Friday, 27 April 2012

Breaking Non-News

by Sina J

We interrupt our break for this non-news announcement. It seems that besides being entertained by SY putting their foot in their mouths, as we predicted we would be, we'll have also have to watch the McCanns do the same. 

SY have found 195 lines of enquiry which come from 25% of the available material so that leaves 75% not yet looked at. Working on averages that would make 585 lines of enquiry yet to be revealed so in total it could be 780 potential ‘leads’ waiting to be discovered. 

Surely SY wouldn’t claim the PJ has missed so many opportunities? Has SY even revealed to the PJ what these lines of enquiry are and how do they know they are not the same ones the PJ investigated and dismissed if the discussions haven’t taken place? If these discussions did take place what an insult to the PJ to now tell them they had missed the obvious. And if not, how can it be claimed the PJ (or PM) have refused to re-open the case despite this ‘new’ material as they wouldn’t know on what grounds they were refusing? Come to think of it, if SY believe there was an abductor they wouldn’t be announcing it on TV alerting that person, it wasn’t even a news broadcast it was a pre-recorded programme. This is totally opposite to the usual police tactics of being silent until arrests are made.

Why don’t T9 cut out the middle man and just request the Portuguese to re-open the case then their reported dashed hopes could be restored? Two police forces working in tandem would be the perfect opportunity for the Mccanns to request the re-opening if that was their real objective. Why are they waiting until Wednesday before holding up to the world the latest image of Maddie? They are missing a great marketing opportunity while the news of the police looking for Maddie being alive is hot. Have they given up looking under every unturned stone? Second thoughts, there would be no money in that.

The PJ claim they have not formally been asked to re-open the case so how would it be possible for them to refuse an invitation they have never received? Although I suppose it’s like me saying even if the Queen invited me to tea I would refuse.

The McCanns claim people like Mr Bennett and Mr Amaral are damaging the search for their daughter so going by their usual reaction perhaps they should Carter Ruck the PJ for doing just that. Even better Carter Ruck themselves as refusing to do the reconstruction, not asking the Portuguese to re-open the case and K refusing to answer 48 questions would make them the worst offenders. These are 3 things that would be new evidence not merely lines of enquiry.

The British expression is ‘do as you would be done by’. 

195 new leads, or 195 new feet to mouth feed? The show must go on, mustn't it?

Back to our break...


  1. from the 195 leads, two were the last sigt in India and the last sigt in Spain. Two rubbish.
    If the remain 193 are more of the same....No comments.

    What an insensate behaviour from SY, coming to the Media to claim that after one year they read only 25% of the material. What if the remaining 75% contradicts or reduces to zero the 193 leads they have now?

    That is a circus setle to last the rest of the year because this year, more then one time, the Mccann's are going to loose cases in court and the doubts regarding their involvement in Maddie disappearence, will float always above this cases.
    Amaral books were handed already to the legitime owners. That open the door to an english version that could be available on-line to British readers. Probably updated, since Amaral is not gagged anymore. A lot of turbulence on Mccann's water. SY is there to distract the public. No matter if to do that, they have to put themselves in a ridiculous position.

  2. What does a Scotland Yard Officer ask another on arriving at a crime scene?

    "Is this a Maddie or are we supposed to do what we're supposed to do?"


    The UK is throwing in their top brass:
    “By ALAN JOHNSON, Former Home Secretary
    I AM not surprised there is some resentment in Portugal. But we have to use all diplomatic channels now — including the Home Secretary ringing her opposite number.
    The Portuguese police must put all that behind them and concentrate on one thing, and that is a little English girl who went missing.
    I’m sure the Portuguese have the compassion and understanding to put away their enmities so we can pursue these leads together.”

    Why should there be “some resentment” Mr Johnson?
    The Portuguese police must put what behind them, Mr Johnson?
    What “enmities” are speaking of, Mr Johnson? Were there enmities? If so between who Mr. Johnson?
    Why- between 2008-2010 -didn’t YOU, Mr Johnson ask then for the PJ to re-open the case? You were the one that should have done that, or nobody gave you the files to read?

  4. Strongly recommend reading:

  5. Anon Apr 28, 2012 8:27:00 AM

    I have only one word for Mr Johnson: RECONSTRUCTION.

    The Portuguese won't do it? Then let us do it then!

    We do have movie studios don't we? The walls don't have to be the real Tapas walls do they? Make a filmed reconstruction and prove to the world how incompetent the Portuguese were!

  6. My comment on JM blog, after the all rubbish from SY:

    Mr Redwood is a shame. While he is saying their review was not contaminated by the previous investigation, he presents a speech completely contaminated by the Mccann's:

    'Redwood: I believe she’s still alive because, at the beginning of this case…it’s a huge privilege for us at the Metropolitan Police to be part of this investigation…er, investigation review. Is that we came with a completely open mind.

    We were untouched by anything that’s gone before, and, as part of that, two key elements of it is to go: 1 Madeleine is alive and the other is, sadly she’s not...and in relation to her being alive, yes, there is a real possibility that she’s alive.

    Redwood: Yes, I mean, you know, we have conducted a forensic analysis of the timeline, and there is clearly opportunity there - for Madeleine McCann to have been removed from that apartment alive - and it is our belief, as experienced investigators - on the evidence, that, um that you know, that that, that is as a criminal act - and that has been, you know, undertaken by by a stranger, and so from that - she’s… and there are other cases around the world, as you know where, many years later, people have been taken and been found alive.'

