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Debunking Body Disposal, Part II - The Beach

One thing that we have to keep in mind when debunking the “Body Disposal Theories” is that, at least I sometimes forget it, we’re dealing with one of the Tapas.

There’s no fake abductor.

Thus all rationale linked with whatever an abductor might think or act is totally irrelevant and misplaced.

We must focus exclusively on what a person wanting to hide the body of a four year old would do or want to do, on his possibilities and on his limitations.

The Stroller” has a clear intent of making himself be seen, whilst “The Undertaker”, who is the same man, that was seen in the same time and place, wants exactly the opposite.

That alone, proves that there was no such a character, as that man, as I’ve explained in detail, is proven to want to be seen, but we shall proceed.

Its clear then that under this assumption, that “The Undertaker” can only be one person: Gerry McCann.

He's the only one that is Tapas and fits the Smith’s description. I’m not saying, YET, that that man is Gerry McCann. What I’m saying is that IF that man was disposing Maddie’s body, than yes, that man IS Gerry McCann.

The other men in the group have distinct hair characteristics that would be pointed up by the family’s various statements.

You might think that I’m almost throwing here a “Kate McCann’s Red Herring”.

You know that I think that there was NO body, so, apparently, what I’ve just said is that since there is no body that man isn’t Gerry, which proves then that man is Gerry after all.

What is important is that you understand why I, on this post and from now on, will no longer refer to “The Stroller”/”The Undertaker”, but to that man as the only man he can be: Gerry McCann.

That cleared up, let’s concentrate on the hiding of Maddie’s body by burying it in the beach sand.

Just the thought makes the whole thing seem ridiculous. But, as I’ve said before, almost absurd does not mean impossible. It only means highly unlikely. Only the absurd is impossible.

Let’s look at the PdL beaches. We have two, as per picture:

Beach A, the most commonly known beach of PdL.

When one says “I’m going to the PdL beach”, one is saying that this is where one is going. As an example, when I debunked the “Beach Tale”, I referred exclusively to this beach, and nobody even suggested otherwise.

Beach B, by the center of gravity of the little village, right next to the Church and respective square, as well where the PdL’s night life is located, or as I’ve called it, the “PdL Red Zone”.

Hiding a body in the sand is not exactly the same as going for a beach outing, so both beaches must be taken into consideration. Let’s start with what, apparently, is Gerry’s destination, taking into account his position and where to he was heading: Beach B:
Personally I had a hard time finding the accesses to this beach. There seem to be people there, so there must be at least one. This is what I found, and am placing the unedited picture also so that you can compare and see if I missed something:
I saw only three entry points:

(A) at the end of the street, the farthest from the sand, and you have to walk on rock to get the sand.

(B) you have to walk either on a narrow path (b2) or on rock (b1) for a significant distance before you reach sand. Besides, it seems that it is a private entrance.

(C) nearest to the Church Square, but apparently you have to jump over a small wall and then down on to the sand. I don’t know the height, but it seems quite unpractical, to say the least, to go in with a body, and also to get out even without one.

It’s easy then to conclude that the beach is used only by locals or by those very familiar with it.

In the dark, as was the lighting at the time, all three entry points seem to present a high-risk hazard to whoever is not familiar to the beach.

To someone strange to it, plus carrying a body, it’s pure and sheer madness.

Any slipping would mean a very difficult to explain injury, at least much more difficult to explain than Kate’s bruises.

We also have to take into account the limited space to bury a body, as shown below:

I’ve assumed that the picture was taken in high tide, because if it was in low, the space would be diminished significantly or even totally.

This assumption was just for argument’s sake, as by the wetness of the sand, the picture seems to be taken as the tide is lowering down.

So if you ask me what would be my estimated probability for Gerry to hide Maddie’s body in the sand of Beach A, I would have to answer as almost completely absurd.

And what about hiding it in some crevice in the rocks? That, I have to say is totally absurd.

