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Body Disposal Debunking, Part I - The Church

An anonymous has asked quite a few times, and very legitimately so, how the Smith sighting proves that "The Stroller" was carrying a LIVE little girl.

I’ve delayed, for timing reasons only, the adequate answer the best that I could. And although I will approach the subject today, anonymous, please don’t expect an answer today. But, hopefully, you will understand that it’s coming…

In the Smith Sighting, one thing that I think that is consensual amongst Black & White Hats alike is that due to the fact that the girl carried by "The Stroller" looked like, dressed exactly like and was barefooted like Maddie, that she and Maddie are totally related to one another.

Most, almost everyone except me and Ironside, go as far as to say that they are the one and the same: Madeleine Beth McCann.

The first divergence is that the Black Hats say that she was alive and being abducted, whilst we, White Hats, go for being carried dead and that "The Stroller" was getting rid of her body.

This is a White Hat blog, and we all, Black & White alike, know she was not abducted.

So let’s continue under the assumption that not only is she dead, as she’s a dead weight.

Now, here the consensus ends amongst the White Hats.

Some say that he was heading for the beach, others (I think I said this myself) for the Church.

Well, I say, it was NEITHER the Church, nor the beach. Nor was the girl dead, and due to that sole factor, she wasn’t Maddie, as I’m certain that Maddie was already dead at the time.

So let’s debunk these body disposal theories, created, naively, by intentional misleading.

This will be a three-fold issue. I shall tackle first the Church, and that will be today, then the beach and only after that, dear anonymous, the dead or alive issue.

As said, both Church and beach scenarios, make only sense if the carried girl was dead. So, although totally convinced otherwise, but for arguments sake, we’ll assume that she was dead and that it was required to hide the body, if only for that particular night.

PdL at the time the Church was built was a small Portuguese fishing village. Today, it is small Portuguese touristic village.

The churches in small villages had two main purposes other than the obvious cult fulfillment reason. One was to warn villagers of tragedy, like fires, or in fishing villages like PdL, the overturning of a fishing boat (in those days fishermen didn’t know how to swim, so that meant almost certain drowning); the other, to be the village’s social center of gravity.

A place where everyone gathered, for town meetings, town parties or whatever was deemed required to gather people for.

The Church has always played a crucial role in the development of modern societies. And in small catholic towns, the Church Square, or Portuguese “Largo da Igreja” is a very relevant social location. A very public place.

That’s why the Priests were, and still are, so very socially important in small villages. They play a pivotal role in the places they exercise their activity. The local Church is not only the place of worship as is also the place villagers gather to.

Where they go when they want to know the news. Not inside, but outside. You know, the place where people are aclaimed and lynched...

But lets not forget the inside.

As we’ve seen in almost every episode of “Little House on the Prairie” it’s the perfect place to hold a small town meeting.

Around 20/30 people can be seated quite comfortably listening to someone in a forum designed for the effect, to listen to a speaker.

PdL, as a small village it is, smaller it was when they built the Church, is not known for its abundant local resources.

I’ve never been inside that particular Church, but I’ve been in many, many other small churches in the Country, as the Religious Art in Portugal is a treasure that few know but should be world renown.

So I believe it to be like so many, just a simple small town church. A very simple building. No underground tunnels, not even an underground floor.

To have that, it would mean excavations, and these costs money, a lot of money. Underground tunnels and secret chambers are only for the like of Harry Potter, who I believe, is a supporter of the McCanns.

So, if you believe that the PdL Church has all mysterious tunnels and secret rooms, do feel free, the next time you catch a train, to do so by running into a column in the middle of the railway station. Please just warn me beforehand. I will love to be there.

I’m sure that the Pdl Church it is like the majority of the small churches in Portugal, a central aisle for the cult headed with the altar, and one to three other rooms: one, mandatory, the Vestry, for the priest to prepare himself, the others for storage and possibly Sunday school.

And certainly no fridges. Red wine conserves very nicely in room temperature.

No conditions whatsoever to store a body. Even of a four year old. And no toilet. You know, to clean up the mess that a dead body always leaves behind.

You don’t know? Ask the McCanns. Or better yet… ask a mother and son. They’re the experts, whilst the McCann couple was a bit sloppy on that issue…

So, why dispose of a body in the PdL Church?

