Friday, 6 October 2017

The botched magician

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1. Introduction

The game seems to have picked up tempo.

And there were strong signs of chaos coming from the other side.

It was like watching a failed magician trying desperately to save his career by jumping on the stage begging for applause after hastily and wildly throwing all the tricks he had near him at that moment into his hat, coat and trousers and performed without minimal rehearsal or idea of what to do.

All he knew was he had to do something and he did. Something, whatever and he just did whatever.

So, he performed old illusion after old illusion before a crowd long disillusioned and fully aware of how all his tricks were being done.

The only positive reaction he got from the audience was the occasional laugh of pity when the pack of cards flew from his hands when it shouldn’t have and a dove flew out of his coat while doing a levitation trick.

An already shamed artist who walked off that stage much more shamed than he had been before.

2. Jim Gamble

Let’s start with something that happened before Whitehall decided to continue funding Operation Grange which went unnoticed by all except us: Jim Gamble and his paedo vigilantes.

We’re talking about the BBC online article of Sept 21 2017 from its Northern Ireland section (why were no reporters willing to give their name to this?) “'Recruit paedophile hunters' says ex-CEOP boss Jim Gamble

“Police forces should vet and recruit paedophile hunters, the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has said.

Jim Gamble called for the creation of a "citizens' army" which would work with police to identify and gather evidence.”

We don’t know about the reader but we, if we were the police, would not take it well if someone outside our institution told us how best to run our business.

Not that police should not be open to criticisms or suggestions but there’s a huge difference between that and a tutorial.

And a tutorial about the possible use of vigilantism which is the exact opposite of what police exist for, which is a legitimate force, trained and qualified to uphold the law.

It seems that Jim Gamble has forgotten that he has left the police and so has nothing to do with the way it operates and is now just an entrepreneur with his private company.

Immediately one has to wonder what he spent doing all that time in CEOP.

That agency was supposed to be a police unit specialised in tracking down online paedos. Then, if or memory doesn’t betray us, he didn’t call out for vigilante support to help him fulfil his task (only that of children as we will see later). So why propose such a dangerous absurdity now?

So, does he think his successors who are currently fighting paedophilia in the police are not as good at doing their job as he was? That they need external help such as his to guide them?

Or when he was in CEOP, the agency was way too busy with other businesses – speculating, such as the Maddie case – and Gamble is not really all that familiar with the tactics and techniques used by the police to fight this heinous crime?

Vigilantism is a very, very dangerous thing.

In fact, in the BBC article from Sept 18 2017 (just 3 days before ‘Gamble’s article’ was published) in its England section (again no named reporter) “Police 'may work with paedophile hunters'” that seems to support the usefulness (NOT) of vigilantes the police are quite clear they don’t want any of:

“The vigilantes pose online as children then film the people they meet.

Police have admitted that persuading them to stop is proving difficult.

Chief Constable Simon Bailey, the national lead for child protection at the National Police Chiefs' Council, said: "[These] vigilante groups are putting the lives of children at risk.

"They might not perceive it that way, but they are potentially compromising our operations."

However, Mr Bailey said: "I'm not going to condone these groups and I would encourage them all to stop, but I recognise that I am not winning that conversation."”

Yet, Gamble wants to force on the police something that police clearly don’t want. Why?

He’s trying to strike what he deems to be a popular chord: let’s get together and hunt paedos.

One is reminded of the time back in 2010, while he was still the head of CEOP wanted to have a Facebook panic button for children to use?

And Facebook told him to go and play with his marbles elsewhere as immature individuals, as kids could just put their parents or any other adult under serious and damaging suspicion just because they were grounded or not had their way for some reason or just out pure and simple dislike.

As we said back then, kids have, or should have permanent panic buttons and they are called parents.

But back to Gamble and his 2017 paedo vigilantes.

We think that he’s trying to show that he’s still useful for society. Or, to be precise, that he’s still useful and one only has to prove that one is useful if one fears or feels that one is seen to be no longer that.

But he’s not only trying to show that he’s useful. He’s in our opinion doing something more than that.

We think he’s really striking hard the paedo key.

That key that got him into CEOP in the first place via Operation Ore.

An appeal, a desperate one, to all the names that are on it.

To note that this vigilante thing appears at the end of September, when those with inside knowledge knew, or at least had strong suspicions that Operation Grange was to continue to be funded.

We think that Jim Gamble is really feeling the crosshairs on his skin too close for comfort.

We think he has reason to fear such a scenario taking into account the lack of love between him and Theresa May is as palpable as the air if it were made up of jelly.

Mr Gamble forgets something which has haunted many who know the truth but cannot speak about it: the power of information comes not from having it BUT from being able to use it, to voice it.

It’s preferable not to know something than to know it and having to be silent about it.

Knowing and being able to use it is an asset, not knowing it is blissful ignorance as it affects no one but knowing it and not being able to use it is a handicap, a strong one at that.

Jim Gamble may know a lot that many powerful may not want others to know but we doubt that at this stage of the game he will ever be able to find a voice, even his own, folly enough to air such knowledge.

