Friday, 10 September 2010

The Luck of the Irish

McCann told Tanner to mention this to PJ that night thinking the following day the witness would come forward on May 4th.

They did not and McCann waited and waited.

To the McCann’s desperation (and ignorance), they simply didn’t appear.

And the tide started to turn against them.

The Police started to look at the various blatant contradictions.

We now know that they did their best to distract the police by pointing the finger at Murat, who they knew, had played a part in that evening, and with some luck, some trace of Maddie would have been found linking him with to the “abducted” child.

But the Murat’s were too careful from moment one.

They understood the seriousness of the crime.

Murat got pointed out because the Smiths simply didn’t surface.

The tide continued to turn, stronger and stronger, against them.

They had to act. Desperate,

Gerry makes, in his blog, an appeal DIRECTLY and INEQUIVOCALY to the IRISH:

Day 37 June 9th 2007 After returning from the beach we did the Irish version of Crimewatch-‘Crimecall’. There are a lot of Irish tourists in and around Praia da Luz and although the awareness of Madeleine’s disappearance in Ireland is extremely high, we want to ensure that everyone is aware of the appeal and we want the Irish public to come forward with photographs of people who they do not know who were in and around Praia da Luz in the 2 weeks leading up to the 3rd May.

The address to upload photographs is: to

We have also asked for people to contact their local police if they have seen a man matching the description of the suspect carrying a child seen around the time of Madeleine’s abduction.

He is 30-40 years, 1.70-1.80m (5’7”-11”), caucasian and was wearing a dark jacket, beige or mustard coloured trousers with dark shoes. No major news on the investigation front- we still believe it is just a single phone call away.

Why the IRISH? Is it a known fact that there are a “lot” of IRISH tourists in the Algarve?

How many IRISH witnesses have you read in the tabloids or heard being involved in the infamous numerous sightings?

The only IRISH tourists that we’ve ever heard up to now of are the Smiths.

They certainly DO NOT, by themselves, make up a 'lot'.

So, this DIRECT call to the IRISH will probably be explained, from the McCann Team as yet another of the inexplicable phenomenon that will certainly be studied in many fora in the future: The McCann Coincidence.

They just keep coming in non-stop.

On this day, an appeal to the IRISH can ONLY mean that Gerry McCann knows that a group of IRISH people have seen a man carrying a child in all similar to his "abducted" daughter.

And for him to know that, it can ONLY mean that he was the one seen with the child.

Murat by the May 14th was in the frame, but McCanns had here another bit of bad luck... Smith had seen, even if briefly, Murat before and confirmed it was not him with the child.

McCann continues to WAIT for the connection, he had done all he could to ask BEG even for THAT family to come forward.


Even, for argument’s sake, information had leaked out that the couple had come to the Police, which we have no reason for having happened, the fact is that they didn’t come out publicly.

And that was absolutely required for the McCann marketing machine. Martin Smith telephoned Leicester Police the evening of September 9th saying he recognized Gerry McCann... McCann would have been tipped off by his friendly bobby.
Note that ONLY from this date, is the Smith’s Sighting a liability against the McCanns.

From this moment on, it’s important not only not to give it importance but to fragilize it as much as possible. But only from this moment, not befroe.

What was an added value, suddenly has become cumbersome. VERY cumbersome.

LATER, Martin Smith said Brian Kennedy contacted him to be involved in some sort of photofit.

Martin Smith had to contact the MEDIA on several occasions because he said they kept misquoting him...

It seems the child was now wrapped in a BLANKET...

Martin Smith as we know from his statement has never mentioned a blanket.

Who was behind the media telling them to now say Mr.Smith saw a child wrapped in a blanket and why?

If he was confused about a blanket maybe he was also confused about recognizing Gerry McCann.

Unfortunately for Gerry, he was not. But as this blog has proved, it’s NOT only the fact that Mr. Smith recognized Gerry that proves he was the McStroller, but it is due to his statement that we can rule out all the other male members. Gerry McCann, is the McStroller.
McCann, far from stupid knew his word alone would not prove abduction.