For two reasons, of which I’ll only state one now: that would be, and was, the most scoured area of beach rock during the forthcoming searches. Not a single plastic bag was missed, much less a body.

No possible hidden crevices in that area, much less by someone strange to it. The other reason is the reason that proves all this to be absurd. so I will get to it at the end.

So, if Gerry was not heading for Beach B, he was going for Beach A. That is easily debunked by the picture below:

Which of the routes would you choose, the red or the blue?

No, Gerry does not have to avoid the parents sitting at Tapas, and so does not have to avoid the Ocean Club entrance and can simply just go down Rua Francisco Gentil Martins, by the shortest, logical route to the beach.

Even though he’s done to prove everything otherwise, let’s not forget he IS one of Maddie’s parents. Maddie, the girl whose body he is carrying, and we’re assuming he remembers that.

So what is Gerry doing on the blue route at that time, on that particular evening?

Let’s go down “absurd lane” again and say that Gerry never went to the beach, and that he spent his entire holiday boozing at Kelly’s, so the only path he knew that would lead him to the beach was the blue route.

Pretty, pretty foolish idea but I will entertain it.

Let I give you two reasons why it’s ridiculous, to bury a body in the beach, be it A or B:

Reason 1:

Reason 2:

Also there’s a third reason:

We’re on holiday, remember?

People who won’t have a clue that Maddie’s missing will flock to the beach. Kids will play at the beach. Kids like to play in the sand. And what is a kid’s favorite game in the sand? Sand castles. And after that? Beach digging. Just making nice holes and walls…

But the picture above also highlights ANOTHER factor that proves all this to be ridiculous.

Gerry had to dig the hole with his own hands, as, apparently, he wasn’t seen carrying any type of instrument to help him out.

Anyone that has played on the beach knows that sand gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

He would have had his shoes, socks, trousers, jacket, hair and everywhere else in his body all full of sand.

Say you, thinking quickly, what if he didn’t bury the body at all, just laid it on the sand, or rock, and then the body could be picked up by someone else?

In that case, there would be no sand, nor, in the morning people or dogs going to the beach to find a body that had already been picked.

You’re not thinking about stray dogs, are you? No, I didn’t think you were. The smell of a fresh corpse would attract all those at PdL, and maybe even those roaming Lagos...

Which means that the body was NOT hidden in any rock near PdL.

It was either buried in Beach B, even if totally absurd, or buried in Beach A. And we’re in Beach A, so if he put the body there, he buried it.

Unless he had had a shower, the sand would have been visible on his body, and that would really stick out. The GNR would have noticed.

Nobody has sand on his hair at that time of night without a reason, and telling the cops that the reason for that was that you just went outside to hide a body in the sand would have been certainly in the files.

Also, if he had had the shower, it would be strange, and noticeable, for him to have wet hair to meet the authorities after his daughter had been abducted.

Oh, but say you, what if, he had a shower and blow dried his hair, while the Tapas cleaned all traces of sand? I say, again, that you’re stretching it a bit, but I’ll go with it and tell you what in my opinion PROVES, without a shadow of a doubt there was no body disposal at the beach: Gerry was alone.

No, no use saying that Russell was waiting for him somewhere. For that he had to know where. And there’s absolutely no reason for them not to have walked together, if they were together, which they, evidently, were not.

No, Gerry McCann was all alone. And that proves what, ask you?

It proves that ONLY HE knew where he buried or hid the body.

And unless he drew up a treasure map, there was no way that anybody else, but he, could go and get the body.

And, as far as I know, from the moment the GNR arrived; if there was an individual everybody knew where he was that night, that individual was Gerry McCann.

And was never seen with sand on him that night.

There was no body disposal at the beach.

On the blue route, or the Smith Sighting, there was NO Gerry, “The Undertaker” McCann, just a Gerry “The Stroller” McCann.

So you ask again, what was Gerry doing on the blue route at that time, on that particular evening?

One thing I can assure you, he was not disposing of, or hiding, any body.

THAT task had already been taken care of. By him.

