Sunday, 30 May 2010

McCann, A Household Name

IRONSIDE, once again, found a delicious site, where you can, and SHOULD buy McCann mugs, t-shirts and magnets.

We transcribe its contents below, although, for not agreeing and thinking it totally distasteful and absolutely out of context, we withdrew the unfortunate comparison, which we condemn, between Jade Goody and the Evil Couple:

 1. McCann (by mamboo Sep 21, 2007) To act with lethal irresponsibility towards one's children Leaving three children alone (7yrs and 3 years each) in a holiday flat in portugual whilst you swan off to sample a meal - just from the point of view of the well known problems that these holiday flats have with gas / fire safety standards and the number of gassings that have happened this way - let alone the fact one of the children was taken you'd have to be doing a McCann right?

 2. McCann (by vix_derby Mar 16, 2008) To make money and become a celebrity on the back of a tragedy. Using the newspapers for a purpose and then claiming to be hounded. To expose ones children/pet to dangers and then state that you are a good parent/owner. To blame everyone else for your errors for the purpose of 'damage limitation'.

Yeah they got cash coming in from everywhere and they still want more - they are pulling a 'McCann' 

3. mccann (by madmen Mar 18, 2008) “To mccann” - is a new verb ” I mccanned my glasses” - means that I broke my expensive glasses by mistake, hid them and told everyone that my glasses were stolen from me, and now I suffer because I can’t see.

teacher:kitty!where's your homework? 
kitty:i'd got pissed and mccann it!  

4. McCann (by moonbizzle Aug 27, 2009) The act of ditching or leaving someone behind Sh*t jade, 

Why did you leave me in the villa? Because you are a c*m dumpster jack, i had to mccann you. 

5. Mccann (by h0b0n0b Mar 10, 2010) Doing a mccann ( to do a runner from a foreign country whilst leaving an abducted child to their fate and claiming innocence whilst refusing to co-operate with the police)

The father claimed his sleeping child was abducted by a gang wielding guns and grenades as he was about to get into a taxi to fly home to the UK . The gang beat and tortured the family and then demanded £100,000 ransom. the father then left pakistan claiming innocence and cannot now be found. He did a McCann - legging it before the cops paid him a visit with shiny bracelets



    McCanns products.I bet they wished they had thought of this first.

    Is it only a question of time until we have a McCann 'Ken and Barby' doll.

    Andy Pinky what kind of DOLL will he be?

  2. Myself, I'm waiting for the "Eggman Doll". You buy the toy, and you get with it a booklet with a 1000 ugly face stickers, so that you can just change it at your will...

    I think they thought of making it a "talking doll", but there were too many languages to cover...

  3. I wish I could remember more details, but I am all McCanned out!

    McCanned the NEW buzz word

  4. "Stop McCanning around and tell me who your friends really are"...

    "Nice car... who did you McCann to be able to afford it?"

    "Nice job! Did you McCann it or did you really deserve it?"

  5. I tried to break into Kate and gerry mccann's house the other day to nick their 42inch widescreen telly, but the windows were locked.

    Talk about priorities.

  6. kate mccann said she felt “closer” to her missing daughter Madeleine after making an emotional trip to the resort from where she was snatched.

    Pity she wasn't that fussed about being close to her when she fucked off with her mates for dinner.

  7. What's the difference between an Emperor penguin and Gerry McCann?

    An Emperor penguin doesn't leave his egg to spend three hours throwing cheap wine down his neck in a local bistro on the pretence he can still see the vague area the egg was left in.

  8. At a Police Station:

    "People got word from upstairs that this case is to be McCanned. From now on, the criminals tell us how to investigate, who to investigate, and where to investigate. Is there going to be a reconstruction? I don't know. We have to wait for their instructions..."

  9. At an interview: "Ok, from now on this interview is MacCanned, only pre-arranged and approved questions from now on, if you don't mind"

  10. "What?!? Yesterday you said it was bananas with cheese, today you say that it was a pick-up truck, are you McCanning me or what?!? Get your act together..."

  11. Y'know, before I won the lotto, I used to go on cheap pre-abduction McCann hotels... but now, I only go on top-notch post-abduction McCann style ones...

  12. There are many Kate and Gerry McCann forums. I have to say I was surprised at what a joke they have become, them and their Circus.

    The one thing in common all these sites have though, is they all believe in the NEGLECT.

    I wish everyone would just stop and think for a moment and realise if they had not pushed NEGLECT. Madeleine COULD NOT have been abducted.

    AND I would like everyone to ask 'What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

  13. Clarence Mitchell has kept the Maddie gold pot and all the gold dust to himself for long enough.

    To date Mitchell has earnt in the region of £245,000 "off the back of poor Maddie McCann".

    It is with this in mind I find it so very rerfreshing to see there are now others out there who are now prepared to follow where Mitchell once led.

    There is plenty of money to be made from Maddie's death, but why should Mitchell have it all?

  14. IRON,

    Because it serves the McCann agenda to push the neglect. It serves to “prove” there was an abduction, or at least, there were all the conditions to be one.

    Plus, when you have the responsible for punishing you for neglecting inviting you to speak at conferences, you can push the neglect as far as desire…

    I wrote a post once about it, exposing those that I call snipers. These are people who contain the forums under this agenda. Under the guise of “difference of opinion” they keep asking, the same questions over and over again, under the “confirmed” assumption of neglect.

