Friday, 20 October 2017

Invoking the ridiculous

1. Introduction

The image, posted by a common citizen on his/her personal Facebook page says the following:

“The minister has resigned… the rain put out the fires… Tanco’s armament showed up…

This, by tonight Maddie will appear.”

2. Being objective

First let’s explain very objectively, so our readers outside Portugal may understand, what is being referred to in the image without passing any sort of judgement on it.

The minister is the minister of internal administration (ministra da admnistração interna) Constança Urbano de Sousa, who resigned in the sequence of the tragic fires that happened this last Sunday in Portugal in which, at the latest count, 44 are dead. A significant number of homes were destroyed as well as many businesses.

The fires mentioned in the picture are these, that only on Tuesday were under control because it rained.

The Tanco’s armament was a set of military equipment that was allegedly (will explain why this term later) stolen from an Army depot in June this year.

Maddie, refers to the case very familiar to us.

3. Contextualising the minister and the fires

After the tragic events with the fires in Portugal, after the Prime-Minister having said that it was childish and that even that it would make him laugh the suggestion that the minister of internal administration should resign or be sacked because of such a tragedy, the pressure for that to happen grew strongly within the public opinion.

This was aggravated by the fact that a report had just been published about what went wrong in a similar tragedy that happened in July this year, known as the ‘Pedrógão fires’, and in which over 60 people died and that basically stated that the civilian protection structure failed grossly.

Between the ‘Pedrógão fires’ and last weekend no corrective action had been taken into that although in other fires that followed – many bigger or at least as big as the Pedrógão one – and that showed, or continued to show the glaring failures, namely in the area of communications the system had.

And the aggravation was aggravated further because the firefighting structure in the country was downsized for calendar reasons, on October 1st. The calendar ‘determines’ that the summer is over on that date, and the state expenditure on firefighting is reduced significantly on that date.

It happened this year, as it happened many years before.

Only this year, meteorologists and even the firefighting structure warned that there would be an extraordinary hot and dry October. Meaning what was dry in August, would be drier in October, so much more combustive.

All this added together made the prime-minister’s dismissive attitude – to keep things as light as possible – about the political conditions his minister in question had to remain in function to be incomprehensible – continuing to try to be light again – in the public opinion.

It was only after a very harsh speech made on Tuesday night by the President of the Republic in which all political pundits agreed that he publicly fired the Constança Urbano de Sousa, did she resign and her resignation was accepted by the Prime-Minister.

So, by saying “The minister has resigned… the rain put out the fires…” the citizen who published the photo is referring to this situation.

4. Contextualising the armament

The armament was allegedly stolen in June. We say allegedly because although reported stolen by the military, the defense minister has come before a parliamentary commission on the issue to raise questions on whether it had even been stolen.

Yesterday, after receiving an anonymous call the military criminal police (Polícia Judiciária Militar) found almost the entire the stolen armament about 30km from the depot it had been taken from.

We say almost the entire stolen equipment as about 1,500 9mm ammunitions are still missing.

So, by saying “Tanco’s armament showed up…” the citizen who published the photo is referring to this situation …

5. Interpreting the attempted humour

Again, trying our best to analyse things as objectively as possible, the citizen in question tried to be ironic by saying that the appearance of the stolen armament was in his/her opinion too much of a coincidence.

S/he is clearly implying that that this finding of the stolen armament was a ridiculous staging by the government to draw attention away from the very serious negativity currently surrounding it because of the tragedies caused by the fires.

Please note that we are not agreeing with this citizen, not supporting this kind of humour nor the reasons the person thought best to use to convey his or her idea. We are only giving our opinion on the interpretation of what we think s/he meant to say with this post on Facebook.

6. The ridiculousness

All of the above would have nothing to do with the blog if it wasn’t for the fact that the Maddie case was mentioned.

And it was mentioned with one simple reason: because the FB poster wanted to highlight the ridiculousness of something that s/he thought highly ridiculous.

That’s what people think of the Maddie case: it’s ridiculous.

These days, it seems, what shall one invoke when one wants to illustrate the ridiculousness of something? The Maddie case.

And rightly so, it is ridiculous.

And sad, very sad indeed but it is the opinion of the common citizen about the case.

The Maddie case is so transparently a cover-up, it’s obvious to anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together.

A continuous and omnipresent embarrassment to the UK that unless it’s properly closed will continue to pop up and, as can be seen, no longer only when a child goes missing.

