Friday, 28 April 2017

Battle of the Titans

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1. Introduction

The Portuguese have this belief, to them much more than a saying, that it’s bad luck to celebrate an anniversary early. It brings bad luck.

We have been commemorating Maddie’s 10th anniversary since February, when we were informed that many, many TVs were willing to pay a lot of money to have the privilege of being them to host the celebrity couple on that occasion.

And this past fortnight the commemoration really scaled up as it seemed they have brought in the fireworks in the form of a media storm such was the bombardment about Maddie.

It culminated with two spectacular fireworks: the Australian Special by Rahni Sadler and a public update by the Met, by AC Mark Rowley.

If the first angered and fired up everyone into action, the second has deflated the will of many who have felt SY have declared the parents not suspects and that their remit is abduction and nothing else.

2. The Aussie show

Little needs to be said about that show besides referring to its audacity in manipulation. And it was so bad that it displeased everyone, even the other side.

It edited what Pat Brown said when interviewed to the point that the profiler felt the need to take legal action.

And it went as far as making up an interview that never existed between Sadler and Mr Amaral.

We noted in the comments we made that the Brit media recognised that Pat Brown’s participation in this show had been manipulated but were careful not to correct what had happened with Mr Amaral even though he publicly denied ever participating and even called it a scam.

May we remind people that this was not the first time images were manipulated in reports about Maddie. The first time we remember this being done was by Martin Brunt and we showed it in our post “Swan Lake  - Act 3

And we keep seeing a picture of a restaurant being used as showing Tapas when a pro-McCann blogger has already clearly identified that it isn’t: “The ‘fake’ Tapas restaurant appears to be Hotel Luz Bay in SE Luz.”

3. The Media bombardment

We really seem to be back to 2007 and don’t recollect any anniversary getting so much media hype and so early on. And it’s all so confusing, she wasn’t taken by a caring family and then she was, she has wandered off and then she couldn’t, she was taken by gypsies and lest we forget, rape was added to the so many other things about Praia da Luz, the Village of the Damned.

All promising that final clarifying clue that would explain all and unsurprisingly none delivering.

But all delivering the same message: the McCanns left the children on their own. That is the baseline from which all the stories begin.

We would like to bring up a very unlikely person into this story: Bill O’Reilly.

For those who don’t know whom Bill O’Reilly is, he was just the TV host with the highest ratings, we think for 15 or 16 years, in the America TV with his show “The O’Reilly Factor”, on Rupert Mudoch’s Fox News.

The reason given for his firing is that the New York Times reported that the presenter and the network had allegedly paid up to 13 million USD in 5 settlements against sexual harassment charges.

But between the breaking of those news reports and him being taken off the air some time passed and he continued to present his show.

There had been rumours before of Bill O’Reilly having had to deal with legal issues regarding sexual harassment charges.

He was taken off the air, quite surprisingly, during one of his shows, when the last segment – which is thought to be about something rather unimportant, the Spring Break – never aired.

The real reason why Bill O’Reilly was fired was because advertisers started to pull out from his show. 60 of them, we think. Causing losses in the billions.

Why are we bringing this over to the Maddie case?

As a warning to all the British media peddling a lie that everyone knows to be a lie. Everyone has its master, and the masters of the media are their advertisers.

Advertisers do not enjoy throwing money away. And the money of the advertisers that they spend in advertisement comes from the consumers.

Or, to be quite precise, the masters of the media are the advertisers and the masters of the advertisers are the consumers.

To put it bluntly, is it a good investment to pay for an advert in a paper or a TV commercial that calls their readers or viewers stupid? That insults their intelligence?

Well British media, please look across the Atlantic and see how the unthinkable has happened.

Continue peddling the Maddie story and you are pushing people away and by doing that you are pushing your advertisers away as well.

It’s your doing, please don’t whine afterwards.

4. The Met update

The Daily Mail, the ever so interesting Daily Mail put out this video:

Watching it, after 01:20, it seems quite clear that AC Rowley declares that the parents having been suspects was something in the past and done with and that the Met thinks Maddie was indeed abducted.

The Australian TV show seemed not to have taught many something: truth needs no manipulating, only falsehood does.

The Daily Mail video interview heavily edited. One does not hear the questions.

