddie went missing.

    Their recollection of seeing a barefoot child fitting Maddie's description being carried by a man in the town at 10pm that night will be a major part of the new investigation. Mrs Smith told the Evening Herald yesterday: "It's such a tragic and saddening incident -- what happened to that family is not nice at all.... We have not been contacted. However, when we are we will co-operate fully." Irish Independent

    Even the Smiths appear to be already framed by the Mccann's team and singing the abduction story. No Gerry now... A man.... Vague, fitting all Egg mans in the world.

  24. The campaign of pressure goes to press a lot.

    Wants only and only the reopening abduction and the man with acne and / or the man with the jacket and cream trousers.

    And do not forget our meetings with Prime Minister David Cameron. I bet they also speak about it. What will come out do not know.

    But it's not just the press of the UK press.We've had the example of the blonde SF is doing to them all the favors. In my opinion,her program is very weak. Audiences do not know but there are people to see what sucks.

    Good morning; good day.

  25. Maddie case opens war between the PJ and the Attorney General's Office - Oporto prosecutor has doubts about the legality of PJ team

    Edição em papel completa disponível online 3ª-feira

  26. SF, was maybe a student of ID at some post graduation related with media. ID is, or use to be a media adviser for some programs in TV (see her curricullum).

    RTP is doing a favour to the Mccann's but is specially doing a favour to the Bars Lawyer, where Marinho Pinto is largelly known for his battle against the judges.
    Every time, a sentence come out, RTP give a voice to the criminal to context the sentence, without bringing new light to the case. Examples? Just the most recents and the most shocking:
    - Rui Pedro- RTP gave one hour of 'noble time' to Afonso Dias and his lawyer, to proclame his innocence and question the decision of the judges.
    - Rei Ghob- RTP advertised the program with an exclusive letter sent by Rei Ghob to the channel, where he reveals where are the bodies of the victims. That publicity worked only to attract audiencies, because during the program what happen was Rei Ghob contesting the decision of the judges and proclaming his innocence.
    Who is being used to do some of that favours? SF.
    She is in full speed climbing the steps of the TV. The explanation could not be only merit, because some of the programs are rubbish, not investigative journalism.
    The Mccann's interviews are a job for Fatima Campos Ferreira, if what RTP wanted to do, was journalism and true information to the public. Maybe, that lady (FCF) refused to participate in the washing program or was just not considered due to her imparciality, rigor and competence. Too danger, to propose a washing for that kind of journalists.
    It is really dubious, the behaviour of RTP.


  28. Boa tarde!

    Este último link foi , aliás, o seu conteúdo foi fabricado e não devia ter sido.

    A loira SF não faz jornalismo de investigação e é também um veiculo da propaganda Mc.

    Mas, este caso não se passou com ela. O nome já veio a público mas eu não o coloco aqui. Nem é assinado apenas por uma pessoa. Além disso há sempre por trás o director ou o chefe de redacção.

  29. @ Anon. May 7, 2012 6:10:00 AM

    This is my view as well. Not one penny will anyone get from me who are connected to this "money making scam" using Madeleine for their greed and image.

    They look to the people in UK and other countries only as to what they can prise from their pockets.


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