Post Scriptum:

To the family and friends of those who lost their lives in the fires, our heartfelt sympathy.

To all those who in it lost their valued possessions such as their houses and businesses, may you recover as fast as possible with the help of all who are able to help.



    Why are people advertising a book which is unauthorised? How will that help GA?
    Apologise to go right away off-topic but was waiting for you to publish so this issue would get more visibility. This needs to be stopped!

    1. Anonymous 20 Oct 2017, 09:02:00,

      This looks like a Marsden version and if it is, GA should be made aware if somebody is profiting from his book. There may also be issues of copyright.

      We think we have seen this before and have warned people about it then.

      Thank you for posting!

    2. No, it is GA's book with an alternative cover. Steve Marsden's book was entitled Faked Abduction.

    3. Anonymous 20 Oct 2017, 09:55:00,

      Are the proceedings going to Mr Amaral?

      Why would he need an alternative cover for his book?

      Not seeing Mr Amaral approving a masonic like image to promote his book.

      Plus, we would believe if it was his book, launched by him, it would be news.

      Do you have any sort of link backing up what you are saying?

  2. Must be said though the tongue in cheek humour is not lost through translation.

  3. No idea(s). Not my image. All I'm saying is it's an alternative cover of his book. I don't buy into all the masonic nonsense but nor do I feel that's something to get hysterical over.

    1. Anonymous 20 Oct 2017, 10:50:00, who we are supposing you are also Anonymous20 Oct 2017, 09:55:00,

      First, of all, your comment was misleading as it made us all think that you had some sort of knowledge about how this book appeared on sale to the public.

      Second, if someone is making money off Mr Amaral's work without his knowledge it's a disgusting thing to do and should be pursued legally. And yes, worth getting hysterical about.

    2. Who is "us all"? Hearing voices? It's a picture of a probably non-existent book so who is making money from it? And what legal action could be applied? Sorry but hysterical is putting it mildly.

    3. If someone is putting a non-existent book for sale on a site, then it would be indeed be serious matter to sell something that doesn't exist. Who are Fox publishers? Some self-publishing outfit
      If all of this is a hoax, then it's a very sick one.
      All of us is those who read the blog.

    4. Where is that book on sale, what site? Never heard of Fox publishers, where are you getting their name from? Another one who's speaking "for the many"? All a bit silly.

    5. It wasn't a hoax and was discussed on The Madeleine McCann Controversy group (on 17th October). I searched Amazon myself and found it there for sale. It was said to be a straight copy of Anna Esse's translation. Anna, Amaral and Amazon were informed about it by the Controversy group Admin. The book is no longer available on Amazon.

    6. Lesly Finn,

      Thank you for clarifying that.

      The picture on the cover of that book (Maddie's eye in a triangle) helps those who want to feed the mystification of linking up the case with the masonry.

      The more the case gets into mystification grounds - whatever they may be - the better it is for those avoiding truth to surface.

      People like some who seem to possess the power of multiple resurrections. They appeared to have "passed away" in March last year with our post "The Third Option" (, but seem to be able to "return from the dead", even if just for a moment, from time to time.

    7. Without linking the MC case to masonry, everybody knows that brotherhood means help in matter of opportunity, contacts, etc.
      I just saw to-day that Henrique Monteiro, who dared write about GA the biased unsupported opinion of an ignorant supposed to be journalist, was a member of the Convergência Lodge. Perhaps coincidence though..

    8. Has anyone here an explanation for the fact that GA's book, properly translated from the Portuguese, wasn't published in the USA or in Australia or Ireland ?

    9. AnneGuedes 21 Oct 2017, 20:13:00,

      We are not naive. And before that someone we know resurrects himself again, this time by ‘we’ we are including ourselves and all those who believe we are on the right track towards truth.

      So, by not being naïve, we are absolutely certain that all organisations out there that function based on the traffic of influences, like the masonry or the Opus Dei (just to name 2 of them) are involved in the Maddie case.

      Plus, we even say that before such organisations were activated (and we are not referring only the 2 we mentioned), were other networks of ‘power’ based on blackmailing the powerful with heinous skeletons in their closets. It’s in these particular sorts of organisations we say that paedophilia overlaps with the Maddie case.

      But, and that is much more relevant than any other just mentioned – traffic of influences or blackmailing – owe say that one particular organisation was the first to be activated: the UK government.

