Monday, 23 April 2012

Lapse Of Memory Or Lack Of Character?

If I were to elect the most ridiculous of all statements in the PJ Files on the Maddie Affair, I would have to pick Derek Flack’s.

The competition in such a championship would be furious and fierce as the quantity of possible candidates is indeed staggering but the various statements from this particular gentleman would win not by a nose, but by such a distance that when he’d be crossing the finish line, all others would still seem to be in their starting boxes.

So much so, that in a direct competition between him and an 11 yr old girl, Kate McCann chooses to prefer the child’s testimony as “credible” and “reliable”, while she has nothing to say in favour of the witness that, between all witnesses, was the one to have supposedly been closest to Pimpleman.

That says much doesn’t it? To be put down by one's own peers must really, really hurt.

We’ve seen how much credibility and reliability TS’s statement does really have, so picking on Derek Flack’s proves to be one difficult challenge.

One just doesn’t know where to start.

To use Derek Flack’s own words, which I’ll later come back to and more than once, “after having particularly reflected on such incidences” I’ve decided to start with Flack’s consistencies.

You know, where we know he’s telling the truth.

If one wants to be a purist, we have to limit Flack’s possible consistencies to ONLY one fact: he owns a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

That as we’ll see in future posts, is one very important detail.

As said, if we were to say that he’s only consistent about that then we would be much too strict with the man but more important than that it would mean being unfair to logic.

He’s basically consistent about THREE things.

The FIRST, already stated, is the ownership of a holiday apartment in Rua do Ramalhete.

The SECOND is that he’s not married to Christine, but had been living with her, at the time of his statement, for 36 years.

We’ll consider that when he contacts the PJ on May 5th it wasn’t clearly understood that Christine was his “partner/companion” and not, as written, his “wife”. A natural misunderstanding so we’ll accept it as his second consistency. Besides, it has absolutely no relevance.

The THIRD consistency is the most important one of the three.

Not the only important one, only the most important of the three and that is that he consistently doesn’t remember the day he almost literally ran over Pimpleman.

Mind you, he can’t be precise JUST about the day, because, as you’ll see, he firstly hesitates about the hour but has, it seems, clarified that detail.

Let’s see what he has to say on this:

1. On May 5th 2007, he says “Last Wednesday (May 2nd) or Thursday (May 3rd), during the day (doesn’t remember but says that possibly in the afternoon)”

2. Also on May 5th 2007, in a PJ External Diligence report it’s said “at a moment prior to the occurrence that is now intended to be investigated”.

3. On May 06th 2007, he says “in a date that he doesn’t remember with precision, but reports it to be late morning or early afternoon in the past May 02 or 03”.

4. On May 9th 2007, in a PJ External Diligence report it’s said “on date immediately prior or even contemporaneous to the occurrence currently being investigated”

5. And in April 2009, in the Mockumentary, he’s quoted as saying “I don’t remember whether I saw the man Wednesday 2nd or Thursday the 3rd of May”

Notice that the second time, when Flack is contacted by the PJ in an external diligence on May 5th, the same day he had contacted them earlier, he’s registered as saying “at a moment prior to the occurrence that is now intended to be investigated”. The occurrence being investigated happened on the night of May 3rd 2007 so we could interpret the said “moment prior” to be earlier on that same date.

But May 2nd is also “a moment prior” to May 3rd, as is February 12th and January 31st.

However, it's clear that all other four statements are adamant in Mr Flack's indecision.

So even with the exception of that one imprecise moment prior, it can be stated with total certainty that Derek Flack CONSISTENTLY doesn’t remember on which day he saw Pimpleman.

If it was on the Wednesday 2nd or the Thursday the 3rd of May.

He remembers many other little details as we’ll see in future posts but this one simply escapes him.

It’s a common occurrence when witnesses don’t remember with precision the time that an event, or events, happened.

Confusion occur with minutes, hours, days or even years, depending on how far back they’re asked to recall details.

But a memory is as more precise as how directly the witness has intervened in the event being recollected or how relevant it was in their lives.

For example, who doesn’t remember what the weather to their wedding day was?

Another way for a memory to be precise is when the event in question becomes unforgettable due to its impact on the general public.

Who doesn’t remember exactly what they were doing during the events of September 11th 2001?

The scale of an event’s public relevance has obviously to do with those it has affected.

The tragic events of the Twin Towers affected everyone worldwide, and that’s why we all remember what we were doing when that second plane hit the South Tower.

But, although in a similar scale of seriousness, if you ask a non Brit for the date when the London terrorist attack happened, it’s no disrespect to the UK or to the victims of the vile attack that they can’t recall that it was on July 7th 2005.

Nor is it that a non Spanish doesn’t remember that Madrid suffered a similar tragedy on March 11th 2004.

To prove the point, very few people could consciously put in order these two events. You see what I meant when I said that people even get years confused?

But separately these two dates are remembered by both the British and the Spanish respectively and the great majority of people that lived in these two countries at the time can recollect in detail what exactly they were doing when the tragedy in their country happened.

All this because Derek Flack cannot remember, on Saturday May 5th, if it was on Wednesday 2nd or the Thursday the 3rd of May that he saw Pimpleman.

Let me tell you that I’m absolutely sure that everyone that who was in PdL at the time Maddie disappeared remembers exactly what they did both on May 3rd and May 4th 2007.

The day that Maddie disappeared and the day the news got out.

Were you in PdL Mr Derek Flack?

Then you remember what you did on May 3rd.

And if you didn’t see Pimpleman on that day, then, according to you, it leaves only May 2nd for that to have happened. It's up to you to know in which day you say you saw him. With no justifiable indecision.

Saying that you don’t remember on which one of the days it happened is blatantly lying and we both know that.

But let’s pretend, Mr Flack that you’re as stupid as you pretend to be.

Let me try to help you jolt you memory.

I'll do a similar exercise that you people intended to do with the Mockumentary, which was to jolt nobody’s memory because you and all of those who participated in it, in front or behind the cameras, knew beforehand there was nothing to be jolted.

Like in your case, Mr. Flack, no one can jolt what isn’t there to jolted, can they? We know you didn’t see what you say you saw, when all you saw were recollections of figments of your imagination that your mind fed you at the time you had to comply with the character in the script that you were cast to play.

But let’s get back to the debunking, shall we?

The dates you give as possibilities are sandwiched between two relevant dates: May 3rd, the night Maddie disappeared and May 1st, the Portuguese Labour Day National holiday.

It was either the day after the holiday, or the day Maddie was gone, that simple to remember. Which was it?

You still don’t remember?

Well, let me help you then a little further. It was on the day that you, Mr Flack, “got ready to have a walk through the streets surrounding where he was domiciled, in Praia da Luz, together with his partner CHRISTINE.

Do you two decide to have this particular walk every single day?

If so you should have said “the walk” instead of “a walk”, shouldn’t you?