3. The McCann questioning

We think everyone noted the huge leap the case went in the direction of the truth with the Sun article on Oct 1 2017, 4:33 pm (updated: 2nd October 2017, 5:58 pm) by Charlie Parker “MADDIE QUIZ: Madeleine McCann’s parents and ‘Tapas Seven’ have NEVER been quizzed as witnesses by Brit cops – as police hunt ‘person of significance’”:

“Met detectives have been relying on Portuguese transcripts of formal interviews with key witnesses, including Maddie's parents

THE PARENTS of Madeleine McCann and their “Tapas Seven” holiday pals have never been quizzed as witnesses by Scotland Yard into her disappearance.

The £12million six and a half year police probe into Maddie’s feared kidnap, which is hunting “a person of significance”, has not once asked Kate and Gerry, their friends and other key witnesses, for their account on the night the youngster vanished.

The Met detectives have been relying on Portuguese transcripts of key interviews with British witnesses, and have never conducted their own, The Times has learned.

Neither Gerry and Kate McCann nor their seven friends they dined with on the night Maddie vanished have been formerly interviewed.”

A huge leap towards the truth between this and what we were told by Andy Redwood in the 2013 UK Crimewatch:

“Neither her parents or any of the member of the group that were with her are either persons of interest or suspects”

And the media then, using the Guardian as an example, echoed this ‘official’ clearing of the McCanns and the T7: “Officers do not consider the McCanns themselves as suspects or persons of interest to the inquiry.”

A witness is by definition a person of interest to any police case.

When the UK police say someone is to be heard as a witness in the UK it has a completely different meaning from when the Portuguese police say the same thing in Portugal.

In Portugal, to be a suspect has a legal meaning and it has legal implications and guarantees extra individual rights to the person in question.

As the people familiar with the case know, anyone who is a suspect in a police case is formally declared an arguido.

This is the reason why we think Pedro do Carmo has stated with total clarity that the McCanns are (present tense) not suspects for the PJ. If they were, legally they would have to have been made arguidos.

To simplify, in Portugal a suspect is an arguido and a witness is a witness. Distinct legal statutes.

For the Portuguese authorities to come out publicly and say that they want to hear a person as a witness, then it is stating that, at that moment, it has no legal reason to consider that individual as a suspect.

Please don’t forget that in Portugal one can go into police questioning as a witness and during it become an arguido.

Such a distinction doesn’t exist in the UK.

A witness is by definition a person of interest to the case.

And by putting in all caps the word NEVER in the phrase “NEVER been quizzed” is to make it insignificant if it’s as a witnesses or not.

It’s simply expressing loudly and clearly a total incredulity for that never having happened after “£12million six and a half year police probe”.

Is it true? Have the couple been kept away from the investigation?

Officially they have never been formally questioned as we know but haven’t we been led to believe that the couple has been continuously updated on the goings on of Operation Grange? Meaning that their inputs, via informal talks, have certainly been taken into account.

To us it seems to be quite clear that there has been a lot of communication between SY and the McCanns in these 6 and half years.

So why this incredulity? Or should we better ask, why this highlighting of the fact that the McCanns and their friends have not been heard officially by SY?

It seems obvious to us that we are being informed publicly that Operation Grange seems to have been mandated to turn their guns towards the McCanns and the T7.

That is certainly the sensation that all those not familiar with the details of the case get when they read that headline.

4. The bizarre article

We think that many of our readers remember in July that we were surprised with a very odd headline which happened to kick off what would be a media storm on Maddie and Ben Needham.

It was an article asking who were the McCanns and how many siblings Maddie had, as if the world didn’t know.

Truly bizarre.

We were on our Summer Break and then thought that it was some sort of ‘intro’ of things to come. And they did. Especially that bit about the forensics in Ben Needham’s case that needed to have a “missing” kid in Luz to stop it short before it became too far out of hand.

To our surprise, if one googles for that article in July 2017 it no longer exists.

And to make us even more surprised that article was now published by the Sun by Sam Webb and Richard Wheatstone on 2nd Oct 2, 10:30 am (updated: October 2 2017, 10:34 am) “A DECADE OF PAIN: Who are Madeleine McCann’s parents Kate and Gerry and how many brothers and sisters does Maddie have?

As if it was only published now.

Are we now before the ‘intro’ to something that was supposed to have happened in July and got postponed? That what was supposed to have happened in July didn’t reach completion and which will be now?

5. The need for the Portuguese

The Sky News article published Sept 28 2017 “Madeleine McCann: Police investigation gets more funding from Home Office” has this to say:

“Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt says the funds will be used for operational, administration and employment costs for the small Scotland Yard team still investigating Madeleine's disappearance.

"There is an ongoing theory about what happened to Madeleine McCann," he said.

"It is complicated work, it involves a certain level of diplomacy, and the search for the clues that would corroborate that theory may take some time to emerge."

He said the Scotland Yard team has been described as "minding the shop" while their Portuguese colleagues search for the illusive clues that would confirm the latest theory.”

First, the funds allocated (£154,00) were significantly higher than the previously given – £100,00 for compelling evidence a year ago and £85,000 for the key witness earlier this year – so the “small Scotland Yard team still investigating Madeleine’s disappearance” has been mandated to do much more than it has previously done.

Then Brunt inserts the word “diplomacy” into his rhetoric.