Just a favor to a friend in distress.


  1. Early morning May 4th, 4am, Payne and Mccann, after everyone had stopped searching left the apartment. McCann and Kate left the apartment same morning at 6 am....We know it was not to search as they have already admitted they did not search. So where did they go and what did they do?

  2. @veniviedivici Dr Graeham Pike on BBC2 has just blown jane Tanner's witness ststement to pieces #McCann #Mitchell

    Tweets, not sure what this is about but will find out.

  3. Anon,

    My opinion, is that they went to where Maddie's body was, which was nearby. Certainly not the beach.

    Another detail I didn't add, is that, according to their whole behavior, they couldn't afford for Maddie's body to be found, for whatever forensic evidence it might reveal.

    The beach would be too risky. many other options. They knew that in the first hours, even days, would be looking for a living girl, not a dead body.

  4. Too complex case

  5. This is better than Agatha Christie! I have goosebumps all over!
    Where was the body by the early hours of the 4th?...
    Well, it can be very very very far-fetched, but...
    there's a strange house, near Murat's, with a garden that creeps me out! It displays a pyramid and some sad gloomy statues, just looking at the photos of that garden freeks me out! The whole atmosphere of the place screams mourning and sadness to me, it gives me a feeling of "cemetery", not like the portuguese ones, but more like the french PÈRE LACHAISE. I get images of the film "The haunting"(1963), with Julie Harris and Claire Bloom, the gardens with the statues.
    The house is named Casa Niobe.

    Photos of Casa Niobe gardens and pyramid:

    (Praia da Luz revisited)

  6. Anon; 9:05

    No, the case on the evening of the 3rd/4th, the events were NOT complex.

    As I've already said once please do not confuse excessive explanation and detailing of that explanation, with complexity of the actual events.

    These took proportions nobody predicted, so whilst in other cases the fact that you eat a banana it's because you're hungry, in this, you have to discard Vitamin C and explain why you were not only hungry but also not allergic to calcium. The event, however as as simple as eating a banana.

    For example, the Anon 7:47 has got me back on the drawing board, and revise everything. All stated prove, without a doubt that there was no body debunking at the beach, however, he/she has, quite correctly and legitimately, raised a "Vitamin C/Calcium" issue.

    By saying that the Payne/McCann outing is a "Vitamin C/Calcium" I'm not minimizing it, as I think it's VERY relevant in the REAL body hiding that took place context, but it is only a detail in the Smith Sighting Saga.

    Back to the drawing board. ALL the pieces must fit by themselves.

  7. Anon 9:16,

    I was once accused of making this too Hollywood style. Basically my answer was the one I just gave Anon above.

    But, believe me, this IS very near Agatha Christie, as I'll soon show.

    And believe it or not, once you understand how fiction can be so close to reality, then all will seem so evident.

  8. What do you think?
    - No body in any beach.
    - Murat, was the closest house. Perfect to hold the body in the first hours.
    - He phoned Malinka on the night Madeleine disappeared
    - He rented a car saying that was for his mum.
    - His mum setted a stall looking for information about Maddie ( Odd for me). She wanted to know who knows what.
    - Gerry answer ' I'll not comment on that' when asked if he knows Murat.
    - Murat never sue the Mccann's.
    - Jane Tanner did not put Murat immediately on the crime scene, only after some time.
    - It was reported that GNR dogs signalised Maddie near Murat swimming pool. Did Keela and Eddie went to Murat property?
    - It is reported that Kate cried on Murat shoulder on the quiz night when she had a case with Gerry about the lady he invited.
    - The Smiths sight could be a fabrication to divert the attention from Murat house or was it real and Gerry took all this way before going to the house or to somebody who he meet near the church. The church is plenty of life at day, at night, not. Special in a cold night and in a beach where tourists tend to be more then locals.
    - Malinka car, blow in fire with word 'FALA'.

    This is getting an amazing Agatha Style.