But if this “walk” is such a daily routine that it cannot be pinned in time, its path clearly is not always the same, because, as you say, on May 6th, you cannot wholly specify the path made, knowing however that they walked the road in which he resides in the ascending way, which would take the direction of Rua Agostinho da Silva, in the descending way, in order to access Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins, in which is located the "Ocean Club Gardens" enterprise.

Hardly the description of a daily routine walk is it? Even stranger if one is to consider that this is coming from someone who owns an apartment in town, so is supposed, unlike the McCanns, to know the surroundings.

At least the near whereabouts of where you usually reside when you’re frequently in town. Honestly if you’re not able to specify a path that involves THREE streets, the one where you house is, the one where you allegedly saw Pimpleman and the one in between, what can you specify?

So Mr. Flack, it’s easy to remember. Just ask Christine if it was on Wednesday or Thursday that you two took that exceptional walk.

Still having a difficult time remembering? Oh, you don’t want to ask her?

Could it be because you don’t even remember why you were on Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins in the first place?

You see, as shown, on May 6th you say you happened to be there because of a stroll you decided to make around town, but, just 24 hours before, on May 5th when you contacted the PJ, it’s registered that you said “Last Wednesday (May 2nd) or Thursday (May 3rd), during the day (doesn’t remember but says that possibly in the afternoon), accompanied by his wife, and when going to the "Baptista Supermarket", he observed an individual...

Please clarify, was it a strolling trip or was it a shopping one?

Why is this Baptista trip is not mentioned again? Please don’t say that the PJ misunderstood your intention to having been on that particular road at that particular time.

One thing is for the PJ to misunderstand between a partner and a wife, but it’s not acceptable to confuse a vague objective as a stroll with a clear and named shopping destination.

So Mr Flack, was it on Wednesday or Thursday that you went to Baptista? Still don't remember? Don't tell me that you go there so many times that you can't specify a particular trip...

How about asking your partner? After all it was you that contacted the PJ. It was your initiative, nobody else’s. You say you saw something suspicious and you felt that you should report it, so one would assume that you’d get your fact straight before you headed for the authorities.

It was you who went to the authorities, right? Not the other way around, so the least expected from you would be for you to remember exactly what you wanted to report.

We know that you and Christine played the same game “Now I see, Now you don’t” that TS and her mom also played, so we’re supposed to think she didn’t see Pimpleman. But we don’t want her to tell you any detail about the man, just about the day you say you saw Pimpleman.

A day has 24 hours, and each unique and full of all those particular details that make one different from the other and allow us to determine, with accuracy, to which day they belonged to, just 48/72 hours afterwards.

For example, did you buy an ice-cream downtown just like the McCanns on their single family trip to the beach?

Or maybe you bought also some sunglasses? A newspaper? A coffee? I’m sure you did do something different that day that you didn’t do on the other.

Between the two of you, you should come up with something that would distinguish the Wednesday from the Thursday. The clothes each one wore, the meals you had that day, where did you go after you went down that street, something that would clarify if it was 72 hours or 48 hours that you, Mr Flack, had seen Pimpleman.

But it seems that, even though “moreover, he wishes to add that, after having particularly reflected on such incidences, has concluded that…” as you say on May 06th, nothing has come to both of your minds.


Very unbecoming for someone that characterizes himself as “To the question asked, the respondent refers that he perceived the facts reported above due to the fact that he possesses a great surveillance instinct, presumably resulting from the fact that he integrates a neighbours community that exists where he resides in England, established for security purposes, entrusted to ensure the maintenance of the order and for the surveillance and detection of suspicious people or movements in the vicinity of that location”

I do pity who rely on your skills back home. And even more those who rely on your instincts.

Fortunately for them, Pimpleman seems to be allergic to the UK. Cheshire and Ilford are both in the UK, aren’t they?

Both your supposed skills and instincts should've told you how important it would be for the Police to know, with the best possible precision, when a reported event did happen.

For example, in your case, one thing is for Pimpleman to have been seen by you on the Wednesday, the same day other two witnesses apparently also saw him, another, totally different, is for him to have been seen only by you on the Thursday, isn't it? 

But is your forgetfulness really that astray?

I don’t think it is. And you know why?

Because of the Mockumentary.

It shows clearly that sometime between May 5th 2007 and April 2009, you got your memory back.

On May 5th, you’re registered as saying “Last Wednesday (May 2nd) or Thursday (May 3rd), during the day (doesn’t remember but says that possibly in the afternoon), accompanied by his wife…” and on May 06th that ”…reports it to be late morning or early afternoon in the past May 02 or 03."

And this is what the Mockumentary shows:

It says “aprox 11:30”

That’s late morning.

Where did “afternoon/early afternoon” go?

Mr. Flack, you do have a very selective memory, don’t you?

Post Scriptum:
The blog will now break until May 3rd. It will be the 5th anniversary of Maddie's death. The idea behind this break is the expectancy we have about what SY is to conclude until then, if it is to conclude anything by then. Both SY’s words and silence on this issue are significant.


  1. I choose:

    He is a bad character to disturb and ruin the life of the innocent in this case. DF and infinite company is part of an infinite group of people and completely liars.

    All those who were witness to falsehood, know each other and decided to collaborate on crimes of defamation and obstruction of justice.

  2. A very wonderful post/analise of the lies of a man on his 50ths, who played like a selfish child.
    I totally agree with you Textusa.
    As I highlighted on the 3 unpublished comments on the last post, from what I imply from the files, he is part of the Mccann's closest gang. Not an independent witness and that's why he contacted PJ to deliver all that misinformation. When he contacted PJ, he knows exactly what was his mission and for me, he deliberated, bring the white van and the musician to the saga because he knows him from PDL and the
    musician fits the prototype of the abductor created by the Mccann's.
    And he knows more... He knows if the police buyed his lies and something went wrong With musician, will be easy for the musician to find alibis. He is an " habitué" on PDL streets, working at open eyes, in busy places. Derek Flack, was absolutely sure, that guy could not be framed by the police, but was a good entertain to distract the police and the public.
    Let's see what Derek Flack has to say when called to court. If SY ends that review without opening the case and bringing this character to court, they will be the clowns of UK police and the most incompetent investigators in the world.
    The silence of SY could mean- they arrived to the same conclusion as PJ and the UK government has now a hot potato, because after 5 years the Fund still running without any investigation.


    The e-fit of suspect created by Derek Flack

    Any resemblance to the "ugly pimpleman"???

    "It's got to be the same person."
    "- David Edgar, one the McCanns' new detectives, talking about the 3 witness accounts found 'hidden' in the PJ files."

    Yeah, Mr. "discrepancy" Edgar, the same man and 3 very different e-fits!

  4. One comment? Yet, i think.

    Because the post (the posts) are very important if we ALL want the real truth to this case: MMcC.

    I think those they not want the truth about so many facts ,well known ,they go jumping with fear and anger.

    But this work is only about facts. Published official facts?

  5. If I were to elect the most ridiculous of all statements on this site, I wouldn't know where to start.

    So many to choose from - the shape of tables, the colour of hats, quiz nights, Slide and Splash sheets, shopping bags, bus stops - it's like a flipchart at an OCD convention.

