Tuesday, 1 June 2010

So This Is How It Happened...


Now, this I call a work of art.

 The little girl wondering about… the evil man, no longer with a guitar…

A car… taking pictures, after pictures, discreetly one wonders in-between villas…

The room… the kiss, wrong bed, but nice to see…

The window, all it comes to mind is “rainbow”, for the color of the herring is no longer just red, but a multitude of light frequency…

The arms around the neck, the hesitation between a smile and a silent scream…

What an injustice… no Cuddly Cat.

The car… the carefully placed seatbelt, typical of any decent abductor…

And the smiles…

Oh, what a party! Even the glasses, so typical to serve the wine in expensive wine glasses in a second class slump in the Algarve…

Oh what joy, what wonderment.

Missed seeing Payne and Webster... would they find pretty people to play them too?

Now, I know why they didn’t want to do the reconstruction… we’d be all tearful of happiness.

 Thank you MariaC


  1. Kate said in one her ramblings the window MAY have been a red herring ...it certainly was in this video.

    One of the tapas said they felt like a pervert for taking photographs of his daughter on the beach...must find out tomorrow who this was.

    No cots they forgot the cots....

    If ONLY Maddie had had such a wonderful holiday instead of being 'creched' every day-.

    Must look more into who this person is behind this video, it seems she has made others. I would if they are as enlightening.

  2. I have read all the words.

    Probabbly the person who make these " production" knows really like this case it is so "strong",heavy, horrible, full of lies.

    From Ironside I copy and paste this:

    ..... " If ONLY Maddie had had such a wonderful holiday instead of being 'creched' every day-......"
    Holiday with children, family must be passed effectively whole, always caring and together .

    This week Mc should not have happened; always unprotected.

    ( with google tranlation, sorry)

  3. Agree Maria. What to think about parents whose child is 'abducted', because they were not with her and one of the excuses is: 'it was our holiday too'. Truly unbelievable.

  4. http://mccanngallerytribute.blogspot.com/2010/06/leicestershire-constabulary-not-good.html

    Men or MICE

  5. http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/PJ/A_L_PALMER.htm

    Forensics could not say they had found ONE single strand of Madeleines hair. Now how weird is that?

  6. Maren: yes, a big truth and a unhappy end.

    The best!


  7. About the hair found in the Renault Scenic, here is an extract from Amaral book, pag 173:

    ( sorry iron, is in portuguese)

    Para alem dos vestigios encontrados nos mosaicos da sala do apartamento 5A, por detras do sofa que se situa abaixo de uma das janelas, foram tambem remetidos para o Reino Unido vestigios hematicos encontrados na chave da viatura utilizada pelo casal Mccann, bem como cabelos encontrados na bagageira e vestigios hematicos encontrados no forro do lado direito da mesma bagageira. Falamos em vestigios hematicos, quando outros dizem apenas tratar-se de fluidos corporais. Ou seja, para aqueles, pode ser todo e qualquer fluido corporal e nao obrigatoriamente sangue. Mas, atentemos, o cao CSI que fez a indicacao localiza especificamente sangue humano".

    Then hair on the Renault scenic root, not in the surface where people carry the luggage, but where was stored the spare wheel. hair and blood on the right side. Whatever was the source of that samples, is really weird. How can be explained blood and hair on the place where is stored the wheel? Not a good explanation outside of a crime scenary, then the Fss Lab choose to be a joke, by not sending any report about the hair with excuse that was damaged.

  8. Yes, hair found in the car, BUT NONE IN APARTM. 5A!!!
    How weird is that indeed?! Not a single hair from Madeleine's head to be found on the bed she was supposed to sleep in, no hair on the floor, no hair in the bathroom, and...no comb, no hairbrush, no toothbush of hers were found too!
    Even if the floor was carefully vacuumed that morning, by the end of the day there must have been hairs shed on the floor, the children were playing around in the living room before bedtime.
    The only way no hair was shed from Madeleine's head in 5A that day is if she had not been there at all!

  9. And the place where was found the hair in the car with a sample of blood was weird also: it was in the back, where the spare wheel was stored. Forensic experts who collect the samples, had to remove the carpet to find the samples. Wonder how the samples got there, even from an alive person. Blood and hair in such unaccessible place. I can just think in a small body carried there.
    Kate cousin said to the police that he noticed a bad smell in the car when he visited them in the villa, but they justify it with Pizzas and meat left on the back of the car. I'm sure not on the wheel. Kate and Mitchell deivered to their press " cntamination by the twins nappies". One of the Fssa reports said that the ADN of the twins was not matchind Madeleine ADN which was found in a pillowcase in the flat 5A. Then, whatever was in the Renault Scenic cannot be contaminated by the twins.

  10. 40000!

    Thank you all. Each one of you!

  11. Who made that video?
    That looks like a Gerry movie made to suit their Abduction Theory.

    A good tittle for that sweet story:


  12. If they had been from Madeleine McCann, then they are not representative/typical/characteristic of a sample of her hair, given the length of that seen in photographs of her.

  13. HI, is it true, was there NO HAIR BELONGING TO MADELEINE in 5A ? IS there a source for this...anyone?

    This video is done by someone who misread the news reports - it doesn't even match the McCann's own words LOL!


  14. http://christianengstrom.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/urging-meps-to-withdraw-their-written-declaration-29-signatures/

    Interesting Information...TC your opinion if you are around...

  15. Marty,
    To get Madeleine ADN, police had to use a pillowcase with her saliva ( FSS REPORTS). If police found hair, I believe the hair will be the source and not the pillowcase.
    And everybody, who went to resorts like OC, know that the clean of the flats were not so deep everyday, with vacuum clean to remouve all the hair.
    The life of that little girl was weird, no doubts,

  16. Even weirder...it was her pillowcase from Rothley NOT Ap 5A.

  17. I Think you are wrong anon.

    The pillowcase was from 5A not from Rothley, according to the FSS Report. Anyway, was weird.

    Amaral also reported on his book that Kate and Gerry wanted Krugel ( The Sud African ) to come to PDL and search for Madeleine. They manage to convince PJ. But, kate and Gerry asked familY or friends to went to Rothley and get some hair from Madeleine to sent to South-Africa. Why? They have been with their daughter a week in PDL and they don't have a sample of her hair to sent to South- Africa? They are really strange parents.

  18. http://mccanngallerytribute.blogspot.com/2010/06/dogs-and-bone-scents-and-records.html

    An excellent piece of work not to be missed...


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