Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Swan's Cry

The latest spin from our friends McCann’s is now to ask for a joint review of the process.

Basically, saying, please pick it up, but don’t reopen it. Or, in other words, “hey people, just reminding you that we’re still interested, but not THAT interested”.

Before I give my opinion on this particular move, let me pretend that I’m naïve and that I really think that this is yet another “let’s remain in the Press” maneuver.

So, the McCanns are asking for a review, and I ask the McCanns why.

Yes, they have the right to ask for whatever they want to ask, and they are the first and foremost victims of the proverb “careful for what you wish for, for it just might come true…”

My question has got to do with the fact that they are THE EXPERTS on the PJ Files.

They’ve read it word, for word.

They’ve took almost a year to translate it, so there’s not a single word, a single picture that have gone past their eyes.

I would even say, that if I read on the news that the POLICE wanted to review the files, I would be the first to strongly advise them to go and speak with the McCanns.

The evidence of this REAL expertise, were all the facts, CONTAINED in the files, that Isabel Duarte said to have been overlooked by the PJ in its apparently clumsy investigation.

 If the McCanns were to ask for a review, they should specify, to help and justify the request, what makes them want the review.

Say that on VOL IXC page 92361 a man in a yellow jersey sneezed when a witness was being enquired about a blue vehicle that ran on cooking oil and that should be better looked together with other existing detail, to help understand what happened to Maddie.

You know a specific detailed request from someone who deeply understands ALL that those files contain.

Noticed I said “should be better looked together with other existing detail”, and not “to be relooked at”, because that would mean reopening the bl**dy thing, and that is something NOBODY wants… with the exception of the whole world, well except you know who.

But let me stop my naivety here, and tell you what I think this is.

Since the announcement of Jim Gamble’s “demise” on Oct 5th, for which I like to think, modesty aside, I’ve decisively contributed for, the downfall of the McCanns have accelerated significantly.

The pathetic Gamble at the Hearing, strongly contributed to confirm that the man not only was unpopular, on such a popular subject such as child protection, as he was full of… nothing.

His idiotic plea that he had a letter from Microsoft that they would be so sad that is still wandering around my head, for I don’t know where to archive THAT memory…

The McCanns have turned on the government; they’ve turned on their own police; they’ve turned on those, like J. K. Rawlings, that had supported them… You see, what they’re doing is damage control.

There’s a battle raging inside the McCann camp, to see who can get out of this unscathed.

Understand the sudden urge of Kate McCann coming to PdL for “prayer”?

 This is a message to their side: We’re desperate, and we’re not going down alone. We don’t know how you will get us out of this , but you better come up with something, because, if you’re thinking of walking out when we need you, think better again…”

Or so they think…

Well McCanns, I have news for you. You’re going down. Maybe it will take years, but you are going down.

You can always ask for help from Murat and Tanner, they know how friendly a friend you are.


  1. Será mesmo o canto do cisne ?

    Ou toda esta farsa / fraude da ipetition já muito bem desmascarada, além de outra farsa de não terem dinheiro SERÁ para, de modo algum pagarem uma indemnização a uma Família Portuguesa, a qual ficou , à conta destes Mcs Trafulhas, a viver em condições que só eles sabem?

    E mais indemnizações/pedidos que apareçam?

    É que GA já afirmou numa entrevista que este McCasal não dá, de modo algum, ponto sem nó.*****

    Outro assunto, que será mais uma proposta:

    que tal uma história deste caso em Banda desenhada? É que entraria em Uk!

    Os desenhos ou bonecos não podem ser do post anterior, claro. Um desenhador que crie os personagens, as manas que construam e reconstruem este caso MMC e, atenção: nada de assusta Crianças.

    A BD teria de ser registada como BD para adultos.

    Parece-me uma excelente ideia. E teria resultados ! Já pensaram nisso ?

    BD , com o caso MMC, para adultos e entrada garantida em toda a UK.

    Acho que deram o mote.

    Quem quer e pode criar então esta BD ?


  2. That Petition is a runaway strategy. The Mccann's learned a lesson during the last 3 years: They cannot go away with that crime if they insist on their spin and star life. They need to fade if they want to "survive". But they have a problem, they lie too much when they said that no stone will be left unturned. Now they want to go way, "leaving all the stones unturned" and are panicking with Amaral and the last judges decision. Amaral could be the one who his going to leave no "stone unturned".

  3. Textusa

    Yes - they tried too hard to to publicise their innocence and came up against Goncalo Amaral and tried to gag him.

    In my opinion he was the one who could threaten them the most because people would believe him.

    He has no axe to grind no other reason than to find out what happened to Madeleine and he was stopped from completing the investigation. No Detective likes to leave a case unsolved, let alone be taken off the case with no conclusion.

    The people around them are under suspicion as well - and they have positioned themselves in the middle of them.


  4. Their power is a myth they convenniently feed with suport of Mitchell and some tabloids.
    Over the time the hypotetic powerful people went away and the decadents stars and the oportunists, who used the case on their own profit, trying to shine a little longer, were desperate to go away.
    The pair was forced to went in low profile, many times, to PDL.... TO close mouths, to intimidate.
    Soon the case will be reopened. Some mouths could not shut-up forever, specially when on the other side there is a competent investigator, who was dismissed and forced to silence, in name of a lie and a fraud. He is the only one who still looking for Madeleine or for what hapenned to her at his own expenses. I believe, soon, he will be able to tell the world the completly story of the blond little girl with a eye defect that went to quite PDL not to 'enjoy herself'. He will break and expose the Myth.

  5. They are indeed going down, but what troubles me now is the different aspects of this case that we, the general public, will NEVER learn. The whole thing has been rank since long before day one. All the different, and important people involved in the cover up - WHY?? The child being made a ward of court so nothing can be learned about her health - WHY??
    We will only ever be able to speculate. Somewhere a long long way down the line truth may surface, but sadly all the white hats may be making grass grow by then.


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