Monday, 1 November 2010

The Way I See What Tanner Saw

This post is just to clarify, as I’ve read that some people didn’t fully understand, fortunately a minority, what I was trying to convey with my “Tale of Tanner’s Abductor” post.

This is what Jane Tanner tells us how she has seen what she swears she’s really seen:

I believe her, I just think that this is how she saw the whole thing;
Basically, I just don’t exactly agree in the exact spot she’s standing, although VERY NEAR to where she states she was, nor with the exact route taken by the person carrying Maddie, although in both instances with the same clear final direction:
What I absolutely don’t agree with her is when she says she sees a stranger, because as already said, “The Abductor” AKA “McStroller” AKA Gerry McCann, was at the time, and still isn’t now, no stranger to her.

When she saw him then and there, she then thought he was a friend, today, she’s very certain he’s not. That doesn't make him a stranger, does it?


  1. In both, A or GM, go in the direction of Murat's house. Was Jane aware of which house or place the body is going to, or Gerry hide that information from the rest of the group? If she was aware, then when Jane bring Murat into the picture made a stupid decision. Unless she was absolutely certain that Gamble was already in the place spreading the idea of a Paedos nest and she buyed the idea of an incompetent portuguese police.
    Now she knows that a LIE is not a solution and Gerry by involving her and her child on such evil crime shows that he is not a friend. He is an oportunist.

  2. J. Tanner e os restantes Tapas:

    Quem tem " amigos como gerry " jamais precisa de inimigos.

    Aquele grupo jamais esquecerá como foram manipulados, usados e deitados fora.

    Estive a ler o segundo comentário do post anterior:

    à conta do " amigo gerry " tornaram-se cúmplices nestes crimes todos , pois estes têm aumentado como uma bola de neve.

    Mas, penso que à medida que o tempo passa, será mais difícil a tal cadeia de colaboradores abrir uma saída e assumirem a conivência neste Caso de MMC.

    E o " amigo" sabe disso.

    A good day to all!


  3. Poor Jane, how she has been duped by her so called friends, the Mccs.

  4. I hope that people start to understand this whole Murat against Tanner "libel".

    Tanner was NOT the only one to point a finger at Murat, so he should act against all, but no, he's (apparently) singled out Tanner. Why?

    When Tanner pointed out Murat, it was not an inoocent choice. They all knew he had had his hand also in the honey jar... so couldn't react as any honourable citizen would if wrongfully charged he was supposed to have been... and now guess on who does the SAME jacket fit now?

    Isn't life ironic?

  5. It is in fact ironic.

    There is more here than we can see in a quick look...

    I wonder how this people live each day thinking about when this all can fall apart.

    A trial court would never produce such a great condemnation has they did to themselves... however it's not good enough we still want justice!!!

  6. I'm confused now! If Madeleine's body was taken to Murat's house and was left there for some time, then how is it possible that the dogs did not detect any odours there? As far as I can remember the house was investigated, and nothing came out of it. Anyone remembers if Eddie and Keela worked on Murat's house?

  7. Now I got the answer for my doubts on comment 1: Jane pointed out Murat because she knows he can't speak. He was inside the dirty mug as much as herself. Murat use the same strategy by bringing only Jane to Court. He knows that with her Umm!! ERR!!! she had to stay like that if she wants to save her skin- giving idiot answers to very important questions.
    Murat case against Jane was planned to entertain the public because over the time people in the Internet start not buying Murat innocence. I believe, people from PDL and from the Algarve have the same feeling, then, not easy the day life if you carry a secret like that and other people suspect you. He was forced by the circumstances to do something. A case against Jane was perfect, if the public was stupid. That guys and their egocentrism always dismiss the intelligence of the public. Another small detail which become a huge mistake. I hope some intelligent judges pick the right smell and expose the liars. BTW Mr. Pagarete still Murat's Lawyer or not? I have the feeling that he also jumped out of the case.
    GNR dogs marked Maddie near the swimming pool( according to some news at the time) but off-course the body did not stay there ennough time to leave the scent that Eddie and Keela could spot. The operation with body had to be quick and efficient before calling the police. Remember that Amaral said that Gerry is a guy with pragmatic and quick decisions and he don't leave untide knots. Leaving the body long time in Murat property will be too danger, specially because doctors know well the accuracy of the dogs nose and Murat also( He use to help UK police in cases involving portuguese people). And all polices or rescue teams have dogs. Maddie will be under the nose of A GNR dog on the next morning. A car is the missing piece on that jigsaw.