One does not hear that before he says what he says from 01:20, he was asked this:

“Andy Redwood, the first senior investigating officer, said in one interview his policy was to go right to the beginning, accept nothing, but one thing you appear to have accepted is that this was an abduction. It’s in your first remit statement, it refers to ‘the abduction’, which rather suggests right from the start you had a closed mind to the possibility of parents’ involvement, an accident of Madeleine simply walking out of the apartment.”

It does not have a question mark at the end but that was the question. To which AC Rowley answers:

“Two points to that, firstly the parent’s involvement, that was dealt with at the time there’s no… that was dealt with by the original investigation by the Portuguese, they have all to the material, we are happy that’s completed and dealt with and there’s no reason whatsoever to reopen that or to start a rumour that’s a line of investigation, the McCanns are the parents of a missing girl who we are trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

In terms of Andy using the word abduction, she wasn’t old enough to make a decision to set off and start her own life. However she left that apartment… she has been abducted. There’s no she hasn’t… It is not a 20-year-old who has gone missing who maybe this… maybe this foul play or maybe they decided to start a new life, this is a young girl who is missing and so there has to at the heart of this has to be at least an abduction.

We’ve got no definitive evidence as to whether Madeleine is alive or dead, so we have to keep an open mind and that’s why we describe it as a missing person inquiry…”

Nowhere does he say the parents were not suspect.

He responds to the accusation of Operation Grange having a “closed mind to the possibility of parents’ involvement” by simply saying he’s satisfied with the way the Portuguese police handled that issue in particular and feels there’s no need to do anything more regarding that.

And what conclusions did the original investigation come to?

That the parents were involved in the disposal of the body and there was a cover-up. The prosecutor found then that there wasn’t enough conclusive evidence to substantiate such a thesis and dispatched the process to be archived and be reopened if new evidence came to light.

Or, in other terms as we know very clearly by now, that the parents haven’t been cleared by the Portuguese and that is the same opinion the Met has, according to AC Rowley’s words.

To the accusation of Operation Grange having a “closed mind” he responds with the words “so we have to keep an open mind”.

And about being abduction, he’s not defending that the Met thinks it’s an abduction – it may think that, we have yet to know – but simply justifying why Redwood used that expression.

A person goes missing for one of two reasons, by their own will or forcefully.

AC Rowley said that if the missing is not by their own will, well, then the word abduction can be applied. A colleague covering up for what another colleague had said.

If the Met was trying to convey the idea that it believes in abduction would he say “at least” an abduction?

5. The blog

What is strange is that AC Rowley felt the need to write a blog about this update. As if he felt the need to do so.

“Blog post • Apr 25, 2017 21:00 BST

As an investigation team we are only too aware of the significance of dates and anniversaries. Whatever the inquiry, we want to get answers for everyone involved.

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is no different in that respect but of course the circumstances and the huge public interest, make this a unique case for us as police officers to deal with. In a missing child inquiry every day is agony and an anniversary brings this into sharp focus. Our thoughts are with Madeleine's family at this time - as it is with any family in a missing person’s inquiry - and that drives our commitment to do everything we can for her.

On 3rd May 2017, it will be 10 years since Madeleine vanished from her apartment in Praia Da Luz, a small town on the Algarve. In the immediate hours following her disappearance, an extensive search commenced involving the local police, community and tourists. This led to an investigation that has involved police services across Europe and beyond, experts in many fields, the world’s media and the public, which continues to this day. The image of Madeleine remains instantly recognisable in many countries across the world.

The Met’s dedicated team of four detectives, continues to work closely on the outstanding enquiries along with colleagues of the Portuguese Policia Judiciária. Our relationship with the Policia Judiciária is good. We continue to work together and this is helping us to move forward the investigation.

We don't have evidence telling us if Madeleine is alive or dead. It is a missing person’s inquiry but as a team we are realistic about what we might be dealing with - especially as months turn to years.

Now is a time we can reflect on an investigation which captured an unprecedented amount of media coverage and interest. The enormity of scale and the complexity of such a case brings along its own challenges, not least learning to work with colleagues who operate under a very different legal system. The inquiry has been, and continues to be helped and supported by many organisations and individuals. We acknowledge the difference these contributions have made to the investigation and would like it known that we appreciate all the support we have and continue to receive.

Since the Met was instructed by the Home Office to review the case in 2011, we have reviewed all the material gathered from multiple sources since 2007. This amounted to over 40,000 documents out of which thousands of enquiries were generated. We continue to receive information on a daily basis, all of which is assessed and actioned for enquiries to be conducted.