    Unless he has a different timeline then the one presented to PJ. Because from what the Tapas 9 deliver to PJ, is impossible for an abduction to happen.
    And why his words remind me Mccann's words? Looks like, Redwood was trainned by the same team... the bla, bla, bla based on Natasha Campush and Jaycee Dugard, when there is thousands of cases of missing children, where the parents were involved. Statistic matters on that case.
    If you, Mr Redwood, 'have conducted a forensic analysis of the timeline, and there is clearly opportunity there - for Madeleine McCann to have been removed from that apartment alive - ' WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, TO BRING THE TAPAS 9 TO PDL AND DO A RECONSTRUCTION? WITH THAT STEP, I BELIEVE THE PORTUGUESE WILL REOPEN IMMEDIATLY THE CASE.

    Where is your request for a proper reconstruction Mr. Redwood? Is that the way, your team use to investigate in Uk or the Mccann's are an exception? A pathetic exception that is putting all SY under scrutiny of the world?
    Which timeline the Mccann's draw for you that allows a stranger abductor to take her alive? Could not be the one that is on PJ files. That we know, make the abduction impossible. Then, there is a new version of the timeline and you don't question WHY? If she was take alive, why she didn't cry? Was she drugged, together with twins, like Kate is saying now? If so, how much time the abductor spent on the flat to drug 3 child's without any noise? How This matches with the control of the child's?
    We, the public, deserve more respect from Uk. You are insulting all citizens. If that Is the way you investigate other cases, I'm afraid not only PJ have to reopen Maddie case, but Uk have to reopen the all cases where your team have been involved.
    Why not a single word regarding the dogs? The top expensive dogs with special meals and high salaries? I can see, they belong to the 75% you don't read yet. What a shame.

  7. Redwood looked distinctly uncomfortable on the Panorama programme. I felt embarrassed watching his squirming performance and very angry about the message he was trying to put across. His script was reminiscent of T9 statements, incoherent and rambling with unstructured sentence with no explanation to adress the questions he was supposedly answering.

    Either this is a huge double bluff or the man needs to take a long holiday. If this is how the MET solve crimes then heaven help us all in the UK. I think even an imbecile could have come to the same conclusion that Maddie is either alive or must have taken hours of investigation to decide that. What is the alternative? She is a little bit alive or a little bit dead?

    The only people who may have been fooled by this charade are those who have never followed the case and all they know is a child went missing.

    Have the MET ever used dogs like Eddie and Keela to solve a case or cases knowing how 'unreliable' they can be? Now that would be interesting if anyone knew if they had employed their services and what the results were.

  8. If the MET "found" 195 new lines worth investigating, then what are they waiting for??? Why aren't they investigating those leads themselves or asking the police forces of the places where those leads originated from to investigate?
    The PJ would only have the duty to investigate the leads that came from within the portuguese territory, it has no jurisdiction outside the portuguese borders. As it has happened in the past, any leads that were directed to the PJ were duly investigated either by the PJ(in Portugal) or they asked the police force of the country the lead came from to step in and do the necessary investigations. Only when the leads were considered serious and credible did the PJ ask for permission to go and investigate in loco. Why isn't the MET doing the same? Why aren't they taking the steps to sift through all those situations and reduce that number to the REALLY credible leads???
    ...because they ALL are a waste of time and money and they know it? Why are they so interested in setting the PJ on all sorts of wild goose chases...?

  9. Another "must read" in:

  10. watch the behaviour of Redwood in the interview. when the questions touch hot spots, he starts answering like the Mccann's or the Tapas 7 on the Rogatory interviews. A lot of 'er', pauses, ...., hum.... typical from somebody who is lying or feeling uncomfortable on that shoes.
    A lot of contamination Mr. Redwood. jump out now, if you want to end up with some dignity.
    we, the public, already spot on the mean of that review:
    - 2 weeks ago, a tabloid speaking on the behalf of SY to say they are working close to Oporto PJ and a computorized reconstruction will be performed.
    - 1 week ago a sight of Madeleine, who nobody knows how she looks like now, in Spain.
    - Now, an alive Madeleine based on a timeline which I believe, was designed to suit the computorized reconstruction and to allow the Spannish sight with a lot of free publicity for the best business on our generation- The Mccann's exploitation of the drama of their daughter.
    what will be next? You( Redwood) saying that the girl came to no harm? Telling that who took her must be loving her and caring her? giving ridiculous explanations for the DNA found in the flat and the car? And what about the hair sample recovered from the car? why the test results were never handed to PJ? any good answer for that questions?

  11. Redwood: …you if you know where Madeleine McCann is, then please call us - or if you know, or if you have information about what has happened to her, again, please call us'

    Strange appeal for who claims PJ is the main leader on that investigation. Strange appeal for who corrects his words during the interview for 'review' instead of 'investigation'.
    Why, not asking the witnesses to call PJ?

    To my sceptical mind come only one answer, they want to control what any potential witness knows and maybe frame that witness and stop it before any important information could reach PJ.
    GA gave an important detail to JS on his last interview: people keep calling it a SY review, but this is wrong, because in fact the police involved is the Metro police, who is not a national police. Is the police in charged with London only. Why, giving to local police so much money and a job that should be conducted bi the national police (SY) since in Portugal, the investigation belongs to PJ ( a national police) and not to GNR ( the local one).
    The picture, is becoming clear... it is easy to corrupt a local police, special because Carter-Ruck is based also in London. To corrupt or ask favors to SY, will be much more difficult.
    What a dirty game, you are playing Mr. Cameron, with taxes of all British citizens.


