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Clarifications on Body Disposal Debunking, Part I - The Church

Two clarifications.

Firstly, as per Joana’s question, none of the blueprints are of the PdL Church, as per picture above.

The picture on the referred post served exclusively to illustrate the simplicity of the architecture of these buildings. I believe that the PdL Church is similar to these models.

Secondly, responding to a question from an Anonymous, about the possible role of Father Pacheco in all this.

My thought, and the resulting post, was focused on the night in question, and to the “The Stroller”. I’m still on the “Smith Sighting Saga” and on my way to prove that “The Stroller” is Gerry McCann.

What I said, and maintain, is that Father Pacheco had nothing to do with THAT man, transporting THAT child, in THAT place, in THAT direction, THAT night at THAT hour.

I also believe that Father Pacheco had nothing to do with body disposal or body moving THAT night. Consequently, and amongst other arguments presented, the Church was not used to hide or dispose the body on the night of May 3rd.

But, one thing we have for certain: the body was disposed of.

We do have a clue that it was, at least, after the McCanns rented the car.

If Father Pacheco was involved in that, I cannot give an opinion at this time. Also I don’t have an opinion, at this time, about if the Church was used for that. I can’t think of a reason right now, but I do like to keep ALL my options open.

So to be clear, whilst we’re discussing the “Smith Sighting”, if I were conducting the investigation, I would remove a possible “arguido” status from Father Pacheco, but would still keep him as a relevant witness.


  1. As far as Father Pacheco is concerned, is he in a very difficult position, having had at least some contact with the McCanns? I think I am right in saying that he cannot break the seal of the confessional except to the Pope, and I gather he did disappear off to Rome for a while immediately after the arguidification of the sainted parents. I also gather that he was profoundly distressed at this time although that could be a myth as I have no direct knowledge of this. Is he now back in PdL? I do feel very sorry for him.


    Front line report


    Tuesday August 28,2007
    By Padraic Flanagan in Praia da Luz

    KATE and Gerry McCann are the subjects of a vile whispering campaign, which has led to them suffering a daily torrent of smears.

    As they still try to come to terms with the loss of four-year-old Madeleine they continually face new accusations, including that they were responsible for her death.

    And despite the couple’s swift, strenuous and increasingly exasperated denials to every one of the allegations, they have failed to dampen the appetite of the Portuguese media for new smears. The lies include:

    Kate’s guilt
    Portuguese TV reporter San­dra Felguiras is said to have implied during one live broadcast recently that Mrs McCann could have murdered her daughter. A source close to the couple’s family described the comments as “outrageous”.

    Drugging their children
    The McCanns, both doctors, have been accused of “drugging” their children to make them sleep so they could go out. The claim came from unnamed police sources who doubted Madeleine’s two-year-old twin brother and sister could have slept through her abduction. Last week magazine Tal&Qual suggested they accidentally killed her with an overdose. The couple say they have never used sedatives on their children and never would.

    Wife-swapping holidays
    A retired detective claimed, without foundation on a TV programme, that Kate and Gerry were “swingers” who enjoyed wife-swapping with the friends who were their dinner party companions. Despite a lack of evidence, the claim was picked up by local newspapers.

    Excessive drinking
    Rumours that the couple and their friends were drunk when they should have been looking after their children began among holidaymakers in Praia da Luz and were picked up by local journalists. The McCanns deny they drank on May 3, when Madeleine went missing.

    Children left to cry
    Neighbours at the Ocean Club are said to have told of the McCanns leaving their children while they went out to enjoy themselves, including once in a town 15 minutes’ drive away. Kate and Gerry insist they ate every night at a restaurant less than a minute from the flat.

    Killed in the apartment
    Various newspapers and television stations have discounted the abduction theory, and claim Madeleine died in the apartment, through the negligence of her parents or murder. Journalists who made the claim cannot explain why detectives might think this.

    A body in the hire car
    Other newspapers have reported the existence of forensic evidence that Madeleine’s body had been in the family’s rental car. This claim re-emerged at the weekend with reports that the scent of a corpse had been discovered by a sniffer dog on the hire car’s key. The couple rented the car five weeks after their daughter disappeared.

    Emergency call delay
    Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias cited an unnamed holiday resort worker who falsely claimed the McCanns opted to contact the media and a priest before police. The McCanns issued a denial to a baseless story.