I believe McCann walked through the street with Tanner’s sedated child dressed in Madeleine’s pyjamas.

We know they were Maddie’s thanks to her little sister, when Kate held them up she said promptly 'Maddie’s'. The pyjamas were one and the same.

Whatever Maddie died in, they were not THOSE pyjamas.

The Smiths flew back and made their statement in secret May 26th...this information was not released.

So, all those that think that the Smith Sighting was public from day one are wrong, it wasn’t, it only became public known in the following articles (1) (2), in the beginning of August 2007.

Then, and only then, did we all get to know that Martin Smith and his family had seen a man carrying a child.

Therefore, the only people that, between May and August 2007, knew that there was a person who had seen a child with bare feet in the pyjamas in the Rua da Escola Primária would have been the Smiths themselves, the IRISH and PORTUGUESE Polices and, obviously, the man who carried the child.

That man we now know to have been Gerry McCann.

If, for nothing else, his behaviors in those days prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that yes, it was him.

Gerry McCann could not figure out why, a group of nine people, together with all the publicity, just didn’t come forward...

It was supposed to be a slam dunk case.

A little girl had been abducted and he had made sure he had been seen carrying a barefooted, blonde little girl in pyjamas, and yet, albeit all the world coverage, THAT group of people simply didn’t surface.

What he didn’t know is that they had already, in effect, come forward, and made the statements that we now know, on May 26th.

Remember that at the time, ONLY the Smiths, PORTUGUESE and IRISH Polices and McStroller knew that.

Had JEZ WILKINS not come along when he did... and delayed slightly McCann, fate would probably determine that it wouldn’t be the Smith’s the crucial witnesses that night.

They could have been some local residents, or better yet, Brit tourists.

Someone, on the NEXT day, would have put two and two together and gone to PJ on the 4th.

And the McCanns would have had THEIR so much needed witness to the abduction...

All the remainder details would have been completely overlooked, and all attention drawn not as to why, but as to where she had been taken to.

Maritime traffic would have scrutinized, many an illegal ship would have found sailing just off the coast. The couple would return home as martyrs.

It is the bare feet of the child and the pyjamas that ARE EMPHASIZED at the time, and not the man carrying the child.

In the beginning we just had an egg with hair (Tanner's description was released THREE weeks later to JOG the Smith's memory), in order to match Jane’s statement to what would surely be to the one given by that family that Gerry knew he had been seen by.


  1. We now need Mr Smith to come forward and cast doubt over McCann doubt is enough to turn this whole scam on its head.

  2. excellent post

  3. How are the McCanns still free? Someone needs to stop this and now.

  4. And I read on the news( including the British Media) that when the Social service went to Mccann's house in Rothley, Amelie was wearing the famous pyjama and Madeleine sandals. Quick the Mccann's came forward to say that Amelie loves to wear her sister clothes. What a sinister behaviour, from a pair of parents.
    If the pyjama went away with Madeleine, how it come back to Rothley? Gerry could answer that question, I believe.

  5. This is good, no, in fact, it's very good. It proves for me that their intention was just this - but when did they decide to make it an 'abduction". That same evening - how could they think this far ahead. Were they given help and advice from someone.


  6. It all seems to fit,, brilliant, the truth is coming.


  7. Thank you Angelique.

    They did not think that much ahead. They thought only until the next day. The Smiths would appear, and instead of Apartment 5A, the PdL beach would become a public shrine.

    Only, they didn't appear the next day, nor the one after. Nor the next one... and then yes, they started to think ahead.

    This is VERY important to understand their attitude when giving their first statements... they knew, or thought, they were just stalling, before those crucial witnesses appeared, and got them off the hook.

    Also imprtant is for all to understand what was the threat they thought they faced... that, will be for a later date.

  8. Thank you Angelique.

    They did not think that much ahead. They thought only until the next day. The Smiths would appear, and instead of Apartment 5A, the PdL beach would become a public shrine.

    Only, they didn't appear the next day, nor the one after. Nor the next one... and then yes, they started to think ahead.

