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Against ALL Odds


The list, too long to mention, of those who have enjoyed the fruits from little Madeleine’s memory. John McCann her Uncle, Clarence Mitchell “PR Guru”, and Madeleine’s parents themselves, Gerry and Kate McCann, deserve a special mention.

The McCanns, no longer liken Madeleine to a bank overdraft but now liken her loss as to having Cancer.

This inhumane vanity is an insult, beyond human comprehension and expression, to all those enduring the pain Cancer causes physically and psychologically. It’s an insult to those that have to have the strength to find the necessary forces to face it and fight it, with no breaks or any type of rest.

I would say that the ultimate insult any human can make to another is to insult any Cancer patient.

Another evil achievement this couple can boast.

The sightings, also too many to mention. We have gone from a 12 year old who saw a "spotty man" watching Apartment 5A to the ludicrous "Victoria of Barcelona".
Gail Cooper who has sold her soul and I shall explain how in a moment, claims to have SEEN the man who took Madeleine.

This man made her 'Blood Run Cold' and she is CONVINCED he is the abductor.

Against ALL Odds, from out of these folk who will do anything to make a fast buck and get their faces in the newspaper, appears a chink of light.

This chink of light has a name, Mr. Paul Anthony Gordon. Mr. Gordon and his family stayed in Apartment 5A arriving April 21st 2007 leaving the day McCanns arrived, April 28th 2007.  

Mr. Gordon tells a story that must have been 'MUSIC' to the McCanns ears, not only did he cut himself shaving, he readily admits he walked around the apartment with paper tissues trying to stop the blood.  

Mr. Gordon also had a visitor Wednesday or Thursday, he is not sure of the day, but it was a man asking for, YES, you've guessed it, a donation for an orphanage.  

Mr. Gordon noticed the man had a badge with identification and also what he thought was a book of receipts. Mr. Gordon gave the man a ten Euro note.

 The description given by Mr. Gordon is of a man, well educated, good appearance, dark hair, slightly grey on the sides and sporting a summer tan. Age: More than 40 years. Height: 1.77-1.80 cm.  

Mr. Gordon emphasized the man did not see his wife or his two children who were taking a nap in the apartment. The man did not seem to be knocking from door to door and as far as he remembers the man walked away down the hill.  

Mr. Gordon must have been questioned about doors windows and shutters because he said ALL were in good working order. The family would open the blinds in the day and close them at night.

When the blinds were being closed they made much noise.

We know the McCanns had a broken blind in their bedroom and asked for it to be repaired during their stay. If the blinds were in perfect working order when the Gordons left, then it must have been the McCanns who broke the blind.  

Gerry McCann lied about the day of the repair. Why? That’s for another time... What an incredible stroke of luck for the McCanns this family would have been.

Here we have a perfect setting for the following week’s abduction. A stranger calls asking for a donation, Mr. Gordon is not sure of the day… not to worry Mitchell spin will say he called on THURSDAY...this fits well as Madeleine disappeared the following Thursday.  

Gail Cooper also had a man calling asking for donations for an orphanage. Once again Mitchell spin would make this man, one and the same. Mr. Gordon has admitted to bleeding in the apartment...the dogs… of course this is what the dogs picked up on.

Nothing to do with cadaver scent, it was Mr. Gordon’s blood.
I am sure if the Gordons had agreed, the above photofit would have morphed into Tanner’s and Gail’s 'Cooperman'... we at this point would now have three witnesses seeing the same man ALL near Apartment 5A.

A marriage made in heaven. Gail Cooper was on board, she did everything she was asked. Even whisked back to PDL with a Daily Express reporter to tell more of her blood curdling tale.

Sadly, for the McCanns, Mr. Gordon was not interested in playing games, he much preferred to give his information to the police AND only the police.  