  6. Anon Apr 23, 2012 3:38:00 PM

    We completely disagree with your expression of “the McCann's closest gang” when it comes to DF.

    Yes, there’s a “McCann gang” but it has much more influence in the UK today, then did the couple have in May 2007 in PdL. If you must call it a gang, call it then “the BH gang”, because at that time the McCanns were but small fish in the pond.

    As we said, you are getting ahead of issues that we want to handle about the Mockumentary after the break. As you know be, we like to be like TS’s dogs and set the pace ourselves, letting our readers absorb adequately each piece of information before we move on the next, so we apoligise for not moving as fast as you might wish we did.

  7. C. (unpublished) thank you for your care.

  8. Anon Apr 23, 2012 9:30:00 PM

    You or anybody else has ever presented a reasoned counter argument to any of these posts.

    Any reasoned rebuttal is always welcome as you know.

    By the way, we're still waiting for your blog link.

  9. To D.F. was very easy to have no scruples and take advantages of a musical artist who has always been well known at the beach and maybe surroundings.

    D.F. has a holiday apartment there but he like most what should do a nice walk over some open space or preferred to go at the bar to hear the English musician.

    I think both will be around the same age.
    Shame D.F. put into question a man the same age.

    Age at which a person needs more than ever for peace and quiet.

    It was much easier to get the musician. .. Does drank a few glasses in the company and warned that it would talk about it?
    If I was the musician in question, would be very angry. Or the musician, who has resolved by age relieve this affront?

    D.F. also liked to be part of the "actors fiction"! Sure! The program came up on TVs and therefore was entitled to five minutes of fame.He is foolish and should have been quiet.
    D.F. would not be so ridiculous and so dangerous.

  10. Hi Textusa, Thank you for your reply to my post 23, 3:38.

    I agree with your pace and totally understand it but I can't reframe myself of sharing with you what I understand and imply from what I read in the files. Feel free to not publish what you think is not adequated to the moment.
    It is the Mccann's and the BHs fault. The publicity of the firsts and the reactions to your posters, from the seconds, drove me to the files, the blogs and the media articles to read, assimilate and understand what could have being going on on may 2007 and what is going on since then. A fascinating voluntary work. And I just have to say that if you read the statements and the articles, separeted, one by one, you just achieve an infinitesime amount of information, they really contain. If you do a 'parallel reading', which in my case, means puting side by side what could belong to the same pile and start reading in parallel, you start understanding the dimension of the information. Really amazing. I have to thank your blog, because you and Joana M highlighted the curiosity on people like me, making the review of SY a hard work. If they want to be credible and convince the public, they cannot be amateurs. They need to do a very professional work because the review/analise of the files is already done by millions of people in the world, who know them and have worked on them with passion. Moved by the rights of Madeleine and of all the children that one day could face the same obstruction to justice.
    I agree with you when you said DF was not part of Mccann's gang in May 2007. At the time, the Mccann's were just a group of 'ordinary'(on the sense to normal' drs who went to PDL to have a cheap holidays full of some 'particular fun'. If they had not managed to involve the British ambassador and the portuguese government...if they had not managed to set a Fund and hire expensive lawyers, they will remain more or less like they arrived in PDL. They fool some to get money and with money they framed many. That's why, I think, over the time, some BHs were absorbed by the Mccann's gang and became part of the same gang. When a BH allows his statement to be used in a video that he knows, is based on lies, deliberated or framed, he become part of the group.
    We should remember, Kate said, they still coming to PDL to see 'old friends'. I really would like to understand 'who are' and 'how old' are this friends on their lives. The portuguese have a mean that says 'com a verdade me enganas'.... Is about the police to discover that if they want to use correctly, the millions of pounds and Euros, we all spent on that case.
    Maybe now, you understand Textusa, why one day I connected here the song from Antonio Variacoes with that gang.
    I have to confess.. in my work, there is a piece missing. Kates book 'Madeleine'. I refuse to buy it. With my money, their Fund doesn't grow, but it is an important piece. A master piece to understand the lies. Unfortunatly for that, I have to rely on what become available in some blogs. Maybe one day, SY, attaches that book to the PJ files. It belongs to there as the master statement from Kate, about her lies.
    Have a nice break, in a time that Portugal celebrates 'Democracy and Freedom'.

  11. I can see Textusa, the BHs are back to town. Every time, the blog touch something near the truth, somebody feels 'the nerve'.

  12. Dear Anon at 11.13 - if you want to read Kate's book, do what I did and buy it very cheap secondhand from Amazon. I got mine for £2 plus postage of £2.48, and it looked brand new. You can then sell it again if you want to. That way none of the money goes to "The Fund" but you get to read it. It is a very frustrating read because you get to recognise all the lies they have told though.

  13. Inspector Andy who is in Portugal and is from UK, will speak for 30 minutes to the BBC about the white wash, and Lord Leveson will take again with the McCanns?

    Of course not. What the couple want is more advertising through Bxx

  14. O programa de lavagem tem pré lavagem com a temperatura mais quente.

    Vários elementos estão incluidos neste programa. Até uma advogada que costuma dizer coisas sem nexo no blog dela; que grita incrivelmente alto, ou seja aos berros, vai dizer ao panorama ( o destes dias próximos) que se sente muito só.

    E que a revisão foi devida à investigação do Panorama? Do outro documentário?
    É melhor lerem, penso

    Bem........ desculpem mas deixo a ligação:

  15. I am very disappointed with SY this evening on the news Insp. Redwood stated that 'they were looking for closure for the family of Madeleine' after spending over 2 million of tax payers money on the 'review'. What a whitewash, why did they not do their job properly investigate the Tapas friends, request a reconstruction, investigate the fund, the deleted calls, the fragile Mccann marriage?

    SY was once respected and a pillar of our society but it now appears to be as corrupt and guilty as those high profile individuals bluffing their way through the Leveson inquiry in the hope that we believe their innocence and non-involvement.

    I have completely lost faith in our justice system when it is manipulated to such an extent that joe public knows there is a case to answer to, but those that should bring prosecutions are afraid or will not do their jobs properly because they are corrupt.

    In time the truth will come out and all those people that should have known better but lied will have to live with their lies and shame knowing they were partly responsible for denying a child a decent burial.

    RIP Maddie whever you have been hidden.

  16. Thanks anon 24,5:27. It is a great suggestion, because I really don't want any of my coins to go to that Fund that is only used to bake fake sights and frame honest people, who question their version.

  17. Anon @ 8.35.

    I agree with every word you say.

    CLOSURE! Who instructed Redwood to get closure? The only people who want closure are those who want the problem of Maddie's death and all the other issues surrounding it to go away. The rest of the world wants the truth.

    If SY think they can get away with closure they have inderestimated the intelligence and integrity of the majority of people who are watching every move they make. Does closure allow for a person with a guilty conscience who eventuallt tells the truth? It would be the end of SY and any trust the public has in the UK police.