We have appealed on four BBC Crimewatch programmes since April 2012. This included an age progression image which resulted in hundreds of calls about alleged sightings of Madeleine; an appeal for the identity of possibly relevant individuals through description or Efit; and information sought relating to suspicious behaviour or offences of burglary. These programmes collectively produced a fantastic response from the public. The thousands of calls and information enabled detectives to progress a number of enquiries. This was in addition to over 3,000 holiday photographs from the public in response to an earlier appeal.

The team has looked at in excess of 600 individuals who were identified as being potentially significant to the disappearance. In 2013 the team identified four individuals they declared to be suspects in the case. This led to interviews at a police station in Faro facilitated by the local Policia Judiciária and the search of a large area of wasteland which is close to Madeleine's apartment in Praia Da Luz. The enquiries did not find any evidence to further implicate the individuals in the disappearance and so they are no longer subject of further investigation.

We will not comment on other parts of our investigation - it does not help the teams investigating to give a commentary on those aspects. I am pleased to say that our relationship with the Portuguese investigators is better than ever and this is paying dividends in the progress all of us are making.

We are often asked about funding and you can see that we are now a much smaller team. We know we have the funding to look at the focused enquiry we are pursuing.

Of course we always want information and we can't rule out making new appeals if that is required. However, right now, new appeals or prompts to the public are not in the interest of what we are trying to achieve.

As detectives, we will always be extremely disappointed when we are unable to provide an explanation of what happened. However the work carried out by Portuguese and Met officers in reviewing material and reopening the investigation has been successful in taking a number of lines of interest to their conclusion. That work has provided important answers.

Right now we are committed to taking the current inquiry as far as we possibly can and we are confident that will happen. Ultimately this, and the previous work, gives all of us the very best chance of getting the answers – although we must, of course, remember that no investigation can guarantee to provide a definitive conclusion.

However the Met, jointly with colleagues from the Policia Judiciária continue the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann with focus and determination.”

Nowhere the word abduction. Nowhere implying the McCanns were off the hook by assumption.

6. The battle

The above blog, filled with confidence and certainty is the opposite of what Martin Brunt tried to convey to viewers on Sky News.

He says repeatedly that AC Rowley conveyed the idea that OG was going nowhere. He rules out Euclides Monteiro and the manhunt for a key-witness in same interview. We would even think he’s read what we’ve said about Baptista and Euclides!

We believe that there’s a battle between Operation Grange and the other side.

If that was not so, if what AC Rowley said, or what many believe he said, fitted perfectly what were the intentions of the other side – parents not suspects and that it was indeed an abduction – why on earth would Mark Williams-Thomas come out and complain about false hopes being given to the parents in the Sun article by Lauren Fruen on April 27 2017, 00:32 am, updated same day at 02:34 “HOPES DASHED, Madeleine McCann’s parents given ‘false hope’ by cops who claim they are chasing ‘critical leads’, ex-detective says”.

Brunt says Operation Grange has said it’s going nowhere while Mark Williams-Thomas says it’s giving them false hopes! Which is it?

This shows clearly that the other side seems to be like a contestant in a reality show where they have walk through a supposedly haunted house and are screaming and punching in every direction against every noise they hear and the ones they imagine they are hearing.

The parents’ 10th year anniversary message came on April 24. Isn’t that suspiciously early?

What happened to that marathon runner that Kate McCann sponsored? Did he finish the marathon? And if so in what place?

What has happened to Katie Hopkins and the Minor Celebrity League, now that Maddie is constantly on the news?

We thought Mr Brunt had learned a lesson from Brenda Leyland’s loss of life but it seems he hasn’t.

7. Conclusion

We see a side that is shooting in every possible direction contradicting themselves except on one issue, that the McCanns were negligent

On the other side we see caution. But we also saw the PJ tell Brunt that if the British close the investigation that doesn’t mean that they will close theirs.

Mr Amaral was given a voice in one of the most read and prestigious weekly magazines in the country, “Sábado” – it rivals with another magazine “Visão”.

We see in the written statement a concern to show how well Operation Grange and the PJ are working together so well.

The game is being played rough and hard. Nothing less than we expected it to be.

Back to watching.


