Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Squaring The Circle

By May I

Total Neglect - The only way the psychics theory can be made to fit?

There were NO checks between 08.30 when Kate and Gerry left for the Tapas and 10:00 when Kate raised the alarm. That's an 01H30 time interval.
Remember “Tapas Cook breaks her silence” to say the McCanns never checked that night?
There are other OC staff who claim the McCanns NEVER checked.

Why? Because if Abductor drugged, killed and cleaned up, he couldn't do it all between Gerry’s check at 09.05 and Tanner’s sighting at 09.15.
If Abductor observed their patterns, he would know they checked regularly and therefore he had no time to clean up.
If he knew they DIDN'T check, then he knew he had time to clean up.
Fenn and others say there was more than one occasion where Maddie cried for a long time and no-one came.
Total Neglect = possibility of Abductor drugging, killing and cleaning between 8.30 and 10:00, as opposed to between 09:05 and 09:15.
Traces of cadaver in apartment because Maddie died there, transferred to clothing and cuddle cat because she rested there long enough to transfer odour.
The car is more difficult to explain, but transfer by contamination is possible?
Donal McIntyre's explanation fits in with this, but only if "Total Neglect" timings are used.
McIntyre was TV producer for the same company Jez Wilkins worked for.

The McCanns claim partial neglect“we were checking regularly”, so not really total neglect.
They may have to accept the stigma of being TOTAL neglectors in order to get off the hook.
This allows OC employees to avoid being drawn into a cover up, but there is a risk that it is seen as an inside job by someone with a key?
Look at some staff statements which say no-one left the table. They can't all be right. Either staff saw them leaving to check or they didn't!

If we see a revival of NO checking, we know this is going to be the explanation of a death in the apartment followed by a clean up by abductor. It's called squaring the circle.

Post Scriptum: This post, for argument's sake, takes as real one thing that, as we've shown time and time again, we know never to have existed: the Tapas Dinners


  1. That's why Kate is working on an updated version of her lies? One more theory to fit the evidences find by the police. Then, how she explains the cadaver scent on her trousers and blouse? Exactly the trousers she was wearing on her first appeal to the abductor where she was not convincent, at least on her Portuguese sentence" por favor devolva- nos a nossa menina". The same trousers about what she gave an amazing excuse of being wearing them when on the week before, she was in contact with 6 cadavers. What a number for a GP who works partime in a family clinic and was under maternity leave when she went to PDL.
    No matter how hard they tried to square the circles, the evidences will smash on their faces. Unless Portugal gets a damm, drunk and very square judge and GA a very deff lawyer.
    It is obvious, their lawyers will do everything they can to blame the OC workers, since they were the best on the row to had access to the keys. Those workers have probably witnesses and alibis who kept them out of the 5a and I have to say that such scenario leaves the OC in a very bad picture, no matter if they can excuse the situation with "having sacked many employees".
    It is clear, they are looking for the "Bibi" of their story. After all, who loved to compare the case with Casa pia on the most worst moments? Them, trough their Pink Man.
    The portuguese, have a common sentence for that" quem se Lixa e sempre o mexilhao".
    I hope, the judges have a balanced brain to see trough all misinformation and charge who needs/ deserves to be
    charged. After committing a serious injustice against the girl ( because 5 years already passed and the girl become an object to be explored in a business) the judges cannot commit another injustice, a serious error, by charging an innocent just because he/ she was working on the wrong place at the wrong time. That will start a revolution and will keep the Mccann's in danger. Will be an insult to the public and justice must be careful when insults the public because they never know what will be the reaction of the big masses when they were " ultrageous" fooled.

  2. Textusa, you still causing some turbulence on some atmosphere. PJ tipps, a multiple character on Joana Morais blog, didn't resisted of having a go on the post about the clairvoyants in PDL.
    I don't understand if he is a pro an Anti or just a BH who loves to annoy some posters on JM and pretend to know well Portimao and GA.