    Redwood didn't look comfortable when speaking of 'closure' so let's watch the full Panorama programme so we can see what direction his review is taking.

    As arrests have been made in the hacking scandal there is more evidence to come and information about Mitchell and McCanns phones being hacked because we know they have been despite G Mc going to the Leveson Inquiry to get his denial in first.

    My bet is someone totally unexpected will be the one to reveal information that leads to the truth.

    I'm sure SY read blogs like this and it could make their work easy to guage public opinion but very difficult if they are working on a whitewash. So come on SY let's have the truth because the majority want truth not CLOSURE and won't stop bringing facts from the official files into the public domain.

  18. O 'Panorama da BBC', pela amostra, sera claro como agua- A revisao inglesa e uma lavagem intensiva para branquear um crime, apresentar uma versao e dar o caso por encerrado. Nem sera surpresa, se no fim da revisao, o corpo de Madeleine aparecer nas maos da SY. Eles sabem quem detem a chave para a resolucao do misterio, ou seja, 'sabem quem sabe onde esta o corpo'. E so programar para a hora mais adequada ( quando o publico estiver convencido que se gastaram mesmo millhoes de euros e pounds em duas trips a Portugal, uma a Espanha e mais umas quantas fotocopias, pens ou Cds para gravar o que esta nas files da PJ e que esteve desde sempre nas files da policia de Leicester, e muito provavelmente na SY. Como pode ser tao estupido, um individuo que aparece credenciado como sendo uma figura de topo da SY, ao tratar o caso como se a informacao circulasse hoje a velocidade da Idade Media. Ja quase todos lemos as files disponiveis e as dissecamos. Vai ter de ser credivel, na forma como encerrar o caso, a SY, se quer manter o estatuto de policia de topo com optima reputacao. Caso contrario, vaticino-lhe o mesmo destino que ao FSS. Sera extinta, ou mudara de nome, com todas as consequencias que isso trara para os UK, conservadores e defensores das suas instituicoes, numa altura em que o pais se debate com bolsas de convulsao interna e o papel da policia e fundamental.
    Numa coisa, concordo com o senhor: O caso pode ser resolvido com base no que esta escrito nas files. Basta cruzar informacao e interrogar credivelmente meia duzia de pessoas. Esta tudo la. E e por estar tudo la que a PJ e os procuradores portugueses nao tem duvidas:
    'A crianca morreu naquele apartamento e o apartamento e quem tinha acesso a ele e a crianca, encerram a chave do misterio. Ao recusarem participar na reconstrucao das ultimas horas de Madeleine, os pais e os amigos, perderam a oportunidade de provar que estao inocentes'.

    Quanto a ID, coitadita. Ja nem os amigos podem com ela. Deve ser porque nao leram as files e nao sabem o que la esta escrito. Deixaram-se seduzir por GA.
    Pobre criatura... Enquanto lhe cairem uns Euros na conta bancaria ela la vai andando de 'queda em queda, ate a queda final. Os amigos PA e RA, saltaram do barco a tempo. Estes, nunca teriam saltado se houvesse uma restia de hipotese, por mais pequena que fosse, dos pais estarem inocentes.

  19. I wonder if Derek kept a straight face everytime he realized he was tripping over his tongue or if he blushed like a ten year old caught lying about who stole the cookies.

  20. Vamos lá a devolver a Mad...... pois ela está viva e em Portugal OUTRA VEZ!

    Resta saber onde; se com uma Família sem posses ou com uma que seja rica. Ou anda com os grupos do L. a pedir esmola?

    Maio,Maio, Maio.....................

  21. Not to be read by anyone with high blood pressure.


    (We can see the white wash process).

  23. Just watched the Panorama and Det Redwood comes across so slimey covering for the Mccanns looking for 'closure' what about re-opening the case and investigating it properly then we can have closure what a rubbish police officer and to think the police are not recruiting and they employ the likes of Redwood is totally unjust.

    Our society needs decent investigative police officers not 'yes' men like Redwood.

  24. Bilhete Postal

    "Em nome de Maddie"

    "Em teu nome, menina dos cabelos de luz, tantos choraram depois de mais nada conseguirem esperar. Em teu nome, menina dos olhos longos, zangaram-se as polícias e os países fitaram-se receosos e melindrados.
    Dizem que por ti, menina do rosto que irradia, os governos pesaram, combinaram e concluíram. Os jornais imaginaram, acusaram e puniram. Toda a gente te definiu o destino mil e uma vezes. E tantas carreiras e glórias se sonharam – tudo por ti, juravam. Mas nunca foi por ti, sempre por eles.
    Sabes, menina de todas as meninas que já cá não estão, o poeta Pessoa quis saber qual era o enigma que havia numa princesa do teu país que há muitos anos foi feliz aqui. Invocou-a como ‘Madrinha de Portugal’. Partiste muito cedo, esse foi o mistério que não te deixou ser feliz. Pode ser que aqui a tua saudade seja mais bem cuidada do que por aqueles que te

    Por:Carlos de Abreu Amorim, Professor universitário -CM
    Do Blog de MC

  25. Even in timing your breaks, you seem to maintain the upper hand on the BHs. You and SY seem to be playing directly between the two of you, with all of us watching. You've outed the Ocean Club staff and guests, Mrs Fenn, TS and now DF. Who's next? It seems that they have to wait for you to be able produce a possible final result!

  26. I'm really horrified with the corruption in England, horrified.
    I understand that Murdoch is behing the revision.
    What a corrupt people, Cameron, Theresa May, Scotland Yard...

  27. Textusa,

    You are absolutely brilliant, you should have been on the Panorma programme tonight, then we could have closure and justice for Madeleine.

  28. Panorama was a non event. Same old same old and Redwood was gulping visibly.

  29. I’m still wondering what the hell that was all about! Redwood, I could have slapped his silly face. His police speak was the level of new recruit on the beat. Sandra ‘ask the dogs’ F’s words were heavily edited as were others. ID confirmed the Portuguese people as well as her own friends do not support what she is doing. As for Richard Bilton....well...he was there at the time so is this programme for him is just about getting paid? Mcs piece was taken from somewhere else as they were not part of this programme. K’s running style was weird and if she is a runner then I’m an astronaut.

    Are you sure this is not April Fools Day???


    It says 37 people from SY
    40,000 leads in the files (????????????????????)
    Only 25% of the leads were followed.

    See? SY speaks the truth!

    There was a lot NOT investigated: the Tapas Dinners, Mrs Fenn, TS, DF… and other many other things that Textusa has showed us and we hope still has more to show.

    Who said SY didn’t speak truth?!? If my math is right there are still around 30,000 things that Textusa has yet to say…

  31. Redwood was only following the official Operation Grange remit, which referred to an abduction.

  32. Sandra Felgueiras has moved up on the tv station ladder quite quickly since her sudden "change of heart" on the Maddie case...she now hosts a weekly show...and I bet more "rewards" are coming her way in the future, if she keeps in line, if you know what I mean...