    Intercepted phone calls and emails
    Diario de Noticias also said police had “intercepted” communications between the McCanns and their friends which were said to provide “decisive proof” that Madeleine was not kidnapped. The McCanns handed police all their phone and computer records soon after the crime.

    Friends under suspicion
    The newspaper 24 Horas claimed members of the holiday party were “under surveillance” in Britain as part of the investigation. This is strenuously denied by British and Portuguese police.

    Forged birth certificate
    Local media has even claimed Gerry was not Madeleine’s real father and had used his position as a doctor to alter details on her birth certificate illegally. This is said to have caused the couple particular hurt because all three of their children were conceived by IVF.

  4. Father Pacheco and a ball of green wool...

    McCanns call for Europe sex offender register

    By Caroline Gammell in Praia da Luz
    Last Updated: 1:22am BST 03/09/2007

    Madeleine McCann's mother has called for a European sex offenders' register as she insisted she would never give up hope that her daughter was still alive.

    Paying tribute to her eldest child - who disappeared four "terrible" months ago today - Kate McCann revealed how much she missed the four-year-old.

    She urged governments to work together to stop sexual predators targeting children and hiding in "safe havens" across Europe.

    Reflecting on life without Madeleine, 39-year-old Mrs McCann said: "It is four months since Gerry and I have heard our daughter laugh, seen her smile, read her a story, given her a cuddle.

    "Four months of not knowing what our beautiful daughter has had to endure and four months since that cold night when our world fell apart.

    "I know many people think our daughter can't be alive. But nothing has changed our thoughts.

    "As parents we cannot give up on our daughter until we know what has happened. We have to keep doing everything we can to find her.

    "Each day Gerry and I get up and say: 'Today could be the day Madeleine comes home'. We have to keep hoping."

    During their search for Madeleine, Mrs McCann said the couple had learnt a great deal about child abduction.

    "We have been shocked to learn the truth," she wrote in a Sunday newspaper. "Parts of Europe are a safe haven for sex offenders. They can roam around Europe with no checks.

    "If a sex offenders' register helps prevent the abuse of children and the anguish it causes families, then it will have been worth it."

    The McCanns have stayed in the Algarve resort town of Praia da Luz where Madeleine disappeared on May 3 because they said they felt closer to their daughter.

    But as the months pass without any significant developments, the couple concede that they will have to go home eventually.

    The lease on their rented villa runs out in mid-September and they are expected to come back to the UK shortly afterwards.

    Throughout their ordeal, the McCanns have relied heavily on their Catholic faith. Yesterday they attended Sunday mass in Praia da Luz as usual.

    In Britain, Mrs McCann's aunt Janet Kennedy revealed that the couple still find solace in a ball of green wool given to them shortly after Madeleine went missing.

    The wool was presented by Father José Manuel Pacheco and unravelled among the congregation at the local church as a symbol of solidarity.

    Mr McCann recalled afterwards: "We sang a song, and we just kept singing the same verse, 'Nothing will separate us', over and over again and the church was completely overflowing.

    "The wool finally got all the way round and the message was 'nothing will separate us and we are all united'."

    This weekend, dozens of well-wishers in the couple's home village of Rothley in Leicestershire recreated the act, using green and yellow ribbons.

    Mrs Kennedy told the congregation: "Although Kate and Gerry have lost Madeleine, they have gained a great deal - people's love and support, messages of hope, gifts for the children.

    "It is a very, very hard journey for them but people are accompanying them all the way."

    "I am astounded by their strength and perseverance."

    She said the couple had relied on three Portuguese words to get them through - "esperança" meaning hope, "fe" meaning faith and "coragem" - courage.

  5. Daily Express articles when found are like gold dust...The Mccanns had them all removed..So what do they contain that is so important. Nothing or something?...

    Another media attention grabber


    Thursday September 6,2007
    By Martin Evans and Padraic Flanagan in Praia da Luz

    DNA tests produce vital result

    POLICE who are hunting for missing Madeleine McCann are expected to make an arrest in days.

    The news comes after a long-awaited forensic breakthrough.

    The results of DNA tests, which have taken a month to complete, were given to detectives in Portugal yesterday. They are understood to confirm police suspicions that Madeleine died in her parents’ holiday apartment.