    This is VERY important to understand their attitude when giving their first statements... they knew, or thought, they were just stalling, before those crucial witnesses appeared, and got them off the hook.

    Also imprtant is for all to understand what was the threat they thought they faced... that, will be for a later date.

  9. I believe Martin Smith and his wife at least stayed in PDL for a few days longer,some of the group returned the next day, that's why they were heading back early as they had a plane to catch the following a.m.

    Ireland , although now in deep recession at the time had had years of boom and many Irish had holiday homes in Portugal, hence Kelly's bar and other Irish bars sprang up.

    The story was 'big' in Ireland at the time , partly due to the McCanns' Donegal roots and the generosity of the Irish when it comes to donating to causes. The McCs fund did well out of the Irish (until they wised up).

    Good observations though, Gerry must have been desperate to be seen but not heard. That's why he didn't reply when the Smiths apparently asked 'is she asleep', they would have sussed his Glaswegian accent.

  10. anon 8:41

    Stand corrected.

    Aiofe states that: "There were two reasons for this: her sister-in-law was not feeling very well and the other reason had to do with her brother, sister-in-law, nephew and son of her sister-in-law, who were catching a flight to Ireland the very next day"

    The remainder had booked to return on the 9th.

    I will withdraw the paragraph, as it's not relevant and only confirms that albeit all the fuss, the Smiths did not connect the two events, probably because the encounter had been nothing furtive at all, as I've already explained, as expected in an "abduction" scenario.

    Thank you very much for your contribution

  11. brilliant,so when are these mccanns going to get thier just deserts,surely every one can see the mccanns are committing fraud with the fund and have lied through out about thier part in what happend to little madeleine.
    how on earth are they still free and still raking in the cash for the fraud fund and being treated better than royalty.

  12. Sorry but you are wrong.

    The Smith sighting reported in the Drogheda Independent in the beginning of June. Look it up...

  13. Simply, utterly brilliant. Gotcha Gerry!

  14. A very pertinent presentation of events.John McCann referred to Amelie wearing what she referred to as "Maddie's jammies"

  15. Johanna, thank-you.

    This makes it even better...June 6th

    The Portuguese police have asked the family not to speak to the press in case they compromise their investigations.
    The family declined to give any details to the Drogheda Independent.

    REFUSING to tell the press did not help McCann...he was using the press to prove his innocence and give value to the 'abductor' was still early days and McCann could not say a word.

    Drogheda Independent is the SMITH’s rag for their area...... Which means the British Press did not have the story… OR could not get the story

    We have known from the beginning there was a leak. someone was giving McCanns info, we’ve said so in the post.

    McCann knew the family were Irish because he bumped into them.....if it was leaked to him the family came forward BUT were not allowed to go public the result is the same...The Smiths could not clear the McCanns...So McCann mentions in his blog for the IRISH to come forward now giving great detail of he was wearing....The Smiths were never able to give such detail they only said they think beige clothes....It is Tanner who describes the clothes...but much later.

    If he knew that a newspaper had reported that an Irish family had seen "the abductor" then the blog entry would have been directed to that IRISH family, and not to a vague " a lot" of IRISH tourists and certainly nor using the lame excuse of CRIMEWATCH to have written the entry.

    It would have been “it appears that an Irish family has been reported to have seen… please, please come forward, our daughter needs your contribution… blah…blah…”

    Your post Johanna, if nothing else, PROVES that he, on whatever date he wrote that entry in blog entry (because, as you might also know he changed the date), he doesn't know about the Drogheba Independent article, for if he knew about it, he would have pounced on it immediately.

    Johanna, thank you once again for your comment, they always give us the opportunity to clarify those little loose threads that escape me and Ironside.

  16. If the person seen by Tanner had the child's head on his left arm and the feet facing Tanner, this would not be the position one would expect. M's bed was in a corner; she would be scooped up with her head on the right arm- the arm seen in the direction of travel by JT-so it should have been the head that she saw. BUT, she needed to include details of the pyjamas didn't she?