  1. Haven't read this yet...

  2. Daily Mirror 27 April 2017
    Madeleine McCann detective claims investigation was 'tainted' as soon as it was an 'abduction'

    1. Hello Textusa Sisters, thank you for the sum-up of the (early) anniversary celebtations. They are so busy aren't they but don't the liars look ruined, pathetic really, all of them, imagine them, a crude caricature of a pile of tired boxers, black and blue, lying on a heap in the middle of the ring :) the Ref will have the last word.
      Well said in DM : 'tainted' as soon as it was an 'abduction'how apt.

      17:01, 27 APR 2017

  3. I found this Daily Mail article quite surprising - due to the amount it was prepared to reveal of Dr Amaral's thoughts or beliefs before then adding, regarding Rowley:
    'He also ruled out that Gerry and Kate McCann were involved in her abduction and said she could still be alive.' and described the possibility of a 'burglary gone wrong' as a 'sensible hypothesis' which has not been 'entirely ruled out'.

  4. Thanks for this post Textusa. There has been a lot to take in recently and you have enabled much clarification over what has been going on. As you have said, it does appear that the game is being played ferociously. The biggest weapon thankfully is in the hands of Operation Grange -the truth.

  5. And the battle goes on! The Sun now brings stories and overviews almost every hour. In my opinion the whole redaction is penning Maddie-stuff. The latest is about the "chilling e-fits of the (outruled) Madeleine-snatchers". One small step from publicizing "The Truth of the Lie"?

  6. Thanks for your take on the situation once again Textusa, I feel that the McCanns had no idea what the police were going to tell the public which prompted the early release of Kate and Gerrys statement.


  8. In the Crimewatch reconstruction it said that Matt Oldfield looked into the children's room (apartment 5a)at about 9.30 p.m. but showed the door opening from the right to the left conveniently obliterating his view of Madeleine's bed which was on the left of the room, but the door actually opened from the left to the right against the wardrobes along the wall which would have given him a full view of Madeleine's bed to the left of the door opening. So why did the Police/Crimewatch deliberately change this vital piece of evidence, why did they even include it if they had to manipulate the actual crime scene. It beggars belief!! I would really like to have an explanation from SY but I doubt that will ever happen.

    Crimewatch even changed the furniture in the apartment to look like a 5 star hotel room when in fact it was an average rental apartment, what the hell was that all about? Was it too embarrassing for the doctors that they stayed in an average apartment that to save their faces the police had to upgrade their apartment to look like 5 star accommodation? It would be laughable if it wasn't about the disappearance of an innocent, vulnerable 3 year old girl, they should all hang their heads in shame for violating her memory and her demise for so long. What the hell are our police playing at???

    1. Anon15.40,Crime Watch had to make the door open to the way the(Abductor)was in the bedroom,that Gerry had last seen his daughter,Madeleine,asleep in at 21.05pm 3 May 2007,as the Day reported as missing by the parents,Opening the Same way as Mathews or was it the other way around,according to Gerry's,statement?

    2. Hi Textusa,I have viewed the mockumentary by the australian Network seven,ms Sadler.
      They have Madeleine McCann placed in the bed underneath the Window at 21.05pm Gerry's/ Kates check at 22.00pm?
      They have the window shutters lifted up from the Outside?
      They have the window above the bed(Madeleine's)Open with the wind Wafting in lifting the curtains?
      There is No mention of the Gery,JW meeting at 21.15pm?
      There is No mention of Mathews Check at 21.30pm?
      The GNR arrive 2hrs after being alerted by the Ocean Club/Family/Friends since Kate alerted them at 22.00pm?
      the rest of the program contains,"Confusion is Good"discrediting of Martin Grimes Dogs,Eddie,Keela by the professor Dave Barclay?

  9. Interesting analysis as always. Thank you for your insight and interpretations which are always valued when the torrent of MSM is so infuriatingly inaccurate over this ongoing farce.
    A couple of questions;
    Is it known as fact whether the Portugese released all information from the original investigation into the public domain? and if/when they conclude their current investigation, will all of that information be released into the public domain?

    1. The MP intended to release all the documents that wouldn't affect anyone unnecessarily, but various British authorities apparently didn't trust the MP and hired Portuguese lawyers in order to intimidate the MP (request and sarcastic reply of the MP in the PJFiles). Sensitive documents were therefore excluded, but perhaps as it was done in a hurry, some were forgotten, like the Gaspar statements. Officially the TP7 rogs were not asked to be eliminated, but they were...
      Logically if one day the MP puts an end to its claimed investigation, it should release the new files in the same conditions.