    But they are also expected to provide detectives with vital information about a new suspect they have been monitoring, allowing them to move in and make an arrest.

    The results of the DNA analysis by British scientists has given the investigation renewed urgency after weeks of frustrating stagnation.

    Experts at the Forensic Science Service (FSS) laboratory in Birmingham have examined various pieces of evidence collected by a team of British police officers working with specialist sniffer dogs.

    Among the most important samples identified were tiny traces of blood, hair and saliva, collected in the McCanns’ holiday apartment at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz.

    Tests were also undertaken on items recovered from a number of vehicles as well as samples taken from an area of coastline near to the Algarve resort.

    While some work is still to be completed the Daily Express has learnt that “highly significant” initial results have been passed to the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria via their counterparts in Leicestershire – home of Gerry and Kate McCann.

    A source linked to the investigation said: “The FSS has been in close liaison with Leicestershire Police on a regular basis and that information has been fed back to the Portuguese authorities.

    “The Portuguese are leading on the investigation and they have to be the ones to act. Ultimately, what happens now will be up to the police in Portugal but people should keep a very close eye on events over there in the next few days.”

    The official Portuguese police spokesman Oligario Sousa last night refused to confirm that the DNA results had been received.

    He said: “The lines are the same since the beginning – they are all open. We said the results are important for one of the lines, the one that considers the hypothesis of the little girl being dead. At this moment we are paying special attention to the hypothesis of death.”

  6. cont....

    A spokeswoman for the FSS would only say the investigations were still ongoing.

    But a Portuguese police source said: “The initial results have been received by the PJ and they are highly significant. It is what everyone in this investigation has been waiting for. We hope the case can now move forward very quickly, it is what everyone wants.”

    The results had been expected several weeks ago, prompting senior officers on the Algarve to cancel all police leave and put staff on round-the-clock standby.

    It was believed they had identified a suspect and were waiting for forensic confirmation before moving in.

    However, with experts warning that the test results could take many more weeks to complete, the trail once again went cold.

    The four-month investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance has been plagued by setbacks and frustration.

    Gerry McCann, 39, recently voiced his growing concern at the lack of leads being identified but Portuguese detectives remained confident the breakthrough would come with the forensic evidence.

    The McCanns apartment, 5A, from where Madeleine went missing on May 3, became the focus of the investigation after previous leads proved fruitless.

    Last month, detectives ordered fresh searches of the property using a specialist team from the UK.

    Two tiny specks of blood, which had previously been missed, were discovered on the wall and the curtain of the bedroom.

    Unfortunately, the decision to re-let the apartment after the McCanns left, and the Portuguese police’s failure to preserve the crime scene, meant DNA analysis became extremely difficult.

    However, the FSS laboratory in Birmingham is one of the most sophisticated centres of its kind anywhere in Europe and despite the fragile nature of the specimens, scientists continued to isolate the information needed.

    Last night police on the Algarve were understood to be ready to arrest a suspect identified weeks ago. A source close to the investigation said: “It has seemed to many people that the police have been doing very little but this is because they are not allowed to discuss the investigation.

    “But they have been working on a hypothesis for some time now and have identified a new suspect.”

    The only official suspect in the case is British expat Robert Murat, 33. It is thought the breakthrough will officially clear him.

  7. The 17 key questions detectives may have asked Madeleine's mother


    8th September 2007

    During 15 hours of questions, police put a series of key points to Kate McCann in their attempt to solve the Madeleine mystery. Sam Greenhill examines some of the likely demands detectives would have made of the 39-year-old GP in the interview room.

    Did you kill your daughter?
    Mr and Mrs McCann have long been aware that they were the subject of rumour and suspicion but this is the first time the police have put it to them. Her friends and family cannot believe that the "imbecile" police have the nerve even to ask it.

    Did you sedate Madeleine?
    The couple have repeatedly denied using sedatives on their children to help them sleep at night while they went out. They have strongly rebutted accusations they accidentally gave her an overdose. There has been persistent speculation over why the couple's twin son and daughter slept soundly throughout the abduction and subsequent commotion once Madeleine was discovered missing. The McCanns say they have never used any kind of sedative on their children and never would.

