Saturday, 29 November 2008

A Handful of Determined People (II).

Nov 29th, 2008

The McCanns and whoever defends them are just a handful of determined people.

They have barricaded themselves in the edifice of Truth and hold British Dignity and Credibility hostage.

They are just a handful, totally outnumbered, yet able to dominate the events.

The vast majority limits itself to agreeing that the couple is guilty and that it’s going to get away with murder.

Literally. It took almost three days for India, with their best trained commandos, to win back those hotels.

How long will Britain take to storm this “building”? If it ever will, that is.

Footnote: Although I have only repulsion for the McCanns, it’s not my intent to compare their act with the ones carried out in India, for obvious reasons. It’s my opinion that the McCanns killed, or witnessed the killing of, their eldest child, with no premeditation. The terrorists in India have killed alleging that reason is on their side. One is a “mere” crime, the other something unquantifiable worse and yet to be qualified.

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