  8. Could I ask all Portuguese Textusa's readers to make an effort to write your comments in English, please?

    Don't take this the wrong way, please, It's not that I don't want to use the Google translator, but, as you must understand, we Brits really want to know what you're saying, and translations are not always correct. Please don't be afraid of mistakes, MC is a brilliant example of an "understandable" mixture of both languages.

    If you struggle too much, do write in both languages, but do us Brits a chance to fully understand all that is written in this brilliant blog.

    Thank you, and hope you understand.


  9. Ja repararam que ate Videntes, Bruxos e Adivinhos deixaram de usar a bolita de cristal neste caso? e se tinham materia para vender a 'charlatanisse', quanto mais nao fosse aos pauperrimos e desinformados tabloides ingleses.
    A historia da 'Mccanaria' ja nem a charlatoes interessa. O mundo sabe que a miuda esta morta desde antes do alarme soar e que o dinheiro do Fundo devia ser devolvido a quem foi enganado e contribuiu, ou transferido para um Fundo Publico que realmente ajude criancas necessitadas.
    Hoje, Madeleine merecia flores e oracoes, mesmo de quem nunca a conheceu. Era o dia ideal para a mae se deslocar ao lugar onde a perdeu. Em homenagem a filha. Em vez do 2 de Outubro em afronta a G. Amaral pelos motivos que sabemos.

  10. JJ : when i " write in googlenglish" nobody understand also. Sorry.

    I do not know english , sorry. But i know some english like a british Friend said to me , even in stores, because they do not know speak portuguese.

    I never lost in London even my bad english but write to You all, i can not.


  11. Anon 10:56

    You raise one VERY IMPORTANT issue. The answer to your question has two distinct parts. The first I’ll let GA answer it himself, the second, I apologise but have to leave it for later.

    As far as I know, or remember, Murat’s house was searched twice by canines: by the GNR dogs, shortly after her disappearance, and by Eddie and Keela in late July, if memory doesn’t betray me, thus the twofold answer to your question.

    The first search, done by the GNR dogs, GA answered this very effectively when he was disdainfully interviewed by the arrogant and ill-prepared Miguel Sousa Tavares (who, since this interview has lost much of the little credibility he had, but does retain all his arrogance), by saying the scent picked up by those dogs were of a LIVE Maddie, as it was that they were looking for. As you know, a dead body produces cadaverine, altering completely, one’s personal odor.

    So even if THOSE dogs had touched with their noses Maddie’s body they wouldn’t have alerted for her presence. The fact that they didn’t signal Murat’s place, only proves ONE thing: Maddie was never there ALIVE.

    About Eddie and Keela, I’ll leave that for later, but I can tell you that it involves "Whatshername", you know, Murat’s mother. You don’t remember her name? Well you SHOULD, for she’s as an important character in this charade as is John Geraghty’s…

    Unlike the Hubbards whose role was basically that of Bouncers at a Night Club’s entrance, but without the physique, the intelligence or the ETHICS.

  12. MC,

    I was complimenting your efforts in writing in English, bless you heart and thank you!

    In google:"Eu estava elogiando seus esforços em escrever em Inglês, abençoe o coração e muito obrigado!"


  13. JJ : thank You very much ! = JJ Muito obrigada (fem.) !

    What i write is not important.

    Text: but the dogs smell " odour cadaver " near a door in garden who give oportunity to go to the beach? R.M. Home/Vivenda?

    I think but i am not sure.


