Wednesday, 5 May 2010

BBC, Just A Reminder... We Haven't Forgotten, And Still Waiting

Dominic Heale (anchorman): Let’s go live to Lisbon now and our reporter Mike O'Sullivan. Good evening, Mike.  

Mike O’Sullivan: Yes, good evening Dominic, there’s been huge interest in this story today from the British and Portuguese media as the McCanns came to Lisbon. They want this Civil Court here to uphold the ban on a book written by a former Police Chief in the Madeleine investigation, a Police Chief, who unfortunately seems to have a very low opinion of the McCanns.  

Mike O'Sullivan, to Gonçalo Amaral: Is your book hurting the McCanns?  

Gonçalo Amaral, walking: No, BLEEP Mccanns. 

Mike O’Sullivan: This is the former Police Officer whose book 'The Truth of the Lie' has caused so much heartache for the McCanns.  

Dominic Heale: So Mike, an amazing outburst from the man who was in charge of that inquiry, what did you think when he made that comment to you? 

Mike O’Sullivan: Well frankly Dominic I was astonished and so was my cameraman as, well, you know that a former Senior Police Officer could, could use a term like that aimed at the McCanns. I had to check back the tape to make sure that is what he said, using that four letter word and I had to ask senior colleagues at East Midlands today to check it as well before we could use it, because it really is crude.

Well, I see here one of two options, BBC, you either unbleep this video so that we all can hear like Mr. Mike O’Sullivan, his cameraman and his senior colleagues at East Midland did and checked it and confirmed it the times they thought necessary before airing it, so that we too can slam Mr. Amaral for such foul language; or apologise, publicly

We’re still waiting. 

You are paid by PUBLIC taxes, aren’t you? 

Defenders of Free Speech, right?




    Martin Brunt...Dr.Amaral new best friend

  3. They moved that video pretty damn quick. A sure sign of guilt.

  4. Amaral does not say "No", he says "Não" and the next part of the phrase is bleeped.

    The reporter, in PORTUGAL, arrogantly asks a PORTUGUESE citizen, outside a PORTUGUESE court, a question in ENGLISH.

    Mr Amaral answered in PORTUGUESE. So if they understood a PORTUGUESE crudeness, they should have asked the question in PORTUGUESE, as the PORTUGUESE Journalists, politely asked the McCanns the questions in ENGLISH.

    That says much about the quality and arrogance of the English Journalists that have covered this. Including BBC.

  5. Anon.,

    Sorry, as shown, can no longer check it out, as there's no video anymore...

    I wish I paid more attention to that detail, as, its clear that only a word is bleeped (allegedly f*ck), so if it's Portuguese, I cannot see what he possibly could say that would be offensive, without the firstly saying "que" to make sense.

    From memory, I think he mixes the languages, he starts in English and finishes in Portuguese:

    "No, fale c'os McCann" ("c'os", as in "com os")

    Far from:

    "No, f*ck the McCanns" or the possibly "Não, que se f*dam os McCann"

    Anyhow, the issue is quite clear. The censorship self-exercised by BBC is a tacit recognition that there was no foul whatsoever. Even Martin Brunt recognizes that.

    But I still want the apologies from Britain's PUBLIC TV.

    Will keep posting this, from time to time, until I get it.

    For me, it's just a copy & paste exercise. For them, will always be a reminder that the BCC is subject to pressure.

  6. BBC..gutless, spineless and Mike O' Sullivan is a disgrace.

    The aim of this report was to help the Mccanns and destroy Dr.Amaral anyway they could. If I had a TV I would by now have thrown it in the trash. I refuse to pay a licence for BBC propaganda.

    Tonights Classic I dedicate to the BBC ..not because they cant but because they wont...

    'Sorry seems to be the hardest word'


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