Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Nobel Stupidity Prize of the Millennium

I remember reading somewhere that this move by the McCanns on the Amaral's book must have been the stupidiest move ever known to mankind. Now I remember, it was right here.

Amaral was contorting himself just for a chance to have his day against you, and what do you go and do? Give him not only the chance, but the FULL media coverage for it. You dumbasses.

Had you ANY need to have heard what you heard today in Court? In a Court? I thought you were allergic to them after you suffered a serious reality-absence syndrome in May 2007... Had you any need to feel the vile felt by those that you've accused, wrongly as is your MO, to have vilified you? Nope, but you insisted to through it all. You sad nincompoops.

The timing was brilliant. To ask a restraining order on a book when its sale-curve wasn't going anywhere but down. You took so long to make a move against the man, which you haven't, and then go ahead in attacking his book on his homeground? Where the f*ck was your mind?!? You dim-witted lot.

Now something that you've used to your full advantage will now turn back and bite viciously your backide: the Portuguese Justice System And it will hurt. Really, really hurt. It's a vicious, vicious animal. You thick-heads.

It's unbelievable slow, inexplicably burocratic, and inexplicably easily exploited. You know that as you've milked it as much as was humanly possible. But when one is ahead, what is one's most common mistake? To be sloppy. And when the sloppy are also stupid and arrogant as you are, what's the outcome? A hint: let me laugh-out-really-loud. You morons.

A common legal process in Portugal, takes an average of 5 years. A mediatic one such as yours can take up as much as... well, let the Casa Pia one finish (it started back in 2002) and I'll tell you. You laughable losers.

Hmmm... let's check out the possibilities. Say you win. Then come the appeals, one after the other, until even YOU will feel disgusted of having your own vomit being thrown back at you, time and time again. Hearing the self-evident death of your daughter over and over again, with you, Gerry, exploding your head off in arrogant delusional anger while your partner shakes her head in a useless wimped "no, no, no..." with the expected added dramatic tears coming down her unwillingly twitching eye. Amaral has a good lawyer team behind him. He has a Law Degree himself. You'll get a real fight on his homeground. You'll have to defend with blood, sweat and tears every single inch of the way. You may win stage after stage (because, as I'll say next, I cannot see how the establishment, not you, can afford to lose this), but you've lost all. You idiots.

Say you lose. Me thinks of an expression to describe the situation... something like "deep sh*t". And do repeat freely the word "deep". Will you be able to contain all the hell that wants to break lose? That's like a humungous quantity of water pressing against the walls a feeble dam, that once burst will wash away everything in its destroying path. I mean, your buddies at SIC in Portugal and The Sun in the UK are having a pretty hard time reporting events as they are right now, imagine their desperation if the book gets back on sale. What fantasies will they be able to come up to justify that a Portuguese Court hs found it completely viable to circulate on the streets? Specially if this first stage ends AFTER the general elections in the UK? Do pray that doesn't happen, you ludicrous lot.

And all because of what? Because YOU voluntarily opened this can of worms. Your can of worms. The nightmare that has been wrecking up your nerves and has kept you up all these nights. You did it. All by your little brilliant selves. Oh, how hard it has been to keep my poise until today, and keep all this to myself, lest you give up before you heard what you heard today. It's the beginning of the end, and you ignited it. You brainless samples of human beings.

Yes, Gerry, do go "back to work" because the seat is getting unbearably hotter by the minute. Don't worry, those that "believe" that you have "work" back home that is imperative you attend to it right now, although it was never that important on your celebrity-father-of-an-abducted-girl tour of conferences, lectures and other crap. They've "bought" the "abduction", so why won't they buy this one too? It's quite clear to you, and them, that you planned your so-called "work" because you thought that this would take only a day or two in Sardineland, and were caught off-guard because it wasn't. They are as senseless as you obtuse, nonsensical sods.

Well, Gerry and Kate, do enjoy your "McCann's Exclusive Pandora's Box Adventure Ride". It will be quite thrilling, to say the least. To all of us, but mainly to you. Even you know that, albeit your remarkable and exceptional stupidity.
Update 14 Jan 2010: taken from the SKY NEWS website:

Hmmm... should I take them to Court for breach of copyright?


  1. DNA fluidos corporais

  2. o vídeo foi (re) colocado hoje.

  3. Juro! Não estou a candidatar-me a este prémio mas o vídeo foi colocado há 1 ano e repescado hoje ou 2 dias atrás.

  4. Eu acho que sim! Pois foi Text quem 1º utilizou o termo caixa de Pandora ( e o conteúdo).

    A não ser que a senhora venha aqui "beber" para numa tentativa conseguir alcançar alguma da Sua (Sua Text) inteligência.



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