Tuesday, 8 June 2010

To a SPECIAL Friend


A friend is a friend, by definition and daily practice. His grief is our grief, his pain, ours. So is his joy as is his laughter. 

A friend doesn’t cry; he just completes our tears. 

A friend resists the harshest of erosions, that of time and of distance. One second he’s gone is an eternity of loneliness, whilst a conversation just continues even if interrupted for just some years. 

A friend owes us nothing, as we owe nothing to him. The balance-sheet between us is a clean slate. There’s no favors, no paybacks. Only that special something that makes us just want to do whatever is needed to be done, be it, or not, a sacrifice, that stops being one just because of him. 

A friend never asks, never expects. Love is intensity, is passion.  

Friendship is trust. 

A friend knows all our secrets, not because we’ve told him, but because he heard all of them them from our silences. 

There’s nothing worse than a betrayal from a friend, nothing better than a soothing comfort that he may provide. 

 To go through life without love is sad, to go without friendship is tragic. 

A friend is the greatest wealth of all. 

A friend is never down; he’s just giving us the opportunity with the associated pleasure of letting us help him.  
To be able hold a friend’s hand in time of his need, is all that this life is about.


  1. Textusa:

    Super text and a super vídeo! Warm any soul!

  2. Like usual ( because Text You are a beautiful Person) the text it is a beautiful and true POEM !

    Very LOVELY!

  3. A nice and friendly night and days.

    Hugs to SwetText and SweetSide and all Sweet People.


  4. Vi agora ? ? ) Método 2. Giro,boa piada.

    O que escreveu é tão, tão , tão lindo .

    Amizade entre Gente boa!

    Como vêm aqui assim, uns, aqueles, os outros........ espero que a " inteligência" JAMAIS pense que estas palavras não são para eles.

  5. "Amigo"

    Mal nos conhecemos
    Inaugurámos a palavra «amigo».

    «Amigo» é um sorriso
    De boca em boca,
    Um olhar bem limpo,
    Uma casa, mesmo modesta, que se oferece,
    Um coração pronto a pulsar
    Na nossa mão!

    «Amigo» (recordam-se, vocês aí,
    Escrupulosos detritos?)
    «Amigo» é o contrário de inimigo!
    «Amigo» é o erro corrigido,

    Não o erro perseguido, explorado,
    É a verdade partilhada, praticada.

    «Amigo» é a solidão derrotada!

    «Amigo» é uma grande tarefa,
    Um trabalho sem fim,
    Um espaço útil, um tempo fértil,
    «Amigo» vai ser, é já uma grande festa!

    Alexandre O’Neill, in No Reino da Dinamarca

    ( Tudo de melhor para si e para o seu amigo. A verdadeira amizade e um ninho de forca( com cedilha) e coragem ).

  6. I have a very kind friend who has let me use his computer in the Hospital...and yes I will be kicking some butts when I return....more tests on Monday...and yes there is talk of chemo BUT NOTHING definate so keep the faith...and watch out for my very large boot heading someones way. VERY SOON.

    Dani xxxxxx

  7. Maria ,Tex, am still in the Hospital and more tests to follow next week thinking of you both and have a good long week- end. Tex your BUTT will be sore for a very very long time.

    Maria until such time kick him for me.

    Love you both

    Dani xxxx

  8. You've changed my mind about many things... and I've never had tendency for S&M, so, once again it seems I'm into novelty territory here because simply can't wait to have every square inch of my (beautiful...) butt kicked black & blue.... LOLOLOL

  9. Pufffffff!

    Almost I make a World visit to discover Dani.

    How stupid I am!

    " Maria until such time kick him for me."

    Dani: Yes,I do that! PowerDani,I adore You!

    (Text: I adore You too)


  10. The best,all days, Sweet Iron and Sweet Text!


  11. Oh !!!!! Where are You?

    Nothing to post? Neither the " eggs men" with a face?

    H. dead. O Neill is alive but prisioner to life.......

    Both they refused to meet the Mcs " detectives", so I ask , a post?

    Someone said here it was better to continue writing.

    kiss and hugs..........

  12. The best Abductor candidates:
    - Dead or in prison.
    ( They are very convennient- Don't speak).



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