Certainly, say you, it would be the only place, where the GNR wouldn’t search that night.

Let me clarify that a Church is not an Embassy. If the Police dogs had picked up Maddie’s scent to the door of the Church, they would go inside. As in any other residence, so that is false argumentation.

Well, you insist, it would be ONLY for THAT night. It might well have been, but only if you’re keen in hiding a body by laying it on the grass of Old Trafford’s center field, knowing that the very next day, by your own doing, a Manchester United vs Chelsea match took place.

The church would be the natural place to people to converge once knowing the news.

Sure, they would go to the Ocean Club to look, but come to the Church Square to discuss the issue.

The church and the surrounding areas became filled up with people, as the TVs showed. Where were the McCanns supported by all the unselfish people that gave all they had to help them? Don’t know? Look at the pictures.

And to take the body out of that Church after that, not even with three Tanner’s abduction theory.

Talk about risky business…

Yes, maintain you, it’s all very nice, and although illogical to the point of absurdity, is not ABSOLUTELY absurd. So it doesn’t invalidate the fact that the body, albeit all that, could have been put there just for that night. Agree.

So let me debunk this once and for all. We all agree that "The Stroller" wouldn’t have walked all that way to dispose of the body in the Church UNLESS he was sure that upon arrival, he would find an open door.

No the Priest does not sleep inside. And no, "The Stroller" wouldn’t have gone there on a hope… I’m supposing here that nor did Gerry, nor any of the Tapas, as tourists that they were, had the Priest’s contact. House or cellphone.

So, I think that it’s PROVED that if Gerry used the Church to dispose of the body then him, or somebody from the Tapas, knew someone in PdL who had it the Priests contact.

You say yes? You’re wrong. I don’t want you to agree with me. I want you to think with me.

I bend my theories to fact, never do I bend fact just to make my theories correct. It only proves that somebody contacted the Priest, and that this contact was set off by one of the Tapas. That is all it proves.

We have two possible scenarios here:

- Some Tapas individual called “The Helper”, “The Helper” called the Priest and told the him what had happened, and what was expected from him. The Priest then agreed, “The Helper” then called the Tapas individual and told him that there was a green light to use the Church. This means that somebody IN PdL would have had to help the “Tapas individual”;

- Some Tapas individual called London, London called the Vatican, the Vatican called Lisbon and Lisbon woke up one startled Priest. This means that the Priest was who IN PdL helped the “Tapas individual”.

Well, neither scenario happened. None listed nor any in between.

The Priest never got a a call that night.

He probably took knowledge of the facts as the majority of us did, sometime on May 4th.

Why? Because if you’re willing to help as described, and have the power to influence the Priest to act as said, then CERTAINLY you will not risk having a dead body walking for 500 metres, when you can just put it in a car and drive it, unnoticed, to the Church.

And before you even open your mouth saying that there was no car, let me say that, in the first scenario “The Helper” would have provided one, and in the second, the priest would have been ordered to go and pick the body up.

Simple logic.

There was no body disposal at the Church.

The body would ONLY have been walked on the street, if the distance to cover would be so short that putting it in a car, driving it there and taking it out, would mean the same or the approximate risk of taking it on foot.

That would mean that the body would be taken to a very, very near location…

Yes, Murats, you can start sweating. I’ll be involving you in all this mess very, very soon.

Then, ask you, quite adequately, why was Father Pacheco's name so involved in this? Let me give you my opinion,
Note from blog: At the time we wrote this post we thought this man to be John Geraghty. It's not. The real John Geraghty can be seen in our post "A Triumph of Tycoons"

John Geraghty, a local ex-pat, pictured above, got the Church keys from the Priest. I don’t know under what circumstances, but I do believe that the clergyman had very little to say in the "negotiations".

Do you know a better place where the involved could hold meetings, unsuspectingly (even though watched going inside), under the disguise of moral support to the tormented parents? I don’t. It’s perfect.

Father Pacheco must have been prohibited to enter his own Church, so very early on, found out that they wanted to use it but certainly not for praying. And he wasn’t pleased.

He probably reported it to his higher religious echelon, and, probably too, was told, very convincingly, to keep his opinions to himself.

But that would explain the coldness by which the Pope received the couple in Rome…

If anyone has been vilified in all this, Father Pacheco is certainly one.