  9. Well, by this time, it's quite clear that I think what you think.

    Thank you for putting down the ideas so helpfully, nice and tidy database for me to use.

    Will answer questions in separate posts, but let me tell you that, for me, the Church, if used for body hiding (still cannot see how), was used in a later date. As I've said, the Church became the PdL Briefing Room. Have a pretty good idea where the PdL Command Post was. And I'm certain where the Maddie Operation Command Post was and is.

    The Malinka chap, I haven't brought him into the picture, but the deleted phone call indicates that he's involved. The burnt car is an uncivilized act. Certainly not my way to get to the truth, because, if for nothing else, you very seldom get the real truth from that methodology...

    The Smith Sighting, how Gerry wishes that he or whoever had never had THAT stupid, stupid idea.

  10. The pyramid is a symbol of freemasonry.

  11. Very Agatatha Christy. ' The Orient Express' I think there were ten of them...each one stabbed the victim but who cast the fatal blow? They could not say

    No one could be charged because it could not be the Mccann case who did what and when...

  12. How the stroy has changed

    The Daily Mail

    The three crucial hours before the alarm was raised that Madeleine was missing


    Last updated at 15:30pm on 8th September 2007

    The three hours before Madeleine was reported missing at 10pm on May 3 are now at the heart of the police inquiry.

    Kate and Gerry McCann have never publicly revealed their exact movements over that evening, saying this is barred by Portugal's strict laws of judicial secrecy.

    For the same reason, the Portuguese police have disclosed virtually nothing about their understanding of what happened - whereas British detectives would probably have publicised any details likely to encourage witnesses to come forward.

    But based on reports and statements from other parties, it is possible to say with some accuracy what seems to have happened in those fateful hours before Madeleine went missing.

    Doctors Gerry and Kate McCann were nearing the end of their Mark Warner holiday in Praia da Luz.

    As had become their custom, they had put their three children to bed in their flat at 7pm before going to a nearby tapas bar half an hour later.

    They did not use a listening device to monitor their twins Sean and Amelie, two, and Madeleine, three.

    But as they were sitting no more than 70 yards from the rear door of their ground-floor flat, they felt confident that their established childcare arrangements were sufficient.

    With them at dinner were the seven friends from England who had gone on holiday with them. Three of them are also doctors and one is a top medical research fellow.

    Each couple were responsible for checking their own children, but other members of the group occasionally took turns to check all the children were sleeping soundly.

    It is unclear what happened between 7.30pm and and 9pm, but Mr McCann has said that he went on a checking trip at 9.05pm - and noticed a door which he thought had been left shut in the flat was ajar.

    He thought nothing of it, however, as his children were fast asleep.

    Another member of the group, Jane Tanner, took a turn around ten minutes later. She has told police that as she returned to the bar she saw a dark-haired man aged around 35 carrying a child. Again, she thought nothing of it.

    Then, at 9.45pm, Dr Matthew Oldfield went on a checking trip.

  13. cont...

    It has been speculated some of the checks did not involve the group actually seeing the sleeping children, but that they simply listened from outside.

    There have been claims that Dr Oldfield either simply listened at the McCann children's bedroom door or that he looked into the room and believed he saw Madeleine there.

    According to the latter claim, he is also said to have reported that light was coming in as if the shutters had been opened.

    Finally, at 10pm Mrs McCann went to check - and within seconds had emerged screaming that her daughter had gone.

    She is understood to have been certain that Madeleine had been taken, rather than that she had wandered off, or hidden, because her favourite soft toy, Cuddle Cat, which had been with her in bed, had been placed on a high ledge.

    That is as close to the McCann group's statements to the police as it is possible to get.

    And it is clear that by this account there are a number of windows of opportunity in which Madeleine could have been whisked away - either by an abductor, or, according to the theory Portuguese police are seemingly exploring, by her own family after a terrible accident.

    It has already been suggested that other statements have clashed with the accounts of the McCanns and their friends.

    One tapas bar worker suggested that only one man in the group left their table all evening. And a teacher who went to chat with the McCanns that night claimed that no one left the table between 9.30 and 10pm.

