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Most Humble Tribute

Filomena Teixeira



  1. Who is this?

    Is this Kate McCann in a helmet?

    If not, please elucidate.

    Do not play games, please.


  2. No, Portia

    This is Filomena Teixeira, who today heard the Court pronouncing the kidnapper of her child as not guilty.

    The main witness to the prosecution was a prostitute, who said, in Court, that the accused took the abducted child, a 13 year old boy, Rui Pedro, to her for sexual services. After that he was never seen again.

    This was in 1999, I think, and since then his mother has been fighting for justice. Today was an enormous setback.

  3. She must be devastated :-(

  4. I hope this lady has enough left in her to keep fighting. Where is the fund to help her get justice, to seek information to prosecute the abducter? Would the McCanns have offered some of their money raised by donations for someone else's child? No, they were not a charity, they were a limited company which was set up specifically because they had no intention of giving money away for any other missing child.

    I doubt Ms Teixeira would have accepted their dirty money anyway.

  5. I am trembling with anger, rage, shock, my heart started pounding like crazy when I turned on the tv and heard this terrible outcome! I cannot begin to imagine what this is doing to the brave Filomena, my heart goes out to her and her family. Please, God Almighty, give her strenght to overcome yet another horrendous blow.
    God bless you dear Filomena, Portugal LOVES YOU and supports you.
    NEVER EVER GIVE UP, one day the truth will surface and justice will be served, DEUS NÃO DORME!

  6. Portia,

    To confuse Filomena Teixeira with Kate McCann is inhuman and cruel, even if not done on purpose, like I'm sure you didn't mean to.

    Please refer to:

  7. "Where is the fund to help her get justice, to seek information to prosecute the abducter?" EXACTLY! This family NEVER asked anybody for anything, all the public support comes to them through the portuguese association for missing children, here's the web adress, they take donations that will be used in favour of ALL the portuguese missing children and their families:

    Moreover, the family of Rui Pedro has spent thousands of euros from their own pockets in their search for their beloved child, they are a middle-class family with a somewhat comfortable finantial life obtained by their hard work, but they are by no means a rich family. They never made one cent out of their tragedy, quite on the contrary .For this alone, and for much more, they deserve all of our respect, admiration and support.

    God bless them!

  8. I never understand why the parents brought Sa Fernandes to be their lawyer, if they suspected their sun could be attraped into a Paedo world. Sa Fernandes is the lawyer of Carlos Cruz, a suspect / convicted ( don't know well what is the status) Paedo in Casa Pia. I know that lawyers should work in many cases, but I think on this two cases, due to the mediatism and the nature of the crimes is a little bad taste to have the same lawyer, defending in one case a Paedo and in the other a potential victim of Paedophilia. A ethical question, but that is just my feeling and I accept that I could be taking moral to the limits. But in fact, the presence of that lawyer, change a bit the idea I had from the case because there is many competent lawyers in Portugal with a successful story which don't touch the paedophilia world.
    On this judgement we can see well how the law protects the arguido and don 't help the victim. The arguido used his right to be in silence during the audience. Like that, he was protected and just his lawyer could talk and say what was convenient.
    I hope this is not the end of the story and soon Rui Pedro family get the answers they so desperatle look for, during this 13 years.

  9. O Afonso vai dar hoje uma entrevista exclusiva a RTP. Pode ser que fale o que calou em tribunal, agora que foi ilibado.
    O advogado dele propos, antes da leitura da sentenca, um encontro privado entre Afonso e os pais do Rui Pedro para poderem falar. A familia de Rui Pedro, ou o advogado deles, recusou. Nao sei porque recusaram. Talvez magoas do passado aliadas ao trauma de 13 anos vividos na escuridao. O certo e que o advogado do Afonso, agora da o dito por nao dito e ja nao se mostra muito colaborativo com a ideia de Afonso poder contar a familia o que tinha em mente durante o julgamento.
    Nao percebo muito bem porque e que o Afonso vai ser entrevistado na presenca do advogado. Afinal esta entrevista nao sera um interrogatorio policial. O Cabo Costa foi entrevistado sem advogado. Espero que a habilidade da jornalista consiga trazer alguma luz a estes pais e a todos os pais portugueses. Afinal ha um potencial Rui Pedro, em cada uma das nossas criancas.