    2. The information was leaked online, not released, fortunately the PGR didn't sue anyone. Only those who signed a letter requesting for access to the process, like journalists, were given a copy. Parts of the process weren't released because they included sensitive information concerning both British and Portuguese sex offenders. Tapas 7 Rogatory statements were included in the process but never translated in Portuguese. These too were leaked. Gaspar statements are also in the process

  10. thank you, thank you, thank you Textusa! it is so easy at times to become deflated with all the media spin that's been about, but as soon as I read, saw, digested the AC Rowley interview I knew there was still all to play for in this game of two halves. You have put it so well.

  11. Mitchell, essentially talking about himself, clearing the way for his next attempt at re-election.

  12. Martin Brunt.....23.46ish on Sky News trailer for his documentary...."story of a failed investigation" he right???,,


  13. These are the biggest of guns out shooting!!
    Brunt and Mitchell...from Telegraph above...

    Later, in the autumn of 2007, when we were all back in England, a team of Portuguese police officers came to interview me about the times I had ridden in that car with Kate and Gerry. Did I notice any unusual smells in the hire car, they asked? It was beyond laughable. It also revealed, I felt, frightening ineptitude.

    By then, a whole, vile cottage industry had grown around the case, with retired police officers who had nothing to do with the investigation appearing on Portuguese TV to suggest, for example, the McCanns had been at a swingers’ party on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance. It all compounded their pain.

    I have to admit that the sight of these two bottom feeders emerging does not fill me with optimisim re an honest outcome re OG!


    1. Unless of course the pair are all that is left.
      I hate to be pessimistic but sadly its a reality that Madeleine will not receive any justice,I've said else before where that I believe OG to be genuine but only in so far that as per their remit/review an abduction is to be investigated,who limited them to this is the 64,000 dollar question.

      Ask yourselves this why when a ready made prior investigation had already been completed with a translation to be made and no doubt loose ends to be tied up do you go off on tangents eliminating all and sundry on a world wide mystery tour resulting in nothing. After this then go back to where the answer lies but only looking at burglaries gone wrong still declaring you have no clue as to whether the girl is a live or dead.Finding no abductor is not a strange affair when in all likelihood one does not exist,the strange part is why is this the line of enquiry.


  14. Hes has not got nominated for Brighton Hove...great i feel more positive!!

  15. I'm Amused , best word I could find , at the wishful
    Thinking going on. All you have to do is listen to the interview . Stop kidding yourselves about OG. It's sad to read At the very least .

    1. Which part of the interview in particular makes you think that way?

  16. There are lots of wry smirkers in this sad world we inhabit,if the nuances of what is being played out...were in fact a "done deal"....they would not be playing out,especially in front of us! Big stakes are on the table may be sad to read for you...but that does then beg the question....why are you here reading!!

  17. The Telegraph article is very revealing isn't it ......

  18. "Our thoughts are with Madeleine's family at this time - as it is with any family of a missing person - and that drives our commitment to do everything we can for HER" (my caps).

    Gone are the gushy words about trying to find answers for the McCanns and them being parents of a missing child. We have now consideration of her family as with any other family but our commitment is to the child

  19. Reading better Rowley's words I think he's trying congratulate the work the PJ did!

  20. It seems 'they' are trying to bore the public to death with endless stores relating to Maddie - to bore us so that we are so bored and sick of this saga that we dont actually care what happens. Then if it is archived everyone just breathes a sigh of relief and noone bats an eyelid. The problem with that is that they eyes of the world are watching this case - it is not just the British public who has to be dealt with. Plenty of people are watching and wont be fooled.

    1. I agree with that. Their problem now is to get the whole world bored. The planet isn't yet as bored as the UK, because the repetitive set language isn't followed daily.
      It's as if the authorities weren't aware that the huge easily accessible information turns impossible to even dream of fooling the public.


    Summers and Swan with a dollop of Jim Gamble...bottom of the barrel!


  22. Bampots,

    Don't ever confuse Gamble with the bottom of the barrel.

    The others wish they were upgraded to that level.

    The fact Gamble is showing his face is a good sign.