  3. I don't believe K was on maternity leave. In the UK leave is only 12 months. So was K not working for another reason? She was either working, in which case she could include the holiday trousers in the misinformation, or she wasn't working at all.

  4. Dear anon @ 10:50,
    She was on maternity leave. Just for your information, from the Files:

    "Cartas Rogatorias Vol III
    Page 26

    Leicestershire Police Force

    From: DC443 J.N. HUGHES
    To: SIO, Operation Task
    Department: Main Criminal Unit
    Date: 16th May 2008

    Ref: Background Information– Kate McCann

    Dear Sirs,

    In response to your letter of request, I can provide the following information regarding the above-mentioned subject.

    Kate McCann was born on March 5, 1968 in Merseyside.
    Her maiden name is Healy, which she still uses in her clinical practice.
    She is the bearer of British passport number **************.

    She lives with her husband and children at Orchard House, 5 The Crescent, Rothley, Leicestershire, LE7 7RW. The house is subject to a mortgage for the amount of GBP 323.493 with the Northern Rock bank.

    There is no report or statement of bank credit cards listed in the research carried out. However I was alerted to the fact that if an individual maintains an account open with the same bank or credit card accounts for a long period of time, these details do not appear in this kind of search.

    She works for the local NHS as a GP in Latham House, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. She is currently on maternity leave.

    Her phone number is ******* and she has a T mobile phone number ********.
    There is no record of either of her surnames on the National Police Computer.

    The search reference is NE84/0053/4.

    A check of the location of the crime and information system is negative.

    Inquiries made of local social services are negative.

    Searches made of the local section of child abuse investigation shows a registration number 19309 in CATS (system of action location). A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference, if any investigation should be necessary by the department. No work has been done on the basis of this file.

    An examination of all other police files using a search system does not reveal any information about her. "

    Is that enough? Some more information on that answer from Leicester police deserves a sharp eye, like the one from Textusa. Maybe one day, somebody could look at this and understand why Kate and Gerry had some CAT'S numbers. Personally I don't believe they ever neglected or abused their child, but who knows, if Madeleine had any disease that made her fall or get injured quite often? Or are this CAT 'S numbers gave to everybody in UK? If not, strange to have a couple where both have this numbers.

  5. Thank you, I did realise what was said in her statement but when have you believed everything K has said?

    As the twins were nearly 2 years old then she had the longest maternity leave in history, or maybe she had a year for each twin?

    I'm guessing she needed a reason for why she wasn't working at that time. She can't play it both ways....on maternity leave AND yet have an explantion for cadaverine on her clothes.

  6. Dear Anon @11:16

    The document is from where? The Leicester Police, isn't it? Very credible indeed, I must say...
    Could you ask them to send you a letter testifying that besides being in an abnormally long maternity leave, she was doing some veterinary work by the local SPCA?

    The date of the letter is 16May2008 and she was still "currently on maternity leave". From which of the children? The twins?

    No it's not enough, and do not distract with CATS numbers. They're as clutter as the Gaspar statements and so many other things cooked up to distract from the real issue, a massive cover-up of a swinging party.

  7. With this squaring of the circle, there's something that is still to be clear. From this post, there's still an abductor to be found. If that is so, why does he jump out the window, and doesn't use the front door if he has a key? Not that he needs one from the inside, does he? The McCanns will havt to accept total neglect and somebody has to explain the temporary insanity on the part of the abductor.