  17. Having read the following from Wiki, I wondered if it could be easier to carry the body of a dead child shortly after death before it became too stiff but had got past the initial stage of being floppy? In relation to the way a child was being carried as seen by the Smiths in an upright position.

    JT's description of a child being carried laying across the arms of bundle man is not credible, no-one could carry a child like that for more than a few seconds. (Or maybe that is the only way to carry a stiff body, I wouldn't know?) Could she be describing her memory of a dead child being picked her or her husband when it was found or had to be removed?

    Textusa -I'm probably way off the mark so maybe you can respond with your thoughts on this when you return. It was the timing of that evening and timing of rigor mortis than got me thinking.
    On the other hand, the child seen being carried could have been a decoy child just to set a scene for witnesses to see? Hence the request for Irish people to come forward?

    Rigor mortis
    From Wikipedia, the free

    Rigor mortis (lit. death stiffness) is one of the recognizable signs of death (Latin mors, mortis meaning "of death") that is caused by a chemical change in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff (Latin rigor) and difficult to move or manipulate.[1] In humans it commences after about 3 hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates until approximately 72 hours (3 days) after death.[

  18. Yes, this does confirm why GM refers to Irish tourists.

    But if so it means that LP were also not passing on information to the TM either - which means my theory that they had "friends" in the LP wrong.

    Have to think again about why LP withheld the Gasper statements from PJ.


  19. First pictures took by GNR on the 5A(Mccann's room): We can see on top of the bed a pair of beige man trousers. This could be the trousers used by Gerry to carry fake Madeleine and the ones that the Smiths reported on their statement.
    Gerry could left them available to the police because there is no death scent or Madeleine ADN on them. But this trousers, I believe were hold by Pj as evidences to prove a fake abduction- they could have fibres from the pyjama and hair or other evidences from the fake Madeleine. This evidences togheter with Smiths statements become a strong evidence against Mccann's abduction theory. This is why Amaral said that the Smiths were very important for the investigation and he wanted to bring them to Portugal. Sometimes an investigation need to work with contrasense to go forward.

  20. Kate also told us the truth about Maddie's jammies, in a press conference (Berlin 2007?, I tried to find a link without sucess). She holds the pijamas in front of the reporters and says:
    "these are ACTUALLY Madeleine's pijamas"
    note that she did not say "these are actually LIKE Madeleine's pijamas", or, "these are SIMILAR to...", she says plain and clear that she is holding the real thing, the pijamas Maddie was supposed to be wearing when she "disappeared"!!! I assure you I did not imagine this, I watched that video over and over again and listened very carefully, and that's what she said! I remember posting about it in Joana Morais blog and it was discussed there. As said above, I tried to find a video with that press conference but could not find it, only newspaper articles, and all mention that the pijamas were like the ones Maddie was wearing but belonged to Amelie. Is it possible that no one from the media noticed what Kate actually said as she hold the pijamas? Anyone else know what I'm talking about and knows which press conference it was and possibly a video link?
    Thank you!

  21. A thought just entered my mind...
    Do you think it is possible that the way, the pose in which Gerry came out of the plane, holding his deeply asleep son, head on shoulder, arms and legs hanging down, exactly in the same manner as the PDL Stroller carried the child, WAS PLANNED, WAS INTENTIONAL? Amelie is awake, but Sean seems deeply asleep (naturally or with a little help from some substance?...)and just by chance it is Gerry that is holding Sean, not Kate. Why wasn't it the other way'round? Why was it not Kate carrying Sean and Gerry Amelie? Maybe there was nothing intentional there, maybe I'm getting carried away by my imagination, BUT, just but, could it have been designed to be like that, with a purpose?...refreshing some Irish family's memories?...
    Sorry if I sound a bit lunatic here, it's just a thought...

  22. The contrasense ( my previous post) his to use the ADN and the evidences grabbed from fake Madeleine to achieve the conclusion that was not Madeleine who was moved that night from the 5A but another child with intentional propose of looking for witnesses and pervert the investigation even before starting it. All planned since minute one. If Amaral could prove that, the amount of years in prison will increase a lot for Kate and Gerry ( close to the maximun- 25 years) and most of the Tapas, at least Tanner and her Partner will spend also some years in prison. This is why the Smiths instead of becoming an help for Gerry, they become a stone on his shoes. But God never sleep and one day, justice will be served.

