Monday, 15 November 2010

McCanns in Wonderland

It seems that the McCanns have made a further announcement, and that is they are to publish a book, in April 2011, about a SEARCH.

I might even be a buyer. If it’s about their fictional search for the late Madeleine Beth McCann, not interested.

If it’s about their search to get your money into their pockets, might be interested.

If it’s about their search to escape the inevitability of Justice, interested.

If it’s their search to get their “good name” cleared, with full explanations and details about their version of what happened between April 28th, 2007 and today, definitely interested!

Oh, by the way, McCanns & Co, in this little corner of the internet we’re not distracted by your idle, fruitless, attention-deviating campaigns. We’re staying on track. And you’re right in the middle of it.

Update: Nov 17th, 2010:

McCanns, I’ve been kind of busy lately, as you know, so I haven't had much time to whack your bottoms, at least in the way you'd certainly deserve, but let that not stop me from saying just a few words on what I think about your forthcoming book (?).

First, I’m divided between believing that you write and being sure you won’t.

If you had any sense, you’d opt, obviously for the latter, but as I’ve seen you do some REALLY stupid things (the injunction, the mockumentary, the Oprah… etc) I do think you egomaniacs are really going to put your hallucinogenic thoughts on paper.

I, for one, want you to do it.

Second, don’t think you’ve fooled me for a minute. Yes, your threats did find echo, and the “People in the Station” have, not so subtly, but effectively, a way to fund your fund continuous and endlessly.

For every book that is “sold” a “penny” goes there, right? And who controls the selling? The same people that you’ve just signed a contract with.

So if just write a one-pager, and the editors say, and pay the adequate taxes for, that they’ve sold a million copies for $30.00 a piece, who’s to deny it?

Or better, who can deny it?

If you have any questions on how the book business is run, do ask your friend J. K. Rawlings, because she knows it better than anyone else.

All legal, and unstoppable. Very nice scheme on your part.

Thirdly and last, if you do write it, I hope it REALLY sells like cupcakes. That it will hold the 1st place on the Best-Sellers list up to the following Christmas.

That you make a such a bundle of money that it will make Amaral’s book look like it sold very, very poorly indeed.

And unlike I said before, I’ll buy it, independent of content. Probably won’t read it, but I’ll certainly buy it. And buy some more copies for family and friends.

Why do I wish you this success?

Well, ask the “People in the Station”. At least the way that they’re spending it with you, they are CLEARLY showing you, and us, that there are some things much, much more IMPORTANT than money…

Do please speed up your writing, and please don’t take as long to write in your language, as you took to translate that other thing.


  1. The book will be about the BEAUTY AND THE MONSTERS. I will not spend a coin on it.
    Wonder to see if the book wil be available on-line, without the Mccann's jumping over the moon to screem about the money they were prevented to grab.
    The way they use and abuse their childs it is really ashame. Karen Mathews is in prison for less, much less.

  2. Very well,Textusa!

    If it was not so sad and with so NOT nice people i just LOL!

    I can LOL, by Madeleine. Poor Child with....

    i do not know how to give a name to the couple.

    But Lawyers can read also. They will need pills .

    Probably the book will be a great but very sad JOKE!

    Or can cause vomits.

    Joke or ilness.

  3. And NOW, NOVEMBER, the trial about Operation Ore?

    And NOW tan tan tan............ " the friction book".


  4. NOT MINE:

    Books at Transworld....Humour...Fantasy and Science Fiction.....Good choice...The McCanns will be right at home.


    Really, only the " friction book could be from here.


  5. I presume the book will be based on K's diary. If so then she will be hung out to dry. Not once does she talk about the memories parents think about. The first word, the first steps, the smell of the child...good and bad! The funny things she said, the devastation of not knowing how she is feeling, her future psychological damage 'if' she were to be found.

    She even says she slept after so many days, I would never sleep again.

    The diary was such a premeditated plan it's obscene. Next will be the film they deny having negotiations about.

    This could be the piece of fiction that allows EVERYONE to see what they are up to. So as they say 'every cloud has a silver lining' and this will crucify them. They should be encouraged to write it to feed their egos, then let them see how they have failed to convince anyone who hasn't got s reason to 'invest' in them.

    If you look at the comments on the Daily Mail article they have virtually no support and a thousands of people getting quite angry about their behaviour.

    They are past their sell by date.

    K needs some more lessons about body language, on the news item she showed discomfort about being seen. It looked so much like she has been caught out in a lie.

    Keep it up Mcs, we are all on your tail!

  6. The cover of that book looks quite appealing - and matches sooo much the McCanns! :-) However, I wouldn't buy it, unless its the truth of what really happened - and PJ and IP can confirm that with evidence found.
    The British press is the worst in the world. They basically have no rules and/or codes at all. I used to work for lawyers in Germany, whose clients were the German tabloids. Every now and then they get sued by persons like Caroline of Monaco, her husband Ernst August or the German model Claudia Schiffer, who lives in UK.
    One argument, our lawyers always used, was: "Claudia Schiffer would never sue the UK press, because there was NO chance at all she could ever succeed. She sues the German press for less than what is publicated in UK about her, all that ONLY for getting compensation." Says it all, doesn't it?

  7. Everyone, Please go to Joana's site and sign the petition. . . Encourage all your friends to do likewise.

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  9. Have you thought about writing the book on behalf of K Mc? Maybe we could all contribute a chapter as we know what she going to say. I'm sure this version would be much more interesting.
    We could include some photos so it doesn't get too the one of the Mcs on what would have been Madeleine's 4th birthday.


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