  8. 11:38,
    Well, I'm not a BH and I'm not distracting with anything. I'm analyzing information available, coming from the sources related with investigation. Is not about me to check the credibility of Leicester police. Even if I had many???? With their work in Portugal while pretending to help PJ.
    That letter from Leicester police was an exchange letters between PJ and the British police involved in the investigation, which at the time was the Leicester police, when PJ was about to went to Uk to re-interrogate some of the Tapas 7. We cannot dismiss what is available in the investigation. And 2 years of maternity leave is nothing strange. I have British friends who got it. What is strange is the excuse gave by Kate while she was under maternity leave.
    I too, believe there was swing going on in the OC and probably that was the reason that connects and knot most of the guests and the managers of the Resort inside that saga. But this was already discussed in other posts and is not the subject under discussion now. You seems the one who got disturbed by my post and want to take the subject which is under discussion now, away.
    I found it very interesting your discredit of Leicester police. I passed already that step, specially when pictures from papers show them delivering flowers to the Mccann's home. But I cannot overpass what they officially communicate to Pj. Because that, is what we should add to the statements gave by the people involved in the most various situations, if we want to be credible and really base our arguments in facts. Anything else, is speculation and is doing exactly what the Mccann's and the BHs love more- confusion.
    If she was under maternity leave( and I don't found nothing strange here or any reason for Leic police to give a wrong information) the 6 cadavers and the story build around it, is one more lie.
    But I can carry on, with some more evidences that Kate and her husband need to found a real good excuse, if they become analyzed by a court. Which explanation they have for what was found in the car and on the Villa they rented before. Well, contamination, their lawyers will say. And I will assume the Mccann's are the most dirty people in the world because they keep carrying dirty staf, clothes and whatever, to different places for quite long time. This, to avoid starting another discussion which is how many evidences (quantity) you need to have in an object to allow that object to contaminate other objects. Don't forget that hypothetical they will work on contamination made by the abductor. If he have done it one time, inside the 5a, over the time the objects lost evidences unless they were well preserved. How this objects manage to contaminate the car and the Villa after many weeks and some moves?
    Squaring the circle, I see only one explanation, the source of the evidences was in contact with the objects. for that, or the source was with Mccann's or the abductor was one of the Mccann's guests, sharing with them the car and the villa. Nothing to distract on my post, but maybe some don't love it. Sorry, but you don't challenge my mind with credit of Leic police. Is about the court to find if they misinformed PJ to help the cover up or if they just obstructed the investigation while not sending the details of the credit cards. Look the same, but is not the same. Misinforming is more serious then preventing.

  9. Just to add to my previous post. When PJ sent the rogatory letters was 2008, but of course they were asking information related to May 2007 and the surrounding time. Then, when the Leic police answers she is currently on Maternity leave, this currently, is obviously regarding 2007, not 2008. In 2008, PJ knows how the Mccann's were and such information was irrelevant since didn't belong to the moment the girl disappears. Who wants to distract who? Not me, I'm sure.
    May I, you open another can of worms.

  10. Anon 1:31

    Not accusing you Black Hattery, now that I've read your comment, but allow me to criticize your thinking. Anything coming from Leics Police is suspicious. As also anything coming from FSS. All handled documents officially, but we now know that official entities cooperated with the cover-up, namely Leicester Police.
    You say, that if she was on maternity leave, then the cadaver odour on her clothes is a lie. I say she's lying both about the maternity leave (with the help of Leics Police) and the cadaver odour.
    Yes, I did want to divert the attention away from the SCATS numbers, because I truly believe that they're clutter. You don't, it's your opinion. Please don't say I'm misinforming. I'm stating my opinion.

  11. Sorry, I need to correct my post before anon 11:38, question again " the villa they rented after, not before" .

  12. Anon 1:37:00 PM. It seems that I'm playing ping-pong with you on this, but I once more disagree with you. If the letter referred the time period of 2007, then the phrase would have been "she was at the time referencedf, in maternity leave", or something similar and not "is currently in maternity leave". That is clearly 2008.

  13. We seem to be discussing clutter. maternity leave in the UK does NOT last 2 years. Of course some parents may choose not to go back to work after the 12 month maternity leave comes to an end.

    We don't know if K had taken this option. She either returned to work after 12 months or she didn't. She could not possibly have been on maternity leave in May 2007. No-one is talking about when her statement was made. She could have been on sick leave for all we know.