  23. When Kazlux met G. Amaral.............

    Q: Have you considered the possibility that Madeleine died on the previous night or even when mrs. Fenn heard the crying?
    A: Naturally - the investigation begins with establishing if the person who disappeared, does actually exist and then, who was the last person to see her - the investigation shows clearly that she was last seen around 17.30.

    Q: Have you any doubt as to the validity of Madeleine attending the creche on 3/5?
    A: No doubt whatsoever.

    PJ Final Report....... What happened during the time lapse between 5.30 p.m. (the time at which MADELEINE was seen for the last time by a person that differs from her parents or siblings) and the time at which the disappearance is reported by KATE HEALY (at around 10 p.m.).

    Certainties until October

    "For me, and for the investigators that worked with me on the case until October 2007, the results that we reached were the following:

    1. The minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club, in Vila da Luz, on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007;

    Interview C d M 24th july 2008.

    Interview Expresso

    Do you believe that Madeleine McCann died in the apartment on the evening of the 3rd of May?

    Yes. That is what I and other persons believe in. And this is not because we idealised it that way.


  24. Anon@Sep 12, 2010 10:55:00 PM

    You are right - I remember also seeing this and her holding up the pyjamas but don't know if is still around.


  25. Anon 11:09 and Angelique 3:23

    A Daily Mail article 7 June 2007 gives links, I get blank page.

    Real: Kate and Gerry McCann make a plea on German TV

    Windows: Kate and Gerry McCann make a plea on German TV

  26. The McCann's knew about the irish witnesses from at least the 6th June. Or do you honestly believe the Media Monitoring Unit did not monitor all news relating to the McCanns??? The fact that it was never mentioned by the McCanns nor by the british press at a time when pressure was getting stronger and the focus of the police turned onto them proofs that it was Gerry who met the Smiths and that they were not happy about it, because otherwise they would have published the perfect proof for an abduction in PdL on the night of the 3rd.

    Btw Aoife Smith had an eye for detail and detected the buttons on Gerry's pants he wore later in the "wider agenda" photos.

  27. The desperate appeal of the Mccann's asking tourists ( Irish in special way) to come forward and deliver the pictures to them or their gang instead of the official police, raise suspicion at the time to many people in the Public. For the police, I believe, was a clear indication that Gerry wanted to frame somebody. The intense trafic of SMS between Gerry mobile and other mobiles, could be Gerry trying to identify the Smiths and who can help him to find the Smiths.
    Amaral said in Spain interview that PJ gave the Mccann's a mobile but they never use it, instead they use another mobiles which activate portuguese antenes on May 4.
    Something still looking odd for me: Why Murat's mum set a stall to ask information from the tourists?Was she looking for a particular information? At the time, Murat was not yet dropped into the case by Lori Campbell.

  28. Many thanks, Angelique!
    I too get blank pages with those D. Mail links. Maybe deleted because of the contradiction between what kate actually sauid and what they are "selling" in the article, that those were Amelie's pijamas.

  29. With reference to the pyjamas, what Kate said was "These are actually Amelie's pyjamas" and went on to say they were a smaller size but otherwise the same. Of course Amelie, with a small child's unerring instinct for accuracy, later recognised a pair Kate was trying to dress her in as "Maddie's jammies". We don't know whether this means that there were really two pairs of pyjamas in different sizes, or whether Kate was just lying at the original press conference.


    Discussing "those" the comments, someone heard Kate's slip of the tongue too...there's a reference to Joana's blog, I'll look it up!

  31. Sorry, but you are WRONG, Anon.@ 10.53pm! This is what Kate says, and you can hear for yourself here:

    Just listen VERY, VERY CAREFULLY at around 3.07 minutes into the video, after the Beckam and the Pope images:


    In that press conference that's what she said, there's no way to deny it, it's there for everyone to hear: She said it, and it cannot be taken back, sorry...!
    I other occasions she might have said the pijamas belong to Amelie(damage control?) BUT NOT in this footage!