      So just to use the ones we mentioned – but reminding again that we also believe that many other similar organisations below and above the radar were involved as well – this coming together of the Government, the masonry, the Opus Dei and paedophilia (and many others) enabled that the entire British state (its government, its justice system, its police, its social system and its media) to be able to bury the truth in an unmarked grave in sealed tomb a hundred feet below ground.

      The fact that truth is known is simply due to the fact the gravediggers who did it were technically very poor and left loads of vestiges for anyone willing to find it.

      BUT, all those we have mentioned came into the case AFTER Maddie’s death. They came into play after someone deemed that the secret to be protected, the swinging (or, to be precise, the fact that the Unmentionable One and so many other VIPs were present is a swinging event), merited the activation of all of them.

      Their involvement in the case is not because they were the cause but because they were needed to help the cause that caused the case.

      But will also give a personal opinion about the masonry and it is a personal opinion based on people I know belong to the organisation and the conversations I’ve had with them, I would say that the masonry was not involved and even if it was, it would be a minor fringe of its elements. Saying this based on the fact the ‘superiority’ they believe they have above the remainder of the human species is based on following, or been seeing following within themselves (and this detail is what is relevant) values in which covering up the death of a little girl absolutely doesn’t fit in.

      Favour one of them of their members to become an important person in an important bank or newspaper, most certainly, but as an organisation help protect the covering up of a death of a little girl, we're not seeing it at all.

      Also, as a little-known fact to the British, is that there are 2 Freemasonries in Portugal: the GLLP/GLRP and the GOL. The acronyms stand for Grande Loja Legal de Portugal / Grande Loja Regular de Portugal and Grande Oriente Lusitano.

      The difference between the 2 is VERY RELEVANT for the possible involvement of the masonry in the Maddie case: them following or not the British masonry in Portugal.

      The GLLP/GLRP follows it faithfully. The GOL doesn’t.

      The masonry which influences (and influenced in 2007) most the socialist party in Portugal (then in government and led by José Sócrates) is the GOL and not the GLLP/GLRP.

      So, just this fact makes it quite unlikely for their having been a masonic link between the UK and Portugal concerning the Maddie case.

    10. AnneGuedes 21 Oct 2017, 20:16:00,

      And why not, as we have suggested many years ago, translated and published IN Portugal (at the same time as the original) and sold on the internet?

    11. Textusa I don't expect you to reveal who it is but can you tell me if you know the identity of the unmentionable one

    12. Anonymous 22 Oct 2017, 13:31:00,

      We have a strong suspicion.

      All seems to point to someone never mentioned (as far as we know) in what we would call the 'Maddie world'.

      But let us stress that it's only our private speculation.

      We don't have inside information and it's not a person we are prepared to name.

    13. Thanks Textusa the more I learn about the case the more I realise it must be someone very high up there. I have a suspicion myself but as you say until they publicly involve themselves in the case it is not right to mention them

    14. Anonymous 22 Oct 2017, 18:52:00,

      You say "it must be someone very high up there" which is evidently right but it would be more accurate if you said that it would have been someone who those 'very up there' felt the need to really commit themselves to protect.

      If one can interpret the immediate mobilization of the British media as one very strong and determined pulling of favours the same cannot be said about the involvement of various British entities.

      These were not doing any favours to anyone, they were following orders they could not question. Or would.

      Just showing some of our reasoning.

  4. ''A continuous and omnipresent embarrassment to the UK that unless it’s properly closed will continue to pop up and, as can be seen, no longer only when a child goes missing.''

    Even if (if if if!!) Op. Grange\MET solved the Madeleine McCann case tomorrow, they poked their nose where it was not necessary and have paid the price and I don't mean the £12m+. And perhaps that is why they are not able to let go of the ''bone''

  5. "An evil that spreads terror round,
    an evil heaven in fury found,
    To scourge the crimes of nations lost to shame;
    The plague-since we must call it by its name,
    That in a day can glut the throat of hell,
    Made war on animals, and sick they fell.
    All did not die, but all were struck with death,
    And no one cared to hold the parting breath.
    Careless, and ready to expire,
    No dish excited their desire ;
    The wolf and fox no longer stray,
    To seize the mild and harmless prey ;
    The turtles fled each other, coy ;
    No more love was then, nor joy.

