Monday, 28 November 2011

Forsaken, To Be... (Soon?)

(picture based on one published at Blacksmith's)
In Pictura Post Scriptum, Pictura (Written after the picture, in a picture):


  1. Hello All!

    These people have been fairly common, fairly decent.

    A child of theirs was wasted.

    Somehow, they were not in a position to save her.

    They are not monsters out of space.

    They are lost, and they know it.

    They are fighting for the children that remain in their custody. The downhill path has been steep indeed, and as they progress, there is less less opportunity to turn back.

    Pity them. Their lives must be living hell.


  2. “Hello All!”
    Hello Portia!

    “These people have been fairly common, fairly decent.”
    These people have been far from common. They weren’t common when they fooled the world lying about their daughter’s death, and when they merchandized her memory. They weren’t common when they got the support no other parent that lost their child ever got, aggravated by the fact that the support came from those who knew right away that Maddie was dead. Altogether I’d say they represent the antonym of decency.

    “A child of theirs was wasted.”
    No, the life of a child of theirs was indeed wasted, by humiliation of memory done by her own parents, always on the front line to stop the justice she deserved.

    “Somehow, they were not in a position to save her.”
    They were in a position to save her memory, they chose not to.

    “They are not monsters out of space.”
    Correct. They are human monsters. The worst, non-fictional kind.

    “They are lost, and they know it.”
    Agree. But they are lost by choice, not by fate.

    “They are fighting for the children that remain in their custody. The downhill path has been steep indeed, and as they progress, there is less less opportunity to turn back.”
    They never fought for that, because there was never that possibility. You’ve certainly forgotten that they wanted all of us that they were neglectful. If there was any normality in this case, according to the McCann’s version of events, the Social Services should have taken the twins away, like they would do to any parent with a similar tale. They didn’t. So they were fighting who to keep the custody? Nobody

    “Pity them. Their lives must be living hell.”
    Agree that their lives must be hell, but from me they have no pity whatsoever. I repeat, it was their choice. I pity Filomena Teixeira, despise the McCanns.

  3. Portia,

    I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you.

  4. I think they are acting the part. I am not taken in nor should anyone else be! They require everyone to believe them and insist on it - they are saying this is how powerful we are. Gerry and Kate require all to bend to their will and those that don't will be summarily dealt with. Journalists that don't abide by their wishes will be punished. Welcome to Gerry and Kate's world. Where goodness honesty and truthfulness are not welcome.

    They are forcing their Truth on all and sundry. Dissenters will pay dearly.

  5. I don't know where else to write this. There is an image of Kate and Gerry leaving the hackgate hearing. He is slightly ahead of her and she is behind him. His face is so full of hatred.
    Hers is crumpled into haggardness. When did this beautiful woman become a bag lady.
    I can imagine he turns that hateful face onto her all the time.

    And whilst I have been hoping for justice all these years, I look at her face and I don't wish any more pain for her.
    I wish the truth to come out and all those implicated by deeds and lies to be punished.
    She could not receive any more punishment than is reflected on her face.

    Compassion arises in me for her.
    It is my humanity.......
    Kate you are carrying the whole charade at this point.
    Cleanse yourself with the truth...
    If your concern is the twins then don't subject them any longer to remaining with you and gerry. The atmosphere must be torture for them.

  6. I can't see how can people have any sort of empathy for such conniving, deceitful people. Whoever puts up with them and their lies is because they owe them something and fear what they have to say. Pity them? Pity first all those poor souls, like me, whose heart went out for them and did all they could to help find a girl that wasn't missing at all. I didn't contribute, fortunately, to the fund because I trusted that the official authorities could do the job. I did print out Maddie's face and rode around with the poster stuck in the back window of my car for a month or so. Pity them? They were as cold-hearted as could be, and now they want my sympathy? They're not getting it even from their friends, are they?

  7. The Mccanns are in this position because it was of their own making, they involved politics, religion and most importantly the media into this saga, they have made plenty of money from it. What of true victims such as Ben Needham's mother and other mothers who have suffered in silence. The Mccanns are media whores and have got exactly what they deserve, if they had not been so selfish little Madeleine would be alive now and looking forward to Christmas, pity Madeleine not her parents.