Mr. Gordon wanted to make it clear in his statement. Since January 2008 (this statement was given April 24th 2008) he has received numerous phone calls, messages and visits from the press... (this would have been the work of Clarence Mitchell) regarding the collector of donations (ANOTHER abductor sighting, or sighting of the abductor, was needed).

Which IN TURN put him in contact with Brian Kennedy, Kate and Gerry. He felt this was a constraint that makes it difficult to take the correct decision. Mr. Gordon's exact words: 'There are certain times I feel like a pawn in chess.'

With many thanks to Mr. Gordon we now see how the 'sightings operate' we are due a new image of a suspect, if the newspapers are to be believed.

At least now we see how it works. The press approach through Mitchell a 'witness' who then hands them onto Kennedy and the McCanns...who then PRESSURE them to tell their story which in turn will be SPUN to the McCanns favour by Mitchell in the Press.

What were the Odds on finding Mr. Gordon and his desire for honesty and truth? ....Very much against I would have said. But he WAS out there, I just had to 'LOOK'


  1. as someone fighting cancer i take great exception to this,I didnt CHOOSE my disease,they CHOSE to neglect their children


    Gail Coopers Police Statement

  3. anon das 08:31 PM.

    Yes, You are right! You do not choose. (the best,all days to You!)

    But to neglect Madeleine........ terrible toughts and feelings I had.

    with google tradutor:

    For me to read so many advantages and from relatives to as the memory of a girl who gave the name of Madeleine's quite chilling, creepy.

  4. Anon,

    I think Ironside was quite explicit in the disgust felt about people who simply have no ethical limits whatsoever. I subscribe every word said, as all those that should have been put in those paragraphs criticizing the ignominious but weren’t.

    The only reasonable explanation for the McCann’s behaviour in all this, including their irresponsible attitude towards Cancer, is that they are the result of gone-wrong experimentation in human cloning. They are evil samples of something horrible that somehow resulted having the shape of human beings. They certainly seem not to be human. Humane they ARE NOT.

    Please go to our special blog “Cancer the poem” where Steph gives every single second an example of Humanity. Not through false hope, or false arguments. All pragmatism, all determination, all courage.

    Thank you for your heartfelt comment.

  5. A nice day to All, nice people here!


  7. Humm, did Mr. Gordon bleed BEHIND the sofa too?...goodness, he must have cut himself badly, a very deep cut, bleeding so abundantly that the blood even infiltrated under the tiles( behind the said sofa!)!!! It seems that the paper towels were not very absorbant...bad quality ones, I suppose, from the "loja do chinês" maybe!
    Oh, just remembered, did Mr. Gordon mention thoroughly cleaning the blood spills with bleach?...

  8. Mr Gordon was asked about the sofa scroll down for his reply.

    Mr.Gordon also says something very interesting. The Millenium is where they had breakfast and also sometimes dinner.

    There is a LIMIT to the amount of times you can eat in the Tapas.

    Now what does he mean by this?

    We know the Package vacation includes breakfast and evening meal...does that also include a couple of free meals in the Tapas but the rest to be eaten at the Millenium?

    I think the best way to find the answer to this is a simple phone call.

    Statement from Mr.Gordon about the Sofa.

    Regarding the couch I do not remember where it was positioned in the
    room. I would say that it was next to the wall to prevent children from
    walking around it, but beyond saying that it was blue, I can not affirm
    anything else.
    The children slept in the bedroom facing the car park - the window had a
    Persian blind, Sal and I slept in the bedroom with the door to the
    patio. Whoever entered from the patio, our bedroom would be on the [to
    their] left.
    [NOTE: He is saying that the master bedroom had French windows that gave
    access to/from the veranda; he is not saying that the sliding patio door
    in the lounge was in his bedroom.]

    Generally we took breakfast at the Millennium restaurant, lunch in
    apartment and dinner at Millennium, dining only on two occasions in the
    Tapas Bar - on the second day and the sixth day.
    [NOTE: Given the day-of-week naming in Portugal this last phrase is potentially ambiguous
    and the original Portuguese (or English) needs to be checked.]
    I remember there [having been] a limit to the number of times we could
    eat meals at Tapas, but we managed to do it twice. The children always
    accompanied us during dinner and for that reason we tried to do it at
    the earliest possible time so that they could return to sleep at a
    reasonable hour.