    "Dear friends," the lion, holding Council, cries,
    "This courge, I fear, must from our crimes arise ;
    Let then the blackest of us all in vice
    Self-offered, straight to heavenly vengeance fall,
    which may bring health again to all.
    We learn from history, some nobly great,
    Thus freely died to save a falling state :
    Then let us all, without disguise, begin
    To view the state our consciences are in;
    To satisfy my gluttony, I own
    Many a sheep I've gobbled down :
    They, weak and harmless, never injured me ;
    Nay, I have ate sometimes-in murder deeper-
    Their honest keeper.
    If need, I'll therefore now the victim be ;
    But let me say that all, as well as I,
    Should spread their crimes before the councils eye,
    Because the guiltiest only ought to die."
    "Sire," cried the fox," you are too a good king,
    Your doubts from too much delicacy spring.
    Eating mere mutton, worthless silly sheep,
    Is that a sin ? Should that disturb your sleep ?
    Far from your majesty these humble tones ;
    You did them honour when you cracked their bones.
    As to the shepherd, were he here, I'd tell him
    He well deserved the evil that befell him ;
    As one of those who hold a fancied sway
    Over the beasts that are a common prey."
    Thus spoke the fox, while flattering peers stood round.
    They did not therefore dare to sound
    The lesser crimes of chiefs assembled there,
    Such as the tiger, wolf, and bear ;
    The wrangling race, to curs of common kind,
    All passed for saints, as each explained his mind.

    The ass came in his turn, and thus did say :
    "I have some slight remembrance, that one day,
    Passing some meadows that to monks belong,
    Hunger was urgent, and the grass was new,
    Pushed on, I fancy, by some demon too,
    I cropped therein the bigness of my tongue ;
    Since I must speak, I own that I was wrong."
    "STOP thief !" they cried, and all the ass impeach.
    A lawyer-sort of wolf proved by a speech
    That they that cursed animal must kill,
    A scabbed wretch, the cause of all their ill.
    What dreadful crime ! eat other people's grass !
    So for a hanging case they made it pass ;
    Nothing but death could for the deed atone,
    Which to the ass was quickly shown.


    By Jean de la Fontaine, "THE ANIMALS SEIZED WITH THE PLAGUE".

  6. Fascinating vestige...

    1. Bringing it over to the blog, for the evident reason of who is the author of the article:

      Madeleine McCann saga reflects our society

      By Boris Johnson
      12:01AM BST 13 Sep 2007

      I can't stand it any more. I can't stand the dizzying manipulation of my sympathies.

      First I had a pretty clear idea of what had happened to poor little Maddie McCann.

      Then all these horrible rumours started to emanate from the Portuguese police, and my emotions lurched off in the opposite direction; and then there would be a pretty compelling counter-rumour, and a learned essay from some expert in forensic science explaining that DNA tests were not all they were cracked up to be, until I have reached the position at 5.30 on Wednesday afternoon - the latest I dare to sit down to write this piece - when I frankly haven't got a clue what to think.

      I look in vain for guidance to the tabloid press, with its legions of reporters in Praia da Luz and long expertise in knowing which way to fan the hysteria of their readers. Which is it?

      Are the McCann parents a brace of cold-hearted child killers who have managed to concoct a gigantic fraud involving the police forces of western Europe, the Papacy and hundreds of yellow ribbon-wearing British MPs?

      Or are they loving and normal parents who have fallen victim to a terrible crime, and who now see their agony compounded by a half-baked stitch-up operation conducted by Portugal's equivalent of Inspector Clouseau?

      Either way, it is a sensational tabloid story; and yet the papers cannot go either way. The journalists are stuck in the middle, uncertain, cautious, hedging.

      The heavy artillery of Fleet Street have their barrels loaded, ready to make either case. But they don't dare to fire them. They don't know. I don't know. You don't know. None of us knows.

      We are all in principle on a huge knife-edge of doubt - and yet that is not, alas, how so many of us behave.

      More and more of us now seem willing to blame the McCanns, and with every hour that passes we seem to forget that we have a presumption of innocence in this country.

      With ever growing confidence we tap our noses and roll our eyes and aver that we always thought there was something rum about the whole business.

      We pass on - with every sign of authority - some weird allegation we have picked up from the internet or the unpasteurised Portuguese press, and that bacillus mutates in the UK tabloids into something yet more frightful before being passed back to the Portuguese; and so the cycle continues.

      In a creepy way, it is almost as if we desire to establish the guilt of the parents. I found myself reading acres of print, and looking at big diagrams of the Mark Warner holiday complex, and trying to work out if they could have done it, given what we know about the alleged timetable.