    As for leicester Police, they are only reporting what was told to them, whether or not they asked the relevant questions, or if they were lied to.

    I hope this blog doesn't get hi-jacked by too much ping ponging like happened on JH recently by wgbrother engaging other bloggers with sticks propping the shutters open even though it made us laugh.

  14. Does anyone know if having twins entitles you to double the maternity leave time? It could be the case, 12x2=24 months of maternity leave. But...Kate was working, she attended to dead patients (to pass the death certificate?), so what is the story? Was she working or on leave? Or on "half-leave", on a reduced work shedule? Also, anyone knows if the allegation of having been in close contact with the death of several patients came from Kate herself or once again it was one of those "a relative said" or "from a source close to the couple"? If it came from Kate herself, if she claimed that in an interview or in a police testimony it can be used against her, but if it was "unsourced" she can always deny it, say she never said anything of the sort. BUt then how does she explain the scent on her clothes...the abductor wore them? Will we have a transvesti abductor emerging soon...?

  15. 1:41,
    Who said I believe the CAT'S numbers are real and not clutters? You?... Again assuming something I didn't say. Go back to my first post and read it with more attention and accuracy. I said, those CAT'S numbers deserve a sharp eye to be analyzed. Maybe, because I don't believe them and don't understand why they are there. I can speculate, were there to fool PJ and say" look, we investigate everything and there is nothing there, move on". Remember that PJ and all credible polices, while doing their investigation, even if they believe more on one hypothesis, they have to follow many ways. Not easy.
    To say, all the information gave by the British police was inaccurate and was to help a cover up, is passing a certify of stupidity to PJ. The British police will not take that risk and will not do it. They gave both informations, accurate and not. Always balancing the situation and controlling the damages. Even the FSS was not always inaccurate. The first tests and first report was OK, because there was nothing there seriously involving the Mccann's. The problem started when they found THE EVIDENCE. There started the circus of the British authorities. They sent the dogs on a hope that the dogs will bark on other properties as well and that could take the attention away from the Mccann's. Even, if that was a remote hypothesis, but could exist. I think, and that is my speculation, the British authorities strongly believe the Mccann's and some of their friends know Murat. If the dogs barked on Murat properties, the cherry will be on top of the cake. Case solved. The dogs ruined the plans.
    Please don't assume all information caming from UK was to fool the Portuguese. The Portuguese were too clever to be fooled and the British know that very well. They prevented true information in the crucial steps, not on parallel and irrelevant information such the maternity leave. In fact, if you think well, the maternity leave will work in favor of Kate since PJ was suspecting she could be stressed and unstable due to her difficult with dealing with 3 small children. Under maternity leave she has an hypothesis of being more relaxed and having all the time to her childs. She ruined that help with her excuse of the 6 cadavers. She is typical fish who dies trough the mouth. The UK authorities could have manipulate the truth in the most serious situations but I believe they gave Some correct information as well. they tried to balance. Even doing that were caught by PJ who spotted their behavior very early.

  16. Just for clarification purposes:

    "Most women employees have the right to take up to one year’s (52 weeks’) maternity leave. This does not depend on how long you have worked for your employer. The only employees who don't have this right are:
    •share fisherwomen
    •women who are normally employed abroad (unless they have a work connection with the UK)
    •self-employed women
    •policewomen and women serving in the armed forces."

    Kate McCann doesn't fall under any of these.

    Anon 1:41 we haven't looked much into those CATS numbers, as, on frist sight we agree with you: clutter. They show only, eventually, how deep within Governmental Authorities this cover-up went.

    Having said this, the fact that all information that came from Leicester Police is to be taken suspiciously, is a fact. This is calling PJ to be stupid. They thought they were working with a serious organization, but facts proved they weren't. I've asked before, why suc a media relevant case be centered in the UK in the local Police? It's apparent today why this was so.