  10. Sisters:

    eu agradeço infinitamente todas as homenagens a esta Família permanentemente torturada.

    Tenho acompanhado, desde sempre, este infinito e terrível pesadelo.

    Obrig. pelo ( mais ) este post.

  11. No JN o AD diz que se fez justiça? (caso Rui Pedro)

    Para quem?

    O casal Mc devia contrata-lo. Os sem vergonha ficariam todos juntos.
    Tudo isto é um terror completo.

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  13. The only consolation I get from this is judicial aberration is that Afonso Dias will have an easy time enjoying his freedom, I suspect that soon he will be wishing he had gone to jail. Everybody in Portugal wants a piece of him, he won't dare to step outside his house for fear of what the angry population might do to him. There have been cases of popular justice before in small villages like the one he lives in, some trouble makers turned up dead one day, and the police could not find proof of who did it, despite having strong suspicions that the cases were cases of "vigilante" justice, they could not charge anyone with the crime, the police faced a wall of silence from the population, no one "saw no evil, did no evil, spoke no evil"...
    Enjoy your victory, Mr. will have a very bitter taste!

  14. Anon Feb 23, 2012 3:05:00 PM

    We strongly condemn the contnet of your comment. We don't seek popular justice. That's not Justice. We may not agree with a Court's decision, but we're not, within the Society to which we belong, legitimized to apply Justice. We have an opinion, and we express it, and leave to the individual and collective consciences the consequences of what we think to be an error.

    As citizens, we shouldn't give up, but continue fighting, within the legal tools at our disposal to correct the error we think has occurred. That's why we support, and we'll continue to support people like Filomena Teixeira, and we support and will continue to support all that can be done to bring the McCanns and BHs to justice.

    The motive is the same, which is the correction of what we perceive to have been an error of Justice. It's not up to us to apply it in any way.

    We've said before that the McCanns life has been a nightmare, and will continue to be so for the rest of their lives. You may, if you wish to do so, join Afonso to that group. They will be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives, not because we're any menace to them, but because they know we know they're guilty.

    Popular justice is taking all reason out of justice.

  15. To Anon 10.23

    The Teixeira case was unknown to me.

    I had no intention of offending anyone, least of all mrs. Teixeira whose face was unknown to me too.


  16. To Portia:

    May be You have seen this ( is from before the trial hope):

    With hope Family and Friends helped her:

    No problem, Portia. Of course You can not know this case- 14 years of horror here in my country.

    Horror and terror to Teixeira Mendonça´s Family. Rui Pedro real missing ( a Textusa´s post)

  17. Portia,

    Pardon my harsh words. The cruelty that this woman has been subjected to is beyond belief. I know you meant no disrespect, but to us who've been following this case, and are shown the McCann circus, only makes the blood boil, and we must express the anger. Society is indeed sick. Both in the Teixeira case as well as in the McCanns!

  18. I agree with you Textusa 3:28. What the TVs showed Yesterday outside the court of Lousada is completely unacceptable. This population lost all the reason with that attitude.
    I follow Rui Pedro drama since the beginning and cannot imagine the dimension of the pain suffered by her parents and sister. The mother use to be the visible face of that pain but the pain is extensible to all family.
    We don't know which evidences or absence of evidences were presented in court. Even if we feel disappointed with the court decision, we don't know exactly what is at the base of the judges decision. They are competent people ( I prefer to believe on that), then they must know what they are doing . Some time they commit errors, that's why there is always another chance to get the facts analyzed by other judges and any error be corrected. Popular justice based on a public condemnation due to mediatism is completely unacceptable.
    During all this years, I just heard one side of the story in many Tv programs. The mother side. I believe this happened with millions of portuguese. That means, even before the court starts analyzing the evidences, Afonso was already condemned by the public opinion who had the mind build by the pain of the mother and the multiple programs where that pain was shown. This is not a critic to the mother, who is a person I respect a lot and understand well why, due to the inoperance of justice, she use the
    media to call attention to her case, but is a critic to the public who passionately jump to the cases to apply popular justice without knowing the real evidences, just based on the version the media is spreading.
    In UK, GA and PJ are the victims of a judgement similar to that, spreaded by a manipulated media.
    What become quite clear from that trial is the incongruence and the helpless of that law that allows the arguidos to be silent during the all trial. Perhaps, if Afonso was not allowed to remain in silence, the result and the position of the judges will be different. Portuguese justice needs to rethink that law because is an insult to all victims.

