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Re: the smith sighting..credits to testusa at 21:03
(…) so gerry has got rid of madeleine and the obriens have agreed to him taking their child to parade around? please – sorry tanner's child wasn't even blonde as the smiths said

 Re: the smith sighting..credits to testusa at 21:13
(…) right so gerry took obriens sleeping child - with his permission - who wasnt even blonde and paraded her down the roads WAITING to be seen - like he knew the smith family would spot him - to show that another person/persons would spot an abductor sorry im seriously losing every single plot now

**** amethyst
Re: the smith sighting..credits to testusa at 10:28 pm
(…) that gerry found his daughter dead and convinced his mate ruseell to allow him to carry his child around pdl as some kind of decoy is exactly as mad as any volcano theory

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Post subject: Re: The Smith Sighting - Textusa
Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:51 pm
IMHO, this is what happens when you spend too much time sitting at a computer. It is a great soufflé of detailed speculation based on the haziest idea of what Mr Smith actually said he saw. It's like doing a physical calculation to three decimals when your measurements are to the nearest half inch. Sorry to be negative.


Please don’t apologise. I fully understand your negativity.


  1. There seems to be confusion about the hair colour and the confusion is coming from Dr:Amarals book.

    This is something I can explain ,in Mediterrean countries you are either Rubio ,blonde or Moreno, dark...Now, I have dark hair but am still called Rubio...because my hair is not black...Moreno here means black hair....Therefore if you do not have black hair you are considered Rubio blonde...I hope I have explained this well.

    Here are the descripotions once again of the hair from the Smith family...
    Martin Smith said the childs hair was blonde to medium hued hair...

    Aoife Smith...said the child had light/light brown, straight long hair to the neck.


    I hope this has cleared this up to Dr.Amaral if your hair is not black you are Rubio...Blonde

  2. apologies are due, i was certain in my mind that JT's child was not blonde, obviously confusing her with another, besides that I still don't believe in this decoy theory because there's no evidence-i guess ROB was missing around the time of the Smith sighting and there is no real verification that GM was at the tapas at the time either, but still imo its too convoluted-could be wrong obviously - thanks ironside for the explanation

  3. If one thing I have learned, the Mccanns are not stupid. The family are ALWAYS the first to be suspected when a child goes missing. Police look at family and close friends. This happened in the Marie Luz Cortez case.Uncles were taken in for questioning. Only then, when poilce were satisfied did they look outside the family circle.

    The Mccanns KNEW this, therefore a much needed independent witness was needed to prove abduction took place. If Gerry had managed to damage the shutters, which I belive was the plan the apartment would have been classed as a forced entry. Jez Wilkins stopped this happening.

    The ONLY ones to say Gerry was in the restaurant,Mitchells comment, there are many witnesses to say Gerry was there ,are from the Tapas. The only one to have seen this abduction was Tanner.

    They had a witness and waited for the family to come forward , they did not. Jane had already planted a seed in the head of Police that night. But claimed she said nothing to the Mccanns because she did not want to upset them.

    Witness did not come forward, now what do they do? Jane Tanner takes centre stage.

  4. Poor Jane who had no choice. Gerry told her ,just mention it to police as just a suggestion, tomorrow when the family come forward the police will take it from there.Poor Jane dropped herself right in it.

  5. In that photo of Tanner with a child, is it her daughter?Which one, the eldest or the youngest? That girl has blondish hair, I was under the impression that Tanner's eldest child, the one about Madeleine's age, had darker hair, maybe I was wrongly influenced by the child in that famous playground picture, where there is Madeleine playing with Gerry and there is also another girl, with her back turned to the camera, about the same age/size as Madeleine, but with light brown hair(not as dark as Tanner's, I mean), I assumed that was Tanner's eldest daughter, but maybe it wasn't. We have been told that Madeleine was small for her age, could it be that Gerry "borrowed" Tanner's younger child to "play" Madeleine?...

  6. Maybe I'm getting this all wrong! It is giving me a headache! If Gerry was indeed carrying one of Tanner's daughters, and as we know, they are both alive and in good health, then, for the child to be perfectly still, arms hanging down along the body, she had to be heavily sedated! If Tanner went along with this it means she and O'Brien had no problems with having their own flesh and blood drugged up to their eyeballs, with all the possible risks! My goodness, who/what are these people???!!!
    It just cannot be due to the possibility of neglect charges, but to WHAT??? Will the world ever know the truth? I despair...


    Some very good videos here ..many thanks to Joana Morais.


    Yes Anon, I think something very like you are suggesting took place.


    This photgraph the very famous playground shot. We have been told time and time again this is Gerry Mccann with Madeleine and the twins. But, look again the child with her back to us is not Amelie. Amelies hair is almost white, lighter than Seans. Therefore who is this child and why were we made to be believe it is Amelie?

    Yes Anon it is a puzzle...Thanks for your comments.

  10. This makes me understand now why Jerry did not have cadaver on his clothes. He was creating an abduction with a live child.


    Back of Amelies head a stark difference to the child in the playground.

  12. Reading Dianne Websters statement once more. Dianne arrived with the Paynes at 9 p.m. She says Matt and Gerry were not there...she does not say if they ever return.

    Dianne took her time going to the McCann apartment, she only mentions seeing Kate. Dianne steps outside and tries to lift the shutter, she cannot...Dianne goes back to the table to collect articles..She then goes back to the Mccanns apartment and THIS TIME she sees Mccann...

    If McCann was not in the apartment with Kate...had he not yet returned from his trip around PDL?


    She adds that that night, and after the occurrence of the facts under investigation, she was in the apartment on two separate occasions. At the time described above she remained about 10 minutes in the apartment.

    After this time she returned to the restaurant to get her handbag as well as the MCCANN couple's camera and "baby monitor" of her daughter, and was soon back again in the apartment.

    The question being asked about the people that were inside the apartment of McCANN at that time, the witness said that the McCANN couple were present (although on the first occasion she had no recollection of having seen GERRY),


    Dianne the first time was in the apartment but it sems Kate was on her own ,only the second trip did Mccann put in an appearance. McCann had plenty of time..Jez slowed him down but he was missing for a good hour...

  13. A four year old named Mexicos Maddie abducted from her home, claimed her parents..Has been found dead in her home, her body was found in between the base and mattress of her bed. Parents were already under suspicion due to inconsistances in their statements.


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