Saturday, 26 November 2011

Absolute Eloquence About Maddie

By our reader Ross A friendly holiday from Hell
Left with so many lies to tell.
Darkness in the Place of Light
Carefully hidden in plain sight.

Of scribbled lists and secret pacts
Of cold black hearts and evil acts.
Of favours called and favours won
Of innocence lost and lives undone.

Unseen powers soon took hold
Ensuring truth would not be told.
The tale of a proud nation traduced
A mockery of the case reduced.

Serpentine words slither and slime
Cynical contortions concealing crime.
Conspiracy's such an easy word
To cow the narcoleptic herd.

If she ever was, she has gone.
Yet still the dance macabre rolls on.


  1. Gostei.........

    Com poucas palavras Ross consegue definir tudo.

    ( espero ter conseguido entender, claro. Não vá eu estar a ler diferente)

    Se a dança macabra continua e, isso é terrível mas isto " If she ever was, she has gone." foi muito mau.

    A Pequenina....... lá está.

    Os outros, infelizmente, cá continuam a fazer tudo do mais horrível.


  2. Depois do meu acto usual de copiar e colar e, ao reler, olhei para a imagem .

    Parabéns pela imagem também.

    I think the image is from Text.

    Very well.


  3. Brilliant Ross, you sum it up so well.

    I pray one day we will see justice for Maddie.

  4. BRAVO!
    This master piece should be sent to David Cameron, Theresa May, Passos Coelho and Pinto Monteiro! They should read it and hang their heads in shame!


    Fantastic article apart the negligence mention.

  6. The guy who blogger the all day during a large amount of months ( while other fathers under the same circumstances will be in the terrain searching their daughter and supporting the police in all steps of the investigation) is complaining now about the behavior of the Media. The same Media he invites to say( without evidences) his daughter was abducted. The same media he contacted to announce the setting of a Fund to fool the public, less then a week of his daughter been missing, and help him commemorate the huge amount of money and hits in just one week. Tell me which other association become so profitable to one of the parts? Which other business had a so great success and revenue?
    Any wrong doing from the media, was payed back long ago with publicity and money compensations from the papers they sue. Murat understand his lucky and fade. When are this two going to shut up and stop polluting our TVs and papers? They are inspiring all the evil minds and should be called into accounts, also regarding that. All their intentions to become a reference in the combat against the child abusers, failed. When came the time for an important decision in the defense of the children rights, no Institution believed them. Where is their attempt in the European parliament with the Amber Alert? In the garbage bin. They can fool people with power, individually, but were not able to fool institutions where anonymously, people with brain and sensitivity have power to stop their ridiculous intentions and business. That is what the British public needs to know if they don't want to be isolated from the world and mocked by everybody, including this two.
    I can imagine the subject of the conversation of the pair, on the way back from the enquiry, about the judge who open the door for an investigation on Kate diary leaks:
    "another folk we manage to fool". And that is what is this case really about. Not about a methodical search of a girl that disappeared in Algarve, 4 years ago.

  7. Anon @ 7;11 well said thats exactly what I thought Gerry blogging all day and contacting the media, never searching for his daughter, too busy doing interviews and flying around Europe, he just loves being in the limelight, centre of attention, what a stupid arrogant man he is.
    Now he and his team are set to get compensation and more publicity from the Leveson enquiry, this is the man that sold his daughters memory for 30 pieces of silver.

  8. So much said with so few words!
    This case is so simple.

  9. Does anyone know what has happened to Joana Morais blog, it has not been updated for days.

    Thanks x

  10. The Blacksmiths Bureau today is well worth a "visit",the smug Gerry is slowly being ground down and the cracks are most definitly there for all to see, he really is ,A LIAR through and through!!!

  11. Anon 5:29 thanks for the link, what an excellent article by Blacksmith. It made me wonder if perhaps the Mccanns have got involved in this Leveson enquiry because they have a forth coming courtcase with Amaral in February and are using Leveson as a platform to belittle the pj prior to the courtcase. Just a thought....

  12. anon 9:09, there's always an 'angle' with this pair. Their so-called 'evidence' at the Leveson Circus seemed to be little more than an opportunity to run over old and discredited PR spin and to engage in a spot of subtle Portuguese-bashing.I was wondering - could it be that they're actually a little worried about the SY 'review'? Getting their excuses in early in case they're invited to do the dreaded reconstruction?

    This pair have always had a strange and powerful hold over the chattering class and champaign socialsts of Middle England -

    'those poor McCanns have suffered enough';'if the Mccans are guilty my faith in human nature will be completely destroyed' - just two comments uttered by oddball 'columnists' when the mccs were named arguidos.

    This cynical pair are once more playing the sympathy card for all its worth, and it's not for no reason at all. The BBC, aka the likes of supposed paragons of objectivity such as lightweight but influential Jeremy Vine are already doing their bit to help.

  13. Another good day re people in the madia prepared to say something that will ruffle the Macaans feathers ,Dominique Holland on Channel 5,s "The Wright Stuff" morning reveiw of today,s headlines etc,had Dominique Holland,after dissing "The Express"headline that ,Britain braced for New Storms,what???? a news story predicting storms in winter??? surely not!!! However the icing on the cake was when the female commentator said ,are you saying they didn,t mention Princess Diana ? and Dominique quipped No NOR Madeleine Macaans parents !!!!!!Bring it on !

  14. It amazes me that we all see the Mccanns for the scheming coniving couple they are but the individuals that could challenge the Mccanns sit back and do nothing.

    Time and time again individuals have the opportunity to question and challenge the Mc's but instead of asking those all important key questions they pander to this couple of criminals, who must be laughing all the way to the bank.

    I do hope that for the sake of SY's credibility they do a proper investigation on the Mc's and we will see long overdue justice for Madeleine.


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