  19. Enfim, nada de novo da entrevista do Afonso, tirando as pausas prolongadas e o olhar que se deslocava para um ponto abstracto no ar, sempre que a pergunta era mais contundente e objeto de uma possivel resposta, mais comprometedora. Reparei que o advogado, embora mais discreto, sofria do mesmo problema com o olhar. Nao sei se foi nervosismo, timidez ou estrategia.
    Retive 3 coisas que considerei importantes:

    1- segundo o Afonso, ele era amigo da familia mas pelos vistos essa amizade resumia-se ao Rui Pedro, a Carina e a Filomena, porque o avo do Rui Pedro e o pai nao gostavam dele ( tambem ja ouvi esta versao da falta de empatia, dita por Filomena na TV). Porque e que nao gostavam? Espero que o tribunal tenha ficado esclarecido.

    2- O Afonso nao tem um alibi para o " gap" de horas que vai desde a hora em que o Rui Pedro foi visto pela ultima vez e o inicio da noite quando vai a casa da namorada. O advogado diz que nao e preciso um alibi porque nao e obrigatorio que as pessoas tenham alibis. E eu que pensava que a ausencia de alibi era ja uma percentagem de uma hipotetica condenacao?

    3- A prostituta Alcina. Confesso que esta parte foi um pouco perturbadora porque do que li nos jornais e vi nos programas de TV, fiquei com a ideia que esta senhora era a testemunha chave que ajudava a esclarecer o caso. Afinal o tribunal considerou que o testemunho dela nao tem pes nem cabeca e desvalorizou-o.
    O Afonso diz que a PJ fez uma acariacao uns dias depois da crianca desaparecer e ela nao o reconheceu, nem em Pessoa, nem em fotografia e tambem nao reconheceu o Rui Pedro. Diz que quando inquirida pela Pj, errou a cor do carro e a cor dos olhos do Rui, e so agora em tribunal apareceu com a versao de o conhecer, de saber o seu nome e o nome da crianca. Se estes sao os factos, e realmente perturbador o papel desta senhora enquanto testemunha e e ainda mais perturbador quando a acusacao se apega a ela como prova.
    Entre ontem e hoje, nasceram muitos ???? Na minha mente, em relacao a este caso. Se e verdadeira esta disparidade no testemunho da testemunha chave e se a familia do Rui sabia desta disparidade ( e eu acredito que soubesse porque acompanhou a investigacao) porque e que alimentou um testemunho que era um " death case" para a possibilidade de saberem o que aconteceu a crianca, e pior, para a possibilidade de a poderem encontrar? Queriam encontrar a crianca ou apenas encontrar um culpado? E que este testemunho, cheio de contradicoes nunca podia ajudar a PJ a descobrir a crianca e talvez por isso, a policia o desvalorizou. O tribunal veio dar razao a PJ e nao percebo porque a familia se apegou a ela como parte da solucao.
    O pior que pode acontecer, e a condenacao de um inocente. Isso so alarga o leque das vitimas e transforma Portugal num pais do terceiro mundo. Sobretudo quando se gera um levantamento popular como o que se viu a porta do tribunal. Tudo gente que ouviu a versao que correu e julgou. Afinal o tribunal apurou que a versao pode ser outra.

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  21. Anon Feb 24, 2012 1:18:00 AM

    I'm going to delete your comment from this post. I'll copy it and paste it on the Squaring the Circle Post.

    I would like, out of respect, to keep this particular post dedicated exclusively to Filomena Teixeira's tragic drama.

    I hope you understand.