Why? Isn’t this supposed to be simply a police case? Why bring diplomacy into this? SY has already come to Portugal to question people (including Murat, the Hills and Silvia Baptista) and there were no diplomatic channels to be used for that to have happened.

Also, Andy Redwood visited the INML facilities in Coimbra to talk, we imagine, about forensic evidence and then again we didn’t see any diplomacy having to be used for this. Just a professional relationship between two police forces of two nations belonging to the EU.

Why bring up diplomacy now?

Is the UK officially recognising that the case is political, which is the only level a state uses diplomacy?

If so, then things must be gaining a scope much wider than just that of a couple of mid upper-class doctors and their friends.

Lastly Brunt is very clear that they are waiting for something from the Portuguese side of things.

The same side that via Pedro do Carmo’s words has said that in his heart the case has been solved.

And lest we forget, it was the same Brunt who in the Sky News article published Sept 07, 2017 “Search for Madeleine McCann set to be extended as police ask for more funds” said this:

“Early ideas about sex predators, child traffickers and "a burglary gone wrong" were largely dismissed before both detective teams joined forces to focus on the latest theory.”

Dismissing sex predators, child traffickers and the botched burglary, what other line of inquiry is there that has “compelling evidence”, a “key-witness” and justifies a significant increase of funds granted in times of crisis and uncertainty?

6. The time warps

It seems this case has jumped in time in two things.

One we have already mentioned and that was that bizarre article questioning who were the McCanns and how many siblings Maddie’s had. We have a time jump from July to now.

However, it cannot be taken as strange because it was not the first time this sort of thing has happened.

If memory doesn’t fail us, the Telegraph published the exact same article not twice but 3 times.

We think it was called “What does the police know about Maddie up to now” or something similar to that.

We apologise to our readers for not going back and finding the link(s) but we thought it didn’t merit such an effort.

But the fascinating thing in which time stopped was on the key-witness.

The key-witness who was the reason why Whitehall continued funding Operation Grange for the second semester of the 2016/2017 fiscal year.

This time the time jump was from April to now.

It seems like time stopped then and has been picked up now. It seems SY is looking for that that key-witness again, after unknown reasons for having put this “search” on hold.

What happened in this hiatus of time?

The Bilton/Gamble BBC documentary. That is what happened.

This retake of the key-witness means that documentary and all it meant to convince us of has been scrapped.

7. Jerry Lawton’s time warps

Jerry Lawton, the Maddie Kandohla in trousers, published on Oct 3 2017 in the Daily Star the article “Maddie McCann cop: We are chasing paedo clues

That article has as a subtitle: “POLICE probing the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are examining a theory she was targeted by sex predators.”

And inside this:

“Seven holidaymakers reported that children had been sexually assaulted – some in their beds.

Five happened before Madeleine vanished. While police have tracked down some people seen acting suspiciously at the time, not all of them have been traced, said the Met’s Mark Rowley.

The assistant commissioner for Specialist Operations said: “We have a significant line of enquiry that is worth pursuing. Until we have gone through it, I won’t know if we will get there or not.””

We’re back to the Burgundyman, who would later be ridiculously described by the ridiculous Summers & Swann ridiculously wearing bandages around his feet:

Pathetic, or beyond sad as a friend of ours as said privately. No, not the Summers & Swann description but the fact that someone was ridiculous, or desperate enough to regurgitate this idiocy.

The botched magician trying out a trick everyone has seen and had been unconvinced by it on its first performance in 2014.

By the way, if memory doesn’t fail us, the sexual assaults that never existed numbered in the tens, and not only 7.

Either the Daily Star is wrong or Sky News is because Brunt said, as we have shown: “early ideas about sex predators, child traffickers and "a burglary gone wrong" were largely dismissed before both detective teams joined forces to focus on the latest theory.”

And Lawton insisted on playing botched old tricks. Even ones that have caused tragedy. We are evidently talking about Brenda Leyland’s death which anniversary we commemorated just 2 days ago.

He decides to bring up again the troll issue in his Daily Star article published  05 Oct 05 2017 at 18:10 (updated same day at 20:10) “THE official website set up to help find Madeleine McCann has been "barraged with hate"”

The exact same one that led to Brenda taking her own life.

The title is preceded with a “Official Madeleine McCann website 'barraged with hate' by online trolls”.

And in it:

“The Official Find Madeleine Campaign Facebook page now includes a link to an investigation by US news website ProPublica into trolling.

The McCanns' coordinator wrote: "We've been barraged with hate via Facebook and are sure others have too.

"Help ProPublica investigate hate speech on Facebook.''


The page urged visitors 'let’s keep the page positive', adding: "PLEASE do not feed trolls. Trolls feed on havoc and causing chaos.

"If we do not feed them, they will starve for attention and hopefully spread their hate someplace else.”

We don’t approve of any sort of direct harassment against the McCanns, be it on any of their websites (Fraudulent Fund website and Facebook page(s)) or anywhere else.

For example, we use this blog to express our theories and our opinions. Personal attacks are pointless. We urge people to only attack the inconsistencies and lies.

In fact, we have many times come to the defense of the McCanns as we believe them as mere pawns, puppets with strings pulled to obey orders and however unpleasant and arrogant they seem to be, they are not to be blamed for a great deal of things that the bloodthirsty mob blames them for.