  33. What a piece of ' sh...t' that aged progress (Madeleine 9). She looks like a old ugly teenager, near to the twenties.
    Now we have a Madeleine with brown eyes and an almost imperceptible coloboma, made in closure with her family. From what I know, the eyes color didn't change over the time and a coloboma so strongly evident on her first picture released by her parents, didn't fade when she grows up.
    Any journalist with ' b...s' to ask Andy Redwwod how is it possible to change physical characteristics, known in science world, as the few, like DNA, that never change?
    In Maddie fantastic world, everything is possible. From abductors with a egg face to a victim that changes physical unchangeable facts, showing where our taxes are being wasted and why this people deserves no respect from the public.
    How can SY be connected with so ridiculous stories and let them going on, as a carnival? This case will be the end of SY. The British investigators involved on the review are the latest clowns on that circus. Thanks God, that the Portuguese are out of the last episodes.
    Wonder, who they are searching with that picture.

  34. Anon Apr 25, 2012 10:35:00 PM

    Let me repeat what has been said before, so that you don't create any sort of high expectations about the blog, and that is to say that we have available to us exactly the same that is available to you:
    - The PJ Files, the only official documentation on this case;
    - The Mockumentary;
    - Kate's book;
    - Internet.

    From the internet, I'd like to highlight all that is visual.

    It's based on the mentioned public documentation, and only on these from these that we write our posts. It happens that it's us who writes them, but it could be you or anybody else.

    I agree with the SY. There's a lot that's in the files that wasn't adequately investigated. The reason? It's a word that starts with an "i".

    Some say it was because of incompetence, others say it was interference.

    It's up to each one's conscience to choose which one is the appropriate word and I think you know what the blog's collective conscience thinks it is.

  35. According to the programme News International, mccanns and the Sun put pressure on Cameron to open the review.
    So he did what he was told to do by the powerful media.
    This case is all about favours owed, Cameron complied knowing he would get good publicity and newspaper inches, we have had 5 years of misinformation regarding Madeleine printed in our newspapers thanks to Murdoch and Co.
    The Leveson inquiry is now focusing on James Murdoch and his shady dealings these people are all corrupt and they get away with it, no action is taken against them because of what and who they know.
    The majority of the public feel the Mccanns are involved in the concealment of Madeleines body we want the truth Panarama did itself no favours with the programme it was highly edited and attempted to paint the Mccanns as victims and the pj as incompetant when in fact mccanns are the instigators and wholly responsible for all that happened on the 3rd and since. Why were they not interviewed? They would have been aware of the programme and its content, probably gave it their approval if they were innocent it would have been an ideal opportunity to come forward and speak out. Robert Murat spoke only of how he had been badly treated by the pj, nothing about Madeleine which was rather odd which suggest he is involved, he didn't mention his payoff from Express papers either.
    None of the Tapas friends were interviewed, what was the point of the programme was it to make us aware that Kate and Gerry are 'winding down' with the blessing of SY and Cameron.
    It would seem SY wasted 2 million of tax payers money. Redwood looked uncomfortable knowing full well there is a case against the Mccanns but our country is run by News International and their cronies not by any Government what a sickening, weak country we have become.

    Soon the Mccanns will disappear being given 'closure' by SY along with their fraudulent fund and money making schemes.

  36. Textusa, thank you for the answer.

    195 new leads? That's all what of the 40.000?

    This time they won't make the mistake they did with the PJ Files. These 195 new leads will be secretive ones. They will serve to justify anything...

    Anything that was before on the "unpublished PJ Files" will now be under the "195 SY new leads". What a farce!

    Brits, they're spelling F-O-O-L in your foreheads. Don't forget that when you go abroad.

  37. Who Mr. Redwood tries to convince with that review and the last aged picture of Madeleine (9 years old)?

    I put side by side, 6 pictures of Madeleine(available at Mccannfiles) to compare with one released now. I include on that exercise, the first picture released by Kate and Gerry( pretty Maddie showing the coloboma) plus the picture available on PJ site ( from Maddie passport) and the description of the eyes available also on PJ site.
    Left eye- blue and green
    Right eye- green with a brown spot on the iris

    I think, we don't need to go more deep to see how rubbish is the last picture from SY. Any similarity with previous ones? I see none. The shape of the eyes and the color is not the same. the color and the shape did not change over the time. But SY changed it. She grows up but her eyes become smaller and developped some bags on the bottom. The coloboma, maybe to fit Gerry whishes, fade a little. According to a portuguese eye specialist, colobomas could not be removed and don't fade over the time. They grow following the growing of the rest of the body. For SY, not.
    How convennient that picture for the most shameful whitewash in our days.
    They took 1 year to analyse 1/4 of the files and came up with 195 new leads. Have they follow up any of the 195 or they are waiting until the end of the review to follow this ones? What this reminds me? A little creature, outside Lisbon court, claiming the horrific pictures she saw on PJ office in Portimao. No any child from that pictures, rescued after almost 2 years.
    I don't see any mention of the Smiths sight or the contradictory statements made by all the group and some witnesses. I don't see any propose for a proper reconstruction.
    Is that what you call a review mr. Redwood? Is that where Mr. Cameron spent thousands of pounds? What an insult for all honest people who work hardly to have a modest life. What an insult to all polices who sacrifice weekends, holidays, nights, to search, investigate and understand what happen to that little girl.
    Thanks Gerry and Kate. Every thing you touch, end up destroyed. What a Karma....

  38. I would like to point out to the arrogant and xenophobic SY that the jurisdiction for this case remains in Portugal.
    You saying to the PJ that “we’ve found these new leaks, now go and investigate” is very offensive because it’s very much like telling a dog to fetch a stick that you’ve just thrown.
    Yesterday you’ve publicly stated that the PJ is incompetent because it didn’t see the 195 new leaks, and you’re saying that who dispatched the archival is as much to blame because they didn’t even take care to read the files properly, because even if it was just ONE unread lead the dispatch would be neglectful.
    195 new leads means around 15 new leads per Volume. Is that even conceivable?
    You know what the problem is? It’s that the PJ will go a fetch your stick. They’ve probably already received instructions to do just that.
    Welcome all to the 2012 civilized world. The Incas were right, 2012 will mark the end of the world’s decency.

  39. I don't know why I am not in despair.
    Watching Rupert live now - so inarticulate, so lacking in clarity, such a buffoon, pretending he has not read any of the judgements. Like hell , he had these on his desk but he is acting like he should be on a paper run not like he is the mogul of this empire.

    I feel right now that there is a play off, there is a game of chess on the go ------ a trap has been set ..... I don't know why I don't feel that the situation is very under control, and surprises are afoot. The cards are about to fall.

  40. I didn't watch the Mccannorama BBC Pre-washing programe. From what I read on papers... thanks that I didn't waste my time watching that crap programe which has 3 main objectives: Blame PJ, clean up the Mccann's and remind there is a FUND waiting for donations.