    The bad thing about all this, is that SY is going down the same path. In the near future, any information coming from the Met may be, rightfully, questioned.

  17. I too, I don't want to play a ping pong here with anonymous 11:38. We both discussed our point of views and I think both are acceptable. I have not changed my mind and still believing the letter was an answer reporting to 2007. We don't know how was written the letter from PJ to say the answer should be like that or like that. This official letters have a special way to be written. Is like the statements... Some said, they should be written in first person, some in third person. What doesn't make sense is PJ asking information regarding 2008 when what they are investigating happen on May 2007 and the conditions around that time is what they don't know. But let's move on.
    I don't have time now to search where is the information regarding the 6 cadavers but anon 2:20 is totally correct when says if the source of the information was not Kate herself, she quickly will dismiss it. Any way, I have the idea, she was the source, but not sure

  18. James Bryce and Yvonne Tunnicliffe = restarted the memories of the sightings?
    But this saga does not stop? They like to revive the stories of Enid Blyton.
    Now the memoir comes from Olive Press, today.

    A possible nice day to All.

  19. Textusa, this is what I wanted to achieve:
    The maternity leave from Leicester police is colliding with 6 cadavers of Kate. One lies or probably, both lied, if Kate was the source of all this cadavers. While facing the questions related with the death scent on her cloths, she could have being clever and just dismiss the dogs or question the credibility of the dogs. She choose the other way, gave an excuse for something very serious. And her excuse proves how disturbed she felt with what the dogs found, because she exaggerated with the number of cadavers. On top of that, Leic police stated she was under maternity leave.
    The court( if the case was reopened) cannot overpass this since the letter from Leic police was official and an answer to questions posed by PJ. How can she explain the 6 cadavers if the police from her town said she was not working? She went to a huge funeral? Was there a disater on her town before coming to PDL?
    The court just need a prove of the cover up of the Leicester police to ruin Mccann's defense. In both cases, Kate is in troubles. Because of that, I don't believe the case will be reopened. Now will be a serious diplomatic incident.

  20. sorry, i do not understand the PS, no tapas dinners?


    The circus is back to town, maybe because soon will be April and the spring this year, doesn't look very warm.
    The laughable lady gave us some important information:

    1-the sight was in 2009, but she was exploring the Space for 2 years and just now she lands on Earth and called the police.
    2- The girl was with gypsies but looks like Gerry. Now, we have the abductor looking like Gerry ( which I found very possible ) and his daughter looking like him.
    There is a lot of gypsies in Algarve with blonde child's. The sun has that power of giving a certain surf style to who lives under it.
    3- the girl looks like a 7, 8 years old. In 2009, Madeleine must be 6. It is amazing the way they grow up the child.

    The Spanish police must investigate the bank account and the properties of that lady, to see if she didn't receive recently a Tip to revive her memory and disturb the police.

  22. Anon Feb 22, 2012 4:52:00 PM

    Yes, NO Tapas Dinners. recommend you read our Christmas Reading post:

  23. Thanks, but thats too bizarre imo, cooks waiters bar staff the carpenters, wilkins, and others lying? that they were there? Must admit the round table doesnt figure with either martin brunts documentary or mr mouras where the table is shown as not round

  24. About the maternity leave, KM says in her bewk that she was working as a locum at the time of the holiday in 2007 and the surgery she was working for offered to pay her two months salary while she remained in Portugal to "search" for Maddie, even though as a locum she should have only been paid for what she actually did. Hope this clarifies the situation. (Don't worry, folks, I bought the bewk second hand for £2 to make sure no royalties went to them!)

  25. Anon Feb 22, 2012 5:33:00 PM

    "Too bizarre" is not a reason we use to discard a possibility in our blog. On the other hand, we're resolute in finding the reason where others just simply have put aside facts because they see "no reason".

    If you're patient and really interested, you will see that it's not bizarre at all, and yes, they all (or practically all) did lie.