There are many that subtly feed this mob, so we wouldn’t be surprised that many ‘hypnotised’ people (and let’s be honest, trolls as well) spew their anger as Lawton reports.

But certainly not in a barrage. And the examples Lawton quotes, clearly show that:

- “Opinions on "leaving children alone" have already been banned from the site” – leaving the children alone is something the McCann have assumed having done. We know this negligence is untrue but it is factual that they have assumed it publicly. Reminding them of something they have assumed does not seem to be trolling the couple in any way.

- “We are not a debate page nor a place to analyse the investigation” – analysing the investigation is at worst (and it isn’t) trolling SY not the McCanns;

- “Do not ask questions about the investigation” – needs no further commenting.

8. The botched magician

If by the above the reader thinks that we’re saying that the botched magician is Jerry Lawton, then the reader is mistaken.

Jerry Lawton is just that scantily clad magician’s assistant just handing him the props for the tricks. He’s just a prop himself.

The magician is the “the other side”. Lawton is just a trained parrot dancing to a tune.

The magician seems to be so desperate that he just grabs the first thing his hand can find in the hat and pulls it out in a hopeless attempt to please the crowd.

But the crowd is just sickened by all. Totally nauseated.

9. The Sutton card

Can the UK trust what Mr Barnier has said publicly during the Brexit talks?

Or can the EU trust what Mr Davis has said during the same briefings?

According to Collin Sutton they can’t.

The UK has to trust that what their translators are saying is indeed what Mr Barnier has said and as there is no other country, with the exceltion of Ireland in the EU 27 that has English as an official language, each one of these 26 countries has to trust that their own translators are saying what Mr Davis has said.

Translators leave enormous room for error, so says Sutton:

“Former Met detective chief inspector Collin Sutton, said: “I would conduct fresh interviews with all the key British witnesses. We’re talking about interviews given by the McCanns and friends through an interpreter, written down in Portuguese and then translated back into English so officers from Grange can read them. The room for error would be enormous.””

Let’s first set aside the incompetence that Sutton is explicitly accusing the PJ of, again according to him and only him, that the PJ Files official documentation may contain English to Portuguese translation mistakes.

And the extreme incompetence of SY for not have realised that possibility only now after all these years and millions.

Let’s explain how things happen in a PJ questioning that is not being video recorded, which was the case in the 2007 PJ interviews.

Let’s start with the PJ questioning a Portuguese individual.

A question is asked in Portuguese, the individual answers in Portuguese and then and there, the answer is typed. Only then is the process repeated the times it’s needed to be.

At the end, the individual reads his/her answers, and if agrees that it was what s/he said, signs the statement.

Now with questioning a foreign individual. A translator is present.

The question is addressed to the translator. The translator translates it to the questioned individual who answers in his/her native language. The translator translates answer to Portuguese and that answer is there and then typed. Only then the next question is asked using the same procedure.

At the end, the translator reads and translates each answer given by the questioned and s/he agrees with it. Then BOTH the translator and the questioned sign the statement.

This procedure is not done to minimise any translating error. It is done to eliminate any possible room for error.

Once the statement is signed, the document becomes legally binding with all the consequences that implicates.

Mr Sutton, as a former police officer knows this. For him to question it must be because he has other reasons than the pursuance of truth. But we already knew that.

One signs a witness statement to agree it’s accuracy. If any doubt, one shouldn’t sign.

And there’s been plenty of time for witnesses to object after PJ files released and none have.

Plus, the McCanns have said they paid a lot of for files to be translated for them.

Again, pathetic and again quoting our friend, beyond sad.

Why is Sutton doing this?

Desperate times require desperate actions even if they are ridiculous and shameless.

Sutton is the other sides’ last ‘credible’ card.

How can anyone give this man any credibility is beyond us.

A man who in the Sun article by Neal Baker, Jon Lockett, Paul Harper and Gemma Mullin published Oct 2 2017, 9:05 am (updated: 2nd October 2017, 9:07 am) “THE HUNT GOES ON: What happened to Madeleine McCann, how many alleged sightings have there been and what’s the latest in the investigation?” has this said about him:

“Former Scotland Yard detective Colin Sutton says the most “most likely and credible scenario” for Maddie’s disappearance is a targeted kidnap - possibly to replace some grieving parents’ own dead child.”

This article, on this particular issue, links up to a previous one by the same paper but this time by Laura Burnip published on April 22 2017 “WAS MADDIE KIDNAPPED TO ORDER? Top Brit ex-cop says Madeleine McCann could have been snatched by traffickers to replace grieving parents’ own dead child” in which it is said:

“A TOP ex-cop believes Madeleine McCann could have been taken by people traffickers at the demand of grieving parents to replace their own dead child.

Former Scotland Yard detective Colin Sutton says the most "most likely and credible scenario" for Maddie's disappearance is a targeted kidnap - once those closely linked to the tot have been ruled out.”

And to those claiming that he hasn’t read much on the case, let us remember what he has said in his own blog on May 9 2017:

“At the outset I should say that I don't know what happened to Madeleine McCann.  All the evidence available to me – and there is more and deeper information available to the public on this than any case I have looked at – does not convince me of any theory or scenario being proved.”

So it seems he has read quite a lot.