    A further detail from the evening is that the McCanns' friend Dr Russell O'Brien, 36, is understood to have left the table at some time after 9pm, to attend to his own ill daughter.

    It has been widely assumed the McCanns had either been stalked by a kidnapper who observed their behaviour and knew when to strike, or that a chance attacker saw an opportunity and seized it.

    But the Portuguese police now evidently believe that clarifying exactly what happened in the hours before Madeleine disappeared could offer a startlingly different solution.

  14. Who are the Mccann's visiting when they went to PDL after Sep. 2007?

    Publicly they said they are catholics, but in PDL, Hubbard become one of their friends. He is the Anglican Priest, sharing the same church. Why priest Hubbard enter that saga? And what he think when his girl played 'Madeleine' on Gerry documentary and they have to try that part several times because the girl went out of control screaming. She was with her mum, prepared for what she have to do and in a town familiarized to her.
    Why Madeleine did not scream under strange hands, at night, in a strange environment? SHE was not able to...


    The sick mind of Kate McCann

  16. No anon...1.33...she was unable to...Hubbards need a study all of their own.

  17. Anon. 1:33,

    "He is the Anglican Priest, sharing the same church"

    Can you confirm this for me? I knew that he was Anglican but didn't know that he SHARED the same church.

    THAT is a very relevant detail. If it's true, PLEASE confirm, it means that the "request" of the keys from F. Pacheco from John G. is far from innocent. He could have got them from Hubbard.

    This puts a whole different spotlight on the Church...

    I maintain that on the night of the 3rd there was no body there.

    But having a separate set of keys from a Brit, and asking for another one from a Portuguese, just doesn't sound right.


    The Hubbards burgled of all things Mccann...

    Some good comments also...


    Hiding place between 22:00 and 4:00

    IMO of course :)

  20. Johanna,

    Thank you. Besides other factors already stated, such as not being seen by the Smiths, which the video so blatantly exemplifies, the sheds certainly exists, but is it a realistic option?

    Not even questioning the fact that the gentleman really likes to parade a corpse (after been seen by the Smiths he still passes in front of a Bar...) but just two things pop to mind:

    Ownership and access. Were they open? These things do exist, and are used to store things, but do usually have a lock on their door.

    Knowledge, would the Gerry have the knowledge that the sheds were there, and if not, why risk looking for one, in the dark, in the most live spot in town?

    And as we've seen, support is something that the McCanns didn't lack.

    I see that I have to come back to this issue. I'd like to thank you, because, as I've said, ALL has to make sense, and if I wasn't clear enough, the fault is mine.

    It's my duty to correct it.

  21. Brought this over as it is addressed to you

    Re: Body Disposal Debunking, Part I - The Church/TEXTUSA
    bmaamba Today at 6:13 pm

    Good work.
    You have articulated well, what my intuition had told me regarding no burial at the beach (and fact that GA thinks body was refrigerated).
    My understanding is that you believe in the smith's sighting (of gerry). So do i (unlike HiDeHo, who believes it was a commmon occurence).I think the body was not that of madeleine , but either 1 of twins or the other daughter(drugged) of tapas 6 who bears a close resemblance to madeleine.
    I hope you reconcile the timings ( smith's observation and kate's alarm). I think that another car dropped the "stroller" back to the apartment- the timings are too close.
    Wish you had detailed what distinguishes gerry from MO,ROBrien (DP receding hairline is a giveaway).
    1 of posters on yr blog has posted about Murat: He phoned Malinka on the night Madeleine disappeared ( if i remember rght, in GA's book, he lied about this call).
    - He rented a car saying that was for his mum.
    It was reported that GNR dogs signalised Maddie near Murat swimming pool.
    How much of this is true?
    Strange answer :Gerry answer ' I'll not comment on that' when asked if he knows Murat.
    Did you see a blog where Murat's whereabouts on 4th may have been shown on photographs -he is
    frequently seen around the crime scene (the blogger was trying to explore the theory that the
    accused WILL visit the crime scene).
    There are some puzzling pieces about this murat- he maybe be innocent. But, whoever lies (however
    insignificant the lie), has to investigated thoroughly.
    What to make of rumour that murat's and jane's (?) DNA was found in an apartment-is this true?
    I have a feeling that if Murat is involved in helping Gerry Mcann in hiding the body, Jane does not know about it.
    What about the British guy ( a neighbourhood watch organiser) who saw a van/car with suspicious guy/s standing around the car near the resort.This guy was not sure about the date....wish the PJ had persevered with him more so that he could remember the day/date.
    my intuition-When i saw(his body language) on BBC- gerry mcann reading a statement that they intend to stay in Portugal after the arguido interviews- i said to myself-BS. And soon they rushed back to Britain..

