Monday, 5 April 2010

May God Have Pity on Your Soul, Mr. Mendick

Mr Robert Mendick,

It seems that you uttered somewhere the following words:

A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve."

Let me be quite clear, that I couldn’t care less in what context they were said.

The words “A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer” are gross, cruel and tasteless independent of context.

With no justification WHATSOEVER. I have a close relative who was diagnosed breast cancer in July 2004. She has just celebrated her 50th Birthday, and has given me, and all those who are FORTUNATE to surround her, every single day, from that fateful day to today and every other that I have the opportunity to share with her, a lesson of LIFE.

LIFE as a resource that you will never know.

Something to be treasured. Something that we tend to forget is limited, and that one day we’ll have to return it.

She’s ready to do that. But before she does it, she spends it. Joyfully, happily, always contagiously positive.

I’ve shed a tear or two near her but then immediately cried openly out of laughter with one of her witty remarks, the way she uses to slap me across my face, for wasting a single second of my life pitying her.

So to you, Mr Mendick, I dedicate my daily prayer:

“Lord, please give me WISDOM and PATIENCE to understand some people, for if You give me STRENGTH, I’ll just rip their fucking heads off.” Did I forget a “*”?

It was intentional.


  1. Well said Tex . MenDICK..The name suits you, you are a bastard.

  2. dear textusa,ironside: I have breast cancer for second time, how can someone wish a bad thing like that?!? but life is a boomerang!poor mendick
    claudia from Germany

  3. Oh,Minha Querida Cl. de B. não digas nada disso porque não é contigo,Minha Linda! Não esqueças que foi o inglês que nos princípios de Março disse isso acerca do Inspector Gulhermino da Encarnação que morreu com um cancro no estômago!

    A Tua situação é chata mas sabes que TODAS/OS torcemos por TI,SEMPRE!

    Besos Minha Linda! Ai que ue tenho de falar com o PPPC!Ele tem que Te ir ver. Ficas logo BOA! VAIS FICAR BEM!


    Maria mil

    Mª do Carmo

    Besos,besos,besos Minha Querida!

  4. Cl. de B. até fiquei gaga, não gágá (fiquei mal da fala, não da cabeça)

    Vamos arranjar uma viagem ao hermoso Paulo Pereira Cristovão e Tu aí já nem te lembras de mais nada!

    Vá, Minha Linda.Já Te deixei recado no Hasta!

    Força, Guapa! Então? mil.1000.1000,1000,10000000000000

    besos.........muchos besos!

    Eu , no dia daquela notícia, já há 1 mês também me revoltei contra o inglês. Está no Justice (ning)!

  5. Text: Is usual to You read the mail?

  6. Hi Claudia, I am so sorry to hear you have breast cancer for a second time. I hope you have good doctors and good friends. Claudia you have TWO very good friends here on this Blog.

    And I promise you I am going to make a lot of noise about this . MenDICK will remember my name.

    Claudia...Take good care of yourself and please dont be a sranger, pop in often, this is your home.

  7. Oh, so sweet You are Iron...SweetSide!

    Yes, Cláudia merece todo o nosso apoio e carinho. Desculpe escrever em português!

  8. I was also shocked beyond measure when I read those words, although I have no idea who Mr Mendick is.

  9. Hi Anon...I have never heard of him before and I also have no idea WHO he thinks he is. If these are the kind of people who support the Mccanns this shows us the kind of people the Mccanns ARE.

    I do intend though to make much noise about him and this disguting comment.


    England, if anymore proof were needed is a third world country. A mother DYING from cancer has to sell her home to buy life saving cancer drugs. I am lucky to live in a country where these drugs are either free or on the NHS.


    Martina Navratilova diagnosed with breast cancer, is just finding out that a healthy life style has nothing to do with Cancer. I wish her well as she prepares to take on the fight of this dreadful disease.


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