Next, debunking body disposal at the beach.



    Gerrys nose tells the truth


    Just a reminder


    Famous last words

  4. Processos, Volume XI
    2871 to 2875—Smith Family Memorandum regarding contact with PJ after McCanns return home

    From: DC Hughes
    Sent: Thursday, 20th September, 2007 15:42
    CC: Prior Stuart
    Re: FW: Smith Family

    This is the Irish family that saw a man transporting a child on the night in question and returned to Portugal to collaborate with the investigation. Martin Smith contacted our department stating that after having observed the McCann family on TV alighting from the plane, he believes that the person he saw carrying the child that night was Gerry McCann. For your information.

    DC John Hughes

  5. Processo Vol XIII
    Page 3991

    NUIP 201/07 o GALGS
    4ª Brigada


    We can infer, from the analysis of the information contained in folios 2871 and 2872, that the statement of Martin Smith, duly identified and filed as folio 1606, reports new elements.

    This information alleges that upon catching sight of Gerald McCann on the television news, when he (GM) arrived at the UK and still at the airport, he (GM) appeared to him to be the individual whom he saw on 3rd May in Praia da Luz, carrying a child.

    As a result of this and because of the fact of the witness being resident in Ireland, we contacted an officer from the Irish force for the Iberian Peninsula, in Madrid, Bernard Gattney, who took on the task of carrying out the necessary arrangements in order to proceed to a new questioning of Martin Smith.

    He was sent by email a copy of the information including the witness statement, and a list of questions to ask him, duly translated into English.

    Portimao, 8th November 2007


    Joao Carlos

  6. Processos Vol XIII
    Pages 3996 – 3997 (in English)

    Email from John Hughes to DIC Portimao, C.C. to Stuart Prior

    20th September 2007

    Subject: Fwd Smith family

    From Lindsay Long to John Hughes

    20th September 2007

    Re – Smith family

    Location : Portugal Out of Force Area

    Origin: Mr Martin Smith Ireland.

    Text: Reported that he had passed a male carrying a child in Praia da Luz the night Maddie went missing. Went and made a statement to Portugal police in Portimao on 26th May and returned to UK. Is saying that after seeing the McCanns on the news on 9th Sept when they returned to UK he has not slept and is worried sick. He states he was watching the 10 PM on BBC and saw the McCanns getting off the plane and coming down the steps. He states it was like watching an action replay of the night he saw the male carrying the child back in Portugal. He states the way Gerry was carrying his twin triggered something in his head. It was exactly the same way and look of the male seen the night Maddie went missing . He also watched ITV news and Sky news and inferred it looked like the same person both times carrying the children.

    Is asking a member of OP task ring him back. He was with group of 9 family and friends the night he saw the male in Portugal. He sounded quite worried and shaken whilst speaking to me

  7. Witness statement Silvia Batiste...

    No one EVER saw the window open or the blind up.
    The deponent further recalls that she entered the room where Madeleine had been sleeping. She now remembers that the door was closed. The inside of the room was dark. The shutters were down, and light entered only through its holes. The windows were closed and the curtains slightly open. Gerry, who accompanied the deponent during this visit, with the GNR officers also present, said that it had been him who had closed the window because the babies were still sleeping inside, which the deponent could verify as true. Gerry mentioned that when he noticed that Madeleine was missing, he had found the window and shutters open, and the curtains fluttering.

  8. bom dia, a planta é mesmo da igreja da Nossa Senhora da Luz? Tens em melhor qualidade, em termos de pixels? beijinhos para ti e ironsisde

  9. John Geraghty A 68-year-old businessman from Leicestershire who now lives on the outskirts of Praia da Luz. Offered to store the McCanns’ hire car so that they could commission independent forensic tests


    Profile on John Geraghty


    Father Pacheco. Lost Souls


    Catholic News Agency. Father Pacheco questioned


    The British Priest STAGED everything.


    A list of characters in the Madeleine story...Hard work and many thanks to Pamalam.

  15. Father Pachecos statement...

    13- Processo Vol XIII 3924 to 3926

    Witness Statement

    Date: 30th October 2007

    Father Pacheco

    The first time he had contact with the McCann's was on 5th May at about 19.00. This was a personal contact with them in the Ocean Club at their apartment, but not the apartment Madeleine disappeared from. They were accompanied by members of the holiday group.