    People like Inspector Clouseau, Kingfisher, Palmeras16, Sammer to name a few of the recent ones, and like DCB and Sans_Souci that I remember from old days.

    That is what the people that we’ve put in Trash Can were trying, and will continue to do so, to do here.

    It’s up to you and me to debunk this inexistent neglect. All those who agree with us, have shown so enthusiastically. Those who don’t since here they don’t get here the innocuous dilatory dialogue they so much pursue and get in other places, retort to insult and threat. We’re on the right track.

    In my name and in that of our readers, thanks, FRIEND.


    Cannot let this pass. Hollie is just as important as Madeleine and every other abused child.

    Video interviews of Hollie and her MUM

  16. Singer Dominic Hardisty talks of his son Nicholas who died a few short days after being born. His words rip your heart out. The raw emotion and love for his small son.

    These are the wordds YOU will NEVER here from the Mccanns about Madeleine.

    I could not imagine Dominic starting a FUND to live from his small adoreable son.


    ‘Because Nicholas had no chance of life we withdrew his life support to make the most of our last moments with him. He survived for four days outside the unit.
    ‘It was a twilight existence, being a happy family for the first time with our newborn son, taking him out in a pram in the park, the only time he would ever feel the sun or see trees, but knowing that he absolutely, definitely, would die and that it was only a matter of minutes, hours, days or possibly a week until he did.
    ‘Every time I think about those moments the tears well up in my eyes. It was the saddest, saddest thing – more for him than for us.

    'Watching your baby gaze up at you and knowing he might not last the night shakes you to your very core. It just seems so wrong that a child should have to die before its parent. And that you know that they are going to die but you can’t explain it to them. Then our beautiful baby boy died.
    ‘In 90 per cent of families who lose a child, the parents’ relationship doesn’t survive. We went through a very dark time ourselves. It was much tougher on my wife. To have carried a child for nine months – and been through a simply horrible delivery – and then not being able to take him home. For me I think it would have been harder if we had got him home and then he had died.
    ‘In a funny way, I simply hadn’t got to know him as well as she did, because she had carried him inside her for all that time. But we’ve come out of it much stronger as a couple and really value the joy of being together and with our children.’

    Read more:


  18. Top news at Sky News:

    " Our 'Mccan..rlists' already arrive to the crime scene and on the next minutes we will deliver to you all the news previously agreed with the criminals involved. From now on, will be like that until our Mccannaccount, criminal Mccannaccount and Mccan...rlist accounts wil be fat enough with your Mccdonations.
    Stay with Us until next Mccinformation"


    Oh no - here we go again.

    Pretendy cops in PDL - hopefully heading for the "hellish lair within a 10km radius of PDL" where Edgar himself stated she was being held.

    Or just enjoying a summer vacation - we shall see!

    Another e-fit on its way


  20. They tried it with Holly and Jessica and within days of Madeleine'vanishing' we were being asked by the TIMES should we chip our children?

    Gives a whole new meaning to 'McCanns oven ready chips'

  21. I will buy these McCann mugs, t-shirts and magnets. These are my hobbies to collect all of them.

  22. I just found the following article about a body washed up in America in 2007 the clothes the girl was wearing are what the nanny describes Madeleine wearing especially the light up tennis shoes.
    ‘ As for the type of shoes she was wearing at the time, 'she wore tennis shoes', she thinks 'they were light in color, and the shoes had lights along the side of the sole, the sort which lit up every time she stepped on the ground....'**END OF STATEMENT** source

    Then this article The article is very long so I have copy and pasted just the following.
    ‘Police have examined the body of a young girl washed ashore in the United States for links to Madeleine McCann after evidence that it could have been swept across from Europe.
    The body of a girl, named “Baby Grace” by police, was found by a fisherman, crammed into a blue plastic storage box on a beach in Galveston Bay, Texas, last week.
    The description of the blonde-haired girl led to police contacting Interpol, the FBI and Portuguese detectives to consider the possibility that the girl could be Madeleine.
    No trace has been found of Madeleine since she was reported missing from her bed in Praia Da Luz on May 3, just six days before her fourth birthday.
    A post-mortem examination found that Baby Grace had been dead for at least two weeks and sustained a skull fracture. She was white, between 2 and 3 years old with long blonde or light brown wavy hair, and was wearing a pink skirt and shirt and white light-up tennis shoes.’ Mr Tuttoilmondo said that Gulf Intercoastal Waterway, where the box containing the body was found, is a major commercial port, and Galveston a popular tourist destination with a transient population.
    Galveston County Crime Stoppers has set up a memorial fund to pay for the little girl's funeral and an account to offer rewards for anyone who helps investigators lead them to the killer.
    Source http//www.timesonline.couk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article2810316.ece.
    This article is from November 2007 and considering the duplicity involved with the mccanns I did wonder if this really was Madeleine, and the cover up to protect the mccanns continued. The blue container looks the type for storage of leaflets, mccanns took leaflets to Huelva, but the clothes are more than a coincidence especially flashing shoes. Now we are much more aware of what the mccanns are like, I bet this was Maddie and Carter Ruck and Co have covered up for Kate and Gerry, no-one came forward to claim baby grace and they were holding a collection amongst the locals to pay for her funeral. From Julie

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