    The Circus must go on with Lazzeri having a payed trip to enjoy the weather and the white wine in PDL.

    Voila the 'contrainformation', convenniently build by another 'no independent' potential expert- an EX-METRO police, most probably contacted to do Redwood a favor.
    Now, on the impossibility of an abduction under the conditions described by the Tapas 9, we have two abductors. The Paedophile ring is now out and a childless couple come to the stage. IF so... why not one of the twins? Much easy to carry, to adapt to a new family, etc, etc.
    That pair of idiots don't even get bothered to go back to 2007 and see what was discussed in the media at the time and what were the answers from the Mccann's and Mitchell regarding that possibility. They discharged that because didn't fit the story delivered by Jane Tanner. The abductor must be alone and a ugly male.
    Lazzery, a little homework is convennient before you spread your toxic articles that are of so poor quality that don't deserve, even, to be used as toilet papers.

  13. Anon @ 11:02

    “I do not believe she is in the Praia da Luz area."

    He's contradicting Edgar! Isn't Maddie supposed to be in a lair nearby?!?

    Who hasn't done their homework? This clown or the other one?

    Money does buy dignity. No question about it.

  14. Oh Cameron, what have you got yourself into...

    One thing we have to respect about the Portuguese is that neither the PJ (yes, after GA was forced to leave they were forced to play along very much like the SY now), tne PM or even the PGR is that none volunteered to provide such sad spectacles that SY is willing to do.

    The PJ was obstructed in their work, but at least they say in the report that the child most likely died in the apartment.

    This is what SY is quickly becoming: Such Ydiots

  15. If Madeleine is alive, then who died inside the 5A?

    Mr. Redwood, you have to Call Mrs Ruth Mccann from Liverpool( the actual owner of the 5A) and TS and her granny(the previous owner of the 5A) to ask them WHO DIED INSIDE THE 5A.
    There is no cadaverine without a cadaver.
    The dogs were trained to find human blood and human cadaver scent. Before Madeleine, they were used in 200 cases with 100% of success. This cases involved SY, the FBI and some other polices across the world.
    Ask the dogs...if she is alive.

  16. I have to congratulate the portuguese police, who managed to stay quite and aside of this Circus. Even after being so insulted by the UK Media and some dark forces working on the Mccann's behalf, they behave and resist.
    That shows where is the competence, the responsibility and the high education.

  17. The Metro police wants to give some closure to the Mccann's before September( when GA case will go to court) and before the PGR leaves his chair. A new guy with a new brain, could have a look to The PJ files and arrive to the conclusion that what is there is enough to charge the Mccann's, the Tapas 7 and some BHs. Too risky.
    They took 1 year to read 1/4 of the information, but now they will fly over papers, over the dogs, over the forensic evidences, looking for some closure.
    Regarding Madeleine? 'Rien'. They will go smooth, trying to not wake up some ghosts. The world will be invited to keep looking for an alive girl, to search a girl who remains forever with 3/4 years old while they try to make her growing... with some fictional aged pictures.

    29th April 2012
    By Tracey Kandohla

    'AN INTERNET troll warned over vile messages about Madeleine McCann’s parents last night boasted: “The only way to shut me up is to jail me or kill me.”
    Sean Hyland, 50, was cautioned last year over hateful remarks he made about Kate and Gerry McCann and their spokesman.
    But when we confronted him he vowed to carry on with his campaign of sick comments.
    The steel worker insisted he was “no conspiracy nut” but he could face fresh police action if he continues with his messages.
    Hyland posted offensive comments and also left messages on the answerphone of McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell.
    He branded the dad-of-three “a defender of kiddie killers”, “a pathetic pervert”, “a prat” and doctors Kate and Gerry “quacks”.
    In one online message he threatened: “We’re not reactive, we’re proactive, we’re attacking you.”
    And in another Hyland wrote: “I think the messages I left 4 Clarence Mitchell on his answerphone have rattled him.”
    Mr Mitchell, from North Finchley, London, first reported the malicious communication to his local police.
    A McCann source said: “It is vile abuse, very upsetting for all concerned, and must be stopped. Thankfully, the police are now involved.”
    Scotland Yard officers asked for help from colleagues in Humberside who cover the area where Hyland lives.
    A Met spokesman said: “The matter was dealt with by way of a first instance harassment warning being served on the suspect a month later.
    “As yet, no further action has been taken.”
    A Humberside Police source said: “There has been a formal complaint and he has now been warned.”
    But in the week Scotland Yard detectives reviewing the case claimed Madeleine might still be alive, Hyland continued his rantings.
    He said: “I’m still convinced Clarence Mitchell is lying on behalf of Kate and Gerry McCann.
    “My theory is the child died and her parents are involved in hiding her body and they are using the Government and taxpayers’ money to evade justice. The McCanns repulse me, Clarence Mitchell is a liar and the only way to shut me up is to put me in jail or kill me.
    “I’m not the sharpest knife in the block but I’m not the village idiot. I am no conspiracy nut.”
    Kate, 44, and Gerry, 43, face the agonising fifth anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on Thursday.
    The couple, from Rothley, Leics, are convinced their daughter, who would be nine, is still alive.
    Mr Mitchell said: “The matter is in the hands of the police and I cannot comment.”