    There are many other blogs with simpler explanations. Fortunately, we've been able to gather a set of wonderful readers who find it all easy to follow, and not at all... bizarre.

  26. Anon Feb 22, 2012 5:54:00 PM

    Please be careful in the use of humour, on a very humourless subject such as the Maddie Affair. Jest as you may, but not here, and certainly not on this subject.

    I was offered Kate's book by a dear friend who paid the full price for it.

  27. Pg 39 of book, once the twins passed their first birthday she returned to work part time as a GP and also as a clinical tutor to medical students for a half day every week.
    As she says no more after this, can we assume this is the situation when they went on holiday?
    It would be strange if she then went off on maternity leave.

  28. On 143 she does say she was a locum GP and they offered her 2 months pay, but I understand that to be a part- time locum? She doesn't clarify that in her book.

  29. So where did the lie come from?

    K telling Leicester Police she was on maternity leave or the police making it up?

    K has no shame when she changes facts in her book so who knows.

  30. Off-topic, but on-topic, I think.

    I have just witnessed something on the way home that made my blood run cold. A couple dashed out of their house like a couple of maniacs screeching “Molly! Molly!” at the top of their voices. I presumed their little daughter had gone out of the house and they had just discovered she was missing. They both went in different directions still yelling at each other at the same time, so loud I could hear everything. Between shouting her name they shouted directions at each other and also swearing at each other as if to blame the other. The father was distraught yanking over bins and looking behind everything along the way. The mother flew like the wind down the road and out of sight before I got anywhere near. As I approached and was about to ask if I could help I could hear the mother screech “I can hear her”. The father bellowed like a bull in sheer relief. Now that is exactly how I would have expected parents to react if their child had gone missing. I have no doubt that they would have been searching until they dropped if they hadn’t found her.

    I know what sort of parents they are and they are a lovely family but under circumstances like that I can understand they would yell blame at each other. They were cursing each other. K & G have done the opposite (in public) but they must do so behind the scenes.

  31. Anon 6: 51, if the Leicester police has no credibility, Kate less and less has it. She lied on many circumstances and her book could be everything but was not for sure, an account of the truth. Everything she wrote has a purpose. Her lawyers already read everything she delivered during the 4 years, and what the police has as evidences. They teach her on what she should write, in order to change everything previously delivered that could trouble her defense.

  32. Good that Kate wrote about when she went back to work. She cannot dismiss what she wrote because that came from her hands. A clever judge will quickly put side to side that page of her book and the letter sent by Leicester police and will ask both to clarify the situation. An avalanche of lies is the best adjective to classify that case.

  33. Just to add to my on/off topic experience this poor couple were totally unaware of anyone or anything around them.I could see there was no way they were going to spend a second checking the lock on the door.

  34. Anon's Feb 22, 2012 5:33:00 PM, is a typical BH comment: "let's discuss AGAIN what has been discussed, shall we? And after we've discussed it, let's start AGAIN from the beginning..."

    BH, funny how from 5:12 to 5:33, you're go from a state of ignorance to one where you're able to say "...cooks waiters bar staff the carpenters, wilkins, and others lying...". That's fast reading by any standard.

    And if you can read and interpret so quickly, wonder why you find things bizarre...

    Textusa, they've tried to get into your blog with boots, no success, waltz in with dancing shoes, no success, and sneak in with silent slippers, and no success... they won't stop trying for some reason, and it's not bizarre.

  35. I noticed the BH strategy too. From zero to 100% knowledge within hours. Wanting to go over and over the same ground as though people will be worn down and give in to their conclusions. Trying to force others to engage in their flights of fantasy.

    Other forums keep the momentum going but thank goodness it doesn't happen here.

  36. Cherie Blair is taking action against NoW for hacking her phone. I wonder if this was during a call to the Mcs?

    How odd the Mcs are not taking action for their phones being hacked....or maybe not.