  22. dear tex-iron,I can´t believe none did find out what gerry did with maddies body,after 3 years,unbelievable! is it the perfect crime then?

    XO Claudia

  23. Claudia,

    No Claudia, the fact there's no body, is far, far from committing the perfect crime.

    And the McCanns were not far from committing the perfect crime. They were very far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far from doing so...

    What you can say, is that they were very near to find the perfect cover-up for a sloppy crime...

    But no, they weren't able to...

  24. Hi, I am not anon 1.33 but I can confirm that both Catholic masses and Anglican services take place in the church. They do share.
    About beach B, I have visited a few times and have never seen the sand so assume that photo was taken at low tide.

  25. Anon. 10:04,

    Thanks for such a precious contribution.

    Firstly, the sharing. Also checked and he arrived 3 days after. I'll have to check better if there is a conflict of dates between hos arrival and the "request" of the keys.

    But my first reaction is to think that his presence was to guarantee the prolonging of the meetings. One thing is to close the door for a 15 minute prayer and introspection, another, is to be closed for an hour, an hour and a half...

    This, I will deal in due time.

    Secondly, if there's no sand, there's no reason for the use of Beach B.

    Have to revise this.

    Not to correct, but to explain.

    I'm always expecting to be questioned and welcome that pressure.

    Will only feel comfortable to continue when my conscience dictates that I have appeased my own doubts. And there are questions that I'm incapable of foreseeing.

    You guys have been outstanding.

  26. 'New contradictions in Maddie's case' - Sol
    By Felicia Cabrita and Margarida Davim
    18 August 2007
    'The version that the McCann couple and their group of friends have been giving about what happened on the night that Madeleine disappeared, is shaken by new testimonies that were collected by Sol. ( AVAILABLE AT MCCANNFILES and very interesting)

    Textusa, you can find a lot of information in Mccannfiles (Correio da manha Reports and Sol Reports)

    BTW, Felicia Cabrita is a portuguese journalist who do a lot of journalist investigation. She exposed The Paedophilia in Casa Pia and most recently the Face Oculta. You can try to contact her. Maybe she can help you fill some gaps and you can help her with your amazing work. She works for the 'Sol' Newspaper, and 'Sol' is one of the papers which stop spreading Mccann's Saga, I mean the Abduction Theory.

  27. Thank you Anon.,

    Thank you for the tip! You right. both the McCann Files, Pamalam and The Maddie Case Files are very credible databases, put brilliantly together by unselfish and dedicated people that all compliments will never be enough.

    If F. Cabrita reads this blog and wishes to contact me, she just has to follow what is stated on "CONTACT".

    However, I prefer to use this blog as a means of communication.

  28. 'St Vincent’s Algarve, Church of England '
    Tel: 282 789 660 or 289 366 720 • Fax:

    Find Us - Praia da Luz

    'The Western congregation meets in the Praia da Luz village church, Nossa Senhora da Luz. Praia da Luz is 7km west of Lagos ....Fr. Haynes Q. Hubbard: Team Rector and Senior Chaplain, with Responsibility for the whole of the Algarve, with particular responsibility for the Western
    Section. Based in Praia da Luz...
    The Hubbards – Haynes, an Anglican priest...and Susan, a midwife – arrived in Praia de Luz three days after Madeleine's disappearance.
    Susan says, it was the McCanns who helped the Hubbards settle in to their new parish.'