    Instead, I watch the interview of General Ramalho Eanes, by Fatima Campos Ferreira in RTP. He was one of the first Presidents of the portuguese Republic after the revolution. At the time, I was a child and I remember that I didn't like him very much because he keeps changing the governments. Now, that I grow up, and after realizing where Portugal is now, I understand the choices of that militar and start respecting his decisions and developping a great admiration about him. He represents the real spirit of the revolution and is far from the corrupt politicals who got power fooling the people with a fake democracy.
    I was listen to his words and thinking about Maddie and how the things could be different if for one day a real political man, thinking on the country and on the childs rights, crossed her investigation.
    He gave a wonderful explanation for his decisions. Exactly the ones I use to criticise when I was a child- The continuous change of the governments-. He said, when he decide to change a government he was just acting as a responsible President because he realised that that Prime Minister was not governning for the best interest of the country and the citizens, was governning for elections. What we have in Maddie case, is governments governning for elections. All corrupts, all controlled by the Media.
    If what is coming out from the review of Maddie case, is true, what we have is Murdoch controlling Cameron and using Madeleine to do it. He lost a lot of money with the behavior of the NOTW. How much money was he forced to pay to the victims of the hackers? Who believes, the Mccann's, the all gang, the BHs, Murat, Malinka, Mitchell,etc were not hacked? Off course they were. The most rentable story at moment will be not out of the control of this unethical journalists. They discovered important information to solve the case. That's why, we have Murdoch son dinning with Mccann's and Mitchell. Setting the plan of the business. That's what Madeleine is... a profitable business for the parents and for the media if they work together. One feed the others and both got a lot of reveniew. Any Prime Minister in UK, to survive and win elections, have to colaborate with business. That's why, no changes on Madeleine issues after changing Brown to Cameron. Two different mans, two different partys rulled by the same gang- Mccann's- Murdoch. Where is the child in the all saga? they know, somewhere where she cannot ever resurface to appear in public eyes. SY will end up the review with an open end where MADELEINE BEING ALIVE has 50% of chances to be possible. No matter what the forensic evidences and some truthful witnesses could say. Murdoch and the Mccann's already designed the all story. And the British and the portuguese fooled again because is our taxes that were wasting on that corrupt exercise. At the same time, we have in Portugal, hospitals being closed, people loosing their jobs... a crise. A crise that doesn't affect the most insultuous criminal case, in all portuguese History.
    How correct you have been Mr. Ramalho Eanes, 30 years ago.

  41. Mr Redwood is the clown of the moment.
    What I enjoyed most is to read on papers, they discovered 195 new leads, like the LAST SIGHT IN INDIA AND SPAIN.
    Well, if the 195 are of the same quality, I can see:

    - India: The Indian police contradicting the parents and Mitchell who rushed to the Media to say the Indian police was investigating the sight... Indian police said, they never recieved any call or anybody reporting the sight. The first time they saw the news about the sight, was on the papers, which means the news were planted on the papers by the Mccann's who were the only ones getting some profits(publicity) from the situation.

    Spain- The papers claiming the spannish police were following a lead passed to them by PJ. PJ officially saying, the news were false and they never contacted the spannish police regarding that. Where the sight grow up? in a village near to Malaga, where there is a huge communnity of British expats, with high possibilities to beconnected with Mccann's octopus. since that octopus seems to grow tentacles everywhere.
    Are that, your 195 leads mr Redwood? Sorry... I have to say, as an investigator, you are a poor amateur with very questionable skills.
    I don't know what you are looking for... for Maddie, NOT. I'm sure. For some closure to the Mccann's, maybe... with a millionnaire Fund that pays all the corrupts who want to fool our eyes with rubbish.

  42. Su,

    Agree 100%. Cameron should've never allowed the review. Whoever told him so advised him very wrongly. Once he went public some sort of outcome had to come up to justify the money and any sort of outcome will make Britain look bad. The truth will make Britain look bad but each of these obvious lies will make it look even worse when truth comes out. It's a choice Britain has to make and it has to be to say mea culpa, apologise and move on. Agree Rupert has set the ball in motion. I don't think it can be stopped. I see no reason for the BHs to be happy. They know that it's all lies, so they know the less public details become the better for them. Saying there are 195 new clues is putting out the fire with gasoline IMO.

  43. Whya are the Mccanns silent? SY believing Maddie could still alive is what rhey wanted publicisng from the beginning. Now they have got what they want there is no ststement from them? No-one has told SY they are not allowed to speak about this so the McCanns can't use official secrecy as an excuse.

    I'm guessing there must be panic in certain places if the police are looking for a 'live' child that can't be found.

    Thinking about it, it's not only the McCanns who are silent it's also everyone associated with them.

  44. Apr 26, 2012 11:22:00 AM,

    The archival dispatch had nothing to do with the PJ, it was not of their doing and not of their responsability. It is the work of the public ministry judge encharged of the case (from Portimão, I believe), it was the public ministry and that judge who decided to archive the case and end the investigation, never the PJ!
    Now, having said that, I go on to say:
    - I 100% agree that "who dispatched the archival is as much to blame because they didn’t even take care to read the files properly". BINGO!
    The judge(s) did not have taken the necessary time to read the ENTIRE dossires of the investigation compilled by the PJ. It was impossible for them to have gone through the full documents in the lapse of time between the moment they were handed over to them by the PJ and the moment the judges emited the archival dispatch. Some people have made the maths on this, I remember Hernâni Carvalho and I think, but am not sure, also Professor Paulo Sargento, calculated the time needed to read the ENTIRE process and it was an enormous amount of days, much more than the number of days the judge(s) took.
    H. Carvalho came to the conclusion that for the judge to have read the full process in that time he would have had to read 24h/24h, no time to sleep or eat! In view of this, it just is not possible that the process was read in full by the "makers" of the archival dispatch!

    A disgrace and a shame, but it does not fall on the shoulders of the PJ, it is of the entire responsability of the Public Ministry, in the person of the judge responsible for the case and its hasty archival.
    It was not the PJ that was incompetent, but the P.M.,

    ... "because even if it was just ONE unread lead the dispatch would be neglectful."

    And it was NEGLECTFUL! Neglectful and disrespectful of the PJ's work, to say the least!

  45. In one of the above comments it is mentioned the possibility of Madeleine's body suddenly "turning up" in the hands of the SY. This immediately reminded me of the "ward of court" status the McCanns required for their daugther, and that was never duly explained why it was made. What was the purpose of the WOC status? If a court and judge are Madeleine's "wardens", the parents rights over her should have been terminated, and yet, they have been using and abusing of their daughter's image and name as they very well please, without any action from the court! The WOC status certainly was NOT done to protect Madeleine's rights, then, what was it for...? In my modest opinion, it will serve to make absolutely sure that in the eventuality of Madeleine's body being found, the PJ and portuguese justice system will never ever be able to get their hands on it! The body will be "property" of the crown's court, of the UK, and they will "call the shots"...
    Of course, this is also valid for the case of a "live" Madeleine being found...I read somewhere that the recent weird age-progressed sketches of Madeleine could be a way of paving the way for a fake Madeleine surfacing soon, a live girl, miraculously found in some "hellish lair", with a strong resemblance to those pictures and to Madeleine, that would be passed of as Madeleine. The UK court and judge would take over, protect the girl from any investigation from the portuguese side, no access to forensics, DNA, etc., of this "Madeleine".