    Oh dear, those Tapas people, they seem to be prone to such unhelpful and inconvenient lapses, Kate and the pijamas, Jane and the "I carried" thing (Panorama interview?, Gerry with the "when we found her"(spanish tv interview, Las mañanas de Quatro)...found her what, Gerry? Dead in the apartment? Is that what you meant? How could they have found her if she was NOT there?!
    Of course, the pros can argue that what Kate meant was that those pijamas were alike Maddie's or that Gerry meant "found her... missing"...BUT that's not what they've said, and it makes a world of difference, quite the opposite meaning, really! Very disturbing and very revealling...

  32. The main question we have to make here is why this couple has such a great power within diplomat corridor and how did that get higher and reached the FSS laboratory. Why so many important people would get involved in such a hot stuff subject.
    Find the answer to this and you'll find what has really happened on May 2007 in PDL!

  33. I think, when Gerry went to PDL had no power at all. A part his connection with the Godfather of the twins, who was connected with government, Gerry was only an ordinary doctor belonging to a Middle Class in UK. On May 3 they start their power when they use the Godfather of the twins to use his connections and fool the British government ( The Godfather was the first to be fool, this is why he never show-up in the Media asking the Public to look for Maddie). The Diplomat in Portugal was part of the group early foolish by them. At the same time they bring the case to the Media raising world attention ( That was easy, because the Media always look for cases like that to sale papers or grabb huge shares in audience. Portuguese Media already admit why they get in touch with the story- to sale paper and bring incomes to the Media with a story which sales well and could save the crisis of the Summer 2007). When the British government realised the foolishment and the fraud, was already too late to do a u-Turn and admit to the world that a pair of ordinary doctors manage to fool them in a crime involving their own doctor, in a foreign country. No choice for the government... they have to carry on with fraud and avoid any foreign police to get information or investigate in UK. Like that, I can understand Why Mccann's were not full investigate in UK, Why Halligen extradiction his always persponded and why Mccann's Fund was not yet Shuted down and investigate. Involving Mitchell as a Spoke Person in the case with aval of the Uk government was an huge error. Admitting that error and all the others generated by him, will damage the power of UK around the world. The British System will be classified on the same pile as many Systems from Latin American Countries- Corruption, manipulation, irresponsability, etc. Will be the total fail of UK. We have to remember also that for UK government ( no matter which party is at the power, at the end they are all the same), Maddie was not an isolate case ruining the public opinion. There is Iraque, there is Baby P, there is the Brasilien man shutted in the underground, there is Nicholas Bento, etc. If to Maddie case we add some smell of Paedophilia inside families and inside a group of doctors working in Public hospitals, UFF!! UFF! UK WILL DO EVERYTHING TO PROTECT THE MCCANN'S, FORGET AND IGNORE MADELEINE AND LEAVE THE CASE SHELVED IN PORTUGAL. Mccann's power born with the death of Madeleine. Poor girl.

  34. Look at the backgrounds of the other guests associated with the McCanns. Many were Company Directors of various firms, lots from the medical field too; not short of money. Ask what they were doing on such a low budget holiday?

  35. Anon 7:42

    Two phrases from you that are VERY IMPORTANT: "I think, when Gerry went to PDL had no power at all." and "Mccann's power born with the death of Madeleine."

    Anon 12:35

    I'm almost tempted to ask if you want to take over the blog, as you're headed in the absolute right direction.

    As I've said before going on holiday, that has been an out-of-bounds area up to now, as we're talking about collateral victims, but I also warned that if I must, I will disrespect no-man's land "status quo" to get to the truth.

  36. Textusa I didn't want to disrupt your current thread but I wanted to ask. The Smith sighting was at approximately 10pm and KMC check was at nearly the same time. Do you think that GMC was working on the hoax sighting and KMC went back to the apartment and upset the applecart by shouting abduction too early

    1. Anonymous 22 Feb 2016, 17:15:00,

      You have put it quite nicely!

    2. Thank you


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