    1. Obviously Gamble loves being on TV.

    2. according to the Sunday Express,"It was a Woman"who was wearing a purple dress,seen by JW,when he was strolling around with his son in the Pram,seen near to Ocean club 5a apartments,"person of Interest"?
      There was Scotland Yard issuing Two E-Fits,but they didn't describe a Woman in the E-fits,the McCann's had made by Henri Exton,Dave Edgar October 2013?

    3. J Wilkins rogatory lest its forgot.

      Q. Relative to whether I know Jane Tanner;
      Now I know her name, description of the clothes and photos which I have seen in the press. At that time I knew of her as a member of the group but did not know her name. I do not remember having seen her when I spoke with Gerry, but I believe I saw her when I first ventured out. She was stopped on the street in front of one of the group's apartments when I passed her down towards the exit to my apartment. I do not know if it was her apartment or not. I remember that she was wearing the colour purple.

    4. Interestingly, the Express version has since been updated & makes no mention of the purple dress, only a woman, but does say they are withholding some of the details so as not to compromise the case.


  24. "prestigious weekly magazines in the country, “Sábado” " ah ah, estás a gozar, não tem a qualidade nem prestigio da Visão, pertence ao mesmo grupo de média do CM, a Cofina, só isso.

    1. GA's hierarchy's behaviour was really unfair and he should be compensated for that, couldn't he be a consultant for the PJ ? Enough is reading the newspapers of May 2007 to see that it wasGuilhermino Encarnação who, for some reason, supported almost immediately the absurd kidnapping idea, adding the PJ already had a suspect ! What could GA do in this context ?

    2. By Robert Mendick, 6 March 2010
      ..with the senior officer in charge Goncalo Amaral now widely discredited and facing financial ruin after being sued for libel by the McCanns over a book he wrote, it may become harder for the Portuguese to refuse the request for a thorough review.

      The revelation that possible leads – many passed to Portuguese police by the McCanns' own private detectives – had apparently been ignored will add to the clamour.

      Last week, details emerged of a series of possible sightings of Madeleine, who was just three when she vanished.

      A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve.

      Mr Encarnacao was convinced Madeleine had died in her parents' apartment and was a major source of a series of off the record briefings to journalists against the McCanns.

      A Home Office spokesman said: "We can confirm that the Home Secretary had a private meeting with Kate and Gerry McCann.

    3. The director of Faro Polícia Judiciária, Guilhermino Encarnação, spoke to the press this morning (Saturday, May 5) announcing that he is convinced that three-year-old Madeleine has been abducted.
      According to the PJ, evidence suggests that the English girl has been kidnapped from the bedroom of the apartment she and her family were staying at in Praia da Luz’s Mark Warner resort.
      Guilhermino Encarnação, director said detectives have a suspect in mind but refused to reveal any details for fear of endangering Maddy's life.
      "Speaking to the press outside the PJ headquarters in Portimão, Guilhermino Encarnação added that this type of crime isn’t just committed for the purpose of extorting ransom from the family, but the abductor could procure a child for the purpose of sexual activity."
      The same day the DN writes about a story very badly told.. CQFD

    4. There was someone higher up than Guilhermino.
      That article has to be one of the most revolting things I've ever read, a man dies with cancer leaving his family behind, that piece of shit Mendick cheers his death as an obstacle that was removed.


    BBC have recognisied the McCanns again....reports on News 24 and interview with Fiona this the establishment channel claiming their own?? Both sound rather more muted but that could be training....full intwrview on BBC 10.30am today Sunday!

  26. Op Grange may have a remit to investigate allegations of abduction, but the PJ are most likely to be looking at accidental death/ manslaughter/ concealing of body etc... This is a Portuguese case and comes under Portuguese law and durisdiction. Whilst there may be good relations between both forces the British police/ public prosecutors will not be responsible for any charges that may transpire. The cooperation between Met/ PJ is vastly different now than it was back in 2007/08 and presumably the PJ are not using the British to do any forensic work or re-analysis (hopefully). Best case is that the Met prove (for £12m and 6yrs investigation) that their was no abduction and the PJ say thanks here's a European arrest warrant...


    1. As long as they'll say they will "appeal", not saying more than that, people will think that they're victims. This time the big bad wolf is the High Court of Portugal !