      I was brooding on the mysterious chap who was allegedly seen carrying a child in a blanket, and wondering who this fellow could have been; and I was trying to see any possible significance in the discrepancy between the estimates of the number of wine bottles consumed - until I suddenly thought: why?

      Why am I trying to construct these factoids - all of which might be irrelevant - around a supposition of guilt?

      Why have 17,000 already signed an online petition requesting that the social services examine the welfare of the younger McCann children?

      Why are we all now so apparently convinced we know what happened that radio phone-ins have to be halted with the weight of hostile calls?


    2. (Cont.)

      I am interested in this hostility - this aggressive desire to ascribe guilt - and it seems to me to have several causes.

      We want the story to end, of course. It has been the most wretched event of a wretched summer, and we want it to climax one way or another, even if the denouement exceeds even the ghastliest Channel Five real-life family murder drama.

      Perhaps we are more inclined to blame the McCanns because our sympathy has curdled.

      Everyone was so horrified at the idea of a child being snatched; everyone felt they could so easily have been in the same position as those poor parents - and of course people's irritation may be all the greater to find that matters are not as they seemed.

      And then there is the simple but awful fact of human nature - the emotional weakness that drives the sale of so many newspapers.

      It is a frailty that is at the heart of politics, and our analysis of how to deal with that frailty determines such things as taxation, and public spending, and our whole concept of social justice and the redistribution of wealth.

      It is an inescapable fact of human nature that we seem unable to judge ourselves, and to value ourselves, except by reference to other people.

      If we see others doing much better than us, we often feel threatened and unhappy; and we too often feel reassured to see someone else fail, or get their comeuppance.

      If there is an element of schadenfreude in the treatment of the McCanns, then that is unappealing; and it may even be completely misplaced.

      I don't know what happened, but I find it very hard to see how they could have concealed a body for nearly a month before putting it in the boot and then taking it off for burial in some roadworks, and then - if these leaks from the Portuguese police really represent the latest theory - exhuming the body and taking it somewhere else, while they have had camera lenses the size of howitzers trained on them the whole time.

      Whatever happens, there will now be people dissatisfied with the outcome. If no charges are brought, or if the McCanns are eventually exculpated, there will always be people who will tap the side of their nose, just as there will always be people willing to defend the couple's innocence to their last breath.

      In considering the vehemence of people's feelings, the vital thing to remember is that they are not just thinking about the events in question. People's grief and anger is real. But to a large extent they will also be thinking about themselves.

      Boris Johnson is MP for Henley

    3. And MUST highlight the following paragraph:

      "Or are they loving and normal parents who have fallen victim to a terrible crime, and who now see their agony compounded by a half-baked stitch-up operation conducted by Portugal's equivalent of Inspector Clouseau?"

    4. What an excellent find.

    5. What is the significance of that paragraph Textusa?

      I mean it is/was the typical language used by the UK media back then?


    6. David,

      Agree that it was the language used by the UK media but certainly it was not one, for obvious diplomatic reasons, used then by the politicians and Boris Johnson was then an MP.

      The fact that he so clearly took then a side allows one to make the assumption that he had a side to take and wanted to be seen taking it.

      In terms of time, it's interesting because it's between the time when the McCanns were named arguidos and flown out of Portugal but were still being "hunted" by the British tabloids.

      The period we call we-don't-know-what-to-do-but-as-soon-as-we-know-we-will-do-something, which ended with the decision to create a wall of fear around the McCanns, materialised by the nomination of the clown, Clarence Mitchell.

      About the importance of the paragraph it depends on each reader's opinion about Boris Johnson.

      If one thinks he's in any way connected with what we have here been calling the 'Brexit-elite', then his words are important, especially taking into account he seems to be spearheaded to replace Theresa May in case she decides, for whatever reason, to abandon Nº10.

      If you think that he's not, then the words are irrelevant.

      We have our opinion about that which we prefer to keep to ourselves.

      We just thought we HAD to highlight them, so readers could make up their minds about them.

    7. I also felt that paragraph was key.

      At the end of the movie, Clouseau is framed for the theft of the Pink Panther diamond by the real culprit, Sir Charles Lytton.

