Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Voice For Madeleine

Just contributing in getting the case reoponed the quickest possible manner.

My way of helping the McCanns with all the burocracy needed to be done, because, it seems, they're unable to do it themselves.

You, can help me help them. thank you.

A Petition for Maddie


  1. I signed this petition yesterday and was waiting all day for the Mcs to promote it....or should I say get their team to spin it. The silence from them, their team and camp followers says everything.

  2. I too signed the petiton yesterday. I also went to check if anyone had mentioned it in M. Brunt's blog Life of Crime - "Madeleine McCann and a new appeal", and no, not a mention! I found it strange, because many who post there read Textusa and Joana Morais, and are not pro-mcCharades... So, I posted a comment there (I gave up posting there ages ago), urging people to sign it and gave the links. Guess what...? No reactions, except for that unsavoury character that goes by the name of Mordrod, who said "thanks, but no thanks"! That "piece of work" really has a chipp on her shoulder about Joana Morais! She/he passes on the opportunity to do something good for Madeleine, to help get justice for the poor child, because Joana is promoting the petition (or as that character puts it, Joana thinks that she "owns" Madeleine!)! When having to choose between doing the right thing for an innocent child or staying on one's high horse and indulge in petty personal dislikes..."oh, well, what the heck, f*#%ck the child"!
    This attitude reminds me of someone...Kate, when she refused to answer the 48 questions, even if that meant NOT helping her child! What did she care? It was more important not to give in to the sardine-munchers cops!

  3. The Petition should be advertised on the Portuguese Media. I don't see any Media highlighting it. Somebody has to do something to allow the Petition to reach the big majority of the Public and to be spread by e-mail. I'm not good with computers and Internet and I had to try more then one time to sign it. Should be much easier to sign because if did not reach 5000 signatures soon, the team Mccann will claim victory since their fraudulent Petition reach 31000 signatures quickly. We know how they got there, but when that news appear in the papers, the big majority of the public( not everybody use Blogs and the Net to come across true information) believe on their lies. That was their game since the beginning and they still able to play it. At least, the Portuguese Media should expose their frauds and give a voice to people who really care about Madeleine's rights. You, Textusa and Joana Morais, should highlight the Petition in the Media in Portugal and Spain.

  4. Modrod is male. Into cars. Name could be changed to Mr Doom.

  5. i can see the mccans and tapas lot name on this petition,surely they would like to get the case RE-OPENED


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