Saturday, 29 November 2008

A Handful of Determined People (I)

Nov 29th, 2008

Being a citizen of this world, couldn’t escape the indignation and sadness which accompany and follow events like those in Mumbai.

It’s the reality that the political correctness has brought us to. We may whine about it (at least I do), but reality is what it is. No escaping from it. A handful of determined people held a nation up for ransom.

Not money, but credibility and tranquility.

India has suffered irreversible damage in both.

Let us hope that it will have a speedy recovery back to health.

A handful of determined people kept the world in anguish for more than two days. The world and the whole wide world (www).

A handful of determined people obtained results from their actions that highly overcame those to be expected by their numbers, especially taking into account how they were outnumbered.

A handful of determined people, not representing anything relevant in numbers, have brought their cause to be the most relevant one in the world’s collective conscience, only second to economy.

The world must find, urgently, a way to successfully fight a handful of determined people.

May those who lost their lives in Mumbai, rest in peace. May the world give some meaning to this loss of life.

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