    A bit far-fetched? Am I a lunatic? Maybe...,but in this case nothing will surprise me any more, I'm open to all possibilities, even the weirdes of the weirdest...

  46. In Joana Morais blog:

    Mr. Amaral's books to be returned TODAY! (fingers crossed!)

    And also:
    The MP, portuguese public ministry says that o the moment NO oficial request was made to reopen the case. (why am I not surprised...?)


    I'm sorry but this is getting better than watching Monty Python!

    Now the Portuguese are the ones (AGAIN) who're to blame because they're so DUMB that they REFUSE to take advantage of TWO MILLION QUID worth of work done by THE BEST OF THE BEST: SCOTLAND YARD!!

    Figure that!!!!

    Anon 4:04, after we've seen NOTHING can be set aside as ridiculous, so your scenario might just well be!!!

  48. Transcrição grosseira e incompleta de uma entrevista num programa da manhã numa TV:

    JP: uma efeméride e triste…………… as pistas que dizem ser 195…..

    CA: 195 é zero. Podiam ser 300………. Não há nenhuma prova substancial que altere aquilo que está no processo e nem há nenhuma prova que as autoridades inglesas recolheram de UK prove que o que aqui foi feito, estivesse mal feito ; que o processo fosse mal feito ou que os exames periciais feitos não fossem conclusivos. Até por uma razão : é uma coisa que os ingleses não porão em causa ; os exames periciais foram feitas em Inglaterra e não vai questionar….
    É estranho que num País como Inglaterra… eles têm todo o direito de investigar pois desapareceu um cidadão inglês e têm e podem querer ter o direito de investigar. Que o Inspector de UK , o qual ouvi com muita atenção, assuma a proximidade com um dos lados do caso , os pais da Miúda. E o que levou o Governo de UK a criar uma equipa de 37 investigadores com um orçamento inicial de dois milhões de euros só para este caso. Nenhum caso em Inglaterra foi tratado assim .

    JP: será sempre uma interrogação sobre qual a razão para ser um caso de excepção…

    CA: o que eu acho que há …………………… e quem apontou o caminho da morte de Madeleine McCann foram os ingleses …………………

    FICOU NA MENTE de todos que eles têm a ver com o que aconteceu; têm a ver com o caso E AQUILO A QUE NÓS assistimos é uma tentativa desesperada de abrir o processo NOVAMENTE NO RAPTO ; direcionando - o no rapto mesmo que todas as diligências venham a ser infrutíferas, como o Ministério Público disse e bem, há um facto que fica: nesse dia as pessoas deixariam obrigatoriamente de considerar os McCann como suspeitos na morte da filha. suspeitos na morte de Madeleine.

  49. Anon @ 26, 4:04.

    I have the same feeling regarding a fake Madeleine that could turn up and be used to replace the death one.

    Something very close to the movie where Angelina Jolie played the roll of an American mother, who lost her son for a criminal that was later discovered. The incompetence and the cover up of the American police left them without no choice. They tried to hand back to the mother a fake son.
    Very sick, I can say. But that seems to be the roll of SY in that saga. They know very well that the girl is death. There is no other explanation for the 15 alleles of DNA matching perfectly Madeleine DNA, recovered from the boot of the Scenic. The place on the car, where was found, and the amount of genetic material, is so weird that nothing logical and innocent can explain it. No matter the words of the pinky man, saying 'whatever was found could have a totally innocent explanation'. Non, dear Pinky, that material recovered due to the activities of cadaver dogs, has only one explanation- the body of the girl was inside that boot. With a blue bag or without a blue bag, for some moment was carried inside that car. Now, MR PINKY, WITH HELP OF KATE, you can work on another theory: the clever abductor having rented the car before your clients. Nothing that didn't pass already to the minds of this two. But unfortunatly for them, I believe, Pj showed to Kate, Gerry and Pinto de Abreu the previous guys who rented the car with official documents, like the bills and the copies of the drive licences. No way, to involve this ones. The couple with their idiotic spoke person were left with Pizzas, Meat, seabass, and Twins diappers to explain what could not be explained by that.
    Regarding the archieving of the case. I remember the portuguese authorities justifying the archive with lack of cooperation from the UK. They said that they arrived to the point that there is a lot of investigation that need to be carried in UK and a lot of documents that need to be handed to them from UK. The UK was not cooperating with investigation, then there is no point to keep it open.
    Are that, the 195 leads, SY is talking about? The medical records from Kate, Gerry and Madeleine? The Credit cards and the movements on their bank accounts? the phone calls and the SMS made from UK mobiles?
    When a child disappears, the parents and the close friends are the first suspects, the police need to investigate. Only after closing that door, the investigation should move in another direction. In that case, that lead has an avenue with a huge gate that was not yet open. Go to Rothley and to other places and search the Mccann's properties with dogs. Rothley with private jets and so influential friends, is not so far from PDL. In fact, is just next door. Many answers to that mystery should be there. Interrogate the twins. They must remember things they have saw or heard, during this 5 years.
    A 2 years old girl in USA, who was the only surviver of a crime against the all family, was able to tell the police what she saw and help the police to catch the criminals. Why the Mccann's twins need to be away from the investigation of their sister if the parents said, they were sharing with her the room from where she disappeared? Any answer, Mr. Redwwod?

  50. Gonçalo Amaral has just been interviewed in "Jornal das 8" in TVI ( 8pm news in TVI channel), and I'm fuming, because hubby and son were watching a football match on another channel and I missed it! Hopefully I will catch it tomorrow in TVI's website, for what I can see they have videos of the last days "Jornal das 8" available, I suppose today's one will be online tomorrow.

    The programme mentioned in the comment made by anon.@
    Apr 26, 2012 6:41:00 PM, can be seen here, for those interested:{2C451A3F-971E-4DDA-8E6F-7AED09339FD3}

    (Júlia Pinheiro's morning show "Querida Júlia" in SIC channel)

  51. Anon 7.26 excellent post - the twins would definitely have knowledge of mccanns conversations about madeleine what kate and gerry say to each other on a day to day basis, its surprising just how much children take in. Some of the Tapas friends also have young children they must discuss the case perhaps foolishly assuming the children are not paying attention, children take quite a lot in and don't miss much especially if the tone of the voice is different.

    I get the impression that Kate and Gerry do not have much to do with each other, the togetherness we see is posed and for the cameras and once apart go their separate ways, but they still have to live together, the twins maybe overhear many arguments and mccanns blaming each other for the situation they now find themselves in.It must be a house full of tension and frustration.