    The Hubbard's came from Ontario, Canada. Mccann's went to Canada for holidays.
    When the Hubbard's decide to come to PDL? Why?
    Why Susan said that God give her that commitment of going to PDL when Madeleine disappeared?

  29. Mccann's

    Paul grover took the last picture of Madeleine (lying on her back) and Mccann's family portrait is also from Paul grover. He works for the Daily Telegraph and use to to cover VIP events. That means, the Mccann's suffer already from that syndrome of trying to live inside celebrities world before Maddie disappeared, or he is used now to change and photo-shot old pictures, giving them some glamour? Whatever is, is a ODD IDEA, Exploring the drama a child went trough.
    For a family who was dealing with financial problems when they went to PDL ( according with some rumours) is strange that they spend a lot of money with Paul Grover for that pictures... unless everything was planned to be used late.

  30. "What you can say, is that they were very near to find the perfect cover-up for a sloppy crime..."

    ok,tex, I guess they found the perfect cover up for the accident/crime then...

    I think we have to think the way a cold prepared surgeon did a body hiding...if it was me,I would not take the body to burying it at the beach..too risky..there always is some people(turists) walking there or some odd (homeless) guys.
    Dogs or kids might be able to find it as well.
    I´d hide the body (temporary) in a good place(boat,appartment,car,freezer).
    What we know,Maddie is not in the sea because of the dogs,so gerry & co. had to find a hiding place till they did get the rent car(3 weeks later)this´s quite long time without freezing..but who´s freezer?
    They had to have accomplices beside some of the tapas.
    Goncalo came to the conclusion her body was in a freezer but he wasn´t able to tell more.
    Believe me tex I can´t get it out of my head!
    XO Claudia

  31. On a visit to PdL Kate did comment that when she was on the beach she felt, "Closest to Madeleine!"
    A funny comment unless there was a special reason!

  32. I can confirm the little beach is almost or totally under water at high tide, so what follows just clarifies some now unimportant misconceptions.

    The route from the church square is no go for more than one reason - several restaurants, a convenience store, and a drop of 20 to 25 feet onto the rocks below.

    Route A and route B fit with the Smith sighting on a superficial level. Route A however takes you to the spot where local fishermen set off in tiny boats for a night's fishing, apparently around dusk, around half an hour before the Smith sighting.

    Route B is the Travessa Da Prainha (Lane of the Little Beach) and has a sign up marked 'Prainha' (little beach). That one is easy access, even at night, but see later.

    A further route is where the person turns left at the bottom of the stairs, go up the hill a little, then turns right and goes down the steps to the beach that run beside The Bull pub. This is a very dumb route in that it takes you past the Dolphin restaurant, past Fernando's pub, past Kelly's pub, and down the side of The Bull. Plus you'd look very odd going to the little beach after dark, carrying a child.

    To completely kill off the little beach, it is overlooked by the Bull, and nowadays at least the Bull keeps open (at night) the curtains of the window facing the little beach, though I can't speak for then. However, the Fortaleza restaurant is famous for its covered seating area with one of the best views in town, over the sea and the little beach.

    Google won't let me sign in, but I'll chip in with more if I can. And there's more at

    I can't get the 'storage sheds' mentioned above as the link points elsewhere now. If someone can redirect me, I'll clarify that if possible.

  33. As promised, to chip in more, I went down the steps beside the Bull in mid-2012 (to the little beach and with 2-year-old in hand and found all OK.)

    Trouble is, another visitor tried the stairway in mid-2010, and found it dilapidated, poorly illuminated, and overgrown with plant growth that later got cut back. It looks like it was refurbished in the interim.

    Out of the two views, I think hers is a more important than mine. More accurate.


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