Saturday, 29 May 2010

About Lies and Its Protectors

(May 29th, 2010)

From Pacheco Pereira, a prominent personality linked to the PSD, in Sábado (Nº 317, 27 Mai - 2 Jun 2010, pg. 12):

(…) 6. A laboriously constructed lie ...never stops being a lie

7. A lie protected by the lies of powerful men ...never stops being a lie

8. The powerful protect each other there is no temptation to subvert their power

9. The powerful protect each other ...not for political solidarity, but solidarity of power. The legitimate power communicates amongst itself by the community of interests.

10. A protection achieved effectively in the present not enough to protect in the future. For the powerful the future may well be, because they always live in the present. (…)


  1. There are liars, and then there are LIARS. A good article explaining lies .

  2. A pity he didn't finish it with a "A lie once left unprotected by the powerful ...leaves the liars unprotected from the claws of Justice"

  3. More BIZARRE behaviour from Leicester Plod

    DC Ivor MESSIAH who conducted the Rogatory Interviews.

    Scroll down to bottom of article...Sadly cannot copy ,this is one to keep..considering they also have a PAYPAL leading to the McCanns Fraud Fund.

    One dead

    One up on charges of being drunk

    11 under investigation....

  4. Some useful quotes here!

    I've recently been researching and reading a lot on social engineering and it's interesting the way powerful people protect their 'lies'! Also, how negative things are made to look positive by the way they are presented to the public using subliminals. Its complicated to explain, but I can see a lot of media 'contruction' to 'create a positive' within the public even again the natural response of the viewer is the opposite!



    Há 41 minutos


    Há 41 minutos



    Doing a McCann...


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