  7. "First of all ...they're people who've succeded in the cruelest world of all, the world of succes. They are used to having their own way and in getting what they want. The concept of hearing a no for answer is unknown to them......
    ...the Guests, Ocean Club and the Event's Organizers, "forced" the forging of the child's death because "higher interests", theirs, were at stake. ..... people with the right and powerful connections.... protect each other... "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" style.
    The reason why I write about the post (23 FEBRUARY 2013) is because of "THE UNMENTIONABLE ONE".
    I am sure that the first who escaped his/her liability is the one who killed Madeleine.
    It is he/she who now contemplates the state in which he/she puts the world.
    Teresa May, be the person the Truth is waiting for !
    You are The leader, you decide.
    Your reward ? Self-satisfaction. I hope yours will be as great as mine after writing here in Textusa's blog. OUF !PHEW !
    Busy now with : "Last phone Call".
    MERCI, Textusa.

  8. Agree Textusa this case for the British government is beyond ridiculous and the family have created a narrative around the death of their young daughter which is now used by comedians to get a cheap laugh in the Saturday night comedy club.

    For anybody to make such comments about the police force of another country is so bad but for those words to come from the now foreign secretary beggars belief

  9. Hi textusa,Boris Johnson is portrayed as a"buffoon",but be very aware of his chameleon features,he quickly dumped his cousin Dave over Brexit,then there is Gove-Murdoch,Leadsom,May,ideal breeding ground for Bojo?
    there is a fellow on Faebook/Twitter,NickE has posted an article to CMMoM(Robert Murat,revisited)Patsy?
    Which then relates to a Ben Salmon article,"Eagle Eye"Black Rock New Build,less than Ten years old and how quickly this building was constructed on land,what stood there before the New Residence,who owns the New building?(Symington Family)?
    I know they are only theories,Thesis,but as with Madeleine's disappearance and the amount of people from various sections in the UK,MI5,Prime Ministers,John Buck etc.
    The UK just cannot seem to let go of the bungling Sardine Munching Portugal Detective image,can they,clouseau,no mention of Redwood,Campbell,Foy,Sir Bernard,Mark Rowley,motley crew?
    One can only hope that Mr Goncalo Amaral comes to bite the proverbial fat arses of all these Establishment figures,as the old saying goes,"He who Laughs last has the Loudest Laugh"?
    a majority of people are beginning to see through the smoothly layered veneer from Clarence and his cohorts on there levels of deception,one fine day the Truth will emerge,then we'll see the Clarence sphincter twitch,along with his legs from a weighted rope?

    1. Hi textusa,the tension appears to be being stretched to the limits of acceptability within the UK of"Justice,the Truth"finally coming to fruition,the Ten Years has affected a lot of spirits?
      "Free speech" or the freedom to speak throughout the World is being corroded by"Big Brother" Governments Internet mechanisms taking their toil? Portugal it seems is Holding the Ace card in any decision on Madeleine McCann's case,the gutless UK so called"High Morals"is now reminiscent of"Pugsy"held in high esteem for his"Charity work" blinded to the truth?

    2. Hi textusa,further to my post 00.22.00
      I posted on their site today,asking why the censored post they asked for comments on was censored by them,by removing my post,"Discussion Forum"?
      apparently the rules are,that you self modulate?
      You cannot go off topic?
      You cannot disrupt the forum rule regulations?
      Yet less than a week ago"One" of the moderatoers openly encouraged me to go to the"members section" where deeper discussion can take place?
      this "mod" had recently deeply disputed what they had said to a member on the forum over EVRD dogs,Eddies Role as opposed to Keela,this person had a discussion with a separate moderator over the conduct directed to them,the member chose to leave,wise!
      I asked over self modulation,"It was a bit like putting Dracula in Charge of a Blood Bank",that when he had drank all of the blood,he should have self modulated?
      todays postings have vanished,Banned?
      So be aware now to only "Obey"the moderators Rules & Regulations,that they wish for you to engage in deeper subjets,that they control?
      signing off,WTW

    3. my post 19.34.00 Moderator,Nerdi or something along those lines,ask for deeper engagement,then ban you,if this is how they continue to proceed,what will the site become,"A self opinionated palace"where all those who disobey are dismissed,banned from the forum,for having a right to challenge their behaviour,not to be"bullied"?

  10. In Belgium, where I live, a member of the gang of Nijvel told his brother on his deathbed that he was part of this gang that made more than 78 innocent victims in the 1980's (28 deaths and 50 injured) and sowed fear and confusion throughout the country. He once was part of the anti-terrorist group Diane, a heavily armed police unit. The gang of Nijvel has been linked to police services, state security and corrupt politicians for 35 years. Finally, victims and their relatives can hope for a serious investigation. Never despair. The truth is a strong survivor.


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