  28. Paris, journal "Le Figaro" on line, écrit avec l'AFP (Agence française de presse).
    on y lit notamment : "“L'enquête a été finalement classée sans suite en 2008, et les parents blanchis, faute de preuve.” ("les parents blanchis, faute de preuve" est souligné dans le texte)

    1. Alternative facts, let's never become resigned to that.

    2. I tweeted the journalist that Lisbon High Court had recently to specify that the MCs hadn't been cleared in 2008, hence the doubt remained.

  29. Natasha Donn in The Portugal Resident: "Supreme Court judges Roque Nogueira, Alexandre Reis and Pedro Lima Gonçalves released their 75-page ruling making references to tenets set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms."
    The ECHR will not accept any complaint from the McCanns. Period.

    1. The Met could hardly argue that they didn't get that ruling or that they had no time nor money to have it translated, because the translation was sent to them.


  31. Here we go gathering nuts in May,tis the silly season to be sure,the Sun and Mail are on about bodies in a coffin trouble is this story is at !east three years old,is that the best on offer.Oh what a tangled web we weave when we flatter to deceive.

    To finish from three years ago.

  32. Merci Textusa for your post.
    Television française : Le JOURNAL de 20 heures = des millions de téléspectateurs en France et en Belgique et grâce à TV5 Monde encore plus. Millions of viewers. To ear : "disparition, vanished,énigme, mystère.. world-wide...."
    Mccanns "your name will be used as an example that nothing is impossible in human relations, and that shame, decency, honesty and responsability, among other noble sentiments, are nothing but abstract concepts made up by naïve and foolish people. IMMORTALITY IS YOURS. GRANTED." In TEXTUSA : Mccanns, You've Gained Immortality" 25 April 2009.
    Teresa May also immortal ?

  33. This is your annual reminder that

    >the press is desperate to knife you know who in revenge for repested legal action.
    >SY look like they've had enough of them too.
    >TM are pushing the 'OG costs too much' meme.
    >GM's short term tactics are collpssimg in face of SY/PJ strategy.

    Textusa - I believe you might get the fireworks you wanted to bring ypur blog to a close.




    1. Thanks for the link but unable to understand it unfortunately - hopefully, someone can translate


    1. The non investigation known as Operation Grange.
      [quote]We’ve also spoken to former detective Colin Sutton, who was in the running to head the Scotland Yard investigation before he retired. He says that a senior officer rang and warned him that if he took on the case he would not be able to do everything he wished. He interpreted that as a ban on any formal interview with the McCanns.

      Mr Sutton says that if Scotland Yard really did intend to “re-analyse and re-assess everything, accept nothing”, as Det Chief Insp Andy Redwood told BBC Crimewatch in 2013, it should have interviewed the McCanns under caution at the start, if only to rule them out. Mr Sutton says that from the beginning they did accept something, the abduction theory.
      The Metropolitan Police has confirmed it didn’t formally interview the McCanns because it was satisfied the couple had been ruled out by the initial Portuguese investigation.

      Without that interview, says Mr Sutton, the Scotland Yard inquiry was flawed from the start and so the McCanns have still not had the “proper” investigation Alan Johnson promised them.[/quote]


    Disguised as a nurse! Don't know whether to laugh or cry.
    Why make yourself conspicuous trying to hide behind a lamppost?
    What nurse wears purple?
    Round up the nannies and put them under the interrogation lamp!
    An abductor of a child from a house - extremely rare - never happened in recent Portuguese history.
    A female abductor even less likely
    What do they pay these so-called experts ? If he was my lecturer I'd want my Uni fees reimbursed.


    See photo here.
    Someone has written RIP
    Rest in Peace M
    Some message of support and a subliminal message to readers

  39. About Brunt and the CEOP Report, it was already brought up in 2014 during the succession of events that lead up to Brenda Leyland's death.

    Here our post about it then:




  42. And now on the eve of the tenth anniversary of MBM disappearance we are told by Pedro do Carmo, deputy director of the Judiciary Police,'the parents are not suspects.Period'ref Joanna Morais blogspot 2.5.17

    1. Whereas the Agence France-Presse claims that the parents were exonerated, refuting, denying, countering the Portuguese High Court of Justice, the deputy director of the PJ finds smart to claim that the MC "were not suspects". Nobody asked him to say they were guilty, why does he feed a fake news ?

  43. There we have it! The world according to Brunt...any hope for Madeleine ladies?



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