But if some people insist on giving him credibility there’s nothing we can do about it.

However, in our opinion, someone from the other side is using this supposed credibility that Sutton is supposed to still have.

Sutton is laying out the excuse for many – all those who have much to answer for when the dam finally breaks – and who will use it when things will get tough: blame having been fooled on the PJ translators (one of which, we must remind people, was Robert Murat later an arguido and a person of interest for questioning by Operation Grange).

These people – and we are thinking of one in particular – will say they were fooled by the McCanns because of the errors in the translations.

It’s absolutely pathetic but what else do they hold on to outside it?

10. Conclusion

As we said, the game has a name: Theresa May.

The only way we are seeing for truth not to be the chosen path is for Theresa May to be ousted from the Tory Leadership.

Taking into account the results of the last election, we don’t think the Conservative party wishes to have any other election soon and May has clearly said she won’t leave from her own choice.

But even if there’s a Tory leadership change, the Maddie case has become way too ridiculous and is making the UK look so ridiculous now that archiving the case is no longer a minimally realistic option unless the entire country doesn’t mind being a laughing stock to the world for a long, long time to come.

That’s why the magician is just frantically pulling rabbits, doves, handkerchiefs, confetti and whatever else out of the hat while the audience is looking under their seats for sick bags.


  1. From your conclusion.
    "As we said, the game has a name: Theresa May.

    The only way we are seeing for truth not to be the chosen path is for Theresa May to be ousted from the Tory Leadership."
    This mornings papers are saying that the former Chairman Grant Shapps is leading dozens of rebels in a bid to oust May,if successful do you see and end to OG? or is it of no consequence now because of what you finish with.
    " But even if there’s a Tory leadership change, the Maddie case has become way too ridiculous and is making the UK look so ridiculous now that archiving the case is no longer a minimally realistic option unless the entire country doesn’t mind being a laughing stock to the world for a long, long time to come."

    1. Hi Textusa,another good post,in regard to Theresa May,she was the home secretary who allowed for the"Hillsborough Tragedy"to be processed after an awful amount of work by Andy Burnham,Mr burnham came under an immense amount of pressure at Anfield Stadium anniversary for the victims,it was only at this point that the Labour Party grew a pair of Balls,that they could no longer allow for the cover up,which Jack Straw(Home Secretary)turned away from the Families cause?
      At the Conservative Party Conference,Theresa May restated her commitment to the Child abuse allegations IICSA Inquiry,that for too long these events that have or have not happened,have caused vast damage to the UK establishment of previous cover ups?
      So Mrs May knows as a Former Home secretary, that certain claims of child abuse have been hidden from Society or most likely to have happened?
      The former Conservative party Whips covered up their colleagues wrong doings and then black Mailed them as part of the conservative Party democracy,eh Former chairman,Grant Schapps,vote rigging scandal,eh Grant?
      So now we see a real emergence of how the conservative party is governed,by a"Clichque" group of cohorts 1922 committee?
      So if Prime minister Theresa May is toppled,uou can kiss goodbye to finding the Truth from the UK Government giving Operation Grange the "full Power" to Investigate properly,so with that in mind there must be a connection to a Former Politician or clan to proceed with the cover up?
      Keep going Theresa May,let us see the Big Jimmy Gamble cohorts sphinscsters twitching,when his closeness to certain people is finally revealed,remember "Kincora Boys Home"Jimmy?

    2. To mock OG one has to be aware of it. Does the world care about it ? I doubt it very much. And would it be then it's not laughing that the world would do, there's nothing funny in spending taxpayers' money after their compassion has been abused by the media, just to protect authorities' reputation.
      This whole story is deplorable and despicable. But don't blame the MCs, they were just the spark.

    3. Watch Mays performance at the conference with the delivery of the p45 and the falling down of some lettering behind her,thats cringe worthy,any thing SY do in respect of the case will pale into insignificance, it'll be todays news, tomorrows fish and chip paper.

    4. Anonymous 6 Oct 2017, 21:56:00,

      So just we know we've understood you right, you're saying that one unfortunate, even disastrous speech in 2017 at an a party conference made by a PM will be forever remembered by the public while a political mystery around the death of a little girl involving millions of tax-payers money and that has lasted for 10 and a half years (6 and a half of which have been absolutely humiliating for SY) will be collectively forgotten soon after "any thing SY do in respect of the case"?

    5. Very much yes we brits love to see those in power suffer embarrassment.
      The interest in the case in waning for the wider public,how many comments do you receive in response to your post now? a fraction of before I'd venture,cmomm and the like are only visited by the very few,bloggers such as yourself are few and far between,thats not to say one must give up its just an observation of where things are now.
      Take the Hillsborough case as an example,it was only on families persistence that any thing came of it,if the HO shut down Grange do you really see the McCanns urging for a reopening,I some how think its the last thing to happen,the world moves on,the shootings in vegas are largely forgotten by the wider world already,if Grange shuts there'll be mutterings of a waste of money but that's going on now in some quarters any way.

    6. About comments on blog diminishing, true but the people who visit but don't comment is also an indicator of interest from a wide sector.