    This was an important meeting for the McCann's and which had not been possible to the fact that they were busy. He knows that on the fateful night the McCann's requested the presence of a priest, but he was only informed the following morning.

    On the 5th, the theme they talked about was the disappearance and he gave all possible spiritual comfort and they prayed together. They also agreed that the couple would go to the church the following day to attend a mass.

    He also prayed with the McCann's on the 6th and 8th May in their apartment.

    He gave them the key to the church on the 7th or 8th May upon the suggestion of John Geraghty, a resident of the parish, so that they could calmly go to the church without any media pressure. Someone from the church gave the key to John Geraghty, who then passed it on to the McCann's, with Father Pacheco's permission.

    He does not remember the date upon which the key was returned.

    Other contact with the McCann's took place at the end of mass when he would comfort them.

    He would also meet with the McCann's after they returned from their trips and remembered they were animated when they returned from Morocco as they thought they would Madeleine there. He also comforted Kate when the news of a child buried in Arau broke, as she revealed great nervousness and anxiety, thinking that the child had died.

    When questioned, he said he never heard their confessions, perhaps because they only spoke English.

    He never talked to them alone.

    He states that they showed great suffering to the loss of their daughter.

    He adds that a parish bulletin was published giving spiritual, moral and human support to the couple and to other missing children.


    Suspect in her own daughters disappeance jumps on another victims tragedy for pity.

  17. No Joana,

    NEITHER are of PdL Church. I just googled "plantas de igreja" and got those 2 images.

    They are of 2 different churches, and am using them to exemplify how simple the architecture of these buildings is.

    As I say in the post, I've visited many, and am always surprised by their simplicity.

    Will put a subtitle in the image so that it's not misleading.

  18. This is Silvia Batiste SECOND statement...She went back to PJ because certain things BOTHERED her..

    This for instance..

    Gerry mentioned that when he noticed that Madeleine was missing, he had found the window and shutters open, and the curtains fluttering.


    I thought it was Kate who found Madeleine missing? This is Kates line not Mccanns...

  19. Sergey Malinka 16 May 2007

    Taken from statement

    With regard to the telephone contact he received on 03 May 07, at 23:30, held by ROBERT, says that he has no record of having received such a call, but if this actually happened, it was to arrange a meeting with the same, for professional reasons.


    Robert nor Sergey remember this call but it happened because we have phone records to prove it.

    Robert knows much more than he is saying Goncalo Amaral said Murat had the power to have the case re opened. Agree Murat did not return to PDL until May 1st..

    Of course Murat and Sergey may well have been involved in deals that they did not wish the police to know and had nothing what so ever to do with Madeleine .

    It is odd Murat remembers everything about the night of May 3rd including a siren that only he and his mother heard . But he does not remember a phone call that took place according to phone records to him ,as he and his mother were both about to retire for the night.

  20. Textusa, are you clearing Father Pacheco of all of this?

    What you say may sound right, but I still think that he has his hands dirty with this.

  21. To add. Let us not forget the deranged Rosiepops and her part striving for the Mccanns. It was she who spent nights fitting up Murat shortly after he was made arguido on the DX forum saying blood had been found at Murats home. This is long before any British dogs were brought in.If any charges need to be brought against anyone, it is this very sick individual who should be first in line.

  22. Anon 11:54.

    Excellent point. Answering your question, no, I'm not.

    Understand the misunderstanding though. Will complete the answer in a separate post.

    Thanks for noticing!

  23. The Hubbards I hope you cover the Hubbards Tex and their involvement in all of this. The burglary in their home that contained on their laptop and mobile phone all information with regards the Mccanns...shortly after the Mccanns then meet with Susan Hubbard in Canada...

    Susan Hubbared also forced her child to play the part of Madeleine in the Mccanns 'Mock, farce ,comical, reconstruction' even though her child was deeply distressed. Susan just like Kate it would appear.

  24. I think it was GMC carrying Amelie that night in Maddies pj's. No cadaver odour was ever detected from GMC. It would also explain neither twin waking up that night if they had been given something to allow the "abduction" to occur. Madeleine was gone by that time.