    Murdoch has been proven a liar by the Levison inquiry, News International are losing credability, Murdochs empire is now crumbling, high profilers cannot rely on Murdoch for favourable publicity for favours, this will eventually be the undoing of the Mccann case, see how the two programmes ran side by side this is Karma. Publicity for Levison and Madeleine back in the spotlight, the silence of the Mccanns and Carter Ruck they are all connected all involved together favours for favours, helping Murdoch sell newspapers.
    The Murdochs have supported the Mccanns but not any longer.

    Redwood was just a mouthpiece for his superiors attempting to justify where 2 million pounds had been wasted blaming the Portuguese pj he looked uncomfortable and not very convincing.

    Madeleine back on front pages today, and with the Levison inquiry in full swing and Murdoch being scrutinised its the last thing the Mccanns wanted.

    SY has been dragged into this circus and it should be wary because its reputation will suffer if it appeases Mccanns, too many people are involved for this to stay silent forever, the twins have picked up more than the mccanns realise and children can be very chatty especially once their school friends start asking questions... it will only be a matter of time.

  52. Anon at 4.04 - No - I too have wondered if a live madeleine could be made to surface out of the many different looking madeleines offered for public consumption. I have often wondered about the IVF and if there were other children.......

  53. Video of Pat Brown speaking about the recent "developments" of the SY review, in Anna Andress's site:

  54. I don't think SY have been dragged into this unwillingly - from the start of the Review their agenda was to review the files as though "the abduction" occurred in UK. At the time I gave them the benefit of doubt and thought they were merely trying to find "more evidence" to help the PJ re-open the investigation. But no, we see that even SY has been brought in to force abduction onto the Portuguese whether they like it not. So we have a Police Force that can be steered in any direction to suit.

    But who is doing the "steering"?

  55. Mccann's case (yes, since May 4 2007 this case is only about the Mccann's, not about Madeleine) shows how poor is the democracy in Uk. If there is any. Because has we can see, freedom of expression it is just a "mirage".
    The proof? How many " criminal experts" were invited to comment in TVs, papers, radios, etc, the review of SY or the last developments? How many, when we compare with " the toxic propaganda " set up in 2007/2008 to frame, discredit, insult and whatever adjectives more, I can add here, to classify PJ, Portugal and the Portuguese in general.
    There is a lot of material to feed very hot, active and productive discussions in many TVs. But no any seems interested in touching that case. Why? They are afraid of Carter-Ruck or afraid of the contra-information setle up by Murdoch? Both maybe. Even Julian Assange, who ask protection and spent there few months, end up infected by the same virus. Uk is loosing respect day after day, not only because of the political mistakes regarding Iraq, but essentially because of the wrong decisions regarding Mccann's case. People who are prevented to make important questions and raise reasonable doubts, a Fund that still running without any investigation, a reconstruction of the day/ night of the crime when the protagonists are all health and available, 37 investigators plus millions of Pounds allocated to a single case, when there is many other people missing which families are abandoned to their faiths and pain?
    Every day I open the British papers, including the Mcctabloids, there is in the front page...a murder. A teen that was stabled by an unknown criminal in the street, a bar or a Park. A child that died and the parents were arrested based on suspicions. Somebody victim of a gang of teens, in the street.
    We don't see Cameron coming to Tvs to allocate more money or more polices to make the streets more safe or to prevent the huge wave of crimes that is growing in Uk. Why? Because that anonymous citizens have not the same rights of the Mccann's or of who crossed their lives with them in PDL? What was going on and who have been in PDL that deserves State protection from UK? The Internet exposed already many figurines but the UK government still playing a sick game, trying to prevent the assumption of a reality that is already under knowledge of many people around the world.
    And this, are the governments, the British elect when they go out to exercise a right fully covered by democracy.
    The Brazilians (with their acute sense of humor) presented to a Presidential election , few years ago, a real gorilla as a candidate and he managed to get some percentage of votes. That was a very intelligent way to show the politics that the citizens were fed up with corrupt politicals. A gorilla could do better and is a better choice. I think Uk, the Country of Shakespeare and where most of Human Rights were born, is now at that point... Any gorilla could do better to credibilize the institutions and defend the rights of the " ordinary citizens".
    I'm Portuguese and on the absence of a gorilla in my country, I do other right on election days. I take the day to enjoy myself, to enjoy the family... If is a sunny day, I go to the beach...if the sun is not so enjoyable I go to a park or do something memorable. I don't even get bothered to know who the poor other Portuguese who still believing on that system, elected. All politicals are the same...a bunch of parasites and my candidate is the "abstention".


    Carlos Anjos, ex-PJ, expõe o "erro inglês"


    To understand what is the Portuguese public opinion on this.

    Dare any British newspaper to do a similar exercise in Britain and publish the video without meddling with it.

  58. Anon. @ 9.09am, who states he/she does not bother to vote in the elections:

    YOU'RE WRONG! You should cast a BLANK vote, that way you show that NONE of the political forces and their programmes suit or convince you! That's the problem with this country, people don't care anymore!How apathetic the portuguese peole are, my goodness! Poor 25 of April 1974, your spirit is gone, dead and buried. How quickly the ideals and purposes of the Carnation Revolution were forgotten...

  59. Anon. 27, 1:38,

    For a blank vote, you need to go there. I too, choose the beach and the enlargement of the abstention. It is not only the politicals who don't deserve our attention. It is the all system. When you see a guy like Marinho Pinto be the representative of the lawyers Bar and win a election. Wen you see an Attorney General like Pinto Monteiro going over everything, the all system is wrong.
    That's why, when I see Miguel Sousa Tavares in a TV, I switch off the TV or change the channel. Since he interview GA, the guy cause me vomits and I really regret the money I gave him when I buy his book "Equador". A beautiful book that I enjoyed, but that was before Maddie. Now, nothing goes to that bunch of idiots who put their interests before the interest of the country or the rights of a child.
    What is even worse, is that, if the Mccann's were Portuguese, were condemned on the first minute by this bunch of idiots because this are the ones who bend their knees to UK, pretending that everything that comes from there is top quality. Shameful people.

  60. Anon's
    Apr 27, 2012 9:09:00 AM
    Apr 27, 2012 1:38:00 PM
    Apr 27, 2012 3:36:00 PM

    Although the Maddie Affair is mainly a political one, the intervention of this blog in terms of political intervention is of direct citizenship, independently of personal views of each of its authors and readers.

    Please refrain from expressing here differences of personal political views because all of them merit respect.

    What doesn't merit respect is abuse and moral corruption and that is what we fight here.

    Basic civilized values existed before any revolution in any country and we're struggling here to fight the absence of them on the part of those who should be the first to make use of them.

    Values like common decency and respect for human life. Only when you have these can others be discussed.

  61. A cerca do " BLUF - Bottom Line Up Front " só me apetece colocar o grupo todo numa máquina da verdade para que contem tudo sem perceber que o estão a fazer.

    Houdini já morreu há muito .

    E um espião de UK encontrado dentro de uma mala............. também não conseguiu sair. Nem ele nem outros que fizeram a experiência. Parece que há 1 vídeo , por de mais stressante no Telegraph.


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