  14. Yah, the old lady with a stall looking for information regarding 'who knows what' is a master piece on that charade. We had the big circus on the arena and a huge circus behind stage with all that characters. Remember Murat Cousin and friends, all screeming his innocence? Innocents don't need that circus ( his friend at his door showing journalists that Murat is in prison inside his house and he had to bring food to him). There is no junk food to be home delivered in PDL? Innocents use the Court to prove their innocence and with no noise at all.
    And Murat never ever pointed the finger at the Mccann's just to say the most evident issue: That leaving 3 babys alone in a strange flat was a wrong and dangerous decision. Any innocent will tourn the case against the wrong behaviour of the parents. He avoid to incriminate the Mccann's, even in the most obvious crimes.

  15. Why is Kate McCann visiting the church very late in the night or should I say too early in the morning.

    It's not about praying I can tell you. If she needs some private space she can ask to go there after the ceremony, not around 4 our 5 a.m.

    There's something here truly wrong and I think that it has to do with last evidences...

    Fortunately I'm not the only one knowing about this....

  16. A PJ não encontrou qualquer vestígio de Madeleine McCann em casa de Robert Murat.
    aeiou, Domingo, 5 de Agosto de 2007 às 16:36

    Nothing found


  17. A PJ não encontrou nenhum vestígio de Maddie VIVA no casa de Murat!!!

  18. If Madeleine was inside the Tenis bag when went to Murat's house, no scent of her in Murat house.

  19. Anon 9:32
    And if Madeleine was in a bag, it could explain the horizontal position of carrying.

  20. Textusa,
    Thanks for your reply @1.44pm. Yes, you're absolutely right, the GNR dogs were tracking dogs, trained to follow the scent of a live person, now I remember they were given a bath towel to sniff, the towel used to dry Madeleine after her bath. Now, this has always intrigued me, why a bath towel and not the clothes she was wearing before the bath, or her shoes?! Certainly the clothes would have a stronger scent, the towel would have the mixed scents of the shower-gel, shampoo, not to mention the scent of the detergent and fabric-softener it was washed with. Maybe that's what was wanted, overload the dogs noses with a confusing scent cocktail!
    When I have the time I will look through the police files and see what Eddie and Keela did in Murat's house.
    I believe Murat's mother is Jenny, dear old Jenny, with such a sweet and frail appearance, so eager to do her bit to help, she even took the trouble to set an "information collecting stand" on the street, for those who could have something to report but were too afraid to go talk to the mean, corrupt sardine-munching portuguese police!!!

  21. Carregue neste link para ver o filme que escolhi para si, - Entrevista com Gonçalo Amaral


  22. Since 2007 I have that feeling that Maddie was incinerated in an animal crematory. Some papers speculated ( I feel that they touch the true track) that there was animal crematorys in Algarve belonging to Expats and some times they don't check what is inside the bags to be cremated. They believe what the animal owners were saying.
    The all Tapas and Murat know since day one that GNR and PJ did not buy their story and 100% of Portugal plus millions of other people in the world had the eyes open in all airports, ports, highways, small streets, houses, etc, looking for the little girl. No way to pass with her body trough any 'place', even the most remote, without been noticed. A crematory was the only solution. Few bills of Euros will be enough to get the job done, specially if the deal was prepared by somebody knowing well the Expat comunnity. He/she did not need to tell the crematory owner what is going to be cremated. A 4 years old child in a bag is almost the size and the weight of a big dog. did not raise suspiction. It was too late when the crematory realised the issue. They have to close their mouths because we know how the team works with pressures and intimidation.
    I know, my feeling is a horror movie but is the only way I can understand Gerry words and confidence, when he arrived in UK: " Find the body and prove we kill her". And is the only way I can understand their Fund asking for donations- They know that there is no any possibility for Madeleine to be seen by anybody in the all world.
    But I believe on the intelligence of PJ. They have clever and competent brains, even after all the manipulation of their UK partners. They did not found the body but they smell the ashes and exposing the truth is just a question of time. The case was temporary shelved, not closed forever and the political power is so volatil that evaporate very quickly, when the mans lost their positions.


    ESta iPetition is not the Mcs petition.

    Is to REOPEN THE Madeleine ´s case.


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