Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Moral Genocide

Today, and in the near future, any penny that is given away that isn't directed to help Haiti's victims is immoral. Multiply this moral crime by £150, in a fancy restaurant. Add penance for hypocrisy. The bad taste of the whole thing is priceless.


  1. Bom dia!

    Tanto a foto ,como o texto estão bem plenos de significado e simbologia.

    Gostei,pois claro.

    Hipocrisias é que não.

  2. There is a special offer at the Kensington Gardens which ends on the 28th Jan..tomorrow...the offer is a 3 course meal 25.00 per head...
    Now...I would imagine this is what Mccann has booked...which leaves 125.00 for booze..Sounds about right..

  3. Iron,

    I do believe that this lot had their last drink on the night they killed Maddie. Sober since. So sober that even when drenched in alcohol reality persists on being clear.

    The celebration is for 1000 days off the wagon.

  4. The Mccanns have begun to commit another crime this evening..to start just about now..7.30 pm The witching hour...to add to the rest..Stealing from the Rich...They stole from the poor...children and old aged people...

    The Fund drawn up so quickly so carefully worded to include the line, support for the Mccann family...A legal contract that allows the Mccanns to live from others hard earned money for the rest of their days.Sly and manipulating.

    While folks in PDL were searching for Madeleine the Mccanns were working a scam to empty their pockets. Quiet unbelievable.

  5. Hi Tex..I think kate is an alcoholic by now...


    Link to yesterdays CEOP conference...

    I like the part where faked abduction was discussed and who ever wrote this said after Mccann looked a little nervous. Well, you would wouldnt you when an officer of the law describes your scam.

  6. Iron,

    As little ethic Gerry may possess, he MUST have some, even if the tiniest sample known to man, so, sitting in an event like this, he cannot avoid a thought of “fuck, I’m really fucked when this thing blows up”, creeping in his creepy mind… and all those supportive eyes staring at him are to become eyes filled with the hatred that only the betrayed are able to feel… and show

    Disagree with you… if she had turned to alcohol, she would be giggling away at each Press Conference. Nope, I go more for medicinal drugs instead of blood in her veins

  7. Good Artikel..
    Nice too meet you...



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