    More edges taken off the circle.

    How will this be woven into the picture?

  37. Anon @10:26

    Remember that typical high-school raffle game, where you had a jar full of jelly-beans, and you had to guess how many there were?

    With the McCanns is the same. Only when the beans are spilled will we know how many there really were...

  38. With your permission Textusa - the following:
    Report of PJ discards abduction theory Correio da Manhã
    05 July 2008
    Translation by Joana Morais 


    Kate McCann didn't negate the fact that her two pieces of clothes and the stuffed animal had been signalled by the English dogs trained to find cadaver odor and justified it by her profession. Madeleine's mother alleged that as a doctor at the Leicester health centre, she was present at six deaths directly before she came to Portugal on holiday, giving the same excuse for Madeleine's stuffed animal, that was with her in the months after her daughter disappeared."

  39. Textusa

    On MMF they’re discussing here your

    On JH they’re discussing here your

    We were always one step ahead. It’s taking time for people to come around and understand how right you’ve always been!

  40. Anon Feb 23, 2012 8:50:00 AM

    Thank you for your "We were always one step ahead", because it shows how you feel part of this wonderful family. That was always one of the main objectives of the blog. Thank you.

  41. I see the ridiculous Spanish sighting piece in the Olive Press has been removed. Who on earth thought putting that in the media was a good idea? Unless to show how ubbelievable all sighting are by inventing even more incredible stories.

  42. Post deleted, as explained, from the Filomena Teixeira post, and placed here:

    "Joana Morais left that comment on her blog:

    "Read Pat Brown's latest post Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: How Jane Tanner got Lost in a Crowd on an Empty Street «It is Kate who sums the whole situation up quite interestingly in her book, Madeleine.

    Either way, exactly where they were standing is not crucial. What may be important is that all three of them were there.

    Indeed! What is important is all three of them were there. What does it really matter if all three of them are there? What does it matter if Jane Tanner saw the man five minutes later when she returned and neither man was on the street? It matters because Jeremy Wilkins gives Gerry an alibi. No, not Jane. Jane Tanner is not that useful in giving Gerry an alibi because she is one of the Tapas 9. Jeremy Wilkins is the LAST UNBIASED WITNESS who saw Gerry before Madeleine was found missing and before the Smiths’ 9:50-9:55 sighting of a man carrying a little child toward the beach.»

    A wolf by the ears at The Blacksmith Bureau «Welcome to the world of the McCanns’ Portuguese libel claims. Spin and lies are at the heart of them, as they have been since the very beginning; only now, three and a half years after the case was archived, can we see that gradually but inexorably the legal system has begun to catch up with the couple: spin has encountered the courts and the courts are winning.»

    And an absolute must-read at the McCann files «Madeleine's Fund - Review & Investigation of Accounts | The official launch of 'Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited' on 16 May 2007
    Enid O'Dowd takes an in depth look into the setting up and subsequent running of Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited - A review of the background to setting up the limited company Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned and a forensic examination of the company accounts»"

    Post" American criminal profiler .... Mccann's mystery"

    Feb 24, 2012 1:18:00 AM"

  43. Post deleted, as explained, from the Filomena Teixeira post, and placed here:


    The above link details where some of the fraudulent mccann fund money has gone, and its not gone on any searching!

    SY need to leave no stone unturned in their investigation of the mccanns.

    Feb 23, 2012 1:27:00 PM"

  44. Comecaram as duvidas na minha cabeca, tambem em relacao a este caso. Como eu desejo que se dissipem depressa. Este sim, parece-me nao ser um caso Tao simples de perceber quanto o de Madeleine.
    Definitivamente, o caso McCann mudou a perspectiva com que olho para todos os desaparecimentos de criancas, agora. Ha as que desaparecem porque assim o desejam e nestas cai a faixa etaria dos adolescentes e jovens adultos. E ha as que sao feitas desaparecer, quando a sua idade ainda nao lhes permite uma autonomia de escolha. Enfim, nada mais sera como dantes e eu espero sinceramente, em relacao ao Rui Pedro, nao ter andado 13 anos a acreditar numa mentira.
    Infelizmente, a Historia ja nos mostrou que ha mentiras muito bem representadas e com o passar dos anos Passam a ser vividas, como se de verdades se tratassem.
    Acho que alguma parte de Portugal, esta como eu hoje, angustiada e cheia de duvidas.
    Que a sorte ajude estas criancas e ajude a policia a clarificar o que lhes aconteceu.