  22. Anon Feb 23, 2012 1:27:00 PM

    I'm going to do the same with your comment, and for the exact same reasons, as I did with Anon's Feb 24, 2012 1:18:00 AM comment.

    Thank you for understanding

  23. I felt in my heart this would happen (Filomena agian in hospital), lately she had made an almost miraculous recovery, she gained some much needed weight, took some attention to her looks, she was looking so beautiful and composed. She had gained sort of a new soul with the prospect and the hope of finaly getting some answers and justice and then this, this terrible punch in the stomach, this slap in the face from the portuguese justice system. She was given hope, pulled up sky high and then they dropped her into the deepest abyss! UNFORGIVABLE!!!

  24. Textusa, I wrote the comment Feb 23 2012 3:05:00 PM

    I am not advocating or inciting popular justice, not at all, I'm just stating the fact that it has happened before in sensitive cases were the "oficial" justice failled miserably over and over again.I'm sorry if I came through too strongly, my choice of words was not very fortunate, I see that now, it's my anger and disappointment speaking...
    It's condemnable, it's wrong, but people get fed up with the constant failures of the "system", people get tired of seeing the criminals protected and the victim neglected, they loose faith and desperation grows. Desperation leeds to desperate acts.
    Sorry for the inconvenience, if you see fit, please delete that comment. No hard feelings.

  25. Nice second picture, Textusa. That's whta they mus be feeling right now, nothing to look forward to.

  26. Este caso tambem esta encanado:

    O Afonso Dias tentou ontem lavar a imagem na RTP. Bem mal quanto a mim. Tanto olhar para o vazio, tanta pausa e ate uma lagrima que brotou isolada. Nao tem alibi para as horas cruciais, mas isso afinal nao interessa, no dizer do seu advogado. Tambem nao deixa de ser Interessante a justificacao para estar calado em audiencia. Porque foi por ter falado que o Ministerio Publico decidiu acusa-lo. Pelos vistos teve medo de continuar a falar. Nunca se sabe o que os juzes poderiam ouvir nas entrelinhas.
    A Candida Almeida, diz que o caso nao parou e que tudo foi investigado desde o inicio. Todas as pistas em Portugal e no estrangeiro com uma serie de cartas rogatorias a circular entre Portugal e outros paises, foram consideradas e nao deram em nada. Esta senhora ja mostrou como agiu em outros casos de ma memoria, o Freeport e o Caso Maddie, com o Eurojust a ser tudo menos competente ou transparente. Mas aqui algumas vozes se levantaram e disseram que suspeitavam da atitude, por ambos os casos terem uma peca comum, o PM Socrates. Mas o caso Rui Pedro e anterior a Socrates. Portanto nao tera sofrido da mesma inoperancia, a nao ser que nos sues meandros se cruzasse ou se pudesse cruzar com algum caso de pedofilia que o pais estava a tentar gerir, muito mal tambem.cont

  27. Cont:
    Os juizes terao tido acesso a todo o trabalho efectuado pela PJ de entao e saberao concerteza quem foram as testemunhas ouvidas e o que estas disseram. Ha 13 anos, que o pais ouve falar no testemunho da prostituta e na relevancia para o caso. E por alguma razao, forte quanto a mim, os investigadores foram chamados a depor como testemunhas e o caso terminou como sabemos. Nao transpareceu ca para fora, o que os juizes pensaram desse trabalho da PJ, mas a opiniao publica ja comeca a ser moldada para condenar estes inspectores e a investigacao que fizeram. Acho que temos de ser cautelosos porque ha altura dos acontecimentos a lei nao deixava que se investigassem desaparecimentos de forma Mais seria antes de passarem 48 horas e de se verificar se a Pessoa desaparecida nao teria Saido voluntariamente e se nao estaria entre familiares ou amigos. Depois a investigacao forense nao era tao desenvolvida. A investigacao era muito feita de carolice, de prova testemunhal e de confissoes.
    O advogado de acusacao quer agora condenar a PJ e diz que Alcina Dias nao foi ouvida. Entao esta a chamar mentirosa a Candida Almeida e a todos os envolvidos na investigacao. Confesso que tambem ja cansa esta acusacao sistematica da PJ. Comeca a ser um "deja vue" que nao credibiliza a justica portuguesa. Mas se calhar e exactamente isso que alguns advogados desejam, a comecar pelo Bastonario que os representa. A PJ e incomoda para eles e tudo farao para retirar poderes e credibilidade as policias de investigacao.
    No caso Cipriano, diz um grupinho de advogados que a PJ torturou. No caso Maddie, dizem que perseguem os pais, no Rui Pedro, nada fizeram. E na Casa Pia? Vamos ver quanto tempo leva a fechar o circulo na Casa Pia.
    Nao gosto de ver Sa Fernandes associado ao caso Rui Pedro e nao gosto do mediatismo nem de muito do que diz nos ecrans de TV. Estes casos que envolvem criancas precisam de recato, em prol das proprias criancas que Sao as principais vitimas. As vezes, ha gente envolvida nos casos que se esquece das verdadeiras vitimas.