  8. the maccanns deserve every bad thing that comes to them.
    They are liers through and through
    and i for one hope they rot in hell for what happend to Madeleine.
    also dont forget the tapas friends,they know full well what happend to Madeleine but choose to keep mum.poor, poor, Madeleine Beth Mccann.xx

  9. I stand by my earlier comment.

    Psychopaths are the exception, not the rule.
    To have even one in the family is exceptional.
    To have two would be fairly inconceivable.

    Only Myra Hindly & partner come to mind.

    Compare the Macbeths: she was the psycho, he just followed suit, knowing better.

    The McCs are entangled in some horror story, the details of which are as yet unknown.
    So are Dr. Amaral and his family. He could have looked the other way and kept silent: he did not have to write his book, did he? His mistake was, not understanding the forces he was taking on, and the fact that he was staring at pure unadulterated evil.

    Both are to be pitied, the McCs a little, for having to live a lie for the rest of their lives, dr Amaral very much for having been devastated by his quest for the truth. He is unlikely to fail in Court though, come 2012.

    This point having been cleared up, I trust we are in agreement?


  10. There is no justification for the behaviour of the Mccanns, they have deliberately misled this investigation, and allowed our government to fritter away millions of tax payers money needlessly, they may well be in a prison of their own making but they should have been honest in the beginning, fame and money has been their God 'vengence is mine said the Lord' and so it shall be....

  11. It is a disgrace how Sr Amaral has been treated by the Mccanns, they would have taken his home and pension, they have fought libel cases against anybody who dares to speak out against them. This pair are as hard as nails, they know exactly what they are doing, Kate's lack of make up and stressed out looks, worn out cardies, are all part of this double act, they have to appear victims they are being photographed daily, this is the look they want to portray to gain sympathy.
    Remember just what they are capable of and how they have lied and laughed and joked just days after Madeleine disappeared they were relieved that people had fallen for the abductor story.
    They must have superinjunctions in place otherwise the media would have had a field day by now.
    If they were innocent why did they need to employ Clarence Mitchell or Carter Ruck why not just co-operate with a reconstruction and answer questions, was there ever a need to write a book.
    What of the deleted phone calls, washing of the apartment, rubbishing the dogs, setting up a fund, scripted interviews.
    Team Mccann is very slick, don't be fooled by it.

  12. 'The McCs are entangled in some horror story, the details of which are as yet unknown'

    Yes...'the details of which are unknown' and that exactly how the Mccanns would like it to remain, but in the meantime they are still quite happy to continue taking donations.

    They know exactly what happened to Madeleine why they decided to lie perhaps we will never know but one thing is for sure they do not deserve any sympathy they have fraudulently taken funds from the public and lied.

  13. I'm sorry Portia, but I have to say what an unfortunate comment you wrote! Sentence after sentence, ALL WRONG!
    I entirely subscribe the comment posted by Anonymous Nov 28, 2011 9:46:00 PM

    He/she said it all (thank you for doing it)

  14. Portia wrote:
    "He (Mr. Amaral) could have looked the other way and kept silent: he did not have to write his book, did he? His mistake was, not understanding the forces he was taking on, and the fact that he was staring at pure unadulterated evil."

    Well, plenty of others (mainly portuguese) have written books about the case, one of those books it's even called "The McCanns fault" (A culpa dos McCann), and not one has had the books taken out from the market or been threatened by Carter_Ruck. They only went for Mr. Amaral, why? My guess is because he knows much more than all the other authors, he's the one who could bring about their fall, he is in the knowledge of ALL the damning evidence and if he chooses to tell...all the other authors merelly "took guesses" about what is publicly known about the case and constructed their books around and out of it, but with Mr. Amaral the danger is very real, he is the one they had to stop/silence at all costs.

    AS for the "he did not have to write his book, did he?",why ever not??? Did Kate have to write her book of lies??? I suppose that Kate also does not understand the forces she might have awaken with her fictional tales...


    Another excellent article by Dr. Martin Roberts:

    "Digging Beneath the Surface, 28 November 2011"

    "Digging Beneath the Surface"

  16. I believe the day these two are brought to justice wil be a stupendous day for justice itself, democracy and freedom of speech - all of which are under great strain at the moment.