  45. Desculpe Textusa, acho que enviei para aqui um comentario que dizia respeito ao Post de Filomena Teixeira. Peco desculpa pelo erro.
    Tambem me incomodou a entrevista do Afonso.
    Bjs e bom dia para voces.
    Espero que alguem publique a entrevista de Pat Brown no Algarve, na net.

  46. If Goncalo Amaral is a wolf by the ears, Paul Dacre could be a tiger by the tail

    (my meaning is his paper will make mincemeat of the McCanns if he ever gets the opportunity, after his humiliation at Leveson)

  47. L, you have a point. We haven't written anything on it. It could be open for discussion in a soon to be published post. (sorry readers, this a response to a DO NOT PUBLISH comment)

  48. From the latest post of Pat brown on her blog. About Jane Tanner:
    ..."Jane says she walked right up to them and passed them. Jeremy Wilkins says he never saw her or the man. Gerry says he never saw her or the man which he must say or he has to call Wilkins a liar. I think he solves this problem by moving their location to the opposite side of the road where it is possible for them to both have not seen Jane or any man with a child. Then he doesn’t have to go up against Wilkins, but merely state he remembers where they were standing a bit differently.

    It is Kate who sums the whole situation up quite interestingly in her book, Madeleine.

    Either way, exactly where they were standing is not crucial. What may be important is that all three of them were there.

    Indeed! What is important is all three of them were there. What does it really matter if all three of them are there? What does it matter if Jane Tanner saw the man five minutes later when she returned and neither man was on the street? It matters because Jeremy Wilkins gives Gerry an alibi. No, not Jane. Jane Tanner is not that useful in giving Gerry an alibi because she is one of the Tapas 9. Jeremy Wilkins is the LAST UNBIASED WITNESS who saw Gerry before Madeleine was found missing and before the Smiths’ 9:50-9:55 sighting of a man carrying a little child toward the beach.

    No one outside the Tapas 9 can verify that Gerry returned to the table after his 9:15 check on his children or that he remained at the table until Kate gave the alarm. Jeremy Wilkins, being with Gerry at the time Jane sees “the abductor carrying off a child,” gives Gerry an airtight alibi for the only time that he can get one for that evening during that time frame."

    Interesting. Is Pat Brown believing the dinner happen and the negligence too? I don't think so. Slowly she will present her conclusions. Not a good time for all BHs who decide to help on the crowd and remain in silence for so long.

  49. No matter where Gerry and Jez where positioned in the street, there was no way for them to not noticing the guy saw by Jane. Remember the shoes described by her and the type of pavement? A guy wearing such shoes and carrying a child in such uncomfortable position will be waking up the all neighbors. Turning the head into a strange noise is an innate reaction. Nor Gerry or Jez could control that reaction.
    All the 3 lied about been on that street at the same time and sawing nothing.
    Most probably Jane and Gerry were there and Jane saw Gerry carrying away her daughter in a direction that somebody could see him. Opposite Murat's house. Jez was the BH added to give an alibi for Gerry. That alibi just works if the dinner has any leg to be true. Imagine if the dinner was a lie, Jez keeps Gerry close to the crime scene just before the Smiths had seen him carrying a girl. Well done BHs, the circle is being closed and you all trapped by your own mouths.


    The Spanniels( CSI dogs) used on a murder trial, for Mccann's nightmares.


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