    Madeleine needs more open voices, who question the lies of the all gang.
    They can deliver all the lies and ridiculous statements, interviews, hiding insults, but the public is not allowed to criticize them and doubt them? What is that? A Mccann's dictatorship?
    If they want to stop all that bad wave about them,they must go to Portugal, reopen the case, do the reconstruction and prove who doubts their innocence, is wrong.

  19. A little look on what is going on in the NET, regarding the Daily Star article and Sean Hyland:

    -At MMF, they trashed the guy,saying that he use to post there as 'Laffin Assasin,' specially our 'lovelly friend Panda- remember the FOAF of Mrs. Fenn friend?- which makes me doubt the real purpose of the guy,the trash, and specially why that story was printed now in the Daily star, and much, much more specially, WHY PANDA TRASHED HIM?
    They connected him with 3A.

    -Jill forum, admn wrote: 'Sean Hyland has 'graced' every forum in the past, Jean, not just this one. He was a member of the MM site long before this one and, of course, the 3As where he was best mates with the forum owner Brenda Ryan who is now a McCann supporter.

    then, could this mean he is being used (with his agreement) by the Mccann's and the paper to reinforce their victim side and develop a reaction from the public and the authorities who could present a faked case to pretend they sue him and couldv do the same with all voices that try to question them? I'm thinking on TB, who is facing troubles with Mccann's for much lesser.
    Wonder why was he banned from the MMF if he apparently fits what they like- a guy that supports the idea that only the Mccann's and the Tapas 7 were involved in the crime?

  20. Anon Apr 28, 2012 3:10:00 PM

    Excellent post.

    "I think even an imbecile could have come to the same conclusion that Maddie is either alive or dead.."

    You made me laugh in spite of the tragedy.

  21. The true face of the Metro campaign to clean up the Mccann's is raising to the surface: media and police talking in one voice and the Mccann's well trained to remain quite.

    We can see:
    -The USA handing to the metro police the satellite " videoclips" they refused to hand to PJ in 2007. Really? How irresponsible for a paper to print such serious allegations. First, because clearly open a war between 3 countries( UK, USA and Portugal). Second because by claiming that, the USA ends up as the country who prevented the police to rescue Madeleine, 5 years ago. Did the paper realize how serious are this accusations? Again, this will pass unnoticed by the diplomacy of the 3 countries or somebody will pick this to stop the dark campaign of this papers?
    -The admission of the dogs having picked up the scent of death In Mccann's flat. Finally, admitting, she died. Then what was the use of the body for the abductor? What a stranger abductor, who target the child for some days for a Paedo ring or a childless couple, could do with a dead child?
    - The Internet bullying. They love to play with words and manipulate reallity. Calling bullying to questioning and doubting the Mccann's version shows the poor intelligence of all that Mccournalists. The only people who were victims of bullying on all that circus were GA and his colleagues in PJ. The Mccann's were victims of their own behavior. If they had done the reconstruction when were asked to, if they didn't ask donations for a fake search, if they collaborate with police instead of feeding the media with ridiculous stories and interviews, maybe the Internet will have stop doubting them, long ago. They had many chances to prove their innocence but they refused to take vital steps. Everything that happen, is their fault.

  22. From Jill Forum:
    "THE PEOPLE"- Paper Edition, with thanks to Jon at MCF forum. 29 APRIL 2012

    "I HOPE, with all my heart, that Madeleine McCann is alive
    And I can see that last weeks claims that she might be by officers reviewing the evidence must be a huge comfort to Kate and Gerry McCann who have never give uo hope of finding her.
    However, despite being told there really IS fresh hope I’m still at a loss to understand why the cops heading up review body, Operation Grange believe that to be the case.
    I don’t expect them to give us specific details of what they’ve found. But every time he’s asked why he thinks Madeleine might still be alive, the man in charge, DCI Andy Redwood, dodges the question and comes out with stuff like: “We are currently developing material we believe represents genuinely new information.”
    That isn’t just vague, it means absolutely nothing. As does his revelation that cops are looking at 195 new “investigative opportunities” .
    If police do have 195 leads that surely means they’re a million miles away from knowing where Maddie is or even if she’s alive. In fact, that number of leads suggests there’s as much muddle and confusion around this case as there ever was and it could take years and many more millions of pounds to work through them.
    And still, the result might be that Madeleine is never found.
    There are 25 coppers working on Operation Grange, as many as there are chasing paedophiles in London and they’ve been reviewing evidence for 12 months and have travelled to Portugal seven times. But still, there’s nothing concrete. All we have is a photo-fit of how Madeleine might look now and quotes like: “The timeline of events suggests she was snatched by a criminal gang or a stranger.”
    As opposed to what? Aliens?
    I’m sorry but after 12 months, £2million and 28 officers working flat out we surely should know more than that?
    We’re told there is “significant information” Madeleine is still alive and if that really is true the police must at least THINK they have something.
    Because you can’t say you believe someone is alive without good reason or evidence to back it up. And if you have neither - you’re just guessing.
    I just hope the officers on Operation Grange haven’t sanctioned this latest raft of “Madeleine” stories in order to justify their existence and the vast amount of taxpayers’ money that’s been spent. Or because, not having come up with any answers, they know questions will inevitably be asked.
    Not least by Portugal’s Attorney General Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro who last week refused to re open the case: “unless there are credible new facts and not just hypotheses or speculation”. Yes five years ago Portuguese police spectacularly cocked up the hunt for Madeleine in the vital hours after her disappearance.
    But even DCI Redwood admits there is now a “committed and dedicated” review team in Portugal working with them.
    Yes I can see this review offers great solace to Kate and Gerry McCann, but I’m wondering how all the other parents of abducted children must feel knowing that their missing children aren’t important enough to warrant intervention from the PM or a 28-strong team of crack detectives working around the clock five years after their child’s disappearance. How devastated, how disappointed must they feel.
    And just how long will this review go on? Of course Kate and Gerry want it to be indefinitely. But that’s not realistic nor is it fair to all those other parents of abducted children whose lives are every bit as tortured as the McCanns, yet who have no one looking for their lost babies.
    There’s not a living soul who wouldn’t want to see Madeleine brought home safely but surely, there must come a time when we have to be realistic about the chances of finding her."

