Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Libel - Goliath's Revenge?

(Nov 12th, 2008)

I have already stated what I think about the whole system of justice the way it’s set up in the so-called civilized western world.

I do not live the reality in the remainder countries, and although I may be wrong in the judgment that I make, the words barbaric and savage occur in my mind.

It’s not about these that I wish to talk about today. Today, I would like comment on the usage by the people of the state instrument of justice.

No question in my mind that it’s in the courts that the deliverance of justice is to, and should, take place.

It’s a totally different issue the how, if and where justice, in broad sense, is served.

Making a direct analogy into sports, even though the Courts are where the championships are decided, you can play soccer anywhere you can place two stones to make a goal. The “down-the-street” champion is, nationally, much less relevant than the 1st Division Leader. But it should be noted that the initial objectives of either differ basically in the same size and manner.

If my true wish is to rub my playing skills in the face of my fat chubby neighbor, any goal coming out of my feet brings me much more satisfaction than any scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. Even was I a United fan, which I’m not. Justice is to be served.

As said, the Courts are the right place where this service should be take place. The adequate soccer pitches. The lawyers are our players, the Judges the referees. And continuing directly to the point: the best results are obtained by the best teams. And the best teams cost more money, if, for no other reason, because they obtain the best results.

Simple logic, but harshest of truths. If you walk in a pitch with your local team to face another of the same league, the fight is fair. But if you’re facing Real Madrid, doom is the only certainty you have.

To worsen the case, any money you have spent putting together the team was a stupid expenditure. Especially if you knew well beforehand which team you were to face.

Would you reach into your wallet to gather up some local boys to play, for profit, against a World Known Team (WKT)? Of course not. Unless you enjoy getting your ass kicked. But that would mean that you’d like to spend some money, which you’re entitled to, in other painful activities of ill repute which I will refrain to refer, and thus not serve as an example. And the sport’s analogy almost stops here.

Because these WKT, in the legal world, hardly, if ever, compete with each other. The owners of these teams basically have the best players on their pay-roll, ready to pounce on weaker victims with efficiency.

The idea is not to put up a hard fight. The idea is to massacre. Ruthlessly. It’s like being able to have Evander Hollyfield standing next you, boxing gloves on, and holding a sign “Wanna Fight?” for you.

Would I step into the ring? Voluntarily? Yeah, you’ve guessed right.

Libel. Terrible, terrible word. Scares the living sh*t out of me. Out of any normal human being.

A mandatory forced presence in a ring where an enormous monster is going to beat the cr*p out every living cell you own. And some you didn’t even knew you did.

Independently of whatever caused you being there, you just pray you can leave the place alive. You will even be thankful if you’re left in a vegetative state. Very unlikely though. The casket by the ringside is revealing, and you suddenly have stopped caring if you were right or wrong.

And not because you’re not within reason. That should be relevant, after all, although it may not seem, we’re talking about the legal world here.

The fact is you’ll get beaten up simply because you can’t afford better.

Bullying. Terrible bullying. Because it’s done openly and legally. And, most importantly, bullying using instruments of the state designed to defend you: the courts.

So, you, and me, do all we can to avoid justice.

Once again, irrelevant if we are beholders of the truth. We simply have to cower, lie on our backs and expose our bellies to the big, powerful and rich.

They are having their day. Their dominance is evident. Their gloating of it, also.

Reason was last seen begging for money down at the subway station.

Just a word for the Goliaths out there. Please don’t mistake fear for respect. Just because you’ve pointed a gun to my head and asked me if I wanted to live, doesn’t mean I’m grateful that you’ve spared my life.

I’m just resentful that you’ve put me into the situation in the first place.

Yes, Goliath is having his day. But don’t forget that Achille’s one is yet to arrive. If it ever arrives.

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