Tuesday, 8 June 2010


A friend is ailing. Do not feel like writing. Sorry. Don't know when I'll be back.


  1. A nice day ( You must) to You Text and Iron.

    And I have two hands but I do not know how I can give to many People!

    Beautiful image but You must another one with colours, not only black, grey and white. With colours to You, both, feel better.

    Hugs, warm hugs!

    Lazy to put my name.

  2. My I on behalf of everyone send you & friend our very best wishes.

  3. Thank you, Arch & Anon. I have to overcome this or when my friend finds out about this pitiful spectacle I'm giving, she'll kick my butt really hard...

    This is a long weekend here in Portugal, this will help me gather my thoughts, and reinforce my resolution, that, if anything positive can be said about this situation, has become stronger, even out of responsability assumed before said friend.

    Once again, thank you

  4. Please continue writing, it will help heal the pain


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