    7. I disagree with you anonymous 8:59 about the public losing interest but that is your opinion, granted there are comments which say they are sick of reading about the McCanns. In my view the media campaign has been successful as much of the commentary is questioning what has the money from OG being spent on and also a lot of people who don't believe the McCanns believe OG will do a cover-up, this is where the McCann media campaign in my view has been successful and very clever. Hopefully the PM and Home Secretary will ignore the doubting public and leave OG to uncover the truth.

    8. My opinion of public interest at the minute is that those who disbelieved them still disbelieve them. Many of them may have moved on from commenting or even reading regularly ( or maybe they never did in the first place) but still when they come across an article on the case their inner conciousness is still demanding answers. It's the reason why the JFK story still fascinates people to this day.

      On the other hand you had sensible people who believed in the McCanns - not the likes of Pammy Gurney even when the McCanns break down in public and confess all she will be calling them liars- the people who didn't read the files or the on line commentary and took the couple at face value finding it impossible to believe that a couple who killed their child would mount a campaign as described by bell pottinger and be guilty of what they were accused of. These people are no longer publicly confident in the couples innocence. They didn't believe in bandaged Arsenal supporters ( except spurs fans) or middle east billionaires stealing kids to order to raise as trophy kids (some trophy that wouldn't be able to see allowed to see the light of day) .They simply believed that the child was taken by a sex predator. However the length of time that the SY investigation has gone they realise that this is something big and it most certainly involves British people. The same reasoning they used to be convinced of the McCann innocence is now providing a conflicting theory that the resources devoted to this case by SY isn't to catch a sex predator who was operating in Portugal where they have no jurisdiction.

      These sort of cover ups by the state or even mismanagement by the state if you want to call it that eat away at the psyche of the citizens whether they are conciously aware of it or not.

      People wonder why this investigation has taken so long. It might have stopped and started and the government may have been under pressure from the other side to hide the truth. Decisions like the ridiculous Hilton panarama program and attempts to frame Hewett have held it up but they know as Textusa so brilliantly explains in the Pandora box blog only the truth will fly and the lessons that have been learned from Bloody Sunday and Hillsborough shows that there is no calming of the citizens until the truth is exposed. Being a true red and growing up where I did both Bloody Sunday and hillsborough are close to my heart but I didn't follow decades of campaigns for the truth or get myself emotionally involved in it but the need to know the truth was always there. These cases are macro In comparison to the McCanns in the consequences of the event but the public have been exposed more to it then the other 2 probably put together. You can't compare this or other cover ups to Las Vegas. We know what happened there, the motive may be unclear but unless something comes out that suggests it wasn't a lone gunman people will move on. They won't move on if it's suspected there is a coverup that's how it works

      The £12m spent to date will be chicken feed when compared to the cost of a public enquirly if the case is archived and the SY case is later exposed as being a farse. The extent to which the British people have been exposed to this case is probably much greater than they as a whole were exposed to Bloody Sunday therefore there will be no calming of the citizens until the truth is known. Better for the government to expose the truth now than in another 10 years.

    9. In reply to Textusa @ 13:20 and anon @ 14:00 you'll notice from the latest rubbish its not the public feeding the stories its a sauce feeding the public,now who would that be Hmmm,the reasons you can only guess at,but look over there not here comes to mind,just what purpose it solves in any ones guess,needless to say OG aren't telling any one diddly squat.

  2. You don't miss any clues Textusa, thanks for todays article. I've only been following this case since February and I have to admit initially I thought CS was on the side of truth it was only after reading your article (New Knight in Town) several times I was able to see for myself what was going on.

    I can now see the game the MSM have been playing and it is very high stakes using the McCanns supposed enemies to their advantage to get OG closed, I say very high stakes because every time an article is printed in the MSM the McCanns get a lot of backlash from social media. I can only imagine their life must be a living hell but they have chosen this path.

    There are so many confusing characters in this story one day I hope it all becomes clear.

  3. Take a look at this video on YouTube:
    Secret report
    Gamble shared it with Brunt and Sutton
    Summers and Swann appear too
    It's all so obvious.
    The dogs are put to one side
    Brunt concludes no evidence against Mcs
    Then Gamble highlights trolls

    1. It's me again
      Meant to say Swan and not Swann, sorry

  4. Textusa, there is an alternative take on the scenario you describe. Yes, you are correct in recognising the validity of the existing PJ translated statements.
    Sutton is raising a question mark against them, to justify bringing in the Tapas 9 for re-questioning by the police under the cover of “removing the translation errors”. If it is by SY, then it could then be under PACE caution.

    1. Anonymous 6 Oct 2017, 23:40:00,

      To question the trustworthiness of the documentation produced by the PJ Files is to insult overtly the competence of the PJ.

      There's no need for the Mccanns and friends to be asked the same questions again. The answers they gave to them are valid and legally bounding.

      To propose tbeir redoing is overtly insulting the hard work done by the Portuguese whilst under sabotage by their British counterparts.

      What is needed is for the McCanns and friends to be brought in and questioned about the discrepancies that ARE in the PJ Files.

      And be made to do a reconstruction, together with the Tapas staff that was supposedly there.

      Also bring in for questioning the Ocean Club management to explain why the discrepancies in the booking sheets.

      Abd bring in the Mark Warner personnel to explain their discrepancies.