  25. Posted by REDSQUARE on 3As..

    I was unaware that GA was removed after this e.mail information and his response.


    Quote from Nige.

    The only connection is an anonymous email that was sent to Prince Charles' official site, which accused an ex-employee of the Ocean Club of kidnapping Madeleine, as an act of revenge against the resort's administration, after having been dismissed.

    It was Gonçalo Amaral's negative response to this, in an interview, that we are led to believe was the cause of his removal from the case - the very next day after the article was published.

    The article is worth reading again:

    PJ accuse English police of favouring the McCann couple Diário de Notícias

    Thanks to 'Astro' for translation

    "The British police have only been working on the issues that the McCann couple wants, and which are convenient to them." It was with an explosive and rebellious tone that the coordinator of the investigation into the Madeleine case, Gonçalo Amaral, commented in brief statements to DN the news that was published yesterday in several English newspapers. This news was about an anonymous email that was sent to Prince Charles' official site, which accuses an ex-employee of the Ocean Club of kidnapping the four-year-old girl, as an act of revenge against the resort's administration, after having been dismissed.

    "That situation is completely set aside, and it has no credibility whatsoever for Portuguese police", the leader of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Portimao told DN, considering that his English colleagues "have been investigating leads and information that were created and worked by the McCanns, forgetting that the couple are suspected of the death of their daughter Madeleine".

    "That story of a kidnapping for revenge is another fact that was worked by the McCanns", Gonçalo Amaral accused, stressing that the Ocean Club "is located in Praia da Luz and not in London, which means that everything that concerns the resort and its employees (present or former) was already, or is being, investigated by the Policia Judiciaria". "It's not an email, even less an anonymous one, which is easy to track, that is going to distract our investigation line", he said.

    Gonçalo Amaral, before entering the CID in Portimao, was at the PJ's Directory in Faro, having been mainly responsible for fighting drug traffic.

    The position of the coordinator of CID in Portimao comes to meet the statements that were made to DN by the president of the Union of Criminal Investigation Employees (ASFIC), Carlos Anjos, who accuses Gerry and Kate McCann of "trying to distract and confuse the investigation by announcing a new fact on a daily basis". For him, as DN could report, "the McCanns have launched a campaign to discredit the Portuguese police when it presented the theory of the girl's death, substituting that of an abduction, which was very convenient to them". "As long as the theory of the disappearance because of a suspected abduction subsisted, the PJ were very pleasant company for the couple. When things changed and the death theory emerged, there was a radical change in the stance of the McCanns, who by the way never helped or facilitated, since the beginning, the investigation".

    In late August, early September, a few days before Gerry and Kate were constituted arguidos, for suspicions of the negligent death of their daughter Madeleine, a top member of staff of Judiciaria commented the following: "After buying ourselves a war with British media, we are now buying one with English police."

    Over the last few weeks, the Policia Judiciaria has been silent, which was helped by the fact that the spokesman of this force for that case, Olegario Sousa, has left that function, which he occupied since the child's disappearance.


    Second visit to church FIVE days after Madeleine 'disappeared'

    Kate ALSO washed CC five days later....

  27. Brown steps down as campaign for new leadership begins..

  28. I believe that Robert Murat flew to Portugal late on May 1st and was taken to the airport by his sister.

  29. Hi Textusa,

    I agree the church was never a possible hiding place if not for the road that would have let Gerry approach the church from the point he met the Smiths. He would have had to pass the "bar mile" of PdL, the irish pub and at least one other pub before emerging onto the rather open space in front of the church which is the main center of PdL. Not even he would have been bold enough.

    As regards the beach, plz keep in mind that there are two parts, the sandy beach and the rocky beach to which his path would have naturally lead and where there were a couple of perfect hiding places.


    Exit Strategy...

  31. Johanna,

    You've almost written the "beach post" all by yourself!

    No, I won't forget that there are 2 beaches, you'll see...

    Can I use your expression "PdL Bar Mile"? It's perfect to describe the heart of PdL Red Zone...

    Thanks for the head's up!

  32. Please can you put the correct image of JG up in this post. It is misleading otherwise!

    1. Anonymous 3 Oct 2017, 14:06:00,

      Thank you for the heads-up!

      We have opted not to change the picture but put a caption on it to clarify readers.


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