    Finally a journalist that appears to have a brain.

  23. 'Remember Mari Olli Pollard? First sighting of Madeleine? In Morroco?'

    From Paulo Reis in Gazeta Digital.

    Interesting the connections that are making everything so clear, regarding who could be behind the sights and where is being used the money from the Fund.

  24. Good day to all.

    About Sean H. i must say he may have a stormy temper and say everything that has to say. But it has a great heart, fought and always fights for the truth for Madeleine and visited the Research Team (Algarve) greeted them and thanked them all the effort. And was on their side against all affronts suffering.

    About Gazeta Digital is a very precious link. Like a " bible". To re read all days.


    Worked at Sunday Mirro and NoW ........

    and searching also (true or not):

    She also used to be a journalist on the News of the World amongst other things.

    she was once on Celebrity Big Brother, the same time as Jade Goodey

    Copied from

    Carole Malone - News of the World, 06 July 2008

    Column News of the World (no online link, appears in paper version only)

    By Carole Malone
    06 July 2008

    Do people seriously think that Portuguese and British cops have kept the file on Maddie McCann open for more than a year in order to embarrass, humilliate and torture her perents Kate and Gerry?

    Hasn't it occurred to anyone (especially the McCanns)that this file has been left open and questions have continued to be asked because coppers (as inept as some of them have been) really want to find Maddie - preferably alive?

    Why should Kate and Gerry get an apology now the case files look like it's about to be closed? It has always been in their best interests to have it kept open so maddie abductors (or killers) can be found. And by closing the file the police aren't saying anyone is guilty or innocent. They are simply saying they can't find or prove who took her.

    Yes the police have made stupid mistakes. But then so did Kate and Gerry by leaving their children alone in an unlocked apartment for five nights in a row while they went out eating and drinking with friends. And if the McCanns, as rumors suggest, are not going to be charged with neglect they ought to be grateful.

    Because while those charges might not be brought very often in Britain they are routinely brought in other european countries, where society and the legal system seem to value kid safety more than we do. (if you think britain cares about its children ask yourselves why convicted paedophiles are freed by courts to wander among our kids,when even they tell us thay can't be cured).

    The tragedy here isn't Kate and Gerry's hurt feelings over the investigation, it's that Maddie's still missing - and closing the file means her abductors have got away scot-free.

  26. Depois de ler o link( blog Gazeta digital) veio-me a memoria a historia de 2 ex-soldados que vieram para a PDL a 20 de Maio de 2007( de notar que e nesta data que Gerry Volta da primeira viagem aos Uk). A dupla desfez-se dos seus bens nos Uk e rumou a PDL para procurar Madeleine. Que se saiba, nao Ofereceram os seus servicos a PJ, por isso procuraram fora do baralho das buscas organizadas pela policia. Quem os contactou? Quem os convidou para virem a PDL? Quem lhes pagou a estadia? Esta dupla foge do estereotipo do turista que aproveitou estar na PDL e participar das buscas. Mas ha fotografias dos dois em sitios interessantes, onde ate Pat Brown diz que poderiam ter Escondido um cadaver por poucas horas. Tive sempre um estranho feeling em relacao a Estes dois. E se a missao deles fosse destruir pistas em vez de procurar Maddie?
    O certo e que voltaram aos UK silenciosos, de surdina, depois de terem chegado sonantes. Para um deles, a historia nao acabou bem. Voltou com perturbacoes psicologicas e dependente de drogas( dizem). Apareceu morto e suspeitou-se que nao fosse uma morte por causas naturais. Foi cremado antes de ter sido autopsiado. Ficou assim, envolta em misterio Mais uma historia collateral na saga de Madeleine. Mal explicada. Tao mal explicada que merece provavelmente, um olhar... Agora que ja passaram uns anos e Mais informacao esta disponivel.
    Sobre eles, em Mccannfiles:


    Anyone remembers this, have you read it? Well, I did and commented, several times, and guess what? The comments are GONE, "hooshed-clunked"!
    Many commented on the fact that the McCanns can have the case reopened as soon as they wish it but they choose not to, so why are they whining about itin the media?! Eh, eh, eh,...lots of uncomfortable questions and facts being raised...those comments just had to go away...

  28. My family shop regularly in the same supermarket as Yvonne Tunnicliffe in Spain. Not only have they never seen a child they think looks like Madeleine, whatever she might look like 5 years later, but they pointed out that there is a CCTV camera. If Mrs Tunnicliffe was 100% certain, as she declared, then why not ask the shop manager to retain the footage and immediately call the police? The question is obviously rhetorical.
    As Linda Rowe, a resident remarked in the Olive Press, if there had been any truth in it, we would have heard by now.
    There isn't even a poster up in the shop today with the new image of Madeleine.