  28. This case has been ongoing since 1999 but I have never heard a word about it, now because of the Mccann case we in the UK read about Filomena, before Mccann we had not heard of Filomena and probably never would have.

    This should be positive for Filomena but at present she will not see it as such because of her sadness but gradually the wheels of justice turn, sometimes they are very slow.

    Thanks to the internet scrutiny and transparency of cases is now possible through freedom of speech, with social networking sites we are now able have a voice that cannot be silenced her determination and fight for justice is an inspration to us all.

    God bless you Filomena Teixeira.

  29. Gosto muito do blog da Joana Morais e acho muito estranho nao encontrar la nenhum post relativamente aos ultimos desenvolvimentos no caso Rui Pedro. Tal como Textusa, Sao sempre muito inteligentes os comentarios da Joana.

  30. I hope and wish that the case of Rui Pedro could be reopened.

    It seems to me that in this case are also doing a super wash on the first research team and with the AD.
    It seems that the power prevailed and considered the 1st team and this has huge flaws, very unprofessional (1999).
    Interesting, but in the wrong direction, and both say (AD and JR) that Rui will be alive.
    This is a grievous evil.

    I heard on TV the other day a former PJ inspector (with which not even sympathize much) B. of C. talk about missing children.
    He spoke about Children disappearance by escape (those return coming back) and defined several types disappearance, among them
    a) to receiving money in change, which was not the case;
    b) if they disappeared and did not return, he says he knows where they are: in heaven very well accompanied by the Angels.

    Filomena, despite several admissions in a hospital specialist, has been strong, and while continuing to be alive .....
    Let's see when the forces no longer allow Her to continue on here. But Her Family will do all!

  31. Breaking News: Arguido in the Rui Pedro case to stand trial | Joana ...
    06 Jun 2011
    The court of Lousada has announced this morning that Afonso Dias, who stands accused of the abduction of Rui Pedro, who disappeared on the 4th of March, 1998, will stand trial. Judge Jorge Moreira Santos has issued a ...
    Rui Pedro case: Portuguese Missing Children Association asks to ...
    14 Apr 2011
    The Portuguese Missing Children Association requested to be constituted as assistant in the process of the alleged kidnapper of Rui Pedro The Portuguese Missing Children Association (APCD) requested the Public Ministry ...
    Rui Pedro Case: Court of Lousada starts evidenciary debate today ...
    26 May 2011
    The lawyer for the family of Rui Pedro, Ricardo Sá Fernandes, excused himself from advancing the argumentation that he will use in the evidenciary debate relative to the circumstantial evidence gathered by the investigators.
    Rui Pedro case: 13 years later, a breakthrough | Joana Morais
    27 Feb 2011
    The main suspect in the disappearance of Rui Pedro, 13 years ago, has been accused of the crime of abduction, but according to the family's lawyer, this accusation does not allow to know what happened to the youngster, ...

    Her Blog: 12345678 pages about this case.

  32. Anon 4:28,
    I know, joana has many posts about that case but no one since we heard the court decision. This is why I found her silence very strange.
    She could be busy with other things. I hope so.

  33. Joana Morais ‏
    Caso Rui Pedro… APCD - Associação Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas.


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