    To say this may seem a tad dramatic, but considering the obvious manipulation of the press and the silencing in the public arena of reasonable questions surrounding the lies and anomolies in the McCann's abduction theory, I think not.

    Hopefully, many corrupt egomaniacs with a penchant for bullying will fall with them.

    From that day on, it will be harder for the public to be so completely hoodwinked by sentiment and lies. 'Remember those bloody McCanns?' will forever be the question on the lips of those who will know, once and for all, that looks can be deceiving.

  17. Portia,

    I'm trying to understand your comment. If I've read you correctly, you think that, yes, the McCs, Kate in particular, made a wrong choice, or were obliged to make a wrong choice. That they aren't the bigger evil in this case, but that they are being forced to remain in this situation.
    That doesn't explain two things. The first is their need for exposure. If they were obliged, they would comply certainly, but would look for the first opportunity for things to simmer down. They haven't. They've come foward, time and time again when there was no need. Give you an example, why the 1000 day party? Just to keep Maddie's image alive. By who? By the McCs. Even if there was a bigger fish pushing them forward, it would also be in the in the interest of this "somebody" for things to quiet down. So, even if they're pushed, most of the pushing are done by themselves.

    The second thing, is that if they were being, as I said, pushed into this situation and Kate did indeed have to write the book, I don't understand the f****** t**** expressions in the book. That's being straightforwardly aggressive to those with different opinions. This also proves that she's not being led by G. They're a team, and they're both psycopathic in my opinion. What are the odds? They may be small, but these small probabilities do happen.

    I agree Kate should repent. The day she does that, she will be insulted, vilified, and will have to face a collective anger, but that same day she'll find peace. That's the reason why many criminals confess years after their crimes. I think she should repent, yes, I just think she's unable to. Not because she can't, but because she won't.

  18. A child who has just been caught stealing a cookie from a jar. She does say "I'm sorry" and she does mean what she says. But that "I'm sorry" is a "I'm sorry I've been caught and have now to suffer the consequences" rather than "I'm sorry I stole". Because if she wasn't caught she would steal cookie after cookie, and before she stole each one, she knew both the risks and the consequences. That "I'm sorry" is just an attempt to soften the deserved punishment.

    Kate's "apologetic" face is one of a child who has been caught "stealing a cookie" and is now waiting for her "father" to come home and dish out the punishment.

    She doesn't know when the door will open, but she dreads hearing each and every footstep on the other side of it.

    They've had plenty

  19. I'm the anon who just posted. Left the last sentence incomplete:

    They've had plenty of chances to backtrack, and they chose not to. Their choice.

  20. The only one's i have any sympathy for is Madeleine,Goncalo Amaral and all those that have been dragged into this neverending horror show.If they even felt an iota of guilt then they would of come clean by now,there's something sinister about the whole case,i hope a whistleblower will come forward and bring the truth into the public arena,then maybe poor little Madeleine will be able to rest in peace.

  21. I find it so hard to believe that that these two have been permitted to take part this enquiry, after all they have courted the press from day1, and only moaned when they were not controlling what was being printed. Their appearance was nicely played, especially by Kate who was going for the sympathy vote, and kept grabbing Gerrys knee under the table. Very nervous. If gerry believes in free speech, why did he stop Dr Amaral from having free speech. Being a cold person, gerry handled it quite well, a practise run for Feb2012??
    I have no sorrow for these two, until the day they demand the case is reopened. My sorrow is for Madeliene Beth McCann.

  22. @su 5.19

    Kate is looking haggard, I agree with you there, but this is of her own making. She was/is a very attractive woman, but guilt and hatred is eating away at her. What is on the inside shows on your face.

    Guilt for knowing what happened to Madeleine and hatred towards Amaral for knowing what he knows.


  23. Kate really looks tired and I am sure she is. Keeping up a farce for 4 plus years is not easy. It was mentioned previously that she did have mental problems and hopefully she will come out with the truth before she hits rock bottom again.