  29. So the Maddie crime is being covered up by the UK Government using the SY with the help of British Press, mainly the tabloids?

    So someone has invented the time machine after all. If you replace SY with Leics police/CEOP then we're back in 2008/2009, aren't we?

    So what's new? Nothing. Even coming up with CGI of Maddie is taking us back to 2009!

  30. All is so quiet on the "McCann Front"...
    It's like somebody told them to shush up and let the big boys play. I think this really debunks all theories about the power that Gerry or both him Kate are supposed to have, doesn't it? Let's see what they have to say on Wednesday but I bet that there are a lot of feet out there scared of being chosen to be stuffed in one of these two mouths. I'd like to know how many times they've rehearsed what they're going to say, and how many times that has been changed and by who.

  31. Textusa and sisters, just wanted to say you are absolutely brilliant, I read your blog and comments every day along with many others and when this case is finally solved you and other sites seeking justice for Madeleine will have achieved the goal of finding the truth.
    The mccanns are looking weaker, their silence speaks volumes, keep up the good work Tex - we love you xx

  32. The McCann's refused an interview with Sandra Felgueiras ( she said it on 'Sexta as 9) on the grounds that they were advised to not talk because of the review.
    They use the issues according to their conveniences. Remember how many papers they feed with their Petition? A publicity of thousands of signatures to reopen the investigation. Where is that Petition? Was not even used to bother Cameron, instead, The Sun wrote a letter, like if the Sun become part of the family of Madeleine.
    The Petition was swept under the carpet, like the intention of facing a lie detector.
    Is it possible, that the metro police and all that Mcctabloids, didn't ask why they use all that strategies to fool the public? What they want to achieve? Not the search or the safe return of their daughter. They just want money... Donations coming in many ways, from many sources. An evil way of living.

  33. Super, brilliant article:

  34. So, they were "advised" not to talk to a portuguese reporter because of the review...but had no problems to do it in a swedish tv channel!


    The latest program on TV Globo- Brazil, about Madeleine. Watch it.
    Kate running to hold Gerry hand just at the beginning of the program and the journalist highlighting how they market that image when the public pay more attention to their eyes then their hands.
    A lot of suggestions that don't please the Mccann's. The DNA found on the car, the lie regarding the distance between the Tapas and the flat and the negligence with Gerry giving an amazing excuse, that under the UK law, they behave according to the law, then no negligence. But they assume the fault of giving an opportunity for a stranger to stall their child. Really? off course, better then explainning how a large family( the Smiths) could have confused a guy carrying a girl that night, with him. Again, no reference of the only independ sight that could bake an abduction.

  36. Thank you to anon. who mentioned the article in Anna Andress's blog. She mentions a detail I never noticed before, and never read or heard anyone else mentioning:-the headboard from the supposed Madeleine's bead, stucked behind the chest of drawers! I supposed people assumed it was part of the design of the said piece of furniture, but, looking closely at the photos one can see that the other bed in the room, the one close to the window has a similar head board, and it would not make sense for one of the beds to have one and the other not, since they are of the same design. What we can see behind the chest of drawers is clearly a headboard, and since "Madeleine's bed" shows none, one can assume it belongs to that bed. Lots of ideas are crossing my mind now about that little detail! It has been discussed from the beginning that "Madeleine's bed" was not "her" bed, that she slept elsewhere, and, the other bed near the window looked sleeped in while the other did not. Was the headboardless bed under some repair works, and in this case Madeleine slept in the other bed? Otherwise why would the headboard have been removed and stuck behind the chest of drawers, and by whom...?!
    I feel this little "detail" can have some significance and no one has spotted it yet...

  37. Anon May 1, 2012 11:02:00 AM

    May I call your attention to:

  38. Unfortunately when TM go quiet you can be very sure that things are happening behind the scenes. One only has to look at their 'history' when we think they are getting worried they are, in effect, working out strategies and PR.

    I agree with Anon. Apr.30.2012 5.53.00 PM - they are repeating what works and it is obviously all about donations.

  39. Textusa @ 11:34

    You've always had a pulse on all of this. Thanks to you truth is getting to be known. Non negligence, no dinners, swinging, British cooperation in covering up Maddie's death (both in UK and PDL) are being accepted as the logic to what really happened.
    Now truth is becoming self-evident as Schopenhauer says.
    You have done a public service that few can say they've done. I anticipate that you won't get the public recognition you deserve but at least you'll know that I think that you are the one we owe knowing what happened. Thank you for such a courageous hard work in the name of an innocent child.

