Wednesday, 5 May 2010

May 6th - Election Day

And isn’t THAT just a pretty picture?
I believe the sharing isn’t limited to values… or should I rephrase, it includes not only values, but also “values”…



    Writer Teresa...has been tweeting all day Eric Pickles Conservative to report on abuse to children..he knows the case well but refuses to help or even answer her.Sign of things to come...they could give a damn.

    Vote Conservative and we will have more of the same...Vote Labour the Police State will continue, either way...I am glad I do not have to choose bewtween a rock and a hard place...

  2. Iron,

    I think Britain faces today an unique opportunity, and that is to shake the establishment.

    One cannot be naive to think that things will be different, but certainly could change.

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, and that includes myself, knows my political orientation. It's a secret I keep deep inside my better half.

    Today, I vote LibDem.

    Not because I believe in their values as I believe that politicians believe in everything but said values.

    I vote because the probabbility of "they" having got to him, is less likely.

    "They" will, rest assured... but, in the meantime, it would give us a break, and would be interesting to see Gamble and the like, flapping their arms to certify that they remain as powerful as they've been up to now.

    But that's me, and unlike Gamble and the like, I accept opinions different than mine.


    Remembering Jane Tomlinson who the Goverment let die because she did not live under the 'Lotto'system for life saving cancer drugs. Jane who did so much for breast cancer awareness was forgotten.

    Vote Brown and the system will stay the same...Vote Cameron and he says he will put a stop to this...Do you believe him?...Not I..if we want change we have to move away from both of these parties and give someone else a chance.


    Good cop ..Bad there a difference?

  5. humor e as noticias de Maio:



    ..... " Gordon Brown, they mused two years ago, would go to any lengths to secure victory: ''I wouldn't be surprised if the night before the election he went on television and said, 'Look what I found . . . and held up little Madeleine McCann.''

    ....... " Buscombe, 56, accepts that the commission, which was criticised recently by the House of Commons media select committee for being "toothless" in its handling of the Madeleine McCann coverage, has something of an image problem. She has hired a new director of communications and has been on a personal mission among her political contacts to try and explain what it is the PCC actually does.".......

    " The prototype campaign for bars of Sunlight, perhaps the first ever brand, is an appropriate enough symbol of the soap opera of Buscombe's first year in the......."


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