    Gerry McCann does mention the sofa and said he pushed it against the wall because the children were throwing playing cards behind it.

  9. imaginação a trabalhar.

    Vejam o " filme" do " desaparecimento! ( Comprimido para enjoo antes, por favor!)


  10. No, no, no, NO! Maria


    He goes out the bedroom door...WRONG!!!

    She has her arms AROUNF his neck... WRONG!!!

    Please tell these idiots to get their facts straight... at least according to their own version for crying out loud!!!

  11. Hi seems LETTI lives here

    No Cots in room...

    Shutter up and lights on

    Window not curtains blowing..

    So abductor now has a car does he.

    I rather like the added arms around abductors neck Tex..shows she was ALIVE when she left the apartment....just like Mccann says.


    Now back to reality Mccanns mother.

    'That girl would have SCREAMED the place down if someone had tried to take her.

    She MUST have been drugged'

  12. One more point if Mommie Dearest had kissed Madeleine in this position she would have had to be in the bed under the window.

  13. Be calm, please! It is from a fan pro Mcs and he or she like lolitas.

    "ganda" produção! "ganda filme", com raptor e tudo.

    E Dave Edgar mais o senhor " carlos moreira, de 65 anos , SUPOSTAMENTE a banhos e com pensão completa numa residencial algures no Alarve?

    Este ou esta aprecia lolitas,pelos vistos.

  14. Thank You MY Friends: SweeSide and SweetText!

  15. Ironside,
    thank you so much for Mr. Gordon's words about the sofa. It seems the McCanns have a "thing" with moving furniture around...the sofa which originally was against a wall( the most logical place, imo) was placed in front of a window, not for one to sit looking out, but with the back turned to the window, crumpling the curtains! Weird...
    Then there we have also the "moving cots", dancing to and fro, one day in the children's room, in the parents room the next!
    And they also seem to be cleaning-maniacs, when the police arrived the apartm. was untidy, but spotlessly clean. I have read that the maid was turned away that day, so...who cleaned the apartment so thoroughly? would be interesting to find out if anyone from the group was spotted shopping for cleaning products at the Baptista supermarket? Or maybe the shopping was done elsewhere or by a local "friend".

  16. McCann made a trip to Baptista Supermarket the early evening May 3rd to buy a bottle of their favourite New Zealand Wine. Well did he, did he really...they were just getting ready for a night of drinking...maybe he did go to the Super..but not for wine...

  17. Anon 9.29...we will never know the truth of Madeleines death or why she had to die but she's gone. If we ignore the Tapas 9 and go by witness statements such as Mr.Gordons and even Wilkins, staff members ,they tell us a I think Tex will soon demonstrate.

  18. I believe the truth will come out and it will be so shocking that it will be something that no one expects!

    I read in Amarals book that Gerry brought up the sofa himself, saying that he had to push it against the window because the children would not stop playing behind it. (Chapt. 11)


  19. Hi Marty ...Mccann mentions the sofa and Kate May 4th changes in her statement the pants the 'Abductor' is wearing from Tanners beige pants to Jeans...again without being asked.

    Payne also mentions a 'third' cot that never was WITHOUT being asked....

  20. Another who cant take the heat...The Pathetic Mark WilliamThomas...has blocked Joana on Twitter....

  21. John McCann added that the idea of Madeleine being dead "horrifies us". He added: The good news is we have no real evidence she is dead. Even if she is harmed, she is retrievable.

    A SICK Quote from John McCann

  22. GMK
    How can there be blood the dogs found nothing according to team Mcspam,cant have it both ways eh.
    Great post Ironside and well done on your kicking on the vermin that is GLW


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