    Did you have any syringes in the apartment?
    An astonishing claim in a Portuguese newspaper alleged that police think there could have been a tranquilliser kit used on Madeleine. Mrs McCann is believed to have fiercely rejected this, and the couple have stated there was no syringe in the apartment.

    How much did you drink on the night?
    Some reports have suggested the McCanns and their friends sank 14 bottles of wine at dinner that night, but they insist they got through no more than three bottles between nine adults.

    Did you ever leave Madeleine all evening to go into town?
    It was reported that a barman claimed he had seen the McCanns one evening in the town of Lagos, five miles away, although they insist they ate every night at the Ocean Club restaurant in Praia da Luz, and none of their friends has disputed this.

    Who checked on the children and at what times, exactly?
    Confusion has always surrounded the exact timings because no one was supposed to discuss the case or give a timeline in detail. From clues and comments pieced together over the past months, it appears the McCanns and their friends agree that Gerry checked at 9.05pm, friend Matthew Oldfield at 9.30pm (but he did not actually go into Madeleine's bedroom) and then Kate at 10pm. But detectives are interested in the period from 8pm when it is understood that no one apart from the McCanns saw Madeleine.

    Did you ever leave her unattended for much longer than you claim?
    Statements from witnesses near the apartment allegedly claim that in the evenings before her disappearance, Madeleine was heard crying for her parents for long periods. The McCanns deny this, saying they checked on their children regularly and are responsible parents.

  8. cont...

    Does your husband know about it?
    Mrs McCann is likely to be invited to implicate her husband. The McCanns have always stood strong together and say the crisis has strengthened the bond between them, although Gerry did storm out of a TV interview recently leaving his wife behind when he was asked about the investigation.

    Does anyone else know? Do your friends know?
    The idea that any of the McCanns' seven companions, some of them doctors, could have been involved in such a huge conspiracy and then convincingly maintained the secret is one of the most puzzling aspects of what appears to be the police's theory. Yet officers are focusing on alleged discrepancies in their statements.

    Why did you shout: 'They've taken her, they've taken her!' after returning from Madeleine's room on the night of her disappearance?

    These were the words Mrs McCann was reported to have screamed as she ran back to the restaurant table in a panic. The police were intrigued by her use of the word "they".

    Why did a dog detect the smell of a corpse on your clothes?
    A British dog trained to find dead bodies is alleged to have smelled something on Mrs McCann's jeans and T- shirt, and also on Madeleine's toy Cuddle Cat. Mrs McCann is believed to have replied that she came into contact with at least six dead people in her work as a GP in the period leading up to the holiday. Could Cuddle Cat, which she always holds close to her, have been contaminated from her clothes?

    Why did you hire a car?
    The McCanns did not hire a car until 25 days after Madeleine went missing. Until then, they did without one, apparently remaining in Praia da Luz or being driven around by police, embassy staff or friends. But in recent weeks, Mr McCann has regularly talked about using the hired silver Renault Scenic to ferry visiting friends and relatives to and from the airport in Faro.

    Why did you hire it the day before going to see the Pope?
    Detectives are puzzled why the McCanns needed to hire a car the day before they knew they would be leaving Portugal to fly to Rome. They did not need it to reach the airport as they were driven there by an aide. Yesterday the McCanns' spokesman said there was no significance in the date. The couple had arranged to hire a car and that was the day it had come through.

    Did the hire car contain any of Madeleine's belongings?
    If forensic evidence of Madeleine was found in the car, such as a hair, is there a legitimate explanation? Perhaps something belonging to her was later put in the car, for example when the McCanns moved to their new villa.

    Could Madeleine have bled on something which was later put in the hire car?

    Madeleine did slip and bang her leg, filmed on a family mobile phone video, as she boarded the holiday aircraft. Could she have shed blood on to some clothing which the McCanns later moved in the hire car?

    Did you move Madeleine's body in your hire car?
    Forensic evidence apparently points to Madeleine in the car. Mrs McCann strenuously denies any suggestion she moved any body.

    Tell us what you did with her...
    Mrs McCann was asked this directly, according to her husband's sister Philomena. Her reply was said to be: "You must be insane to think we'd put ourselves through this."


    Gordon brown who helped the Mccanns in the cover up of Maddies death has left Downing Street. Bloody good show.


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