Thursday, 1 April 2010

A Tale About Needing A Witness

I remember seeing this episode on a TV series about suspense stories, quite a while ago. I don’t remember who presented them, nor was the author of the stories, and I do apologise for that.

Anyhow, this particular TV episode made its way to my memory archival for future reference. As is the case.

The story takes place on a transatlantic liner, on a time race to New York. Bets were placed gambling on if the ship would make or not the expected time.

As expected, the majority of the bets placed favored the accomplishment of the challenge.

The ship had been designed and built for that, so only, as only La Palice would so clearly state, only the unexpected would cause the unexpected.

The main character, a man, got somehow hold of the information that the ship was heading towards a major storm.

Don’t remember where he got it, whether from some paper, from overhearing the radio operator or out of drunken bragging from the Captain, but it was credible enough for him, as the beholder of the privileged information, to bet ALL his life savings on the delay of the ship.

To cut the story short, the following days were all but beautiful weather.

Not only was the ship not late, as it was ahead of time.

No sign of the storm whatsoever.

Our man waited until the last possible day, anxiously looking up into the sky for cloud, but always, always, in vain.

He then decided that he ONLY way he could win the bet was to stop the ship. and the only way he could do that, was for somebody to fall overboard, and with all the following rescue operations, the ship would be delayed enough.

Perfect plan. Ship delayed, bet won.

So next early morning, he walks on the deck, and finds an elderly lady who gazes out to sea.

There were only the two of them that early. I’ll not get into the details of the dialogue, but as he was not a murderer, just a gambler, he assured himself that he had before him a witness, THE WITNESS.

Someone who would just have to sound the alarm when he jumped overboard.

So overboard he goes, and into the cold water, right in the middle of the ocean.

The woman watched, and just stood there. Passively. Did absolutely nothing. Watching the man desperately waving his arms, really, really, screaming for help, and become smaller by the minute as the ship continued on its way.

Then, another man, dressed in white, approaches the lady, and politely asks:

- How are you today?

- Fine, fine, replied the elderly lady, do you know what just happened?

- What? Do tell me.

- A man, he was just now standing right here next to me, and suddenly he jumped into the water. Can you believe that?

- Don’t worry… Your treatment is doing wonderful results. Soon, very soon you’ll see that you’ll no longer have these horrible visions. I promise. Now, do come inside, it’s chilly.

So what is the common between this tale and the Maddie tragedy? Almost absolutely nothing. Just the fact that in both cases a ship out in the ocean is completely fictional.

Do have a nice Easter.


  1. Espantoso ! Quer as memórias de uma série de Tv, quer o final!

    Suspense até ao fim!

    Certo! Boa Páscoa ou bons dias de descanso!



  2. Good mornig Tex and what a wonderful story to wake up to. The ship story is fictional but the witness was not, in this story she tells what she saw .She was not believed. Jane Tanner also a WITNESS told what she saw. She was also not believed. Martin Smith and family a GROUP of witnesses tell what they saw to Police, they ARE believed. Thats the difference.

    Happy Easter everyone.

  3. What a wonderful Blog, working only from the Police Files. Links easily found to witness statements and even photographs showing what Martin Smith may have witnessed on the night.

    There is no abuse towards the Mccanns .This Blog is becoming like a Criminal Investigation and we are watching to see the case unfold and hopefully see what really happened. I cannot wait for the next chapter.Bravo

  4. Hello Textusa!

    I am curious about something totally not related to the purpose of your Blog and please feel fee to refrain from answering if this is your desire.
    1. What does Textusa mean or what did you have in mind with this name?
    2. Is Textusa a man or a woman?

    Hope I can get an answer, though :)))))


    What a BUNCH

  6. MTIP

    “Text” as in written word, the main, not exclusive medium used in blogging.

    “Tusa”, Portuguese literal slang tumescence, is much used by the people of that nation to describe willful, determined, strong and above all, with all his senses heightened toward the intent. You know basically how an individual feels in a state of sexual arousal. Now apply that to the remainder things of life…

    Bring the two together, and you have yourself a happily married couple.

    About me being a man, or a woman. I’m certainly a MAN. As in woMAN, (nothing significant)MAN, but most important, as in huMAN.

    Sexuality is all in the genderless brain.

    Gender is in the genitalia. And that has gotten me in more trouble than I bargained for, but, believe me, has brought me also so many, many, delicious memories. Stored in the brain... not there!!! lololol

    My age, you haven’t asked, but I’ll answer that anyway… I’m young. Have been so for so many, many, countless years.

    Hope I've satisfied you. But beware, I ask people NOT to ask me questions for I do answer them all.

    Sometimes answers are violent blows on unprepared minds. And I hate cruelty. As this blog exemplifies.

  7. Well I cannot answer for MTIP., but your explanation Textusa is as clear as mud....glad you have delicious memories though LOL LOL

  8. Oh Gosh, I understand your playing with the words and I understand your philosophical mind and really admire both. But...I am still confused if you are a man or a woman!! I think both genders are magnificent and each has their own peculiarities and it is so nice it is this way. Therefore I would still like to know what gender you are. I am a woman, as you can see from the photo :)))

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I was completely off the mark regarding the meaning of TEXTUSA, lol!
    I thought it came from "text" and USA(America), "texting" from the USA.
    Ah, but portuguese "tusa" or "estar com tusa"(being with "tusa") also means being sexually aroused(men)...blush, blush...

  11. Thanks for the explanation Anon. I am now also blushing and think I'll take a coooool shower LOL

    Have a great Easter to all those who only seek the truth. Be kind to one another.

  12. MAN, woMAN, huMAN; great!, the logic of the English language, just like the Truth of the Lie.

    Textusa, Ironside, thank you for your work and happy Easter to you and to all your visitors.


  13. Happy Easter to you also M.NL...have a great time and keep all those close to you, a little closer today.



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