      Bring in John Lowe to explain how a forensic evidence that according to him is either from Maddie or her parents and then he concludes that because of that reason it doesn't belong to any of the McCanns.

      This is not doing a fresh start. This would be continuing the work that has been done by the PJ.

      Sutton who has clearly stated that he believes in kidnapping, says he has read the information out there and cannot come to the obvious conclusion, collaborated with the SY circus in PdL and has links to Jim Gamble is not, from where we stand, someone MINIMALLY interested in the truth.


    Mr Sutton has been asked directly his opinion about our post.

    It will be interesting to see what he has to say.

  6. Once again from your conclusion:
    "As we said, the game has a name: Theresa May".

    Is it possible its true but the opposite of what you may think.

    1. In these days of fake news, how reliable is evolvepolitics?

      It does say it's truly independent but would a fake news site say "we're true fake news"?

  7. Great post again Textusa. Just one question regarding Sutton. Could you explain in simpler terms what it is you think he is trying to propose regarding this sham of a case. He did say he was misquoted regarding the kidnapping statement in MSM and to wait for the Sky documentary. We have to remember everybody has been gagged regarding the McCanns and tapas 7 so nobody has been allowed to fully express what they really think. I've read Suttons blog and watched the Sky documentary and to me he seems like the only one who has hinted SY is and always has been a sham. Or am i missing something? Thank you for sharing your blog with us and here's hoping one day Madeleine McCann gets the justice she deserves.

    1. Anonymous 8 Oct 2017, 04:08:00,

      He's trying to 'confirm' that Operation Grange is a money-sucking investigation, that it has nothing, it has no purpose or objective and was biased from the start, so the only logical conclusion to do with it is to archive it.

      Mr Sutton is wrong on many things.

      For example you say "remember everybody has been gagged regarding the McCanns and tapas 7 so nobody has been allowed to fully express what they really think" as if to say he's the first one to do it.

      He isn't and not even on the media. Didn't Katie Hopkins express herself fully as well? Convincing many that The McCanns were neglectful?

      The "gagged" thing is exactly why Sutton raises so many flags. If there was indeed a gag, which there is, NO ONE would be allowed to voice on MSM question the McCanns or Operation Grange. All their articles are vetted. No article falls through the cracks.

      And Mr Sutton has not only dissed Operation Grange as has cast a very serious doubt over the information existing on the PJ Files. No, not talking about the online translations but the actual documents released by the PJ.

      He has said EXPLICITLY (and he can back paddle how much he wants on that now) that the info there may be incorrect due to translation mistakes. If the basis of an investigation has possibly errors, there's only one thing one can do: make it null. Close the case without conclusion.

      We have noticed that there's a significant effort to work on Mr Sutton's credibility.

      We have seen that he's been named a troll by the other side:

      Now he's one of us. Let's forget that Gamble already knew that he would lead Operation Grange before Theresa May took Office, that he collaborated with the PdL Circus, that he after all he has read about the case he cannot decide on what happened to Maddie, let's forget that he first states OG was to clear the McCanns but then changes tune and says it was only an assumption of his. Nothing of that matters. He's now said to be a troll by Mc supporters, so he must be a troll now!

      And he publicises it:

      Do note prevarication about commenting on files.

      As we said in post, if people want to find him credible it's up to them.

  8. Still the rubbish continues.

    MADELEINE McCann cops got more money to trace a “critical witness” woman missing from Portugal.
    They think the person, believed to be East European, may hold key clues.
    Sources say she lived near the holiday flat in Praia da Luz on the Algarve from which Madeleine, then aged three, vanished in May 2007 but left the country after her husband’s death.
    Scotland Yard’s £12million Operation Grange hunt for Madeleine was kept open with an extra £154,000 to trace the woman.
    A source said: “She may have seen or heard something which to her may seem insignificant but to us could prove vital. If she recognises herself she should contact police. She has nothing to fear. This is just to eliminate her from enquiries."
    A source close to Operation Grange, launched in 2011, described the woman as a “critical line of inquiry’’.
    Police still believe it possible Madeleine was taken during a burglary “gone wrong”.
    Parents Kate and Gerry, both 49, of ­Rothley, Leics, were dining nearby.


    1. Anonymous8 Oct 2017, 09:56:00,

      Sorry, we haven't read this or will read it. Stopped the moment we realised it was written by Nick Pisa. No need to waste any more of our time.

      We spoke of him in our comment from at 9 Sep 2017, 12:27:00 to our post "Summer Games".

      Quite a charming man, NOT.

      Anything he writes should be taken with a huge handful of salt - enough to make one gag.


    Same tale different paper....

    On the subject of fake news Ladies....there really is no one to there!


    1. Bampots,

      And there is a real effort to make us trust Sutton, isn't there?

  11. The latest sun article trying to deflect the attention away from the Tapas group as well as make SY appear incompetent.

  12. I read Textusa every day. Every post. Every image, every photo, every detail.

    I don't write often because I have nothing to add to her analyses. I think Textusa and her readers have others things to do then reading my comments.
    Sometimes I give my opinion but for me it is more to say : you know, Textusa, I'm here, I follow you, I am gratefull.