  40. The beds on Maddie room. The headboard can't be moved that's why is behind the chest of drawers. Normally this headboards are nailed to the wall. To fit everything in a so small room they had no other choice then moving one of the beds. Even with that changes, one of the baby cots is at the door, disturbing the movements inside the room and making the work of who took Madeleine, very hard. So many obstacles to overpass with 3 toddlers ready to open their mouths and wake up all the resort. Unless, the abductor was not a strange and the room had no child's at all, or only one child- the fake Madeleine. The baby cots don't have any evidence that the twins were left there to pass the night. No blankets, no pillows.
    A fake Madeleine lying on the unmade bed with her head facing the left( bed foot) could show us that Jane Tanner was not lying about her sight of a man carrying a child and the position he was holding the child. Jane really saw that...not on the street, but inside the flat. She retain the image of the man putting fake Maddie on the bed or removing her to head to the streets of PDL where he was spotted by the Smiths. A child could be hold in the position described by Jane for few moments, just the time needed to keep her in the bed or lift her . That answers the question that remains in many of our brains, even don't believing the abduction... Why Jane described the abductor with the head of the girl on his left, if if he had picked the child from the assumed Maddie bed, her head must be on the right? Because she saw that image and kept it. The rest she saw, cannot be described because she will be incriminating one of her friends. She was left with a egg man wearing a dark jacket and cream trousers. If we have a look on GNR pictures, there is on Kate and Gerry room, a dark jacket and a cream trousers on top of the bed.
    Mr. Redwood, have you done any review on that pictures? Have you put them side by side with statements? I hope on your 195 leads about Madeleine, you have some about a blue bag which still missing since the girl disappeared.


    ( Murdoch e incompetente)

    A historia das escutas do NOTW, de Murdoch e do Lev Enq, e a historia da " montanha que 'pariu' um rato". Tanto barulho, tanta confusao, tantos milhoes gastos, tantas horas desperdicadas, PARA NADA.
    Vai tudo continuar como dantes. Os verdadeiros casos (Maddie) ficarao para sempre a margem deste escandalo ( mesmo tendo-se praticamente a certeza de que foram parte do seu cerne) e as historias de devassa da vida privada de figuras publicas, com ou sem escutas, tambem vai continuar. Pier do que isto, so o facto de Murdoch sari refit ado desta historia, mesmo depois de ter fechado um dos seus jornais. Agora, sabe que e intocavel e isso legitimate toda a falta de etica e de escrupulos que o caracteriza. Aos 80 anos, ja nao tem muito a perder e o polvo que montou tem tentaculos suficientes para proteger o filho. Portanto daqui para a frente so Pode ser pior. A nao ser que cometa o erro de se envolver com os USA e o escandalo apaixonar a opiniao publica. O publico americano, ao contrario do ingles, e pro-activo, sai a rua e derruba os que nao ama ou nao perdoa.
    Parabens Cameron, por ter legitimado o reino Murdoch.



    ( Maddie desapareceu ha 5 anos e o caso continua por desvendar)

    Interessantes os comentarios dos leitores do Sol e la esta o fervoroso apoiante dos Mccann que da pelo nome de RogerUK. Xenofobo, sempre me pareceu que pode nao ser um apoiante qualquer.

  44. como e que o casal vai comemorar este 3 de Maio?
    mais um jantar ViP num luxuoso restaurante de Londres, onde aproveitarao para vender pulseiras e TShirts e alguns livros? Redwood sera o convidado de honra, com comida e bebida a discricao. Um luxo que o Fundo Madeleine pode pagar. "vale sempre a pena quando luxuria nao e pequena".

  45. On reflecting on this so called Scotland Yard review, I don't think it is so much about clearing the image of the parents as it is about intimidating Portuguese authorities. When the McCanns were released from their arguido status, they announced to the world that they had been cleared of all wrong doing, so did they have to re-affirm this to the public again? I believe the primary purpose of this review demanded by the McCanns, is the same as the purpose of the many endeavours that they have undertaken in the past, i.e. to discourage the Portuguese authorities from pursuing their investigation of what happened to Madeleine.

    From what I understand it is common practice in Portugal to have cases reviewed by officers in jurisdictions other than those where the crime took place. This is done in the hope that a fresh perspective may help solve the case. The McCanns network of collaborators in Portugal likely informed them that this review would be taking place; and that set in motion this counteraction, the Scotland Yard review.

    What must the Portuguese police think when they see Scotland Yard making fools of themselves in order to side with the parents? How did they feel when the very day Mr. Rebelo arrived in England to witness the interrogation of the members of the Tapas group, the McCanns went to the European parliament in the company of British politicians? What must they think of all the censorship, all the stories denigrating their abilities as a police force? Not too encouraging is it? The actions of team McCann are sending the message to the police that all of Britain is on their side, the media, the police and the government. The message in other words is, "you don't have a chance so desist ."

    One more thing does anyone know why this review was called Operation Grange? In the dictionary it says that Grange can refer to a farm and its buildings or it can mean a fraternal organization, maybe the latter meaning is what Scotland Yard intended. What do you think?

