Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Achilles' Heel, the Footman's Door to Freedom

Nov 19th, 2008

When Achilles’ heel is thought of the most common thing to do is to associate it with the exploitation of the great’s weakness by the meek.

We seldom think the other way around, and that in fact it also represents the strength of the weak in confrontation with the mighty.

In the case, the footman, faced with invincibility had to, for survival reasons, find the imperfection within perfection itself.

Behind him, he had the certainty that there’s no such thing as perfection. Resolution did the rest. So the hunted became the hunter, even if his prey lay within his own hunter.

And, as soon as he found the first flaw, the ankle, he acted upon it, shooting the arrow that, in terms of fame, comes only second to William Tell’s. If you’re an English speaker, that is. Ok, I’ll throw in Robin Hood and stop there.

The relevant question to be asked is, was this flaw, the only one?

Well, when one is looking for the misplaced car keys one stops, for obvious reasons, to search as soon as they are found.

And once the heel was discovered so was stopped the quest to find any further Achilles’ shortfalls. Many others, I believe, remained and remain secret, but were and are exposed to the capability of the footman to find them.

I’ve already spent many a word on how I see the way society is currently structured. Simply put, it follows nature’s basic law, the survival of the fittest.

These being in today’s world, those that possess the most resources. Resources, as I see it, can be summed up into two major groups: money and influence.

The first implies the second, but the inverse is not always applicable. The first is tangible, the latter, not, but both bring home the same result: power.

But what is a chess-game without pawns? Just a suicidal battle with huge amounts of blood shed with no interest to anyone. These little pieces, although lambs for the slaughter, are resources to be preserved. Up to the limit of their usefulness, of course.

After all, they are the ones who influence the whole game at its very start; by the way they are maneuvered. And if you wish to succeed, you better start right in the first place.

The strength of the pawns, reside in their numbers, even if very limited in individual capabilities.

Individually, their value is close to none. So, if one wants to win the game, one must sacrifice as few pawns as one can. Keep the quantity as long as you can. Important is that they remain loyal and subdued whilst on the board. Only then will they march, happily, onwards to their own death. A smile on their face must be a permanent fixture. At all costs.

Not because the mighty want to see the little happy, but because they must. Or, at least, it’s in their best interest.

Were it not for Achilles’ heel, the pawns would be totally at the mercy of the Masters’ whatever will and want.

Thus the perception, of all parties, that there is, in fact, such a weak spot, is of the utmost relevance. The big need the small, and these need that that need be fulfilled in the most respectful way possible.

That respect is directly quantifiable to the amount of fear that the small can put on the big. That’s only achieved by finding and keeping on finding these openings.

Like not letting a sore heal. Not unbearable pain, just noticeable. A reminder that respect is due where it’s due.

The McCann affair is a text-book case of arrogance from the powerful. They, for reasons that would fill another article, have imposed a truth. From high, very high. Where the pedestal they built themselves has placed them in society. Using all physical means available. And I do mean ALL. Theirs, and borrowed.

Assuming that, as the beholders of the means, that you, and me, would just have to play the musical notes in the exact same manner that they dotted them on the sheet.

I would dare say that we are actively participating in one of the most fundamental cultural happenings of our time.

As I said once, it’s about dignity. Our dignity as human beings. Respect that was owed to the little, but arrogantly denied

The only acceptable outcome is to see the McCanns facing justice. In Court, whatever the outcome.

They set-up the board safeguarding their position by playing the King. Each detail revealed, is one of their pieces that fall. And check-mate is coming…

We must make the powerful aware that we, as citizens, are aware. That we can find and explore as many Achilles’ heels as are required.

That we also can, and will, exercise our power. Without revolution, but with resolution.

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