  24. I do not think the Mccanns are very close to each other, away from the cameras they probably lead quite separate lives, Gerry is very wary of Kate and what she might say, so far he has been the controlling force but they cannot keep this up for much longer, they are getting out of their depth with the Leveson inquiry they invited the media into their lives 'good marketing ploy' etc, Gerry's blogs meetings with dignitaries it was all too staged and fake and now they complain about press intrusion...planet Mccann is about to implode !

  25. If someone still feels the need to pay the bill as you say, that means that same someone can only stop paying it if the McCanns go down alone. A way of taht happening is what probably is being conjectured somewhere right now, because the couple shows little will to take the blame on their own. That, in my opinion, is what finally the end result to the SY review will be: the McCanns will be the only ones to be blamed.

  26. Anon 3.45
    Thank you for your balanced comment.

    Now look at the wider picture: a time-bomb is ticking away beneath their feet: In 8-10 years Sean and Amelie will start doing their own research, and they will lose them too. This is the sole reason why they can never backtrack, waiting for the unavoidable to happen.

    How's that for Purgatory?


  27. Bravo Textusa, lets hope SY has an eye for detail as good as yours, then this case can be finally closed, the Mccanns blame everybody except themselves Gerry stated ...'kate and I got the result we wanted' early on with regard to neglect, but as Textusa has shown us there was no neglect. Neglect allowed for the abductor, no neglect means no abductor.

    Why are the Mccanns part of the Leveson Inquiry they have used the media to get their message across since day 1. This is about blaming other people and why did Kate deny there were bodily fluids found, she tries to rewrite the facts.
    Facts; They involved the media encouraged their friends to contact the media.
    Bodily fluids were found in their vehicle and in their apartment that cannot be denied or glossed over, it can only be a matter of time before these two are arrested.

    I for one am fed up with seeing their smug faces on our TV's and newspapers.

  28. Has Joana Morais been Carter Rucked, her blog has not been updated for weeks.

  29. interessante, tem agora a aparencia de sofrimento que nao tiveram nas horas angustiantes que sucederam o desaparecimento da filha. Verdade ou ficcao? Para mim, mais um numero treinado e cheio de maquiagem.
    Nenhum acto publico destes dois, e inocente e expontaneo. Sao todos 'golpes publicitarios' para financiar um novo estilo de vida - ser pais(vitimas) de uma crianca desaparecida.
    Enquanto houver um(a) Otario(a) a morder o isco, o negocio vai dando e o circo nao deixara de subir a arena.
    Eu tambem alimentaria uma mentira ate a exaustao, se essa mentira me rendesse milhoes. Quem o nao faria? A cor do dinheiro e tentadora e viver a sombra dele e uma condicao que vicia, sobretudo quando e facil e nao transpirado. O que e obsceno nao e o metodo mas sim o motivo. E tao obsceno que nem as autoridades querem tocar nele. Vao ignorando, a espera que a molestia passe...mas nao vai passar... eles nao sao capazes de viver longe da ribalta.
    Para quando, a noticia sobre o presente que Madeleine recebera neste Natal? Com estes pais nao sao so as homenagens que sao a titulo postum, os presentes tambem.

  30. Portia, Anon 3:45 here
    I think there is being put too much emphasis and importance in the twins. It's thought that they will react against their parents when they are to know the truth. I think it will be quite the opposite. I think we will have another two to be a part of the farce. If it gets that far in time before the couple face the consequences that they have to.
    First, they will hear a biased version of the truth, based on why mommy and daddy HAD to hide the fact that Maddie died, and why they HAD to make up the abduction story, etc...
    Second, because the human psychology is very complex, and humanity is filled with cases of mental and physical abuse by parents to their children, and the faithfulness re and love remains untouched.
    Not saying the McCs are now abusing their children, but when that are to tell their side of the story, then, yes, that will be abusing mentally and psychologically the fact that the two are their children. Something like the “Stockholm complex” but within family members.
    So, I expect that when the twins will know the facts, they will be another defenders of the McCann version of facts, like the remainder of the McCann family. How many times have we seen parents/children defend their own no matter how much evidence there is?
    It will not be because of the twins that the truth will surface. It will surface the day someone relevant within will get tired of this farce.


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