    Many events became in our lives since 2007. And reading what happend in TEXTUSA's families, and readers's families that is something that touches me very hard.
    "Textusa" never let down despite her personal problems.
    The "public" will never let down.

    For sure there will be others PM. after Teresa May. A certainty.
    For sure we will never have another Textusa. A certainty.

    Madeleine is dead. A certainty.
    Teresa May, you are not dead. Do something.


    La la Kandolaa.....


    His appearance in Richard Bilton documentary is no longer adding any credibility!

    1. Ah,Jose Socrates,came under the spell of one Gordon Brown outstanding Scottish predelection,Black Mailed Jose to sign the European Union agreement,Jose,then had one detective Goncalo Amaral to be removed from the Madeleine McCann case?
      Dear Gordon Brown had a special meeting at Leicestershire Police,along with Home Secretary Jacqui Smith,who gave a"Special reward"to Gerry McCann in 2007?
      Was this"Special award"Immunity" from Prosecution for the Tapas 7/9?
      must be in the depths of Real **ite being scraped from the bottom of the barrel,with Mark Rowley believing an Eastern European,widow hold the vital clues to conclude this sham Operation Grange-It was the widow dead Husband Who Dunn It,aka Greece,"Dino the digger Driver did it,Ben Needham,geddit?

    2. .... and don't forget that Gordon Brown paid a personal visit to the FSS lab in Birmingham following John Lowe's initial report about the blood and DNA samples being a positive match to Madeleine.
      Then what happens?
      A short time later the results were changed and hey presto, as if by magic, the government-run FSS laboratory is closed down!!!!
      And they wonder why we don't trust them.

    3. Ah,yes good old Gordon branding an electorate as bigoted,heard muffling into his live microphone,then had to eat humble pie?
      Ah Gordon Brown always reminded me of a Richard Nixon,eerie character?

  15. Sharing because his cartoon of Theresa May is brilliant and fits in....


    Jose Socrates has been formally charged with 31 crimes.


      "JOSÉ SÓCRATES CARVALHO PINTO DE SOUSA, pela prática de crimes de corrupção passiva de titular de cargo político (3), branqueamento de capitais (16), falsificação de documento (9) e fraude fiscal qualificada (3)"

      3 charges of passive corruption of holder of a political

      16 charges of money laundering;

      3 charges of falsification of documentation;

      3 charges of premeditated tax fraud.

    2. Would like to highlight the following names among the other 27 arguidos of this case:






      Very, very powerful people indeed.

    3. Hi textusa,agree Innocent until Proven Guilty and as you state it could be a very long process.
      Ten years has passed since Madeleine McCann had reportedly disappeared,so Portugal PJ has lost Ten Years of procuring the case if it ever goes to a Trail in Portugal?
      The UK Government,David Cameron have either been duped by Gerry McCann,Kate,or Rebekah Brooks,via a former Home Secretary,Theresa May(skeletons) Operation Grange,Review,then Investigation,DCI Andy Redwood,Tapas 7/9,nor McCann's suspects?
      Clever,Gerry has used the Political process within the UK to assist their civil case against Mr Goncalo Amaral,running alongside that process of a claim of"Innocence"knowing full well, that the Portugeuse system had legal preference to prosecute any parties in a court of Law,knowing full well that a criminal case would take prime position in any action to be taken?
      therefore if as seems likely that the Family lose their case within the ECHR,they still have the doubt following the process of Innocence of involvement in their daughters disappearance,especially as the Taps 7/9 and the McCann Parents all Refused to participate in any Portugal PJ reconstruction to enable what is most likely to have happened to Madeleine Mccann,they've fooled the masses once again??

  17. Very interesting........

  18. Before people think that IF (one must never, ever forget the presumption of innocence) the accused are guilty of the charges, that very soon they will face prison time, from what I'm hearing is that the minimum to expect is 5 years before this case is closed.

    Right now the ball is on the defense side. They will require for an instruction period, in which they will attempt to dismantle all accusations. This, is being said will not last less than a year, probably longer.

    Then, if it's decided to proceed with a trial - very likely as it's not expected for the Public Ministry to not have presented a solid case of accusation - then 2 to 3 years, or more, for court sessions.

    After that, those familiar with the McCann v Mr Amaral trial, one has the appeal to the Appeal Court and to the Supreme Justice Court.

    Only then, just like with Mr Amaral's case, will we know the outcome.

    1. Hi textusa,yes the Two Trials are different,but which will come first the chicken or the egg?
      So in theory,Jose Socrates,associates should come first before any likely hood of Madeleine McCann's case proceeding to Trail?
      As,if the ECHR Trail lasts Four or more years,with appeals process?
      I mean,picture this,AC Mark Rowley,speaks to Commander Cressida Dick?
      A/C Mark Rowley,to Cressida,I think we've been duped by a clever Scottish Doctor,that we've been looking for an Abductor in Madeleine McCann's case,when we cannot find an Abductor in that process and we've ruled out the parents and Tapas 7/9 as suspects for the past six years?
      Can We now have some more funds please,to properly investigate the case,Answers please on a Post Card To, Belegravia Police Station,London,C/O Head Quarters,Metropolitan Police Service,Cressida Dick?

  19. In Portugal they arrest the corrupt and guilty.
    In the UK they are made lords.


    Presumably he did what was asked?



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