Monday, 5 April 2010

Open Letter to CHARLOTTE and NAJOUA



Although we do not know each other, I feel I know a little about you and your kindness.

How dreadful it must have been for you both to have witnessed such a tragedy. MADELEINE just three years old abducted from her bed.

Both of you saw how devastated the McCANNS were. The shock and horror on their faces.

NAJOUA, you mention you only saw MADELEINE to wave hello and you CHARLOTTE were a nanny at the Creche.

It must have been hard to find the right words to say to KATE. She also was finding it hard to say the right words to you, or anybody else.

What can you say to a mother in torment as you struggle to understand? It is now almost three years, we are ALL older and wiser. OLDER, certainly.
CHARLOTTE I have read your witness statement. I have also read an interview you gave to the Daily Mail. I have to admit I am confused by a comment you gave.

In the Mail you mention something that you did not mention in your statement. CHARLOTTE you said you were one of the first in the apartment and the twins WERE NOT THERE.

You said they had already been taken out by one of the McCANN’s friends...

CHARLOTTE, much time has passed. Surely you NOW understand the significance of these words now, if they are true, don’t you?

I do realise the Daily Mail not known for its, shall we say 'Honest' reporting and they may well have twisted your words. But that is what they printed you having said: “We knew that one of the other nanny's charges was called Maddie. We told the head of department what had happened and she took us straight to the apartment. There were no children in the room. The twins had been taken out already, I think by one of the McCanns' friends. When we were coming out we saw Kate and she was screaming: 'They've taken her. They've taken her!”

But it’s not about what was printed or not, but about what you might know.
NAJOUA, you are a stunning young woman with a figure any woman would envy, any man not forget and yet no one seems to remember you on the night Tuesday 1st May 2007.

I have also read your statement to PJ and believe you when you say you were invited by GERRY McCANN to sit at his table.

NAJOUA, it matters not to me, how many people and who was or was not at the table that night. But, it does matter very much WHERE “that” table was, whether you were invited to it or not...

The McCANNS had just lost a child to an evil man, you wanted, like all to help. Not cause the McCANNS any more pain.

MADELEINE was kidnapped on Thursday, so what was the difference of where they actually had dinner on Tuesday? A detail with little or no importance to the effort of capturing the person that had taken MADELEINE.

Everyone wanted to help the McCANNS and do and SAY the right thing to ease their pain. They had lost a child and if they asked for certain things not to be mentioned because THAT would cause more problems.

Unnecessary ones, so who would NOT agree to do all they can? MADELEINE was missing and that’s all that mattered, she must be found.

NAJOUA, by now you know that the couple you so kindly helped, phoned family and friends to tell them of a smashed and jemmied window.

This, you now also now, was NOT TRUE, there was NO evidence of a break in. I’m sure, that by now, you have asked yourself many times why would they lie? And, I’m sure that you’ve asked yourself why they asked you to say to the Police that you were with them Tuesday night.

I now ask you both, CHARLOTTE and NAJOUA, to think and search your hearts for what is right. MADELEINE, what would have been her seventh birthday approaches. Seven candles on a cake waiting for the Birthday Girl to blow them out.

The birthday girl that should be laughing and playing in the warm sunshine. A little girl tired after an exciting day, brushes her teeth and is ready for bed.

She may well even say 'Mummy I have had the best day ever'
I ask you both as the warm and loving young ladies I know you to be, if there is something that now makes you uncomfortable with.

Something you felt pressured, or convinced, to say, something that was not quite true. No one wants to see any of you accused of anything, what we ask is for the case to be re opened and the PJ allowed to do their job.

I ask you both to only think of MADELEINE. She was ONLY three years old. LOOK into her eyes and if you feel uncomfortable with something you have said, no matter how small I beg you to speak out.

You had nothing to do with MADELEINE having disappeared, and yet you carry a burden.

It’s time, I beg, to take that weight off your shoulders. Details are so very important. A small detail twisted may have harmed the investigation and the search for MADELEINE.

Maybe one, or both, of you can help and UNTURN some of those stones GERRY McCANN talks so often about. I know the authorities seem a little too permeable, and that that such an effort would not only be useless as would also seem bring back needless problems and haunting memories.

Either of you can, if you wish to do so, drop us a line in the comment box.

Just highlight that it’s not for publication, and it will not be published. And that goes for anyone out there who feels they can help.

We promise that we’ll direct that information to those we know to be trustworthy.


  1. I would also like to add my voice. Please, please if anyone knows anything come forward. Please do not let the Mccanns destroy a good detective for doing his job. Not just Goncalo Amaral, Gerry McCann has also called Ricard Faivo a liar, when he only spoke the truth. It seems everyone is a liar to the McCanns if we do not believe their story. And it is just that ' A Story'


    BBC Interview with Goncalo Amaral.

  3. I don't want to sound like I'm splitting hairs, but isn't her name Najoua?
    I'm not out for scoring points, you don't even need to publish this comment.
    I only think it would be more respectful towards her if her name was spelled right.

  4. I hope Your´s open letter arrived to

    The best!

  5. Good evening Anon and thank you. I have every respect for Charlotte and Najoua. I thank you for pointing this grave error on my part. I also apologise to Najoua who I hope reads this article.
    Najouas name will be corrected...


    Catriona Baker...Madeleines nanny.


    ALL seems to have not gone as planned . The Daily Mail help the Mccanns paint the carers at Mark Warner OC as nothing more that a group of very loose young ladies.

  8. Catriona Baker was the KEY witness to clear the McCanns name...

    Later Kirsty Maryan was the KEY witness who could clear the Mccanns name.

    Later Kirsty Maryan was made to look like a tart...? Why, maybe she could not be so easily manipulated as the others.

  9. Link to Mark Warner facilities

    What was not available

    "The spokesman confirmed that no special review was being undertaken at the resort, which Mark Warner believes offers adequate childcare services for those that require it.

    The resort has a crèche where parents can leave children while they dine.

    Families are also offered the option of private babysitters for £10 an hour although availability is limited and they have to be booked 24 hours in advance.

    Unlike most Mark Warner resorts, the Ocean Club does not give parents the option of a "baby listening service" where nannies tour the complex listening for crying children and then alerting parents.

    "That is not a feasible option at the Ocean Club," said the spokesman.
    "It is a spread-out resort that is not exclusive to Mark Warner so it wouldn't work."

    Link to Daily Telegraph article

    And finally

    To dispell the myth that children were not welcomed or allowed in the restaurants we have this from David James Smith who appears to be quoting Mr McCann himself.

    "Gerry thought how lucky he was, his children asleep nearby, he and Kate free to come and enjoy some adult time at the restaurant and not have to sit with their children, as this couple were."



    Catriona Baker Statement. Maddies nanny


    A mother claimed her child was abducted from her home. Child found wrapped in covers dead under her bed.

    Mother interviewed and yes she deserves an Oscar...but she also cannot cry.


    So happy on Maddies birthday


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