  46. Sera que o casalinho vai passar o 3 de Maio ( que por estranha coincidencia, este ano tambem e 5a feira) em terras lusas ou a Sandra Felgueiras voou para Londres ( com viagens pagas pelos nossos impostos) para entrevistar os dois e lhes dar tempo de antena onde vao debitar mais do mesmo?
    Espero que lhes tenha perguntado cara a cara se ja preencheram o impresso para a reabertura oficial da investigacao, porque a investigacao nao se reabre com a propaganda que fazem nos media. E se vao finalmente fazer a reconstituicao da noite de 3 de Maio e responder as perguntas que deixaram em Branco, na PJ.
    Nao basta debitar mentiras e especulacoes, e preciso que formalmente preencham e assinem o impresso que permite a reabertura e cooperem com a investigacao portuguesa. Outra coisa com que devem ser confrontados e com os numeros de telefone que estao a divulgar nos apelos as eventuais testemunhas. Se a investigacao e liderada pela PJ porque so divulgar numeros ingleses e Mais o site e o numero do Findmadeleine. A presenca do site deles neste apelo, vicia tudo e contradiz tudo o que vem nos manuals de investigacao. Mesmo que para a Metro police, eles nao sejam suspeitos, nunca uma das partes envolvidas no crime, deve estar em contacto com pecas fulcrais da investigacao. Repete-se a promiscuidade e a manipulacao de 2007. Porque e que a PJ e o governo Portugues continuam a fechar os olhos a esta vergonha, e a grande questao. Isto so mostra que ate nisto GA tinha razao. Por isso contornam e fogem as perguntas relacionadas com GA.
    O Mundo estara pregado no Sexta as 9, nao so para ver mais um numero do casal, mas sobretudo para ver ate onde vai a parcialidade e o comportamento da RTP na promocao desta farsa. E que se nao e para lhes fazerem as perguntas incomodas que Portugal quer ouvir, se e para entrevistas editadas com um leque de perguntas/ respostas pre- aprovadas, nao gastem os nossos impostos nesta propaganda. E um insulto para todos os portugueses.
    Ja vimos, pela amostra no telejornal , que venderam outra vez o mesmo peixe de terem sido completamente investigados e ilibados pela PJ, quando a SF lhes perguntou se estavam conscientes que a revisao do processo em Portugal lhes pode devolver o estatuto de arguidos. Pode ter sido impressao mas pareceu-me que a SF quis dizer que a revisao em Portugal nao parece estar a seguir a mesma Linha que a dos UK, ou seja a PJ nao acredita no rapto. Presumo que seja a PJ Porto.
    Vamos ver SF, se merece o salario que os portugueses lhe pagam na RTP ou se esta entrevista, fara parte do lixo publicitario que este Casal tem vendido por todo o Mundo. Os verdadeiros pais e maes, ja nao se tocam por tanta falsidade. Os McCann nao tem o perfil de Quem quer encontrar a filha, por Mais que gritem. E Gerry parece agora Mais debilitado do que a 3 de Maio de 2007. Se o encontrasse pessoalmente, pedia- lhe para me autografar o livro de GA " Maddie, a verdade da mentira". E a melhor forma de lhe mostrar como acredito no bla, bla que debita nas entrevistas.

  47. guerra

    "Operation Grange" - I think you are spot on!


    From Joana M blog


    E o que da a proteccao dada aos McCann, pelos governos de Portugal e Uk.
    Os Uk Podem estar a proteger o Casal e a auto-proteger-se de um grande escandalo que sera o desvendar da verdade. Mas Portugal nao tem verticalidade ao deixar que um gang the manipuladores trate o pais e os seus cidadaos da forma como tem sido tratados pelos jornais ingleses e pelo gang McCann. Agora, ja nem a policia inglesa consegue manter-se a margem. Num tempo em que a seguranca de cada pais ultrapassa as suas proprias frontiers e depende do intercambio de informacao, os ingleses tratam Portugal como um pais de suburbio, subdesenvolvido e fora dos parametros europeus. Isto e xenofobia alimentada por instituicoes e por Quem tem a responsabilidade, o dever e o poder de educar os seus cidadaos e os media para um convivio saudavel e responsavel.
    Nao foi GA, Quem nao cuidou da filha em solo estrangeiro. Nao foi ele que perdeu a filha, como Quem perde uma carteira ou um par de oculos. Ele foi chamado a investigacao no cumprimento do seu dever enquanto investigador de topo da PJ e porque o seu curriculo de sucesso e competencia preenchia o perfil que um crime da natureza do de Maddie requeria. Ao contrario do que os ingleses dizem, ele foi chamado porque as chefs da PJ sabiam COMO ERA BOM INVESTIGADOR.
    GA nao tem culpa que os Tapas 9 tenham mentido a GNR/ PJ e com isso tenham levantado logo algumas suspeitas. Nao tem culpa que tenham recusado responder a 48 perguntas e a fazer a reconstrucao. Nao tem culpa que os caes tenham um olfato Tao apurado e que DNA de Madeleine tenha sido encontrado no carro alugado depois do seu desaparecimento.
    Os McCann destruiram-lhe a vida, silenciaram-no por um ano.
    Os McCann comecam agora a perder batalha atras de batalha, nas lutas que travam com este homem. Porque ao contrario deles, ele fundamenta a sua argumentacao em factos dificeis de contrapor. Joga com a razao, enquanto os McCann jogam com subterfugios, manipulacoes, dinheiro sujo e com a Mais absurda das justificacoes- o termos de acreditar nas palavras deles so porque saem das suas bocas.
    GA ja provou ser incorruptivel e persistente. Se nao o conseguem derrotar legalmente e usando a razao... Que outras formas ha para silenciar Quem incomoda? Nao estou a dizer que eles estao por tras destas ameacas, mas que se tem posto a geito ao longo destes anos, e um facto. Mais uma suspeicao negra a recair sobre o Casal.
    Ainda esta por esclarecer Quem matou o cao de GA e Quem incendiou o carro de Malinka.

  50. Hi Guerra,
    There is some information regarding Operation Grange on Joana Morais Blog.
    On the last post on her blog, some comments and the posts of A Miller are Very interesting. They talk about connections between Mitchell and some people related with operation Grange. A lot of chances of Mitchell being a good friend of Redwood, then the review is not an independent exercise.


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